The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1949
Page 3
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MARCH 2, I9« [Lonely Hearts' layer Confesses Kitten Hits the Bottle BLTTHEVTLL> <ARK.) COURIER NEWS Woman Admits Part In Ruse Leading to Murders of Three I BYRON CENTER, MICH., March I -Wj—Police dug the bodies of a g widow and her dauchler out crude basement grave yeslcr- F'V and claimed a woman confcs- helping kill them in a "lonely l?art" ruse she and a partner had larked around the nation. 1 Prosecutor Roscr O. McMahon I W the woman, Mrs. Martha Beck. ', admitted in a forma! statement |mt she and a male accomplice had I lied an earlier victim in Albany, .Y,, last January. J The borfle.s of Mrs. Delpltlne I owning. 38, and her 20-montlis I d daughter, Rainelle. were found concrete-filled graves In their I'ttage basement here after nelgli- l>rs reported they had not been Ion since Saturday. I Police arrested Mrs. Beck and I aymond Martinez Fernandez, 34. I no had been living in tlie Downif? home. Prosecutor KlcMahrm said Mrs leek admitted In her statement I tat she took part In all three layings. Fernandez was to be ues- ... _ . „ „. |oned later, has reached G.OOO.OOtfoOO000000~ in her statement, Mrs. Beck ad- I 000,000 miles into space .to piloto- utted she and Fernandez had fled [ graph nebull that existed a billioi Jpan Brown, 10. O f Rochester N V in a ditch. She nursed t>,7> V;i/ Riven up her do" ts tor a re, " « .- , be - i,, ,.,,«. " , " J™ ~~ , 7" " i , Spouky sick und huiijjr Ch * hCUlUl> a " d now sl ' e New 'Giant Eye' Telescope Reaches 6,000,000,000,000,000,000 000 Miles PASADKNA, Calif., Mar. 2. >„ ,The 200-inch "eianl eye" tclesco)« l-om Albany after strangling a wo- |ian they identified ns Jauct Paye. Buried In Vard I McMahon said Mrs. Beck told I tm they took the Albany woman's l-Jdy to Astoria, Long Island; rent- a house there nnd buried the y In the back yard. She said could .lot remember the ad- I ress. 1 The pair n-ere arrested here Mon- Jay night, before the bodies of P,frs. I'owlnlns and the little girl were liscovered. The mother had been I lot through the head. Mrs. Beck's I iitcment said she drowned the Iliild. ] Prosecutor McMahon detailed following story of a "lonely I.earfs" club racket which he said (Irs. Beck told him: Mrs. Beck, a divorcee, met Per- landez through a correspondence liub In 1947. Together they rtecid- • d to embark upon a scheme whcre- |y Fernandez would meet and liarry lonely widows, defraud them !: 6>'nsp If their money and then disappear. "" I Tlieir first success, the prosecutor lontimied, wns In Laureldale. Pa., 1'here Fernandez married a 40-year ycars ago and which may have disappeared in a cosmic blast millions of years ago. And the mammoth telescope atop Palomar Mountain Isn't perfect yet. California Institute of Technology astronomers announced that the "giant-eye" had reached twice as far as the 100-inch telescope atop Mount Wilson. This they added, means the Palomar Instrument is at least as powerful as hoped. They were of (he constellation To philosophers the results prove that the universe is at least a billion years old—Die time it IMS taken in years io bring the light ' to the telescope. One light, year Is li»ht traveling at the rate of 180.000 thousand miles a second for a year—or approximately six trillion miles. Six trillion times one billion etjirals 6.000,,000,000 miles — a distance that is simply too great for anyone but astronomers to Coma Berenice*, located roughly In the north lip of the Milky Way. The shots, pinpoint In ' S I ZCK "wouldn't mean a thlitff" to lay>n«>. the astronomers disclosed. But lo the scientists, they are pictures of nebull (ceslcstlnl structures of matter In gaseous state* In a selected space area never before obtained. Dr. Ira S. Bowen, director of both Mount Wilson and Palomar observatories, called the test shots "successful" but added the Instrument isn't nulte perfect enough to "suit us perfectionists." lid widow. But within three weeks |he left him. They went to Chicago, where he liarrled another woman, also In I er 40's, and got $4,000 from her. l.fter a few days, the second widow |lso left him. Posefl as Relative In each case. Mrs. Beck posed as close relative of Fernandez. After I nore travels the pair fled to |>lbany. Here they met the woman Identified as Janet Paye. I McMahon safd Mrs. Beck acimit- led they got S3.000 from her and on I'an. 4 she hit the woman over the. liead with a pipe and that Fernan- Monthly Tax Collections In State Are $6,538,539 UTTLE ROCK, Miircli. 2. (/!')— Arkansas' gross tax collections dur- hli! Febiunry totaled S6.538.539.C8, Stole Revenue Camml.ssioner Dean Morlc.v reported today. collections were from sale 01 auto license's. 51.958.023.81; sales I t.iv S1.S70,704.^6 and gasoline tax S1.4S6.905. Total gross collections since July ....... 0.^,0 .„ a ou minute exposure '' 1WB ' nrc W9.078.332.93—which Is In tile pre-dawn hours ol Peb 1 j ? 4 - OJ2 . 3 ' 1 * move than collected dur- ' • niff the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year. Dr. Edwin p. HuBble mnrie the test shots in a 60 minute exposure Hal Boylt't Column— Two Couples Discover Paradise On Island Off Coast of Florida dnz strangled her with a silk scarf at her home. They hid the body In a trunk. he continued, and Kent to Long Island, where they hid it in the basement of the home of Fernandez' sister. Mrs. Beck's formal statement gave the sister's name as Mrs. Prank Cano and the address as J202 30th Drive, Astoria. The prosecutor said Mrs. Beck emphasized the sister knew nothing o£ the crime. Later they rented a"house and buried Janet Faye's body in a grave, there. After a month, they turned the house back to the owner. Kint) George Honors 300 At Full State Function LONDON. March 2. ItTi — King George VI conferred knighthoods and other honors on 300 men and women yesterday at an Investiture in Buckingham Palace. H was the ailing monarch's first lull state function since he fell ill of a cirailiUory malady | n the legs last November. The monarch appeared fit us he touched the ncw-inade knights with his sword. He shook hands with many of the honor recipients. Hal Boyte ST. PETERSBURG, Fit., W)—A Iwachcoiiiber's life on a palm- fringed isle Is anything but a restful adventure. But It Is (un—If you don't mind hard work and doing without modern kitchen mid buthroom conveniences. At least that has been the experience of two young honey moon Lug couples here. They didn't have to go to the South Seas. They carved wilderness homes on Cabbage Key a lonely 2,000-acre Island Jungle U miles soLlhwest of this Florida West Coast tourist metropolis. A year ago Claude and Eva Mc- CaU came and built themselves a two-room paun-tliatched cotUigo In a clearing near the bay. Last October another young couple, colni and Barbara Simmons, moved to Cabbage Key and cleared a homesltc, too. Since then the two couples have lived happily a-U-Tanan, workln,; companlonably tog.iher to turn the island into an Eden ot comfort and plenty. They^say they have found both romance and happiness. "One reason it has worked out so well is that it was our wives who wanted to try this Robinson Crusoe hie," smiled McCall, a slim tanned former radio repairman. Work Becomes Play He has a small, leaky inotorboat. He and Simmons Use it lo go clamming or shrimp (Lsliing to earn what cash money they need. "I guess It Is really harder work than fixing radios," McCall said "but somehow It doesn't seem like work." Actually neither couple requires much money. They 'have no rent, their clothing upkeep Li at a minimum, and there are no burs, night- clula, or movies on tile Island. The only neighbor Is old Uncle Silas Deal, a bcwhtskcred sociable hermit. 'We can live real well here and have a darn good diet for »10 a week," said Barbara. Most of that goes for motor boat fuel and !or groceries, bought at a village across the bay. They could probably cut coste to |3 a week by eating mori sea food, which they catch themselves. The Island abounds in raccoons, land turtles arid rattlesnakes—auO all but tlse rattlesnakes ore considered highly edible. Roast coon is wonderful," sail! Barbara, a pretty, chestnut-hatred lonuer ollke credit executive from Washington, D.C. It has a taste between chicken and beef." A sell-taught artist, Mrs. Simmons spends her evenings paintiiig by candlelight, she has completed 61 pictures and sold one for J115. "I love It here," she said. "There are orchids growing wild in the trees. For lunch we can fix up a palm heart salad free that would cost J1.75 in New York." To Become Playground The only thing she would omit from the Island Is the rattlesnakes. Several snake skin* hang from the living room walk. (I refaxe* you { • Perfect rest and relaxahon, and i>- resislible comfort, are yours to enjoy evwy night ... on a genuine Sprin*Air mattress and box spring. Scicn- tific, Spring-Air nmerspring , mil5 »iue luxurious "Controlled Comfort" CONTROLLED COMFORT" rom today . . . prepares you for tomorrow advantages (automatic adjustment lo every body curve and bociy movement) lo everyone regardless of their wcigbt. Details explained at right. Come in for demonstration and the "real inside slory" about Spring-Air «dvaTila SM . I ^ $49.50 Hiiri auitily. + mpi^^B cotton I tit juddi n f (u phol j Ury) euiltioni body from eirnnit eon- Uel, |jv« njrUc* »of!»*•»»nd ™«'^ I ~'" "" ***-"' mm ttfopiy. prtvcni ^d» r* >.>•. ftiiirUfn fusibility . . . nv* confotl war-in. y««r-ftul WAD E Furniture Co n,i2 Cl * S "' u ' our llen » lt . killed a snake and I picked it up and carried tt a quarter of a mill) home," she recalled. "When I out It down, it nrnic slithering at-nio— and we had to kill It all over again." She shuddered * little. But there are Uilngg to make her mid her friend Eva forget, the siinkcs-tong warm days In tl, 0 sun, fho night, wind joMy stirring the ualm n-ees, Jury swims In Uio blue Killers freedom from "nosey neighbors." There Is a time limit on nil things. And their romantic Idyll won't no on forever. A syndicate recently purchased Cabbage Key for $200 000 and has i>lmis to rtc\-clov> the Illllo Wand parudlso Into a playground for the wealthy. "By then we'll be ready (o leave" said Mrs. Simmons. -Hut It 1 had a million dollars tomorrow, I wouldn't wiint anything different trom this lite." Bradley County First To Exceed Red Cross Goal UTTLK ROCK. March a (/]>> — Bradley Comity has shown'Us appreciation. Early In January the ru-,1 crass moved into Warren, Ihe county scat to aid victims ot a tornado which killed 51 jxiisons and rendered many homeless. Yesierday Bradley County Red Cross Chapter breainc the stale's first to exceed ll.s 1948 f,, m i Cllm . Army Recruits Get More Basic Soldiering TORT MONIIOK, V«., Murch 2,~ M 1 )—Now nruiy recruits are solng to get nearly twice as much school- lilt! (he basic business ot BOldlciInK aewral Jacob L. Dovcrs, chief of Army Held forces, nald,m an older I mil In about a week tho present elshl weeks basic IrnlnliiB period will be extended to H weeks. Thl« move was largely governed by the fact thai all regular Army unit., | n lie United Slates are lip to orunn- ™d filrrmilh so there's no rush to (ill the B«)>5. The new iraintng program will continue lo stress the new Army system of (routing tho recruit moro us nn Indlvldiinl. "Ills srcntest vnlue as n fifihlliiK ' : " ""'I'm said. "Is his ability to i his own pntsn quoin. Slulo lied Cross heudquiirtei.s rc- norlcd receipt ot a (clcgi'iini [coin Louis W. RdrriiiKton, chairmiin ol the Ilindlcy County Olmiiter, ,suy- hiK the chapter ex|X'Cls to rube "consltlcrnbly more" limn its quota. AUCTION SALE MAIN STREET STORE TO BE CLOSED OUT Everything will be sold ot the price you'll pay. Fixture* ond Equipment will be sold. WATCH FOR THE NAME SALE WILL START FRIDAY, MARCH 4th SO muck DREIFUS FINER Silverplate values LET YOU SET A SMART TABU I 1847 ROCK* BROS. from "Adoration, Uv«," end "Et Ywn." S«rvk» tor ». 52 I'c. Service for 8 $69.75 CJwst Include" So «!xquii!t« you'll treosure it Ihe moment you «•• »• Designed lo enhance the moil 0raciou» 'able. The unuiuolly low price moke* i, an unheard ol volu»-_ Holmes and Edwards 52 Piece Set $68.50 Sailn-rkh lilverplale, «o tw- it's hard to believe. Crafted m a diit'mctive pattern lo W"* Charm to your table. Sterling inlaid BUY ON EASY CREDIT TERM* DHEIFUS Muni llti'.lfiis . . . \Vniir ULiiminils Trade With Wade and Save HERE'S WHAT WE DO: 1. Test shock absorber link* 2. Check fluid level 3. Test shock absorber action 4. Adjust shock absorbers 5. Tighten shock absorbers to frame 6. Road test $1.50 labor We Ford dealers know Fords best! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut at Broadway Phone 4453

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