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The Daily Timesi
Davenport, Iowa
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C. PETERSEN'S SONS' retseher Says: The Red Crc-Tanning Proctt Th o.dinty tola ii linntd In fix nth; rid aied to harry tbo tatuilnc fuck mi barn th i If vbyotdtntrT tboea feel od hiTr( tr (Hr ho Red Cmi tolo If liiuiod ky ft iptiml frv tnontbr ro bend ic donblft The Here are three of the newest Red Cross Shoe styles. I don't believe you ever saw a more graceful Shoe. Add to their good looks "perfect comfort'' and you have the reason why the Red Cross Shoe is the most popular woman shoe known today. MY SHOES AND ARE AT BASEMENT.

You are heartily invited to attend our demonstration of Ceresota Flour which is being held every day this week in our special booth in the basement of J. H. C. Petersen's Sons' Department Store. Our demonstrators will be pleased to serve you with dainty hot biscuit and coffee.

We would like the opportunity of showing you what really fine results can be obtained from Ceresota, the Prize Bread Flour of the World. Come and Be Our Guests CERESOTA FLOOR NOT CHEAPEST, BUT BEST PLAYBILLS Theatrical Notes of Interest After announcing that Miss Mary Mannerlng would not be Been in Cora PLANS FOR OPENING WEEK PROGRESSING Maynard'a play, "The the Shuberts have acquired the rights of a new piece by Rachel Crothers for the use of this star. While the title has not been announced, it Is understood that Miss Crothers' play will bo called "Kiddie." It is generally known that Walker Whiteside, the star of Zangwill's "The Melting Pot," at the Comedy theater, New York, wrote many of the plays in LA- At the Bnrtis Sunday, Oct. 17. matinee and night William B.

Pattern in "The Block Head." At The Orand House Davenport Thursday In in Toyland." Friday "In the Bishop's Carriage." Oct. 17 and 18 "The Right of Way." At the Elite Polite vaudeville; three shows dally, 2:00, 8:00 and 9:15 o'clock. At The Family Polite vaudeville; three shows dally, 3:00, 8:00 and 9:15 o'clock. TUESDAY FOR DONORS AND BORING MEN OF CITT which he appeared during his long ab-I sence from Broadway "barnstorm Rev. Fayette L.

Thompson Will Speak in Afternoon and Charles Stelzle In the Evening ing" as he himself terms it but It was only recently he acknowledged the names of Gordon Keane and Lieut. Allen as belonging to his collection of nom de plumes. Some excellent work has been done under both names. At the Princess Tonight and for the week with matinees Wednesday and Saturday "Sweet Clover." iii i This is the last week of Charles Klein's wonderfully successful Further plans for the Y. M.

C. A. the Illinois opening week, commencing next Mon- "The Third Degree." at "A Fool there Was" day, have been completed. Each day theater, Chicago. -J with Robert Hilliard as the star, will GUS PIXLEY hiii ne a nig one, and the program will be full of interesting numbers.

Tuesday's Program On Tuesday open house will be kept to all of the members of the association and contributors to the building fund, and from 1:30 to 3 be seen at the above playhouse on Monday, October 18. It is the fourth production of that skilful and expert manager, Frederick Thompson, whose offerings are all quickly and significantly successful. It created, a great stir In New York last spring and Who will be seen In the role of Marmaduke In "Babes In Toyland" at the Grand Opera house Thursday night, has played the part ever since the original production was made about five years ago with the exception of one season, when he had a prominent role in "The Gingerbread Man." Mr Pixley is well known to Davenport theatregoers and has many admirers here. p. m.

they will be allowed to inspect year probably a greater number of laboring men than any other individual. In one year he addressed 30,000 laboring people, and at one meeting alone, held In Convention hall In Kansas City he spoke to 15,000. He is at the head of the labor department of the home mission board of the Presbyterian church. He knows the problems of the laboring people from experience and is thus especially fitted to reach them, knowing their trials. He is also greatly praised as a speaker wherever he has been heard.

crowded the Liberty theater there for the entire building. A program con several months until Mr Hilliard was sisting of musical and other numbers will then be given in thd gymnasium, E. B. Hayward of this city presiding. Presentation of Building At this time W.

H. Wilson, who was chairman of the citizen's committee compelled to go abroad. During the past month "A Fool There Was" has plaved an extraordinary engagement in Philadelphia, breaking Richard TINWARE "Babes In Tojland" The personnel of the cast of "Babes In Toyland," which attraction plays at the Grand Thursday, is a very strong one, including, as it does, such veil known artists as Ignacio Marti-nettl, Marie Radcliffe, Gus Pixley, Mario Malatesta, John E. Ward, Norma Cameron, Frank Kennark, Amy Thropp, Leon Mayo, Vergie Burrows, Ida Ward, Violet Clifford and a strong singing chorus of thirty well trained voices. The costumes and scenery are all new, but follow on the original design, which was one of the chief assets In the success of this musical extravaganza.

"In the Bishop's Carriage" The engagement of "In the Bishop's Carriage," the dramatization of the famous novel of the same name, which comes to the Grand Friday night, is said to be one of the most carefully made productions that will be taken on tour this season. Miss Stephanie Longfellow, an actress of more than Mansfield's record at the Garrick the NEW MUENCHENER BEER ater and attracting such numbers that during the campaign for the building the musicians were crowded under the I fund three years ago, will formally stage. It has enabled Mr Hilliard to i present the new Y. M. C.

A. building achieve the most emphatic success of; to the directors. This will be followed a career which has Included every- by an address by Rev. F. L.

Thompson thing from society drama to the one-j of St. Louis. Rev. Thompson, who was act playlets of vaudeville. And it pastor of St.

John's church Stove Pipes, Elbows, Collars, Coal Hods, Pokers and Tongs. Special sale on "Stransky" Blue enamel ware Sauce Pans. Louis Hanssen's Sons 213-215 W. Second St may be said mat to an or tnese ne in mis city, nas many menus nere. lie has an excellent reputation as a has lent artistic dignity and personal distinction.

ordinary ability, portrays the principal part, which is described as a sort of female colloborator or compatriot of the female "Raffles," and a possible antagonist of the even more widely known Sherlock Holmes. Baker Castle, the managers of the enterprise, have given the play a sumptuous mounting and a splendid company. At The Family One of the most humorous acts ever seen at the Family theatre is now entertaining its patrons in "The Pekin Graduates." It is scoring the biggest kind of a hit and keeps the audience in convulsions of laughter. There are six colored people In the act and their singing, dancing and eccentric comedy work Is simply immense. This Is the Davenport Brewing Company Has New Product Ready for Market Tomorrow the Davenport Malting company will place on the market the new product of The Davenport Brewing company, Muenchener beer.

The company's expert brewer has been experimenting for months in perfecting this new beer and has now brought it to the standard of excellence required In all products manufactured by this company. The Muenchener is a dark beer, and It will undoubtedly attain the popularity enjoyed by Pale Export manufactured by the same company. i DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION Quickly Cured Rhenmatle Pains, Alsoi Croup is most prevalent during the dry cold weather of the early winter months. Parents of young children should be prepared for it. All that Is needed is a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.

Many mothers are never without it in their homes and it has never disappointed them. speaker. The Invitations for this aftprnoon entertainment were mailed today and the members and contributors will probably receive them not later than tomorrow. At this meeting no appeal will be made for more funds or subscriptions. Program for Labor Tuesday evening the building will be open especially to all of the laboring men of the city.

This will include the employes of all of the Davenport shops and factories, of the Rock Island arsenal, and the mechanics and various tradesmen. An effort is being made to reach all of these men and get invitations and tickets to all of them. But if any should be overlooked, they may UNITARIAN MEN MEET The Times, 10c a weok. Splendid System Builder Go to any good prescription druggist and get the following and mix them: One ounce compound syrup of Sar-saparilla, and one ounce Toris compound. Add these to a half pint of first class whiskey, and us a table-spoonful before each meal and at bed time.

The bottle must be well Shaken each time. This simple remedy Is one of the most effective known. The restorative action will be felt after the first few doses. This formula Is also especially beneficial to old people and all persons of falling strength, bs it will eventually restore full physical vigor. MAKES BEST BREAD act guaranteed by the Western Vaudeville Managers' association and they certainly made good in their guarantee for everyone who has seen it is enthusiastic over it and is passing along the good word of its merit to their friends.

Other strong feature acts on the same bill are: Doc O'Neil, monologu-lst; Marie Sparrow, comedienne and Wilson and Avesto, comedy acrobats. This program lasts through Wednesday night only and an entirely new bill will be presented Thursday. MEN Don't Give Up! be admitted by calling for their tie-: kets at the office of the association, The meeting will be absolutely free. I It Is at this meeting that Charles Stelzle will sppRk. He addresses each I fi- YoupQroccrl Harry E.

Downer Reads Taper on Early History of Davenport The Unitarian club held its regular meeting Monday night at Unity hall, a large number of members and friends being present. Reports were read which showed a great Increase in membership over last year. Harry E. Downer talked on early local history, and read reports on the battle between the British and Americans in 1S12, on Suburban or Credit Island, as it was called at that time. The British forces were in command of Lieutenant Duncan, in the Indian service of the British army, and the American forces under Zachary Taylor, who afterward became president of the United Slates.

Mr Downer Is a very interesting speaker, and those present were well flensed. Hundreds of men In this rlclntty are todny sound and well as a result of our modern methods of treatment. Many of them had tried various treatments and had practically given up all hope. We do not claim to cure nil diseases, hut for those cases that como under onr specialty we undoubtedly have the best means of treatment known, and If upon examination we feel that the case Is too far gone for relief we refuse to accept It. Our honest dealings and ability have won for us an enviable reputation, and any man who Is afflicted, or suffering from any weakness or disease peculiar to his sex cannot possibly make a mistake In seeking our advice.

We may save you a life of misery and suffering. Consultation Is free. KEEP FLANTS ALL WINTER piTTx ronstiltatlon for all dtspaups skin and ir II Vale blood diseases, sores, ulcers, bladder trouble, kidney weakness, rupture, varicose veins, catarrh, nervousness, stomach and liver diseases. middle-aged men who have Injured KTonToung and A.J' 'themselves In body and mind, with weak back, falling strength, sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, bad habits, dissipation, poor memory. We cure secretly and cheaply.

In mouth, sore pums. XMUUU falling hair. swellings, copper- What Did The Cold Snap Do? Start That Tooth to Aching Better have it attended to right now. Don't put it off any longer, for the longer you wait the more it will ache. My office is cozy and warm after the first visit here you won't have that dislike for a dentist's office that you probably now have.

All instruments are thoroughly sterilized and everything about the chairs is absolutely clean. The greatest possible care is taken to give you no pain, and your work will be done quickly and a fair and honest price charged for it. You will like our methods of doing dental work they're different, they appeal especially to nervous people. colored spots, eruptions, bolls. Uur treatment is better than Hot Bprlngs.

Call and Investigate, free. Vnm'onea Veins occur on the left side anCOSo Cllio nnd produce dragging sensations In the groin and back. It often impairs the general health and often causes much worry, and you may grow despondent. We cure without cutting. A r--nervous and despondent: weak or dehlll-lire XOUtated; tired mornings; no ambition; lifeless; memory poor, easily fatigued; excitable and irritable; eyes sunken, red and blurred; pimples; restless; haggard-looking; weak back; bone pains; hair loose; ulcers; sore throat; lack of energy and confidence.

The New Product of the Davenport Brewing Co. Distributed by Davenport Malting Co. GEO. KLINDT, Prop. )The Men's Spec-? iuiist Whv waste money "trvlnR" different) doctors? Go to the) Copenhagen Ppe- JelaltHt in the first) I pin eeJ To Do So Ton Must Have an Even Temperature In Your House and That Is Easy If You Haie a Cole's Hot Blast Stove Every winter we hear of some reader who has lost a highly prized plant because during a cold snap the fire went out at night, or the family went away for a day and forgot all about the plants.

i This never happens where people use a Cole's Hot Blast Stove because this famous heater holds fire from Saturday night until Monday morning. In some cases it has been known to hold fire four days and nights without attention, but it assures the user an even temperature all the time and a hat full of coal nt the cost of a cent will keep a fire over night easily, Instead of building a new fire in the morning you simply open the draft and the stove will heat for an hour or two with the fuel put in the night: before. This is the stove sold under a posl-) tive guarantee by the Iowa Furniture, and Carpet Company, and one of the! features of the Iron clad guarantee, is that the stove will save a third in fuel over any lower draft stove of the snme size with soft coal, slack orj lignite. This handsome cleanly stove i i now being shown by the Iowa Fur- niture and Carpet company and every Orders for "Muenchener" or the unexcelled 'Tale Export" Bottled Beer will have prompt attention by 'phoning number states have suggested making: laws to require JYiaiTlagS JjAWomen to be examined before given a marriage license. Manv men are afflicted with diseases and deformities without knowing It; others know they are not Regardless of any laws, every man should, for his own benefit, he as nearly perfect, physically, as possible, before entering marriage.

We Invite men contemplating marriage to consult us free. I you have any ailment, call at once In time to get cured before marriage. Out-of-Town Men Visiting the City may! be you can be cured before returning home. Many cases can be cured In one or two or more visits, continuing treatment at home. Consultation and advice free.

COPENHAGEN MEDICAL INSTITUTE Over Drlscoll's Pruff Store, Fourth and Brady Sts Davenport, la. OFFICE IIOT'RS Every 'lay from 9 m. to 5 p. m. Evenings Tuesday and Saturday till 9 o'clock for the benefit of those who work during the day Sundays 9 a.


2nd Brady. Remember the Name, HAYES. reader should see them before deciding on what heater will be Viought. Besides Did you see the remarkable offer of free fuel in the large on-i iu cu. vocsnt iuo7 ft..

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