The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 6, 1934
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Served by the United Press ITHE TUB L VOL. xxxi—NO. mo ?l? u ? e ! ul * D»"J n»w Biythertto onutor • valley Utder Blythevllle Hertld HOME EDITION Defendants' Confess! p'ns Used To Detail Slaying; Drunkenness Claimed . Bill Bams took the stand in circuit criminal court this afternoon to testify that he was In a drunken condition when he attacked and fatally injured C. A. Martin. It appeared that the case would go to the jurj- late this afternoon. Parading witness after witness with but sfight interruption the state rested just before the noon recess in circuit criminal court here today, having presented all the.evi- dence, except rebuttal testimony, by which it hopes to send Frank Barnes, 50-year-old Hayti, Mo., farmer, and his son, Bill, 19, to the electric chair for the-murder of C. A. Martin, youthful Blytheyille taxi driver.- in July. The middle .aged farmer and his Spontaneous; Combustion Caused Morro Castle Fire WASHINGTON/ Nov. 6 i (UP)-; Srxmtaneou^jcombiislion—not. Communist bombs,-arson,'plots, pr'llghl- ning—probably caused the: : Morro Castle tragedy;' niekerson N. Hoover, assistant director of the United States Bureau of Navigation and Steamboal inspection, will say In his "report this week. .The United Press learned today that Hoover has submitted his 117- page formal, report on his llnii- ings;of the disaster to Secretary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper. .A copy of the report'was rushed by ,a special agent) to United Stales Attorney Martin -Conboy of N'ew York for study in connection wltn possible' criminal proceedings. ; Robb iers m Car After Taking Early Last Night Vic tii im s $50 than the supreme penalty. Archie Barnes, another son, also charged Barnes, another son, also charged Lowe was atone in lib store when P ° Se ,'" view U "'°" ld with murder in the slaying of Mar- tlie robbers entered accord!™ to a * ecrelar - v ° f agriculture tin i<= In faM trfnl l-ita~.. • —u_. ... _ . :L ' " T - 1 - uiu "Hi IV a rTl'.SLL'lintrri niitl,/»-it.. „,., tin, : Is to face trial later- Wife •?A,? < >;J??' 1 QIjithe-lQoltC'Ut fof'them : report 6f5h'e' : car or bandits had been receivedM'oday.,. : -. "' Relief Fund, Wifiljeijp Ne% College Students WASHINGTON,: Nov. 6. .'(OP)_ The federal emergency relief administration, revealed today that it was prepared ;ib 'extend financial aid to 94,331 needy students In l «6 colleges and universities this winter. ' • The figures were based on total enrollment of students as oS» October 15 and as such are prelim•nary. . Students-will bs,employed in'so- cially desirable work on aiid oil th« campus. Selection of students to receive aid will be from amon» tfiose who could not attend or remain in college without this help. Arkansas 'mil receive S1228i to aid 819 students. Widow oi "Pretty Boy" Plans Early Remarriage Nov - 6 - (UP) ,-. 1 "* ^u.L^ly, laKlllg \LlOWeS .. The slates-first witness was still threatening him and escani on tlie stand when the wife and his, car in the space of a fe« mother of the defendants, seated »'•" • • • •' several, rows back In the spectators' ,„,.• all ,, lllt s were reported beriches, fainted and had car- goiieinorth on Highwav 61 in .^rM o, lt ,ol the courtroom.^Because machine. Mis»Ur1 officer^ were no" of.the.laree.frowdfl-hlch.had'pack-: "-- / - • '• «««ni «ere no- cd the • 'courtroom early the' doors to the fluditonum had been locked and. officers h;ad-;io-ma!ce almost.a complete cjrcle of the rcx>m -with the wpman before Hiey co.uid^reach an open door, leading into a corridor 'in Hie rear of the judge's bench. : ,;;: Step by step .the details,of the young taxi driver's killing were put into the record this -morning, culminating in the admission of confessions made, by the pair to R A Pitcock, chief of detectives, at Little Rock. The confessipns 'revealji Bill as the one who struck .the :nrist blow. Martin was hit.:frprri'"behincl while driving the taxi on a .loiiely side road off Highway '18 near Manila Bill, using a long iron bolt as his weapon, apparently missed a second Wow aimed at young Martin's head. As the youthful driver staggered out of the car the elder Barnes grabbed his arms and pinned them b=- hlnd him while Bill : struck him across the head from in ' front. Then, according to the confessions. Martin was dragge dinto a cotton field, nearby and Frank,Barnes, his own' statement read, cut Martin's throat, almost from ear to ear. Thc only motive for the killing given by the defendants in their <t confessions was that they wanted the taxi driven by Martin, although BIU Barnes, according to his confession, did lake -10 cents from the youlh's pockets while he was lying, fatally injured, In the field. The Barnes', father and two sons, came here from Hayti en route to Oklahoma to visit a daughter and sister in trouble there. Frank Barnes waited at a store, operated by a, relative, at the south end of 21st street while his two sons walked to • the business dts-' net and engaged young Martin to drive them to Manila. The bolt which Bill Barnes later used to club Martin with was picked up near the store when Frank joined tlie group as they started west toward Ufanlla. Fled in Stolen Taxi After the fatal beating and knifing of Martin the trio sped westward In their stolen car. until forced to abandon thc machine near Bradford when it .gave out of gas. They were later picked up at the home of a relative, near Bradford. Carried to Little Rock they confessed the slaying. Denver Dudley, district prosecu"- tor, unfolded the story, tisin" a number of witnesses to link de- lolls of the killing together. J. R. Stoval!, mortician with the Cobb Undertaking company, was [he first witness called, establishing the corpus delicti. Jimmie Col , Tankersley, on officer who, with „!,. „•„„.«.. other, fpund thc fa , all jnjure() P^ 0 ™^ »i(k.brought, him to the u " aer «°ne a - hospital, was the next. „,,„•; *• David, deputy sheriff, was .^ Weatlfy the bolt as the. iftl on p*W i) i C. G.'Smith Has Proposal for Permanent Regulation of Production A new plan for the ncrmauem. control of cotton production- in thc United States, designed to take the place of the Bankheart Act and' other emergency measures, Ims been 'prepared by C. O. Smith. Blythevillc farmer and Arkansas member of the steering committee of the Governors South- wide Conference for Cotton Production Control, for submission at a meeting of the committee at Memphis Thursday. Mr, Smith's plan differs from those now In effect In many ways. It provides for no'benefit payments for acreage reduction, it imposes no tax on excess production, and it calls for a very low process- Ing tax. It would seek stabilization of the . price of American cotton at PEMISCOT ;i • ... ,./. ;...r» . - ' ~ ; — *^ ay''ior Ilaupimann Baby the jury might find extenuating cir^' «0 i ' :ar, parked near the store. , e report, The bandits worked quickly, taking \ Lowe's'- money hi I.OK-,.'.* su =S«ts a'.'pi-ice of about 12"T-2 ., i^i.* renu per "pound. With this pur- in view it would .have thc „ ~ or other natcd authority estimate tne aconed production in advance of - ach P'a'Uing season and allot co growers production quotas .calcu- " ~-.~.-., tiur> U. » Uf } Mrs. Ruby Floyd, who divorced Y'lMes A. (Pretty Boy) Floyd in 1029 but subsequently returned to "™, is to be married again it was reported toclay. A marriage license was issued niday at Okmulgee to George W Johnson, 34, member of a wealthy « ormer thc of ° f clcrk Johnson e desncr!1[ | 0 -- ..-n. „, I, I IV V last month in Ohio Meningitis I s Blamed For Dell Girl's Death HBath ' 3 . Fiinerat sen-Ices were held Mon- ^Sii?^''™ 0 ^" 'he deceased Is survived by lier •ents and one sister, Pauline. Olympic Diving Champion Undergoes Operation Opera it5; I * / , B . a «H.hos l L5? fs , f cvealcd '^W" n reportl!d fa - from 6M - laled to resull in that amount of cotton. A production base would be established in advance for every of five lives In thc last 24 hours', punctuated an Important off-year election today when voters turned out In record breaking fashion to cast ballots In (lie first test o! national .sentiment since llu-l New Deal. Disorders were reported from Pennsylvania. Chicago, and MIs- lourl, but for the most part l«l- srnl, slate, nnd local police In large numbers "reserved order nnd guarded against voting frauds. The centers of serious violence were Kclnyrcs. Pennsylvania, where three were killed; near Stccle, Mo., where at last one was killed; Philadelphia, where one was killed before u iwlltiuj place; Pittsburgh, Pa., where' less serious dts- tn today's cotton farm fn pressed both, i the country, ex acres /'and in oi^-cbtton such '-acreage produce under normal conditions. Individual production quotas would be a'•'uniform percentage of each farm's production base. Excess : production, the re- full of unusually favorable growing conditions, would not be taxed but would be taken off the market D? the government at i;i» established price. Enforcement would be through prohibition of the transportation or storage jn licensed warenouses of cotton not bearing certain tags. The plan in full follows: rr,AN FOB PERMANENT REGULATION OP COTTON 'It-is clearly evident that some character of regulation for the cotton industry Is inevitable Hud that a plan, permanent and constructive in character, must ba devised and put Into operation, which will take trie place of the Bankhead Bill ami oilier emergency measures now being employed. A permanent plan for the cotton industry must embody five vitally essenllal features: »r.?: u "'" sl be equitable and rial to each individual cotton :er whether targe or small. ,»„?.! :., U " llist control or regu- it must force . : , • - J '" * Il-IIIUIyMMI, IN. .J,, his father,,Bruno 'Hauptmann. is held for trial in the Lindbergh case. Manfricd Hnuptman, celebrated this first birthday His ; T^:=-!l-" s " own " h .?- ut !° .'•««(.. «'« Wrtlidtiy cake,, B a>' with a -r-, f -- -::>-•/• ... , . .. . single iliflght candle. ' - -' "Miss BIylheville" Will Compete for Regional Honors at Celebration Miss Martha Robinson has been appointed chairman ' of arrangements for selecting "Miss American Legion" from Blythevillc to represent Dud Cnson . post in the annual Armistice Day celebration iiEia 7.foiiday; Mrs. Pat O'Brynnt is ch-.iii-man of thc beauty contest, for • the celebration. "Miss Blythevillc" will be chosen nl the Ritz theatre Thursday CVJ1 >- i:ia, by out of lov.n judges. She will compete with other girls frcm northeast Arkansas and southeast MiifOi'rl for the title of "Miss Noilhenst Arkansas-Southeast. Mis toml." Already IG entries have been _- — curc;i nnd otlisrs interested in ent- ^"rd, it must regulate ihe pro- p. r l'iS__niay cnll Miss. Robinson sl of American cotton so as enough foreign >«T'h, it must, however, regu- Americaii production'so as to ' the price high enough io five to keep the price level o* ™t to unduly stimulate Production expense nnd minimum If any' tlht CUt tho fivc nb °ve thoughts we. suggest the following- FIRST. The Secretary of A«r!: culture through local fommiUees shall cause a production basis of , on «»ch farm jo be estab- In a manner hereinafter set " this basis when i *.*• t""" »it- i*i\rii U.IJJ5 WllQll cstabl^hed shall be the basis upon la'll be" fUt " re res " l(Uion fi 8iires 5 h^, 1C commttt cs above referred to snail make a personal Inspection of "cry farm and while on that farm shall cslblish what the avrage an nual production or cotton should be •, oi w>s Angeies, Olym- ^-'"eiary of Agriculture what thcv I S!u C "» lon ' h « *«•« consWer . safe, sound agrf- ai system for each county in state.; The secretary shall me»da P S '-' •""* ™« moM ' (Continued fli . Die New Yorl: Store. . last year Miss Margaret Cross, now Mrs. Edward Scgraves, ot Lii>:ora, won thc right to represent. Blythevillc and later 'jras iiwnnlrtl- the loving cup for noi-th- cas: Arkansas and southeast Missouri. A; similar plan will be car- rinri oi.t lliis year. Representatives from v.-<rious tovns- v/ill he guests at the Hotel Noble for luncheon, they will ride In a Iloat In tht, parade, and will jc (.ntsls of honor at thc dance that evening after thc Judging has take ( n., place in the afternoon. Crack Georgia Bank Safe And Escape With $7,000 BLUE RIDGE, Ga-. Nov. 6 (UP) — Yeggs used an acetylene torch lo open the safe of tne Fanning County bank here early today and escaped with approximately 57,000. Cashier w. E. Hcnslec of me bank discovered thc burglary when he came to the building this morning. Member of Byrd Parly Will Speak at School Lt..Charles E, I/ifgren, a member of the Byrrt polar expedition, will lecture at the high school auditorium Wednesday morning at 10 o'clivck. Tho speaker served as secretary i 0 Admiral Byrd and is £ald lo have an Interesting and lecture. A small ad- Loyalty to 'Boss' Brings, Charges His denial that ho once skid his loyalty to "Boss" Tom Pcnder- jaat eauio before Ills loyalty to tha city wlifch omplnyed him brought a federal perjury indictment ngainst Lieut. Urnrse nayun, above, chief ot Iho Kaneas City motor car llicft illrlslon. Haycn Is one o! three police officials Indicied in connection iv...i Ihc federal inv«t!gaiion into i!io l'J33 Union Station massacre. Senate To Hear Report WASHINGTON. Nov. 6:"(UP>The Tcderal Trade Commission, answering criticism, said today It . ..«,,.^i.,,>. v/iuii. nov <i vouW submit its final report on its —Upton Sinclair, Democrat s repor on s 'our year investigation into chain voe ere toay with thc stores at the next session of thc threat that If he loses to Governor •*""'" Journals and chain store ex Jcutives that the material Is "out Jf date" and that alleged objcc- :fonable practices have been cllm- under NRA codes. Youth Killed and Two Hurt In Plane Crash" LEBANON, tnd., Nov. 6. (UP) — one boy was killed and two olhcrs seriously Injured today whan ati airplane crashed Into a cornfield north of here. BE| TEST POLLS TGI! Five ' Deaths^ Reported; • Overwhelming Democratic Victory Expected By Unlliil I'ress Sporadic violence, taking n toll Textile Mflls Ordered to Observe Promises i-WASmNOTON, rS uv , c. (UP)- t ;i)ntlaiiiii texllloilauor roliillom A.. , L n it .rfc 1'Way deluded that textile Attempt to Bar Necro« il'nrhittifii idr,, .... ,-j_ .1 . p ri 11 11 11 ^'j n-om "oils at Holland Brings V'iglence . , ive up to r I>i-oiiilses to i!u; Government and rcomploy workers who participated in t)ii> iiiillon-u-ldc textile strike Tlw bmircl demanded further Hint evictions of workers" ,,'c , „"» , _££« pany lumsM" Uc slopped. °"' a in n formal stutemcnl Judge vval- icr i\ gluey, clinlruinn and Admiral Henry A. Wiley, member of ih» board, snld Hint they were "still receiving nuiucrous complnlnts that strikers arc nol'being relilred iuid Unit many arc being evicted from company houses."' — .--i.--. . -- ».n, iv..v* .i^iiAmr* MIS" ixvui.} i> ti^ii^iui u orders were reported; nnd clilcaso, ''csldent-s of Blylhcvlllc where otic outbreak marked by isliontlng and (tic kidnaping of ""'J' 211 votes hud campaign worker. Di-mocrxts CunlUlriil DcmocrnUc ho of victory „. .....^ nu|jvo 111 VIUIUIJ *• * '*!«•'ti.v I1UILULI£11 SOU 1C WHO mounted during ihc day as fall- uecomc office holders In January brought out n huge vow or , have another term awaiting - s - tlieui.'were urging their friends to support tlie "four year" term "incndmcnl. Al,2::iO o'clock 131 voles had -cr-en'cast at the city hall box-and CO 'Hi.-4UC-Automobile Sales company box. "'""''• "•• .Hunters ,. v Duck Seiion GeU Ardent sportsmen-In' this section opened-the duck season today with maiiyJparties .formed; Tlie snison will be opened In Arkansas, until December 15 Lwllh shooting lawful on c all days qxcep.t, Sunday and H'cathcr ., _ t . In many- states of the mid-west The east also voted hcni'lly despite l-aln, in Mew York, Now Jersey pans''of-'-PciVniylvniiln,-ftiid"eUa- wherc. ; ' ; , ^ In general predictions favored a victory for the New Deal .and a consolidation of , the Democratic control of' cpngrciis,'' -, ; "..; The first ,V towns l to •'returns—New':, Ashford nnd" Mount Washington,.Massachusetts—showed gains.for Democrats over thc lust election. Piirccll, pkiahonfn. reported 112 for thc Democratic gubernatorial candidate J 'and 10 for his, opponent.' . ,, '. Look Por Radical Congress NEW YORK, NOV. 0 (UP) — American votm today arc electing a potentially radical congress. It will convene January 3 nnd may drive big business and big bankers to President Roosevelt In defensive coalition against: 1—Exorbitant relief and PWA expenditures. • 2.—Currency Inflation In .various forms. 3.—Additional statutory privileges for labor's masses. Democrats claimed some 33000,000 voters are piling up bigger house and senate majorities "for Die administration today. Postmaster General James A. Farley informed Mr. lioosevelt In n Ann! report that the party would gain sis senate scats. Democrats hoped lo hold house losses to 10 'Republicans expect some senate losses. But Chairman Henry P. Fletcher has made predictions of gains in the house. The top Jlc- publlcan claim was 60 to 70 scats —made as the campaign ended. Hoover Warns ol Dirnslcr Former President Herbert Hoover warned In California that pros- Democratic Jeopardized pccttvc overwhelming control of congress American Institutions. Party lines arc scrambled In this first national polling since thc New Deal smashed to power in IB32. Nc«- parties have emerged from political disorder nnd may by next polling time supplant tl, c old. Confusion of party alignments lire- vents a satisfactory national rcfcr- PL • c " n t C '"!"'" °" Roos(;v<;| t .administration Lhain More Probe soc ™' '"oncUuy and related policies nnd experiments'. Sinclair Casts Vole PASADENA. Calif., Nov. G , his vole here today with thc (UP) cast ••••"- •- Mcrrlam, Republican, In Criticism on thc report had been tlle California gubernatorial race -veled at the commission "by some "° ™. start a movement for radf> irMirnaTo tiv\rt« »»«...^ ... Mdrift 111'5 rcctill inimcdlRt-pl"* On flic other hand, Sinclair If he Is elected he will put "End Poverty In California Inlo oporallon immediately taking office. Republicans Wfn, 12 to 5 I'OfNTE AUX BARQUES, Mich Nov. 6 (UP)-Thc first precinct In Michigan lo tabulate Us vote today recorded a two to one victory • H. Vandenberg, n, receiv- , , ed 12 voles to five for Frank A Pickard, Democrat. Public Evincing Little In' terest in Today's General Election liltllo Interest was being shown election by At • 2:ao o'clock this afternoon ,, • . ., . ...... toon cast In (lie. two boxes here. No concerted drive to bring out voters here was hi evidence -Altho some who Monday. No . limiting ,5s. allowed on (he Big Lake reservation - this year. Bcpiiuw ducks nj-e niijntory birds all hunters must pay n si govcrn- inent license tax which Is a stamp obtained at the postotricc.-. Money from these stamps arc used for the J7(irctiasc and upkeep of reser- to strictly enforce vations. H Is planne Ihjs law this game wardens. year, according- to Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Jencie Howard were held at for Mrs. of j Funeral services the family home here .reticle Howard, 4 5| wife . . Howard, ivho dlcd.nt the family home here Saturday night. The Rev. Mr.' Uullcnvorth olll- clatcd at the .services. Interment was made at 'n Carulhersville Mo, cemetery. The (Jobb Undertaking company was -In charge of funeral arrangements. ! Hie deceased Is survived by, besides her husband, her mother, Mrs. May Caulder of Luxom, and three sisters, Mrs. Tronic Chism Liixorn; Mrs. Eminfc Hlnbbs, Hragg' City. Mo., and Mrs. Dr-riim Mnd- do.v. of loiva. New Compass Records WASHINGTON (UP)—A >r n compass which ntilomatlcai- ly records thc slightest deviation of a ship from ils course has been awarded Dr. Ross Gnnn, Naval Research Laboratory physclst. Thc compass is designed lo show the "instantaneous course of a craft and whether or not It Is on the desired route. If !t is off-course, the device will record ;he deviation. Dr. Gmm described thc compass of thc indue- ••?• ... ' or compass type, being actuated „ t " u ^J' 3 ™K«>es were attacked a r saia, by C | Crtr , c currents set up from ""^ ncrt 'he scene and one, beatei it nis ti, D relation of. ihc Instrument to scverel y> was brought to the Blvthe plan the'MrthVi mntAMi,. «„,"'. to vllle hosnltal. " the 'earth's upon to m n. WEATHER - lt "** v HOLLAND, Mo, Nov. 6 'W* Fcrrcll, 33, Hermondale nab killed and at ,I«W •ri were. Injured In^ehoot- hnt marked ?fi hcie Ing.s an sloruiy Report that n negro had beefi killed was unconfirmed. . • -', - Slilfe over the voting of negroel was-blamed for the' troubled ' *??• Fcrrell was 8hot Uuough UK ah-' domen 'and almost Instantly kllltd at about 8 o'clock this mbrhlffg by inildentlllcd white men wfio nlso shot his father, John B.-Mf- icll, 05. Thc eldei Fcirell,"'sHof In Ihe arm, wa* not sti' 1 hurl. Furiner Badly Btalm . , Lntci in the morning W.],',0'. Poscy, well known farmer of' Ihe' Heimondiilc comniunity, was set' upon Just south of Holland a's"he" wns cm lying a car load of'*^U ncaro tenants to the polls at'hol;", land. He severely beate"n f , and two of his negro passengerV"' n nmn ami a woman, we're'alls' bciitcn. Poscy and one of' file' negroes were taken to thc hospital* nt Ulythcvllle. At Sheriff Juden's oITIce ' tit CanithcrsUHc it was stated th'aif the sheilff and a number of dcpu'-. ties were .In thc vicinity of HoK land, endeavoring to mnke ar- rcsls, but that they had been given , thc names of attackers. of the alleged, "Pfckits" Block Highway , Apparently the scene of most "of. the trouble was near Hubert ,'Jtlcy's Crescent Night .club> on' Highway 61,- where a' road into 'Pick . blackjacks, were gathered ther and their negro learned „- , .,„.- auviwicu nicies apparently determined,to stopfars^ containing negroes. i i \ In defense of the violence charges were made that white Republicans were parlies to an organ bed _el- fort to bilng. Arkansas negroes to Holland; to vote Thc Vcrrells companions, it „„„ icllllleu „„-. lowing- the shooting, Here engaged on an errand in no way connected- with the election The negro drty 1 - er of the car was carrying a Her- inondale. negro school teacher "to the Holland, white school td^get some books. He picked up the two while men en lotite and was" hired by. them to drive thero^tb Ccltonwood Point ferry, us tffiy were going to Tennessee Nope of the four was headed for tile voting booth It stated ?" As they approached Holland they came upon two cnrs, one nlled'wtth "Cgrocs and thc oilier with -yl3t« men, apparently engaged in an*«r- gument. They stopped to inquire into the trouble without winning four shots were fired from the'car -•»-— .*.*.. t | W |i| me C«*J. containing the white men o'ne'Wl- Jet pierce... Horace Farrelts ajrxlp- mnn, killing him almost Instantly, Another wounded joh:i Rirrell ,ln the arm. Elis injury i s n ot serious- Mrs. Gertie Cohoon was saidrto have been thc dri\ cr of a car loaded with negroes which »as stopjifej and thc negroes attacked about- tbe same lime Ihc, Pcrrclls were U Poscy Name, Attacker, W. c. Poscy, well toioan farmer Iving 4H miles southwest ol Holland, who. was severely beaten ,by ctccdou "pickets' near Utley s Cres, n . . ccnt nl 8 l11 club, on Highway 61, de( S Deviations scrlb «'' the attack made on him and negroes working for him v,hom he was carrying to the polls • "There were about 8 or 10 of Ihcni, armed with clubs and billies, iiucd up across the road beside Ut- Icy's service station, as I turned off Highway^61 toward Holland," Posey "Of course I had to stop and I got out of my car when I did/Walter ---v ""• •••••-** ^ tiiw. \vniLi;i Holley and Hubert .Utley approached me and I begged them not'-, to Kill me. About that time Holley' on one shoulder and Utley hit^ me on. the other side " negroes were attacked as beaten -... .-«y v r oi|cf ^i tft *I IQ ! ville hospital. The Invention 1 also ' is"expected ,. Pos * 5 '' Iyin ^ on a hospital bed i prove, especially valuable f or air , ' said hc was Positive In his ™i»-,ti/,,, • Identlncatlon of utlej and Holley ivs the men who struck, him He said he had received no report of ,'any trouble, only having heard the Pemiscol county sheriff say the'day before in Caruthersyllle that everybody desiring to vole: should be «1- Memphis .a°nd rtrt35^Slr"to, ^'** ***° W tt " "' tot * nded light and Wednesday. Warmer tonight, colder Wednesday night. to . f W.™ enough deputies to protect those.who wanted to sole. Posey is a -ReptiWIcim.

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