The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY >l, 1938 BLYTHEVILLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Ill ii 12-month period, Kngland had only 115 murder's, as compared J Phones 1 w« Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 10)1 Chlciaaawba, 1'hone STi CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rote per line for consecutive insertions: Due time jjcr line lOc r\vo limes per lino per day ...08o ftirec times per line per day ..080 fix limes per line per flay ...,05c Konth rate per line COo lards of Thanks OOc & 70c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six Alines and slopped before expiration will be charged lor the num- ter ot limes (lie add appeared and ;ljustmcnt ot bill made. All Classified Advertising copy rubmlltcd by persons residing out- ilclo of the city must bo accompanied by cash. Rates may be los|]y computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular fscrllons fakes the one time rat*. No responsibility will be taken or more than one Incorrect Uiser- /ion of any classified ad. Business Directory HARKY BAILKVS CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good Prices All Kinds Sea Kuoii Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HAHKY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. f Phones 1-F-.J & 878 v Coal My Coal Is Hlack Hut ! Treat Von While. LOCAL HAULING Joint liuclwum Illytlicvillc, Ark. I'lionc 107 Announcement For Rent 1 room furnished niiiivtmcnt with bath. 110 West Ash. Dosha Mick. 3-i>k-1 i room unfurnished house. 801 S, •Lake. 3-pk-B furnished 5 room house. Phone 5'J or 793 after « |>.m. 31-pk-7 3 or 4 room furnished apartment, rent reasonable lo permanent parly. 209 W. Kentucky phone 465-VV. 20-ck-2-M Modern 5 room house at 305 N. Broailwiiy. Call 853-J. Price $25. 20-pk-S 3 room fumiiilicil apartment. 809 Hcarn. Mrs. C. II. Wheeler. 29-ck-. 1 ) FuiDklied apartment. Lights and water furnished. Private bath. S3.5C a week. 1601 W. Ash. 20-cktf •10 Acres land. Require stock, feed, tools. D. n. Garner, Armorel. FOB RENT— Modern 3 it 4 room furnished apartments, call 280, ;G-ck-lI Nicely furnished room entering into batli. limcrsiiriiig mattress. Will give 3 meals a day. Call 1536, 818 ChickasawUa. 25-du-da Furnished bedroom. G22 W. Main. Mrs. McMulltns. 22-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom in private home. IIS East ' Kentucky. ?2-ck-tI 3 room furnished apartment. 108 108 W. Kentucky. Phone G83. 13-ck-l Modern 3 room furnished apart nient. 120 Dugan Ave. Mrs. Bell Wood. Plione 780-J after 6 p.m. 17-ck-t 3 room Juni. apt. with teiih. New ly decorated. Call 204, 1117 W Ash. a-ck-22 or 3 room furn. apis. One 2 room apt. upstairs. B14 Ilcarn. lZ-pk-2-1 Furnished comfortable bedroom 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-t Moilcrn furnished room, hcate For Sale Corn and Alfalfa and Soybean hay. D. R. Garner, Armorel. Veslinghoiise Electric Range, priced low. Phone C29-J. roccry store, cheap. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1011 W. Hose, , Jl-ck-2-11 omplele 10 volume sei of Standard Reference Books with loose cat binder. Call 239 or 192. x 15-fa-fa MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Personal IEN OLD AT 40| GET PEP. Nc-v Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain aw oyster InviBorators and other tinuilants. One dose starts ;K:V )ep. Value $1,00. Special price 89c. Call, write Kirby lii'os. Drug store Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers lelipTp* bllluuant-ii*. connllim^nn »nd fadaclirn. Artlvo Liver I'llfn K»i Hi \hf rent cause of your AluftgielmfRa inn imke you ?eel likti n new [iprnnn. Kid •our Bj-»tpm of nurphiB uninoni *ilh VcttTe Uver Dili. llArirlm. gentle. •*olri al til Klrliy rtruir Storfa. * Batteries BVTTKRY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 Bt Torn Jtcfwn'd Wale Help Wanted Man to work in store. Experienced in Aulo Parts. Write Box "W" Courier News. '1-ch-ll A ROUTE MAN WANTED. Mat Hgc 25-55. Must have cnv. ttoiitc of 1,000 larm tamllles open February 15 nearby. Write for application. P. M. Lewis c/o The J. n Walkins Company, Memphis, Tcmi Hatchery Baby Chicks I'UBUC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcville, Ark., Il.W. 01 North, I'lionc 742. Found Leather folder with 2 key;;. Owner can have same by liaj'iiu; cost of (his ad. Black leather key holder conlsiln Ini; DDC key. Owner can hrtvi Minii> by paylns; cost of this ad Courier News. Help Wanted HOYS WANTED- /\Kes 12 to is- to do pleasant educational worl aflcrnoons and Saturdays. Gooc pay. Apply by Idler to J. T. car of the Courier News. 4-pk- Lost One pair natural color doc ski gloves. licivnrd for return 1 Courier. '•!•!- ooo Lower plate. UUWAlin for rcltir lo Martha Harris, 118 W. House cell. -l-|ik- Safc Ilnlibrrs Work Haul 1-OUGIIKEKI'SlH. N. Y. IU1')- liurylars pried loose ;v l5-|)oun sTTfc burled 2 Inches In concrcl FOWLER DRUG CC YOUU I'RESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Slain * ls( I'liuiie Ml WANTED CORN SOYHKAN So. S(. Ulythcrlllc, Ar Maiden Grain Co. \V. O. Itecvrs. Ajciil ' I'lionc 555 ALLEY OOP NOW GIRLS, \WESHOULD HAVE AS ^ 1 f flM.WS K and ((ink the vault and conlrnls iiway will) (jlnriwit u coinpiniy. them when thov Inn 1 - intd-mulson oil I FARM POWER UNITS Light Plant 111) Voll — 3000 Writl I'OWKIl KIP SAW Second Hand Sitfes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 'M Ni>. Srrouil St. WELDING AT HES'I" I'lJICES PROMP1' 8KRVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Co, PHONK Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe All Leading Hranils of Boer, M'tikkey, IVine, Glna And CordUli ItKAl.KK IN C'oat _ Hay — * _ Grain* rillU.II'S (i(i (iAS I3!'ic TAX I'AIII t'KiAriri TKS 2 pit. We iir ?l.t5 pfr C'arlun 24 Hour Service H.\V. Cl, I'liono 17 Holland, Mo _ lo 3440.In the Drilled States during llic Jams time. ' J.C.EVANS Box «H Blythcvtllc, Ark. HAMILTON THUST FUND B|x>nsorcd By Hamilton Depositors Corp. FARM LOANS KM a* Vt Ariuuu an* Ml Uwwt nics—lowtti Abo tlly properties • DON fl. KA88EHMAN Thomas Lend Co. Office t. O, Box 470, Phone 627. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUAHANTKKU Stlt, fart «n<! with Icn dl«omfort. All dlteur* (nd condition! of nenrotn orltln, foot »lhn«nt« and rttn dhcfrt treUrd »nd cored at ctr rllnlo. DRS. N1ES & NIES Oite«p«lhk PbyslcliM 614 Mktu Phone 18 Ark. Special Prices Ate Now lii'iiiu Offered on All Winter Aulo Accessories Visit Dm- modern pfirls) & am'ssorii'H store. Here yon will liuil everything on display lo enable you to make easy selections of your particulnr needs. call e;ia Tom Little Chevrolet Co. FHEK INSTRUCTIONS In LnlcBt Btylea Knitting "HKKNAT" KNITTING VARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Clilcknsawlia Phone 733 USED TRUCKS &CARS ALL TRUCKS (JUARAN- TKICI) TO PASS STA'I'li INSI'KCTJON Phone 802 Delta Implements, Inc. OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW MANAGKMKNT) NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH C1TV L1MITH ON HIGHWAY 01 I'rlvnto Dining Room Mu.slu Private Hoollis Home Cookln« Sjxtcliil Oluh Urciikfnst Hot. Blsciill nil the Time ril nnrlwciie Hnrbcclttcl M\>n Sunilwlclics I'-rlcd Chlcki'ii Bl^.lliiK Htcuks Ilul'.nn SpnijhcUt Olnttcra Mincltcfi Drinks SFKC'IAI. PAUTtKH INVITBD— HIONE 8LS ri,KNTY OK I'AHKINO SPACE Now at 101 North Second . ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprltt** AH tiiikM ot Rebuilt Typtnrllrrs, Adding Machine* »nl. C«lf«l«tt/ri— Rfpairlnj— 5'in ••»« » COBB FUNERAL HOME By Hiimlin with gas. Private bathroom and Phone 410. 6-ck-2-G One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg, aai, 1209 Hilly. L'S-ck-3-28 Radio Service EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of | PARTS, TUBES, B'TEKIKS Hardaway Appliance Co. HENH\" WEKNKR ftlain S: 5lh IMionc -•" Female Help Wtd. 2 comtortiiblc bedrooms, private batli. Gentlemen prefcrrwl. Phone 7W-W or 161. 7-ck-U. K A V £.' Tliu Toj) Of Your Furniture With Glass All designs cut & finished. US Blytlicvillc Paint & Wallpaper Co I'lionc 8SO III S. 2nd Women Address and mail - advertising material for va at. home. We supply everything. Good rate of pay. No selling. No oxperiencc Slcara necessary. KTerchandisc Marl, Box 523 Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Room and Board leri room wilh 803 W. Asli. Phone 151. ll-ck-2-tl Queen of the Nile HORIZONTAL ,1 Famous siren queen pictured here. 9 She was queen of 13 Measure. rtIncarnation of Vishnu. 1C Lion. IBLnw. 20 Tadpole. . I 2.T Toward. ;' 25 Serrated tools. •17 Measure, ol paper. 58 Plural. ".?!) Kimono saih. .11 Gas aperture. 34 Lndfes' underwear. 36 To soften leather. 38 A(|iiatic mammal. 3P Parent. •1C Golf lo.nch^r. •11 To leave out. 43 Courtesy iitli'. 44 Neuter pronoun. Answer to Trcvioiis Puzzle •1R Winter r;iins. •13 To accomplish 49 Snaky 1'ish. 01 liollow- horncil ruminant. 52 Cavity. .55 Black linw.. 53 Falsehoods, fin Data. fi2Heg(ilai or cubic. 05 God of war CC Julius and Antony. loved her. 67 To reside. VERTICAL 2 Behold. 3 To sin. 1 Burden. 5 Employing flattery. G Ttvmsjjo^cd. 7 Knock. 8 Cnpiri. in A glance. 11 Taxaccous (ice. J2 Deck aboi-e the spar. '15 Beer. 17 She was a NOT A BM,CK PEBBLE VETAKJO WE'RE DOWM TO THE U3T WAME.MOW, LET'SSEE HOW WE COME OUT /THIS OW THIS OME - BALLOT GIRLS- WOW WE'LL o VOTE OKI EACH OME ACIWCH1D IKJ-- EVERYOWE •UKE5HERI SEPARATEL 1 /- - DROP IMA WHITE PEBBI.E FOR VES AMD A BLACK OWE FOR MO- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ht« OUiM ^<•t '.'• KNOW*, ANO oo \ i coovo V\\V\ OF A 6EMTVEMWM , AND V\\6VV\ CAU. SO W-RO ToOK-C OWE I. tfooo OLO VO\VV\% ! LACK Op vswx owt OF "' I'VX W\Rt V\\V\ WASH TUBIJS COfK. tm gV HEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. KO. U. S. PAT. OFF FHKCKLES AND HJS FRIENDS IF -THERE S WO OIL HERE, DOU'T BLAM£ ME.' YOU V/ERE THE ONE WHO DID BUT THERE WAS OIL OM rr WHEW You HAC> IT f V/MER,E'S IWE OIL GOME . WOW? ,11= WE GO AWV DEEPER, WERE LIABLE "JO COME UP WITH A CHWAMAW STUCK TO THE DRILL-BIT !! POSSIBLE TO Gt£T THIS LAUD AWAY FROM ME. -NOW YOU'VE GOT IT ! W/(MDLED JYoU OWED IT AMD WHEW MY LEASE EXPIRED YOU CLAMPED DCWM PRONTO/ YOUR LAP GOES WHEW STAWD member the • family. 19 Pitcher. 21 Musical note. 22 She was the most woman of her limes. 2i' Death notice. 2fJTo 30 In. 32 Those driving teams. 33 Venomous snakes. 35 Jcv.-cls. 37 Dry. •S2 Stonemason chisel. •15 Rust fungi sori. •17 Not (p depart 50 Not lo win. f>3 Preposition. 51 Secular. 55 Pale brown. 57 Aurora. SO Tone H (51 Spigot. 03 Mother. 61 Company.

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