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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa • Page 1

The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa • Page 1

The Daily Timesi
Davenport, Iowa
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THE D1ILV 16 PAGES IN THIS ISSUE TRI-CITY EDITION DAVENPORT ROCK ISLAND MOLINE YE Alt-1903 SATURDAY DAVESPOKT, IOWA. AUGUST 25. PRICE THREE CENTS. GOT MONEY BY HARTY BECOMES KAW RIVER IS ON RAMPAGE RUSSIA IS VERY SEVERE LITTLE HOPE FOR PANAMA JEFFRIES WINS BATTLE FOR WORLD'S HONORS MUSCATINE MAN HURT IN WRECK WIRELESS ORDER HENRY ROBERTSON, A STEAMER PASSENGER TO NEW YORK HAS THIS HONOR New York. Aug. 15. Henry Robert son, a passenger on the Campania arriving this morning has the honor of being the first recipient of a money order by wireless, having sent a message to Month on the Lucania bound east, for money and received an order for the same one hour later when the ships were fifty miles apart. MEETS DEATH IN WATER TANK Ed Francis, a Farmer of Near Brooklyn, Found Dead Brooklyn, Aug. 15. Ed Francis. one of the prosperous farmers living east of town, was found dead In a watering tank Thursday evening. He had been there some hours as his fam ily supposed that he had gotten up early and was at the neighbors thresh ing. When he failed to show up in the evening, a search was made, with the above result. The tank Is a covered one and about two feet deep, with an opening of about IS Inches, from which the stock drink. How he got into the tank is a mystery, unless it is a case of suicide, Mr Francis was about (SO years old, and well thought of in the commun ity. NO NEW TRIAL FOR JETT Judge Osborne Overrule The Motion at Cynthiana Cynthlana, Aug. 15. Judge Os borne this morning overruled the mo tion of the attorneys for Jett and White for a new trial. A stay In exe cution was taken for both the prisoners for sixty days until the court of appeals has passed on the case. The prisoners will be taken to Lexington Sunday. It is reported that If the court of appeals sustains the verdict prominent men of Jackson will name another man who fired the shot and killed Murcum. The Jett case for the murder of Tom Cockrill will be heard in this court during the September term. WIFE IS SHOT; HUSBAND GONE Mrs George B. Evana Is Found Dead in Bed at Kansas City Kansas City, Aug. 15. Mrs George B. Evans was shot and killed as she lay In bed at her home this morning. The murderer escaped. During the teamster's strike Mrs Evans took the place of a striking teamster. Last week she sued her husband for a divorce. The police are looking for Evans, who is missing. Evans' body was found at noon In St. Mary's cemetery, the top of the head blown off. MESSAGE CAME TOO LATE Failed to Bid His Mother Farewell Be-cause of Telegraph's Non-Delivery Muscatine, Aug. 15. Claiming that he was denied a farewell conversation with his mother as she lay on her death bed in the town of Mechan-icsville, because of, the non-delivery of a message, J. H. Wilson has brought suit against the Western Union Telegraph company asking damages in the sum of $1,500, PEORIA TO USE CURFEW LAW Mayor Woodruff Decide to Enforce Ordinance Pased Peoria, 111., Aug. 15. Mayor Woodruff has decided to enforce the curfew ordinance, which has been on the books of Peoria for fifty years. Beginning next Monday all children under 18 years of age must be off the streets by 9 o'clock in the evening. IT CANNOT LONG CONTINUE Peace of Balkans Threatened by Bulgarian Actt Athens, Aug. 15. Premier Ralll has Informed the ambassadors of the powers that Greeks, Turks, und Macedonia cannot long endure the provocations of Bulgaria and reprisals must follow. In this event peace in the Balkans la endangered. THE POLAR EXPEDITION FAILS Scrofula Breaks Out Among the Crew of Danish Ship Tomso, Norway, Aug. 15. Whaling vessels report the failure of the Dan Ish Polar expedition. Many of the crew of the expedition Hre stricken with scrofula, and two died of the dls ease. The expedition got no farther north than Spltzbergen. BIG FAIR AT PLEASANTVILLE One is Being Planned for September io, if, io ana 19 PteuMnfitvllle Ailir. 1 A Mlreet fair ann rarnivai is nemg pianneo ai riens- Hiitvnie ror nepi. its, it, in ana i rtmr tuprrv. Kinir unn rtid- fashloned comfort. About 11.000 has already neen stiDscrineii. CORNELL COLLEGE ELEBRATES Mount Vernon Institution Ha Elabo rate Plans Mount Vernon, Aug. 15. What will probably be the greatest event In the history of Cornell college will oc cur In November from r'rldny until Monday, 13 to 18 when the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the col lege will be celebrated. WILL OPEN A WEEK LATER Mutcatine 8chool Will Begin Work on September 8 Muscatine, in Aug. 15. The school board decided last evening to postpone the opening of school from Aug. 31 to Sept. 8 mi account of some improve ments not yet completed. LORD SALISBURY IS STRONGER Ha Been III For Several Day In London London. Aug. 1.1. Lord Salisbury who has been seriously 111 for several days, Is reported stronger this morning. Many Heard Concert Muscatine. Aug. 15. Three thousand people attended the band concert hv the Muscatine band last evening, These public band concert draw many people to town. BISHOP OF MANILA GIBBONS AND SATOLLI CONDUCT LONG CEREMONIES IN ROME TODAY Rome. Aug. 15. Rev. J. J. Harty of St. Louis. was today consecrated archbishop of Manila. Philippine Is lands, cardinal Satoiii, former papal delegate to the United States and Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore conducted the ceremony, which lasted four hours. The participants were nearly exhausted at the end of the service owing to the intense neat. TODAY'S MARKETS Chicago, Aug. 15. Heavy covering by shorts In wheat caused a nervous strong market advances of one to two cents shortly after the opening and which the market did not hold. The decline was due to liquidation and not to a change in sentiment. Commission houses were the best seller on the advance, buying was general on the strong cables and cash situation, north west markets were leaders in point of strength, there was very little change in the situation. Taken as a whole the weather was favorable for wheat harvesting. Corn market was a quiet affair. There was a disposition In lo cal ctrcies to sell on the weather In the corn belt, but offerings were small owing to the strength In wheat. There was. a small advance early on the ca bles and wheat strength, but this was lost when liquidation In wheat started. Very little change wa noted in the situation. Oats early and steady without important feature, range prices very small, market influenced to some extent by strength In wheat. There was further selling by some of the local bulls but the demand wa about equal to the offerings. Trade only fair. provisions inclined to weakness. Selling by commission houses and some of smaller packers and very small de mand resulted In lower prices. The hog situation a little less bearish, CASH GRAIN MARKET WHICAT No. 3 red, 85. No. 3 red, 84. No. 2 hw, 82. N. 3 hw, SI 082. No. 1 ns, 87. No. 2 no, 8318 85. CORN No. 2, B2fi52. No. 2 63 64. No. 2 625t63. No. 3 65 fern 58. No. 8, 52fi 52. No. 4, 65i466H. OATS No. 2, 32033. No. 2 w. 35 36, NO. 3, 31ffl'3Z. No, 3 35f)35. No. 4 34W85. Standard. 31.14 36. The Chicago Market Chicago. 111., Aug. 15. (By Telegraph to H. J. Toher Co.) The following are the range of prices In Chicago to- uay: Wheat Open High Low Close Sept 83 84 Va 83 83 Deo 8.1 84 ,83 8.1 May 85 85 84' 85 Corn Sept ......52 f2. 62 52 63 62 62 May .....63 63 02 63 Oats Sept ..35 35H 34 34 Dec 36 36 36 May 38 38 Mi 38 38 Pork-Sept 1S.20 13.20 1300 13.00 Miy 13.20 13.25 13.17 13.25 I.ard Sept 8.00 8.00 7.90 7.95 Oct 7.67 7.67 7.65 7.65 Ribs Sept 7.72 7.75 7.70 7.70 Oct 7.72 7.80 7.72 7.80 Close on Flax and Rye Close on Klnx N. 103; 8. 102; 99; 101. Close on Hurley 40-55. Receipt Today 'ij Wheat. 84 curs. -1111 Corn, 157 cars. Ml Oats, 349 cars, f'l Estimated Reoeipta Monday Wheat, 115 car. Corn, 175 cars. Outs, 270 cars. Liverpool Cable Liverpool, Aug. 15. Closing, wheat 1 higher; corn higher. Northwestern Reoeipt Minneapolis, today, 89; last week, 101; met year, 189. Duluth, today, 23; last week, last yenr, 18. CHICAGO LIVE 8T0CK Chicago, Aug. 15. Hogs 8.000; cattle 200; sheep 2.000; estimated receipts for Monday, hogs, $38,000. Hog Mxrket Opened Steady to strong. Light mixed and butcher 35.15W35 65; good heavy $4.95 ft 15.55; rough heavy I4.5fl'35.20. t'sttle Market Opened t'nchiinged. Sheep Market Opened Steady, llog Market Closed Steady, to 10c lower on heavy packing. Light 15.30133.85: mixed snd butcher 35.20 35.70; good heavy $4. 10ff 35.65; rough henvy 35.0OW35.2R. Cuttle Market Closed -Steady. Sheep Mtirkft Closed Steady. At Chicago Chicago, Aug. 15. Cattle, re. celpt 2lO; steady. Heeves, 35,1 hit 5.55; stockera. 32.MKf4.35; Texns, 33.40 4.75. Hogs, receipts 10c higher. Light. 5 X5: mixed, 35.30ff henvy. 35.30tt 5.63. Hheop, rerelpts stendy. Natives, 8.85; westerns, 33. 2S8 3.90; wiHtM ti Ih rubs, 33.35W 5.90. At Omaha OniHha, Aug, 15. Cattle, re. relpts noiir. Hogs, receipts 5c higher. Light. mixed, $5.25 di5.30: heavy, 35. 15ft 5.25. Sheep, re celpt nominal. At Kanta City Kansas City Aug. 15. Cattle He-celpt. unchanged. Hogs Receipt. 2.000: strong. Heavy, $5.20 5.40; light, 5.45. Sheep Unchanged. NEW YORK. STOCKS New York. Aug. 15 The stork market been dull today, apparently awaiting the bank statement. The tendency ot pike wa downward and STREET CAR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TWO KANSAS CITIES IS CUT OFF Kansas City, Aug, 15. The Kaw river's rampage continues and a six foot rise is coming down from Junction City that make the prospect of damage in the west bottoms before Sunday night likely. Six pontoons in the army bridge broke loose today, and lodged against one of the ten tempor ary pile bridges all of which are in great danger. They were closed to traffic and weighted down with engines, cars, etc. Street car communication between the two Kansas Citys is stopped, and water is backing into the west bottoms sewers. NO MORE GET QUICK DIVORCES Judge Howe Issues Strong Ultimatum on the Subject Des Moines, Aug. 15. "There will be no more 'get quick divorces' in this court," announced Judge James A. Howe yesterday afternoon when turned down an aplication of a well-known attorney to hear a case which had been filed with the clerk of the court only a few minutes before. "I believe decidedly in what Justice Brewer said before the state bar association in regard to get-quick and secret divorces. It is better, he says, that the papers should be filled with divorce proceedings, nauseating as they are, than that there should be star chamber divorce proceedings and the entire affair enshrouded in secrecy. "There has been a very culpable practice in these courts recently of filing divorce cases and having them heard, by consent, on the very day of their filing. I will not allow this in my court any more at all. "Wrhen divorce petitions are filed they shall be duly docketed by the clerk and if there any good reasons why they should be heard before the next term of court a motion to advance in the assignment must be filed and argued and then if the court sees fit the case can come up ahead of its regular order. But there will be no rushing through of divorce cases in my court, regardless of the desire of the parties." DULUTH BANK IS CLOSED Alleged Theft of $45,000 in One is the Cause of Run on Another Duluth, Aug. 15. The alleged embezzlement of $45,000 of the funds of the Commercial Banking company, for which E. E. Johnson, the trusted clerk of the bank, is under arrest, has brought about the failure of the Merchants" bank of Duluth, which closed its doors after business yesterday. President Smith, in a statement issued yesterday afternoon, said that the failure was due to a run on the bank resulting from the closing of, the commercial Banking company's institution. He said that he could not anticipate the extent of the withdrawals and closed to protect all depositors as much as possible. This is the fourth bank suspending business as a result of the alleged HER HUSBAND IS MISSING Fred Ikerman Disappears From Hit Home Eldora, Aug. 15. Mrs Fred Ikerman and family of this city are very much concerned as to their father and husband's whereabouts. Sunday a letter was received from him containing a check for his trunk which had been shipped from Abbott Crossing on the Rock Island railroad. Another letter which also came stated that the trunk might be found at the depot and for his family to make whatever use they could of his clothing in the trunk. The letter also said: "My health has failed me and I am done for." PLEADS FOF MAMIE DE CRIST Woman Editor of Georgia Seeks Pardon of Woman Atlanta, Aug. 15. Mrs Marie Louise Myric, the editor of a daily paper published at Americus, visited the state house and presented a petition for the pardon of Mamie De Crist, who was brutally whipped by Warden Allagood at the state prison farm. Mrs Myric presented her petition to Gov. Terrell and the prison commissioners and her version of its reception has created a sensation. SALOONMEN TO BE ADMITTED By Narrow Margin Catholic Order of Foresters Agree Dubuque, Aug. 15. The Catho-lie Foresters yesterday voted not to exclude saloonkeepers from the order, but placed them In a hazardous class. The vote showed 28 to 77 in favor of excluding "them from membership, but a two-thirds vote was necessary to carry. The present rate of Insurance was Increased 30 per cent and a level premium adopted. WANT CARROLL D. WRIGHT Judge Grey Asks That He be Named Seventh Umpire Prranton, Aug. 15. President Nichols of the Mine Workers' Cnlon hss received word from Judge Gray of the appointment of Carroll D. Wright, former commissioner of labor and member of the late anthracite commission to set as umpire, the seventh member of the miners' eonclllia-tlnn board. BOTH YACHTS ARE IN DRY DOCK Shamrock and Reliance are Soon to Be Measured New York. Aug. 15. The Rellanre went Into dry dock at the f'rle basin today preparatory to the International yacht races. Aug. 20. The Shamrock III. Is lying along side of the Reliance having another coat of enamel put on. She will he ready for the measurer In about 4 hours. WOMEN "SHOT BY THE GUARDS At Vienna Mob Triee To Release a Woman Quack Vienna. Aug. 15. A number of women of Gilad. Hiitigtay. broke In th doors and windows of Jail in sn at. tempt to release a female quark, when the gendarmes fired Into the mob and two women were mortally, and atveral dangerously wounded. NEW ROUTE FOR CANAL MAY B5 REQUIRED Senator Cullom and President Confel Regarding New Complicationa 1. en Treaty Oyster Bay. N. Aug. IS. As a result of the news from Bogota, which Is taken a practically meaning tha killing ot the Panama canal treaty, Senator Shelby M. Cullom of Illinois was called Into consultation by President Roosevelt today. While all hopa of securing the Panama route ha not been given up. Senator Cullom admitted that the outlook waa discouraging. The amending of the treaty so that It probably will be impossible to secure ratification was not unexpected, and Senator Cullom had been asked to come here at this time in view of tha nearness of action by Colombia. After the conference, when asked what was the outlook for the treaty, Senator Cullom said: "It does not Beem encouraging. Tha action of the Colombian congress In amending the treaty certainly will make the task of perfecting; the treaty, difficult." Asked If the United State la held up for greater payment than It Is willing to make would the canal be built without a treaty, the eenator said: "We might make another treaty with Panama. There are intimation of discontent on the Isthmus over the action of the congress of the central government. Panama might break; away and aet up a government could treat "la the United State prepared to encourage a schism in a South American republic?" was asked. "No, suppose not, but this country wants to build that canal, and build it now," said the senator. active Issue showed lossea of a hall to one and a quarter point. The market wa without special feature and the last of the session was quite tnftcttve. The noon price were: Steel, 231i: Copper, 48; Atchison, 61; Wabash, 22; 83; O. Mo. Pttclflo, 95; Sugar, 116! Erie. 29; St. Paul, 123. The total sales were 422,500 shares, H. C. Link Fail The failure of H. C. Links wa an nounced on the Consolidated exchang today. Close on New York Stocks Sugar, 116; Gns, 88: R. I. 25; So. Pacific 45; B. O. 33; At-chison, common, 61; Atchison, pfd, 89: M. St. 143; Manhattan, 136: Conner. 48: W. U. Tel. 84: Y. Central, 107; C. A A 23; Rdg common, 66: Can. Pacific. 125; Leather, common, B. H. 45; Pacific Mall, 21: U. Steel, 72: 8. common, 23; Penna, 125: Mo. Pacific. 85; Union Pacific, 76; conl iron, 43; Krle, common, 29; Wabash, pfd 35 O. 17; III. Central, 133: Car 34: Rep, steel, 66; Rep. steel, common, 12. Bank Statement New'York. Aug. 15. Reserve, less IT. decrease, reserve decrease, loans, decrease, specie, decrease, legal, decrease, deposit, decrease, circulation, Increase, $13,400. HON. GEORGE D. WOODIN DEAD Prominent Sigourney Attorney and Banker i Buried Friday Sigourney. Iowa, Aug. 18. Hon. Oeorge D. Woodln prominent politician of this place, and formerly member of the bouse of representatives died at hi home here Wednesday afternoon and funeriil service were held from the home Friday afternoon. Mr Woodln wa a prominent Republican and wa elected prosecuting attorney for the Sixth Judicial district In 1858. waa mayor of Iowa City at once tlms and representative In the Iowa house In 1852. He hud been the president of tha Sigourney National bank for ths Inst several year. STEAMER IS TORN BY THE WIND Roiium from Ceiba to Honduras Hf Trribl Voyag New Orleans, Aug. 15. The British steamer Rnslum from Celba to Honduras, report he encountered a hurricane and lost a man overboard and had her ventilator carried awny, davit twisted and all her cargo of oranges swept Sway by tremendous aea. UNION MEN CONTROL SHOPS Will A.k Santa to Rale Wsge it Topeks Tbpeka, Aug. J5. The machinist' union today succeeded In forcing the last non-union man out of the Santa Ke shop and will make a demand for more pay and employment ol union men only. Three thousand men are said to be Involved. FT. 8NELLING TO BE IMPROVED Wsr Department Approves Plans Per 3600,000 Investment St. Paul, Aug. 15, The war department ha approved plan Snd ordered bid for the reconstruction of Kort Sneiitng. The Improvements will cos $600,000. BIQ MADRID THEATER BURNS On of ths Lsrgest In 8pin Is In Aht Madrid, Aug, 15. The Juan theatre, one of the largest playhouse here, wna destroyed by fire last evening, It I believed to be of Incendiary origin. LUMBERMAN HAS DISAPPEARED No Tre of George Brsinerd ef Min-neapolis St. Paul, Aug. 15. No trace ha been found of Oeorge Rralnerd, missing banker and lumberman, of Minneapolis. Clear Lake Assembly Clot Clear Lake, Aug. 15. The Clear assembly closed today a mot profitable ten days' sestion, MAKE MANY DEMANDS ON PORTE FOR BIG OFFENSE Death of Russian Consul is to be Most Thoroughly Avenged on All Responsible For It IS St. Petersburg, Aug. 15. An official messenger today publishes the text of instructions sent to Russian Ambassador Zinovlft at Constantinople, regarding the murder of Consul Rostkowski at Monastir, which besides demanding the punishment of the assassin and accomplices, positive prooi the villi has been punished, and the punishment of the civil and military officials responsible for the murder, and also Instructs with a view to the pacification of Monastir and demands the immediate punishment of all Turkish officials connected with the consulate at Uskub: demands reinstatement of Is-mael Hakki; release of all peasants on whom Turkish troops perpetrated at-trocities. enrollment of fresh gendarmes and police for the protection of the peaceful population. Move Her Fleet An official messenger today says the Russian ambassador at Constantinople has received a telegram from Sebasio-pole announcing the situation. The Russian Black sea fleet has been ordered to sail for Turkey waters for the purpose of enforcing the punishment of every official in anyway connected with the murder of the Russian consul at Monastir. TURKS WIN; AND KILL ALL City of Krushevo Taken After Four Day's Bombardment Belgrade. Servia, Aug. 15. Four thousand Turkish troops, reinforced by several thousand Albanians, have captured the city of Krushevo, twenty-three miles north of Monastir. After the capture the Turks massacred the, entire Christian population, while the Mohammedans In the surrounding villages gave up their arms to the Bulgarians, after severe fighting. It is not known yet how many Christians were massacred after the capture of Krushevo, but It is known that the Macedonians who held the numbered several thousands and were well armed. The Turkish troops bombarded the town four days and made several unsuccessful attempts to carry the place by assault. SAYS ALDERMAN WAS INTERESTED KEOKUK WOMAN BRINGS SUIT CONTESTING PAYMENT SPECIAL PAVING ASSESSMENT Keokuk, Iowa, Aug. 15. In the district court here a petition has been filed by Mrs Iorene Diver against the city of Keokuk, the Keokuk Construction company, E. P. McManus, George S. Tucker and the Keokuk Savings bunk. It Is a suit to contest the payment of $333.60 as a special assessment for paving in front of the plaintiff's property. Among the statements made In the petition, one is that at the time the city of Keokuk entered into the contract for the pnving and other work by the Keokuk Construction company, George S. Tucker was an alderman of the city of Keokuk and also a member of the Keokuk Construction company, which, the petitioner contends, is in violation of law. The petition further claims that no special benefits accrued to the propety by reason of Improvement. TWO CHOPPED WITH AN AX Official of Cotton Belt Road and A Woman Dying Shrevepnrt, Aug. 15. G. F. Elliott, master mechanic of the Cotton Belt road was found unconscious and May Smith dying In their bed at day light this morning and terribly man gled and hacked with an ax. T. P. Payne, a brother of the woman, and W. McKeevan. who slept in an adjoining room were arrested and charged with the crime. A bloody ux was found in the kitchen. MME. TSILKA WILL SPEAK IN IA. Companion of Mist Stone in Bulgaria Will Tell Her Story Allerton, Aug. 15. The Allerton Chautauqua, which opens next Wed-nesdny, have Just closed a contract which will make the opening day a "hummer" the engagement of Mme. Tsllka and her babe Kleutchla. Mme, Tsllka, will relate her marvelous He-count of her experience In the Balkan mountains during the capttvlty of herself and companion, Miss Kllen Stone. GREAT FUTURE FOR IRELAND BourVe Coekran Tells of Effect of New Land Bill New York, Aug. 15. W. Rourke Coekran ho Just returned from Ireland declares the Irish land bill will be the solvation of the country and Ireland will soon have home rule. He prcdiits a wonderful future for Ireland. He says it will become a nation of farms and gardens Instead of bogs and poverty. DIES ASSHE BRIDE At the Conelueion of Wedding Cere many Woman Falla a Corpse Charleston, S. Aug. 15. Juxt as the Rev. A. B. Cornish concluded the ceremony that mad" Charles Calhoun Tyler nnd Miss Sarah Malone man snd wife, the bride gave shriek and fell Into her husband's arms, where she died In few minutes. Doctors who were summoned said excitement had induced a hemorrhage which caused her death. CORBETT IS NOT ABLE TO FACE THE, CHAMPION TO A SUC-- CESSFUL -'FINISH THROWS UP SPONGE IN TENTH ROUND Backers of Jeffries Are Confident All the Time That He Was Risking Nothing in Meeting Corbett Corbett Says He is Done San Francisco, Aug. 15. That "youth must be served" again was-exemplified in the ring at the Mechanics' javilion last night when Jeffries, in the presence of the greatest crowd ever gathered on the Pacific coast to see a fight, dug his huge left fist first into Corbett's midsection and sent "gentleman Jim" down to defeat after nine and a half rounds of fast milling, at times highly interesting and again indifferent and tiresome. Taken as a whole, however, and overlooking Corbett's proneness to "clinch, the battle was a grand affair. While this marks the close of Corbett's career it is fair to him to say he showed wonderful courage In the face of over whelming odds. Up to the time of the fetal punch Corbett had a good margin, not only on points, but was to the good on all round work. The Last Round When the men came up for the tenth and final round Jeff was thoroughly amused by Corbett's wonderful work in the preceding round and in which he slammed the boilermaker at will anu made him look cheap, having brought every ounce of fighting spirit to the surface. Corbett attempted to resume his tantalizing left tattoo on Jeff on the, face, but the champion could not be denied. He rushed fiercely, landed his left a little too far back on Corbett's jaw and a moment later sank his fist into Corbett's stomach. The Last Punch Corbett dropped to his linees, but was up at the count of nine, only to receive a blow with even more terrific force in the pit of his stomach, when, he went down with a crash, his body swaying pitifully with intense pain, snd was counted out. Corbett's wish that Jert would come to him was granted from the beginning to the end, Jeff aJmost entirely abandoning his famous crouch and standing up and betraying science and fleetness of foot that were revelations. The fight last night demonstrated beyond all doubt that Jeffries stands alone in his class. He showed remarkable improvement in both speed and skill. Corbett, during the first part of the fight was almost outpointed, and the few blows he landed on Jeffries were apparently without a sting. Jeffries looked lighter than usual and the way he moved about on his feet and the frequency with which he countered Corbett's leads astonished everybody. Corbett stood many of Jeffries' blows without wincing and came back promptly, but his blows hardly stung Jeff. Jeff was not only stronger, faster and cleverer than ever before, but he used his head to better purpose. Jeffries in Good Trim Jim Jeffries arose late this morning, showing hardly a scratch. The blows which Corbett struck had failed to leave a bruise or mark. He takes the victory quietly, saying the outcome could not be different, but the fight lasted longer than he expected. He says Corbett fought a good fight. Corbett was a sore man In body this morning and much disappointed at the outcome. He says Jeff fought a remarkable fight, and he was greatly surprised at his Improvement In fighting. "He met me more than half way nnd beat me fairly. Instead of becoming tired," Corbett said, "Jeff seemed to get stronger as the fight progressed." Opinions After the Fight Referee Graney "Corbett was very clever but Jeff was almost eflunlly so and showed marvelous Improvement. He practically outboxed Corbett during the fight, with the exception of the. eighth and ninth rounds. Every blow1 he landed told, and his xuperwelght and strength was bound to win in the end." Jeffries "My fight lust night will demonstrate to the public that I am a better man than I ever whs, and gives the lie to the reports that I am a physical wreck. I trained faithfully for this fight and the result shows 1 am champion. I outboxed Corbett In every round Hiid carried the flsht to him at every stuge of the game. I must say, however, that Corbett put un a better fight than I thought he would. At no time was I distressed and I felt confident of winning from the first. "I would have put him out in the fourth if my glove had not bursted, and then a minute's delay pnabled Corbett to continue the contest." Corbett "Jim, you beat me fairly. You stand alone. No one can touch you." Corbett said he fought the best he knew how. but admitted that Jeff was too big for him and declared the champion the best In the world. "I have no personal feeling In the matter. I have fought my last tight," said Corbett. THE FIGHT BY ROUNDS Round One The men came to the renter. Jeff feinting end Corbett stepping lively. Jeff swung his left over Jim's head. Jim came in quickly to a clinch hihI they were very siow about breaking. Jeff put light left to Jim's ribs and they refused to break. Jim put a right over the heart and clinched. Corbett stayed close in and put a hard shoit arm light on the body. They wer exacting and careful In the break, Jef-fries forced his man m-ross the ring nnd put light left to the body. II was not a good one. Jim did a little foot work but stayed close In and put two fhort rights solidly over the heart. Jeff missed a right for the body snd put It on the chest lightly. A they broke Corbett stepped back quickly and put. right to the heart Jeff DENVER RIO GRANDE PASSEN-CER TRAIN BREAKS BRIDGE NEAR BUENA VISTA, CAL' Buena Vista, Aug. 15. A Denver Rio Grande passenger went through a bridge near Lathrop, eight miles east of her, injuring 14, among them C. Conley, of Eldorado, J. JJ. smith, or Muscatine, and Benning, of Corydon, la. The bridge had been weakened by floods. The baggage car went into a ravine and was mashed to kindling. Most of the passengers were injured in the tourist sleeper which wa sturnedon its side in the ravine. laughingly remarked "Ah." The very-first round indicated that Jeff was very-fast and Corbett did not do any fancy work. Round Two Jeff came up quickly with a left for the head and they came to a clinch. They would not break, Jim claiming chat Jeff was holdirtg him on. In the break Jeff swung a left on the back of the head, lightly. Corbett attempted a left hand blow at this stage but was too close in. Jeff forced him to the ropes, coming dangerously near the jaw with a left hook. They immediately came to a clinch, in the break of which Corbett hooked his left to the Jaw. Corbett sent a right and left to the body but got a left hooit in the head. Jeff came back quickly but Corbett clinched. Corbett sent a right hand uppercut for the jaw, but was a trifle slow. They fought carefully to the Jeff making the better showing, as to speed and cleverness, i. Round Three Jeff, missed a left and Corbett clinched. Jeff hooked a left to the neck. Corbett Jolted him over the ribs with a short' right. Corbett increased his speed and had to run to avoid a JAMES J. JEFFRIES. rush. He turned quickly and put a right over the heart. There was much clinching neither man taking a. chance in the break. Jeff barely missed a right for Corbett's jaw and roughed in the clinch. Jeff forced him, fighting fiercely. Corbett began using a left hook on the jaw landing three times, nnd a left to the stomach. Jeff forced his man about thp ring. It was a rough round in which the honors were even. Round Four Jeff went after Corbett, but clever clinching and blocking prevented damage. Referee Graney stopped the fighting to look at Jeff's glove, which was bursted, but told them to go on with the round. Jeff fought hard in the clinches, but Corbett got in too close to get any damage. Jeff swung a hard left on the chest and got a left in the mouth and a right over the heart. There were calls that Jeff was fighting foul, but the proceedings did not warrant such a claim. Corbett got In close, Jabbing Jeff with his left several times, but the blows were light. Corbett slipped to his knees from a left In the stomach. Jeff came back with another one but he blocked it. Corbett was strong and ran to his corner at the close. Round Five Police Captain Mooney entered the ring to examine Jeffries' gloves. Kltz-slmnions and Ryan went to Jeff's corner and cut his gloves off. Another pair whs Immediately substituted but thirty seconds of the round had expired. Jeff fought for the body, Corbett doing some fast stepping to keep away. Corbett did not seent to have a bit of force behind his left hooks, and alternated with a short right over the heart, which seemed to be the best he had. Jeff hooked Jim twice In the stomach. Corbett put his best blow thus far on Jeff's ribs, but got a left on the neck in return. Jeff put a hard left hook on Corbett's Ihw, following It with a left and right for the body. Corbett held on and the gong rang. Corbett so'med to be tired and lacking force. Round Six Jeffries put a left on the head, following it with a left on the chin. Corbett went clown for nine seconds. He got up and started back for moment hen clinched. He took a left on th body and another on the head, but fought fcaniely. He crossed Jeff ith a right, to the Jaw, but without damage. The fighting was close, Corbett upper-cut Jeff to the chin. Round Seven went after Corbett freely, Corbett used his feet to good advantage at this stage. He tried to use his on -e lightning left, but It was a lame He lame In quickly and sent a light to the heart, but Jeff mine back with a left on the body. Corbett was holding on. saying, "He can't knock me out: he cant't knock me out. Go on Jim. If you can knock me out." They clinched repeatedly. Corbett landed several short arm lefts and rights en the head. Quickly as they came Inio (Continued on Page Two.)

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