The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BMTIIEVILLK (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Long, Parrel!! ,_ -V Form Mat Team Pair To Meet Canny And Big Buddy Knox ' Here Monday Night The third episode in one of the rlngy most bitter wrestling (cuds will be unveiled Monday night when Promoter Mike Meroney presents 'his weekly show at the American Legion arena. Principals hi this quarrel, that by comparison would make the historic Kentucky contention look like an Irish picnic, are "Tiger" Long and "Wild .Bill" Canny. The matchmaker has thrown these two contending glanls in the middle of a lag match feature of the program, which nlso will have Die usual tivo single fall matches as appetizers. . Long has drawn "Hard Head' 1 Parrelli, claimant lo Ihe "World's Hardest head and his partner last week, as. one team. Big Buddy Knox, who compiled n great record as a football plnyer before taking to the ring, has been selected as Canny's teammale in this promising star studded show. These four giants will toll over the usual 90-mlnute lime limit, two best falls of three determining the winner. In the preliminaries Knox will take on Parrelli In one, while Long and Canny reiicw their rivalry and set the stage for the final payoff m the other. Tiger Wants IJcvenso "Tiger" made a special request for another shot at Canny. And this lime he Intends to square mnt- •ters with the No. 1 mat meanie. "I have waited n long lime foi this moment," ho said with emphasis; "spent many anxious hours in ah effort to regain my health so as to be rendy the next time I face Canny. This Is going to be the payoff." Some time ago Tiger and Canny met in the local ring. It was a bitter struggle; a fight to tlie finish. During n wild encounte 'Tigir" cracked his hand on CamiyV head and thereafter was unfiule to do much punching. Quick to take advantage of the break Canny proceeded lo hand the Tiger a first class shellacking, one of tlm first In his many years in the ring. The hand took a long time to heal but eventually did knit in line shape, thanks lo n long lay- SATURDAY, Al'UII, 8, Another Racing Season Starts With All Divisions Wide Open; Juveniles Promising Purses Up By HAIlllY GHAVSON NBA Sports Editor NEW YORK.—George Cassidy will press a button, the gates will fly open and they'll be off tit Jamaica and on New York Iracks for 130 days, or until Nov. 15. The eastern season will be in full swing when they conic out at Pimllco and Nar- ragansctt, April 12. Kentucky and Illinois soon follow—and sufficient action to satisfy Ihc most optimls- lic parlay player] in the land. ; There is plenty! of loose mnzumaj around, mid war' lias failed to stop racing around the] world. Transportation difficulties have: been solved, and where they weren't the customers got there, anyway, An obstacle has yet to bo designed that would stop a hoss player from! getting to n track C Pukka Gin ~>, or pool room. He Is discouraged only wlicn wading home knee deep In lorn-up mnluel tickets or bet- Ling room slips, but never fails lo recover miraculously overnight-. The hoss player is the original, perennial overnight entry. NEW I11GI1S AUE KXI'ECTKI) j Stake values arc nt u much higher level. Good and bad horses nre plentiful. All divisions arc wide open. The 2-ycav-olds, headed In attractiveness for the moment by William Hells' $G6,000 Pericles and the Longchamps Stable's $33,000 Baron Jnck, appear to IK n grand lot. / So racing Is an odds-on choice to outstrip its record-wrecking totals of 1043, when 3,523,551 paying guests In New York alone tossed $284,635,111 Into a public pool wlilcli contributed $10,100,378 to the Slain and $1,212,846 to war, charitable and other funds. Switched to Jamaica last year because of travel curtailment, the game returns to Hmjiirc City 'on the Yonkcrs hill top, but Saratoga Springs Is likely to cry iu vain for Iti August gold mine nnti lifosavi-r. Saratoga a bit loo inaccessible even for hoss players, Not that they wouldn't get to the Spa, but Ihe war Is slill on, mid business \vas too brisk at Uclniont I'ork last summer, GO SLOW ON riJKKA (UN Juveniles took Inrns tenting i>ue (mother lust year, but when Ihe runs were lengthened out toward the end of Uic campaign Pukka Gin and Ptaltcr demonstrated their worth and promise. I'nkka Gin is the early Derby favorite, but more than one close observer advise us not lo 'get loo high on tlie strapping son of Firctliom. This season's 3-yenr-nlds .seem so evenly matched 1 Hint the Kentucky Derby, May 0, already biis been dubixitl Ihc Grand Canyon. It appears lo be that wide. open. Stir Up, winner ol Hie Flamingo, may remain awake under Eddie Arcaro. Olympic Zenith copped the Loulslfum Derby mid Gay Bit up- leans. Challenge Me stuck his nose In the picture by bugging Ihe Arkansas Derby In near-record time, Calumet Farm holds something Will Play 6AAF Brownies' Farm Team To Invade Blythevitlc For Contest Monday Dig league baseball/will enliven the lllythcville Army Air Field Monday. The Toledo Mudlicn.s, :i farm club of the SI. Ixmls Briiwn:;, with a good record last season, will play the BAAF soldier te;m; al 2 o'clock on (he diamond across the road from the post chapel. Arrangements were completed to- ilny by Lieut. Dill Adams, post athletic director, and management of the Miidhens, who have been training with the Browns at. Cape Girar- dcau, Mo. In practice games, the Mudlicns won three mid lost three In Hie way of » hand in Pensive, Bull Weed and Uic filly, Twilight Tear. Fillies usually aren't much Account In the competition with the better colts in the spring, but Uurau/u and Miss Kccneland nre two more which can't be thrown out. The same goes for the colts, Weyimoke and Pressure, and new names will pop out between now and following Die running of tlie Wood Memorial and Chesapeake and Bluegrass Slakes. Although Count Fleet and Market Wise are lo be reserved for welglil-for-iigc events, the first of which Is Ihe Surnlogn Clip Ihe last day of the Saratoga meeting, Irian- Is a wealth of material In the handicap ranks. Don't gel shut oull to the Browns; -*• just; season Uic,-Toledo club fin-1 islicd In fourth place with 78 wins and 73 losses. They were five games uolilml the league winners, Kansas City, who finished with 84 wins and 09 defeats. The starting line-up: milieus IJAAF Klmblc cf lirener 31) Wren ss Swan 21> Smith 31) Travis If .Scliiilt;-, If MeWhorlcr lb Caranu rf Kproiill sf Ignuslnk lb Wlotko vf Sertick c La Griitta cf Wliltehcad >p Hlalck c Parnell p Also for Ihe Mudhcns will be Gpcace, II. of Indiana slur; Pink, of tlie Philadelphia Athletics; Rannin, Cleveland Indians, and Klmbcrlin of the St. Louis Drowns. Also with the soldiers will be Yurewlek, Houlli, Nixon, Utility players, outfielders, Crane, Davis, Douglas; indclders, Jones, .Latum, and N'cw 1'ully Improves I'lancs WI 1 1 MING TON, Del, (UP) — A flexible, high-adhesion aircraft putty for filling dents and cracks between riveted aluminum .sheets forming aircraft wings lias added to the speed of Army air force planes. 'I'lie now putty was developed when research showed iv transport plane Hying at 235 miles an hour spends 180 horsepower pulling rivet heads and Joint laps through the The new putty streamlines the plane and despite Its buttery consistency, shows no tendency to flow. It weighs onc- lifth less than conventional putties, an important factor in air dynamics. JACK TAKES VACATION AUGUSTA, lla.— With the circus keeping fights out of Madison luare Garden until May 20, Ucau ick, busiest ol the fighlers Is king a rest at his home here'. Rattlesnakes Irecs. occasionally climb Jly IIAItltY GIIAVSON NKA Sports Editor NEW YOKK,—Staid old Boston is ;>6Gg about a cataclysmic event, to wit. the defeat and consequent unmasking of the Golden Terror, who, it seems, had been spreading consternation throughout the country and wrestlers all over mats. Sandor S/nbo, an Apollo-like grapplcr from Hungary via California, was the instrument of the Golden Terror's downfall in the Boston Garden, Thai is, he was cue of the Instruments. Another was the not so Apollo-like Tony Calcn- to of Two Ton proportions and lethal left hook. Szabo and Ihe Golden Terror pulled and tugged before 10,000 goggle-eyed fans for the undisputed championship of the world. Undisputed seemed to be a misnomer for there were more disputes to the .square inch than goose pimples on a guy In a haunted house at midnight. After S«ilio had won the first fall by clamping (he Golden Terror's lefl leg in a vise-like lock and the Terror had retaliated by bending Sandor's right arm into a pretzel around an Iron ring-post for tlie second fall, the boys settled down to pure unadulterated mayhem In tlm third and deciding act. Ed Stranglcr White, the Terror's chief second, added to the genera! gaiety by yanking his man to the .safety of the ropes at critical stages and was handed a swat on Ihc kisser by Referee Galento. Szabo supplemented the biff by kicking White in Ihe face for good measure, Ihen proceeded lo hurl Ihe Terror about with abandon, finally bouncing him on the floor with a flying mare that left him as flat as a bearskin rug. Galento took n sock at the whirling Terror Just before the finish. Thus did Sandor Szabo not only acquire the championship, but lie humiliated Ihe Golden Terror before the gaping 10,000, stripped him of the $10,000 (?) belt emblematic of ihe crown, added insult to injury by unmasking him. Denuded of his Halloween outfit, the Golden Terror gave his Identity as one Leon Mahabobsky of Cliatlanooga — all 3TJ pounds of him. Dos ton's cauliflower clientele isn't easily fooled. "Tlie name, Leon .M.ilinbobsky, like his face, wax brand new lo Hub mat addicts," reported Hie searching Doc Almy of the Posl, "and very probably phoney." To say nothing of the match. Showing Imw potent a hold rass- ling has on the Boston populace, the dignified Boston Daily Globe displayed the report of the affair on its first page. It might be worthy of note (hat the tale was placed directly be- naeth a conspicuous box headed: KEEP BOSTON CLEAN. Well, it's good clean fun. Program lights, on the back of each seat, are a featme of one New ' York City 111eater. cvcr;nlilc lo lake moro punishment—and deal out more. That means that Long will be able to do considerable punching when he faces his arch enemy. He showed that lie hns lost none of his hitting power last Monday night when he hooked up with Buck Lnivson In n lively fisticuff setto. But the fans do not expect Canny to fold up and go into a shell. Double-tough and twice ns rough, , - ^ uuulli -^,. s ,, ,,. m „„.„; ,, 3 Iul , B ... off and careful attention and lim-|"Wild Bill" likely can be depended ned use and proper exercise. ,011 lo do his share of the fist As soon as he was able to get back into the ring "Tiger" asked lor a;return shot at Canny. He promptly got'it and nearly proved his undoing. For during this match -Canny concentrated his attack on the : injured hand. He stomped it eVery. chance he got; twisted it, bahged ; and mauled it at every throwing. Also a former boxer note, Canny Is considered one the hardest hitters In the ling. So, the cash customers can rear back and get set for an old fashioned slugging duel spiced with persona! enmity. Knox is Tough Appearing locally for the first i • . . ~ .: - ., ----- fiijucuimg igciuiy 101 uic iiii>t turn and even bit A rmally, Long tlme ' m nbobllt a „> Kllos , cx . was forced to surrender the match peeled to ' to save himself from further pnn- jj UOW Tin ishment Match Is Cosily , .This act nearly cost "Long his ring c&recr. Thc'lmnd not only was rc- brokeii in several places, but shattered so semely that some of the bones didn't heal straight. Even now there is considerable evidence of the pummelling it received that eventful night. .The "Tiger" admits he made the inlstake of going back too soon and is confident that things would have bi*n different if he had waited as -long as the last tlnio to permit proper healing. The hand has undergone the - most rigid of tests and pionounc- ed all right by the examining doctors who predict it Is stronger than add materially to the The 210-pound blond glan is u meanie in his own right, as well ns a capable grappler. Knox replaces "Red" Roberts ns Cnnny's partner. Promoter Meronc; originally booked Roberts with Can but changed his plnus, sending Red out of the territory when Roy Welch returned gunning for hiir Brother Joe, who recently was so riously Injured by Roberts and may never wrestle again because of the beating, is said lo be the reason for the change in scenery. Parrelli is a scream on any program. His hard head is his meal tie-ke! u_'!<i, so far, has not been punched. Few men have been able to make a dent, lo say the least of n hole. Action lime is starling lime—8:15. Again the Gas House Gang There is no r ,... nand, hut \v ith Pepper Martin, led, back followinr three years as minor .league manager, St. Louis Cardinals again arc the Gas House Gang m training at Cairo, III. Stan Musial calcht-s the spirit of the Wild Horse of the Osagc WRESTLING Z-egJon Hut, Monday, April 10, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestling Arena In America, Adults, 36c, Tnx Sc—Tolal, 45c. Reserved Seals, 12c, Tax 3c—To- tal, 15c. Children's Seals 12c, Tax 3e, Total, 15c. Reserved Scats On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on. TAG MATCH LONG & PARELLl KNOX & CANNY 2 30-Mln. Preliminaries TIGER LONG BILL CANNY HARD HEAD PARELLl BUDDY KNOX f Tes a very 11 i T'S A Ft'NNV THING, lint many people still have ihe wrong slant on War liomls. These people tliink tlut when, tlicy liny a liond, they're giWiig, or (/ound'ng their money to tlie war. You might say they have a gnn-ami- bear-it attitude about all their War Bond purchases. Well, that's :i slrangc attitude. Because while buying Bonds it patriotic, aiul while it it necessary to help the Government pay for planes and tanks and gnus, it is not a sacrifice. In fact, buying n War Bond is just about die most advantageous thing you can possibly do with your money. Why? You couldn't make a safer investment. 'I lie Government itself'backs every dollar you invest. Ami the Government pays n good, sound rate of interest—you gctJU back for every #3 you put in. That means that when the war is over, evcrj'body who's been buying War Bonds will have n comfortable financial backlog—a backlog that will help him do such things as build a home, send his children to school, and travel. And, finally, by investing the money that otherwise would be burning a hole ir. our pockets these days, we're helping to keep down the cost of living. So it's a very funny thing that some people still think they're gioinj; their money when they invest it in a War Bond. KEEP BACKING I This, space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Robinson Drug Co. I. Rosentha!, Inc. Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co, Barksdale Mfg. Co. BIytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. Jiedel's Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Langston-Wrotcn Co, Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubhard Furniture Co. 'nobard Htrdwtri Ct. Huddleston & Co. Tom W. Jackson Charles S. Lemonj Tom Little Hardware Co. The tyew York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Caie s J. C. Penney Co. Phillips Motor Co. Rock Saliba Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocers C. G. Smith Floyd A. White Zcllner's Slipper Shop NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 ~.\ TRIES OUT BLOOMINGTON, ind. — Mike osmnn, former Indiana captain, Mhmnn coach and third base- an, Is tryin gout wllh the Cin- imati Reds on the campus. HOOT'S—QUIfiKS— i,* 'llcllcd' in Jail Irlis il'liu'" *' BETHANY, Mo. (UP)-A Harrl- county, Missouri, citizen prob- / knew what he was talking rout when lie wrote back home r a duplicate of his draft rcgis- ntlon card recently. He said he - ' lost Ills original card, had been gcd as an alleged draft dodger, id had been "helled" in jail since. The cannon, with its projectile.'; iploded by powder, led to Ihc in- inliou of engines, wllh cylinders id pistons, bly WE 1-IU, AU, noCTOKS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONET STEWART'S DrHf Stor e M«ln &. Lake fhonn 282J Saturday 'MYSTERY RIDERS" . A I'llO' Western Serial and Short Saturday OWL SHOW "LUCKY FELLOVy' MR. SMiTH" A Universal Picture COMEDY: "His Talc is.Told" Sunday Thursday Kach week will lie shown' -M PICTtMES OF LOCA1, SERVICE JJOVS : New (Jruup Each Sundny Sunday and Monday "THE SULUVANS" Kith Thomas Slilchcll & Ann Baxler Fox News & Shorl Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 Adm. Always IZc and 30c Last Time Today with Hill IClHnH SKIIIAI/: "The Advcnlurcs o? bmilin 1 Jack." Saturday Midnight Show i Strikes Back 7 1 Tom Conway & .lane ltaudol|)h *:' Shorls \ , Sunday and Monday C»UiTUI-WAE UVIM8J mFf-VJCTOEY FDMi COMMITTH

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