The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 27, 1932
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i Served bu the United Press T1IE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAlrMi^ulj * ^"^ ** ^ VOL. XXIX—NO. IGf) IHylhevllle Dally News, lilyllievlllo Herald. Li-adcr. Ulvthi'vllle Crmrlei A K KANSAS, TUKS1MY, HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HURRICANEjjEVAStttES. PUERT010 Emergency Federal Aid Will Permit Completion of .Through Routes. LITTLE ROOK. Sent. 2V. CUD— The *»,200,0«l in regular and 3n«r- Eency relief aid for nonstriiclio.i -if ' highways in Arkansas will he re• leased immediately,' Thomas II. Mr.- Danald. chief of the U. 3. Inireiu of . public road.?, announced tollow- . ing a conference with Dwlght 11. Blackwood, highway commissioner. Work on. some- of 'the projects between Memphis 'and Tcxarkann and Bentonville and the Missouri line will be umlerwnv In two weeks. Tlie federal bureau will require that the money l>? spent on roads that will afford llirough Irallic routes and at the same time increase the state highway revenue. All of the money must UD .spent within the nest nine months. Any that is left over by Juue 30. 1933, will go back to the naverji- mcnt and will be lost lo the slat?. Jobs for 5,000 It Is believed that more than 5,000 mcirwlll be put to work. The minimum wage Is 20 cents an' hour for common labor and 30 cents for workers who must be -2X|»rienc=d. All will be employed on a 30-hour wrck basis. "I am patting faith in the future of Arkansas." McDonald said when lie approved releasing the money, "and have decided to go ahead with ttie federal aid program. "The stale . is facing a difficult situation, but after a thorough study of problems involved I have become convinced that it will b2 possible to provide adequate main- .tgDajipc. ;. funds alter meeting the heavy obligations against th.2 hlgh- - 'resident gets neiv champion as Dr. Daniel' A. Poling (above) seta -lh on nation-wide speaking lour. He will espouse Hoover's rc-clcctlon to maintain dry law. y uo; - - . - . •... ____ !»• Slate Funds Repaired The 14,200,000 fund consists of *2,10fl.OOO regularly allotted" to Arkansas under the federtl .aid pro- Kram. and an etinal amount 'allotted from a special appropriation made by congress at the last session to enable slates to match regular federal aid allotments The emergency allotment of S2 100,000 will be withheld from r-igu- lar federal aidallolmenls beginning in 1935. The effect of the plan is an allowance of 100 per. cent fed-, eral aid, half of which .will ta rcr paid over a period of five years by automatic deductions 'from regular allotments during that perioi. '. The money had been withhe'J temporarily because of the slab's inability to provide minimum maintenance requirements and to pay federal aid contractors for work already done. The latter con tureen ny will bo met by issuance of short- term notes. in lieu of warrants. The notes will bear five per cent interest nnd will be payable in one. Iwo and (hrec years. Tib state Note Board will meet Friday to receive applications from contractors for conversion of their highway warrants into interest -bearing note* Bridfe Project Included One of the projects wr.lch will be included in the cmergciicv construction program will be 4,450 f->el Of concrete trestle type bridlng across the St. Francis river flood- vay on United States Highway C3 "car Marked Tree. Work no-,v is r>ro->re;sir« on the spillway and It Probably sill bo completed bv next •>»ly. Mr. Christian said. He c.rtl- "inied that the highw.iv trestle will ccs t approximately 4200.000. Former Hoover Supporters . i ii Democratic Fold, Says, .Governor. RALEIGH,'N. C., -Sept. 27. (UP) —Opinion that ."North -Carolina is aflame wilh Franklin D. Roosevelt" was expressed today by Gov., Max Gardner who four years ago was elected Democratic governor, while voters of the state gave a- 65.000 mojorily to President Hoover. "It looks like <i landslide everywhere," Governor Gardner said. Last of the Insulls Has Left the Country CHICAGO. Sept. 27. <UP)- Sarmiel Im»|| j r _ 0 ,,i 5 . member of 'I'" dj-msly nis f .,, !lcr ?c ; „,, to r "'c a vast utilities enrols wr.o remained behind after co'.lap'e of 'he enterprise. today also had Ira the Uniled Slates. TIIC sudden departure of youn~ {"sun came just BS InvcMigatorS oegan In earnest their complex tl7r. Tr? y n f , l}tC """^ WT « ta " ° f lie ln«,ii unrest, for possible evidence of Irregularities. Sterrick Buildinp MA at Auction for $1,200,000 MEMPHFS. SelnTaT. (UPi_T're Lr»^ ? d u° n th<> Stjrrlck b"»<ling. erected by Oov. Ross sterling of C HMl n v ^ ••°"- |n - 1 "-. Wyatt C. Hedrlck. was sold at auction on " Rlcps todaj ' fw *"" Terrific Bias! Wrecks the Home of Jurist in Worcester, Mass. WOBCKSTKH. Muss., Koj,t. 27 UP)—Judge Webslw Tliaji'i-, who nj.sidtd . over the inloiiKitijnally nmoiiB SLH.'v;o-Van7.elti munk'r triul leven yi'iirs ago, barely esciiped itiilli Ciirly tcduy when his home n the fashionaljln ivcsi side was .recked by a bomb. miraculously the white inlrccl justice of Iliu M:u-saclius- tis superior- court sulfired onlj bumps, bruises and .slunk whns uirlcd from Ijed by Die terrific blnst. The explosion damaged .ewhboring pro|»rty and locked a \iuc seclion of (he city. Although the ikl wife and a \sh, 32. were tnkcn to hospitals, ".cither was setiously hurl. His wife received five cuts on 1)L' forehead when hit Ly ii;i:ib- ing debris. The maid sullrretl fo:n hysteria. Snccc. and Vanzcttl, one a com- iiLiilst. the olher described ns a ihilcsouhicul anarchist, ««•(.• con- ilclwl of murder in a payroll 'obbery in a Boslon subiub. Tlielr case attracted world wide atten- ion becaiuc of the defense con- enlton that lliey ;\vere convicted and execuled for their radical views otid were Innocent "of the murder charge. ' "' Jack's Broadway Playmates Iowa Farmers Protest Will Greet Roosevelt DES MOINES. la.. Scul. 37 (UP) —Milo Jleiio. president of the National dinners Holiday assccintio'.i said today that a demonstration will be held In Sioux City. Iowa, by striking farmers during Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt's campaign visit there.. . ' The demonstration, lie said, will be similar (o one planned for DOS Molnes next week when President Hoover .speaks liere. Roosevelt In New Bid for Progressive Help ABOARD ROOSEVELT SPECIAL En Route to Lnmy. N. M.. Sept 27 (OPt—Franklin D. Rcosevolt to day sonelil 10 switcli to his sup )-orl the progressive Rcpublicai vote led by rj. g Senator Bronson Cutting of New Mexico. CuUine reecnlly was rcpretcntec. as breaking away from the olrt guard Republican organization of the state nnd refusing to supr.or it in the coming presidential elcc tion. Rcc.«evelt advisors believe IK governor's position on the tariff agriculture and water power wonli help him with the dissatisfied Nev Mexican Republicans, with thel f.upporl llie governor's friends ar sued llie stale, whieli went for President Hoover In 1828, could be counted on to fall back Inl (he Democratic column. was purchaser). bv the Avenue corporation ^ ncwly forme( , 0 01 y at, Lo U , 5 * judge's G2-ycar- nialtl, Miss Joan Forty More Workers Walk Out' in Carolina RALEIGH, N. C., Sept. 27. (UP> —While Gov. Max Gardner contended that n : policy of give and take must ultimately prevail in th{ strike at RocJcingham, another labor trouble hod broken out in Carolina today the North strike of forty employes of the Byruia hosiery mill -at High Point In protest against a .wage cut. al Funeral BY KMES >'viisli,r) 1 care Officers Suinmonwl to Conference With JiK.lgo Today Oolu-i places-and uccliiB things on Broadway is Jack Dcmpacy whose pretty compiiiiloiis here are Miss «o;>e Dare, left, »nd .Mfe right [it llie oin'iiln's ofi lh t . swanky Club Kl 1'atb. Wiley, 17 Perish as Flames Sweep Polish Village WARSAW, Pol'linili SC|1(. 27 (UP) —Seventeen jx-rsons svcre kl)l*d, including six children, when lire di-s(roycd 35 buildings In llie vlllaijc i=f Rublel totluy. • Ahucst Ihe cnlirc village viLi I'.omeles.'i.' • '', Earthquake in Greece Claims Lives oi 150 ATHENS, Greece, Sept. 27. (UP) —A terrific earthnuakc laid waste the small peninsula ol ChalctdteX near Salonika, today. . ] Casualties were announced at 150 dead and several hundred !njur?fl. Three thousand houses .collapsed and 15 villages were destroyed. lie- lief parlies were sent fiom here. OF PILL1 UPHELD Roy Walton Appointed Aetna Representative Announcement has been made by Gordon Qampbell of Lillle Sock,'general agent for the Aelua Life Insurance company, of the appointment of Roy Walton of this city as special representative of Hie company in Blythevillc and northeast Arkansas. , Mr. Walton, a resident of this J - pm °' v on n R rantt larccM1 y c!iar - c based on Hie nllcsel ih;It of n mini- it mm Defense Claims M o n e y Went to Davis in Repayment of Loan. NEW 'YORK. ^3 Checks ' issued by pl. 27. " amc-luis (UP) — ol High Court Affirms Circuit j^ Court Verdict: Back Tax Law Valid. LITTLE ROCK—Conviction of R. Iflyal Onler of MO.TSC wc"r Irnccd loday at the trial of U. S. Senator James J. Davis when tlu defense resumed efforts to show, (lint, money which went from alleged lollery funds lo Davis was lo repay a loan,' The trial of Dnriv charged li'llh violating federal k>tt:ry laws, resumed after Judge Frank J. Ca\i- inan had wnrned Ihc jury Ills rullns ylateVdh'y.' denjiihb, 1 a'; defense ninltrRi of.a'dircclcd Verdict of ac- (iniltal dirl : not 111 'any': KBJ-' intimate anylhing as to the nclinl giillt.' or ! Jnnoccnce. of' Che cbtcn- tfonl. .' ' \ ,, i .' • . ' Fred W. Jones.- seciclary-lrcasur- er of Ihe Moose or^anlzalion dc- for more than tivcnty years, a wide acquaintance Ihis ° [ chickens, appealed from Mis- rircuit city litis .._,. „ par.t of the slate'. For many years I *i»ippi county rircuit conrt, was he was engaged in the wholesale J| affirmed by tho slato supreme court grocery business here, and for a! Mon( ' n . v time was assistant cashier of the rrhe C0llrt hclc! lllal Idenllflca- Hrst National ban!,-. He has at- ltoi > by the owner of chickens found ivays taken a leading part in tho wort: of the First Presbyterian church, and has also been active hi chic affairs of various kinds. For a numbers of years he was chairman of the Clu'cka- sawba district chapter of the American Hed Cross. in Pillow's possession was surtlcirnl evidence 16 sustain Ihe convlclion. The net of li'c loiu legislature outlawing back tax .suits not involving allegations of fraud was Slight Damage by Fire at Madison and Holly Slight damage was caused by n fire at the home of Joe Shank?, IvTadison and Holly streets, this morning Firemen said the fire started when a short circuit In an. eleclrlc Iron light cord burned through, setting paper afire around the ceiling socket. They said iiennlcs In the fuse box prevented (lie circuit from shutting off when the short developed. icld valid by the high court, whilr ruled that Hie net Is a bar lo the prosecution of such suits nlrra:lv ending as well as In new suiis. The court upheld the D?=ha coun- -y chancery conrt »i di™lssin<; a iiilt by Ally. Gen. 'Hal Norwood lo collect back taxes from the Ander- soH-Tv;lly company on 24,000 acres of land. The court declared that "mere I acquiescence of laxpaycrs in an un- der-nssessmenl msec by assessing j ' Confiscation Alternative to Peaceful Socialization MILWAUKEE, Wis, Sept. 21 (II Pl-Coufiscation of private Industry If owning classes objected to peaceful socialization Is advocated by Norman Thomas, socialist candidate for president. Thomas explained his views In the second of his seven campaign addresses, given hero last night, Gandhi, His Fast Ended, Seeks to Regain Health POONA. India. Sept. 27. (UP) — The Matiatma M. K. Gandhi received mud batbs. massages nnd Injections to day to restore his health .«o he could drink his normal supply of goat's milk. Gandhi who ended his fast unto death yesterday after existing on waler for over six days took his second meal today In tho ya n) O j Ihe prison. First Drop Since 1927 in World Cotton Supply NEW YORK, .Sept. 27. (TJP)- Tr.c first decrease since 1927 will be shown In the world's available supply of al! colton this season according to the International Slo- Bureau, which loday e.stl mated the supply at 39,087000 bales against 39,865.000 bales last season, then called nncl «- coimsp]. .Jones,luul accounted for certain checks as payment of loans by Davin and lol:l how he'and MD- seph Jenfcins had taken over from Davis the organisation department which conducted the charily balls which the government contends were lotleri^s. Penal,v Is $46.80 Each for Rnid Victims'Who Plead Not Guilty. Eleven negro crapshaotcrs, nr- re-'ted by a Half Moon constable who wandered into Chlckasawba lOivnshi!) in search of fees, Mere fined on charges of gaming yester- M'.mlcinal JmHn; o. A. Cimn'lni;- linui wai; lo move this afternoon lo prevcnl mnhrenk gf u feud !;<'lwi'i-n |fivi]is!il|) r.lflccis u»er 'ti-ri'ilorlnl InvaHlons". All township o!lliTi-.{ in this clistrlcl were r»inr.stvd lo meet with the court ilils iillernocn nnd a slum wuni- ayalusl "InvLiRlons" was anllcl- liiik'il. The iirncllrc . of township olli- cvrs frcm one township uoliii; Into unothci- u.tvi^lil]) nnd making ar-, provalinit sv few yciira a«o. has wnni-d tonrldcrably but llavcil up iHiiiin the past wuek-encl. Oils llmoks, Unit Muun conslabk, ar- rcfli'd II neuroes eiiguiicil In n crap unme near (hi: old Ctilcattu Mill ijiiiirtiirs, In . Chickiisawim tcv.'iiship. The lu'Kroes were lined In municipal court yesterday. Old I'lulilnn Kevlvrd otiilliillun by oiricers of Chick- wlxi Icwnshlp by rulds In llnlf Moon luwnshlp hus ulrciidy lieen thicmeiicd. 'I'hcie are no legal measures restricting » conslaLMo lu Ills own township but tills priic- llce, tofii'tlicr with Ihu praellce of nircsilni; negro crap shuolcrs, pur- licularly un ])lniit.vtlou5. has been Irowncd UJKIII tor eomc; time, Us unlly when a consliiblc decidca lo nmkc fees willi arrc.ils oul.sldc hl3 own township h e centers his activity In Chickasa,wba township which is by; far the most thickly populated lovmnhjp. in'Uie county and liielucles Ihe city of lllylhc- vllle. Tills had, caused much 111 feeling between various township officers liv tho past. The pris- llce had almost died out but tho ahest o{* th6 negrb. crap, ehootcrs' raises (he prublem' ngaln. Can Ueiiiand Cost Bund .liidge Cumilngham stolnl ,in- rrfinjilly hficr.hls courl n'd]oiirft- 'cd' 1 yesterday that'raiding-of .negro crap games' oil' -plantations will not be lolcraled nnd it Is knbivu .Hint the co|irt frowns.on activities 'of' -township ofllccrK • oulsWe'hlielr ,nwu lerrllnry; f ' • .,' '' Nclll Itec'ri. 1 deptity' prosecutor, said he »-,TS nol In sympathy icltn any "drive" on negro crop' shooters nnd pointed out that lie 'had not; filed informations for urrol.s of-this nature-but had 'acted'only when llie cases > were i actually brought lo trial. . While arrests of negro crap fOiruters cnn not bo lesally prevented nnd Apparently neither can the "tours" of township officers outside their own township, It has been iwlntcd out ( should the prosc- [ cntlng attorney refuse to n'- tnf"-- motions, [he court can within 111 fllfcielicm rerinirc boncis iur cosi-s from Hie olficers. Considerable discretion Is allowed the court in approval of bond 1 ; nnd some restriction on Ihe activities of officers may be enforced In this manner It Is staled. Speaker John Outlier, cniidldnln li:r Vlce-t'rc-slcii'iit. h shown here nt llie funeral of his mulhcr nt Dolritit, Texiis.' Clnrncr left the cnmpalftn In tlui cast, to be with her In her lust hours. omcials, no matter how grossly under valued, would not constltule ac- lual fraud." Appeal ol R. A. Nelson or rilv- thcvtllc from a decision of tho PDln- sett county circuit court tlirowing out his contest of the state senatorial nomination of ,1. Fred Parish of Newport has been filed with ihc supreme court, but no date lias be;n set for hearing it. It Is the cnn- nion practice, however, to Vidvancj such ccnlest cases, and It will prob- bo set for some time r.e.\'t month. of th? negr»:s entered if guilly and ivcre assessed n total Stock Price* A. T. and T ........... jf. 1-4 Anaconda Copper ...... 13 Auburn ................ 54 Caterpillar Trader ____ 101-3 Chrysler ............... 18 3-8 Cllies Service ............ ^ 1-3 Coca Cola ............. 97 3-4 Continental Baking ........ — General Electric ........ IS 5-3 General Motors ......... n 5-3 Middlewcst Utilities Montgomery Ward .. New York Centra! ... Packard Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N. J Texas Co U, S. Steel ... 3-8 15 1-8 23 1-4 . 3 7-8 . 9 7-8 13 31 1-4 13 3-* 43 1-3 of $2030 cnch in costs and furs, but nine elected to st.inrl trial an;! ended up with S4G.80 charged against them. County farm commitments were Issued for scv:u of the group who failed to pay off. Seven fines were meteel oul on charges of public c'ninkeniiess. Ten dollars was the usual fine. John nobert.s. negro, was found guilty of literal p3ss?ss:on of intoxicating liquor and given Ihe minimum fine of MO. Five were fined for public drunkenness on the police dockel or Ihe court. Raymond Mansfield forfeited $11 by his failure lo appoar In court to answer n charge of petit br- ccny. A charge of contempt of CD'.irt ngiilnst Mrs. Ovrcn Matheny was dismissed, BiV Loan for Louisiana Bridge Given Approval WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. (UP)— The Reconstruction Finance cor notation has approved a of S13.000.000 to lhi> state of I/oiihiana (nud tils belt railrca:! commlsslpn of New Orleans (o construct a r.ill and vehicular bridge across Ihc Mississippi. Formal atiiHxinccrr.ciit of tlie loan was expected tills afternoon. Expect Agreement Will End Georgia Milk Strike ATLANTA, Sept. 27 (UP)'— A definite'plnne to end the Georgia mill: sirike by creation of a permanent commission of producers and distributors to be known ns the Milk Conference Board ol Atlanta was advanced today. Disorders had subsided over night nnd Indications were thnf lenders cf the warring factions would get together during Ihc day for a final conference looking toward mutual acceptance of the' for the permanent, commission. Change .of. iVenue 'Denied . Mtempriian {Charged -'With Triple* Murder.-'" MEMPHIS,'- Sept. 27' '(UP)— The stiife dfrria'rjdell detithj or nccmlt- lal Hodiy i In i tlie trial! of stnnlsj Puryear. charged with' the myst us murder of his wife, his wrTOlrt 'daughter,'nnd u ,-neg Judge Phil Wallaco denied motion 1 for a change, of venue and ordered .Hint, the .trial, proceed lit'Shelby 1 'county-'criminal court Mrs. Puryear and the child were hacked to death Svlth nn ax ' m (hey lay flsleep; Tilt 'negro, Wtl Jamleson,-was shot'to death. Puryear will first face trial for I hi ytng of (he negro whom hi nclmlts kllliiiu: Puryenr blamed tin negro for the death of his wlfi nnd child. " - . Jnmleson in a death bed state mcnl, said he hnfl been hired' bs a. man (0 aid In transferrln 1 n quantity of liquor. The iimn lool him to the Pnryear home, he sftici nnd concenlcd him. In the enmgc A few minutes later, the negr said, Puryenr came to the bad door nncl opened fire. The accuwd rmm told officers he shot the: ncgn when he found him In his horn shortly nfler the murder of hi wife nnd daughter. • New York Cotton NEW YORK. S;pt. 27. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Jan. .. M»r. .. Mny .. July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. Open High Low 743 764 145 755 774 153 78.1 763 789 768 750 720 761 740 765 174 727 741 ClOfC 747 755 763 76!) 737 743 Spots closed at 150, unchanged, quiet. (Vcw Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 27. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Jan. . Mar. May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Spnl steady Open High I/w clos« . 750 764 750 752b . 7SO 771 157 759 . 768 . 777 740 745 782 787 750 761 164 775 733 743 768 775b 73«b 747 s., closed at 750, unchanged. J. M. McFarland Dies After Long Illness J. L. McFarland. 48. former Frls Co Bn*<" linn nt the Main slrec tower, died at tils liome, 523 Norlt Tenth slreet. yesterday nflcr a Ion; Illness. His death was attributed ti chronic nephrills and dropsy. Tlie body will be sent lo Dyers burg, Tcnu., today for burial. Th Cobb Undertaking company Is li charge of funeral arrangement. The fcceased Is survived y hi widow, Mrs. Dozle McFarland. a son Carrie, a daughter Opal, his mo thcr. Mrs. Hatlle Kce of Dyers burst, four brothers, E. M. McFar land of Memphis, Ray IifcFirland o Tigretl. Tcnn, Harry ^fcFarland o Cnrulhcrsvllle, M 0 .. and Fnrrovi McFarland of Dycrsburg. Tenn., an Hvc skiers, Mrs. W. L. Putnam o Friendship. Tcnn., Mrs. H. O. Hen dron of Memphis Mrs. D. C. O?n try of Dyersburg, ^frs. Harry Bould Ing of Uycrsburg, and Miss Thel ma McFarland of DycrsbiiriT. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly cloud> showers in east porllon ihls af Icrnoon or tonlsht. cooler In nort nnd central portions tonight. Wed nesday partly cloudy. It rained 2.08. inches yjsterda and last night, accordln" to th official weather observer, Charlc. Phillips Jr. The maximum temper ature was 77 c'egree.5 and the mln Imum 68 degrees, cloudy. Today year ago the maximum tempera lure was 92 degrees and the mln! mum 57 degrees, cloudy with .0, inch ol rain. Virgin Islands Alstf'Hit \Vilh Possible Loss of Boats Eutcriiifr Harbor., WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 (UP)-^\ d\ices fioin Ilicrto .Rico' r^fwlTf >, d by cff!clii]s'ln.'re today said MI' er:,mis luul Ijeen killed oiid 20A 1 .' iijincil In the San Juan InirriV"' line.- ' .: . • " ' " '.•••' •'_,.•{. '•'.' nils Virgin .I«lan*T ST. -THOMAS.;' Vlr^li| H . bUn *pt. 27..(yP)=-:Ar:trppica!:lVuriK- : lino which airiick'thes''st.. ill/lit cniised heavy dainafe, sank', mall ships 'hi the'-harbor,''blei^c 1 do»ii wires, uprooted trees,• 'and I'll, mnny houses-damage*!. "',",'r' Two bonls.-filled wllh passengers)-.- nlerlni' Ihe hiirbor were un^e-i •oiinled fur and were f«ired'7oili : Authorities are searching fur liieni.l" No-oilier loss of life wn.i reiwrlcd.V . Total L.i, a(-Llfe Unknown SAN JUAN, Huerto Hlco, Sept.-. 1 !7'iup)-p»erto lilco has teen <le-; -' vn.stnled.-by-n terrific hurric»i» •.' invlnu v»sl .property damage- *nd '•• JJI iinknou'ji .tolLof (uid-.hl- - The stun of the newspaper: : El "• Mimdo expressed belief ..that' .Ihe '•' llsaster was grcntcr than that of '- l»^tt, but the Island was without rumiiuiilcntlons. ... . ••"•''• lii three sniall lowiis Just south' of Suu Juan— Bayamon, Rio Pled-; rus, and Jiiayanabo—32 dead vtce "• : reported at 11 -A. M. . 'I'lw storm approacheil sin Juan Jiwtly. before mtd'nlsht >Vltb, .tiigft:.. wind prevd'Ung und rot'itoul four i hours the .itreeu rm'era^jiUced by * terrific fiuU w'lUch did aent Otm- age.?. It>.'fei4r*<|-'the)l«tla6'took n h^vy toll oi •,'ayakltley. , =. .. .. Tfils^ 'city t'ol^lrtore^-than' 'tt5o,«»'"" P(.mihillon was thiuwu' into liir- moll when . the ; paritjliins; wind steadllv 'increaiied ' its " IritMilty during ,lhe night: The' darkness; famrig' debris; and 'mcmorfes or Ih'e '1928 storm wrilch ravaged 'the city with 'a loss'of 271 lives,' uii- ' (led' (o the terror of the Inhabit- •nta.• • • _ ; • • • •-••-• The storm, moylng at m esti- --tite/t rate'of'between 10'arid.."-15 miles • hn' : hour; had ' approached the Leeward' Islands and, damaging ;parts of the Interior orpiicrtu Rico. 1 moi'ed' on toward' Saht'o- Do- mlnso nnd Ntirthern Haiti. •' J " 1 ^ 'A hnaty survey of tho scene Indicated property damage -might be'us grc»t n s Ir. the hurrlcope of four years ago (lib September when-tens of thousands -were left destitute. It' was impossible however,' to make accurate 7 estimates ol the extent ol the disaster Immediately. On receipt of a message. from Puerto Rico. Col. Ernest P."Blclt- iicll, Red Cross vice chairman In charge of foreign matters, radioed, back for a full report of the'num- ber killed and the number of'rioities destroyed. i''T,. S»nto Domlnj-ans Pray;"" SANTO DOMINGO. Sept.-27.'(U P)— Residents boarded up • their homes and the poor congregated in the churches to pray as moderate west and northwest winds' followed by mln swept Santo Domingo today. - .. , The Red Cross was preparing to send aid to Puerto Rico. > The barometer rose shortly after 11 A. M. Wind Reaches 125 Milts • MIAMI, Sept. 27 (UP)-Reports to i'an-American radio here unofficially, placed the .estimate of death In the.Puerto Rico storm at about 30. the United Press was advised today. . . • During the height of the disturbance It wns said in the same report the wind velocity was .estimated at 125 miles an hour. Mrs. William E. Borat Continues to Improve BOISE. Idaho. Sept 27. COT}:— Able now (o recognize her famouj husband nnd attendants. Mrs. William E. Borah continued to'lrh- prove slowly but steadily today after two weeks critical illness or parrot fever. , The Idaho progressive senator's wife Is not yet out of danger, her eoclor.s advised, but ihe has made such strides since a severe relapse Friday night that belief Is general she will recover. PU» Shorter WwWrur Rwn BOSTON. (UP) -Spare Tire, t treok mongrel dog with six fcfs. Is mascot of th* freighter Ptnob? scot. It was borii at sea is one of a litter of 10.-The other nlne'pup- VM« were notiiul. • • •.

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