The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV&LB, (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. II. W, HAWKS, *>le National Advertising nepresenlBtivw: Arkansas Dallies, Ine, New YorK, Chicago, De- trolt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mater at Hie post office at Blytheville Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press " ~ SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of Blythevlllc, I5c per week, or 65c per month. By mall, within » radius o( 50 miles, $3.00 per year, *1.50 for six months, 76o [or three moiilus; by mall In i>osl»l zones two Jo six, Inclusive. $6.60 per year; In zones seven and clsliL .$10.00 per year, payable Iti advance. Ill Defending the Defense Line. There has been much talk about Uic United Stales Navy's "Line of Defense," Cor il is a good, rt'.soumliiu,' phrase lh«l Ills in luiwlily when |>o!i- liciaiis or statesmen, cither, have occasion to talk for public consumption. Hul until just recently the "Line of Defense" was a va^uc, indistinct wavering mark which not one out of a hundred rim-of-lhe-niine citiv.enx couUl have placed even remotely. Koine congressmen even accused the State Department of placing the line on the Yangtze in China. Then the hypothetical line was drawn, and by no less authority than Admiral William U. Leahy, chief of naval operations, tt runs, he explained according to navy technique, from the Aleutian Islands foil' (he coast of Alaska), .soiiilnvanl through Hawaii to Samoa, eastward to J!iu Panama Cnnal and thence to the Virgin Islands and the Maine coast—an irregular circle bounding a lot of water 'in two oceans, a considerable • number of' islands ami the United States. The admiral's statement immediately brought up the question: "What about the rest of the Americas'.'" Shouldn't the defense line be extended and instead of cutting through the Panama Canal lie enlarged to encircle the 'continent of Soulli America? Perhaps il should be, perhaps il shouldn't. It isn't one question, it's several. , . . ;. .j:uj-. If the Monroe Doctrine should Drcak down and one or several foreign powers should attempt to seize one or several South American countries, just what can we clo about il. Would our navy, under "its proposed enlargements, he husky enough to steam southward and justify the excursion? How much help could it expect from South America itself? Laying out a line defense is-one Iliing and actually defending that line is another. Great Britain found that a bluff was just thai in a .showdown. The line of defense for the United States is important and laying it out is undoubtedly necessary. B,ii wouldn't it be a wise idea to get down to actualities and figure out jusl how all- inclusive that line should be, and how practically defensible the line can be in case of a test? In other words, draw a defense line the navy can defend and stick to it. Chummy Royalty So tlie British royal house and tho exiled German royal family have "kis«- ed mul made up"! King George VI, Queen lili/abelh, and Mary the Queen Mother have sent the former. Kaiser a telegram congratulating him on his son's approaching marriiage, and signed 1 it "JJeKie, May, and KhV.abctli." It's just as well it wasn't "Bertie, Slay, and L'mAc," for then it would h.'ive called to mind even more forcefully (he "Nickie and Willie" corrc- .spondrnce (hat (Jii.s.sed bfiUvcun the same Kaiser Bill and the Czar of Russia just before tlie World War started. When royally gets chummy, il would f:oi?jn to be lime for (he ordinary citi- xon to lake lo the cyclone cellars. Let's hope thai this lime Bertie and Willie don't K<-'t TOO chummy. z For Women Probably as much as any other one thing, the federal penal system lias needed more adequate provision for women prisoners. The announcement that Hie govern' niLMit proposed (o huild ;i .sort of "wo- mtvi'-'i Aicvid'ax" should, therefore, receive public approbation far overshadowing any liesiiaiicy because of I he cost of such a pri.son. There nre women criminals in this country who are jusl as vicious, jnsl as depraved and incorrigible, as their male companions in crime. They should be placed where their evil i nil nonce will not be allowed to (ouch first offenders—women whom society may, with reason, hope to convert inlo honest cili/.ens. The chief motive of penology—redemption from crime—will be served by such « pri.son for incorrigible^. SDH/W/i I don'l tellcvc (here will te i\ world war within the next fcic yeiirs. No ojic in l!iirojie wants war except Ruwia.— MuJ. Jniurs Slrnrlicy Uarucs. ISiitlsh inlernaiioiiiil nllnlrs expert. * » » • Ha by (alk may have altrncted men In smml- inothcr's day, but il doe.'ili'l work no\v. The meit who enjoy such conversation lend to have infantile minds. -Mnrion Redd, Salt lake City, Utah, speech instructor. * * * Recent cvcnu overseas have convincwl us thai peace is not and cannot be secured by the idealistic and benevolent, doctrines. —Rear Ail- miral c. It. woodward, asking for a navy second to .'lone, * * » It's a sad (hint; i 0 sec 90 ricr cent of American (healers in the hands ol the shcriir when oilier notions arc subsidizing Mieir theaters.— William A. Brady, theatrical producer, attacking the 10 per cent excise tax on admissions. * * * Nothing has been done to relieve the country from (he fear which was partially responsible for the .jiresent depression.— u. s. Soiu- lor Charles L. McN'ary. Anyone who fays Hie pielure [loo™ 1 ! pven Jook like Miss Bennett is rcnccting on my abll- Hy us iul artist. ]|. j. s a good pii-tino. a very Rood one.— Willy 1'ogiiuy, eoinmrnlin« on his portrait of Constance Bennett, screen star. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark OUT OUR WAY By Williams THAT'S WHY MO UTORA WILL WORK OUT OW THIS EARTH. THERE'D HAVE TO BE BOSSES, AK|' TH ONLY WAV TO F1WD A BOSS \S BY DOM SOMETHIW YOU SHOULDN'T. THEN THERE'S TOO MANY; THAT'S WHA HAPPENED, HE HAD TH' TOOL TOO LOW AMD IT GOUGED X KWOW \ WHERE HE ' \S, HE'S LOOKIM' FEE. TH 1 BOSS TO HIT HIM FEE A RAISE.' , TMATs TM WHERE ]S THIS MAW? WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY LEAV1M' HIS MACHINE ON WHEN HE'S SALLIVANTIKI' AROUND? WHERE IS HE? SSH^SS.VSSJ' FRIDAY, FEBRUARY- ,j, "Color, cut out and paste — i o I or, cut mil and paste! __ Where is it gelling me?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By Wi11iam Ferguson BIRD, Ol- INDIXX, IS OKIE THE MOST PRQFICIE1MT TACKCRS ALL BIRD THE TERMS MD (LAT(TUOE" CAME FROM ANCIENT DAVS V/HEN THE EARTH WAS BELIEVED TO BE GROUPED AROUND THE AlSXTCRgANeAN SEA/ SINCE THE: SEA V-/AS LONGER fZASTAMD WEST. THE WORD "LONGITUDE:" NA/AS USED TO DENOTE EAST-WEST DIRECTIONS. CQPR. \9JB B¥ NEH StRVlCf. WC. THE Bray parrot of Africa is probably the most yiftcd ol all rpcaking birds, bill the mynah is much more proficient than ina;iv parrot species that are famous for (heir human-like speech, other birds Hint can be taught to talk nre (lie piping cnws of Auijralia, some species of jays, macaws, and even starlings. . NliXT: \Vlial free has the shoitcsl life? Jl Is Wlial a Person Kal.^ iNol llosv Miich, Wliidi DclermiiH-s JJody lli-alih CHAPTER I y^ TALI, lithe girl in a brown eg at and bonnet stood knocking on old Oliver Dart's oaken street door in flic heart of London while a summer storm blustered and the sperm-oil street lamps were being lit. She had come throe thousand miles by sailboat across the Atlantic and a hundred miles by coach from Bournemouth, and she was only just losing her paHcncu. Tlie door opened a crack to let a (>luinu red-faced woman in a starched cap peer out. The girl said lo her, "Let me in, please! I'm wet lo the skin 1 ." "Who be you'.'" "Polly C'lielsey. Great-niece to Mister Oliver Dart. I've come from Connecticut to sec him." "Where be Connecticut? I:i YorUsiUrc?" "in America." "Lud!" There was a gasp, and thi! door opened. On Ihe threshold Ihc girl turned lo call to the driver of a gig that had brought her lo the door: "Cabby, bring my trunk, and mind you don't drop it!" The driver lumbered up the steps with a small doeskin trunk studded with brass nails and deposited it on the hall floor. "How much do I owe you?" asked Polly Chclsey. "Two shillings, eight pencc^- Miss." "You're a robber, bill here 'tis. And good night to you." "Good night to you, young Miss. Journey's end he bright!" "Bright!" echoed Miss Polly Chclsey forlornly after Ihc strecl door had banged shul. She looked around the narrow wainscoted hallway which was dccoralcd with nothing, as far as she could sec, but a winding staircase and a fat old woman holding a candle. "Well," she said a lillle uncertainly, "could I ECO my uncle now?" (,, "It'll fair iny him out, Miss. The surprise." "But I wrote him a letter before Christmas and told him I'd ue here this summer on my cousin's brig, "the Trim Yankee out of New Haven. lie let me come." "There was 110 letter, Miss." t * a "WHAT? He never got il?" The girl slood pondering a moment while the wet cloak chins to her in sculptured lines and her dripping bonnel senl small rivulets down her surprised young fticc. "Well, that's a prelly pass! — But never mind. Take me to him and I'll recite the letter like a magpie." "I'm Mrs. Broggs, Miss—cook lo Mr. Dart. I'd advise you nol to see him. No good can come of it. Lcl me make you comfortable in the house unbeknowns to him, Miss!" . • "But there's no sense lo thai," cried Polly impatiently. "I've come to sec him on business. If you mean he's a cross old man, so ix: it. I've known many such in our town of. Lyme." Still Mrs. Broggs demurred, shifting her feet uneasily and saying "Luel!" both under her broaffi and aloud. Presently she Enid, "Ilc'.s above stairs in his study Miss—supping. Follow me, if yoi "A tall lilhc'girl 15 :"; 'Hustrat'ioH by E. G. Gunder ' in a summer storm ., •>• •.; di?ne, : must, but don't say I didn't warn you." Up they went, and Polly Chelsey was ushered into a well-furnished silling room where a Ihin-Ica- lurcd, pale-eyed old man in a frilled shirt and high slock was having cold cuts and tea before a fire. The serving woman made a bobbing curlsey and said, with Ihe watchful look of a child bursting a paper sack': "Your great-niece from Amcricky, sir!" Old Oliver Dart looked as if his dc:u ' > r o™(, r 'a eyes and ears had deceived him. a couiiling-liousc business was well-off, 1 said I'd come foi my mother's share—" Olive Dart spoke rurlly -Ji with an obvious relish: "The I properly was all willed to your I mother's brother, tho proper heir. \ Very logical." "Oh!" cried Polly in quick pro-] test. "That's the way the urtislo- j crats (lo. The tilled land owners. ! But my grandfather's case was i different. He was a city man, in business." • Then, when he saw thai jslie was an actuality, his face seemed to larrow and close in on itself, so .liat Folly thought she must be 'ooking at a gnome instead of a nan. ; She gave a shaKcii little laugh •md explained, "I'm Polly Chelscy from across the Atlantic—davigh- ler [o your niece Mary that married the American seaman in Connecticut, and died there." '"To what circumstances do I oy>'e your ; visit?." asked Oliver Dart. .; " . IN». 411) BV J»K. MOIUI1S nsimiilN I'.ilitor, Journal of (lie American Mrdiral ArsociaUon. mill of Hygrta, Ihe Ilcallli Magazine Food and eating are amoiit; (he most important of all htnnun considerations. In any cnlli-i-;ioti of proverbs the subjects of loml and eating occupy numerous p,u-.r;,. There arc more promo, tcllins us not lo cat loo inurli there arc Idling TO lo eat :.nllirionHy. Tile belief thai starvation :..inclines a human bring in sumr nian- nor has persisted since the ca:ly times. It is tine thai ome.itmg is harmful, particularly a KIT middle age. and that hardening of the arteries and degeneration ( >r ihe heart and the kidneys and some of the other organs ot u-.r- body are likely to be associated wilh obesity after middle ar.c. b-,u there are also great dangers" from rating tc-r> lillle nn:), from eating; too little of certain i-vsen- llal substances. It used .lo be Ih'W^hi n,,,, \\ m person with any disease nf Ihe Kidneys out-Ill, to avoid protein' feods. More went stii(U ; \. indicate the danger of liulurc to provide the body with iin- i- vC ntl»l protein MibMaiiros that ai<- ncccs- faty for cellular repair -,„ | i or U\;w Kiowt.h. Foitunalely at the :;mi ,. t i mc | '.hat the former belief prevailed ^ time- was an idea that milk was ir.ot a protein substance so that rccplc with kidney disease drank pOLtYCHELSEY bent her graceful long-limbed body 1o- ward the fire lo warm her hands. Her hair was smooth and brown, her eyes deep blue, her features evenly cut. There was an unconscious dignity about her. Though she was but 18 she seemed a woman grown, as any girl would who had been housekeeper, seamstress and cook for her family since her fourteenth year. J She spoke up bravely. "It's as I told you in the letter you never got. I've come for my 'mother's share of my grandfather's money, because we need il so. My father's had to give up following the sea because of a xluTness.of the joints, and my brother's been lame from a lad. We heard, round-about, that my grandfather Kicliard Dart died last year. Knowing he had "Yet entitled to make a will, my 'J Even had your >'| dutifully iu Erig- and and nol gone over lo ihc .ricky Yankees he might hava foi- .owcd the same course. But cer-. tainly she and her children de- j ;ervc nothing as mailers stand, j I'm surprised you ever .entertained I such ideas. You look more in-1 tclligent." "I look a chanccu', 1 - Polly said, I and sighed. Shc'hhfl spent tlilc.1 family savings and swcralj ' gorous weeks making this jou within ten minutes this tight-!! lipped, hard-eyed old man had | shown her il was in vain. "Don't let me detain you froml returning to your lodgings," said ] Oliver Dart. 'To my lodgings?" repealed I Polly uncertainly. "Why, sir, I'm I in this predicament: my couso I Tim Chclsey put me ashore clj Bournemouth ami took his cargo! over lo Cherbourg. He'll not be I back to pick me up for several I weeks. I expected (o stop horel (ill tlieil." "Indeed," replied Mr. Darl.l "Most peculiar . . . Mrs. Broggs,T set anolhcr cover and bring a poll of tea for Uic guest. Draw Miss Chclsey, and tell me what thcj dastardly Yankees are up to now." "What the Yankees arc up lo'.'" exclaimed Polly coloring. "Thc|j English Navy, you mean! Tb stealing men off our ships till (lie seagoing lads in Amer 1 have slripcs on their backs from'| British whips—" She slopped suddenly and] smiled, to lighten her words, for- siie was hungry and needed w slicllcr. Polly Ciielsey from Con-| ncclicul was nobody's fool. (To Be Continued) .. lot;; of mill; nud in llu.t manner . :ol tl:r nccc.-oary proteins for life. While it is (rue luodcvntinii hi ;ill iliincs i:; an excellent nicdi- c;\\ proverb, we, urc Icarniiij; to- dny llr.i! :i :.tiy\it excess i.-i much "• .'-rift- tl>',in a deficiency in >t<'iiv., niir.eral salts and vitamin?:;. The v.tnMicniicc ol these vital factor:; i. ciily bcciimini; I" be nppr<-i-i.'i<'(|. In fad, our knowledge of (hr vitamins Is a matter •if littl. more than a quarter of a inihuy. ;md ,of the mineral .salts nol nitu'li longer. I-'crlnnLitriy man has within Irim a i-:'n-iili r.iijlc; number "of factor.s of :-alriy. The human body is able I" put nvvay rc.Tcrvcs against the time tti iii'rd. 'I'lu i:i'!>'.ving child retains in its body an amount, of vitamin B which ;- <ix or seven times tr.c aTiin;;ii: i;^ce.%sary lo prevent the appraumr cf symptoms shewing a d"-iir."iiry. The liver stores rx- 1 'ii '.iriaiiiydralCR ayainsl a pcriiKl wh;-n i)i.- dcniaiids of Ihc body lor 'i :' ivi, un i.s defiriont in vita-i " nun c hi- may develop f-ymploms | !I nf hi-1(in, : - v/c know now thai!' 1 ' ti.'rrc i-. a wide xouc of vilnmin C'! v ' cloiicicncy and Hint \oi«: bctorc Ihcjl' "W ar.iurc "f tho blcedini'.. which I '-• .'i .-CIIMII;. .vyniptoui, dcfici-'iry ol t: vilannn c in,iy Ue damauinK to >hc ,!• ' —>\'<'c!<ly Suii'lay ,S Teach i no- The Social. Order 1" iflniioiKliip (<, ilirt v.'i- liwvn U.arnui tbut it ):, not bow much a man tats but what he eats which rtotrrniinr.'i thr difference between sickuo.s and health. - V WM. I]. (ill.KUV, 1). I). Kdiir.r of Ailvanc --re.'t I .idiier or prophet can :,i:.ii:-- Ihe tnith cout-crniiu; :u"., of chavaclor :ind nphl- ;;f fmtnaii relationship.'! :»Kl ill'.; dealing \\ith nuin willi- uninti^ ([iiicV:ly into conlliul ihnvj M-IIO are out 1<> wrve ' ;;1 n inU'i'Coto. r<"jardk\^ ot "il raiions ol (joodnc:« an:l ' • nut Ion;: until Jr;>U3 in '.•:ii'.ly nnw.ion ami tfaclnn;; " '• i'iy dlirctly into conflict '•• ''•:•" cbiiraclei.;. attitudes. • ' i.'tr.. Oil! 1 lesson iclli 11^ ••• i . as He piMocd by. r-n* 0:1 L.f Alpluieu.i, .silting :•:;.":!• of t:;!i. lii; invited .-i.l'jw linn, and Levi Icfl •• •'• •> Become Hi 1 ^ di.sciiilc. - ii: ' iniu LCM'S bouse ' ;; nijcrtaincd there. . 'i'li.'ni,:. and Mnnvr.s fat '• ancl the cliscililM. •!'..•:. and Pharisees, wno ' 1 fnuvcnlinnully ri'iii:ioH.s ''••••' liny, did mil like tlii.v ' ! - 11 ic connnon I'lollou • :. !:iK«'!i by tlic cuiii- . 1 • .,•[, . Tlu-y ct'iild not 1 ' •• nv.Uivc nn;l |iufl'i>' ; <• iiiiin in Jiiiitclinp with : ,:ni -innrr.- thi'.t hr '•" '" ilirpi tl;c trulli and :o ;i iipu" U'ay of life. ; : . vi-rv niiical ot .lesus, snd a-tcd. "How is il liiat. )lc cat- di and drinkflh with imjlii-iiu:; , and linnci'iV" The reply of Jc:-us. when l|i< beard it, was very wise ;n»i ivi]n!.c;li "Kiev that arc wlmlc have no v.'.Td c f a physician, but they lhal jiirc ;.icl;; I am not conic to call lh<' iii; ; :N'ou... but .'.hmcrs. to rc- prntmiic." Ho .li.] not :cc lhc,-r with wlioin I !i" had ,-,-n, dov.'ii ns nirti In-c from | fault. HP dirt nol a|xilc;i*c for the ne\v. Jcrus in one sense war, liringine to men jicu- truth. He yva ciiipha. c izint r and , newness ol life Ihc old princ.iplc cf love to God and IDVC lo mai| He wao inlerpreling the la>\ l- Ihc Jewish religion In Icii.i. ioi-c and rightcotir-ners. ai\i v.'as rc-cnloicing. tl'c trulh con crrnini; liumiin conilurt \vitli mrssnifc coiKTrnini: Co<( jjitiiscll He called upon n;cn ( u | J( . 'vil ill their livos. Hut lie did cm- fret, even as tlicir Fatlicr in Heav en was perfect. lie a;oorialcd Ifi' thr purity of flij, ov. p n ino- tivr:; ;ni.-J IIi:i purixssr 1 . C-^rcsfifins imm^ctiaieiy iirnr.e, ai- :o. about the (orma! observance of ctrtani cus.tonis. There was tr.c ;cn.'!o!ri of fasting, which liar, been ramxrnried and practiced as, a ro- h;:inn . diMripituc, r.ij' .Jr. ij.n rav. - men cwph.iM/int; i Miiiply tin- custom without regard i l<> i;>' spiritual value. Those who lui'l .-iirh rmpi);i';j.» upon ia.sliii!:. V.TI-? critical ;uid crn-orioiis of i t :'o:,i- v.ho r.ij nol. Je:-us did not j approve- nt lhal .spirit. I Jn llir fiRiirc (! f a piece of cloth i.'cjni inid [i,, ,,|;i carmrut. or ol j new wine put into old winn-skins. II:- drr-w the icwon (hat the urw lifp rn;ik! nnl be aIf.ncrl.lKT fiiriE- I rd v-Hli the c.lri. There is a point j [Wiirr,- the whole must be ctrencth- j cued and tr.ade )ir.n-, iiale-ss tlie rot- ' ter.nrps of the old is' to destroy Ihc giaoc ct Cod with salvation newness of life. 'I'hi:, j:; His nifisago for ;cx loday: tha; life mu:-t be cleans, from wir.liin if we ;>.rc to liayj rlshl iclationsripo ol man will man. and Utiilj up a ;,«h>! ordsl in b.-iniiony «ith the iniiicipies ol the kingdom cf heaven. AiiJioitncemcnls Tlic Courier News ha.s been lluji i;xvl to make formal aiinounce merit ol the following candida for public oniro. EUlijccl lo til Democratic primary .lugii.-t p. I'm C'oimly Trcasi!r lr Jfl It. L. tfJff,[,Y) CSAIN!'-;,/-*! For Sheriff ancl Collector 1IALK JACKSON C'ounfv f.'o.nt Clerk ' T. \V. POTTER

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