The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1950
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY BLYTHETtLLE (ARW.y COtTRfBR Tfc* N««i» n TWay: $64 Question for Nation Wonders How Long War Preparations Will Last in U.S. B? JAMKS MARI.OW < WASHINGTON. July 20, (A'j — ou 1 the 484 question is; boir long preparations gainst war a ^jfVtrter aiirt only as flftydent Truman t ri I i yemerriay he wants $10 fc Thft country is now going on a kind of war footing. Nnt /iiU-seale— at least, not yet. But still on a •scale that leaves* behind the fat happy luxury of th e past five peacetime years, The armed forces will be built ijp. No one yet has said how biR they tt'iH have to be. This menus means many men drawn asvay from thetr peacetime jobs to serve fn the Army, Navy or Air Force. With the government about to control the use of steel and so other things winch industry hfl.s been turning out, there'll be fewer things likft auLos, radios, TV sets, refrigerators- Steel and a lot of other things vill have to be mined into instrument."; of war like lanks, guns, planes. All of this will cost money. Tn C'ftst Mo i'* [t will cost a lot more than the. government has been spending Even in the past luxurious years the government has been spfcndiuR more than it's been collecting in ISXPS. As a result, the Government has been running in the red. It will go deeper in the red now for, as aiirf only as a starter. 1 1 d Congress billion more to .spend. Somebody has to pay for all this t.o keep the government, from being ruined altogether by jt.s biir bills. Still no one will suffer any hardship except the men whose peacetime Jives will be disrupted by military service. ' "If VVfc'rr, lAicky" Maybe, It we're very lucky ami things don't ^et worse in the world. whal. ha.s been outlined is all that will have, to be done. If things pet much worse, we'll go on a full wartime, footing. But suppose we're lucky. somehow a world war is avoided, How long will we have, to stay on this semi - wartime footing? Months? years? Apparently, it will be years. That answer seems clear enough when you read what Mr. Truman told Congress — remembering that what be -ssJd tt'a.s based on the Informs' lion o( his advisers, civil and military: "We miwl recognize that it will br necessary for a number of years to support continuing defense expenditures, Including assistance to other nations, at a higher level than we had previously planned. Kcnnomic Measures "Therefore, the economic mca- gfl-es we will take now must be fSn nned and used in such a manner BS to develop nnd maintain our economic strength for the long run as well as the .short rim.** Those continuing defense expenditure.'; for a number of years "at n higher Ir-vel ihrvn wp lisui previously planned, " meaning higher expenses than we have " now- —and therefore, !t seems clear, higher taxes for years. The controls Afr. Truman xskcd Congress for are far less than he could have asked. Tn one (ield he definitely is ink- Ing a chance: he didn't s.slc for power to ration or control prices. He didn't ask It because, as he made plain, he's depending on Americans' gohd sense not to ruin the ecnomy by hoarding or pricc- raisinjf- Already there's plenty of evidence that a lot of Americans have been some; wild, buying unnecessarily ali over the country, and that some business men have been taking advantage of this to tuvost prices. If Americans don't show gnort sense in the economic field. Mr, Truman said, ratio-nine and pj-inr control win follow. But if that becomes necessary, the economy already will have been damaged be- King-Sized Bazooka Whams Red Tanks TOKYO, .July 20, W—The Army's fciiiB-siECrt bazooka—(lit new •3.5 Inch ground rocket launcher—ko'ei an official seven out.of seven Communist tanks today in its first battlefield' test. lliis was reported by General Mac Arthur's public intormalion officer in a sr*cial communique lonielil. .Front line dispatches said an eighth tank Inler was knocked out, The weapon was manufactured and transported from the United Sf.ilos in only a few days. naltle-lcstert gunners of the. 24th Division were supplied with Inn new gun only a short time before they turnprt it on the Communist tanks today when the battle for Tnejon flamed again, The new recoil-less weapon was described as » modern Version of the World War II bawxika except that it Is larger and is fired from the .shoulder. The old bazooka nrcd a 2.36-inch rocket. Near the end of World War II expeiuijcnlaJ wort began on aj] antitank weapon with greater armor penetration and faster muw.le velocity. Experts Take Big Rocket Apart To Check Why it Failed to Fly By JAMES .1. STRKBIG LONG RANGE PROVING GROUND. COCOA. Pla.. July 20. iAl>>—Expel t.s hCRan taking a big V-2 rocfcet apart today Io find out why it. failed to fly on it.s first try and to get it teady for a ne* - attempt next. Monday. The 2.1.000-ponnd missile spiiltsr- ed futilcly before an audience of less limn 100 persons, watching from a safe distance ot 7.500 feet on desolate point Canaveral yesterday, aftor nine hours ol delay. The V-2. one of a hundred cap- lured from the Germans, \v:».s scheduled to be fired like a bullet on an angle tlesiRned (or .maxtmvuvi range. Wac <;tiTj>nral On the nose of the V-2 was a smaller rocket, known as Wac Corporal, which was to launch itself in flight, when the V-2 had burned up iU ten tons of fuel. / This combination Ls known as a I tu-0-.stage or step rocket and is one ) method of extending range. The [ Wflc is U>o sinnll for p»rpO5^ , and is intended only for experiment. 1 ; in the prob]e»).5 ol .super \ speed, low level (light. Previous Firings Previous V-2 rocket firing* in this country have been .straight up for ultra-high altitude studies - The small group of oVweivers saw only a low ruffle of white smoke, a brief spurt of flame and heard a small reimrt when the igniter switch | was thrown at 5:20 p.m. tEST) yesterday. The white rimible-henrier niiuilp. stood j,i a bed of smoke and fire. Only a small amount of Iup.1 had been released because of failure ni a main fuel i'al\'e to open. The main tanks held nearly 5,000 .sallow of liquid oxygen and alcohol. Proving ground officials sairf r,hcy could not guarantee a new aLiempt Monday, but they would make every effort. io overhaul the 56-foot combined rorkel. and get ii read? by then. They immediately ixxstpoueri a second tiring ol a similar combi- naiion scheduled for Wednesday. Pakistan Sends Wheat KARACHI (AD — Pakistan has contributed 530,000 worth of to the UN. Internationa] children's Emergency Fund, which will send the grain to Beirut for use of Arab refugees. Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.... eolit ^(implimri Hon. Thi ( m*j .-S c.f pop n .l— Every ( in prices makes the American dollar worth less than it. is now because it v/ill buy . . ip nJKhl.i r>r fjcqupnt paiaacea may cefult rnm minor bladder irri|alio»l .ilic Io criM, or rtktnry irnH^rrelions. If your aiKftmtitfts xre riirc (o thf*<~ iKUos. <l«n't wail, try niwrT* Pillji. . mil.! liiir^lic. U^iMl itucrrssrnlly hy n.illioTis for ver SO year*. While thcff symptom* maj- ofbe Dna Draughon Graduate Gets Excellent Job A graduate of ^the Executive (Kccotmling and 'Type w riling Course at the Draughon School of Bnsinnss, Miss Betty Hampton now holds an excellent job with the Vhnon I. i f e Insurance Company l.illle Hnck. Miss Harnpton is also a graduate o( Ihc Stuttgart High School, She is UK daughter of Mr. ^nc) Mrs. Burl Hampton of Stuttgart. Miss Hatnptpn found Draughon School of Business in Little Rock an outstanding; business college It is ot long standing, and is the most progressive college in it; field. Its courses are comprehensive and thorough, bascrf upon Ihc requirements ot modern business concerns. Draughon'; nns a master faculty of Iraineo ?^ C L who E ' ve r;irl1 studcnl the host possible training in all branches of husint>=« The Draunhon School of Business is the only private business college m Arkansas that is fullv accredited , n d approved by th'c State Department of Education In continuous operation sinc< '? OI .u lhe S rau «hor, School if m . of the oldest business trainin schools in the south, and point with pride to more than 50 OOC graduates. ' If you ctcsirc information re aiding business training of anv •pe, you are invited to writr - AUGHON SCHOOL OF BUS NESS, Little Roc(c, ArkansaV Thorc is no obligation w* on your part. Southern Auto Store PAINT SPECIAL MAJESTIC ROUSE PAINT WITH FLOW ACCELERATOR This Week Only! Rc 9 u| Qr 4.89 5CALCANS1Q90 I Jr Terms If Desired Your Complete Auto Stor« SOUTHERN AUTO STORE 1'hone 3 113 W. Main Klylhcviile ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^•^••^"•^iMll^B^^BB^i^i^^^ Opening Specials CALLING ALL THRIFTY FAMILIES! MEN S COOL SHIRTS REG. 1.69 VALUE Tlicst; shirls were bought i>spcci;tlly fur (his «)|>cni»K'. You will be )ini;izf(( al (his'wonderful v;iliic. All ;irc full ciil, siuifori/.cd, vat dyed, tfnaranfccd mil to fade. You will want several at I IMS remarkably l<nv jit-ice. Solid 'cnlnrs (tf »'hilc. blue, jjrccn and Ian. As.sorled fancy i-hcclis. \'cnliliilt(l weaves. Si/es Hniull. medium and lju p )je. 1 00 LADIES QUALITY SUMMER SANDALS VALUES TO 1.98 MEN'S COOL ER SLACKS REG. 5.95 VALUES Ali-n, lu-re is Hie best liny in linvn! Think of hiiyinK «>i>l- rayon shurksUins.' U^hUveiylil <;a- bardini-s. JtJviimiol U..VMV.S- .-,( MI is /<i« priVc. There (t re many Iml nhead, so dnn'l let (his on»oHiinify pass. l ( , save money, ll's an- "Ilicr of I) A- \V> ramoiis values Ilial have made our stores lieatl<|iiai levs for lliriftv 3 77 LADIES COOL SUMMER DRESSES VALUES TO $595 You h;ive o .see drosses Io .ipprct-f.-ilc (heir wonderful value. Cool Waffle Ciiiues, l!t;m- berjt Sheers, Printed Rayons, Wash Silks, Hroark'loths nnrl oilier popular materials. Styled -v t in Ihe fashions. 'IVo-|iiec« design ; nml / tOf sunbacks included in (his offering H is your diatice (u save money. SiV.ed 9 to 52 3.9R Kach g I M \J\J THRIFTY B&W TAKES SMALLER PROFITS YOU GET BIGGER VALUES LADIES RAYON PANTIES REG. 39c VALUE Another Ii & W super value fhnl wns Imu^hl .specially for our opening sa | e . IJrief and hand lej; with elnslii: on lop. I'ink, blue and niair.e. They »-<m'l lawl Idnjf al this price .so. tome earlv! 18 FINE COMBED CHAMBRAY REG. 98c yd. VALUE l*"ine i|tuilily combed charnhray lii:t( will makp (he ncalesf of frocks. KNceplional value al Ihis low price. l'n( sevenil yards of Ihis in HIK lay-away for fnltire fall sewing. Ideal for dresses and skirls. Colors in |>ink, blue, brown, tfiay Hiul hclio. 49 yd. LADIES TOPPERS VALUES TO 24.95 Kill'; all wool. Von have (o sc« (host Tnppprn to appreciate flip tremendous value offered al such 9. rediculously low price. These are priced In move immediately. So come early for Iht -''best selection. Si/.cs 8 Io 18. 7 00 LADIES NYLON HOSE 60 GAUGE, 15 DENIER l''irsl (jnalily hn.sicry in exlrtninly sheer (in Kance nylon.'l mis.s Ihis wondei f ill nppm-- (iinily (o Ihc shccrcsl nf nylons n( lf)w.sci)wi|;«W!ill.i.-lo,|. (,,-icc. ,\ii | K ,|,,,| ; ,r s/uufe,,. Sixes 8 1 /) Ii) U. • 1 00 pr. BOYS POLO SHIRTS REG. 98c VALUES Noiv is Ihc lime | () slock up for scliooi. polo shirl.s 01 dtiutrily sell for !)Sc, bnl l{ oi W is bringing yon anolhcr of j|'. s famous values lhal save you money. These come in checks and solids with wide Mripe.s. Washable. f;\ s l volov. .Siw.s ./ fo Irt. 55c Each LADES RAYON SLIPS REG. 1.98 VALUE Fine quaBfT rayon \vilh wide lace irim lop anri Imllom. An nul.slanding buy al il'i.s low price. Offered in while, tea rose and blue. 31 Io 52. Put. several in lay-away now. 1 47 BLACK & WHITE STORE 305 WEST MAIN ST.

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