The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa on March 19, 1910 · 11
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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa · 11

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1910
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THE DAILY TIMES. MARCH 19. 11 OFFICIAL SCHEDULE THREE-I LEAGUE FOR SEASON OF 1910 'lot in any Milk Trust ITHEOPENWINDOWGE! Tha Original and Genistas CLUBS At DAVENPORT At ROCK ISLAND At WATERLOO At DIBUQIE At SPRINGFIELD At PEORIA AT BLOOMNGTON AT DANVILLE OPPORTUNITY May 30t 30f July 1 22 Aug. 15 16 17 Sept. 17 18 May 24 25 26 June 26 27 28 July 31 Aug. 1 Sept. 1 2 May 7 8 9 June 24 25 July 8 29 30 Sept of 6t May 12 13 14 June 16 17 July 22 23 21 Aug. 29 30 May 20 21 June 18 19 20 July 20 21 Aug. 22 23 24 May 18 19 Juno 21 22 23 July 17 18 19 Aug 25 26 May 15 16 17 Juno 13 It 15 July 25 26 Aug 27 2S Read DAVENPORT ALTED R1ILK Thi Food-drink for Ail Ages. At restaurants, hotels and fountains. Delicious, invigorating and sustaining. Keep h on your sideboard at home. Don't travel without it. A quick lunch prepared in a minute. Take no substitute. Ask for HORLICK'S. Others are imitations. Forihe Creation of.'tie House Beautiful AnUtk inUriort with Atfeikd kfb and pnem ar thowa in or taadtwa colond foldtr, CRETONNES May 4 5 6 June 11 12 Aug. 2 3 4 Sept. 3 4 May 27 28 29 July 4t 4t 5 Aug. 18 19 Sept. 15 16 May 24 25 26 June 26 27 28 July 31 Aug. 1 Sept. 1 2 May 15 16 17 June 13 14 15 July 25 26 Aug. 27 2S May 18 19 June 21 22 23 July 17 18 19 Aug. 25 26 May 20 21 June 18 19 20 July 20 21 Aug 22 23 24 May 12 13 14 June 16 17 July 22 23 24 Aug 29 30 THE ROCK ISLAND May 10 11 May 22 23 June 29 30 July 27 Aug. 20 21t 21t May 7 8 9 June 24 25 Julv 28 29 Sept. 6f 6f May 30t 30 July 1 2 3 Aug. 15 16 17 Sept. 17, 18 . May 18 19 June 21 22 23 July 17 18 19 Aug. 25 26 May 15 16 17 June 13 14 15 July 25 26 Aug. 27 28 May 12 13 14 June 16 17 July 22 23 24 Aug 29 30 May 20 2t June 18 19 20 July 20 2t Aug 22 2,1 24 DAILY WATERLOO SATURDAY, ADJOURNED 8 SUNDAY AFTERNOON MERCHANTS. AND LABOR UNIONS WILL MEET AtJAIN Kesolutions Regarding Franchise Ex-tension Will Be Ready at Turner Hall Another mass meeting will beheld tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Davenport Turner hall for the purpose of protesting against the extension of the franchises of the Trl-City Railway and Peoples Light companies unless adequate remuneration is madq the city. This is the meeting adjourned from last Sunday. The committee a rx nr. In lnct GnnHitv fnr tho nnr- pose of drafting resolutions to be sub- j mltted at the meeting tomorrow, win make Its rpport. The meeting, it will be remembered DIBUQIE SPRINGFIELD PEORIA HLOOMINGTON DANVILLE May 28 29 July 4t 4t 5 Aug. 18 19 Sept. 15 16 May 31 June 1 2 July 12 13 Aug. 7 8 9 Sept. 12 13 June 3 4 5 July 14 15 16 Aug. 5 6 Sept. 10 11 June 6 7 8 July 6 7-8 Aug. 13 14 Sept. 8 9 June 9 10 July 9 10 11 Aug. 10 11 12 Sept. 6 7 May 10 11 May 22 23 June 29 30 July 27 Aug. 20 21t 21t June 3 4 5 July 14 15 16 Aug. 5 6 Sept. 10 11 May 31 June 1 2 July 12 13 Aug. 7 8 9 Sept. 12 13 June 9 10 July 9 10 11 Aug. 10 11 12 Sept. 6 7 May 4 5 6 June 11 12 Aug. 2 3 4 Sept. 3 4 June 9 10. July 9 10 11 Aug. 10 11 12 Sept 6 7 June 6 7 8 July 6 7 8 Aug. 13 14 Sept. 8 9 June 6 7 8 July 6 7 8 Aug. 13 4 Sept. 8 9 June 3 4 5 July 14 15 16 Aug. 5 6 Sept. 10 11 May 30 June 1 2 July 12 13 . Aug. 7 8 9 Sept. 12 13 TIMES May 20 21 June 18 19 20 July 20 21 Aug. 22 23 24 June 6 7 8 July 6 7 8 Aug.13 14 Sept. 8 9 June 9 10 July 9 10 11 Aug. 10 11 12 Sept. 6.7 May 31 June July 12 13 Aug. 7 8 9 Sept. 12 13 1 2 Juno 3 4 5 July 14 15 16 Aug.'fi 6 Sept. Iff 11 'or May 4 5 May 28 29 July 4t 4t Aug. 18 19 Sept. 15 16 May 6 7 8 Juno 24 25 July 29 30 Sept. 2 3 4 May 12 13 14 June 16 17 Julv 22 23 24 Aug. 29 30 May 9 10 11 June 11 12 July 5 Aug. 31 Sept. I Sept. 5t Bt Li 1VC May 22 23 24 Juno 28 29 30 July 27 28 Aug. 20 21 May 22 23 24 June 28 29 30 July 27 28 Aug. 20 21 Mav 30t 30t July 1 2 3 Aug. 2 3 4 Sept. 17 18 May 15 16 17 June 13 14 15 July 25 26 Aug 27 28 May 30 30t July 1 2 3 Aug 2 3 4 Sept 17 IS May 35 26 27 June 26 27 July 3lt 3lt Aug 1 Aug 16 17 Sporting May 9 10 11 June 11 12 July 6 Aug 31 Sept 1 Sept 6t 5t May 18 19 June 21 22 23 July 17 IS 19 Aug 25 26 ", (? "7 26 27 May June July Sit 31t Aug 1 Aug 16 17 May 6 7 8 June 24 25 July 29 30 Sept 2 3 4 May 4 5 May 28 29 July 4t 4t Aug 18 19 Sept 15 16 N cws Sunday dames. Double Headers N" ."J SSL : J lllliillllil lifiliffi HALL & MARTIN 419-423 RrndT Street wrestling match that will be held here next Wednesday. For the curtain- was called by several hundred-business raiser, he has secured Harry Mulford, men and by the labor unions of city. the BOOKS TURNER BOUTS Promoter C J. Gleason Completes Card for Golch Show Promoter C. J. Gleason of the Davenport Empire Athletic club is booking preliminaries for the dotch-beon RUSTY STOES&(SfOVEPlPES MADE Nt.W up v?y S PUST W SHINES ITSELF WON'T dealer doesn't Hardware Co., WASH OFF If your Beynolcl have A. J. Harried A Von Maur. Hansen' Son. It Lerch. an East Davenport Turner, who will be matched against Carl Becker in a lightweight event.' Mulford is 'anxious to demonstrate what he can do and feels confident that he can give a. good account of himself. Becker and Eckhardt, the two little fellows, put up a lightning go last Wednesday, and the crowd at the Goteh show will see something .that is worth while when Becker and Mulford get together. For the seml-windup Dave Henschen will probably be matched against Harry Warnken, the present 170 pound amateur champion. Henschen has had sufficient opportunity to get Into condition since his last meeting with Warnken, and he will give the title-holder a Btiffer bout on thin occasion. He wants to redeem himself In the opinion of the fans, and will doubtless accept the opportunity that Is now offered him. HOLY WEEK TRINITY CATHEDRAL SERVICES HELD DAI LI AT THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH the Her :'! MADAM MAYINARD CLAIRVOYANT and PSYCHIC PALMIST Marvelous gifts possessed by the most wonderful clairvoyant In ' 0I Madam Mavnard is arkiiowledsred the marvel of the 20th century. ndvlee is Infallible, i-nnvmriiif? beyond dispute. Realizing that this city has been infested with pretenders under the guise of scientific palmistry and Spiritualistic Medlumshlp. and that many of its best citizens would be only too anxious to visit a true clairvoyant medium were they assured of satisfaction. Therefore Madam Mayimrd does hereby solemnly agree and guarantee to make yon no charge If not sat- ,hl,rd' DO YOU W ANT TO KNOW Will 1 succeed in business? Will my home be happy? How can I conquer mv enemies? Will I marry the one I choose? How soon will I marry? How can I conquer my rival? Will I get a good position? How can I remove bad influences? How can I control any one? How make a distant one think of me? Will I settle my quarrel soon? Will my children be happv? Will I win my lawsuit? Will 1 be successful in mining ventures? Will 1 be able to raise my children? Will I ever meet with any accident? Will I ever advance in public life? When shall 1 marry and whom? What, is the length of my life? What trade or business am I best adapted for? What are my lucky dates? In what shall I invest my money? Will I have any children? Will I be a widow? Have I any talents? Will 1 have many friends? How can I become a medium? Have T psychic power? Will I become wealthy? Will I be successful In Investments? Will i be a widower? What am I best fitted for? Will 1 get over my bashful-ness? Will I fall heir, to money, etc.? Will I have a home of my own? Will my secret ever be known? PERSONAL MAGNETISM DEVELOPED , Personal magnetism is the magic wand that rules the world. It triumphs over obstacles and brings success in business and social life. It opens to your vision the greatest secrets of life. If is that marvelous, subtle unseen power that enables you to control man or woman and to banish ill-luck. , IT IS THE KEY TO A HIGHER LIFE It sways the minds of millions and regulates the destinies of nations. All truly great men and women possess personal magnetism and vise it. The rich man is rich because he utilizes this invisible force: the poor man is poor because he lacks magnetism or ihe knowledge of its use. The salesman, the statesman, the lover, all profit by the use of the marvelous force. Do you wish to possess this key tr, the vaults of HAPPINESS, FRIENDSHIP. WEALTH, or will you plod along, vainly hoping that luck or chance may open the door for you? THE WISE USE EVERY MEANS TO .COMPASS VICTORY thousands have been helped. If you are in trouble of any kind, unhappy, not satisfied in life, have domestic, love or business troubles, you will be told how to overcome them all. Call today. MADAM MAYNARl) Manns aione hb.iiu'1" ,n una pruifssmn. icais 01 ni.uu. , umcia mm r-nu-less research coupled with rare spiritual and psychic gifts have crowned her Hie greatest living exponent of her weird profession, stYangely true and fascinating are the words that fall from the lips of this mysterious woman. A BON A FIDE GUARANTEE I do hefeby solemnly agree and guarantee to make you no charge if I fail to tell you names, dates and facts, tell you who are your rivals, enemies and whom you will marry. I give never failing advice upon all mat ters of life such as lo,ve, courtship, marriage, divorce, lew suits, speculations, investments and all business transactions. I never fail to reunite the separated, cause speedy and happy marriages, overcome enemies, rivals, lovers, quarrels, evil habits, stumbling blocks and bad luck of all kinds. I lift you out of your sorrow and trouble and start you on the road to happiness and prosperity. I point with pride to my record of successful work In the past year. Reunited 198 couples. Brought aroumi 2S7 marriages. Gained love of certain ones. 375. Located t'.t absent persons. Overcame 846 rivals. And hundreds of other cases, such a3 business, speculations, lawsuits and transactions of all kinds successfully completed. DEVELOPED SEVEN CLAIRVOYANTS WHO ARE BEFORE THE PUBLIC TODAY Make no mistake when seeking the advice of a clairvoyant. It pays to consult the best. One visit to a genuine occult scientist will repay you for many disappointments. Low fees. 50c AND SI.OO Cut this ad out as it will not appear again. Private Office 530 Twenty-first. Street and Sixth Avenue, Moline, III. Take Bridge Line car to Rock Island, tiien take Fourth avenue Blue Line car and get off car at Fifth avenue and Twenty-first street. Walk one block to rieht. Office hours, 10 a. in. to !) . m. dully.. Sunday 12 ni. to N p. in. Morning Devotions at 10 O'clock and Evening Prayer and Sermon at 7:45 O'clock Special services will be held during Holy Week at the Trinity Episcopal cathedral. Dean Hare announces ser vices on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10 o'clock and in the evenings at 7:45. Addressee will be delivered at the evening services. On Good Friday morning there will be prayer and ante-communion .at 10 o'clock. There will be three hours of services from noon until 3 o'clock with addresses on the "Seven Words from the Cross." The evening prayer and address will be at 7:45. On Holy Saturday there will be morning prayer at 10 o'clock and baptism at 4:30 p. m. There will be three celebrations at 7, 8 and 11 a. m., on Easter Siuiday. The children's services will be a 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon and the evening service at 7:30 o'clock. 29, to be held at Turner hall. The receipts of the dance are to go toward a fund to send a delpgate to tho national convention, which is to be held at Now Orleans next April, and A. F. Schlueter was appointed delegate. A committee was also appointed to make arrangements for a special meeting to be held on the third or fourth Sunday of this month. Carnival Grove Carnival drove, No. 12, Woodmen circle has changed the time of its meetings, from the fourth Monday to the fourth Wednesday of each month. The meetings will be held at Odd Fellows hall. The next meeting will he next Wednesday evening. At the meeting of Cedar Camp No. 27, of the M. W. A., Thursday evening at Hibernian hall. National Banker F. It. Korns of Des Moines, presented the lodge with the state banner for securing the largest number of members of any in the state during the past year. Has anyone here seen Kelly? Big dance Sunday. Coliseum. BOY IS BADLY BURNED Charles Madden Injured In Grass Fire on Rher Road Charles Madden of Chicago, aged 9 years, who Is visiting at the home of his aunt, Mrs .E. F. Johnson, on East River road, R. R. No. 3, was badly burned about the lower limbs Thursday afternoon while watching a grass fire near the home. A largo tract of grass had caught fire near the house and in trying to extinguish the blaze, with a number of others, his clothing became ignited. His feet and lower limbs were terribly burned. Mr Borne, a neighbor, heard the boy's screams, and ran to his assistance, tearing the clothes from the boy's body, which probably saved bis life. Dr. McCarthy of Davenport was called and dressed the burns. He will be laid up for some time. TO REMODEL RESIDENCE Plans and Sperlticatlons Completed and Contract Awarded The residence of j. F. Dow, 325 College avenue, Is to he remodeled, and plans and specifications have been completed by Architect E. O. Holhrook. suite 51, Whitaker building. The contract for the work has been awarded to I. W. Jipp. It will Include the changing of the billiard room on the first floor Into a dining room, tearing out. partitions, and the putting in of a eolonade. The front and back parlors will be thrown into one large music room and will open through the reception hall to the eolonade. A large closet on the second floor will be converted Into a bath room. TO VOTE Oil WATER POWER FRANCHISE QUESTION WILL BE SUBMITTED AT CITY ELECTION APRIL 2 SHERIFF HAS TWO SALES u .... 1 1 1 1 .i Two Pieces of Property In ths City Are Sold Under Hammer Sheriff Eckhardt yesterday afternoon sold the Mary Andries property on the east, side of Harrison Just, north of Fifteenth. The purchase price was $849.78, the amount duo on the property, and It was bought by Christine Hansen. Tho Scott County Savings bank purchased tho property on Christie street owned by ('. K. Harrison for $100, the amount due. Has anyono here seen Kelly? Mask ball, March 26. Coliseum. HARD TIMES PRICES $2.00 per dozen for best cabinets; $1.00 per dozen for half cabinets. At The Lcnz Studio 206 West Third Street, Davenport, Iowa. Company W ill he Ready to Commence Active Work When This Matter Is Decided by Vote Wrhen the city election will be held j on Saturday, April 2, the franchise of the Davenport Water Power company will also be voted upon by the elee-; tors of tho city. Whether or not the j company Is to be granted :he use of part of the streets or alleys of the! city for the purpose of conducting the; electric current generated by the wat- I er power plant which will be built, j will he the question which will be plured on the ballot. i On this question, of course, will j largely depend Hie matter of the' building of the proposed water power j plant of the company. When this) question Is decided, the company will; be ready to procoM with the work, i north of Myrtle street, so a sewer can be built from Iicust north on Myrtle to the big north end sewer. The street is not opened all the way and the aldermen want to get the right to lay the sewer through tho Petersen property so the matter can be definitely settled at the next meeting. Has anyone here seen Kelly? TRY TO GET EASEMENT Want Sewer on Myrtle Xnrthe of Lo. rust Street The sewer committee and Alderman Mass are trying to secure an easement through the Petersen property Big dance Sunday. Coliseum, lias anyone here seen Kelly? Only Or "BROMO QUININE, that It Laxative Bromo Quinine Cures a Cold in On Dcy, Crip in 2 Day on every Has anyone here seen Kelly? Among the Lodges The entertainment committee of Davenport lodge, No. 219, M. R. A., met Thursday evening and made arrangements for a social to be given ; on the evening of April 8. . Carpenters' Union ' Carpenters' union, No. 554, met last ' evening at Union hall with a good at-, tendance of members. , Routine business matters were discussed and at the close of the meeting a smoker was ; enjoyed. i ' Knights of Thor The regular meeting of the Knights' of Thor was held Thursday evening ft Odd Fellows' hall, corner of Fifth ; and Ilrady streets. Two members were initiated Into the mysteries of the or-, der and other business was transact-; ed. A social followed the meeting. Maccabees Hennepin tent, No. 73, of the Knights of Maccabees, held Its ular meeting Thursday night at Pros-! ptrity hall with a large attendance ofi members. Routine business was trans-: acted. j Railway Clerks i Trl-City local, No. IS, of the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks. met Thursday evening at Math's hall In Rock Island, a large attendance of members being present. Eight applications for membership were received pnd two new members were obligated. ; The second annual dance has been j arranged for Tuesday evening. April J Come Join the Crowd at the 300 BLOCK Band Concert TONIGHT Special inducements at all 300 Block Stores tonight A 4. 1 nnouncemenu I take great pleasure in stating that I have renewed my contract for the celebrated Try K'p .it. iUJliX-y . 30 H. P., 4-eyl. model, including magneto, $1,500.00 f0 II. P., 4-cyl. model, inHuding magneto, $2,000.00 (iO If. P., (i-eyl. model, including magneto, $3,000.00 These cars have givm great satisfaction during the. past season. I have received mv new models and same are ready for inspection in my repository at 218-220- Kiplcy street. oo I have also taken the agency for the ii BLACIC i Automobiles " S- Consist ing of the most perfect in construction, most powerful and neatest Runabouts seen at "the Chicago Auto show. I invite the public, to call and examine same. Four-cylinder, thirty horse power $1,000.00 -Mr. John Rentiers will take care of the machines and attend to any repair work offered. All cordially invited. JULIUS SANDER 218-220-222 Ripley Street. Old 'Phone 361. Davenport, Iowa. New 'Phone 371.

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