The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1937
Page 5
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\VEDKKSDAV, tfEBilUAIlY 3, , (ARKJ COUKffill NHWS UJE THE WANT-AD MARKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION > Dally rate (jor )ln» for consecu tlvc Insertion?: One time per line lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per lino per day ., 06c Six times per line.per day .. 05e Month rat" per line ....;,... COc 7ards of Thanks .... 50o & Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six limes 'and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes the ccl appeared and Adjustment Q f bill made. All Classified' 1 Advertising, copy submitted by persons residing outride of the city must be' accompanied by casli. Rates may be easily, computed from 'above jia.blc Advertising ordered for Iffegiilar insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taknr for more than one incorrect Inser tlon of any classified ad. Coal & Wood "JIY COAL IS BLACK BUT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 COAL For Sale COAL COAL We have the best prices on all kinds of good coal. Phone us for prices. HARRY BAILEY New Bargains! We have some especially good bargains In cars, trucks and pick-ups. See our's Before You Buy! 1836 International y. Ton Pick-Up 1934 Chevrolet M Ton Pick-Up 1933 Chevrolet li Ton Pick-Up 1935 Ford IV4' Ton Truck '1929 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster i 1030 Oakland Sedan ; Delta Implements, Inc. 'Limited number of Singer treadle machines traded In on new models at exceptional bargains. Also 3 portable electrics other makes. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 408 TV. Main Owners 1933 Cars Here is :i Fine Opjiortunily I'or J'ou To Get A Late Model Car In Fiisl Class Condition . 133Q FOIll) :.V-«' .dp 11,1'E. Gim Metal Colof. .First Class t .. r .j....,.;..,.-..••• 5«5 193G FORn V-8 TUDOR. Good Coiidilion ?i85 1335 FORD V-8 .TUDOR, .lust About As Gofo'd As Nc^s' .. '• ...'..- $>i9J 1835 FOR I) V-S TUDOIi. Lois of Service in This One Expensive saxophone. Will sell cheap. Z. A. McCuiston. Call 334. t-ck-t! $395 A Demonstration and Explanation cf Our Guarantee and Finance rian Will Convince You Phillips Motor Co. Phones S10 - 811 Sib & Walnut WE HAVE TKK BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky GOAL At the Best-Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. i'hone 278 Chickasawba & R. It- Practically new Automatic Dclco Light i Plant. With radio, fan and Iron. Will sell for half price, -Delta Implements, Incorporated. lo kit GREEN INN—cafe <& dance hall al Stcele. Good business. Sell reasonable. Apply at, Inn. COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Sen-ice -- Call 17 KIM'S COAL CO. -FRY For Rent ONtCORN RAM, , OF INDIA. APPARENT1Y SINGLE- HORNED ANIMALS, THESE SHEEP DO HAVE TWO DISTINCT HORNS, WHICH fiftE • KEPT PRESSED TOGETHER. BY THE NATIVE BREEDERS, • WE KNOW THAT THE PLANCTS DO NOT'TRAVEL. AROUND THE SLIM IN TRUE CIRCLES, SINflE AN EUJPSE IS THE ONLY PATH IN WHICH ONE BOCV MAY MAKE REPEATED REVOLUTIONS AROUND :• ANOTHER, UNDER. THE ACTION OP THEJR MUTUAL. CSRAVITATION. MRN WANTED for routes of SOO families, hustler should slni't weekly iincl Inc'rense i today, linu'lclph's, Ltept, S. Memphis. TOIIH. Artists Urged To Paint FURNISHED APARTMENT, 305 DOUdAN. Mrs. A. A. Allen. 1 2-ck-ll Two or Three Furnished Hooins, reasonable. 914 : Hearn street, • i .••.••• 18p k2-18 Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, ball). Call 560. : • '':.,. 2-ck-2-2 Business Directory Big fliner Sale Scheduled" to begin Feb. 1 has teen postponed until flood waters go down. ' WATCH FOR OPENING DATE Shouse-Henry Hchv. Co. J. W. Shousc - J. Wilson Henry CALL E. F. at ' : - ' '• Wonder Gity Coal Co. FOR ORIGIN At. .GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CUAL PHONE «7 li You Want Wood, We,Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky - Lump Coal, $6-5.0 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherry '• V Phone 418 4 room bungalow, bath; garage. . Franklin mid Rose, Lendennle Fowler. .' : : - .." 29c klf SAND OR. GRAVEL IN THE GIZZARDS OF BIRJDS • IS NECESSARY FOR. THE . GRINDING OF FOOD, SINCE NO MODERN BIRD IS EQUIPPED WITH TCETH. STIllWATEK, Okln. hopeful urlisls should from the old masters and their own Imckynrxls," to Uoel Hoed, profr.sso the Oklahoma A. iind >Rcc>d, recognized UK's outstanding believes a sincere his lime.s and sett lira r In everyday the biniTC cr mysterious In pnlnt- "Mnnct. G'cznnnc. El Greco. Tl Him ami Giotlo all painted their ilnlly MiiTouiidlni;!!. Inlci-prettiiL! tlicm through (heir own rcnc- llons," liood asserts. ••Consequently, their works have lived on, while Ihc pretty parlor pieces of ihelr contemporaries have been forgotten." Heed recently won sweepstakes hi nn ait exhibition' by Thomas Craven, nationally known ni't critic. His entry was the "Highway," depleting a rond near btlll- aiiteil Hawlolgh CS. Rcliiibli earning $25 pldly. Write t. AIU1-27- Paint vn Yards . (W)-AII luke a Up and "[mint ' according r of urt nt M. college, one of the ng nrtlsls. ist presents ns they ap- tt'Alcr.' 'Ilic artist's "Oklahoma Burn" recently wns shown us the solo representative of Oklahoma In tm Inlcrnnllonnl • exhibit In Chicago anil nl Ihc American Etchers nn- nunl exhibition in New York. In migrating, birds follow the courses of rivers and coasts to their destination' WANTED TO BUY PIGS And small Hluiafs, and a middle age "Icnm of PASADENA, Col. (UP) —Some people might think It Is, a great conic-down from yeggs to eggs, nut when two of the former were unable to ciack a local safe, they contented themselves with cariy- Ing nwny i\ case- of eggs. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Host 1'riccs' Joyner Motor Sales Cull 1000 Storage MULES See A, V. At Superior Dietrich • Coal Co. z-3 17 in Birds can digest large quantities of rood very quickly, In spile of the fact that they have, no teeth with which to chew it. Some birds partially crush their [ood with their beaks. High temperatures ot birds, & ACKTT1.ENE WELBIHG' AT 11EST PRICES PUOMVT SERVICE Oarksdale Mfg. Co PHONR IB Wrcclicr Service - Gas & Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center •1 Phone* 177 - 810 CORK SOY BEANS CRAWFORD & COPPEDGE GIN CO. Uljhwajr 18 . Phone 331 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed « Kindling I'HONE 70 Now J,«:alcd at 101 Norlfc Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAKIIS. I'roprlctor All ttialcei of Kcliullt Typewriters, Adding Machlna Calculators—Itepalrln;;—1'arts— llltboria and NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. All Work Strictly Guaranteed 4 Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Bole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP Best shop to get your money's worth. Mo amateurs, expert shoemakers. Only fins materials used. All soles sewed & guaranteed. Lowest prices in town. Soles -50& up rubber heels 25c up, 3 free shine; with half soles. Laces, dyeing, pc; ishes. phone 120, Free del. H. B Campbell, mgr. Sporting Ooods of all kinds Uniforms & equipment lor basc- tmll, handball, Softball, soccer ball tennis, track fc Best Prices tard~Hdw. Go Poultry & Eggs Wanted To Buy We Buy Old Gold PAT O'BRYANT, JEWELER We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP • IRON, ; METALS, PECANS. HIDES . & PURS AIUAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 176 WE BUY Hides & Furs Metals and Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. •hcn-y & R. R. ' Phone 44> WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE IIul)bard 2nd' Hand Furniture Store Phone 1031 * VCUT.TKY WANTED We pay highest maritet prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & Gaincs nt Gnines Grocery & Market, lib W. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatchln;; MARILYN HATCHERY H\\y. 61 Norlh, Blj'thtvillc Batteries Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture WadeFurnitureCo. 301-303 E. Main HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR roui/niY HAPPY HOUR "GROCERY 109 W. Main Personal FREE! If excess acid causes yoi Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, In ligestion. Heartburn, GET fre nmple doctor's prescription, Udga, it Kirby Bros. Drug Co. FOR BETTER Battery Service CAM, J. ]!. CMJNE Jackson Service Station—Phoim Real Estate FOR SALE ' CO Acre farm, newly decorated 4 . room house, well & spring. On »iail route in (taarks foothills. Mrs. S. B. Gregory. 717 ChickaKnvbs. 30-pk-C FOR SALE Room House, bath, large lot. AUTO LOANS NO KED TAPE borrow money on your car to pa; "or your licenses nnd other bills Car need not be paid for. Sec U. W. • BIULL1NS ^idbury Bldg. Phono IVTfTTVt GErr VIGOR AT ONCE! 1'J.Jjl> . New Ostrcx Tonic Tab- lf[s contain raw oyster invigorators and other stimulants. One dose peps tip organs, glands. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Call, write Klrby Bros. Drug Stores. Strayed or Stolen Liver and white, tick female point- Across now high aud" grade cr. Answers lo ''Sophia." Owner schools. Cheapest taxes In town W. S. Johnson, CUaKccvMo. Noll- Could he made into apartment '>' Wl Simpson, phone 802. ni,nr,n j or cns i,. g03 Chlckssawba ! 2-P-X-3 dh tf Cheap Bus. Opportunities Be Independent! Learn Beauty Culture Good Pay—Pleasant Work New class opening—state supervised REASONABLE TUITION Mrs. Win. Berrymnn Elaine Beauty Shop Taken Up Black Heifer, about 18 inoutlis old at my Sunday inomtn? Owner' can have same by paying [cr cave and this ad. E. E, Jack- ton, 622 S. Franklin. ip ! TOLEDO (UP) —Attendance at I Toledo's Museum of Art in 1030 i totaled 320,550. Nearly half the 1 visitors were children. perfect respiration and rapid circulation,, aid combined with their the rapid digestion. Over Joe Isaacs' Store *WE MAKE 'EM' SEE" Phono 510 GOOD LOCATION lor .drug or.other business iti down towii section.^ Reasonable 'rent. Call 136. :'::••'.' '•'•'" '.'"'...: 5C ktf Nice comfortable bedroom, close in. itcnl Uauer-Kocnlg rotary press, nlj printing presses < were opamlcd pii the "screw" system by manpower. Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. Prior lo invention ISAl'l'lNC THE TRAP! kkJOWlUSTHAT IT I OWpf A MATTEG OF TIME THIS IS SURE A SWELL CAVE HIGH AKI'DRY- AW EASY TO DEFEND. NOW, YOU GIC2LS BE SURE 'TO LAY LOW WHILE WE'RE GOME, MOW TO HOT- I HAW! WOWT WE TOOT IT BAiK> HAND OL: WUR TH' CAVE / TH' SURPRISE OF JUST ) HIS LIFE.WHEN HE VACATED [ COMES' SMEAKIW UP T'GRAB YOU- V/ELL.HEREWE ARE. PAP - WCW VOU BE iURE AM' SIT oKAY> OOP- BUT \ RIGHT WHERE/ 1 REMEMBER, DOM'T \ UWWklWG WURAKJp HIS MEN'OESCEKID OM THEW/ 'OtiE-FREWCe PEOCEEOTO FWD.THEMSELVESAWOTHK PLACE.OF REHUGE LOO AXV OOOLA CU&HTA BE SAFE ENOUGH HERE... "TWEY CAW SEE YOU - CHARGE (M OM THEM THUGS TOO. SOOKJ - / OL WUR MIGHT GET T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. 100TS AND HE1. BUDDIES . EUH.UV OME OF 'EM TO X.OCW V\\MSE.LF O9 Msl AVOW PROM tt A.VV. OOGWTft W VAP AM' GET O<OER OVi TWt CftMVViS ?V.ETS TOW U OOWKi TO QRStRWOOO VOR V\\M ' UE. VA16W CONTACT! . A)» EA<V PUCK5. HE'S IN CLOSE! WASH TURI5S WORRIED. WITH FLA&'POL'r G1MPUS FI&HTIH' BAKE- FOOTI5D, MA&METIC "USELESS. HOW DO VOU LIK.E THAT ONE. HERt'S THE BELL. G1MPUS SHOOT? A LEFT ^<O THE FACE. THEM ANOTHER AND ANOTHER. EASY 6TkViMt> TO 65T ENORMOUS REACH, BUT ^L^S-POLE SHOOTS ANOTHER LEP SEE IVHIZ! - TH&KOPR; SKV, TMIS FELLOW, FLA6-POLE. LOOKS <SOQP. ninsscr AMPAvNC-THER? SUfaEr,BUT I JUST PICKED MM UPTi FRIGHTEN HIM AK!D THE OTHER KID.' THEY CE.RTAINLV VA/ERE GOIMG IT THEY WERE RGrTTWQ OVER A GIRL, BUT WE JCAWY ALLOW BRAWLS w OUR crrv i SO I STOPPED THE / :FIGHT.' RGHTIMG IS( DIOTKE | WO WAY R>R A J GEWTLEMAW I DOWT APPPO/E OF ROUGH WECK TACTICS! A FIGKT ISA PiGHr, Bur THERE'S (JO PLACE FOR THEM IW SHAC/SIDE.' V/HY, MRM C GOOSEY ; THOSE KIDS FOUGHT FDR HALF HOUR .' YOU SEWT HIM HOME AFTER. VOL) PICKED HIM UP FOR DOOLEY.?

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