The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1954
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER IS, 1954 BLYTHETILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQ1THM1 Bamboo Curtain Report Reds Ready to Invade Formosa EDITOR'S NOTE: This i* the first of three exclusive eyewitness dispatches by an "Old China Hand" who takes you behind the Bamboo Curtain for an up-to-date look at Bed China, and the preparations for a threatened attack on Formosa. The writer's by-line is an obvious alias for the equally obvious reason that members of his family still live in Shanghai, where he was born. He left China 19 months ago; how he returned for this report — and got out again — must remain secret. By JOHN SMITH Written for NEA Service HONG KONG — (NEA) — I have just returned from a visit to ^hanghai, my home for 30 years before the Communists took over, and I have seen the buildup for the next Red attack in Asia. They are ready for Formosa. They believe they will win. Thie belief is based on the Western surrenders in Korea and Indo- Cbina and the firm conviction that the U. S. Navy and Air Force will not act with enough speed or force to prevent a Bed victory on Chiang's island. My impressions are based upon what J saw and heard in Red China. At Woosung, the ship I was aboard was held up for several hours by the quarantine doctor. From our vantage point in the harbor, I had a perfect view of the small shipyards which dot the shoreline of the Whangpoo River up to the main port. * » » On the ways, in various stages of completion, were scores of medium- sized vessels, ranging from 500 to 800 tons. At anchor were swarms of gun boats (foimerly Japanese) and rows of LSTs and LSMs and smaller landing craft. The latter were all U.S. gifts to Nationalist China. Two years ago these were a. collection of rusty hulks with skeleton crews. Today they are a smart- looking armada of light ships. They are freshly painted and their well- trained crews drill day and night. Big guns hax r e been mounted fore and aft and the LSTs have rows of automatic 30-mm. guns along each side. This, I was told, is but one portion of the staging area which extends- along the entire coast opposite the Nationalist stronghold. This type of activity around Shanghai is all for offensive preparations. There are no signs of defenses. Gun positions and forts CLOSENESS of Formosa to Bed mainland and to air and sea bases at Shanghai is shown here. which protected the harbor from Woosung have been razed. But amphibious training continues week-in and week-out as division after division takes its tu$n for sea drills under the watchful eye of Soviet tutors. * * * The Reds' strategy is based on two beliefs: 1. They can knock out Formosa with a "human sea" attack of small craft and paratroops covered by an air armada of MIGs, which can furnish them with local air superiority, for at least a week. The Reds have amassed enough small ships to move a million men in the first wave. (Chinese are loaded on 2 % -ton trucks at 65 per truck. We load 24.) They can put 500 MIGs into the area in a few' hours, knowing that the nearest U. S. Sa- brejets, only opponent a MIG fears, are hundreds of miles away on Okinawa. They know U. S. Navy carrier planes are no match for MIGS. 2. By taking Formosa, they will eliminate the one talking point of the U.S. for steadfastly fighting Red China's admission into " the United Nations—Chiang Kai-shek and his Nationalist government. The Peoples' Revolution in ^hina will then be termed "completed" and a "united" government will demand representation. The,,Reds will make their political bid for UN recognition this fall. The military bid may come at the same time. * * * The Communists know, more than citizens in the U.S. realize the same fact, that the U.S. Seventh Fleet is spread out over thousands of miles of Pacific and China Sea waters. They evaluate its strength as not sufficient to halt a tremendous mass invasion under an umbrella of MIGs. They feel certain that the temperament of the U.S. Government is such that chances of the Seventh Fleet being built up to meet their planned attack are slight. They figure that the U.S. will reinforce after the initial invasion; by that time, the Keds hope to have the island overrun. They do not credit Chiang's army with the ability that press accounts have given. I am not an authority on either side of the picture. The issue of the U.S. Navy and Air Force's determination to fight for Formosa has been made clear in various public statements. The ability of Chiang's soldiers in a possible battle has been lauded by both American military men responsible lor their training and by press observers. But on the (Tomorrow: Chinese mainland, these items are Shanghai.) SHANGHAI'S WATERFRONT FROM THE AIR looked like this as craft milled about in Whangpoo River, fleeing the Reds in 1949. Today shoreline is dotted with Commie gun boats, landing craft. Sixth Grader, 72, Kills Father Because 'Dad Was Mean to Me' ZANESVTLLE,, Ohio (if/—Police said sixth grader David Larry Ingles, 12, admitted shooting his father to death yesterday after coming home from. Sunday school. Chief George Hodgson and Muskingum County Prosecutor Joseph McNerney said David in a signed statement admitted he had planned for two or three weeks to kill his father, John Ingles, 36-ysar-old handyman, because "Dad was mean to me. "He threatened me and mother a thousand times." Chief Hodgson said the statement gave this account of the shooting: David came into the house while DANBURY, N. H. (AP)—A circus, travelling through New Hampshire, took a short cut over a back road in this town. As the elephant truck went up a long hill, the tailgate slid open and one of the pachyderms got out. Motorists on the road later received quite a shock to see the huge animal' calmly standing by the roadside, apparently enjoying the woody countryside. About 40 miles further on, the circus crew stopped for a rest and discovere dthe loss. A search party was sent back and the elephant was discovered surrounded by admirers, some with cameras, others just wondering at "New Hampshire wildlife." his father was alone and in bed. He took a fancy .22 caliber target pistol, ^, decorated with imitation gems, ''from a hiding place and shot once but. missed his father. "What are you doing?" the father t asked. "I'm going to kill you," David said he told his father. The statement quoted David as saying, "when my finger was on the trigger I couldn't stop shooting. I don't know how many times I shot." The father staggered from his bed and grabbed David's ankles. The boy fired again. Coroner S. S. Daw said the last shot followed the right shoulder blade into Ingles' heart as he was leaning over. Ingles was shot also in the abdomen and the left leg; Daw said- After shooting his father, David said in the statement, he wrapped the gun in a house dress belonging to his mother and hid it in weeds not far from the house. Then he went to his grandparents' home 'where his mother was visiting and acted as though nothing had happened. "Only me and Whiskers (the cat) knew," Hodgson quoted him as saying. Hodgson, who described David as an ardent comic book fan, said the boy wore a cap gun holster under his shirt while the lengthy, detailed statement was being prepared. He is being held in a detention home here while authorities decide what to do with him. not believed. The outcome of an attack may be in doubt. But it's certain the sights are on Formosa and the Red axe ready to trip the trigger. highflying lines look of Slim, high-poised wedges for dressy-tailored clothes . . . with the polished manner that Fall fashion loves! rout MiftNDtr sNOf srojti ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals will oe received by the Board of Commissioners of Drainage District No. 17, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in the office of the District in the First National Bank, Building, Blytheville, Arkansas, until 11:OU o'clock A. M. (CST), September 17, 1954, -for excavating , approximately 110,300 cubic yards of material, at which time and place the proposals will be publicly opened ana read aloud. The work is divided into two units of approximately 83,500 cubic yards (about '11.5 miles) and approximately 26.800 cubic yards (about 0.3 miles) respectively. Any bid returned after closing time will be returned unopened. Copies of the plans, specifications and other proposed contract documents are on file in the office of Drainage District No. 17, at Blytheville, Arkansas, and are open for public inspection. A set of such documents may be obtained fro mC. . Redman, Secretary of the District, upon which deposit will be refunded to each actual bidder upon return of such documents in good order within five days after receipt of bids. The caracter and amount of security to be furnished by eacn bidder are stated in the above mentioned documents. Bidder must be licensed in the State of Arkansas, and no bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids for at least thirty (30) days. The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive niformalities DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 17 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS By C. G. REDMAN, Secretary. 916-8-13-15 TV Remark Pays Off- In Nickels MT. PLEASANT, Mich. L-R—A remark Mrs. Margaret Deibel made on a nationwide program, last Friday has paid off like a slot machine—in nickels. So far 43,000 letters have turned up at the Deibel home—most jingling with coins but some crinkly like they have bills stuffed inside. Postmaster James Hooker expects another 50,000 letters for the Deibels in today's first delivery. And he estimates they'll keep coming for a couple of weeks. Mrs. Deibel, 26, and her husband, an appliance salesman, began to become people of means at 9 a.m. Friday. That was when Garry Moore picked Mrs. Deibel from the audience at his network television show in New York where the couple was vacationing. He asked if Mrs. Deibel wanted anything. Mrs. Deibel said: "We have everything we need. We're very happy and getting along fine." Moore, understandably startled, suggested that his television audience reward the couple by sending her nickels—just for fun. The couple hasn't had a chance to count the money yet. And police aren't taking any chances. They've assisted a guard to the Deibel home and have transferred the money to the city jail. A certified public accountant will begin counting it today. 16-Year-Old Held After Fatal Shooting SAN DIEGO, Calif. {#)—Juvenile authorities held a Marine colonel's 16-year-old son today after he told police he shot and killed his bachelor high school Latin teacher lor making homosexual advances. Dead was Floyd Eugene Fourrier, 34, who would have started a. new term teaching at San Diego High School today. Detective Sgri>. Paul G. Walk reported that Timothy Sapp, son of Col. John W. Sapp Jr., chief of staff of the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot, said he shot Fournier early yesterday while spending the night in the teacher's rented room at the home of an absent widow. The boy was quoted as saying he got out of bed after the alleged homosexual acts, obtained a 32 caliber rifle from a closet and shot Poumier in the head. Police and Deputy Coroner O. M. Ladd said physical evidence in the bedroom supported the boy's state- LITTLl LIZ— -Theotre- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat, Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature WMtwtw B*o*. WKL ROOStS, Jr. „ « £0 SHtROEMAHMD SIDNEY SKOlSCT cno»T>LFS£0 £.«££* Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature Chirttao HESTON Unfed! SCOTT m** FOSTER BADFOPEACWOTMEP —AND— A umcr ncTutu PKMNTATIOW ALSO CARTOON TUBS., & WED. Double Feature PAULHENREID umm SCOTT with Mildred Dunnock - Arthur Franz • Ray Collins - ten** by HMK WAiUCS «xJ HORACE MjCOT • AjweUte Pro WtLWI FADWW ' WrKtri Dy IWWC WPtt —AND— METRO NEWS TUBS., WED., & THURS Double Feature A iimn NC7UHJ wstHT TECHNICOLOR! -AND— ALSO SHORT fjewTWALlACE v Cartoon "Rabbit Seasoning" DO YOU KNOW —What is the first name and middle initial of Mr Ozment, manager of HOME SERVICE CO. located at 6th & Chickasawba Streets? .. .Who is the owner? The more folks with whom you "get acquainted"—the more enjoyment of life will be yours. In business and in social contacts "knowing the persons BY THEIR NAMES" is most important. "tET'S GET ACQUAINTED" ... will feature PEOPLE, those friends of yours at our places of business who serve your daily needs ! I I ft"* mony col specialists you con .find brfdg* tabtes and bock f*x«. meat. Poumier, whose mother Hv«i fcft Seneca, HL, had been a teacher ** the high school for * year and * half. . 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