The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1932
Page 2
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Scdtiy Calcndat Twofej New Tuesd«y Bridge club wit Mrs. Ctecar Bailey. Wednctday Mrs. James H. Bell cjitcrtnlnin Wednesday Bridge club. New Wednesday Bridge clu meeting with Mrs. P. B. Joyncr. Troop 31 of Boy Scouts meet ing at city hall at T P. M. Thursday Mid-Week Bridge club meeting tAQi Mrs. W. L. Horner FrMay Pidelts Sunday school class o: First Baptist church meeting wit) Mrs. E. H. Deatte. Saturday Langs P. T. A. having T.ig Day Miss Ella Morris Weds Mr. Thomas Bogun. The marriage of Miss Elln Morris (o Mr. Thomas Begun wns tolcmnized last • evening at the Second Baptist/ church with Ihe Rev. J. L.-Newsom performing (lie ring service at 8:30 o'clock! Pink rows and ferns were used in the decorations and members ot the bridal party : carried identical bouquets of the same flowers, The church's altar was an embankment of ferns and tal! rccd baskets of rcses were at each side while crystal vases of roses were in the background. His. J. G. Barnes, sister oi the bride, sang "I Love You Truly" with her daughter, Mrs. Ixc Med- lln, of Little Rock, at the piano. The Wedding Macli from Lohengrin ivns used. Tlic bride wore a white chiffon model, the circular skirt touching the floor. The dress was sleeveless iv.'t ha deep Bertha collar the only trimming and the tulle veil, -which formed n train, was caught'.nbout-her bead with valWv lilies;- '. . - ... Her- attendants were her sisters, • Mrs,- Dave Ross, of! (Memphis,' and 'Mrs. Fred Alexander, of Leachviuc.." "Both wore flesh colored chiffon dresses embroidered in pink roses. Rose , petals were scattered.- by Eva Blanche Morris, niece, ol the bride. The bridegroom- had for Ills' best man Mr. Paul Wayrnan. '-. Mrs. Eofufl, who has made her hom e with her sister, Mrs. J. G. Barnes, and Mr. Barnes, for three years. Is the daughter of -the late Mr.'; and Mrs." B. "E. Morris. " : ' Mr,. Bogun is the ..son of Mrs. Ma?y Bogun and the late Mr. F. B. Bogun, of Iron wood, Midi. He recjived his later education at the.;L. L. Cooke School of Electric- Hy;nt. Chicago and js no«- con- neclsd v,jth the L. E. Meyers company «Hh jieadquartcrs In this city; He came to BlytluviUe a year, ago. dot of town guests who attended thc~«-ed<Jlnj were: Mr. and Mrs Dag: Ross, Memphis. Mrs. Lee Medlm, Little Ro:k and Mr. and Mr*: Fred Alexander, Leachvillc Mr. Bogun and his bride ore now at -home at 811 Lake street. Oakes-Haynrs, Announcement was made today of Mhe marriage of Miss Elv.i MMene Haynes, of tills clly, to Mri-Georgc M. Oakes, of Memphis amrBlytheville: Thc wedding took place February 28 at the First Baptist church of Popliir Bluff, Mc£ with the Rev. William E! Fuspn performing the ring ceremony. %. and Mrs. Carson. Alley were thoir only attendants. The bride, who is the daughter oflMr. and Mrs. E. A. Haynes Hat, been employed at the general offjre of the Arkansas-Missouri Po$er company for the past twi e<J. by .winners .according • to their' "cores with a prize 'going to. each'. «ble. Mrs. J. Nick Thomas, flrst iqnors, selected -ri 'lhealre~"c'6up"a'i look; Mrs. H. High!}!!,-hosiery; Mrs. HI A, Taylor,. brass troy; Mrs.; c. I, BaUto'jk. marble nsh tray; .Mrs. ;. B. Woodson, cookie Jar; Mrs. c. V. Allllde, cnke; Mrs. Lloyii stick- rtion, picture; Mrs. JQD S. Dills- lunty...pillow slips; Mrs. Spnrgcon 'attciwn, stationery; Mrs. E. Turner, towels; Mrs. Crawford Greene, tatloncry. * * * Baptist w. M. S. HavJnr "Special Prop-am Mftlint*. Stale mission programs are being iel<J Jfeoday^Tuesdaj- nixi Wsdnes-- »y,-afternoons, by the Woman's f our ' lUslonary society of tlw First Bap- m ' 1st cl>nrcti. ""• Mr. Oakcs. who lived here for several years, is now agent for Ihfc. Press-Scimitar In southeast MuSourl. tfcey win muke their home at """ "i avenue. • • * : Compliment** . Shoirtr Party. J£rs. Bancroft Terry, who MS be- lor« her recent marriage Miss Mary Honejt »"as the gicst o! honor for S >®? Wer party Satu riay afternoon when Misses Mary McHansy and QlMys Hardin vere hostess!* Ii 20 .guests. The Hardin home had many bsu ,,=A. ., autumn "roses and othc, ers for a. tasteful arrange • of the two living rooms. I» the card games a double deck of eards went to Mrs. Charles Grit; Ser^Jr.. and the traveling" , m . ;>Blven Miss Mildred Moore who [W last to have honors I. The briie was presented ung assortment of gifts. ite^.^?*.*"*""*' "d Iced tea - ™— »•• *. i*. n«3 C»8ai Britfc Parly. P^I^' ^V s P° nKhre <l by till -farent-T««cher association of 1,1 Cent"' \yard school Saturday af «njoon in the garden of Mrs. B A^Lynchi home. "*" I beauty of thc fflowc y pool afforded a prct - — —».~.~.d for the 1 11 tables Aftgr four progressions ,, f ru i PUJJCh. and cake was «rved by th wapttfce in charge. r J^%^~nV.ed>£iccEl mer chants and Individuals'«r« select Proving; She^s a Good Scout her mother, Mrs. Moore of that city. •Mrs. j. B. Hart entertained the ladles ol tlie Baptist Aid at her home OH Carlctori avenue Friday afternoon. Mrs. John Oadity presided over tli3 business session in Hie absence of tlie president, Mrs. A. I>. Kcrwy, and Mrs. S. c. Stephen read and discussed six chapters from Second Chronicles. Mrs Hart, assisted by her daughters. Mrs, Fads Cunningham and Mrs •I. W. McCloskey, served slicrbct and cake to her guests. Attorney and Mrs. c. E Bra'ar entertained the Youne Married Couples club at their home Friday "''"nli. B . There were four rabies ai age, Mrs. J. A. Hayden received .n rcore for thc ladies, a hot beverage bottle, anil J>, Harry BaW received hlsh score for the nun/a hundcomc tie. MiK Lucille Nayjor and Otto Monan were host and fcoslcss to thc Fortniehtly c i U b Friday evening at the Ijomc of Mrs. Albert Lawscn on ' -oulh Ward. Miss Swan Nuylor K . > teivert high score [ Or the | adi hosiery, while Casey Kllgore rccelv- ! ed a handsome ti; for high acore or (he mn. Low score awards for Mill ladies and men went to Mr.s ' Lnwson and R. A . warren, who • both received handkerchiefs. Mr.- and Mrs. Joe Wood cnbr- i Inmcd about fifteen litil; jricnds of Iheir son lillly at llieir tan" l-nday afternoon, thc oeca^loh b"- ing his sixth birthday, charts Bradley was Ihe winner of a bean contest. JWNDA^JEmM|EBy^_2f)S2 f ^~ Lt\RN/ A Love Match JNo Longct- One feature of the Eastern' States Exposlilon in Springfield, Mass, vhlch has drawn-exhibits, governors-find crowds from nine states, has )een the. "guide -and nursery" service' of 18 Girl Scau'.s chosen 'from he represented areas, Here Nancy inuishill, Lcwfston, Maine' is Inking care of Baby Phyllis Cain, Suffolk, Conn., while Mama Cain visits the show. CaruthersvilJe Society—Personal Thurmnn French, son oi M r . and Mrs. R. u. French.of here, who hns been visiting in hns bccai visiting in Enslano, Scotland anil Ireland, returned home last week. He plans to accompany tin author, whom he met on board ll:e vessel on which l:e mace Ms trip, on an expedition to Africa next summer, after spending the winicd at r thc University of-Mis-. Eouri where he will study journal- '•m. . The following young i>eoi>!<; from Bits oj N Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Phillips, U Washington, D. C., Mr. anJ Mrs. i Harold E Phillip.-! of Pine Bluff. Mr and Mrs. u. W. Beale and daughter, Mrs. Tr.elma Beale Shaffer of Little Reck fire guests of Mrs. Ee.-ile's parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hall, and other relatives. They j will leave Wedn:siiay morning with I Mrs. Shaffer accompanying her] brother, Thomas Phillips,' and Mrs.! PWlilps to Washington where shej wiU visit- until Christmas. Mrs. Allic SIsk spent yesterdav In Memphis. J. L. Thompson jr., and Jimmie Thompson of Memphis passed through here lute yesterday enroute lo-lhelr l:omc In Memphis from Dexter, Mo., where they had be?u > visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson. Jimmie Thompson, i neis to a disc, that is likely to be conceniralted and soft. Whenever meat is used in p sandwich, try to combine it. with l;t- tuce, giateJ carrot or minced celery. The combination gains bath food'value and piquancy. Fresh fruit always is suitable and desirable for dessert, and is easy to p;iek. Individual bsk;ci custar^ and firm tapioca puddings can be i used occasionally for variety. Cockles and cup cakes ars popular and arc easy to cat. Tnre; or four date* raisins, figs and well scrubba-l Prunes also will satisfy a child's natural craving for sweets and aid nourishment as well. The poking O f the feed in the lunch kit is of vast importance Tnere are so'many attractive containers available at small cast that the task is lijhtened and neatness • « assured. Well-wrapped foods striy fresli and appetizing, so use plenty of waxed paper, mapping each article before putting a i,, ti, e box l ut t-re dessert in firs:. Otherwise the box must to unpacked to reach' «ie faiKln-icfcos and there is tho possibility that the dessert only will be eaten anfi |n c rest of the lunch overlooked. It was no love match when Greta Nissen,' movie actress, and Wcl- don Heyburn watched the tennis tournament at Hollywood, gor, two .day's ,nftcr this picture was taken, they announced their six-' months-old marriage had ended in a serration. Tonic trow's Menu BREAKFAST: Grapefruit juii codfish hash, cornmeal muf- i f<! potatoes, crenincd onions, lettuce with Thousand island Ur:ssing, iwach shortcake, m ilk. coffee. I'clicc Seek .'Meanest' Barglur PnOVO, Utah. (OPJ-PoJice of this town are searching. for the world's nranest" burgbr..A blrti-- uay contribution bo.x, cchlainlTiv approximately 20D pjnnl K ' was stolen. They had fcjon conatjd by childrcri^of the church for the poor. A pigskin brace with the patented fins, milk, coffee. A Hickok tubular brace, with confer bead of contrajtihg co)or—aj smart as it is sturdy-easy to wear and long wearing.'And, ct-'no extra coil, there is, attached lo every brace a pair of these exclusive, new V- Klips which keep • your. t »hirt down comforf- Por_ today's progi-nm Mis. John llcre lmvc rcce "l'y enrolled In Cen-1 wll ° )ost lll s leg in an nutomobi: -—._ i-™..j.j ^^u^ittiu .MI<» juim , • j — •••^** ... vj^ii- Buchanan wns lender of (he pro college nt Ftiyette, Mo.: Rob- ram ••Orgnitotlon." Tomorrow rt '"'"'"' """ "" ' " ert 'Word. Mary Idn- VnnAusdall Jack Pinion, Ralph D. Pinion, Wendell Mayes, Thrlma Unda Evcnwn. Erna Eileen Evensoii and Harry Clifford Dudley, all graduates in thc 1932 class of Caruthersville hl»li school. .• Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Chilton and dmlshler B'ernlce drove to S:. Louis fYitiny afternoon, taking Mrs. ,.j 01 _ llu .j, L - llls ., c - P. Cain, another daughter nnd 3f the First Bnpttst. clmrcli is to ' bab J' s " za »nc to their home i,, st inve a meeting Pridtiy evening. 7:30 j Lo "'-'- Mr - Chilton .will uttonrt a clock, at the home of Mrs. E. H • 1 m "" lill S cf the board of directors uc.-i.ette. B-"-sWcs Mrs. Deacltc, Jfrs I ° r «'c '^fissouri Prrss association ames nomar and Miss Bertha Rus-1 to ]m ' M plans for thc fall conven- elt will bt hostesses. i tl0 " to lie held in St. La,,i s Mr •Chilton Is editor of the Democrat- _. D I..>LIUII. AUlllUl I O\V Aim" is to be thc theme.with Mrs. Robert Grimes in cliarge. For thc '--•ang topic-Wednesday Mrs. T E ig is leader. Her theme is "I'ro- ucls." • • Tlicse programs are being Md nt r.c church at 2:30 p.m. Class to Meet. Tr.c Fidclls Sunday school clnss )-u s htcr ISorn. A daughter was born rr> Mr ,1,1 \r ,* "II. -»i. uiiu .\iri. HerCT mli^at ".rWSSS heds^nuS 1 ^ 5 :forc her marriage Mrs.!of this cltv. d'rn™ tn w, Argus here. Mr. aiul Mrs. Herbert of clinic hat city for Hospital Notes I ' J nra s ould. Ark., nnd Miss Mildred Aino'.d of Blythcvllle. and the Rev the Bly-f w - J- t-cRoy, pastor.of thc Lake Mr?. HII- i s ' ree l Mcthodisi church of Biythc- ~ ] —•"*.•*••••*.» «i it. IUIU I H'J IltV. Patents admitted to the H!y-' W. J. LcRoy, pastor.of thc L;ike hcvillc hospital toduy: Mr?. HII- i Street Mcthodisi church of Biythc -en crafton. c lly; R. K. lions-. V1 '!e. i» r c visiting relnlivcs here and 'M"' I J ° s" < 5 "°H WrfIS ' 1 "° ! " ! MrS ' E ' °- - M ^ ou flrovp : <> Os - %^?f? : - : - "w^x:^ ^ H«d1 ell? V ' Dl '" : R °y!BB«d. She was accompanied by ' *"*"••>• . i Mrs TJncr-nn ...\>_ ... . EXCURSION TO MEMPHIS AND KKTUHN $1.00 Children Hiilf [.'arc . 29ih Mrs. Roscoe Harden, who vsited accident recently, is now much improved ami will enler Tennessee e Slate Teachers college tcdftf 'where he will, cake a pre-dentm 'course. Mrs.--S...E. Lnw.wn has retinned Mr home In Hamburg, Ark., arirr a two months stay with her daughter, Miss Willie A. Lawson. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller are in Dexter, Mo., for a week's v'si: with Mrs. Miller's sister, Mrs. Hug.i Nelson Thompson, and family. Mrs. Floyd White and Mrs. M A. Isaacs are In Memphis today. Miss Pauline Lang hns gone to SI. Louis on a buying trip for ch-> Fashion shop. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Homer an i son «'. L. jr., spent the weekenl nt Bloomfleld, Mo. They were accompanied by Mrs. Horncr's mother -Mrs. J. s. Horncr, who had b?c:i here for n week. W. W. Prewitt of O.sceola at- teiided to business here today. Mr. nnd M rs . u. W. Mulllns arrt dP.ushter are moving to the homo of -Mrs. Mullins- parents Mr ard Mrs. J. H. Smart. Mr. anil Mrs. Dave Ross of M»m- Phis spent thc week-end in this city with Barnes. Mr. ami Mj s . J G • G. Cc3ton of Osceola is trans- LISTER _KJTCHEN ed muffins, grapes, milk, tea'; DINNER: Liver and bacon.^n ash- BY SISTER MAKV NEA Sen-ice Writer An adequate meal is as uate and well-balanced Ncat ness and order appeal to all necessary for tlie school cmldr c". Giris. little an.; big. lilV as the Jiome luncheon. <H"nt»iess. Boys, en the ether han:i, lunch-box as the Jio . -This meal inuaL be a satisfactory supplement to the. other two meals of the day nnd must be n3!iri;h- ing and inviting. If carefull thought out and planned the day before, there will be less confusion in the morning before school when every minute must count. It is very easy to let, school become monotonous. Certain fc«ls pack easier than o:Ii;rs, it is true, but different combinations and chanses can be worked out that will make thc luncheon more interesting to both the packer and the child. . busine;.5 here ' !Mrs. J. O. Tom Secoy. son of air. ami Jf r .;. I Miss M operation lor apjicniUcitis at thc St. Bernard hospital of that city yesterday. Ills condition is very good. Mrs. Lee Medlin of Litiie Rock is the guest, of l:er parents. Mr. and ry Phillips cf Memphis --.-. . ^., u . ..... ,,, t n .in... i iviiia i\i;u> I Ijmips cl .MCll'.p.llS Tom Sccoy, formerly of here m-.d jis the (jucst of Mr. and Mrs. W. L now of Jcnesboro, uncleninit a:i' Phillips. GO— Leave" Hlyilievillc 5:48 am September 201h HKTURN— Leave Memphis 11:20 pm September 2fl!)i 5HSSOUK! DAY MID-SOUTH FAIR For Afiditicna! Informntio:i ASK THE FKISCO AGKNT BJj-thevil)e','Ar!c.' "*'' The Conscientious Dry Cleaner Will Not Sacrifice For Mae ^Service" Of course tinnluni tiinst jrive scrvico . . . good stvvice. But wjicii il is jjiwii ill Hi ( . ex|K.Misc of workinittisliip il censes to be u virtue. Therefore in dry cleaning, alierinjr. h;a ins-building ,,r any oilier pliusc R, , 0 . l ! 1 ',n work ' you m:ly lli; ai -s»fed Vlint our first lonsidoration )i;is liucii t<UAl,l [\. 2 Sioddard Sdoent Is Kind to Your Clothes Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners Ingrain Bkl<i;. Phone 180 Careful coissid^nuion strauld be given to iwrsoiial likes and dislikes. OFTEN HELPSJTOMACH Drinl: plenty of water with pinch of salt. 11 bloated with gas add a spoon of Aclleriko. This washes out BOTH stomach nnd bowels and rills you ot all gas. City Drug Store. • _ Adv -. scofT' at this f?m!nine trait am! want big thick sandwiches, big thick ccokles and so on (brought tte.list. Another factor of imp^rtanne is thc agejjf the chilrl. Children under twsTvc remtire a different -o:t of lunch than [hat p'.aimeil fo; liic '>0j «i girl in high sdioo!. If there is not a school carji=r:a, a hpt drink or soup should tc cr.r- ' nod in a thermos battle. Th= lio:' fooi aids digestion anrt decs much to relieve nerve strain. The sandwich is the mainstay of the lunch box and must Le concocted to furnish much foal value. Variety of breads as well 05 fillings make Is possible to vary the sandwich from day to day. qareftilly ttrapiljd celsry, radishes, carro'. sticks and hearts of cauliflower give balance to the meal by supplying bulk a:nl crLsp- Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered Phone 71 Bulgarian Buttermilk 15c Qt. Go lo Church Sunday NEW MEAD OOTHINGCC. Putting money in a new roof is like putting money in the bank yvO jou v.ilnc vour comfort, your health, •*-' jnur safety? Think how a new ruyf aild.% to c\cr) one of tlicsc f.tctors. Do JHU \.tluc; thrift? Think how a new roof cuts) our fuel costs by keeping outcol<!. l)o jou w:int toailtl sales aupcjl ,ind mod- irn lx..iuij-. v You kmnv ;i new roof would add many inure dollars to the re-s.ilc value (if yitnr home; much mure than it costs.'s why \vc s,\y "pulling money in .1 new niof is like putting money in the" —and you can pay for it like savings. Certain-teed Shingles (ONi FOR EVERY fWtfOSt AND PORit) Lcl us giie )fii a free alimalc LUMBER E.C.ROBINSON ^ LUMBER CO. ",S ARKANSAS

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