The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1950
Page 13
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WKDN KSDAY, JtJT/T T$. (ARK.)' COURIER HfTWS PAGE TH1KTKEH OUT QUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boordina House with Mai. Hoopla ? »*N MOST I KEEP OF "HW 6ALLOOJ VACATION WITHOUT Me, TO FIWD THAT T'M OW GOODTWIWG I'M WOT O»6 TOBfc : ROSTRATEO ev we . ELEMENTS.' Political Announcement The Courier Newt h«s b«n »uthor- llta to announce the loll owing candidates, illbject to the Democratic primaries July 25 and August 3 ^T FOB COUVT? JUDGE Roland Green STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H Autrj Kc-electlon Post No. 1 John .' Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A Banks Post No 2 K. O. "Gene" Fleetnan (For re-election Post No. «) W P. Wells fat State. Senator W R Nicholson J. Le» Bearden . HEKIFF AND COLLECTOR . Oee Nunnallj William Berryman ^8!;-._.dLBi THE STOMYi ««••( hr-4 •! • bankrupt tmrmmrr Fomtfmmy. H . l»K hi. . flWMO bill fhr pa»1 r»*r day*. If he *•<•» *• 1 hnc! nothing to do with charges being filed!" about the insurance liquidation musl have its source in the ornr« of Colonel Winton. the liquidator • "Sounds logical. W;nton is Gcv- cmor F'ailerson's man IM better star* with him right n«w You star here and stick close to Me- those Gregor. Cover me if Kecver calls. I'll lie back in time for the arrest." For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a "majority of cases Investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wai improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the us« of fountain Valley Water. > ' If your doctor hai diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney Impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. H U delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MoantainYauW J Water ^~^~^ iLL right. Mr. McGregor, so you sent me the four $1000 bills! Why? Who told you to send them?" McGregor's anger seemed to Intensify. "You dare ask that? who promised that you'd give me a ciean bill of health if I sent you $5000 in daily installments of $1000 each? And now you have ttie nerve to pretend you dont know jwhy I sent them!" 1 "I'm not pretending, Mr. McGregor. I never made such a ! promise or such a demand!" • "Of course not—personally! You were too clever for that! You had some girl make the coll. I took it right here in this chair from that extension phone." He pointed dra- .matically at a phone standing in 'a corner of the window sill. "Don't jdeny that you got the money! It 'iwas mailed directly to your apart- ,ment house!" [ "Oh, I got the money, ail right, jit's right here in my pocket. So a girl called you! Well, you should have called me back!" McGregor was eying me as if vastly puzzled. ]^ f |"cGREGOR studied me, then said: "Well, maybe you did turn in the right report, but that doesn't help me any! I paid you for protection, and if I don't get it, you'll pay me back in kind!" The - Id man banged his flst against the wooden arm ol his chair. Suddenly his temper broke. He began to cry. I'd rather have had him banging his fist and accusing me. 1 nodded to Shelton, and we !ell the room. Out on the verandah ag;nn; I said: "Well, at least we know where the money came from! Somebody has foxed both McGregor and me and" I broke off. eying Shellon. He was avoiding my eyes, 1 snapped: "You aren't buying McGregor's idea that I put some girl up to making a^deal. are you?" Shelton still wouldn't look at me. I really felt sick, / "You did return a report favorable to McGregor, all rifihU" He had suddenly brought his gaze to bear on me, "Thai's what makes his story sound good!" "But not. good enough! Do you think I'd be dope enough to have McGregor instructed to mail me grand notes daily (or five days' Whether McGregor had the bank <eep a memorandum of the numbers, they'd have done it because TN Capital City f parked In a lot half block from the Roland "Then you admit you got the money right in front of Mr. She I-,, 'ion? You aren't in on this thing Altogether are you?" ' "No," said Shelton quickly. McGregor was still studying me, as if he might even be considering believing me. 1 tried to press this advantage. We've both been victimized. >Mr. McGregor. It so happens that jjl did turn in a report that gave \yoli a clean bill of health. But a ';man higher up than 1 am recom- . nv.nded to Mr. Kecver that you be prosecuted. 1 shouldn't tell you that, but 1 want you to know that of treasury department mstruc lions to watch $1000 bills! Can' you see-that somebody's trying f frame trie and play McGregor for a sucker at the same time?" "All right, Ben, I believe you! But we've got to work fast and find ovil what \Yie score is." He was dead right. "There's something nbout this insurance liquidation that smells," 1 said. "Nobody would frame me just (or the sadistic pleasure of it. Somebody means to moke a profit out of the deal. You're a lawyer. Can you figure the angle?" "No, Ben. But anything fishy Building in which Colonel Winlon's ofPe.? was lorated Parked in front of th? main entranr* wa? • bright red convertible owned by Sammy Berend. Canital City's nre- mlcr amhulanre chaser T noticed irtty when I nassed that the ignition keT had been left in the lock. When I baa first Interviewed McGregor he had complained bit- erly that his company would have weathered the storm if som* .shy- ter hadn't filed a whole mew o* amage suits, forcing his deposit eouirement beyond his capacity. hadn't been interested in trt* iability phase of McGregor's com)any. only with his handling of he assets. Now I had an idea 39 to who that shyster was. I entered the building, rode to :hc fourth floor which housed Colonel Winton's office and walked right fn despite the horrified protest of Winton's secretary. Sammy Berend was in the room with Winton. He gave me a dirty look as I entered, and not merely because ! was interrupting a conference. A year or so before when Sammy had been hailed before the grievance committee of the bar association, 1 had given testimony against him. But he had survived, suffering only a reprimand. "What's the meaning of this?" Colonel Winton asked indignantly. He was on old meatball who rind been n political hanger-on for half a century. I replied: "Pardon the interruption. Colonel- I'll take only a minute of your time. I want to talk to you about the McGregor case—privately." "You can go right ahead." snid Winton. "That's what Mr. Berend was here to see me about! 1 (To Be Continued) We're Proud of Our Work • work • Woodwork cturing - • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 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OON'T SVDROY.HE'S N-N-NOWHtRS THIS IS 6NE PICNIC WE'RE 6OINS TO ENJOV... -^ ALOMK! I'LL P-PUT TH' LUNCH IN TH' L-L-LUSGAGE COMPARTMENT ! I MOPE V! H BRLJN& PUHLENTV o'CARROTS, r PETUNIA'. I'M MUNSRY AI.I.KY OOP Alley Is Right 15Y \. T. HAMLIN THE CUTPUT OF. r£SE BRITONS I THEIE SHIP- / 9UT r«7T Oft VILL BE /YARDS WILL/SHIP WILL GBEAT ) COVER. THE / BULD FOE 5E*MEN?>{ EEA>RTH... \ CAESAB: N<7W CM A 12CMAN.' '£ET COMMA.NDEe. GOVEKNOE OF GAUL. GENERAL SA1U5 JJLIU5 CAESASe/ AT V0UI2. Y AND. JUOGtNS BY. SEEVICE. \ APPEARTANCES. / YOU CAN '. . l YOLJ J-QULP 03 I 5A.V THAT / VVrTH A LOT OF \ AGAIN.' SEPVICE THI5 DAY.') "OOTS AND HKH ms, Him, Too? BY KIWAR MARTIN

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