The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 5, 1934
Page 8
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SIX Winning Plays o(1934 ELEVEI HE! 18 i Zuppke's Wraar'cly Offsets . Lack of Weiglil In Orange Am) Blue BY GRAVKON NKA Sm'loe Sporls Kditni CHTCAnO — Robert C. X.upi Oils' Reason Is illuslralini; how well a resourceful coach can trl along with a light squad and none loo much power. Opening the campaign with a problem Illinois team, Hie. veteran Kuppke has guided It over nm high; hurdles, Ohio S.lnte unit Michigan, and threatens to sweep through to an unbeaten .seusou. Army, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Chicago furnish Ihe remaining op. position, wllh Ihe CnileLs nnd Uii> Maroon likely lo prove I lie move Fxacttng tt-sts. With a comparaliveiy smnll line, flnppke immediately dismissed ihr- Idea of slrovlne die other fvlliiw-i around. In |he Ohio state 1 rngnKe \vhlcli the mini did not DgiHv lo win, Jhe young men of Kuppkc opeiied the lire,-! eyes of si-asoncd ob'i'iveis with the flying trapeze, in which a half down athletes liun- rtl?d ths tall In a play that wound ' .up will) c.n end making an ea-.y calch in thc emi /one for a :«;- j't.rd gain and i, touchdown. And It wan Just as well for Michigan tint !he Ann Arbor inrf was conking wet on Ocl. 27. As ll, was, the' Orange and Blue barks did rveri thing but rWbMc. Thr Arms'I fell before Znppke'.i chri^es. * * » Make Zuppke Nervous Th enumbcr of limes Illinois al- iempled siraieht miming l>lny.-i could have been counted on the. fingers of tine hand. Even Jn Ihe closing minutes, when Hie pi-hue object of the Champaign i^Os „,„,, lo hang on lo lln> ball, niul protect a one-point lend. Jack Beynon Iff Undberg. and the others continued ol handle It like buskclhall play- frs. • Quarterback Ueynon waited until fourth down to kick. Afler three successive complicated maneuvers failed with Die ball on Michigan's two-yard mark In the final seconds, Illinois lost a golden opportunity to .score another loiy:l$)]wn when Beynon called Another trick play. The result was Ural center Elvin Sayre passed n bull meant for somebody else to Bcynon, who could do nothing but ground It.' Znppkc has taught his young ftprs so much trickery that il is dIBIciiH for them to get Inch minds on anything else. "You gavf me a belly ache." Znp lold Beynon in the dressing room ' Quit fooling; aroumUwllh that ball when It's so late nn/l'ynu hnve a !ea<l. Slice off tnckl,- when you'ie down .so close. rt' s no time foi hocns-parui when they're grilled «P on you ni (lie goal line. And quit kicking on fourth down. Tin > know joil ni'e^oinc In kick I Jim Kick on third down, and eel i . good one off." I. • Tricks Ton I.a to Illinois executed so runny spinners, reverws, a ud imssps tlmi itn- ally Ihe Michigan defense simply stood _ and'jwiiited for plays In Vet ill was Illinois' involved melliods that paved the way lo Its toijclidoun Just before the sun ended thp half. Beynon kept, running to (lip oiiUldc as 11 threat, nnd o n one of the mighty few occasions Urn I a lateral was not under Hirst circumstances, Craln Pori- J'lan, s ISS-paimd jiinioi-, cm inside of Mlclilvan'ti rHit tackle »nd splinted 29 yards to the Wolverines* H-yurd stripe. Portman made seven yards more. Two plunges by Lhidbcrg gave uinois first down, afler which Its lack of pi mch WIU bioitght oul. Zuppke's carriers /equlied four downs to negotiate the final three yards. ' Hariy KSpte nttrlbules Mldii- Rans stauling reversal ol form r l. fa " to thc hcM.v-foote-dncss of his racks and the lack of one Btsrduut tall cank,- "We could not have attempted v £ ^- ° , UlC j " gslinf: donc b J' l.llnols. explained the Ann Arbor mentor. "What we require is a ninning back like Herman Evev- cd r o" i Bm' Jai ' eclwnll G (-r ' ° r Chi- the closing p,,'," , *bm his'to^o,'! ankle will keep the Yomiuslnwn boy out for at Imi t wo " UW H nine ynrris on Ihe play for the touchdown (hat derailed I'en'nsyl- well-conceived lulumi > mss m | OS MONDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 19S a Courier Picker Leads Again In Guessing Game Tne Courier News sports editor again setting (lie pace In Ihe grid guessing, contest with lljrry Grayson, NBA Hervire sports editor, and Jock Sutherland, Pittsburgh mentor, as a result of predictions of last weekend. On the basis of difference between actual scores of 21 games of na- llonal Interest the pasl week Ihe Courier enosser was only 211} points off, compared to 234 for Grayson and 272 for Sulhrrlami. Thc re- sull was that Die Courier picker Jumped hack ahead of Sulherland on lotoj variance from actual scores so far this season, holding a lead of 34 point-! over thc University of Pittsburgh tutor. Cirayson, who has been running third since Ihe start of the season, gained on Suther- and but still reMOincd far behind. He trailed the Courier picker bj 111 points and Sutherland by 71 points. Despite thc fact that he ran see)il 10 Die Courier picker on variance from actual scores, Grayson lad licller luck in games' won - and osl than either of the others. He recorded 15 winners, 3 losers and 3 le.s. The Courier picker scored 13 winners. 5 losers and 3 lies and ithwlnml 12 winners, (j losers nnd I ties. .. Us .opener la Columbia Unl- rerslty, n-C. The Hluc clinched Us H-0 victory over 1'enii.sylvaina wllli the sume.inaiie.uiT'r, unit employed II. In mishing llrown, 37-f) Qimrlerback Jerry Ro. WO f went Tlie imss from e.rnlcr .went in Scjutll/,, the. No. 3 . tack, who stavled as If to drive Itilo the center of Hie line, but passed to Stan Puller, Ihe No. 2i back. Meanwhile, HOECOP, Ihe ' wliig- Volcanic Viking ?a|. Illinois by the. same mar!(i:CI, 11 is little, wonder liuil Bob Kiippke is Vmmirlng, "This is My l.uc. y Year." And .il.-j little Dulclmwn I K j;?t- Jin cien bigger uang out ol It l-v IK'S pullint touch iowns, what has been more tiiipcn.- to dale—exlrn points—rim. of lint .'.iiliniM. ||-.': ;>id ijf ,„.,._ ill. -IKchlgan Goes Illinois Despite Kipke's remarks --, v '^..lailv^, || fjpicei Illinois play tKat pennllted Willis Ward, Michigan" lo Uie Wolverines; touchdown"' In the ll>lrd quarler. Johnny Regecri shot a pa v to Mike Savage, Ihe right end and the latter flicked the ball lo Ward wlw sn^ged ll on the dead run' nfled ins way Into the clear nH outran Beynon, the Illinois safty SlJ" a mad dasl rt°«" ihf Bad Mike Chacoma Wrcsllcs Gennaii On Armory Show Tiger Moore mcels SiMedy Sclicaffer In the lealure inalcli on tonight's wrestling card at thc national guard armory. Moore has apiwared here in the role of both winner and loser this fail. Ho will meet a fast matman i" Schac.ffcr who is reputed lo be irobably tile swiftest worker of ny of the erunt aim groan per- oimor.i In this territory. In a preliminary match Ed Kamlif. German strong man. will •iinleh his brawn with the rough iliiff of Bad Mike Chacoma. The ntter has proved n good drawing "ard here in the. past and Is ex- wed to be something of an ,11- Iractlmi at Ihe box office tonight. Blacksmith Pedigo Wins Over Sc'otty Williams CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo., Nov. 3 But ft-te decreed ll-st tlia 1 . WUcBfit slory for Ward. uic Mti.npt fo.- the point after louch- oo-n wis low, and It lurnsd oul . lo oc U,o error ihit 1U first victory at A l* years. in cne-point, victoiies over Sia(e and " Arb<) " -I31acksmilh . . Hedigo, junior mid, - dleweight title claimant, defeated Scolty Williams. Cincinnati, In a match termed for the tlllc over he nlnety-mtnutc t | mc rom<! . hammer ock . This was The Cariithersvnie fans '' and wrist Mike Meroney, promoter, nmniced that Jess Willard, former world's heavyweight boxing champion, would referee next ,- ,. • "^- lllllv lUllle, icdigo won one fall, the two toiling for n second flal al Ihe end o. the time period. The Hrst fait S "rce ^tais^lu^ ^ n ™ •^•iSS.-l^-^t' 5 the with a htti»m«.i~,£ .-I _!?." b . n1 . 1 on dow "s and McCaslln. Parker will take on Jolmny Marrs,. Mobile. Uotli will be ninety minute malches. . Rejuvenated Team. Of Caruthersville Wins CAHOTHERSVILLE. Mo., Nov. 3 —Witli a rejuvenated team, the Cannhcrsvine high school Tigers played brilliantly to win over ihe- East Prairie Eagles here vestcr- d.iy. 13 to o. Ralph Ashcr, shifted from tackle lo fullback, made stnsallonal plunges, falling to gain only once oul of numerous Ihrusls nl the Eagles forward wall. Creech, fleet half, ripped off several long gains nnd furthered his ranees at. Little Six Conference honors. Kenneth Asher, absent a week, re- Uirncd t othe ruiarterback post yesterday nnd directed the Tigers olfensc skillfully. Only oi\cc. did Ihe Eagles threaten, advancing to —- P'ay, had started around toward Ihe left end "and received the lateral from Puller Just about, behind Die center Strat Morion, Ihe No. 4 .back b;o<r)i«d Pennsylvania's'right em' nnd (he long-side guard ami tackle pulled oul or Ihe linV to lead Ihe play. Miller Is High; Among Sunday's Skeet Shooters ' Nfax Miller was the pace setter for -shooters at the 'Blytheville Skcet club Sunday afternoon Miller carded 22 hits out of 25 shots. Roy Nelson was next In line with 21 out of 25, Riiisell Parr was third with 19 oul of 25 and u. High- nil and J. c. Klnningham scored 18's. . ..... Markets New Tfork Cotton ' •.' -.i'._' • ^ : ' '•. , ' NEW YORK, : Noy." 5 (UP) 'Collor. closed steady. open high low close Dec. 1208. 1209 1202 1203 •Jan )209 J212 1206 1207 • Mar 1215 1219 1213 1213 •'' May 1217 -1221 121~4 1214 Jnl 1210 1219 1213 1213 Ocl ' 1190 1195 ties '1189 : Spots closed. quiet, al IZilO, off 5. Neio Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 5. (UP)— The colton market declined small amounts today as tile result of "favorable harvest weather ami the tendency,or private crop reporting bureaus to Increase their estimate of the lolal yield. open high law close Uf c 1210 1211 1205 )'>08 Jan 1214 1214 1211 1311 Mar I'JIS 1220 121G 1218 May 12'JO 1223 1217 |o 2 o •'«» 121B. 1219 J218 1218 001 118B 1192 1168 UBS Spbls closed steady at 1238 off O. ' ' Closing Stock Prices NEW YOHK, Nov. 5. ((JI')_TO"'! 00 " 011 S '° ck markct was Issues provided the . nine continue darpmid levels. A. T. and T. Annconda Copper Belh. Sleel .'.'.' Chrysler ..'._' Coca cola ,'.';' Gen. Am. Tank . Gen. Electric .... Oen. Motors Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward N- V. central Packard spccla Vol >t week's rtissoiirian Never Played On Losing Grid Team KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (UP)-Prank Ilamia, blocking halfback on the Kirksvllte Teachers football team, never lixs played with a team that! lost, a game, and he now Is finish- Ing Ills sixth year of high school and college football. Ilanna played his first two years with Hie Cartervllle, Mo., high school learn, which was unbeaten Ills third year was 'with the unbeaten Webb City high, since 1932 lie has played with Klrksville, which has not losl a game in 23 starts. Winning Football Team Honors Losing Captain " ALL SET FOR THE WEDDING! fiOYAU WITNESS THE WWG WEPPING OF THE ;WOOTieTOOT, OP THfe CAVE <pp GUZZLE, TO T HAT [HERE ./NOW, V/HATCHA 'VANT FOOiY, HI5 BEST MAN , .. TOTH GRANP WlZ^E -NOW, ACT LIKE YOU WASfi HUMAN ~- BETN&/AN 1 cent federal lax must be paid 'oolball tickets Irrespective of the lity of their price. The tax must be paid within 30 days after he sale of tickets, Read Couhi-r wews want Arts. CHAPEL HILL, N. C. (UP)-In most football games, the center of thc winning learn takes the football as a trophy of victory. to 0. "You take the ball, you deserve It, Florida players and coaches lold Capt. George Barclay, Carolina captain, who was easily' 1 the star of the game. Star Wre»tler Stars at Tackle for Michigan Skate EAST LANSING, MICH. IUPJ Gordon "Buck" Reavely, 197-ponnd- er a;id holder of the .Michigan A A. U. wrestling championship In 1933 performs at right tackle for Michigan State, in: the :fair but transfers his attention' to wresUln* In the winter. , . : Heavely is the outstanding wrest- ,r on the Stale team, and has dropped but ah occasional decision lo an opponent. play . ,. ., ' v 1""J- 'Ugtl M.IH1O1 football, but Is starring on the spar- lan eleven. Federal Men Seek Football Ticket Scalpers BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (OP)-ln- lernal Revenue Collector Harwell G. Davis says that he cannot slop Ickel scalping al {potball games iere but he plans lo make it an matlraclive. business. "I am." Davis said, "going to place undercover men in the lead ing hotels and at the football ilndlum. We will endeavor to'learn he names of the scaljicrs. If they do not nie tax returns on their business. I am going to prosecute hem for tax evasion." It was explained that 10 per * mg * r - e " d ' pullted °. ut °< - nxtb.ll contain" ad'vertisc'iiieTils for gin and other liquars, III in 1-4 2(5 3.i 1-4 HO 7-8 34 18 30 S3 23 1-8 21 1-4 3 3-4 Phillips Pet, '.'.'.'.' " ,, , J Purlin 15 1-8 Radio S 7-8 Simmons Beds o , ? Standard of N. J.' o ,-c T>.«« Co " ,. ;"° "• S, Slccl ' " ,2,0 U. S. smelting ....'.'.'," IH il McKesson-Hobbins 618 ChicagoWfieat open high i ow clM 03 1-4 98 5-8 97 3-8 93, . 901-2 «_^J»I^ "i-S Chicago Corn . May Dec. open 77 78 hlgli low "3-4 785-8 775-8 78 7-8 77 1-2 78 3-4 H«d Coww-r New w7nt AW. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS, Gcnevla Wllkerson, PlainlifT No. 5825 vs. John Wllkerson, Defendant Thc defendant, John Wllkerson is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in caption hereof and' answer Wllkcrwn tllls 2flth of Octob( ' r . R. L. OAiNES, Clerk By Entott Sarlafn. n' C R. S. Hudson, Ally. 29-5-12-19 WARNINO ORDFR IN .THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Beula Pniett, Plaintiff, No. 5826 vs. Raymond Pruelt, Defendant. The defendant, Raymond Pruelt days in the court named caption hereof and ahswer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff, 'B«ula Prucll. Dated this 29lh day of Oclob«r, R. L; OAINES, Clerk, By Elliott S»rla!n, D. C. R. S. Hudson, Ally. WARNING OKDKrt N THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISS1S1SIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Millie Christopher, Plaintiff, No. 5819 vs. Lewis Christopher, Defendant. The defendant, Lewis Christopher, is warned to appear within hlrty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the Millie .ilairil of the Chrislopher. plaintiff. Dated this 29th day of October, 1934. R. L. GAINES, Clerk; Ally. 29-5-12-19 WARDING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS; ,.••.•; : . vBeJla Conner, .Plaintiff, ;No,..;58I7 vs.. .-": Virgil ,. r o;;>. Conner, - Defendant: ' , TheVdeIiencInnt.'Virgfl'-G. Conner, Is .warned ; To 'ajjpear .within thirty d^ys.'ln'. the. cpiirt named in" 'the caption hereof.' and -answer Ihe complajht-'-of •' "the 'plaintiff, Bella .,., .. . batedvthls-'29lii day of October 1934. -' -..- . i . ' Hi ;L. OAINES. Clerk, By Eljiott Sartain, n. C " Kathryn , C. P.- Copper, Ally. '• 2D-5-12-19 WARNING ORDKR IK THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. . Ruth Truelove, PlalniiH, No. 5816 vs. Richard Truelove, Defendant. The defendant, Richard Truelove, is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Ruth Truelove. Dated 1934. R, L. OAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartain, D C C. P. Cooper, Atty. 29-5-12-13 . this 2Qth day of October, WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Chalmer D. Lovell, Plaintiff, No. 5818 , vs Marjorie Lovell, Defendant. The defendant, Marjorie Lovell, ts warned lo appear within thirty days In the court named in Ihe caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Chalmer D. covell. Dated ifik 28th day of October 1934. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. By Elliott Sartain. D. C C. P. Cooper, Atty. 29-5-12-10 WARNINO ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY AR' KANSAS. Kathryn Westerflfld, Plahillrf . No. 5850 vs. . ' Joe P. Weslerfield. Defendant The defendant, JOE p. - - field, is'wkrned to a'ppoar « thirty thirty days in the coim nara In the the caption hereof and Vnsnv HOTEL NOBLlfj Is Now Agent ' •' f or i American Airlines. lri e c»ii *a For complaint of the plaintiff Weslcrfleld. ' .• Daled this, 2911) 'day of October - R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott SnrlBln, D. c C. P. Cooper, . Atty. WARNING OKIlIiH iff THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR- Ada Rider, Phiinliff No. 5783 vs. Tine Rider, Defendant The deftndanl, Tine Rider, IT.,...., I I ' c ^Htej, IS Sm '" aMear """"'I thirty days in the court named in caption hereof and answer the Rider ' ° f "' e , P' aimiff . Ada ig Dated this 15th day ol October, H. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartain, D. c. NOTICE is hereby given that tne undersigned commissioner in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by'the Chancery Court for" the' Chickasawba District, of Mississippi- County, Arkansas on--the-22nd day of Sep, 3 ^ wherein ..Equitable Building and Loan fas'n.,- was Plamtifl, No: 5288, and'Sam Hall et al, were Defendants;- w |ll .sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash on n HATS credit ol Ihree months, «t 'u Ironl door of the Court nous between Ihe hours presented I law, in the City', of Blythevill Arkansas, on Ihe 12th dav ( Noveniljc-r, 1834. the. follow!!!"' rei estate, to-wit: ,. •. ° Lot TWO <2), Block Eight 181. Park Addition to tho Citv of Blytheville, Ark. Said Sale will be had to satisl said decree in the sum tif $12'7T August 1st, 1932. ' " ' ; TH1 piircliaser at said sale wi ''• be required to execute bond wit with- 8 per 1 cent Interest fror. approved security, io secure til payment .pi' the purchase money ana a Sien.will'be retained upo" faiu property as additional secur ity .jor. the .payment, of such pin 1 i..''ase money. WITNESS my hand nnc the sen of said Com;, on this, the 22iv day ol October/ 1934. R.. L. GAINES./ Commissioner in Chance!; 22-29- STETSON Buy A Pedigreed Mallory Hat The first Mallory Hat was made 111 years ago. Every. jtt'^r »ince then Mallory H«ts h*ve piled skill upon .•kill, until tOKlay knowing men, who demand something genuinely and endiir- ingly Bne, say, "I Want A Mallory I" » n d the salesniaa »»ys to himself, "That ni&u knows what's what." New Mead '"Clothing Co. ,eave, dio tke miRROR[ P UT on tlm old hat of yours, jt»nd in front of the mirror and tike a good look at yourself n others set you! Gosh! Yo» JUn't rtatiit thai tt vna qvitt that bid, JiJ you? Neve r in i nd! We're •'..awaiting, your visit with Ihe greatest looking array 'of Pall Stetsons you've ; ever laid eyes on. And . you can wear n Stetson ' with a double satisfaction '—the satisfncLton of ..looking your best, and the silt-' Islaction of owning a hat '.that is universally recognized as Ihe nnesl made! ! ^;J$fiSO Nqw Mead CJpi)iiiig Co. WRESTLING Armory , Monday Night TIGER MOORE vs. SPEEDY SCHEAFPER Two Out of Three Falls, Two Hour Limit ED KANTHE vs. BAD MIKE CHACOMA Two Out of Three Falls, One Hour Limit

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