The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1934
Page 2
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(ARK.) COUBIER MEWS Sociai Calendar WEWESDAY'S EVENTb -'•'-" ineeUns Hotel Noble, 83»'». m W'lf 6 First Methodist —~, prayer service 2 30 p in Jewish Ladies Aid meeting with Mrs Wolt Arian and Mis I Ros- enthsl at Arian residence, 8 p in Bible study Church of Christ •le^luij with Mrs. Herman Splc«r of Luxor u, 2 30 p.ui - s THUHSQAY'S EVENTS Mrs. F. B, Joyner hnving Thursday Contract club. lliursdty Luncheon club mcet- Srig with Mrs. J. A Leech. Mn> W. L Homer having Mid- Week Bridge club ,W. M. S. First Methodist church h»vni« prayer service, 2:301 p. in,,. ! The Rev and Mrs J T. ileiifro entertaining youtig people of Sec- orx) B»ptJst church, 1 30 p. m. . U D C meeting 7,1th 'Mrs, '•J. 1 Mill Brooks, 3:30 P. M,V; I' OlIDAY'S EVENTS W. M, S. First Melodist church having prayer service. I SATURDAY* EVENTS Hasson-Dunham wedding .16 be Eoliemnl&ed at Hasson home, 1 P |D1 $Imes Llosd Stickmon, Murray Smart and Jesse Taylor having bridge party at country club, 2:30 p at W^yjHDY ' OAN'THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO U. To H«ve the B T U. of the First Baptist-church will have the Rev. and Mrs Alfred Carpenter as guests •_•— tti|s evening In P social meeting H^OALLHlS 1 toiJollow the business session nt TEXT BooKS 730 o'clock -" ' ' ' » • • • Mla-V.eek Club Net to Meet * The Mld-Wcek Bildge club will not;meet this week becauso of the ^special prayer services at the First Methodist church C^npHmenls House Gurst Mrs Otto Kochtibky of Columbus, Miss, who Is the housegucst of; Mr and Mrs Row D. Hughes, *4s compluncnted with n bridge luncheon Monday when Mrs Hughes entertained 12 ladles '•' '' Yellow and Mute, pom -'-IMI chrysanthemums decorated the \i\ Ing room wheie the three small tables were arningcd for the two course menu. Mrs Russell Phillips won prize, a bath room shelf, .,..„ hose were given Mis Koclitflzky. i we- -IK* ooie, SOT ar STUDIO OFFICIAL'S sue w Bits QJ /Veu;s Mostly Personal. Mrs. l).' Hughes, her (mest; Mis, Otto KochliUky ol Columbus, Miss., Mrs. J. A. Leech and Mrs. C. W. Afftick arc in Memphis' today. Mrs. Toby Long, who has been very ill from a kidney ailment, is now convalescing.- : , : Mrs. Jess Homer is 111 lit her home on Uoitjjuii Avenue. .t'uiil Byriim, Alvin Hardy iujd Hi 1 .- w. A.-Grlmmctt-arc on u duck 1 hunt -near Jones boro. • for a. .few diiys: •,,-... Bllli Morse; who has been ill for week from.; a .-throat Infection and malaria, Is ,| OW mucll lmi . [irovcd. ' i>v MARY i-:. DAGUI; . . NBA Service jjlaff .Writer JSALS5AC oiicB ; 6aid that starving yeiiius had licen kept iiilvc iii.iUs Charles Gray, who hiis been 111',- Eilrrel ' ."'wrc tlmn. once by (he is noiv better. Mrs: J.. E. CritK is ill oijie on Ninth St. , .Mrs. Dixie Crawford and Rncy at .her • nd Mrs' U. Jones ivlll go to Wilson I tomorrow afternoon foi Pnrty to h c g| ycn ilt a bridge lllc co , a _. munlty club by Mines. J. H. Grain,. Hale Jfickson, Charles Lowrani-c jr., Charles Colcinan and: R : ,c Cronicr. JOtf iWay |Hoine:\ f»r Prayer iaf the three special pray^services Wednesday Thursday stonyry society of the First Meth- odJSl church Monday aficrnoon at Iheichurch Mrs A O Hudson, in charge of the meetings, has aii- 1 that Mrs Wilson Henry leader tomorrow. 'Mrs. J, W. Parker.gave iho de- loWOBal and Mrs Riley B. Jones, the" bulletin, for the 31 present. ,1., * * * AMifr Socle ly Meets Tpe Altar Societs of the church of r the Immaculate Conception, tit a [meeting Monday afternoon, de- CMfefl to serve n Turkey dinner tug . supoSr on TZianljgivfng day tnrfixonn&llon with their fall baawr There were fifteen Indies pttsent at this meeting, presided otu by the present, Mrs. W. A. Grace. ' r * • • To Have Bjnjo Party Tnere will be Osceola Society — Persona or department of Hie club'-ihct- iit'-'ilic 1 club ..._ ....... _ oom, elected : new offlcc'i's for'Mic ycnr..|inil enjoyed ' an Interesting program. Thi- officers elected wore Mnry , Virgintn Cromer, treasurer. Business and Professional Wouici club introduced Miss ey, Frances Conway iui<l Madeline The .progressive club meets to- »j«.,^ « in w «v UJHSU Jrnll-y tpqhsored by the altar society of the i Church of the Immaculate Cwreeptloii Wednesday evening, 8 ocTtjtk, at the social hall, ivfrs. J. J .JjBly and Mrs W A Grace are In charge » t Mrs. James iVado Qiilnn, who •wajs^ formerly Miss Jean Fisher, vas guest of honor at a bunco party and lingerie shower given <—'•-- • , by Mrs . Eaf| Matchf , r> horn* Laden at tlie Hatche AJitumn flowers were- used for decorations and the gifts were preatoted the bride m an atlrac tivjS"hat box adorned with a mlni- atu« bride and bridegroom. The pink color motif was emphasized The larors were wooden spoons dratsed as bride In flowing veils nUf , nr ) ,, wWeli adorned the refreshment ,, 0 f " '~ plates of a ctaese balad, and'heft lccs of flny .nature. Thirty meeting at the Wilson clubhouse Thursday afternoon. Mrs. J.- president, named the partment chairmen: Junior Cooperative department, Mrs. A. P. Williams, chairman, Mrs. John Sullivan, vice-chairman; music, Mrs. J. N. Jerome, chairman, Mrs. Room. The following members will be hostesses: Madamcs w J Driver jr., w. J. Driver, sr., 13. A. Bragg, W. H. Oownn, A. D. Brlck- ey, George Deer, ami R. c. Rose. •Mm. S. M. Hodges has pliinned m interesting .program on education. Mr. b. Deer, superintendent of schools; will address the cliib Oiher Iculurcs on Die program will be reports of current, oraits relating t 0 education mid (he study of our stiite schools. Alter the program a short business meeting will be lielit. -The First Christian church mid •he 1 First Presbyterian church will begin n Standard Lcndrrshin •Hollywood Ji solng to miss tba •.vivacious lit.), fjiipin) for u few iweciCB. '1'ho yoniig British ac- itrcsa is slioini above us ulio ar- ji'lvcd in Men- Yorlt cnroulo id visit lier,|ioiiio ami family In Kag- lunil.' She I'Xiictts to return goon. Expferl Sees Bright Future (or Flaxseed I'LA'ITEV.ILLE, I-'rtil Ullrich, director of the Uc- Plallcvlllc Slnlc Teachers Collcsi. Is as correct In his third hunch previous „,". . " 8 as he was in tlie two flax seed prices soo lhc Chrl5liair$2 a bushel. ,it •>-„, b "."f llns Sllll <' ll >' nltc-moon «t 2.JU oclock. This Ls (he first ff; 1 , 0 " « "'is imtm-c these churches have coiKiitetc,! in Osce- ^'•^sa^nr^ ^S "trT"^ ^ the leader of the school. Mr : Pj.ttcr- f f ","5. t< ; !lcll .. n ' cl «» «» "Methods 1» the .Children's UK-Is- church, ^'"•"aSlnon^MTrS n ' ,- ?"f ' " •*«?..'>» "BvBnKlC' , afternoon there . 'he class Sunday Ullrich's contention Wilson - , .' X Society •— Personal . ,-lienpnes.s- and hi-jh jiutritire value of Dutch cheese. I- wouldn't want to live on putcli or any other kind or exclusively, but you could . aliyosl, t Is such a concentrated form of milk, and so rich In vitamin A ami . high in calcium and phosphorus. . there's more. Dr. B, V. Mc- volluni, famous specialist, points out Unit the- pastoral peoples of the world, whoso diet, has consisted mainly of dairy .products, Imvc, without exception, had the - members attended .the of the Cooperative club .- D. McKcnzlc, he following" cfe' 1 , . vico-hep.lrman; W. J. Ludwig, home nrl, Mrs. Walter Curd, chairman, Mrs. R. xB. I*e Wilson^ vlce-chniniinii: literature, .Mrs; D. N. Morris, chairman, Mrs. El. L. Roach, vice-cliairniHii. Miss Mary , Symonds prcspjiM 1 :r |>upils in the followi:)t* ' idsical n-ogrum: trio, "My O\^^ ntu ^ y jvnsscjj ^^RlJittyc Thomp- iln Willinms and Ruby, piano' solo, "Dark Eyes,' 1 ' Thanksgiving Song," Betty Fer-' susoii. Mary 'Virginia Vincent, MI Uevcriyn dayloii'.' Kcfreshmcnts were served by. Mines. E. A. Rcgcnold, L. C.''Gaty' R. L. obliging, Ed Pfltman, Coiie Mnrphy, J. If. Wcstbroo'k, C. W. Ferguson nnd A. U. Hudson', hostesses. celebrated Wesley Apple seventh birthday when his mother entertained ... of his friends with u Hallowe'en Mrly. ••••'( • ; ••}&(• A mcetins of the. home'arts rtc- liartment, of the Cooperative chil) was held at the home of Mrs. U'lilter Card Friday afternoon. Mmes. Hale Jackson and Charles C'olcman of Osceola and Joe Cro— It mcr, Charles Lowrmice Jr., and J. If. Cniln will entertain with ---- -- ......... • i-'ltt I 1(1 MI Will I ,1 partment of Agriculture at the bridge parly at the Wilson i-inh ' ..... " Wednesday aftenioou. epldemii: (if painting will soon siege the United Slates. "Never," he said, Iras the country been In such dire need of painting, nnd as soon as the depression is broken tile paint cans and brushes will come out In n. hurry.. Flax-seed oil being one of the principle In- Bicdiont.s of piiint.- the. demand will be great.' 1 . Ullrich urged -farmers to turn lo flax as he had previously urged them lo mi:* ulfalfa and" wheat, Mines. J. \v. Johnson Faye -., .— - , M ,° U >">d Eva Elk-Ins returned will soar lo Unnsduy from a three weeks •lay at Hot Springs. Miss Maxine Wallace uccoin- p;iiiicd Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Crig- Ber jr., and Ed Williams of Ar- morcl to St. Louis Saturday to sec the Ziegfeld Follies. . . Mr. and 'Mrs. William ' Ludwig , both of which products were rais- a class jtcr ed successfully nnd profiliibly at- The two congregations cimdim lo other church n-orkcrs mbers of oilier churches to fie school. There ivi/i be Emma Sue fatewart wou handlterchiers for high score prize, Mlsi Dean McKinnon received a powder jar for tow ' score and cards v,eut lo Miss Jeanne. Dilla huaty for the traveling award. Pitf BristU Brush Latest * , Aid to Facial Beauty PARJS (UP)—Tile latest beauty IrMtnwnl In Pans consists in rul*(ng (fie skin with a brush n\J*i, of pig's bristles •Tf^is Is contrary ot Iho"theory tl»i,soap aixl «at*r and a brush brub« Hie sklji, and tliat It never id be touched yllh anj'thing 'lotions, creams and cleansing , rMrS ,-;,? (KUrc y. White'and da,,. . Kan llinnnr ({uiutiiplc'ls Now Safe C'ORBEU,, Out. (UP)—The Di- ounc ciuintiiplcts now have n ntir- nnil life expectancy. Dr. n. A. Dtifoc. their physician, has announced. Dr. Dafoe stated Ihat ho icvcs the famous . sisters have passed the sla^c of "nnct>italnty" hno arc well on their \ray to en-, joy fi normal life. days. Tho M M ^. Co «i"»«nlty House. ios Vnni i clhodlst Mls sio»«rv • Lat - ng at l '' a !£llm ' t b »*.ws „« ,- , . No more strawberry or tenjic JUKE fol bleaching the face |in4_arms, according lo the lalest ed^ts from French caplla| beauty P«rlors. Women have petled and BMiptred Iheir skins too-long so tWT they have become flabby anci jt«irt,,Uw, wages-of tll -- Lllrich the liow to prc- Has Many Uses Several - . honors . have h<sn awarded Borum's Drug store, the owner, Edgar Borum, and John Love, .employe, In contests sponsored by tlio MeKcfson for the nn; seiuie ')it. ; SerW It -with crisp ' green ;alad:.such as French endive with i piluuiif:French dressing plenty )t black coffee and u fruit tut for i{ mail's party, thbugli women vill enjoy it too. Welsh Ifarebit One ; tablespoon buttn i t oniul English dairy cheese, 1-2 . salt, l-'t teaspoon mws-Iwnrs old , finest -physical development . lived the longest. and with crackers and black coffee. And There's .no more . satisfactory way to finish a perfect meal than '"'" ' ' clieeso and — then there's cheese souffle, which makes nn Ideal course .to follow the salad or may be. served with the salad. For informal supper, nothing ever '""""'-' "--"^jjf'ijfyV'cjsh Rurc- llic guests of Mr. Liidwlg's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Liidwig, Miss Lorctia Foster, of Jonesboro, was the week end guest of her sister, Mrs. Irene Hood. Mrs. Fred Taylor, of Osccola, wns the guest Saturday of her Mr. - ii|iU.._M«, .-x. -K. TUESDAY/ NOVEMBER -'6, : 1S3J Borum's Wins Prizes in McKf5son Contests Tlie store received fourth honors for business done, Mr. Bonim won third for salesmanship and second for soiling certain products •nid Mr. Love won second prize In' salesmanship nnd first in a ccr- sfn product contest. 1 Cash awards will be made at a meeting ill (he Hotel Gayoso Memphis, Wednesday evening. Old People's Sunday Held_at Church STONEI1AM, Mass. (UP)— Tlie 59(h annual, observance- of Old People's Sunday was : hcl ( | :tt Hie First Cuiigiegatioiml Cinch due The Re\ D Augustine Newton] 80 who pleached the •s.ennon was one ol th L soungcf,t of niembcis -it'cndmg the the neciil Among incus jmsenl \seic Mrs athti liilhin 86 Henn Willnce, 91 i OAp \elemi Mrs Addle fiinh-un 9J Mis Amini parenls, Sheaion. .ard, pinch cayenne pepper, ]-•) to 1-2 cup beer, a egg yolks. Melt cheese in chafing dish or double boiler along with biilter and seasonings, stirring constant- y. As cheese melts, add beer slowly until creamy consistency is obtained. Just, before removing from heat and yolks of eggs which have been well beaten. Serve at once on crisp hot toast. While we are on the subject of cheese I want to give you a recipe lor cheese fondue which 1 use for u luncheon standby. :t makes ' a splendid impression on a chance guest and the ingredients always arc in tlie house. Cheese Fomfne One and one-half cups "'softi bread crumbs, 1-2 cup milk, 1-21 cup grated cheese, 3 whole eggs a tablespoons butler, 1-2 teaspoon' salt, few trains pepper. Separate yolks from wmles of ;gs. Cook crumbs and milk together until hot and smooth. Add butter, cheese, sa|t and \K\i\Kt ,-uirt .cook • until' cli'ccse"Is 1 'incited. Remove from fire. Add yolks of l — -- -•-••* -tiiuti i umiitjCj;, '92. and tinec others moic thin 91 AH persons in ited to the service were 'more vcars of age. Hospital ' Admitted to the Blytlitviih \ wi , pjial.v'W. C.' Posey, Holland, f,jy. Dismissed: CUITord Aulrey. Bteelc, Mo.; Mrs. Lena Sjieer, Deerlng, Mo,; W. C. Cavan'css, Cooler, Mo.; Muxine sanford, Steclc, Mo. BAKING POWDER ^^"""^•^^^^•^^••"^^•^•••••P Manufactured by b«kiijid; powder Specialists who make nothing but baW- ing powder —undar- supervision of expert chemist's. ALWAYS Same price today a* 44 years ago *5 *Bac«< |« r 2jj O FULL PACK NO SLACK FILLING MILUONS Of POUNDS HAVJ BHN USIO If OU« COVCBMMENI To Keep Colds UNDER^CONTROL , ,--'r..-.. . , t p ffS s beaten until thick and" ieinoii \f „ ,- ' ° lllls bcc "! colored and mix thoroughly Fold Methodist hospital at Mem- in whites of i> gss beat", ,,?{ Plus for several weeks, receiving stiff and dry. Turn Into a but treatment for maturia, returned tercel baking dish and bake 25 L home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wctchcr and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Litwhun Sunday at Mouctte. Ur. and 'Mrs. ,). {£_ -Jerome, nc- Jinpanlcd by their"" son, Willis, !id daughter, Fonda Mny,- six?nt the week end with their sons)' Newell and QucDtin. <it'Coliunbiu/ Ttnn., where the boys attend Columbia Military academy. Dr. nnd Mrs. N. B. Ellis, ihcir sons, N. B. jr., ;llK i -j 0 i inj S j, ent , Sunday with Mrs. Ullis motlier, Mrs. T. T. Branch, at Memphis, ,, Miss. Dorothy" Gideon was the llls week end yncsl of Miss Louise 30 minutes in a moderate oven CiSO degrees F.) When firm to the touch of fondue is clone. Serve at once in the dish in which it was baked. , . „. MlA-l^ 1.11U yllL'tiL OS last Wednewlay Brown at Blylhevillc. Miss Mary Louis; boro Sunday. Dell Grcgson at, Jones- AMILY LAXATIVE children, Billy and Mary" I the week end' : at Ornn, Mo.' Checks Liijuld .- 'tablets Snlrc-NuscDroivi COLDS ami FEVER I'irsl Day ..Headaches In liO Mi ; Rfi«ulai- rehearsals of IhelJlyi'Hcville liiiiul will begin (lurinjr the week of Nifyeiiiber 12. All meni- herji will | )c notified of the'-limiSi- These ..instruments can lie rented by people wishing lo join : the baml but do hot own instruments: trombones, trtimpcls ii nil s!i.\;i- photies. AJonis. VICKSPLAN CONTROL OF COLDS with a New 1935 PHILCO Mosquito .bUe stings• can be relieved by rubbing moistened soap over the afflicted parts. 3 Doses c? Feley's Loosens Cough Proof! .n*ij severe i !h In e ss Sc.'lk' 9NET If* Thr»U — 1 TAR TJIi , Fhlejm For old or y(itmg-dnringd3y cr night—>-ou can tlfetv rely m Fol* /j Wdn«y i nd Tc r fct yyickttt TK itlu; CcuRhs dw to CGldamiyRel«riotur«t. (i^n't Haliy. Get grnf'itis KOI JIV'S Icd-iy-rr line mb> Vhone- 777 l—Siuiilaj— All) lime and Dependable or quick Wrecker Service Pltillips Motor. Co. FREE RINGS 500 Mexican DIAMONDS ;44 Face? Stone' $2 Scarf Pins at " vi>it clip (l,i s ad ire will givi- with r.irh liin »h.vnlnlclj- FKfiE :i Lidy's: or pcntlniiMu's .MI'X- K-AN DIAMOND U FACET STOM' lUNt!. 'I'Jik sciiMliuiMl f.i| c i s !, P ,-, ?ff c'ciufiielrrt' (o arfvrrlise Ihcsr iraiilifti! m v SIKXH'AN DIAMOND 11 I'ACK'I' SHIM'S I he vnlors, lire anl iHilli.n.ry lint rudi.-.IcN rroiu tlicjc sfc.ncs •an ic.irctly be realitctl nulo-s you vhil our ^lol^ i\hcic Imlli msv-mirt iiii« arc sorgco.Ui!,• .rilsnlaycd - in n>ir .irimlntvs. The lorical On Only ,il Robinson Dru GUARANTEED FOREIGN RECEPTION lIl'iAR ALIi.'of (ho .foothill! games clearer and A1 belter—with . ;i PHILCO! 1'Vom the opening kick-off to the final whistle, PHILCO will bring you (he pJay by play broadcasts so realistically you'll , feel you're on the 50-yard line! And that's not nil. In addition to your favorite American stations you can enjoy the thrill of tuning-in foreign programs from all over the worldl See and hear the new PHILCOS today. Prices arc amazingly low I' PHILCO45C The finest, most powerful Compact' ever - desipnedl ' Tmip5-it> .both foreign and American programs. Electro-Dynamic Speaker. Bass Com'pciVsaliori, Tone Control, Aulom»tic Volume Control, etc, ' L1EAU iltirvulotis IJK15 K at our store TKAUK-IN tM.r.OiVANCE ON YOlll . . HADIO PHILCO 144H Here is a magnificent 6-legged •Highboy that cn»blej jou to enjoy both American and foreign programs. Among its many fca- lurcs are -1-Tuning Bands, over- B,'ZC Kleffro-Djnamfo • Speakc/, Biss Compensation,4-pointTon« Control, • Automaticyojane Ci>n- trol. Shadow Tuning an* I'HII,- CO High-EfficiencyTtibea. Beau, tlful, cabinet' of h»nd-fub(»ey Walnut.'- Easy .(eri»s— libers! tr»de-in «lh>waiic«( • . • HUBBARO FURNITURE CO.

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