The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1932
Page 3
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TUESDAY, .-SEPTEMBER 27, 1932 Thirteen Year Hunt Has Revealed No Trace of Wealthy Canadian. Colonel Haymowl Kobinv fritnd < r President Hoover, Iris niystei i- tuily vanislird. joining the ranks or 5fl,90fl [ifrscns who dKapjX'jr annually I" thr L'nitrrt S lutes. This is the liflh o' a «ri»s gf ilx mystery cla'sici of tfal life — (hose who ntvrr ryme Lack. BY KOBKKT TAU.KY NKA Service Writer (Ci p>ri»ht, 19:«, NKA Service, Inc.! On the very dav tliat he disappeared, Ambrose Small. Toronto':; "kit millionaire." sold his chain • of .Canadian .theaters for $1,750.- •JsM), dupcsitcd in lib bank a check for the $1.000,000 down payment and retired from the business he had entered 35 years U'fore as a JlO-a-weck ticket Inker. He vanished on Dec. 2, ]§19. That Mias nearly 13 years asjo. Though a SM.COO reward was offered by hli wife and R world- vide- search was conducted, no trace- of the missing millionaire c\er was found. Canada's theater mogul left behind him an enigma as baffling as any shadowy mystery-drama ever enacted in any of his numerous theaters. Even today some of tlie Dominion's best detectives, whs have worked on his case for years, do not know whether Ambrose Small was murdered and his body destroyed or whether he went away voluntarily to tliat Port of Missing Men which beckons Invitingly to unhappy souls. There is reason enough to believe cither 'theory. : . • * • • Small was a tall, lean, hawk- like man with a heavy blacK mustache. It appears'that he Had few enemies mid. from : all i copnts, still fewer friends. His clqscst companion was . John Doughty, his confidential 'secr:;- tarj and 'right-hand man, who kniw his 'employer's romantic secrets. They had been .associated for ID years and though Small had made several million • dollars, he; was paying his friend. only a week. . :,-.'... About noon on the day of his disappearance; 'Small .and -his' attorneys consummated the sale of ~ '!•••. ."IL" !*~^^^~. *"*r "Jv.**.- cate.-W" Jl,750,000. A check, for tl.fmflWO • »Jhs~ -'giwh. iSmJui'-- us do«m .pay'menV-and' this' he' de= posited In the Dominion Bank of Toronto. Then he had lunch doantou-n with his wife, visited; a Catholic orphanage, with her and returned to his olTice about. 3 p. M., pying he would be home for dinner' at 6. Between 3 and 5. employes of tlie -.Grand theater saw their''re^ tiring master In his private. c,ffice, npjnrcnlly winding up his affairs. At', S:30 he' .visited Lamb's .'hotel next ( dcor, which was .his custom before going home. ' • And tlicn he . vanished. This day he' didn't go home. * * • --'.Believing her husband' was' off on another gay party -'with a noman friend. 'Mrs. small wail- rd two weeks before she notified police. When no word of him caihc, she offered a reward ol $500 which, she ullimately increased to S50.000. In the meantime, Doughty had Bone to Montreal, whore Small hud RCI him another theater job nt. $15 a week.- • About -'the time that Mrs. Small notified police, t ftaighty returned to Toronto — .nwl i Ihcn .suddenly followed his Tormer employer into the ranks of mystery men. . It now became a searcli for two men instead of one. In November, '"O. 11 months later, detectives '°" n<l Doughty working in a lumber camp in Oregon City. Ore., under nn assumed name. A local constable hnd rcroenhed htm from circulnr broadcast by Toronto . Durinc. Houshly's absence strange '"ings had happened. Detectives /oiind that Doughty had twice visited Smalls bank vault on the ' 0 e disappeared. in *"** " B " day vanished. Brought V. to Toronto, flf-'hiV -7" |K> " ce lo '"? llomc Mdin* H "^ "'«*• fr <"" » ntoip? t>Inrf in iv. n"c<xl the tlSMM In £ £ "H* explanation «-„, ( , bon fi s ' "'* laVen u,,. ^nte f • • ™ had , ifr7 aviSi tl'Ht the tlSO MVi °MKB L ** | llb I ^r^\^™"^ a - of7rcenv aT sen^ced'T^ >c«M. A second indictment charT n,r him with complicity | n ,£ kldgaplng of Ami)rwc sy ln ^e HcM over him by police, b t not prc««l. All mention of k dnap- Iii5 was omitted at his trial fSr larc ?" v ' , Hc *« heed from pr is, on In February, 1926 V .Though they believed Small Mnurrtercd. police never were able to find the body, on the the v that the remains had been ' _Bl_,Yl'nEVlI.LB, (AUK.) COURI13R NKWS Many Theories in Ambrose Small Myster SOLDHIS V .1 -I 1 '! (2) $150,000 3)WlFE FINDS LOVE IN HIS EKFFCTR MURDERED IN HIS THEATRE AND HI8000V BURNED IN THE FURNACE . AMBROSE SMALL AT HIS DESK OR DID IE PUN AWAY * Victor Mrs. G. George and daughter. 1 ; Edna ond Adcil were gueslj of Mrs. Oeorge's urolher. John Sliib- atid family of New Madrid, Mo., Sunday. i Mrs. Lei'uy Wood, formerly of Luxora but now living In lily- theville, velurned-Friday, from Lc- panto where • she visited for a few weeks. - ; . .• 5,5rs. T. C. Scarlet -and daughter, Mrs. Ed Spencer of Blylhe- ylile, wcro guests of Mrs. '•Scarlet's daughter, B.}rs. ; Charles Mc- Danicls and family; Sunday; Mrs. Jim Lynch of Osceoln spent the week-end with - her sister, Mrs.--Walter.,Lynch .alid'-fnm- ,,..] ".•!•.. ,•,-,' . ; i! .1 . -. Former Governor Walter J. Kohler •f Wisconsin is shown here delivering his maiden speech.alter dc- lealing Pliiliji La 'Folletfe -for Rc- Piibllcan'Gubernatorial nomination. Hie theater furnace was searched an'd--t.hcCashes of the city .dump •iiffcd.. But'-the" furnace" iiad . been cjcaiied long'-'Before the . search was made . and .Hue -ashes ' of : the city dump;yielded only bones tliat cculil not be-identified ns those of a human. . ' . -And now. for more .chapters in •his--strange-drama of mystery, li-liich ;£ccm to indicate that Small never was killed at all: '. ' Eighteen days after Small's disappearance a Toronto newsboy, who had a stand half a block from the theater, reported that . Small had .purchased; a paper from him the previous evening, between 7 .mil 7.-J5 P.. M.' The man halted n minute under an arc. liijht, scanned the headlines and then newsboy said . - — that he coultl not be mistaken, that Small had been one of his res;iibr customers, yenrs afterward were lighting in ;o«rt over- the Small estate, Mrs. Small explained why she hud waited two weeks after her husband's disappearance before she notified police. They had quarreled before over another woman, -he testified, and shortly after Smtill's disappearance on Dec. 2 she Iiad found love letters among mcvcd "on. ' The ;hat he was sure: And. four when relatives her husband's effects. A paragraph fa one of these letters from read: "I am the most unhappy girl in Hie world. I wnnl you. Can't you suggest something after the first, of December? You will be free, practically. Let's beat It away from our troubles." married woman, . Mrs. Small said It was the discovery of these letters immcdiate- Iv after her husband disappeared liiat kept her from notifying police at once. Was Toronto's -"lost millionaire" murdered, or did he run away? What Is your answer to the riddle? Ins only dcrpcnrd. Luxora Society— Personal Shiclcnts Commissioned to Enforce Safety Rules on ; Chickasawba. Police jxwei's : have lieen conferred on lenders of a school Irnffic patrol which enters upon Us duties' at t.lic central ward Krade and liieh' and junior high schools at Chlctasawb.i beu-rai Seventh nnd Eighth streets today. Police Chief A.- D. Gvvyn ari- iice officers. They us-ill take license numbers- of cars which aru not driven 111 accordance with trndic regulations In the school area anil realtor police . officers will bring the offenders Into.court Tlie trntllc patrol is- composed of members of tlie state national EUtird nnd -Boy Scouts, who are also students nt 'tile, school. • Similar patrols Imvo nipt i.wltU :: Success in oilier cilies nml school nil tlioritlivs believe the patrol here will In? ellMtlVL- In hadllng a' serious Uiiiric problem nt the centrn wai-rt school. The ' central ward Erammcr scllool nnd the hlgl icliools arc located -at Ohickasawuc nveuiic over which Highway Cl a national rorul: is- routed.- EAST ST. LOUIS, III. (UP)— Three sets of twins are Included HELP mm T. J. AMmii -Will Conduct' Salt: I [ore lo Aid Dcino- cralic. Campaign.... T. J. Mnlmii, Duiiiornitlc rounly uf Mississippi ronnly, nn- nminci'd Indiiy Unit Jumps 'ey, chill man t ,r u u , noniuc'ralli- nulliinii< riunuillti-;'. in cunjmu-lhw with Hie exoi-iillve I'dinniHU'c has. ;3i'sl\iiuiU'd lilui us the (list nunn- l;i'i' In MU'Issijipl ramily uf •Kliurclinlilfi.-! ID Amrrlca'". u iiiivcnicnt <li'sli'iic<l to I'lri'lTriink'- lln p. \ttM ; vell nnd John H. CiiUiii'r. ' Air. Al.-iliiin .ifild he w- ci'lvcil tcilay Ills liii'inlieiship- uiui Qlllcliil IttioM-vdl-(Linier Mi'dnillun. which Is dii' inslfiifii fit lari'lioltji'v: ill Aincilni. 'Hie iin-diilll l;i "is 11 irnl wiirk nil. lii-iiilin; n 1'ixillle of Clnv- unor llur.>;i'vi'U nnd Siiciikci 1 CJiir- I'fi-. It vviis I'MMli'd by nulft'ii Ita-tiliim. Mr. Mnlinii- wild, thai lie cy;:ulr-l Hi t-r n sponsor uf Sii:ird:'!:!i'is uf Ami>rlo:i In .Mi.ul.s-. ilppl cuunty, nnd KLVI' every MIJI- l-'ii'ler of I'liiuklin UciosrveU iin upixittunlty to (nofiirr one- of Ihi'.se iiK'diilljiiiis. lie .s.ild • anyont- would hc> pi-Din! t?i display Ifmiil would further vvnnt to :pics<!ivo- it ns n .souvenir of the cmnpnlcn. This plan for lalslnx fuivls", said Mr. Mahnn. "is in keeping with Franklin lioowve-ll's Idea of making tlib the -I'cnpli'.r Cnin- palgn.i' • The niulnlllon • will; for 51.00. Any iieistm desirlnv; a nicil- nlllon f.'in coniuiiniloitc with Mr M.ihnii. ' • •• Mr. Mnhiiii Is scokltii; volunlceis to 'cc-opcratc fn (his cnmpni|;n Aiiyanu-nlio is willing tu help (ho riuisc »I Franklin " Just One Slip And-! Uut J. I). 1'npb, the stunt man' you see risking hi, neck--over the" MIII-OL-. . Calif., lake bed, dl;|n'l._ slip, with both plane and autu ' tnuellne 05 miles nn .iioiir, he.' iiansfevred trcm the .wing' ol the" iili|:lnnu loMhc root of the car.. "The cmi.iera cauEht 1'ape , as he «as nbiM.l in drop In ih'c lop of the- car. where'he could grab the-., taloly'-llne Hint 'rims'(he;length of-lhe onto.- -. : - -. .•• • XnosuvcU him. cnn nounced th, s morning" that he In "the f7mVoT Mr™.^ A • ' llyi ; Willie Howard.sind S/Hoflit left Monday morning for' Springfield. Mq., white--. tliej-i will ;spend a f,e\y days on business. ' ' ; C. B. Wood, who In ..stt«r.(llng A. nnd M. college at' Jonesboro, and Charley Billingsley. lendlng Baptist, college there, 5P*?.V..^ hc . week-end ; = >vipi their parents, Mr. and Mi's. Charley j Wood and Mrs. and Mrs. Chnrley Billingsley. ! Mr...'and "Jiljr's. Alvin r }Wiii:dcr-j: lich and children visitell in Memphis Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Phillip George nnU children visited relatives in Jniner Sunday --Mrs.- Ed QHlyean and daughter, Mrs. p. B. Kinsoiiins, wove guests of Mrs. Galyean's daughter. Mrs. J. N. Tally of 'Memphis Sunday. They were 1 accompanied 'home '>y Mi.i. Galycan's youngest daughter. Mildred, who -has -been spending a. few weeks with Mrs. Talk- and family. Hay Graham transacted business in West -Memphis Sunday Mr. and . Mrs.. E. s. Crihflclrt and Mr.s. L. L. McDearman were guests of Mrs. McDcarnian's sis- tor, Mrs. i ft. Johnson of BJy- thcvillc Sunday night. Miss Stella Wundcrlich „, o.. Louis Is vfcitlng her brother' Alvin i v.cck. F. Swartz \vns x business visitor In Jonesboro Saturday. enant, of the traffic •-. — "Ynutli" niraks Hants In -Fall -CARRUTHERS. Cnl. (UP)—Tlu-sc yoiinc fellows w)w( whoop mid ln!- Icr-nnd'urniicc around ou«ht to IK more caiclul. Mcrvyn Jones, 70, fnictnrecl Ills polvls > and' broko: a Icj? • wlien he fell-down-'during n liag-o'-war here,' roc:ntly:--'-: KARniSBURG. Pn. I (UPJ^Stato flre marshals InvcstlyatcJ. ra cases of incendiary nnd suspicious 'flrfs tlnring August,'according' tO' ' the lection. T)ie August fire loss i Elate aggregated :l $2,400,000. Holland Hard Hit, , Californian Opines .< KE, Ca). (UP)— 'limes 'arc ' Imrd.ln dllfomh, but not. opines Nell IX) \Vlljle of., TuliiYe, MS hnid us tiiey me. in fiolliiiul. L>V Wlhlc i-cwlyjd n letter 'from his , lirollicr-lii-lmy. In (lie .Kc(licr : ' ' ' '' ' '' ' , and found eight pigs' In if nnd Hie owner of the adjoining Mali, minting. • , . . iThc bioliicr-ln-law, It ajiiKare'd, took three, piss, lo mntol-,- liilcnd, 'fig: Id. , trade -.ilium for .srocerlcs. ^Oi.trltu yai'iily, ill day, but.-,coitl,1 not gcl_an pll^r. . . :./; -. r .... : -. ! l!e de'cldtHl. Iw wKile/nol to take the pigs home and coHtliiuo; In feed- them,, but . .(p slip ihem inlo - the pen ol ,»\ioth«- farmer nnd abandon them.., .-- ;.'.-..•• ; i .. Ho. hlj ,own .yen.- lie Black-Draught " Op used Thedford'a -Dlack-." - «... for connttputlou fur .»>, lonn tlinr," writes Mr». l-'rank Ctuun- rlnn. of \Vyiuip. Aik. _ { ' If I Ret up In tho-inMri"lrii*'fi4iliuc Lt Oull nml flliux'luli. a, ( [ii.^, u r ]|L-i6k^« UrilllHllL .tnkl-ll Mirco Illiim I\ il»y will (Ullltftha-fGOllllK 10 JKI33 IHHy, nml 111 a ibiy.or .In-ii-I fiwl-llka n new , JfrMll. After innny.ywirfl of uso wa , fruulil' not 'cxcVtinua Dliick-Druujrlit - '"r >nV nicdlclAc." . • - . p.a.-^if iiou joi'e CHIIMLW, aim-. the new, flaamint-tcistl*r, "o/ rftfj/orii'j — ' - ' " Wunderllcii and family . Luxora defeated Kciscr football game Friday, 25 , o . Mctdames AKin Wundmich a'urt Foster Yates shopped in Jicmpltls Saturday. Mrs. C. M. Umfleet and Misses Margaret n;id Mildred Richards shopped in Blythcvillc Saturday. Miss Mnxine Browii entertained the Thursday Bridge club of Os- rcoln, of which she bcr. at her home here Thursday afternoon. Guests besides club members were Miss Elcctra Buck, Mrs. Lloyd Judson and Mrs. Ruth Carlyslc. Mrs. Hudson no Inge score prize. Br. and Mrs. I. R. Johason ana Mrs. H. C. Davis of Blythcville accompanied by Mrs. L. L. McDearman of iMnoen nnd Xfiss .\fil- ihed Wnrrcn of Halls. Tcnn returned Thursday from a motor four through IS slates. They visited points In Canada. Niagara Falls, New York City nnd Washington, D. C. Miss Owena Forbes of Memphis 'he guest of her parents, Mr nnd Mrs. Dick Forbes, this week' The high rchool dramatic club tnonsored by Mr. P. Nichols, will cnterlain Thursday morning tn chapel with - a play written by Mr. Wcltols, Everyone is Invited attend. :THE FORT DEARBORN \LiS8ACRE "Nutiirc in'thc Raw"—as fror- triiy(.'dhytl\cnrtisi,N.C,Wyeth . . . inspired by the heartless treachery «/ a band of vicious Miami Idiliaiw, who massacred the settlers tvith inhuman ferocity ... Augitst 15, 1812. TOMORROW: The strange dis- of Derolhy Amata. the "lost htircss." who vanished ' •rowdcil Fifth Avtnuc in busy N'rw York on her w»y t o k«p MARYSV1LLE, Cal. (UP)—A wa i lunrheon ergajprnmt with h«r lermclon of the Tom Watson v'a- mcthcr....A mystery that 22 years ricty. weighing (55 pounds ha? been '•" ""'" J ' produced on the J. J. Simpson •anch, near here. It Is believed to — be the largest melon ever produced BIRMINGHAM, Aja. tUP) What the Birm--.-;ham 'police In Northern California'. niean to do is prohibit overtime — parking and parking In no-park- LONGMONT, Col (UP) — ing areas. When violators go down gulls, making their annual n* lo police trafllc oflice to take up inland to lakes and reservoirs for a copy of charges they arc greet- the coming winter, were seen trre :ii by this sijm "What? You here recently. The flock numbered ibdut 400, —and raw tobaccos have no place in cigarettes They arc not present in Luckies . . . the mildest cigarette you ever smoked B buy the finest, (he very finest tobaccos in all the world—but that does not explain why- folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, arc then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words— "It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies are such mild cigarettes. "It's toasted" That p«ck«K« of mild ' " ', . " *>«< « «"r mau-lrM ,h*n bis und,, 0* uvrU uiil mate „ ^nfaib u his far, "-KMPH WALDO E ^Dots not this explain the world-wide acceptance and approval of lucky Strike?

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