Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 4
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BOYER Treasurer Price per Annum J-1.30 Price per Month 40 Onicln.1 Paper of City and County. (Entered ns second-class mall-matter rjt the Logansijort Post Ofllce. February /S, 1SS8. • Tin; USD AY, .TUNE 2311 ISOU. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For rrfsMrllU WILLIAM ML-KIXLKYMK. »r<>iii». Vor Vt<:<'-.Vi't:rtl<l«nt, GAKRKTT A, HOI1ART ufNow .Icmey. STATE NATIONAL BANK 9. T. LOGANSPOKT, IN - S2OO.OOO J. P. Johnson, President. S, W. Ullcry, Vice President, H. J. Hellbrink, Cashier. DIRECTORS. .'Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Q For Oovormn', JAMKS A. -MOUNT of SloiUcoinury couiit.v For LitMilunitnt Governor, IV. S. HAGGARD of Tl|i|iecanoe County. Kor .S'trrctiu-y d/'.S^*te, WILLIAM D. OWKN of CiikK County. l'\.r Aiulitoi- of Stiite, AMKlMC't'S V. WAl'I.KYnf Koolio cinnity. 1'or TreiiMiirvr orStntc, FllEnj. SCHOLX of Viniderlwii; vtinnty. Vttr Attorney <itiuurnl, WILLIAM A.KK'rCJIA>Iof,Mm-loii county 1'or IvrporU'i- orSll)>rttim> Court. CKAICI.Ksr.JCI-J.ilYoritiirUioluinewcoiint JTor Suporlntt-iulcnt of !Publio Instruction, U. M.GKKT1NG of Hurrlsiin county For Sfiito >tatlKtU>iin, S, ,1. THO JIPSOX oC Shelby enmity. 1'or ,Iii(li;es ofthc A|i{1Flltito Court, First District, WOOUFORDEOBIXSOXof Gibson county Snoonil District, | W. K. HICM.KY i>f Hush comity. Thinl District, W. W. COMSTOCK of Vrayiiv county Fourth Dlotrlct, JAMKS H. 1ILACK, ofMnrlon vminty. Fifth nistrlut, '/.. U, WII.KY of Heutoii county. Klectors nt Lnr^i 1 , ,11 <:, TH AYKU, CHAS. ]•', JONKS. von CONOICK.S.S, G UOKG.E W. STEKLli, mittod, Has fallen oft greatly in twenty y.ea.ns, Jlodet-n ninc-liiiiery make It po.s- sibk' to do Mxviiy wklHjie "Ua.uds" who used :ro MiisiHivc tilic fnnfiCL-'s hot bls- c'li'tls and ot-ht'i- vniunbie pi-odnc-ts of tlie t'ami, :ic .f.l'.e same ttine drawing daily wiijcs. WK'-U pi-icc-s ware li.ig'li in Hie wtrly '.-sovem.k'.s, biiiicliiiiy was all druio liy Ji;i,ikl. Tlio i\'H(?:ir iv;is craillod. '.riir;wliil-ii)f was expr.nsivp, and it look rlwce ami four d;!,vs 10 ILH-II out. the s':Lino work that Is jiow...,ilouo liy.stcam in Hvis tli.-i.u ono day. Tie jirodiiC'ln^ or \v!ie;vf. wlr,h iiiarf)ii'ii«.'i-y em scarcely be called today .-inydliiinj; birl: n'iannfac-tnr- iiig. If -tJwre was no olher cimso for rJio di-prnssfiiu lin, 1.110 whetit linirkL't, It would l>o fount.! In 'l:!ic s'lwrtiK'.ss of ilii- nuiiiwl. licpubMcan. prkx-s iircva.iled (liir.hu: tflif n.d'iuJn'iWi-Mttoii «i Ilenjamin Hiirr.tsoii, fur eviM-j-botly. c-otihl all'oril t.u eat wheat. liL'L'iiil, and the iiroduet was in di'.nnaid. During die -lasr throe years it fc not foo iiinicli- 'to say rlmit ilie f:\JI- iin? of pnices Ji? ciiitsotl by the fact Hint the masses aiv Mttiij;- lisw food ;u;d of a l>ooiw quality i,lui,n -foniK-i'ly. AT G1UY GABLES. President Cleveland. Makes Many Improvements at Hia Home. KlndJleM Extouduil to it JLono OyHtcrmaa Squatting L'pon Ills Daniahin—Sent of Govtrnmoiit to Bo Cupo Cod Tlilj Summer, Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder Dc.mocttits t'wir that the influence of KupiiMlcan macluiiery will prevail in, the innking of the Democratic platform, ;iiml that t!>e result; will bo victory for Republicans, and protection. A\> ,-it'f not gro.-ir.ly infcrcslod iu the Demo- cratiic platform. AVe Jinve one upon which we arc fluxions to moot the Dcni- acralic rvmunut. . , .-.••• T*or.Joint Itoin-OHeiitrttlv<', '' WII.I.TA51 T, "WILSON of Cll».-> comity. fc/ Buy and s»'l Government boiida. Ixian Money on personal security and collator- All. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing t per cent. Interest when left one rear; 2 por cent, per annum when deposited alx months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this • bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, r«nted at from $5 to J16 per year. l-..rlJi-|)ro>iunlntlv«;-CIIARI,US B, Z.ONG- M'KtL. For rroxcc-utor— CHARGES K. HAT.E. For Clork— JOSKPH G. GHACE. The United States lias more wealth Llwn any nation. Its totnl riches arc ostijiui-ted nt ¥ftl,120,000,000. Groa.t Rriftiin is aiext with ?-.!7.000,000.000. Tho Uulred States w.Mh ,-i mueli 'preat- en. [wulaUon than its riva.l counti-ies, lias a par enpim wealth 1 of ?1,02C, standing ijftlr with regard ro per capit.-i ilrs. Cleveland arrived at Gray Cables with her children to spend the BUinmer there, she found that iu th winter many changes iiud improvement had been, made about the extensive property. A heavy storm last winter tore a great hole in the sea wail tha.t protects the house and its immediate grounds, and t.his has been replaced by a stronger and more hand- tome embankment of stone. The big lily pond had been emptied nnd cleaned and then refilled. Thera are now growing aquatic plants of thi> rarest and most beautiful kinds. Mrs. Cleveland is especially fond of the \vatev lilies, and,the president had this pond made a year or two ago for her benefit. On the shore of the Monument river side of the estate there is an oystur- inan's cabin, the only building on the 100-acre tract that the president doe-5 not own. The oystormnn built his cabin before Mr. Cleveland bought the property, oad it is s'aM that the president did not know it was there for two or three years. One day he was walk- tho *, - •c- askec! him wha.t he was doing 3nibTe oy~s'Eerffian ic'S- plained that he had been allowed to build his cabin on the spot where ii stood by the former; owner of the land. ITc had no lease or other legal right on the premises, but he modestly explained that it was o good location" for his business, 'and asked that be ing along- tbo river bank nnd saw th. cubin raid tne o^sle'rStffl. TTr". cTevc land as ihoW, T ABSOLUTELY PURE THE NAVIGATION LAWS. Record of the Late Congress Along This Line of Legislation. Mora Careful Attention Paid to Then* Important Mutln-H Tlitm.IliiR Horn Giv«n by Any Concrwm for Fiftei-D Ycurx. A CASE OF HEREDITY. Soi-ry For Slici-i IV— I. A. ADA BIS. , For Surveyor— A. 1SKHT BOB1), For Coronur— DR. J. A. DOWXKY. For Asso.H.wi-— .TOSI-ll'ir BAltl!. For Coiiiiuissloui-r, Fimt District— JO1IS GUKRAHD. F<ir Cuinniissloncr, Third District— AUKAIIAM SHIDKLIOH, *i- To the Ladies. Those who are interested in dennato]. ogy should call on Mi-s. Stringham, who Is locnteG In the St. Elmo building on Broadway and bo convinced that dermatology is what every woman of Intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion is a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization nmst have; nod every worthy husband or brother will take Interest la and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as cczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks nnd superfluous hair are successfully treated. Brig-lit energetic girls .wisWng to work for ?10 a week should • call and sell Mrs. Strlugham's preparations. Catherine Strioghani. DERMATOLOGIST. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. DR. S. H. WARD. HOnflEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewelry store. Mutual Telephone No. 21)0. Residence 1)13 North Street. ABOUT PRICES. The farmer has been asked to believe tliait tlie liiinuefcil system, anil i.iie de- moiwUMtiiou of silver nro back of ilie fa.U Lu tilie prices.of Itis products. It Is onsy 1o prove nhait wJieat, for instance, has decreased in value naturally nnd steadily, u.ot Oinly skice 1S73, but before tlisht. year. Xlie drop o^jivices is nattir ally causal. The prices" do not dopcm on rliC volume of moucy in circulation Thc.ro is more money per capita iu UK Uui'lod States than ever lieforc, a.iu yet prices are Io\v. Tlie piiccg in 1SOO wore very h.i>rh, aiul yet Che money in ciiTOttliHion was only ?rl.OO for each c-Ll- iy-CJi'. In 1S-17 'Uie prices were much low or, a.inl the mojiey per 'lic-ad was ?10.50. fs fit reasonable to believe that the prices in ithiis cmiuit.ry arc a Inindrod times as iiilgli in rtJrls- couiiUT ais they arc iu Greece? Yut 1:he money per capita is in-that propcnTion, wMle 1-)i<? jiricos arc a.lmos't the same. The average pi-ice of wli&'it in 1S7S, greenback prices remember, -was 02 cvnln. It ranisod from "> cents to jjd.10, Tlie prices paid for Uic cereal during Hurriiion'-s adinhHS-ti'a.tioii, considered carefully, will compare very favorably with these greenback i»i-Jces. In the first place, amount of production has every tiding to do w.Mi prices. AYlion tlie amount of production is out of all proportion to Uio 'growth of demand tli<'.re can be bat one result, a drop In prfces. ItiiiWla's production of wheat has more Wuvn. doubled sliuce 18".°.. Tlin The Democratic State convention yes- terdnj- ndopti'd ;i phif.I'orjn iu direct opposition to t-hat of 1S92. turning tliolr backs squarely-on tlie declaration favoring the i'armpi 1 a-ml (lie laboring man. The ti.bmpt change of -base cannot inspire confidence to Democratic, intention,*. The parly -that Jmi'llcved on us the noxious Wilson law, iis not to be taken seriously on other issiies. There is one consolation, woi'kingmcu are not. more idle llli.iu are the- boasts of Democrats. The ensuing months will 1m a test of Major McKinley's ability as an occasional speaker. ..might be allowed to remain, promising that he would never make his presence known to the occupants of the great bouse, some distance awaj-. The president told the oystermnn In- might remain there us long as he wished, nnd there would be no rent to pay. This man is the only one allowed ro trespass on, the place."Daddy" Brunn has cn.uq-ht the first Mnefish of tlie season. He is the local £sh prophet, and he says ths season is going to be an extraordinary one for large catches. The bass in the inland ponds nre biting' well, and on the sea ledges there .is already some g-ood sporf.. It. is said in Marion tint Secretary C.irlisla has taken a cottage in that place for the summer. This seems quite probable, as the president will want his financial adviser handy. With Secretary Olney in Falmouth, Private Secretary Thurber in, Marion nnd probably Secretary Lament neer by, the seat of government will be Cape- Cod instead Washington Ibis summer. ri;uis for wiving (he n;it;ou ;ire varl- oius. Take your choice, but think lirst. • AVlion there is no demand for labor, strikes arc not so frequent. Will TiLm Griffin Lave a position at the Gliik-ngo convention? .English papers continue to American votes for McKinloy. gain Compressed cutiliusiism is the Republican motive power. The Republican platform challenge.* perusal. To know McKJoley rnist liiiim. to admire and Hon. I-I. Clay Evans is worthy of emulation. Tin's is a good year .for tornado in- tirauce. A NEW "STRONG BOX." Stool VimltH for Silver at Now York Sub- TrenBurj Almost Completed. Work on the new steel vault for th-j •storage-of 'silver coin in the basement of the United States subtreasxiry in Wall street is progressing- rapidly, and <he contractor expects to Lave itrendy for use in about two weeks. There ar; now SO.OOO.OOO silver dollars and more than $5,000.000 in subsidiary silver coin stored in the subtrcasury basement, and the necessity for additional vault room has of late become pressing. •• •• T-he new vault is a box 13 feet square and ten feet high, made of steel plates two inches, thick. It is firmly set in the corridor adjoining- the old steel vault, and it will hold about $0,000,000 in silver coin. Inasmuch as there is comparatively little silver coinage go-, ing ou in this country at present, it is not expected that the new vault will fill up very rapidly. The silver dollars that arc now In storag-e, however, are likely to remain there indefinitely. The experience of i:ian,y yea rs has proved that it is impossible to keep them in circulation. From time to time a few thousand dollars are withdrawn by private persons for some The late congress p.-tid more careful attention to the navigation laws of the country than has any congress for 1,~ year«, and while the number of bills- actually passed is not Jarg-o. t.he number which have passed one house or the other, or have been favorably reported in bot.h houses, and" i.he amount of nearly completed work hns been PO great as to insure at M>e December session the most extensive and necessary changes- n our antiquated .shipping .statutes. i Oncnf tjiejnostimportnnt.sleps was fT.e' 1 sdoplion cT the bill {Q ftreOTveirt ffie American delegates to the Washington marine conference of 1559 to consider the improved iiitcrna-tionii! rules to prevent collisions at sea. the as.se mbiag-j here of that body and the passage of the bill recommended by the American delegates in the closing hours of the session through t.he cssi.stn.-iee of Vice President Stevenson. Speaker Tieerl, Senators Vest and White and Representative Payne. It practically insures the; enforcement of the Washington rules by ai! nations within about a year. The Simpkins bill, abolishing unnecessary erciv bonds, facilitating entry and clearance at lake ports and repealing numerous laws cnneted early in the century, but notada.pted to modern cor.- | ditionsand enforced to the discomfort of masters, owners and seamen, passed the house and has been reported with t.-ertain amendments in the senate. Representative Payne's comprehensive, measure to better the condition 01 American seamen, to abolish imprisonment for breaches of civil contractand to abolish allotments and the crimping system passed the house and has been reported in the senate with imprisonment and allotment restored in r. guarded form. The tonnage tax bill, abolishing the present law by which tin; United States in effr-ct subsidizes Gev- man vessels by abon t ?00,000 at the expense o"f our own, passed the house and remains in the senate commerce committee until taken up next session by- Senator Frye, its chr/irmnn, who was compelled by overwork to leave three weeks ago. Bills extending the time for unloading sailing vessels, extending the powers of the secretary of the treasury where fines and forfeitures are iii- curred, for the policing of the St. Mary's river and of regatta courses, for the quicker transmitt.il of cxpres:) packages through the custom houses and sundry minor changes in navigation Jaws have been approved by the president. By consent the bill to extend to all vessels the act under which the St. Louis and St. Paul were built nnd the Paris and Xew York were admitted, was put over until next session. The free ship bill was killed in the senate and the compulsory pilotage bill in the house. ANXIOUS Bow TO OBLIGE HIM. The Cuban crisis is on the way. The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE ' Unique, Efficient, Labor Savins. •prlnkle four times greater area than any •th«rs, Highest award at the Chicago •^position. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, M« Manufacurers, Springfield, Mans. I'M Sale by all- Hardware and Rubber •Urea In the United Statea. -.Are You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would lite to exchange for a business thatwjllglve big returns? Call at 703 Hichigan Avenue. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER ^ K». 417 Market Street. Call* attended to promptly, day or Union anil Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 16; R«*ld«nce, No. 121. Argetutiiw. 1 Republic raised no wheat In '73. In 1STO she boga-n ro compete with Amork-a. In 1S02 flic exported twenty- two thousand times as rmicli as in '70. Xlie exports of wheat from India in .1802 were dfrh't.y timps as heavy ,i.s In Tiifcc I his immense increase from .abroad, add ft'ioit.ho swelling of the product of tlie AmerJttui farmer, and Ju competition wlt.h his gr.ilat, s-uil one scxurc-e of H.lie fall .in prices/Is seen to bo Increase to produc'fclou. In Indiana, alone the wheat crop In 1S91 was seventy per emit, greater than to 1872. Tn many (jfait'os Uio increase wns twice os heavy. The farmer lias not been so g.realt a siiITorcr as a few interested teachers would have us belifwo. The cost of prodnetaon and freight rates must be compared before it ts doeidct" •blunt tihe prices of 1S92 wore really lower than In 1S72. The farm or w.iil say himself that frelgh.t rates from this section to the selling petals have been reduced 14 to 'If! cants :i 'bushel in the years since 1S71. In 1S7.1 flu export price ot wheat at Xcw York was ?1.SC7. IniSO'l the export price iras $1.004. Take- from Hie old price the reduction in tlie cost of tra'Qsportfcs' .tlwit buslwl to Xew York, and the difference- is not so dte- •Mn-c-t, it bi-lngs the price to ,?1.J67, from Indiana, and from Omaha, redoc-! es the real figure to $1.117. ' The coat of production, it is freely ad'' Z/abor of Mountain Cllmblnff, Below is a curious calculation on tho nmoimt of energy expended by apersori weighing 1G8 pounds in climbing a mountain peak 7,000 feet high, the time allowed for the ascent being five hours: By careful calculation it is found that the total amount of labor performed It. equal to raising 1,380,000 pounds to n height, of ],380,000 feet. Of this enormous amount of work 1,17,0,000 foot- pounds is expended by the muscles of the legs in raising- or lifting- the body; 1L',000 by the heart, in circulating the, blood, 80,000 by the chest in breathing and 54,000 in the various "exertions o( balancing- the body,overcomirg friction of the ground, etc. Explosion in a Drug Store. A druggist of Enosbnrgh Fulls, Vt., was considerably astonished rtt the result of a combination of drugs the other day. He was engaged in putting up a mixture for a customer which called for one-half ounce of iodine and oil of wormwood. In putting the two together in a bottle and inserting 1 a coi-k the interesting scientific discover}- was immediately made that the. compound was explosive by the report which followed. The druggist was slightly injured. .. . Odd Fa*,* of a Plgooti. The lake vessel Thomas Davidson, which arrived in South Chicagooneday recently, had on board a dead, pigeon which had falkn into tie. smokestack. It had evidently flown too near and had be«n overcome by the coaigw/ specific reason; but they soon find their •vvuy back into the subtreasury vaults. Uvcn the banks which have strong and capacious vaults of their own are averse to giving storage room to the "cartwheels." A womini bicyclist of Mass., has kept a record of her riding 1 Suring the winter, and says that'tiers dave only been 20 dayg-'Sincc'-Norem- ber 1,1895, when »h* ha« -not been out onherwh«el. . . ..-,.' : A REMARKABLE ROBBER. Franz C/ouka and III* Companion* Rf- ; Ifarclocl aa Heroes by Flungm-lami. Franz. Czouko, who has just been ex- ccivfed ftt Ussegg-, in Hungary, was a remarkable 'criminal. He belonged to the Eosxa. Sanders bnnd, which was regarded as romantic heroes by the com- MOn people.: The women idolized Eoszo. and he had judges and magistrates in his pay. He was the best horseman in Hungary and managed many bands of brigands whose work never conflicted. Twenty-five years ago he and Czouka were captured and charged with many murders anci robberies. Czouka.so.id he was willing to confess to the murders nnd robberies were too trifling to, tall about. He was given 20 years. The leader wa-s sentenced for life and diet In prison. ' Ten years ago Czouka, who had served his time, resumed his vicious career nnd committed an especially atrocious murder,, for which he was hogged. He waa 74 years of age, of gigantic stature and great strength. He walked to the gallows with a jaunty air, smoking a pipe He tapped the hangman, on the shoulder and roa.rcd-out for the crowd to hear: "Do your work well: don't make ft fool of yourself.". • U olden Penny Belli Jllfh. Por a golden penny of the 13th. century no Jesa than £250 "waa given at the ^resumed sale at Sotheby's in London,, of the famous"Jfontagri collection. The specimen -was a rare example of tbe ; ,coiaag-e, of Henry HI, and only three like itare.known- Hunter In Arl/.onA Succeeded In Capturing a Bandit. "What would I do if I should meetn highwayman some night and he should order we to hold up my hands?" said a man who has had some experience oug-hing it in the far west, repea.ting the question of afriend. "Well, I should put my hands up in such, a hurry it Ami Now tlio Youne Stan Spuku. He was a tall young-man with auburn, mustache auij small,pointed beard. She •.VHS a .slender girl, with Titian frizes and calm blue eyes. They were returning from a four o'clock tea and they were fortunate enough to get, a ear which v.-:is net so overcrowded as to preclude the possibility of a seat for the young lady. As tin- young man held to his strap and bent in the direction of the girl, he sa.id: "You remember we were discussing heredity at Mrs. Gildersleeve's?" The young- lady nodded. , "Xow, across yonder is a case in point. Do you see the woman with n chikl on her lap?" She looked and saw and announced —jit she did. ""ov?, "{6 BV? eye's that eliilu is clearly of what one might call common.- ]in.rent,ige. There is nothing aristocratic about its linoaige. You will notice T.hnr. its eyes, while brown and expressive i:ow, resemble its mother's in n j7i,i!-ked degree. That i-esenibinnce will grow as the child gets older. They v. ill lose their roundness nod gradually assume the expressionless characteristic \ou noiii.-e in the woman who is holding it." The cnr went around a sharp bend jusi then, and the young man's mind was diverted temporarily from the doctrine of heredity to a practical application of the doctrine which says that bodies continue to go in t.he direction in which tier gcr, started until that direction is ch.-i.nged by a superior force. I forget what the doctrine is called. But when he regained his equilibrium he began nga.in. "The child wears a tasteful coat, but that is accidental rather than c. matter of selection. I ha.ve no doubt that its mother picked it off a bargain counter End made it presentable by cleansing the shopworn spots. My conclusion as to her lack of natural taste is strength- j?n?<l by the fact that with the Blue coat the child is wearing a pair of green mittens much too large for it." 'Then there is but little hope for the future of the poor little thing-, I suppos^r" said the j'ou'ng ladj". "Xbnc whatever, the laws'of heredity- being what they are,'"'replied the young- man, with unshakable confidence. "I am very sorry to hear you say that, Jfr. Buffing-ton.", sa.id the young- lady, "for the child is my favorite niece, whom her mirse is taking home after an afternoon's visit to Cousin Hildebrand's children," The ch-Id's anntseenied much amused 1 at her escort's discomfiture, but he said little which had any relevance to the theme. What ho thought may be imagined M-hen it is noted that the young lady's father is worth-Sl,000,000, nnd this was really the young man's first opportunity to malje an inipres- sion upon her, and that he was cherishing the delusion that he was succeeding in his effort.—N. Y. World. ' ' Fe'ppnr'by'the •?•»'• ,;It costs the world-'£466,000 onnntjly to pepper It» food. :••'.. , would make your head swim. If you value your life it is wise to promptly obey the orders of a bandit that has got the drop on you and is showing you the interior of his gun., ..My experience has taught me this. I rtjnoinber the close call I had in Arizona. I was hunting alone one day when a bad man hove in sight, and befoi-e I could realize his intention requested me to hold up my hands and keep them up while I dismounted from my horse. I knew if I attempted to reach for my rifle or revolver that would be the signal for hostilities to begin, and as the other fellow would get the firstshotmy chances would be slim. So I meekly erected my arms in a pcrpedio.ular position and got off my horse with as much alacrity as ivas possible under the circumstances. In trying to release my foot from the stirrup I frightened the horse and he started off on a run. Before he knew what had happened the animal had upset the bandit, and his pistol flew out of his hand. This is where I came in, and the persuasive eloquence of my gun induced the outlaw to march ahead of me all the way to our camp, and there we dcta.ined him until we could turn him Over to the officers of the law. Xow, you sec, if I ha<J parleyed with that Arizona desperado I probably wouldn't be here to tell this story."— Philadelphia Times. Saluting: Che Flair. Coffee is now served out, and for 15 minutes the sailors sit and sip it before beginning the morning work of scrubbing- decks and cleaning ship. This work should be finished by five minutes to eight, when the bugle sounds the first call for colors. Upon which the quartermaster bends on the flag to the halyards of the flagstaff at the stern, and a 'signal-boy does the same with the "jack" a.t the bow, aond both stand ready to hoist f hem at eight o'clock. A little period of waiting follows, and then eight o'clock is reported by an orderly to the officer of the deck, who sends the orderly to report it to the captain. Presently the orderly returns and reports: "The captain says: 'Make it,' sir." Thereupon the officer of the deck orders: "Sound oft!" Then ring out the clear, majestic notes ot the salute to t.he flag, while all men about the deck faoc it as it soars with dignity aloftand iloatsouttotheraorn- iag brecxe, officers and men touching their caps in revoriMilJiii salute as it comes to rest and the music dies away in long, full notes.—Lieut. John M. Ellicott, in St. Nicholas. 8cari-;:y of Vnnr.T Y7ort«n. ' There is !--o irrcat.;; r.Vnrrh of vounf» M-Oi".en in the ncrfhv.vwni provinces of Canada that- many young men there find if. impos-Milile to ffof :::--irried. the Summer Olnchami. As woolen dresses ore cleansed and put away, ginghams and other wash poods of summer will make their ap pearancc, and some will soon require laundering. This is a good plan to follow in this spring-time laundering, nnd throughout the summer. To keep the wash (roods from' fading let them lie. 'or several hours in water in which, has >een, dissolved a g-ood/y quantity of salt. lut the dress in while the water is hot, md, ; after several hours wring it out; Iry and wash as usual. — Chicago Tribune. , PIPES and Tobacco Pouches FREE In exchange for coupons with ^ft ^B A • fl^k ' ' "'fl Mail Pouch "Chewing and Smoking" n>e onlv NICOTINE NEUTB/HIZED TOBACCO. • A Genuine FRENCH BRIAR PIPE and • • Self-doting Rubber TOBACCO POUCH • • PIPEjtistsnilfcttieSmokerimdPOUCHAvold* • 0 Wutoand.lcOTpt Tobiceo In Pirfeet Condition • Conponi explain bow to tecon tlie 'Above*'.' One Coupon in tach B ftntAt minfu'i-fa^affc. Zico Coupon* 'in each 30 VKM (4 oumx) faclagt.. .Mill Pouoh Tobiooo is sold by all filers. Packagci (ncm<m«ai!) contalnlnir no coupon* nrlllboacccptedM ooupom. "t<x." Empty Bay at one Coupon. "4 ot" Empty Baa a* too Ctnirxmt- ILLUSTRATED CdMogui of other Valuable Articlu withtxplnnotion houto ott them, MiiM on munL The Bloch Brat.Tctaw'fo.; Wln»lln£, W.»i. No Coupon* eichttUKcd *fltr July 1, 1887

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