The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas on March 16, 1992 · 8
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The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas · 8

Odessa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1992
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BODFSSAjMFPIC After seven-year battle,- Brora boys adjust to miew life HOUSTON (AP) The seven-year struggle between Chuck and Carolyn Smith over custody of their two sons spanned seven years, thousands of miles and at least six countries. The conflict culminated in the FBI's return of the boys and their father to Houston from Cuernavaca, Mexico in January. Two months after their return to Houston, their mother, Charles, 13, and Chris, 11, have settled into a routine of school and family activities, but appear wary of those around them. "If I had been dragged around for seven years and had to leave my friends and the people I'd gotten close to every time, I'd learn to be very cautious also," Carolyn Smith told the Houston Chronicle in Sunday editions. "Right now, I think they're still just trying to figure out who I am and what role I play in their lives," she said. In the years her sons were missing, Carolyn Smith fought Chuck Smith and his family in court, winning a permanent custody order, then a $53 million civil judgment. The suit claimed the family concealed the whereabouts of Chuck and the children and bankrolled their flight. Carolyn Smith has collected none of the money. Chuck Smith now is in the Harris County jail awaiting trial on felony charges of interference with child custody. The boys were 4 and 6 when their father violated custody orders and took them out of Harris County in September 1984. On Jan. 13, 1992, Chuck and his sons were returned to Houston, accompanied by an FBI agent on a flight from Mexico City. A caller to television's "Unsolved Mysteries" program tipped authorities that the family was living in Cuernavaca, SO miles south of Mexico City. One of the sons has testified the trio also traveled to Brazil, Scotland, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey. The boys recently saw their father for the first time since his arrest. Under the watchful eyes of attorneys ior doui parents, they spent about an hour with him in . an office at the jail. In the meantime, his ex-wife is trying to get to know her sons again and to ease them into life with her in Houston. So far, Carolyn Smith said, they have not asked questions or volunteered information about their years with their father. She does not know what they have been told about her. From Charles' testimony in a January court hearing, Mrs. Smith assumes they were told she was addicted to prescription drugs and unable to care for them. She denies those claims. "Considering the change and everything they've been through, I think they're really doing exceptionally well, she said. Through his attorney, Stanley Schneider, Chuck Smith declined to be interviewed by the Chronicle. "He will do his talking from the witness stand," Schneider told the newspaper. "Chuck Smith gave up everything for his kids," he said. His whole concern is for his children. Other members of the Smith family also declined interview requests. Charles William ."Chick" Smith Sr., who used to operate a Houston car dealership betore he tiled tor bankruptcy and moved out of state. said he hoped to testify at his son s trial. "There are two themes running through this: drugs and greed," Chick Smith said from Atlanta. "It's never been about children; it s never been about custody. It $ about drugs and greed." Although Mrs. Smith said she never can forgive her ex-husband or his family, she does not intend to keep the children away from their father or his family permanently. "My children love those people, and part of doing what's best for them is letting them have contact with that family," she said. City sells crosses to avoid violations CORPUS CHRISTI (AP) The city whose name means "Body of Christ," is selling its landmark six-foot crosses, traditionally erected in a public park on Easter, to avoid violating Constitutional separation of church and state. City Manager Juan Garza said the crosses will be sold to a private group to avoid legal challenges. "We don't want to get into that whole First Amendment arena because the issues can be quite subtle," Garza said. "It's never been our intent to promote a religion, but it could be argued that indeed we are. For the past 40 years, the three white crosses have been erected on Easter. . Corpus Christi resident Ron Hudson first complained about the symbols last year. He said the city shouldn't be using taxpayers' money to endorse Christianity. The complaint angered several city council members, who reimbursed the estimated $100 it cost to install the crosses. At least two council members, Joe McComb and Cezar Galindo, say they're willing to buy the crosses and pay to have them erected every year. "It's my opinion that the city would not be in violation of anything," McComb said. "But I would rather clean up this matter so that Mr. Hudson doesn't have the opportunity to raise the issue again." , Hudson said he was prepared to protest if the city paid to erect the crosses this year. COLLISION Three Odessans were treated at Medical Center Hospital and released Saturday night after a vehicle-train accident, a hospital spokeswoman said. Rosa Eloison Escobedo, 35, Julie Dee Escobedo, 6, and Rebecca Escobedo, 2, were taken to the hospital by private vehicle after the vehicle, a 1986 Plymouth Reliant driven by Rosa Escobedo, collided with a locomotive, according to Odessa Police Department reports. Rosa Escobedo was southbound in the inside lane in the 100 block of South Hancock Avenue at about 8:55 p.m. Saturday when her vehicle collided with a westbound 1976 General Motors locomotive, driven by Santos Ino-cente Tijerina Jr., 43, of Big Spring, according to reports. Escobedo's vehicle was spun around and collided a second time with the locomotive before being thrown into a railroad crossing sign, police reports said. Police issued Rosa Escobedo citations alleging she failed to stop for an approaching train and alleging no child restraint device, according to police reports. .Tijerina and two passengers in the locomotive, Pat Lynn Armstrong, 44, and Alex Torres, 37, were not injured. Rosa Escobedo and Julie Dee Escobedo were wearing seat belts. Rebecca Escobedo was not wearing a seat belt, police reports said. FATALITIES DENVER CITY Two Tatum, N.M., residents were killed and five others injured when the vehicle they were riding in rolled over 14 miles southwest of Denver City Saturday, ac cording to Gaines County Sheriffs Department reports. The driver of the vehicle, Syl via Sanchez, 16, was pronounced dead at Yoakum County Hospital by Dr. Bodindnr Thepchatri. No ment reports. ..-wt i-fie ys K e St - 1 Th Odessa American: Leslie Renken Three Odessans were treated at Medical Center Hospital and released Saturday night after their 1986 Plymouth Reliant collided with a locomotive in the 100 block of South Hancock Avenue, according to Odessa Police Department reports. ' urday, according to a hospital spokeswoman. A fifth passenger in the vehicle, Jorge Luis Sanchez, 6, of Tatum, was treated at Yoakum County Hospital and transferred to University Medical Center in Lubbock Sunday afternoon where he was admitted to the intensive care unit and listed in serious condition, according to a hospital spokesman. According to sheriffs department reports, only Sanjuanita Sanchez was wearing a seat belt. a hospital spokeswoman. The incident was being investi gated Sunday as an aggravated assault, according to police reports. ROBBERY FIRE Firefighters responded to a mobile home fire in West Odessa Sunday afternoon, according to Odessa Fire Department and West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department reports. Three units from the West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire at a mobile home owned by Bobby Daniels, no age listed, of West Odessa, in the 1500 block of Timothy Avenue about 1:03 p.m. Sunday, according to tire depart- A 54-year-old Odessa man was robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning, according to Odessa Police Department reports. Harold Dean Norman reported that someone came into the lobby of the Motel 6 in the 200 block of East Interstate 20 where he was working about 1:20 a.m. and demanded all the money from the register, according to police reports. Norman said the suspect displayed a small, blue-steel handgun. After receiving an undetermined amount of money, the suspect left on foot, according to police reports. The incident was being investigated Sunday as. an aggravated robbery, according to police reports. INJURY Hunger "There's so many cases I can't count them," said Celestin, the " nurse's aide. "And there are places where it's too far to walk from. There the children just perish." The embargo has sharply curtailed freighter traffic between northern port towns, such as Port-de-Paix and Cap Haitien, and the United States. Prices have risen for rice, beans and other basic foods that used to arrive on ships but now must come by trucks that burn scarce, expensive gasoline. Also, the embargo has interrupted mail service from the United States, cutting the lifeline of many poor Haitians who relied on remittances from relatives in America. Cedile Valzam is an example. The 61 -year-old farmer languishes in his two-room shack in Jean Rabel, his belly swollen by a liver disorder. "I went to the hospital, but I didn't have any money for the prescription," he said. Valzam, who has a wife and four school-age children at home, used to get $50 to $60 monthly from a son who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. No checks have arrived since the embargo. Many people have fled the northwest to other parts of Haiti, and some join the exodus of boat people bound for the United States. . "Even if they die at sea, they are probably better off than if they'd stayed behind," Celestin said. MONDAY EVENING ' MARCH 16, 1992 0W 7:00 7:30 j 8:00 8:30 9:00 I 9:30 1 10:00 1 10:30 1 11:00 11:30 1 12:00 1 12:30 Bl:MlTSMAff.4Mi'MJkj i i m J I I I j . . FBI: UntoW DttKthw Movie: "Those Secrets" 2. Drama) Blair Brown. Nawa 11993 Cheer g lErrt Tonight iNightliMa iDennit Miller (In Stereo) St 8451 177 Arliss Howard. Premiere. (In Stereo) g 6871 24413 3603 84968 20611 Evening Major Did Murphy iDeeign. W. 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(In Stereo) 37239 Oenoretkn q 13413 13264 540351 42500 g 736433 n Froth iBIoaaomg Movie:W In the Line 0 Duty: A Cop for the Newt Tonight Show (R) (In Late Night With David Bob Costal Prince 9413 19719 Klwo"(1990, Drama) James FarentJno.q 68351 4696177 Stereo) 2167332 Letterman (R) 9861239 8086982 can Of Mooto and Men: The Rocky and I Sinatra I Learning in America MacNeilLenrer iTeiecourte Telecouret (0ff Air) 11 Bulrwinkle Story 251697 550264 447351 rlewthourg 344210 707245 1 1 31 448 mu Scenes ISekulow I Benny Him 71429 Preite the Lord 74516 Greg Laurie 95245 Mike Barber Benny Him -L- 4!,1.'..1'61 I I I --- 815833 161524 ton m "s,9 Onstage Nashville Now (In Stereo) 604210 Crook On Stage On Stage. iNashville Now (R) (In Stereo) 575974 Crook M 764351 399581 176577 (R) 372429 (R) 381 177 v-"--.- 160678 pais K PrinceVaL Stallion Father Dowkng Mysteries 1 700 Club 567345 : Bordertown Movie: "Calamity Jane and Sam Bass" (1949, PeidProg. a " 185005 898061 (In Stereo) q 966581 q 782061 Western) Yvonne De Carlo, Howard Dull. 960968 563920 Homeroom Video Soul (R) 770968 Generation Homeroom Our Voices iMiamght Love 457719 IScreen ScT Live From 655697 I900871 279413 (351061 593320 LA. 319982 -m,. , e (6 35) NBA Basketball: Atlanta Hawks at Detroit Movie: "Gray Lady Down" (1978, Suspense) National Geographic Explorer The chimpanzee; the " a Pistons. 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From the Memorial Airirtorium. 70784 72413 jctwmpionship 442901 time of death was available, ac cording to sheriffs department and Yoakum County Hospital reports. A passenger in the vehicle, 8- year-old Celestino Sanchez, was pronounced dead at the scene by Gaines County Justice of the Peace Fred Connally, sheriffs department reports said. Sylvia Sanchez was southeast- bound on FM 1757 between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday when the right front tire blew out on her vehicle, a 1980 AMC Spirit. The vehicle left the roadway oil the west side and the driver overcor- rected, causing , the vehicle to come back onto the roadway and then leave the roadway on the east side. The vehicle then overturned and collided with two trees, coming to rest on its top between the two trees. Both SylviaSanchez and Celestino Sanchez were ejected from the vehicle, according to sheriff s de partment reports. Four passengers in the vehicle, Dulce Sanchez, 11, Lurdibinn Sanchez, 14, Angelo Sanchez, 7, and Sanjuanita Sanchez, 32, all of Tatum, were treated at Yoakum County Hospital and released Sat- The fire, which started when a fire to burn weeds grew out of control, caused heavy damage to the underside of the home and some smoke damage to the inside of the home. Damage to the home was estimated at $1,000, according to West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department Chief John Turner. Eleven firefighters responded to the fire, which took about an hour to extinguish, according to Turner. ASSAULT A 30-year-old Odessa man was apparently uninjured after he was run over by a vehicle Saturday afternoon, according to Odessa Police Department reports. Jaime Rafael Fierro reported that a person he knew intentionally assaulted him by running over him with a vehicle in the 2800 block of Hilltop Drive about 5:20 p.m. Saturday, police reports said. Fierro was taken to Medical Center Hospital by private vehicle, but the hospital had no record of treatment, according to A 12-year-old Odessa girl was uninjured after someone chased her and threw objects at her Saturday, Odessa Police Department Reports said. Pete Gutierrez, 38, of Odessa reported that Tricia Ann Gutierrez said someone began chasing her Saturday about 11 p.m. in the 4900 block of Everglade Avenue. The suspect also threw objects at her, striking her on both legs and the left arm, according to police reports. The incident was being investigated Sunday as injury to a child, a felony, according to police reports. - Cslossa PcHcs March 14 Criminal mischief: Ramon Bemal reported someone shot at his residence causing $800 damage to wood paneling, sheetrock, a kitchen cabinet door and a window pane at a residence in the 4300 block of Redbud Avenue about 9:15 p.m. Saturday. Officer D.Fick. Criminal mischief: Pokey Pena reported someone used a sharp instrument to scratch the right side of a 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier at Cheers in the 800 block of North Grandview Avenue causing $1,800 damage about 12:30 a.m. Saturday. Officer L Ramirez. lEATUS Martha Petterson BIG SPRING Services for Martha Ann Petterson, 78, of Big Spring are scheduled for 5 p.m. today at Nalley-Pickle-Welch Chapel in Big Spring with the Rev. Bob Farrell officiating. Burial will be in Forrest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City. Mo. Mrs. Petterson died Sunday in Big Spring. She was bom May 28. 1914, in Kansas City. She married Richard S. Petterson Aug. 17. 1940, in Kansas City. Mrs. Petterson moved to Big Spring in 1951 and to Colorado City in 1970. She was a member of East "4 Baptist Church for a number of years. Survivors include a son, Paul Petterson of Odessa; and three grandchildren. Nalley-Pickle-Welch Funeral Home of Big Spring is in charge of arrangements. Harold Butler Graveside services for Harold Tyler Butler, 73, of Odessa are scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday at Sunset Memorial Gardens with the Rev. James Massey officiating. Mr. Butler died Saturday at Medical Center Hospital He was bom Sept 25. 1918. in Melissa. He married Mary Jane Longley April 29. 1947. in New Orleans. Mr. Butler moved to Odessa 45 years ago from Breckenridge. He was owner of 0-K Radiator Brake and Alignment. He was in the Merchant Marines and was a longtime member of St Luke's United Methodist Church. ' Survivors include two daughters, Kathy Vandergriff of Sanger and- Renee Caviness of Lubbock; a brother. Norman Butler of Brack-etville; two sisters, Ouida Pittman of Melissa and Edith Lowery of McKinney; and four grandchildren. The family suggests memorials to St Luke's United Methodist Church. Hubbard-Kelly Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Gertrude Stockel Services for Gertrude Stockel, 84, of Odessa are scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday at Parkview Church of Christ with Charles Jones and Joe Cross rSS officiating. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens. Mrs. Stockel died Saturday at Medical Center Hospital She was bom Aug. 25, 1907, in Ennis. She married F.G. Stockel Oct 10, 1934, in San Angelo. hfeltied-Ndv. 30, 1981. Mrs. Stockel moved to Odessa 45 years ago from Peoss. She was a homemaker and a member of Parkview Church of Christ Survivors include a cousin. Raymond Newton of Fort Wfrthr . Hubbard-Kelly Funeral Home is inctiaTge of arrangements. Octaviano Hernandez PECOS Services for Octaviano Hernandez, 94. of Pecos are scheduled for 2 p.m. today at Santa Rosa Catholic Church with the Rev. Miguel Marin officiating, '.r Mr. Hernandez died Friday at Reeves County Hospital Hewas born March 22, 1897. in Saragosa. Mr. Hernandez, a widower, had been a lifetime Reeves County resident He was a retired farm laborer. Survivors include a son, Juan Hernandez of Kermit; three daughters, Santos Fuentes and Felicia Rayos, both of Pecos, and Belia Sanchez of Monahans; a sister, Paula Ramos of Pecos; 17 grandchildren greatgrandchildren; and two great-greatgrandchildren. Martinez Funeral Home of Pecos is in Charge of arrangements. William Crowley Services for William Lester Crowley, 73, of Odessa are pending with Hubbard-Kelly Funeral Home. He died Saturday. LIFE LETTERS The Odessa American would like to share with iu readers the memories of those who were special to you and who passed away within the past 90 days. We will call them Life Letters, and publish them on a space avail able basis in the obituary column. Letters can be no longer than ISO words. Write to Life Letters, the Odessa American, P.O. Box 2952, Odessa, 79760. List the funeral home, writer's daytime phone number, deceased's name, age, and date of death. You also can fax letters to the American at 334-8641.

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