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The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas • Page 9
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The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas • Page 9

Odessa, Texas
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-MM II ri.1 IMII JIIH HIH 10 The Odessa (Texaar Tuesday. Jnne 3, 1952 these two parties' will the frX actrjrate estimate: of lust Mexican Red strong Influence If Unruly Kojc Prisoners Set 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 4 i Lombardo'. is not an -vadm' Divorces Cowboy Star On Cruelty Ground LOS ANGELES fcrV-Film cowboy Lash la- Rue vat cruel to ne and refused to act like a married man." actress Barbara fuller testified in winning a divorce. She told court yesterday they parked, months after their marriage in February, 1251. She waived alimony. himseli Communist he calls I fit IJTk Seel; High Post Up Another Communist Flag Marxtni without party-but course has followed the sin windings of Communist policy MEXICO CTTY tfULatin Ameri expressed concern over the num- ca' leading; Marxist is running fori tit i i KOJE ISLAND; Korea Wl 1-Unruly Communist prisoners of war todav set un a new fin enciim Jj Br TOB fHOMAS oui oeviauon for 19 'years Home iHintv" -V theater covers 14 acres and can who drove in. He was sur oer ox accidental shootings by, AI lied guards. i TWO POW were nut first elective post in 28 years in a test which will, left park 850 ears at one time. The prised to learn that 90 per cent of! in their prison pen in place of HOLLYWUOJJ Iff time we lone knocked down by' their ine patrons were people wittt ram took a look into she operation of Wash closet and drawer it' a drive-in theater screen is about two-thirds bigger than those in normal theaters, requiring brighter projection. i Q. Do you have any unusual dis One was shot trying to escape. The other was shot by; a South Korean -who was uies pr older folks. I Q. Is business seasonal? The drive-inS atSe getting to be a guards yesterday, The U. said "it will not be there very long." The Communist fla rvlM in Very much so. We lose money iors with plenty ofj sudsy I water before storing wV ens away. Try taint Icloves. smell spicy and keep rnotlis av I goaded by shouted POW insults. cipline problems. A. No more than in any theater. tn winternme ana make it back in the summer. Often we! can make wing strength Vicente Lombardo Toledano is the candidate of the Popular and Communist parties for President of Mexico. His chief opponents in thei Jury 6 election are the government candidate, a rich independent and an This xlineup means thai fall the left-wing votes should go to Lom- oofinw oat oraereo tne communists to pull down Communist You set the same amount of hood enough profit, in the snack bar to Compound 802 was smashed yesterday by, a Patton. tank ringed, by infantrymen, carrying lums and trouble-makers.) We have nags 1 1 lying over their compounds. Several compounds rtnenlv Hefleri onset) toe joss on admissions. The snackj bar is the other half of this a special problem with the sound speakers, which are attached to I A 7 bayonet-tipped, rifles. the order. Tank supported troops TODAY and WEDNESDAY Mario Wilson starring in "SHE'S IN THE ARMY NOW" Hav vrai vpr-i1nnHt each car. Some people drive off big factor in the movie business. There are 3,323 of ithem in the UJS. and more a-buildipff every month. This' compares to 16,330 indoor film theaters, a -figure which has been shrinking yearly. 5 I dropped in on nyi neighborhood drive-in in Van Ntiys to learn about how it is run. It's galled the Victory Drive-In and thei manager is a young fellow named Jce Pietro-forte. He used' to) manage indoor theaters-arid hasl been' at the Victory, since" it; three years A. Onlv twice. That was mAtL removea, nags ana insuioiig banners from two compounds Tension in the hate-filled prison -stockade remained as the accidental discharge of a machinesun killed one POW snrf with them in the ear and others tear them out maliciously. They tiEvs sf Audi 'i Daroa mo uommunist party, legal here, claims 30,000 members. The fellow-travelers are enlisted in the Popular party; The. total vote by North "Knrfnn nrlennm; nt cost $15 cuts' into wounded another in Compound Compound 96 staged- a mock xne i ter when we had floods jin the San Fernando Valley. The only reason we closed was-, because nobody came to the theater. Sometimes thei fog comes in during a show and we have to issue fog checks, which Q. Do you have any trouble with funeral. A camp official said it presumably; commemorated i an romancers? Next Door to the PlaxaTheatre -114 E. 2nd 78, Prisoners refused to give up the body or permit camp officials to take the wounded man to a hospital. i A. Just as much as you'd set in incident Friday in which ive nere aire i somes oi ine ques- POWs were killed. The mokes are uie same as ram cneCKS. him: tions i tossed; i. a Brie Gen. Havdon L. Boatner. man said Boatner saw, I the Has television hurt! business? the balcony of a normal theater. Next door to 'the theater is a Catholic church, and one of the priests was commenting to me that Newt- All The Lotest Which kind ibf 1viter opera commander of the prison camps demonstration. A. It did at. first. And it still iion I do vou like best papers, and Magazines does when a big event lis. on TV GAY THEATRE GOLDSMITH Today A Wednesdsj BEN JOHNSON and EDGAR BUCHANAN "Wild: Stallion" A. The drive-m far I like But the noveltv has worn ntt 2nd Hit Feature Nat Pendleton "TOP SERGEANT MILLIGAN" Cartoon 100 Pyrmiet. outdoor work i anyway. And I don't drive ins were called "passion pits." I invited him to stand by the entrance and see the kinds of PeoplestilL want to cet out of the have the kiddie matinees to drive nousei i i Cigars Cigarettes Cendy Cold Drinks -( The Best Shoe Shine in Tews me crazy. Q. What are the details or the victory? i AJ It's I an latf-slee' Court Sets I construction Aside atFl cost of about $400,000. The Dial C-S174 Box Office Opens 7:05 Feature SUni 8:00 P3L1 TODAY PfR0 5 BIG DAYS-lst RUN 1i TEXAS Movie Censorship WEDNE DAY "You'r. Nerer Seen Anything Like TWO FIRST RUN FEATURE: WASHINGTON, June SimThe, tected because they lie oiereb i Supreme. Court Monday iset aside entertainment offered for profit But the high bench overruled this which bad been imposed on movie "Pinky" in Marshall, doctrine last Monday. The opin r- i ion, on "ne Miracie'lid not out- law all censorship but dealt only a dointf so, the tribunal revers wnn me riznt or. a state tn ban I said i was 1 LilllllntfmKS fn iii iv 111! illl A ed a ruling of a Texas state court, toovid for religious reasons. e. Supreme Court acted in ustice Felix Jftankfuifter addec brief border, without opinion. It re- totrrtft in its rfriinn Inst MondaT a short memorandum to. the court's order Monday saying tbit the cen outlawing the ban on "The Mira sor ordinance of Marshall "offends in New York. There was no uw uue process clause afi tne I4tn indication of the vote, but the May amenament on tne score of lndef- 26 ruling was unanimous. W. L. Gelling, manager of the Paramount Theater in Marshall, ttttlAUMt ONIWlM Aat'ftuJMMM J4f But I the court itself did not give explicit reasons for its action. PfTC MKY and was fined 8200 lor i snowing produced by Twentieth "Pinky" in Tebruary, 1950. Plus: Lotest News and Cartoon In deciding the "Pinky case Century-Fox, concerns the exper iences in the south of a the Texas court had relied on light-skinned Negro girl who has 1915 Supreme Court ruling that WliiTifirnrir Jy: Deen "passing in the north as films are not constitutionally pro- White! A 1921 Marshall ordiiance cer Co-Feature COMING SOON WATCH FOR DATE mits the board nf, A asm i SJar Confesses quire that any picture shown in the city be submitted to the board. The WEST TEXAS PREMIERE ordinance xorpids tne showinr of jany picture disapproved by the Clifron Webb starring in "MR. BELVEDERE GOES TO COLLEGE Flood From the gallery of famous Opening Sunday, June 8, at; the 'omen or of I such a character Las to be prejudicial to the besjt interests of 1EN Wicly Tex. im With Mail The board disArmt-vwi "WnW LYRIC THEATRE, Odessa, Admission; Adults -60c; Children for the second reason, but Gelling exhibited it Just the same. His conviction and fine in 4 Harrison county court were sustained by the 2t. By ALINE MOSBY OLLYWOOD. June 3 WV-John Ireland blushed and admitted Mon Texas Court of Criminal Apeals. BETH all billowy; has net an angle blunt. With harbour heVa, tha eld frontier puts up a better front." day his women fans are writing turn sizzling letters under the ScottJ TODAY Ihru SATURDAY impression that his big nose means sex appeal. i i The handsome actor claims he Blonde Polio Victim Gofi Medic Degree ONE BIG WEEK! never gave his king-sized beaker a second thought, except when movie I. w.i TODAY and WEDNESDAY -makers complained in vain that he should have it whittled down by ualjLMS. June 3 iff i An plastic surgery. Now he's glad he never went In wacue blond polio 1 -victim got tifL, df2' Southwestern medical School of th trnivmiin, foil a nose bob. ir ie If 3 ect-ium suot sals Ladles, he's discovered, arc fascinated by big noses and figure they're a sign of manliness. of Texas here last night, Dorothy CauseyXaramore, 27, Austin, wheeled her chair across an auditorium stage to receive the M. TL -4 desrrea with 7 "It's got something to do with H'USlCAl KAKHIYESI LrV some xemaie superstition that man's nose and his feet are in smile. She wiU Interni at Mc-Kinney where here husband, Dr. Charles Laramore, has a resi- fin dications of bis romantic prowess, the actor said." "It's supposed to show you're a super he-man. Mrs. Laramore vtAoA fnvn 1 f'v ry- vasv And the letters I get about my nose wem Austin High School injml and got a Bachelor of $MnM ir. Ireland was ordered to have, his chembtry from the University of nose remodeled when he first was BRONCHO i. rmjf DRIVE-IN J'iSS4wU. TODAY THRU 'PMraJrr THURSDAY llf Box, Office Opens 7:20 fnCTlTfllL' Show Time 8:15 JkJMZ: 'Two Color Cartoons HbuTj At Tha Snack Bar "ff-JS uS Supardog on a Stick 1'- FEATURE CARHOP "SERVICE imported to movietown for in ane worked two years witn Ue Sun Oil Co, Dal Walk in the Sun." But the only career concession he's- made to, She entered the medical arhnni his beakMs never to look full face into 'the camera. He concentrates in 1948. Spinal polio struck in 1950, and has kept now on turning his profile to the i it 7T- II aer ui a wneei cnair since. lens. "Sure, I show my profile," he r- iJQJ grinned. "Maybe that's what TODAY thru THURSDAY LYRIC TODAY thru THURSDAY nui si.tfK i prompted the letters. I know Veronica Lake don't look like but jet- some of tne same vreactionl BROUGHT BACK BY from females. Sheds 2nd Man POPULAR DEMAND "I got i two letters yesterday LOS ANGELES Ufl Veronica from women asking for a copy of the picture nsed in the thea-tr paster 1 for The I was turned profile, and It showed my full flgore, including my feet 1 Lake, whose sheep dog hair-do brought her fame at 17, has shed her second husband. Andre de Toth Filmed in the Holy land mam film director. A woman in Phoenix wanted Miss Lake appeared in court vea- ne to send her an impression of ny nose. I presume she meant in terday with a short haircut and said De Toth's hobby was flying. He often failed to tell her when plaster. Almost every letter men-l uons my 'virue nose' and most he was flying and "stood me up omen ask for profile photographs. SI for dinner many times because he I b7H IT IS IfRoeA 1 ve Deen puzzled about this." was out xlrins and I wai wnrriMi Pcrediso II 1 fl "to4fw III reflected. "I'd heard that bare ss-i-cbs sick," Jshe said. She charsed i III male" chests had sex but cruelty 'id Adams never thought about noses. Mav- De Toth agreed to pay the ac agpans tress $250 monthly fori support of TcntptsttSn be it all started with Cyrano de 3ergerac. He had a legend of being quite a guy with the ladies." three children. Miss Lake asked --Bgaaaa-' ---aBasaagn' no alimony. i Expsslsbsi BrltUtfer Day M'rsiory iiflodiea Spid Gibson V.A program News i Ra4dll Ray POO 3DOtlirht rt fj ivy VM PLAINS I TODAY thru THURSDAY News-Ed Costello DRIVE IN II 1 -vat i i laesday uit. I Ule-MBS 1 5:00 Preston of Yukon 5:30 Sky King' News 'S Fulton Lewis 6:15 Sports Mirror 6:30 Gabriel Heatter 6:45 Mutual Newsreel Newa :00 The Black Miiseum 7:30 Story Doc Kijfdare .8:00 Bill Henry jj 8:05 Official Detective Myster. Trajeler Music FU1 J. Ix)V' a Mystery 9:30 Oanctt Orchestra 10:00 Baukage Talking 10:15 Organ Portraits 10:30 Organ Portraits: 10:45 Bailee -Orchestra 10:55 Huf RpU Newa 11 :00 Dance' Orchestra 11 :30 Daii Orchestra 11:65 Sign Off! i litisU'WU 1 box Office Opens 7:40 Showtime 8:05 KECK 8:00 Texas News Concert Master 3:30 Music in the Miller Mood Public Scr, Show 4:00 World News 4:05 Make Believe BH- roolm i 6.00 Texas News 6:05 Make Believe Ballroom :00 World News 6:06 Early Evenlns; Sports Final Room Window 6:45 Accent on Melody 7 :00 Tfcxaa Newa 7:06 C-light and Silver 8:00 Son ss for America :00 Starlight Song 9:30 r.Time 9:45 Sports Roundup 10:00 World News 10:15 Nightwatchman 10:30 Good Will P-gram 11 :00 Nichtwatchman 11:65 Final News Brief 12:00 Sign Off III III). vwniwyjjf Mm 1 Sin listivity I ChHdbdi f.l:rcd$s Wprld I of Sports Peggy) Lee Ed jMurrow People Are Funny Mr.f&'Mrs. North Lift with Luigl i PuesuU Tha Lineup I Tommy i Dorsey News-Ed Costelld Hi utea in Sports i Beulah I Jack Smith News i i Orchestra YAM PAUL InuiicnMnniiniiip mm iiLii-r- mM News' Thf Stcrycf the BIBLE wnenin ame i Radio Log 1-1 sTi PCredfixfcn These Schedules are Fun tsUed by the Radio Stations which are Responsible for Thfir. Accuracy. Plus to Coloaru i 6:00 Coffee Capers Ascensbn 7:00 WorM News R-tip 7:15 Coff Capers 11 1 UOLDLY BEGINS WHERE VJ i I 4. f-r THE SENATE CRIME i 8:00 Hews Of America VociH3 Tours 8:30 Thi4 IBeUev Spohcast i40New 8:45 Koibo Tim 9:00 Arliur Godfrey 9:15 News i Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Herjt Cbmes Band i Rosemary 11:00 Wendy Warren 11:15 Youtog Dr. Maiow THE DEACON KMMITEE LEFT -iA 6:00 Record Range 7 :00 Texas Newa 7:05 920 Special 7 :65 Sportscast 6:00 World Newa 8:06 920 SpecUl 8 .30 Trading Post 8:45 S. American Way 9:00 Txas News 9 :05 Spotligiit on a Star 9:30 Polka Parade by Carl 9:46 Meet the Band 10:00 World News 10:06 Sentimental Serenade 10:30 Andrews Hour 11:00 Texas News 11:05 A. Schroder Show 11:30 Rhythm at R-dom llt65 Behind the Scenes 12:00 World News 12:06 Motion Pic F-ritea 12:16 Sons of Pioneers 12:90 World Newa 12:45 Music by Martin 1:00 Texaa News 1 :05 Lazy Listening 1:30 Spotlight on Crane Wednesday 6:00 Bar None Ranch .466 News i 7:00 Bar None Ranch 7:30 Cat Tinney 7:45 Musical Clock 8:00 Robert Hurleigh 8:15 Tell Tr Neighbor 8:30 Morn. Devotions 8:45 Morn. Melodies 9:00 'Cecil Brown i 9:15 Hynina for Day 9:16 News 9:30 Take a Number 10:00 Ladiea Fair i News 4 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Curt Massev Tim 11:15 Capitol 11:35 News 11:30 Morning Special 12:00 Odrie- Foster 12:15 Mid-Day Melodies 12:30 Noon News 12:45 Aft noon Melodies 1:00 Dixieland Matine 1:25 Newa- ('- 1-30 Say It with Music 2:00, Poole's Paradise News- 2 :30 Poole'a Paradise 3.00 1410 Special 4:30 1410 Special Also 11:30 Heltn Treat On Our Stage "i In Ferson 11:45 Ourj Gal Sunday 12:00 Bid Sister 12:15 New-Ed Costeilo 12:30 Cef.U's Cowhands 12345 SampiyJ Stanford Woitien'a 1:15 Perry Mason 1:30 Thl la N. OraJta Ilia Mai Perkins 2:00 Aunt Jenny FRANCIS MORTON "The man. with a' million friends" 1 i. i a Plui -kJr Hillbilly Deacon tO mt U. i. tert. Uwight U. tisen.iower with salute end Mrs Eisenhower waves French Defense Minister Rene Pleven bids them farewell at Orfy Reld near Peris. The retiring NATO military commander, about, to enter hit mflitan' plane for the flight to the S. and a possible political future', wiU visit Washington officials when he first returns. Newa won a 2:15 Houf Party 2:06 As You Like It 1 1 il I -1 -f--r m-- r-F:

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