The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on May 11, 1973 · Page 21
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 21

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1973
Page 21
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MORE SUNSHINE ON TAP FOR WEEKEND IN OGDEN The weather prescription for Northern Utah this weekend calls for repeated doses of sunshine and continued mild temperatures. With mostly sunny skies and a zero probability of rain, Ogden area residents are expected to take advantage of the balmy weather by doing a little pre-season boating and picnicking. Highs today are forecast for the mid-70s with the mercury expected to drop to the mid-40s tonight; the high tomorrow is forecast for the high 70s. At Pine View Dam, the high Thursday was 67 degrees but the temperature plummeted to 32 degrees last night. The water in the reservoir is still rising and currently is hitting 92.6 feet; waters are still being released to prevent flooding due to heavy snowmelt. Medicaid Charges Responsibility of State: Court Holds State welfare officials must|Jones Jr., director of the De- enforce federal regulations for-jpartment of Family Services; bidding excessive M e d i c a i d ! Gerald Kotter, director of Recharges, according to an order igion II, and Sterlin Hollins- handed down by a judge for (head, medical service director the U.S. District Court, North-|f or Region II. The c o m p l a i n t originally OGDEN, UTAH FRIDAY EVENING MAY 11, 1973 named the Tanner Memorial Clinic of Layton and a number of doctors who practice there as ern Division. Judge Aldon J. Anderson issued a permanent injunction against state and local welfare officials in brief memorandum. The injunction is the result defendants, of a suit brought against State! ,,*,,, u ° . . ,, Department of Social Services! ^ charges a S auist ftem officials by Jose H. Janez ofi w e r e dismissed earlier this year Layton and "all other persons!by Judge Anderson, similarly situated." | FEDERAL LAW PRIOR PRACTICES The suit was based on a fed- IB PTA Conference Defeats School Prayer Proposal Regional Directors Installed As Leaders Wind Up Sessions A resolution to reinstate prayer in the classroom was defeated by state PTA members Thursday during | the concluding day of the Utah Congress of Parents Teachers convention. Mrs. Ernest Burnside, Utah PTA president, said the PTA assembly wasn't opposed to praying in public schools, but to the way the resolution was written. ' ' T h e resolution raised I The order said the state could to enforce federal regulations which eral law which prohibits a state from allowing physicians to c h a r g e Medicaid recipients amounts above the fee level the state Medi- not refuse and state "may have been evidenced by prior practices of the Utah,prescribed in State Division of Family Ser-!caid Plan, vices, their officials and em- j The complaint said that a sig- ployes." inificant number of welfare re- Defendants are Evans E. (cipients were forced to travel -- | ou t of the Davis County area [to secure medical attention be- j cause they could not afford to i pay what in effect was a tariff Ion medical services. The order was issued by Judge Anderson following negotiations between the two sides) after a preliminary injunction the state and two offi- Ogden Girl, 6, Hit by Auto Said 'Critical A 6-year-old. Ogdeiigirl .._-,.- . "critically" injured this mor-| cials of Region II was handed ning in an auto-pedestrian j down earlier. accident at 22nd and Jackson. I In tn e negotiations the de- Thursday, new traffic signals i fendants a g reed to . "enact and i 01 ,,* ,,«.*.*.,,j *.,._ nAH ;j..i. n ft n T ft 7* r P rfcmlatifvnc entitlpri LAND USE PLANS -- Going over recreation use plans that will be included in a land use plan for Ogden Valley are Weber County planner Graham Shirra, James Weston of the Soil Conservation Ser- FOR PROPER DEVELOPMENT along 31st caused two accidents, according to police, one with injuries. The young pedestrian, Melissa e n f o r c e regulations entitled Medical Vendor Fraud Procedures which they believe will result in future complaince with" Rodriquez, daughter of Mr. and federal regulations. Mrs. Leo Martinez of 21531 .^he order also enjoins the Jackson, was listed "critical" [state from "failing to reject under intensive care at St.| claims f °r medical services Benedict's Hospital shortly after 1 providers who make charges in the 8 - 10 a.m. accident. I excess, of the state established Ogden ' Patrolman S. A. j fee levels." Thomas said the girl apparently! Jerry _Bean I Weber County Planners to Prepare Plan For Ogden Valley Land Use A task force of planners "Based on the material we need something to help us questions of legality and boardered on constitutional issues, and frankly, we didn't have time to have it rewritten or consider any other alternatives than turning the resolution down," she added. Installation of PTA officers for two and one year terms was conducted Thursday. Mrs. Kent Trease was elected as region three director, encompassing Weber, Davis and Morgan counties. Mrs. Trease | resides in Davis County and has (been affiliated with the PTA for i 11 years. | Mrs. Marvin Carver was | installed as associate director. : Both offices are two year terms. i ONE YEAR TERMS ] Council presidents for region three one year terms are: Mrs. ! Helen Rogers, Bonneville; Mrs. I Clark Olson, Roy-Hooper; Mrs. |Ralph J. McFarlane, Ogden; jMrs. Curtis Rapiole, Weber i . ,. ,. , . , .,, . I Cone; Mr. and Mrs. Jim | An application for $14,742 m I Carling! Morgan. i federal funds to continue the, The PTA endorsed the first vice and Ogden District Ranger Dee Ritchie (from left to right). Data for the land use plan is currently being gathered by a task force comprised of various state, local and federal agencies. County Okays Application For Monies MRS. KENT TREASE Regional Director ! services of a legal adviser for \ amendment of the U.S. representing county, state and federal agencies is gathering data to be used in preparing a land use plan for the Ogden Valley. receive from these agencies, the j determine if such roads are p l a n n i n g commission will prepare a draft of a land use plan for study by the County i Commission," explained Weber i law enforcement o f f i c e r s countywide has been endorsed Mr. Ritchie indicated that the completed land use plan will s t i t u t i o n , ratifying "Congress should make no lawj respecting an establishment of v , , _, , · . j.\,ojs\«i,uiig on i COVauiIOlJlllClJL Ul by the County Commission for religionj or proh ibiting the free another 12 months. The county's share of j exercise thereof." the! Mrs. Burnside said all other Weber County has been | County planner Graham Shirra. "Once the -land use plan is accepted, it will become an c o n f r o n t e d with numerous requests to develop private lands in the valley and requested the necessary information be gathered for a amendment to the Weber County master plan," he added. Since most of the Ogden master plan that will determine i Valley area is either private or if and where development is I National - Forest land, the land capability studies are being ran across 22nd at Jackson into the path of an eastbound. car driven by Manuel Aviles, 18, of 2170 Jefferson. Legal Aid Society attorney, representing the plaintiff said he t h o u g h t the procedure [worked out between the two County Library Dates Stories New semaphores along 31st(parties would have national ef- between Wall and Washington feet, caused two accidents Thursday, one involving an Ogden police car and injuries to a woman) driver. j HITS POLICE CAR Listed "fair" in St. Benedict's Hospital this morning following the accident was June H. Wright, 55, of 849 N. 50 W., Sunset, driver of the car which allegedly went through the new red light and collided with a police car. feasible. Cooperating on the project are conducted under the direction of the Weber County Planning:Mr. Shirra and Ogden District C o m m i s s i o n , Weber State R anger °ee Ritchie with the College the Forest Service, the Support of James Weston from Soil Conservation Service, State I the Soil Conservation Service. include provisions for wildlife! project will be $3;686 and the j resolutions were passed and are a n d watershed protection,[state will contribute $1,228. of timely value, making it r e s i d e n t i a l development, Deputy county attorney James [Possible *~- "~ """ * * r e c r eat i o n a 1 use, range management, fire and pollution Board Finds School Job Bid 'High 7 Faced with bids greatly exceeding the anticipated amount, PTA to meet tne Ogden School Board has con-! that Davis currently serves as the i already established goals, legal adviser. controls, off-the-road vehicle use | County Attorney Robert L. and retention of aesthetic values. He also noted that the Forest Service will probably hold YOUTH WAGES Sanctioned resolutions m- I decided to take time to consider [what should be done about its | addition and remodeling project investigations, s c r u t i n i z e s ! search and arrest procedures. ; j. , public heairngs on its en-j He also provides training for vironmental statement either in law enforcement officers on late summer or early fall. The ranger lauded the cooperative project as a "far- son umservauon service, oiaier*- """ ~«-~,-,,«». »~,^. , . Forpstrv and Fire Control the I The Forest Service is facing V; TM ng . ^ y · ,, joresiry ana rire umroi. "e, J? the Forest Service as well as legal and constitutional matters. summer camps, i Low bid among the three school concept, opened came . from the Ben community s t r e n g t h e n i n g the home, parental roles in the home, guidance counseb'ng, leadership | training, marriage preparation classes and promoting improved Utah Division Resources and of the Weber County Health Department. Public input will also be j sought during the next few ween six and eight months of !* e Forest S 6 TM 6 as well as forcement Planning Council for thel the count y. to make sound (review and submission to the l bet- concentrated work on planning project since it also has to file an environmental statement -- complete The patrol car was driven by Patrolman Thomas W, Sherwood, 25. Utah Highway Patrol T r o o p e r Dave Leslie investigated the accident. Trooper Leslie said Mrs. Wright was eastbound on 31st when she collided with the patrol car, continued eastbound, shearing off a fire hydrant, going over a curb and colliding j with a tree. months as the task force puts P"blic input - with together land capability and President's Council on suitability plans that will, vironmental Quality. with the En- planning decisions." I state council for funding. "Children T h a t O n l y A provide the essential data need "The project is already well! Mother Could Love" will be the I for preparing the land use plan, j under way and will be children's storytime at the We- Included in the data-gathering ber County Library Saturday at j process will be a resource in- 2 p.m. Iventory by the Forest Service, a Betty Anderson will tell stories j soil survey by the Soil Con- including "The Ransom of R e d l s e r v a t i o n Service and a Chief." Children of all ages geological hazard analysis by are invited. 'Weber State College. valuable and far-reaching study from the Forest Service stand- State Officials Endorse New Hospital in Ogden Endorsing the construction of point," Mr. Ritchie pointed out. the new St. Benedict's Hospital "Some proposals to, develop | are utah , g or d ft private land in the valley would! . . ,.. · ,, ,,, ,, roads across i commissioner of the Health Ser- reqiure access National Forest land' and we Ogden School Board Faces Decision On Future of Television Station vices Corporation of the LDS Church. Gov. Calvin L. R a m p t o n j voiced his approval of. the new hospital in a letter to Rulon R. Garfield, regional director of Services Corp., said, "The corporation believes St. Benedict's Hospital should be provided the opportunity of replacing its existing hospital as announced and on the new South Ogden site." IN A LETTER Dr. Mason made this statement in a letter to Sister Mary One of the most important resolutions passed was identifying parental roles and establishing a night for families to be together, Mrs. Burnside said. "It has long been a fact that a child's relationship to a mother and father figure is the pivot! Lomond Construction Co., which offered to do the job for $498,405. The school administration and the architect had estimated about $410,000 for the job and had set aside that amount. Other bids received came f r o m Wadman Building Systems, Inc., for $521,400, and Richard Saunders Construction Co., $563,636. BIDS HIGHER Alvin A. Gabrielsen, architect [cation and Welfare. jtive vice president. , He said, "I am satisfied that I Health Services Corporation Decision on what to do with p r o v e m e n t in programsFederal Communications the questions raised concerning! d ° es not P lan to complete fur- ' - - '" the proposed facility have been I ther elements of its master plan · -- 11 i « *P Of 1 T3ftMA/lT/*f' t? UXnnitnl *Vln*Tn« PUBLIC TO SEE HOVER CRAFT A hover craft will be on display Saturday at 7:30 ' p.m. at the Ogden Airport Terminal for the meeting of Chapter 58 of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Also on hand will be Hal Clark of F and H Fiber Graft Co., to discuss the uses of fiber glass. The experimental craft is being shown to the club by Hill's Air Vehicles. County Awards Chemical Bid Bids have been awarded by the County Commission for the weeds department. Colorado International Co. of Murray bid $4,020 for 2,000 gallons of Atrex and $162 for 25 t h e district's educational i available over channels 7 and 11 television station will be con-1 m a k e s the expense not sidered along with other I justifiable of operating a local financial problems, the Ogden | station. School Board has decided after 1 Dr. Garner said he had a full-scale review of the j discussed possible dispositions station's value in the district j of the local station and its assigned channel with Dr. program. Dr. Wiluam L. Garner, superintendent, told the board tendent of public instruction, operation of the station isj Dr. Talbot, he said, indicated costing the Ogden District about the state might be interested in $50,000 annually. Dr. Gerald H. Raat, assistant superintendent in instruction, said Walter Talbot, state superin- taking over the channel and moving the station to Salt Lake charge of City if the next legislative session will provide funding. YEAR TO HANDLE Such a transfer could-easily require a year to handle, classroom utilization of the station's p r o g r a m m i n g has been discussed extensively and the general preference seems to be for closed circuit operation., . . - . . . . , ,, ,. · * · - · · t within the school rather W* e ]( *: al ^ d would h . ave *° pnjate owner Commission, and that approval cannot be expected. Board member Glen V. Holley suggested that city and county sources be contacted to see if support can be obtained for a community station operation. JOINT CONTROL Ben Van Shaar, who has been director of the combined station as it has operated under joint control of the Ogden and Weber districts, told the board the present station represents on the part of the Ogden district an original outlay of $170,000 for answered. I personally strongly support the construction of this new facility." if St. Benedict's Hospital moves ahead with its development program and will plan no bed addi- however, Dr. Garner said, and j purchase of the station from its ^ in the hat has bcen open^ircuit through broadcast I kee P he statl ° n , · -·- " meantime or lose the license and channel assignment, one mostly obtained through grants I activities. i TO DROP PART ! which is valuable for com- , , valuable and modern equipment from foundations and federal : MOOSE LODGE TO HOLD DANCE Ogden Moose Lodge No. 1364 will hold a Mother's, Day Dance at 9 p.m. Sat-' urday in the lodge hall at 1896 Washington. There will be a $1.50 admission for men but all women admitted free. Live music will be provided by the "Country Boys"; members and guests are invited. He said the Weber County imercial operation. School District has already! The Davis District decided to drop its part in local j r e p o r ted no interest i n e f f i c i e n t , e c o n o m i c a l . sources, has, He called it presently 'an educational television through I cooperative use of the present)operation." the combined Weber-Ogdenj station with the Ogden district, Grants of considerable In endorsing the proposed ! tion miil fte new st - Benedict's hospital, Dr. James 0. Mason, faciut y is operational and until commissioner of the Health « evaluation of community needs thereafter indicated that further development is needed," he said. Hospital officials have received the necessary construction project approval from the State Office of Comprehensive [Health Planning, the State Plan- ming Coordinator, and the State Department of Health. All ap- (provals are necessary, said Harold E. Hill, construction program director. PUT IN CHARGE L. B. Suttlemyre, director of development at St. Benedict's Hospital has been put in charge of arrangement for disposal of existing facilities and land--in i anticipation of construction of {the new St. Benedict's, said Sis- from which he or she moves through life," she continued. VOICED SUPPORT She said the PTA voiced united support of the resolution on youth wage scales because existing federal labor laws | for the Ben Lomond job, said had been involved in two other bid openings in the past few weeks and that in each case the amounts had been up 25 to 35 per cent over bids for comparable work received last fall. He said from that angle, bids r e s t r i c t "meaningful" em-jon the Ben Lomond job ployment for young people [better, being only between 20 qualified to work. [per cent and 25 per cent over Mrs. Burnside added that I the estimates made earlier. because of present minimum w a g e standards employers hesitate in hiring young people, but if flexibility in the wage law was introduced more high school and junior high school students could get a job. Dr. Garner told board members obviously that too the bids were high for acceptance as they stood, and recommended that they be held for consulations with the architect. HELP ENVIRONMENT Successful Bidder station. gallons of Amrol liquid. Wasatch Chemical Co. bid j citing financial problems of its; are continuing, he said. Reasons given, Dr. Raat said,'own, Dr. Garner said, w e r e that closed circuit! The superintendent said the $875 for 50 gallons of Tordon operation is better for school I district cannot sell the station and $597 for 25 gallons of Barn-)room purposes, funding island channel to commercial vel. difficult, and the vast 1m-interests without approval of the Programs aired by the station are valuable teaching supplements. Teachers are helped by workshops the station staff; Rocky Mountain Machinery | ter Mary Patrick, size!Co. was successful bidder f o r j The existing hospital site con- a three-ton asphalt laying ma-sists of 11 acres of ground at has conducted, he said. chine for use by the county roads department. The bid totaled $4,465, said county purchasing agent Bruce McFar- iland. 3000 Polk. the pres-| ent facility are the; hospital | proper, a convent for the Sisters of St. Benedict, and three other buildings. Army Reservists Remove Eyesores DEFENSE DEPOT OGDEN -- Ecology-minded Army reservists with headquarters here concentrated their efforts during the last 30 days in cleaning up the environment. Members of the Sixth. Battalion, 83rd Field Artillery identified and removed local eyesores as part of a community improvement program! Maintenance crews disposed of several junk cars from fields paralleling highway 89 near the Uintah exit. Spec. 4 Robert Blair and Brent Morgan, trained wrecker operators, used the unit's equipment to dispose of the abandoned wrecks at a salvage yard. Other activities included the disposal of chunks of cement and debris in Riverdale road construction areas as well as supporting Ogden Week by collecting and hauling away tons of trash. The projects were coordinated by Capt. Sterling E. Gardner who noted the battalion is integrating into community affairs enhancing its value during time of peace. "Through participating in these projects, reservists assist the community and obtain, significant training in operation of equipment," he said.

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