The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. 274 Blylhcvllle Courier Hlj'thevillc Herald Blytlicvlllc baily News Mississippi valley lender _ THE DOOTNANT NRWSPAPFUl OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI '_ _BM'TIIICV1LI,K, ARKANSAS, WKDNRSDAY, 'FKRKUAJIY :), 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TO DOCTOR'S BODY HopkinsHandles Flood 'Relief Prorioses Recognition of Union, Withdrawal of Sit-Down Strikers. DETROIT. Feb. 3 (UP)—Gov. Frank Murphy, acting under special authority from President Roosevelt, made two propositions to General Motors and the United Automobile Workers today In an eleventh hour effort to end the 34-day-old strike without further bloodshed. The propositions, as outlined lo tlin United Prc«s by a prominent figure in the negotiations 1—To General Motors—the Unll- cd Automobile Workers of Amei- ica must be recognized as the only agency involved in (his dis- pvU-. 2—To the union—the.union shall withdraw all sildowa sirlkcfs'from General Mclors plants at Fiint in return for the governor's fl V Kiitmiiitec. backed by the national guard, dial Gfneral Motors will, nr.t resume, production in those plants. Rise; This Morning; Hopkinsj Promises Rehabilifalfen ] I Martineau, 111. AYi'th Influenza, Better LITTLE • ROCK, Feb. U (U!>)- I'hy.slclnns alicndlng Federal District Judge John E. Marlineau reported liLs condition loday l us ".slightly Improved." '.' Tho jurist bus been conilncd to. his bed for several days with a sci'lous ease or Influenza. Jll(l ^ &""'"ncaii. a former gov- ""<»•• G ; >™ his age us 6-1. 1 CAIRO, III., Feb. 3. (UP)_-me • I Ohio river stood stationary again- j 1st Cairo's prolccllvc wall for nine I hours loday and Ihen climbed a junction of an inch higher on (he I concrete lhat guards the lives .of 0.000 men. At 1 a.m. today the river stood at 59.68 feet..' At 10 a-ni.-: the river rose to 59.50, where it still stood at l p.m. Weary men' patroled Ihe 63-foot \ all here, watching the cold, yei- J - J - Johnsoi low water slap and wash less than < ' e " t °' B1 5'" Riles Held This Afternoon for Weil-Known Resident of City. ^J. J. Johnson, 03. well known resl- « HULL, .iiny njiu \suan less tnan -^'^ of Blythcvllle, died suddenly \ inches below Ihc lop o[ the nt 4:45 °' c! °ek Tuesdny afternoon -J-feet concrete.' A three-foot I at , llis l«>'»e, 919 West Ash street Liilkheading of 'earth and timber ™icral services were held this af- ii!i<: h^oM hull* 'n™ tnn ~r JL._ ,. temoon. hns been built on top of the wall. Many Sariaboils in City ternoon. Mr. Johnson had been In ill K r cse\-ell's .Suggestion WASHINGTON. Feb. 3 <UP>-President Roosevelt, acting, through inlennedip.vies. directly |->rcpo3Cd today's General Motors strike conference at Detroit, it was learned here. : The president, it was understood, suggested through third parlies that an eifort be made to avitinge a conference between 1 Jchn L. Lewis, strike leader, and! William S. Knudscn. General Motors vice-president. 'Ihe only While House comment on lire, conference was lhat it "might . have been arranged" :*by. other., parties'" at:'.Mr:' Roosf- velfs suggestion. . . The. pioposal was submitted to Lewis before he left Washington late yesterday for Detroit and received his quick acceptance. Meantime In Detroit Knudsen's agreement to meet with Lewis was obtained. The Lcwls-Knudsen face-to-face meeting was Mr. Roosevelt's own proposal, it was understood. It came after previous efforts- for direct negotiation, one arranged by Gov. Frank Murphy of Michigan and one sought by Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, hod successively broken down. Robert Taylor Called "Good" But Shy as Boy PUEBLO. Colo. (UP)—Spangler Arlington Brugh — Robert Taylor to movie fans—used to 'shun the limelight, according to his uncle, Spangler Melvin Brugh, 81-year- old Pueblo county pioneer. The elder Bnigh, who has not seen his nephew in 20 years, says Robert was self-conscious and shy as a boy. He was a "very good boy." according to his uncle. New York Cotton Inspecting the Ohio and Mississippi flood-ravaged areas in company with other government officials, Harry L. Hopkins, federal relief administrator,' is shown here as he dipped into one of the huge soup kettles in a Memphis refugee camp and prepared to pass out a bit of relief first-hand. Hopkins toured She flood areas to speed up relief and rehabilitation work/ Sandbolls sent .walcr geyscrlng! llcal th for some lime but his dcalh ln (he . air, causing sidewalks i w ," s , umx l lccta! - He was stricken to sink rind ' houses to collanse , ilome The state highway division inln ', e r ?" U! P'°Pe% in this city ' Don't Shuffle: to Buffalo Now , .- aKlve in the conduct- of s business affairs until his dealh. .„... „. „,,,. ,.,,;„„„, ucpimmem c-" 6 ' 5 sm ' vlml b > - Ms wife. Mrs: "There is always a chance that M™ l/ce John «>n,' two sisters, the pavement may settle or be £ B ' E ' Pmcn of Gainesville. !l ex V nnd Mrs - D °™ Clifford of and a brother, - Tip "We are watching the sandboii carefully," said -'Paul w. Willl- ford of the highway department. i ere Is alway the pavement may settle o. bulged to the breaking point. Hopkins Pledges Help CAIRO, III., Feb; 3. (UP)— WPAVAdministrator Harry L. Hopkins /today promised ; noo'd-slricken Cairo and vicinity -'every federal] aid possible wilhoui>-red (ape" in a rehabilitation program 'Jp;:foUow the .record-breaking floods" on ihe Ohio and Mississippi"'rivers. Hopkins, accompanied by "other members of President Roosevelt's special-, flood, -committee and- Gov Henry' Home" of .Illiiibis' left lor Points up the Ohio'river after inspecting flood conditions here and conferring--:.wllh army engineers and city officials. "I hope -that Illinois can escape from, the ravages of high water 'without serious loss of life P u 1 a s k i Repre'sefiialivei Seeks Vote on Tax Supervision Measure; LITTLE'ROCK, Feb. 3. "(UP)— A move oh the pirt of Rspi'B D Brlckhouse, Puiaski county,' to force .,».,v ul ^nous loss o[ life a final vote on the administration's and there is. every indication now p" tmen'''L^"^ r ipe ™ S -° li:<Ie - ^ l lhb Wi " ^PP™." Govern pjriment of the Arkansas Corpor- ~" ' " ' i Rector Johnson, of Newark, Ark." Funeral services were held at the 1 home with the Rev. H. Lynn wad- pastor .of Ihe First Methodist church, officiating-, and. Inicrment -.ros made at Ehmvoqd cemetery I. W. Parfter, H. -L.-Harp, Jame.^ , B - -.Clark,-.II-. Klzslmmoiis. -\<t''"' ti" McMullin'and B.'A. Lynch yver'e pallbearers. _' The Cobb Funeral Home was in Slagc al Barfield Is Up .4 of a i ? ool; Wave Wash Does Some Damage. .- Tills morning's water stages: .- , At Carullicrsvllle: 45.7, itp .3 ' of a foot hi 21 hours. 'M. Hai-Ileld: 268.4, up .4 of a foal in 24 limns. Al Hi* Lake: 251.5. ilowu :i of a foot In 24 hours. The Mississippi river rose .4 of n foot at Ilni-flelcl In the 2-1 hriirs endlmc this morning, a slight Increase over the .3 of a frot rise recorded the ilny before, bill, from Carulhersvllle came the luformnllcn Mils morning (hat (he rise there In 21 hours was' only .2 of a foot. Indicating that the rlvr .is approaching n stand. The river Is expected lo continue rising slowlv unlll Ihc end of Ihc week bnt the iirospecl- are that It will scarcely reach 'he crests of 47 and 2G9.5. lenla- (ivelv set by Ihe engineers for Carulhorsvlllc aiid Baifleld respectively. The stages Ibis mor-'- ( n» "-err: Carntlievsvllle, 457; Bin-field. 268.4. Seme Wave DanviKc" ?mc rnlher severe wave wash occurred on Ihe levee northeast of here as a result of the strong wind which prevailed Mondav- nml Tuesday. Calm weiUher today, however, ended Immediate danger of any further such damage. Injury to the clcvee, It was emuhasized, was not such as to Impair Its security, and protective coverings are being applied lo prevent additional damage should ;iilgh,winds .-occw\ ,'. The :•'. .iilac c.5 ..afleclj'd, lire. Jus east of Huffman,'whcre'sonie"dam 1 age was done to about 1,000 fee was charge r oJVfuneral- arrahgenients. (UP) — close 1230 1262 1243 'NEW YORK, Peb. 3 Colton closed steady. open high low- March 1270 1280 1267 May 1254 1263 1247 July ' 1232 1245 1230 Oct 1177 unit mi IK--J D(1 c 1170 1183 1168 1183 Ja " 1172 1172 1170 1182 Spots closed steady at 1330, up five. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 3 (UP) united states steel Corp. common » .nA 1 ' 080 to within a fraction ot 100 today In active turn-over to lead the slock market into further high ground since 1931 A T and T 183 American Waterworks".'. 26 1-2 Anaconda Copper 56 1-4 Bethlehem steel ..... , 833-4 Chrysler 127 3-4 Cities Service a *_» Coca Cola Gen Gene General Motors ations Commission resulted in a'de" bate on the floor that was stopped only when a noon recess was de- Brickhoijse, in presenting the bill said that, passage would assure the state of collecting about $4,000000 annually in taxes that are not now- being collected due lo the failure of assessors and collectors to reform their duties. The house or representatives today passed the civil service bill for employes of cities of over 75,000' population by a vote of 68 to o Robert Chrisp, gives Jurisdiction and management of all c it Y cm ployes with the exception of police an u fire departments to a civil service commission, u affects onlv the city Of LiiUc Rock . Dm> the [State .Veterinarian and RA Horner assured Cairo.' Cocs lo Failucah I u Hopkins said the situation was| . --, ^... ul vei-j- acute" in some sections ofl Tl • - w; i this area, particularly at Moundsl ' MlS Week, and Mound City. III., and that aj . Representative Are Here of levee, at Hlcknmn bend where a,-sllgliUy 4 longer : -..pleco,..of levee, near Ihe'Hagcn farm, was Injured. '. . . , BlfT I,nke Danger Wanes Al Bi'< Lake, the situation continued to improve and J. w.-Mey- er, Drainage District 17 engineer •aid thai he hoped lo be. abl to announce soon lhat all dauge, of a new levee break there ha. . way 18 bridge this morning wa. 250.5, a drop of .2 of a • foot li 24 hours, and at iioon loday t long and extensive 'rehabilitation program would be necessary. He praised as a "noble deed" the feat of army engineers in adding the three-foot bulwark lo the Cairo seawall, • ' ,-;... Hopkins 'said the. area .would! Provision for financing [he treatment and vaccination of livestock brought into Blylheville from flooded areas is-now ulU | er U)e ,._ vision of p. A. Johnson of Little Rock, assttant. state veterinarian, who arrived yesterday. Ky. Their itinemry includes Evansville, Ind., Louisville and Cincinnati. The commission came here by boat from New Madrid. Mo. stale l t - •a'-*' wy une Sluie ami feoeral govcrnmenls. Those needing vaccination will be given vaccine at once. With Mr.'Johnson i s 5(0 I "cdy. of (he Resettlement Ken- Report Shaver Nursing Congressional Hopes UTTLE ROCKT Ark.-Political observers looking forward to u" Ciimpaign of 1938 this week ore dieted that three state senators were expected to seek congressional .posts following the expiration of their present, slate office term? Those listed as possible congressional candidates were senators R R. Thompson, Eureka Sprinev r T. (KHALI oi,~,— ,„....?* """S. J. ^T=°^-. . =..* o^r-t headquarteiis southern Arkansas. ° ! \ camps^aSglf a^'umbcr''!)/'^'^ With a communications auxiliary Bees have believed their chicken nit. nf BS »nllc<o,l ., ..' i,.<,n» !,„!.,_ , ".""•«" <-n[CKCll '-.. (Buck) _ fred Feathe: All unit of 65 enlisted men of the signal corps, the teams were lo leave for Arkansas during the afternoon. Evacuation, heariqi-.arlers for Ihe ^...^,,^.1, uniLnn i^prmc^' 13 HXMWKIVJI . jLLi4iiL{i k (ti Lcm lor LUC tck) Shaver, Wynne and - A1 ! seclis " llav e been establUhed at ^eatherston. Murfreesboro. jMonllccllo and Hamburg. Pour three sennfcim nri* . '. . I of the teams win Hn n, A « H ^ All IJiree senators are rcuor'leri of " 1C les " ns wiu te Pln«d o: lo have strong political backlnz I cmei ' ge " cy rtuty at ^fonli C ello an m llicir districts, and are slrlvin? tw '° at Hamuil rg. (O Stt l^Olsln If V-.1 cAi-iAr-rlr. :.. .. ° I m_ - - _ -— mi. »1 t-lLll.ft.L-lJ3 '•ere being cared for alono with the cows, hogs and mules. They have visited all conccnlra- tmn points in (he flooded areas In More Refugee Babies Would Prepare to Combat I'tilure Depressions with Public Spending, WASHINGTON,''Fob. 3 (UpY— j ^resident Roosevelt cnlleil on con- I Ihroiigh n special message I .oday to "develop a Ipng range I )lan and policy'.' 1 for public works construction lo prepare n national defense against future deprcs- ilons. As the chief part of the plnn Mr. Uooscvelt pre.i'nlcd ccnijrcsi with a list of some $2,750,050.003 worlli of water conservation projects. Including a $110.000,000 flood control program In (he Inuiuialcd Ohio and Mississippi- river vul- Rcoscvclt's message slress- the economic value' of the government compiling a list of worthwhile public works projects '3r years ahead, declaring: TniiiMnils Program "Tlncugh (he formulallou and annual revision of n program of all types of construction, revision and adoption of the program *y congress, and appropriations under regular budgetary procedure, limed In part In relation lo economic needs,. we can provide for the orderly development of our resources and the provision - of needed facilities for our people." The president's special message transmitted to congress a public works planning report compiled by the National Resources committee. The group 'said Us plan would provide a reservoir'of • se- leclcd projects which Van-be utilized In periods- of-economic dc- pressioii" •^o : revive lagging heavs industries/and .spiir /employment Npctl for Kcurf-anliallon Mr. Roosevelt utilised the _report. (o re-emphasize his -"recen'l government' reorganization recom- inendatlon'io congress. Heipoint- ed out: ;.;••'•:• "In a previous message i ha>e suggested a permanent planning agency under the chief executive In order that among other things all public proposals ma' filler from the. many individual It doesn't seem to be bothering this .couple much, but Buffalo sweethearts will be shuttling oft* lo some other place if Health Commissioner Fronczak wins in his placard drive to stop promiscuous kissing, particularly in i the above marriage license bu-j •' renu passed. ' The stage at the High- clejxirlmc'nls and bureaus to a ecu- - tral .planning place and Ihchcc to Ihe president." The president has said that lake had fallen lo 250.4, just one the resources committee, now op- foot below Ihe flood crc.-.t. erating under executive order. Despile the full In the \vaie sll °uld be made the permanent level somu danger remains be- P |nn »hig agency cause of Ihc extremely soft con- Thc nee<i Ior the program, Air. ditlon of the levee. Mr. Meyer Roos <!velt said, developed during said. He asserted, however, that there " le government's emergency spend•s every reason to expect that '"S drive against Ihe depression., the levee will hold. He will feel lluee WaidelUMen Bm- icd Tuesday i 'Trnee Aie _ Slill r JVIissing Mo.—Fin\-.... .>^,,.v.j nt>b uuld l*uesda^ piornlng at Wa)dell foi llnce mei who (lionncij, \0icn a government haiee, loaded wjth nbmil 100 levee workers, 'overturned near Ne\' Madrid last Saturday nlghl aftet runnl|ig upon a submerged snag. They \\ere chde Scott, H, c J Barku, 45 and Muiet liallaid IG. They were volunteers who had 'gone to assist' In levee duly to. prevent breaks. In the New Madrid-Point Pleasant vicinity.' stage of 249. 257 Refugees Here A total of 582 persons arc being cared for in flood, refugee lamps and 82 additional refugees are in emergency hospitals In the. Chlckasawba district of Mississippi county. Miss Henrietta Wllklns. —^u national Red Cross disaster relief | pltnl. representative, said this alter-' noon. Held Thursday Morning Of this number 257 refugees are In Blythevllle. principally at Ihe armory, and 30 of Ihe hospital patients are in the emergency hospital at the city haM here. Other Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at Ihe family home. 1031 West Main street; for Mrs. cullle Qosnell. widow of the late L. w. Gosnell, who died yesterday in a Memphis hos ital. The Rev. If. Lynn Wade, paslor of Ihe First Methodist church, will officiate at the services, Interment, will be made at Maple Grove cemetery. W. D. Chamblin. Roland Green. C. H. Wilson. Byron Morse, Jesse HHHI UL me cuy nan nere, uiner ~ •-• ••••••«••, njtvu IMWUU, jewe pallenls are in emergency hospl- '"V^r. Malt Scruggs, joe Trlesch- lnl<. r>t A««»ii n n ~..i i «««!,..'.ii_ I niQII ttilri Prnff^f T-fnlcnH n-UI ,>»...,« tals at Manila and Leachville. Morality Campaign Hurts Trade at Spa ROCK, week Ark.—It was from reliable LITTLE learned sources Two more refugee babies were' conditions tn Hot Springs and Car- , ma " ancl Brneest Halsell will serve as active pallbearers. The following -will be honorary pallbearers: Rodney Bannister. F. c. Douglas, c. A. Cunningham Zal B. Harrison, Dr. M. o. (Jsrey Dr. Hunter c. Sims, C. J. Ev rard, B. A. Lynch, p. E. Warren J. H. Roney, Jack Applebaum, lo set legislative records in the s'lsf' Troops were ordered to stand P 0 " 1 al the B| . vt hcville hospital! la "d county, is being felt hi busi- general assemblv. I h,, m n,« .„-« _:. ' SIall "|last night. The hove n ™ «,,„ ness lines in the re.snri. i-iK- cl thts week from reliable B. oW. R J V Kirslni r n, d A! Mrs ' ^'«Vresidence, 116 West s that the house of repre- R | chards *' Kirsllner nilti Ad Sycalnore . n< , Rev A)fre(1 caf Ives' Investigation of vice I 'J__ . pentcr and the Rev. Mrs. Eupha ions tn Hot SDrlnps ftnrt nnr- " T^A-ICIA,. n.iiT nmntnin Orleans Cotton ORLEANS. Feb. 3 (UP)futures turned upward in I by a l ihe two for "evacuation necessary." No a Cola 135121,, "'"ires turned upward In icral American Tank '- >, afternoon overcoming e ar i> icral Electric B-I i •> IossES ancl cndi »S the day witi, leral Motors ^ i", llcl e nil « of 4 lo G poinL, -- 67 5-8 Inlet-national Harvester 106 3-8 McK tssoil -Robb ins Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum lion was contemplated, army o'f- ficers - said. night. The boys are of Mrs. Vclma Bnunley, of Milligan Rldgc. . ' r 5 sons of March » 3 ?:te 43 3-8 ™> 551-8^ open hiali ] ow . <.,. 1267 1275 1263 12m 1252 12SO 1247 1260 1229 ]242 1228 191i 1176 1185 1173 1185 1180 1191 U78 118-) mob — •___• U83b STMSuT Francisco 'i £! ,*>- ^'^^3^'^ Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, ill.,.Peb 3 ' (UP)—Hogs: Receipts, 7000 Top. 10. -SO. ' 170-230 Ibs., 10.25-1035 Light weights, 6.50-10.10 Bulk sows. 9.40-9.65. Caltle: receipts, 3,000 Mixed heifers and yearlings, e.25- . Simmons Bed .......... 55 1-4 Standard of N J ...... 70 1-2 Studebakcr ............ 16 7-8 Texas Corp . ........... 691-8 U S Smelting ..... . .. 88 ' S steel ........... 09 1-4 Wamei Zonilc r Bros 15 1-2 Chicago Wheat :open high ] ow close May 129 lj-1 131 i,- 2 129 1-4 131 H 8 1-2 Jul 113 3-8 114 5-8 113 1-8 114 1-2 Slaughter heifers, 5.25-10.75. Chicago Corn • • open high ion- 'close Mnylf* 5-8 107 5-8 105 1-2-107 1-4 Jul 100 101 3-4 100 101 5-8 One Garland county legislator: frankly admitted this wcek that more than 400 visitors to Ihc resort city had checked out of ho- Issue Warning Against Unauthorized Orders In another announcement this afternoon from . the Red Cross relief headquarters It was stated the organization will not be responsible for, orders accepted by local merchants which arc not on the regular requisition blanks and signed by a member of the Red Cross disaster stall. Unauthorized .orders are continuing .to pour Into the office arid those In charge arc anxious that the, merchants cease honoring them. • .' Senate to Kill Liquor Repeal Measur LITTLE ROCK, Ark-Liquor In- Sent Noles Demanding $5,000 Afler Killing Physician. WILLOW SPRINGS, Mo.i Feb. 3 ' ] —Robert Kcnyon, 20-yeai-old mov- onlo police : chnraclci-,'led federal agents and stale Iroopeis today to Ihc body of Dr. J C. B. Dayh.'> whom.lie kidnaped and killed lie-TOIL- allempttng to collect 55,000' ransom. - . ' The body of the CT-jcar-old^ physician «ns found in a Ihicket, 2CO sin's from U. S Highway Oj, 14 miles south of Willow SpiIng's" A.checkbook was clutched In' the left hand, Indicating, offlceis said, Unit he had tiled to the lust' 'o buy his life from the kid- nnpci. . Dr. B-ivh had Ivcn shut flvi< limes, twice In the -head nlul .luce times ihiough the hcait. J Thc body was found lying fats down: I-'hul lividcni'i! hi Pockel Eml J. Connelly, l^cdcml Bwean •of Investigation agent, said Ken- 7cn appaiently \\oikcd alone. / 'ihe Dostllon of Ihe body Indicated Hint thcie had been no struggle, 1 ' lui said. Connelly) believed that Kenyou 'tilled Di. Davis, Ihen sent the -nmom notes The Ili-st note was' received last Thinsday morning,' tanandlng that $5,000 be paid In torn $1,000 bills, nine S100 bills and IHe $20 bills The second • iotc v,ns received yesterday nftev Kcnyon was arrested. In Kenyon's _ pocket when he « \at, arrested was found ti piece of writing paper bearing •Indenla- •lons Identlctil lo Ihe wording of the lansom note. Apparently this shecl of had been ^placed i directly beneath • the ransom note while II was being written When confronted with Ihls evidence Kenyoh blurted but a confession, Populace Is Aroused Kenyan led federal agents and tnte. lioopeis lo the body after , 18 hours of questioning In which <• finally broke down anil con- 'e'-scd kidnaping Dr. Davis a wee_k ago jesterday as the -physlcto'ii walked frpm his office. The kidnaper /ytos rushed away Military honors, with . firing squad from the HCth Infantry Missouri National Guard, were ?ivcn Barker niid Scott, ex-service men. Scott was not married, but Barker Is survived by his wife and five children. ] Three other Wai-dell men who were aboard the barge arc Mil! listed as missing. They are: I3ob Matthews. James P. R W. M.-Tyler; all govern. ployes. In all 15 of the 100 men who were aboard the barge are known to. be dead and H arc missing-. till. mulll,|J^l / VKW 4U31L1.^1 >I>SU> to an unnamed'jail foi safe keep-^. Ing, • Immediately after the body •vafi found, lo prcv'entjimob viol-, ence Feeling had become intense here as word of the con- fesslcn spread • among townsmen before dawn. Di. Davis' brisk, wuy figine was almost a landmark here. In 35 jcars of activity as a general practitioner, he attended most Of the's I,5GO resic^nts---iiafi ushered .into the world a : .-good-Runin and proportion of Us younger genera- rnment cm-''' 011 - ^ c participated vigorously Heart Attack Fata! to Mrs. Sarah Hassell Mrs. Saiah Skeiton Hassell, 66. widow of the late p. p. Hassell and a resident ot Blythevllle for many years, died suddenly this . . In local politics and .civic takings. Dr. Davis was reputed to, prosperous, but not. wealthy. bo- Fire Whistle Fails; Weekly Tests Ordered CjUIN'CY, cal. (UP) —The Hre department is taking no moro chances on its fire siren. Having failed to blow during the last fire on account of (he cold ,.,c.ii^ >t-rti», uit:u Miuut-niy mibiiust. nre un account, 01 tnc cola morning at her home on i. r ark| weather, orders have been issued street." Her death was attributed: f"r It lo bs bloun every Salurday to heart failure. ,- I afternoon hereafler lo make sxira" Mrs. Hassell is survived by one I that it Is workable when a fire son, Lawrence Hassell, of Blylhe-' Is on. vlllc.^and two daughlcrs. Mrs. J. | • — Sleeps 2 Years In. Home-made Coffin Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at | Mrs. Taylor's residence, 116 West Beasley will omcialc. The Cobb Undertaking company L, in charge of funeral ar an s 1 I" 1 "* ° JUf^" ft mcn t, |t«'o rosewood pianos GUILDHALL. Vt. (UP) — Ju=t "to get used. to It," Ginseng Wilr lard, 77-year-old hermit, has slept, for more than a yea'r. in a coffin which he himself fashioned from sort city had checked out of ho- (er«K in »,„ £ V .iT H , tels_ »4 week end following the tep^o " n'^' ' ^,^^ raid of the revenue department on the city's gambling "spots." One of Ihc larger hotels Is reported lo have had more than 150 gtiesls check out In a period of 21 hours following the raid. Mrs. Ilia Cooper of Luxora Dies Here Mrs. nia Cooper, wife of E. H. Cooper, of near Luxora, died at Iho Blyhevllle hospital this mom- Ing. Sho had been In 111 health and recently underwent an operation. War Department Allots Funds for Flood Work hrprohroS^;; u T i r n r ^™*™™r™ 3-,™- for n^ n ,,rf n,,.o ...p. Secretary of War Harrv H. reported to be successfully withstanding SfWmpts of Rep. John p. Veajcy,of Hcmpslead county to call a ,,d nnal vote. A survey of the representatives disclosed the fact that most of the members were of the opinion lhat the bill would be passed but It was understood lhal the wets in the senate had enough votes to kill the measure there. Backers of the new liquor; bill, Introduced in the House by Representative Blair of Paris, Ark., Indicated that they would not call for a vote on the new measure until Ihe house had passed the Veasey measure and the senate had voled - '-.'.-.• sure an te senate ha voled Funeral services were Incomplete'it down. Such a move, It was said •'- afternoon according to the I would assure Blair of the passage this ' Cobb Funeral Home. of his bill. . War Harry H. Wcodring today approved \ allotments totaling $136.000 for rescue work and levee maintenance on the White river in Arkansas, the St. Francis river and lls tributaries In Arkansas and Missouri and Iho upper Yazoo river in Mississippi. . But Willard has no Immediate plans for occupying the casket permanently. Instead, he Is arranging a 3,000-mile journey to California in a horse-drawn "covered wagon'' which he built .from an old sleigh aiid two automobile axles. The wagon Is decoroied with bird houses. WEATHER Arkansas — probably occasional -ilns tonight and Thursday, slightly warmer tonlsht and in extrems EOiilh portion Thursday. The allotments were divided as! 60 "" 1 ^Zon Thursday. follows: $50.000 each for the upper! , 5 '^ mp . hls , , a " d Vicinity — Mostlj- . or e upper , Yazoo and the St. Francis and lts| cloud >; tributaries and $36,000 for .... White. Woodrlng said excessive rains and Thursday. Rising temperature tonight, lowest temperature 38 lo 42. Thc maximum .temperature here • rv/uunikg onin i;.\n33i>t; iutna j itu iiiuMaiuui. temperature nerc- along these rivers and their tribu- jcsterday wan 30, ^mmlmum 19, terles had rendered ^emergency cloudy, according to Samuel l\ operations necessary. I Norrls, official ncalher observer,

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