The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 5
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MAT 14, 19S2 Taft's Delegate Lead In W. Virginia Slips To 14-1 GOP Choice CHARLESTON, W. Va. </Pl--Scn- alor Robert A. Tafi's delegate lead over Gen.' Dwight. D. Eisenhower slipped to a H-to-1 edge lodav in their contest (or West Virginia's ic voles in Ihe OOP presidential nominating convention. Taft had held a 16-io-l lead in blie Dearly morning count o( yester- <J 'w' S h<>iniy P rim »i'y vote. Bui. in mld-mornlnr, the tabulation showed an unpledRed candidate in the third Coneressionnl District had taken the lead from one Taft man. In popularity votes, Taft was jeering a better hlan .1-to-l victory over Harold E. Stassen. Kisenhow- er's name was nol entered In the GOP presidential preference voting Tafi Solidly Ahead Taft candidates »- e re .solidly ahead In all four races /or the tletegates-at-large seats and were leading hi 10 of the 12 df.striel races. Percentagewise. Taft was leading Stassen by 787 to 21.8. Trie vote tram 1120 nf 2822 precincts was Tall 54.516. Stassen 15,209, Some of the, interest in the popularity voting was lost when Eiscn- Bl.YTHKVTU.E (ARK.) mrmRR NKWS ! ed that il they elect a single deie- ! Kate over ihe opposition of Dip j slate's sironp> GOP oraanization it I would represent an Eisenhower vic- | lory. j Confidence Voiced ! The Taft people voiced confidence i the'y would sweep the field of 1C • delegates- but they protested that one fflenhoiver delegate could not tap rated a victory lor the Reneral. ; Taft '.v.15 .scorittp a better than 3- l to-1 viciory over Harold E. Stassen I in the OOP popularity section of | the primary voting. Eisenhower's i name was not on the ballot and i West Virginia law- makes no pro- I vision for write-in voles. I In 983 precincts reporting otji ofi i 2.822, Taft had piled up 16,951 votes j i to 13,502 tor stassen. j Democrats held no presidential! | popularity contest. Without a fishl. I they named delegates who will have I 20 votes in the Democratic National i j Convention. Both Democrat and j i Republican delegates officially will I j be unpledged. | Eisenhower supporters had hoped 1 I to win dtleaate pasts with Millsop ( j and with Phil Hill of Charleston.) Dodd, Colson Meet Gen. Clark Ix-Commanderj Of Koje Island Called to Tokyo ™ K I° W-Hng. Gen. Francis 1. Dodd and Brie. Gen. Charles Colson, former commanders O f t h f Koje Island Communist war nvis. oner cninp. flew Io Tokyo today to confer with the ncu- United Nali OILS commander. Gen. Mark Dorid was captured by the Rod prisoners last Wednesday and held hoKtagfl 78 hours. Col.son succeeded him Thursday. Both were relieved of (he camn command and returned i n former duties pendinp an investigation of the nodd kidnapiiid anrt ' Col-son's promise of concessions to the Reds to gain his release. The Renerals arrived a'boul •; n ,,, i ^ me ' and i~.ely uj^me^ The Amiy did not say whether | oSn hey remained in Japan or returned i C,™ Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open Hiah Low •'"I 3805 38H anfi [Oct .... 35M 3fil2 3505 I Dec 3578 3552 Klft jMar 350.T 3575 3562 Orleans Cotton Close Slofl 3BOO 3579 35C5 in! . Oct ncc Mar Soyb Map •Mil Kejil Nov Open .... 3804 35.1!) .... 357,1 . . , . 3SH5 eons Hi<;h Low 3815 3775 3011 3MO 3588 3571 .f.iS? 3HSO Hljh Low 2S!H 4 2m > • 2M 3 , SO!', 283 280 :t Tnbiu>ro 55 5-3 43 ;i-K 43 7-1 1-2 58 5-8 Obituaries William Holland Former Yorbro Farmer, Dies So i-vires to, William Monno HO|- mnri. formerly of Yai'lirn will h» ; concluded in cobb Funeral Hcmc Chapel tnmnnrm- at 2 ]i m. Mv. Holland ciioii yrMci-rtny at lijJ liomi. HI nell Cilv. Mo, He. \vns r.t Mi. Holland lived al Yarhrci [or •)"' yours, moving (n noil f:itv aboiil four years apo. He was a farmer, j Ho leaves Ills u-i[e. Mrs Mary i S'lf Holland; iiirnp SOILS Montr" 1 Holland, Paul Holland and Mut Holland. all nf m.vihefille- a •touchier. Mrs. nm-k Rdtish of Bly- tbi-vjlJe,- tivo brollierx. O [, Hr>l- ' land and R O. Holland, bolh of ' Memphis; and Itvo sisters. Mrs. filnitys Agnrw of Envllle, Tcnn . njirt Mrs. A.'oi-ia Davis or Memphis • Burial will be in Elimvo-rl Onie- <eiv. The Rev. J. O. Aenew of En- 1 villo. Term,, win offlr.lale. Pallbearers will lie Cict.ns Bailey ; C. n. Elcllisotl, M C Mr-Ray. Clyde j rsuni-h. Res'; Mnore, and Albert Ho!line,<:v.'r,rth. PA OR FIVB Police Arc Skeptical Ot Convict's Story of Role in Brink's Theft BOSTON M* --- A Rhode Islam convict's slory thai he liiirf a rnte in ihe 51,219,000 Brink's: robbery was beinc checked today- by pri- lice who admittedly arc skenn- c.-ii. ' ' Aided A. (inpimn. 41. self-described merchant seaman <>f Pawliickel. R. I., will he questioned by Massachusetts author- iu.'.s at the Rhode Isiniui Slate I'riKon where lie ]s serving « form for atlrmpled robbery of a I'roviiiomie diamond merchant. AHy, Cleil, Franc.i.s K. Kelly saiii "This m.iy he it. We are ke-ojiins our finders crossed, however, until we talk wilh r,r\|>- noil thi.s afternoon.'" TRUCE 'Continued from Pace 1) men! of war prisoners im-miMslent' ; with international law ami ni 'vm-j ; Intion of the Geneva Convention-' j admitted forcible, screeninc nnii conclusively leslified before the ; whole world lo ihe ircm-ciad fact .Hint your so-called voluntary ee- , nnirinunn 1 is solely the result of I violence and forcible srreeniii!;." Posse in Search Of Man Wanted in Paragould Killing :KOREAN SE. A rh. wanted ,„ n u cst i on sinyins nr an ;, ? od .Ur^nilrin. I.a., t,,,lav S | cP s et . 0!ll , ,; rir(in ,, i(| fry Hinted ; Int Harvester Eiuhth Army , Republic Steel va™v \irfiinla !a« makes no provision forj campaign, who was a dele 2 ate-at- jrte-ln vot« so the Taft-Eisen- large candidate. But in first return, hower f,ght was confined to the Hill was running seven!), i,, „ }"£„ •" i Arkansas' Cotton Crop Value Was Higher in 1951 than '50 illion less than the LITTLE ROCK ijn - The total i lion, seven m cash value of Arkansas' 1951 col- corresponding period la.sf year' ton crop was higher than ! despite a decline in prices. es. The Federal Crop Roporiini: Service said yesterday that the crop was worth S273.420.000 compared to 1252,399.000 for the 1950 , . t= . 1850 | Milk — Daily milk production per cow averaged fl.9 pounds on May !. This was 14 per cent less than crop, Price of lint for the 1351 crop averaged 38.1 cents per pound. compared with .73. g for IflSO. and the average price received by farmers for cottonseed last year was J67.50. well below the 1950 price of $79.50. Arkansas' cotton crop In 19M totaled 1.249.000 bnle«; in 1950 It was l.OBfl.OOO bales. Two Arkansas truck larm crops last year. Snap beans — Production for this year is estimated at 60.000 hav« set records this year, xaidltions lo plant. bushels, lowest since li»34. Potatoes _ The 1052 commercial early Irish potato crop is estimated ai only 110.000 bushels. Last year's production was 162,000 bushels. Strawberries — A crop of S0<.. 000 crates was indicated. 31 per cent less than the 1951 crop. Tomatoes — A two per cent reduction of the planted acreage Is indicated from reporUs on inten- , the Service. A record crop of 280. 000 bushels of spring spinach was harvested, compared lo the 1951 crop of 120.000 bushels. The watermelon acrenge also set » record. On Maj- 1, 6,300 acres had been planted in watermelons: 1.000 acres more than the 1951 acreage and the largest since 1918. The Service issued this report on other crops: E Ki>f= — farm flocks laid 87 million eggs in April __ a s j x peT cent decline from production in April InM year. Production for the first four months of 1952 was 2»3 mil- Miles McPeek. agriculhiral sia- tistician. laid 90 per cent of Ihej cotton crop has been planted, and' that chopping of early cotton has started in most counties. Luxora ROTC Cadet To Get Medal at ASC Negro Dentist Here Honored Dr. Keirh Named 'Mon Of Year' by Fraternity Dr. T. H. Keith. Negro dentist, here, has been named "Man nf the Year" by EUi Upsiion Chapter of Omega Psi Phi fraternity in Ca- nithersville. Mo. Dr. Keith, who has practiced Bm p.m H,? the i here. Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church ; Harrison High School Athletic As- uSf^si ^s-" c "• JT " n « '»« ™-«^-™ the Konorar Cade.T 8 ™» r(leci ber °' Omega psi Pn |, , nntional • i th*> Brvrr- IT f . icers medal I college fraternty, since his under. . | HU| L. Honors Day Review] graduate days. .rlcansas Stale College at 1:30 ( A graduate of Georgia State he tomorrow. j received his dental (mining at Ale- won the award for obtaining: harry Medical college. He is » na- highrst aggregate, rifle, score, Mve o! Darlington S C Te»" ™ em ^ r o' «1« ASC Rifle' A veteran of World War I D r Tenrn. He also will receive a school ! Keith is a member of the wad- team *'° rk ° n the Tifle ! ,' ord - Wb , ile American Legion Post. NOTICE ' Notice Is hereby give,, that the undersigned ha* filed with the De- i partmenl, of Alcohou'c Bei-eraee. Control of the Siat^ of Arkansas I for a permit- lo sell and dispense heer at retail on the premises described as: iixn S. Division. Blythe- i ville. Mississippi comity. The imcler.sianert states that he !,s a citizen of Arkansas, nf coed moral character, that he has never brcn convicted of a felony or other rriiuc involvintr moral turpitude: that no licence, lo sell heer bv t'^e "'^ '" r v" irntiersiEiiert has been revoked with- """" »]] <1 _^<_ r r i _wm_Hich schools." in five years last paH: and Ihal 'he undersigned hns never been convicted of violatins Ihe laws of this state, or an.v other state relative to ihe sale of alcoholic lio- : . uors. ; 'Continued from Page 11 ApDliwIitm i.= for permit in be ' h(l rl "' mi '' al n " T !n far they have i-urd for n per,tion be.imun, on ""' ™ R"^ " n - v rta , m ?^-' Ih? I May n' .l,ilv. iti.^2 anri ,* px . , ^ Ir - P'lbre.v explamrd Iliat thr ptre nn the .TO'ii rtav of lime io-,-t Pre-emc.reenre has been Thelma 1 Yales "-"•" "" ""° n in ' w " 1>> "«' ""• Applicant - Snbscritiod and sworn lo before V nic this 13 a'av of May. ID'iS Ruth s. Holder. Nrtary Public Mv romtins.sion expires: J.npnarv 15. Jfl.W. Rrtard of fimu Earlier, a U.K. spokesman in Seoul sairt Dodd had ' Radio . gone to either Piisan or Koje to Socony Vncunm report to the board of Inquiry. i Studebaker The Army did not say specifically ' Standard of N J that the inquiry was under wny ' | Texas Corn Colson was relieved of Ihe Koje 1 Scars command Tuesday and replaced by' U S Steel Brig. Gen. Havdon L. Boainer i Sou Par, ..'.""" Chinese - speaking professional sol-! dier vvnh several years' experience ' m China in. war and peace. j nortd and Colson were reassigned as chief of staff of the 1st Corps' In Korea and Dodd at Army headquarters. Colson Criticiiieil Colson was criticised by u s De- tense Department officials in Washington for the wording of his concessions to the Red prisoner* A spokesman said il gave an erroneous impression of Allied trenlmeni ot Chinese and North Korean pri.s- oners. Other government informants in .Washington, however, described (he Colson agreement as only granting! they already had. I Clark's public information officer said Colson was relieved of ihe Koje command on Clark's orders. North Korean Gen. Nam 11. chief Communist truce negotiator, brought up Colson's concessions at Ihe Korean armistice table in Panmunjom. He said Colson'j nole "openly admitted that treatment of war prisoners was Inconsistent with international law and in violation of the Geneva Convention; admitted forcible screening fof Red prisoners' and conclusively testified he-, fore. Ihe ivhole world to the iron-* clad fact that your so-called voluntary repatriation is solely the result of violence and forcible screening." He said also. "The commandant of your prisoner camp openly arl- mittert there's been bloodshed." The Defense Department said earlier that bloodshed and violence at the camp had been brought on! by the prisoners themselves in Iwn' riots, that Ihe prisoners had been grated in accord with the Geneva Convention, and that there had been no forcible screening—questioning of prisoners io rielermine whether they u-ant to be repatriated in event ot an armistice. 5-8 3-1 .5-1 r 7-1) I-S 3-4 1-2 1-1 '('0111 (iiued from Pasr 1) death" there from Allied attack ("olilil Keail hy l.l«lit Twn MP.s til Pamniin- joni- Cpl. Merrill Purvis vista Calif, nnd Cpl. nni-irt-'Pncknrrt! I Los Angeles, said llnr.-"! were dropped last nipht close enouph"to • Ihe conference nrea to enable them to read bv the li«lil. They said iliey saw ihe flares dropped lo Hie northwest but heard no explosions. ; The U. N. invosiicator.s convoy! left Panmunjom. truce talks si;e I wilh Communist officers in Rus.'I sian-madc Jeeps leading ihe way. i STOCKV ARDS. III. (Kds: Words "of Red prisoners" in 15th frraf shonld he enclosed in parenthesis. nWbs down steady lo 26 iii s her : bulk mostly choice Nos. l nnd ' '•, 180-220 llxs 20.SO.C5; .several,, load, to shippers 20.75: highest .since last Oct. 19: choice Nos. 1 2 and 1 230-250 Ibs 20.00-50: 250-270 Ibs 19.50-20.10; 2M-32S His 18.SO-19,25: I6.M-I875; sows 4(10 Ibs down • few is 25; heavier sows 16.35-17.25; boars 12.00-14 00 Cattle 1.200. calves 600: moderately active demand early and prices strong on tew good and choice steers and mixed buichei yearlings at 31.00-34.25; commercial and low good 27 50-29.50- cows active and slronjr. lilllily nnd commercial cows 23.DO.2fl.50: canners and cutters n.00.22.00; bulls mid vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 23.00-26.00; cutter bulls 20.00-22.00; sorted p r i m e vealers .18.00 to all interests; good and choice venters mostly ai.oo38.00: utility and commercial vealers 23.00-30.00. Sheep BOO: run very largely shorn old crop lambs; trade active: fully 50 higher than Tuesday; spring, lambs and aged sheeji steady; several lols good to mostly choice Nos, 2 and 3 skins carrying some prime grade 27.50-2R.OO: part deck practically fresh shorn 27.50; load utility and good No. 2 skins 61 Ibs 24.50 wilh yearljnjr end 22.50 and l wo year olds 20.50: one lot merely Rood grnde. ivonled lambs 28.00; few good (o choice spring lambs 27.00-2.9.50: shorn slaughter ewes 7.00-12.00; cull to Rood •• nol ewes 9. 00-14.00. Bey of Tunis Arrested TUNIS. Tunisia (.PI—Trance put thp 70-year-old Be.v of Tunis under virtual house arrest today lor balkine at 3 French martial law sorialion and the Parent-Teachers Associations of Harrison. Rxibinson and Rim Street schools. In a statement on the selection ' of Dr. Kciih. Ihe fraternty said: ; "iHe> has helped and encouraged many stutieiit.s to en to school in many cases pnyinc tuition for them. nr. Keith served on (he committee for planning the Ne*ro {600. and miscellaneous S31S housing project, was on Ihe com- ~ mitfe for pnrchasinK the grounds COUNCIL (Continued from Page n for dirrcllv responsihle for H . . General expenditures totalled *1 105. Salaries were S3.I31.25 and ar.. , *^'- vJ"'ni i™ v* CI K *J.I-3U^O a Harnron Hran School and was'count.s payable are Sl.713.70. kitchen ami dining room for ra' m new; on hand amounts to $30,786.55, COTTON Earthquake Reported NEW YORK Wi — Pordham University reported today a stronRi earthquake, probably in the Pacific Ocean off Ihe Mexiran coast ' was recorded on its .scismosrrnph. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. (lie four nr five years without ! rinniaec. i He said the , v , 5 , lfrtl jr i an experiment on a North Mi--sis- sirpi Co!ini.y farm J.i.«i. year but that it. was not applied ' properly and therefore no results of (.he ex- perimrnt were given. Open fi:M |,.m. Show Slurls at Dusk. 2 Sliows Kvery Night WKn.-THURS. 'HOLD THAT LINE" (lorccy and The Bowery Hoys KRIOAY "THE V/HIPHAND" Carla Kalends Kllinll Rcitl <•••••••..<.......„„... ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE I'hnne \f,2\ Show Rlarls U'ccktlnys = 7 .'.in p.m. Sal. Sun. 1 :no p.m. LAST TIMES TONITE BUDDY NfTE 2 Admitted for Price of 1 .-CtARK r GABLE ' BARBARA STANWYCK ••^^^^^^••••i^BMm NEW LAST TIMKS TONITE Dollar A Car Nilcs: A Car Load for 51 Afr Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Coniriitinil.v Center" iV.,.- ..^,.f.\ MANILA, ARK. ••••R.-..^ViV../i' ' MaliiiDP.* Sal. & Run. r'arfoon S: Comctly { I'hnne 58 KIRK DOUGLAS . THE BIG CARHIVAI "™ Kivsf Showing in CORNEL WILDE MAUREEN O'HARA'"' ;. \VK)).-THURS. i ! "GOLDEN 'ijinnts.JHy • .\li(-/,j (; a ynnr il', by TECHNICOLOR f KUII1AY , "BARRICADE" nc Clarh • Ruth Asw, -. A poss, nf statn troopers Irainpprl Ihroueh I lie cntton iiclds nnr this Ashley County iKiinlct today, hiintinij « mnii waniotl In the slaying o t an elderly Paragould resilient. Stale t'al-cc HRI. Olio Cirljfin said "ihira or four cars" n f state traop. frs antt bloodhounris wore srarchins Ihc Southeast Arknaw county for Dntmld Perkins, ahaui ^8. Orirfin said JVrldm wna reen last niKlit st the hoine of hL, liall brother sin miles ™.st ,,f here, but he flrd Into a wmidcrt area svhcn officers ar- rivrd Perkins Is wanted for nuestionlnn :n the mucrfcr nf ?l)-year-oirl Wil- Inm Pcehlc.s, whose ' beaten bortv nns fmimi xtuffprt in a closet In hlj " aarti Reart Courier Nf.»s cm.wlfii.rt Arf.. Phone 2442 May Sals of M-W Appliances 204.95 REFRIGERATOR 183.88 H»n?'i the lorge, 9.,-) e ,,. ((. foir.,1y. !'7« Refrigsrolor nl !ovinov Freezer hold, 38 lb». of fooH, ic.. fw; r r 00 d Frc-.henefs hold 19 qli. fruM. - blcs. Roomy interior givei you 16.2 iq. rl.of Oielving. ] 5%dov.n on le/ms. TANK VACUUM CLEANER Reg. 357.95 Homo Free*, 39.88 Fell-size Took Cleaner specially p,.r. chose.ri for Ihis sole. Supply, pow , r . lul luclion for quick, Ihorough clean. ing. Sit hnndy allochmonl! perform mor>y Intlts lo Amplify your ^ hauls cleaning,, 15% down on Terms. 287.95 ELECTRIC RANGE 259.88 H-.V! quick, cloon clecfric cookinq ol big saving). You'll like toe larae ov en •3rd work-height broiler. 3 Chromalo* top units have 7 heal sp«eds.-Roomy, seamless cooktop. Removable drip ''ay. Toims, !5% riowo. REG. 79.93 M-W WASHER 328.88 69,88 HoW, 525 Ibs. of foorf. Save by quantity buying— cul down food waste, Has counler-holancpd lid, chromed hoodie with lumhUr lock, receded toe panel, ? wire baskets and dividen. Freezer walls con'l iwcal. Use Terms. Quick, easy washing erf big lavEnc/i. 3-vane Swiriotor washes 8 Ibs. cloffm thoroughly wifhoul longliog. J* bol- ieon-roll wringer adjusts to righl pret* sure for every fnbric. Use Terms. KG. 84.95 M-W Pump Model. 74. SI

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