The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1932
Page 3
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IMOKUAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1932 ONftPPlM Wealthy New York Silk Importer Vanished After Drawing $335,412. Cclonrl Raymond Robins, friend of 1'refEdfMl Hoover, lias joined the* tanks of 50.0CO persons H)IO annually disappear in the 1'nltfd States. This Is the fourth of a series of six slocta?, mystery classirs ct real life—thoic who never.came bark. BV ROBERT TAI.I.EV NEA Service \Vrllev (Copyright, 1932. NEA Service. Ine.) Between March 1 and Aug. 8, 1931, Hisaslil FiiJImura, 38, wealthy Japanese silk importer of New' York, withdrew from his account in a 'New York bank the sum of $335."*V?12, leaving a balance of only S102. 1 On Aug. 9 he sailed on the H3d Stnr liner lielgeiiland for a "-.vino- Pee cruke" to Halifax and return, being accompanied on this trip by Mary Dale von Uelssncr, blond actress, who had been bis friend for' months. At 2:45 a.m. on Aug. 14, when tbe steamer was within a flu- miles of New York on its return trip, a ship's officer—making hl< customary rounds—sa»- Fujj/mira, in evening attire, talking to ?ome:ne in the shadows of "A" deck. He does not knov,- who tliat "sonnonc" was. At 7 am., when a steward went lo Fiijlmura's stateroom to awaken him, Fiijlmura's bed was empty He has never been seen since. VYimt happened? There arc some who think the wealthy Japanese was murdered and thrown overboard by blackmailers who had been "bleeding" him for months and who l:ad followed him ' on the ship. Tliere arc others who believe that his huge bank withdrawals wenl to cover gambling IOMJS and that finally, in despair and disgrace, he ended his life by jumpin., ji UO t h( > sea. - There are still others who think lhat in some way he got nsiinro and is now living secretly, somewhere hiding away from thc world he once knew. Beginning with Fujimura's mysterious disappearance on Aug. 14 «n investigation by federal authori- s^Jies continued until Sept. 8, when TSfnltcd States Attorney George Z • Wedalio of Nev York announced that he had .found "no evidence to prove that avmurder or' any other crime had been committed on the high seas." Thus the investigation ended but the mystery as to «-hat actuallv happened is as far from solution never. A feu- months ago Mrs. Fujimura the missing man's wife, closed th'ir $150.000 50-acre estate near West Norralfc, Conn., took hw four children and went back to Japan She never discussed the case .with reporters because she knew only one word of English and that was '•Scramr-a word she hod learned from a .detective. She applied the word to all questioners. iN'or could Mary Dale von R«ir S . ner, Ihe bcnntiful 25-year-old ex- sliow girl who had been FujimunTs frequent companion, tiirow any light on tbe mystery. She had sailed with Fujimura' on this "whoopee cruise," and occupied an adjoining stateroom which was separated from his only by n bath She was listed on the pnssen»ci rolls as "Miss Dousing," and was lUted on the ship'* roll as making the voyage as governess for Fnji- mura's seven-year-old daughter ToshiVa. Strangely enough. Fuji-' • *.ira tcok thc child with him on Vlliis 6»y voyage.. The child occupied her father's scatcrooin. Mrs. Von Reissner (she is n divorcee with a child of her own) and Jwjimura attended several gay parties aboarc the ship. At one of tr -«e, a costume ball, the silk P'lf.ce appeared in a livid butterfly costume-symbolic o! thc 50urce °" f Ills riches. c " tr.c night of Fujiuuir.i's disappearance, it rs Relssner left him awut midnight to a'.'.cnd a party in ttK slatcroom of Mildred Harris. nl^Mii ° f clmrli(; Chaplin. That . ". ' "• E(? eras, Ftijlmura preferred 10 nang around thc ship's bar with me rr.en. Reissner. who slayed at H«n I ' COT wi r<n " r " lo cr Cthal P •- inform « 1 next ' "*,"'" F "»n"'ra had van a«l«D In h - Scvcll --™'--old dau f 1^ to ^ Hstat « r «»',. she w n loss to understand ished, ghter as at had ™ Tims for the nnidcntiried "ho ms seen taltlng iuhm murain the shadows of "v- £t at 2:45 on the morn i ng Ol ,,, d ^ BplB.irancc has never come fonv™, lo explain. L , tewlsc lnvc . s ^™ has shown that two alleged -no tonous blackmail crs .. who boarded the ship at Halifax and whose jx*r»n« «•« reported to .«.ro»-n FIJumura Into a panic .$311, r* more thtn a couple oi ™»ll-lhne gam.We.-s who hid no connection Vitlj 1 the cwt Admittedly, Fujimura WM m reck- ar ],««, were 1 BLYTHEVILLR, (AUK.) COURIER NK\VS Actress Figured In Rich Jap's Disappearance ' ' TOOK PACT IN GAY PAGTIES < ABOARD SHIP ® - . SAILED AWAY ON ^HOOPEE CR.UISE" WITH PRCTTY ACT6ESS .HISASKI.FUJIMURA '6) LAST SEEN AT 2:45 A.M. TALKING- WITH UNIDENTIFIED PERSON DID HE FLEE FROM'VESSEL AND RUN AWAY 1 ? MARY DALE VON REI II, S, RESTS LviclciKc Against Davis in Moose Lottery Matter Coniplolccl, NEW YOlilC. Sept. 20 (UP) — The KU\?inmrnl loilny rested Us c.isiy i, u. B^Seimlor janu-s •I. Davis, eluded with vIolutliiK tli.j lolU'l'y la«s, 'I'hi' Kiivernineiil ended Its run 1 iiltn a week of testimony drslj;n- Kl lo .shew Unit U.u'is. doiiilinit- J ll'iure in th e i.nyat Order 01 Mi'.o>:e. liml been closely contR'Cled will, llm oi'iiiiDl^illoii'i clmilty 'iillf, whlrti tliu government eon- lends wne loUr'rle.s. 'I'he rriinipiii nhr hn.s ntieni|ited tu s-huw Dial llic • wmuor iiersnnally n-erlvid par; of UK. (niu-eecLs fiom Hi'.' charily balli. 'I lie (!ovei;mii'iu eoiu-ludrd Us v i> after bilef. ir.silmnny this Jj'Ulni: by H-ltiie.sM-s IncliKHinj A. '•• Bici-lii'i. -lilnplni; cleik of tin: C4:a E]KClalty l>rlnliiw rnm- Jlnlned tfclmiralities ntlnidliii; lii]:ment.s of u|]i-|!i>{| lutuvy tickets I" ili'iiuiid AlcOiilre. v,ho ihe gov- iTimu-iu cunifmlpil acted «s pro- nioli'i- cf Hie charity uaii n Dl'ISfS. Swing Tbrougo the. Air--to the Altar Slayer and Slain Wife Share Same Grave Dii Bolus, mother, mid her ton. Jules Dn Bois. ' " * " ' Co-op Officials Visit Association Branches _ OSCEOL.-V Ark., Sept. 25.-L. A. '1'ayior of tile American Cotton Cooperative association of Mf>mn!)!.i ami Ben Plilllips of the Mld-Soulli Cotton tiro-Mrs msocintlon of Memphis. accom|innl;d by Mr. Fryo and Mr. Sansou of the A. C. C. A. of- lico in Neiv Orleans, are in Jills- si-ssippl ccunty today visiting tbe branch offices of the -Mid-South as- Mcintion. They came to Osceola this mommy from Marked Tree and sjicnt icnin time wilh Franklin Robinson, mnnnscr o! the Osceola br.incli and will visit Ilic Hlytheville office this afternoon, continuhij; tomorrow on •a tour through southeast Mb&nirl. Wants to Keep Customer Lists Secret From State' LITTLK ROCK, Sept. 20. (UP) -Suit for nn Injunction to prevent Ihwld A. antes, slate com- iiii.svlutn'1 1 of revenues, from ob- Inhihis n list of his customers, has brni filed by Henry Locb Jr., In I' dummy court lieic. (inlcs I ins usked Ihe court not to Issue 11 icmixinny Injunction J..-. i.e mints (u lie ln-nixl. K was ind.catecl he vonio HBIU tho case 'vl'^n It coinos ' up. l.oob, wlici is doing business us (lie West Memphis Clgnrat company, said Gules luv,l been 'ob- (HlnliiK lists «( Mis customers In Tenneswe and ii)iiilin B n u . ln ( 0 t!'-' o> ilFsloiu'v iif revenues In Hint iliito. He fuM (liat In turn Ihe Tennessee coiinulsalniicr tliKKtcned Hie ctislomcr by tell- ' Ing him IW Is violating •& itite tow it, making ,th c purchases,- • antes said the company was or- ~ gnnlzcd Bi a clgnrct wholesaler iriZ! Arkansas but that u had no cus- - loiucrs In the state. Carriers Win Trip to Memphis Zoo and Fair Jn n contest among city carriers of the Courier News ihe winners wcic given a (rip to Mem-' lilils yesterday where they visited •••• Hie /no. went lor an airplane ride and attended the Mid-South fair.'. . II. !•'. Gay, Jr., J. u. Clinic, Jr.;-" Jce Hurnelle, Frank ami Houston" CuiKlle, liolaiul liishop and Barnes.... Cruok sere v.lnners. Vic;or Tout.- iKvcmr.inlcd ilicm. ••' EVERYWHERE YOU HEAR THIS QUESTION,. Charles Ramey Named Hendrix Art Editor CONWAY, Ark.-Chnrlcs Homey. Hondrix freshman from Dlylhcvllic lins liccn selected ns nil eilllor of tin- llendrlx Tioubndotir, college yea.uook. Tlie. Troubadour Is edited by Fontaine HriTO. Jle.xlclx senior from 1'l^notl. The llm Troubiidoiu (ook second place In compeimim nnione Hie colleges of Arkansas. IMiney Ims been interested in nrl fcr many years iuid bus nt- tructcd ,,o little attention among llendrlx sludcnl.s Ijy |,] s wo ,| t _ Evrard Succeeds Little on County Election Board Apiwlnlment of Marcus Evranl, UlylliGvllle lawyer, ( o nil n. v.\- cnncy on the Mississippi county (•lection bnard. crenlcd by the refusal of A. a. Little of this city 10 accent an Bppoliumiitil made about two weeks ago, was announced Saturday |,y (lie stnie Iraard of election couitnlwloncrs W. 1(, Dyess of Osoeola and J C. Cliapin of Mnnlln are other members of the board. • Read Courier News Want Ada. JO KEEP ABREAST OP MOTOR CAR PROGRESS ' YOU MUST DRIVE THE NEW FORDV-8 ' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'lionc 811 - 810 - 777 less gambler. He played for big ilafces: he had money, was willing i bet it and did. Gamblers called him a "sucker" for any game of chance, crooked or straight. Maty leifsncr testified sr.c once saw thc little Japanese Icse S20.000 on ihe :urn of a card—and smile. Investigation disclosed that much of Ilic S300.000 that Fujimura had vilhdrawn from Ihe bang before his departure had gone to pay gambling debts, but that explains little. Fu- limura's business associates say he was worth at least 54.000,000 —and In comparison with that amount, $300.000 seems small. • • • Another puzzling factor is that shortly before Fujimura sailed lie changed the beneficiary of his S290,- 000 life insurance policies from his rjlalc to his wife. Why did he do tliat? , Am! to cap the climax, while Fu- linn.ra was absent on the "whoopee cruise" from wbich he never re*turned—at 'cast, so far as anyone can prove—his wife gave birth to a b.iby and another child died. All sorts of theories have fol- owed In the wake of the rich Im- wrter's mysterious disappearance. One is that he was killed in a nawl over a woman, which seems mprobable on a ship given to so much night life where husky stewards lira as thick fs policemen; an- other is thai he was slain by gam- jb'ers or blackmailers; another has it that he ended his life by leaping into the sea; still another Uiat lie fled from Hie ship by swimming ashore, or to a small boat waitin; nearby to pick him up. But, all these fire merely theories. The only known facts arc thai Pu- jimiira is gone and his bo:'y has never teen found. TOMORROW: Tlir strange disappearance, of Ambrose Small, Canada's "left millionaire." ... On die day he vanished he deposited a check for Sl.000,003 in a Toronto bank—ami SIoO.OCD In bonds disappeared from his safety derail vault. Leigh and Campbell on Home Loan Bank Board , WASHINGTON. Sept. 26. (UP1- IChairman Franklin w. Port of ths federal home loan bank board today announced selection of cloven directors of the regional hcmc loan bank located at UUle Rock, Ark. The board will have Jurisdiction over the states of Arkansas. T-^x^s Mississippi, Louisiana and New Mexico. Arkansas members of the titrcc- torate are J. C. Leigh of Little Rock, vlce-presidenv of the Com- monwealth Bui'iding and Loan association, and Gordon if. Campbell. Little Reck, director cf ihe Arkansas Builiing and Loan n«c^ta- tion. Thief Finds $125 Cached !n McLecd Grocery Store A wallet, containing S125 ;n c.ijh. was slo.'en from a secret cache In the McLcod Grocery store at Mnln and Twenty Firs! s!re:t Sunday flf:ertioon. namr.n Me- l.-ecd, manager, reported to ponce. McLeod tohl officers he bad hidden tlie money In a plnrc in the s'.orc whore he had been ac- cuslcmed to wcrciing his receipt.; over the wtek-cnd. The money vns hidden Sunday morning and removed lirlorc 7 o'clock Sunday rii-rhi. I'oiice raid entrance to thn store was gained thrcuch a skylight. No arrests bad been made Ihls morning. .Swimming rl:amp to Weil PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— Margaret Ravior. liirce tim;s winnjr of the Canadian wom;n's swimming marathon, nil! wed George Yomj, also a noted swimmer, at the home of her parents on Nov. 23, her family said. Accident Injuries Prove Fatal to Missouri Man Ward row Ikes. W. of PoKagc- '. :lle. Mo., st.ccumbcd at (he Bly- thevillc licspilal Sunday to injur- '.<!•-• received in an accident on Hiahway 61 near Pcrtagcvillc Saturday nijhl. Fowlkes, «-ho sustained a skull fracture when the car hi which he v:as tldin? crashed Into a cnt- :on wagon, failed to regain consciousness. Funeral services were to be held ^•t Portagcvillc today. 1 ra L'ndTrep MEMPHIS" Dollar-Siving fares to praciic.itly every city in America, good every day, with full 60-day return privi- leccs. Frequent, convcnicnlly-timcd daily trips—lur.u^ioi-'i busos—mosi beautiful hipbway routes. Lew Round-Trip Fares SI. J.ouis Jackson, Miss, N"e\v Orli-ans ... Ilhmln^lum ... Chattaueosa ... Chirajo S 8.60 ID. so 15.80 12.30 13.80 15.60 UNION KUS DKl'OT 2nd ic Ash Streets. Phone COO 5 WORDS about PRICE chiseling CHISELED - PRICES - MEAN CHISELED - QUALITY The chisel's a nice lit lie tool for gouging out wooden blocks, when a carpenter uses it. Bui when a manufacturer uses it lo gouge quality from a suit—in order lo lure you with a cheap price — that's something else. It means unhappincss for you; unhappiness for your purse (because such yocds arc always costly no mailer how low the price) and unhappiness for the merchant who sells them—because some day you're Agoing to tell 'em "a few things" about what you think of such merchandise. No, we've stuck to quality Thanks lo Hart, Schaffncr & Marx this fall you get 72 of thc fine Bench Tailored Details found in $65 to $75 suils last spring, for $25 to $35. You get finer fabrics too, than ever before. So we say, and we know, that tlie best way lo lower your clothes cost is to buy quality—bench quality — ai the price of ordinary clothes. to *35 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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