Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 6, 1964 · Page 35
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 35

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1964
Page 35
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svsfe" '•SToiSK* •AJN**-!^,. ," v *:, -»»jfc V i' -i" 5 \f >5 &f "-* ' •* >i A ' - J - ••"•' ' lilt ^ VK .a* 'V» t-i(%,> •jia-./3!fept«i. ME :##t^#v^t;tf r#^JSfc$?k&£l8i ,._J? i*v~, r-^" AS fcf iv4-l tt*,""i'- I'" rVi^- l u,^< ^It?,.'' #>>'>•< l<- K^ffti-y >.\Tt^*%'jK* ^•^vtv./r'.i; 6 r s 1 ' ' proved alcasieu Wednesday voted Id' Bifity tjf Hs',r ' a-$I56-a .H, A:,Norton laid he had illy planned to Include, in' Budget 'a $108 annual in- b but since the boatd was fong'.fof an increase',he * r ' le am&ided budget fdr the |D5 school year 'was ap-' ; ttfe\btrdfet woufd fiel have* t& be increased beeaifse It 1 usually' iflcMdes ( a surplus which should* fate cafe {• 'f V' ond yeah'Attef ite s^6fld ttt es{j6fletter the falft;fe ffit,* ^..t jw.;^litJ.^t"iiiiJ of the am ended The afneftded raise increased the budget $^0,000 h'e said, f he saV afy' increase schedule will,"giv6 a starting teacher a salary at $3.9?2-a year. This is $192 above 4 1 , .' 1 ...... I . . t I ' TI16 r it was 1 tieeesisafy to give, begte fling teachers & larger, attract them into the'prbfe^sion. ' School burdrtyefs and cafeteria, workers ,$efe v excluded from the raise.' • Professional personnel include classfobm' teachers,' principals, :AYED SEARCH PHILADELPHIA, MISS. don't • have any idea Who bid have done something like ." sald'plen Burrage, owner Ihe property near here where | bodies of the three civil Ilits workers — missing six |eks —were found. 2, operator of a fleet lasl year's rate. ,-•'.> and supervisors. ' . , . './' t Board member Dale-Bernard There is no increase Jhejec t sU gg ds i ed( af t e f the board had """" •"--"*-•';., **• "^"^ approved'the pay increase, that * ": •* ' , »this Increase be used for .p | ing hospltaliaation insurance. r Bernard said this'would mean .rriore'lo the'teachers .because {'they would not have-16 pay in* I come tax on such a fringe bene i m. - ;;,' ; * Norton replied, "you can force teachers to take hospitaliz ation, that's paternalism." 1 Bernard started to make his suggestion a motion, but wa Mys Prbperfy Owner , 10 large trucks, said FBI |ents 'came to him Tuesday 5th a warrant to search his operly. F"I said it, was okfiy with me." (The FBI moved a bulldozer nd a dragline onto Burrage's i located about six miles puthcast of Philadelphia — and egan excavating a large earth In levee, The three bodies were found [lear dusk Tuesday. "I can't think of anyone in •Jeshoba ' County who wouk Jwant to do something like that,'" f Burrage said in an interview a fhis office Wednesday. "They've got one more man— me— wanting to find the people who did it," he said. "I don't know who'd put the bodies on my property. I don't know of any enemies I have — black or white." Burrage, who purchased the acreage about a year ago, said was constructing the levee to hold water in a pond for cattle. He said FBI agents questioned him Tuesday night after the bodies were found. "I told them I don't know anything about it and they didn't M on that they knew who had done it." overruled by the board's presi dent, Dr. C. E. Rutledge. Th< president.of the, board said tha the issue was already decided TOP RECRUITER « Staff Sgti Robert -El, Glftusiet Jr., local Marine recruiter, has won the honor, of being Marine Corps tefi recruiter for Louisiana, for the-months of May, June and July.'He, also woti the honor in April, July and Angitst of, 1963, , r ." to$&Sf".V,, '•-#. If j'i^^ The FBI, Burrage said; told him they would pay for any damage caused by the search. With Burrage was Lamar Smith, a 'tenant farmer on Burrage's land; Smith says he lives about one- half mile from the levee on the only road which leads to the area. He said he had seen nothing unusual in late June— when Mickey Schwerner, Andy Goodman and James .Chaney disappeared— "or sinco then?' "I've got she hunting dogs which really raise a ruckus any time anybody comes out in the area," Smith said. Local Editorial Rapped by Mayor Lake • Charles Mayor Alfred ,E. Roberts has taken issue with Ian August 4 editorial in the fLake Charles American Press * dealing with the city's garbage | problems. The mayor's rebuttal was nade in the form of a written news release which began with Ihe assertion that while a may- pr cannot win an argument with newspaper he can challenge Irresponsible editorializing." ; Specifics attacked by Mayor Roberts included one section of editorial which referred to ie city's garbage pickup tax fee. The mayor said the levy yas not a tax and questioned the paper's use of the word to de- cribe it, '> Mayor Roberts also took issue Kith the statement that current- commercial firms are paying private firms for garbage pick-. ps. He said that there does gt appear to be a fixed rate service rendered and ques- cjned whether this is a good Slicy. Referring to pickups at school cafeterias, Mayor Roberts ques- ioned whether or not, it-jwas wrong to charge such, institutions identical rates based on volume and frequency as others. In defense of the yearly garbage fee of $330,000, Mayor Roberts said the sanitation budget is only $292,000 and does not cover insurance and workmen's compensation, liability, annual depreciation or replacement cost. In reference to the statement that the proposed garbage contract: contains no performance bond. Mayor Roberts said he believed the c o n t r a c t'provi- sions offer more protection than a performance bond and challenged the newspaper to prove otherwise. In answer to the charge that the new contract creates a monopoly, the mayor said that, after due investigation, he concluded that the firm awarded Airport Group Plans Study Of Jury Action The Lake Charles Airport Authority will make a study of the action taken by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and may comment or act on the plan to lease former Chennault Air Force Base property to Louisiana Flyers, Inc. E. R. Kaufman, president of the board, had no comment following Tuesday's meeting, but did say the board wanted to study the minutes and action of the jury before the authority's next meeting. Other members of the body were out of town and could not be contacted. Dist. Atty. Frank T. Salter Jr., had informed the police jury of the airport authority's jurisdiction over the public airports within the district's boundary and of their illegality in proposed leasing of property under the body's jurisdiction, but the jury voted to enter into a lease. Edmund Reggie Is Named To Mineral Board Rebels Take Control Of" Stanleyville LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo (AP) — Stanleyville, key city of the northeastern Congo, was reported Wednesday in the hands of Communist-backed rebel warriors. A message from Stanleyville airport- at 5 p.m. said: "The entire city is In rebel hands." A garbled message saying the same thing reached the United Nations in Leopoldville. The radio message from Stanleyville Airport's control tower said: "The A.N.C. (Congolese Army)-has been pushed back." gftditirh,] dfum Ccbiplet^rto M&slvilte' High §ctf6ol IS being studied by the^dalcaMett' P d ti i K ,sch6ol Jake 1 tUgmaiden'Xprtohent civic and schooi werker t>f the Mossville afea, tepfesented the Mussville Progressive A^socia- lion * at Wednesday's school board meeting and explained to the body the feeHnfs<of the parents of Mossvilte students In regard to the ' board's plans for giving Mdssviile the did West Lake High Stadium fflcili- ties. , ; "We feel like we got a bad deal, since the stadium was built for West Lake. So why not build a new stadium,' We realize that a. new stadium-'should ibe built with the new'school, so we would like to explain odr position. "Originally when it Was announced that the old stadium would be given to Mossville, our people were opposed to* being given an old stadium In West Lake," he said. "The principal told us he was satisfied, but we will not be satisfied with the stadium in West Lake and ask that you move the stadium to Mossville." C. J. Drost, Ward 4 member, recommended the board move the stadium to Mossville be- R&P WHOLE NEW i^\v: i*^ -3 cause he felt money could be saved on the new construction program and from interest in investing the bond issues' idle funds. The plan was taken under study by the board. Pork & Beans i i i 2-POUND. 9-OZ. CAN SPECIAL JANE PARKER Blackberry or Pineapple Pie "I REG. 49c EACH EA. Churches Asked To Remain Open WHITE HOUSE INSTANT MILK JANE PARKER Brown 'N' Serve French Rolls WITH SESAME SEEDS In consideration of. the present Viet Nam crisis, the Calcasieu Ministerial Association is requesting that all churches and synagogues be open for Yhe mayor saicl the city policy ^ contract has both the know. Jovides for specific rates 'for'tow an <* financial responsibility Irvices and that these rates |l° carry out the contract, e based on volume and fre- \ The mayor added that he does _ency of pickup. He said the not believe that a monopoly is ty's rates compare favorably evil if the maximum rates are • - • e | sew h ere ! commensurate with the service |ith those charged br similar service. • rendered. BATON ROUGE (AP)-Gov. John McKeithen said Wednesday he has named City Judge Edmund Reggie, Crowley, to the state Mineral Board. Reggie earlier was named by McKeithen as State Commissioner of Public Welfare. The governor said he understood Reggie would receive no per diem from either of the posts from the state. McKeithen said, meanwhile, he will name Willard Robertson, New Orleans, as chairman of, the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission, which Reggie •serves as attorney. prayer and meditation. The Rev. C. W. Quaid, pastor of Simpson Methodist Church, vice president and acting in the absence of the Rev. 0. Golsori, president, further stated "it is our hope that every person will go to his place of worship at a set hour or at their convenience and offer his prayer for peace and'God's blessings in this critical hour." The following statements were given by area ministers: Msgr. Lewis H. Boudreaux of the Lake Charles Deanery of the Catholic Churches: "Again we find ourselves in a grave world situation which should bring us to our knees in prayer. We pray particularly for guidance to be with our leaders. Catholic churches wili be open as usual for prayer and we invite the people to come for our daily services." The Rev. T. V. Owens, vice- moderator of the Carey Baptist Association: "We of the Baptist churches open our doors for es consider it a privilege to cooperate in this inner-f a i t h | movement of prayer and medi-j tation in this lime of crisis. j Our churches shall be open to all people and our prayers shall be with our national and international leaders." Rabbi J. Rosenblatt: "Our people shall be praying well being of mankin' REG. 2Sc PKG. SPECIAL — PKGS. OF 10 Jane Parkar Enriched Whlto I'/z-lb. .. Loaf BREAD Jane Parker Whole Wheat US, 9 3/5-oz, Pkg. prayer and meditation in this time of unrest and tension and pray that God wHI grant wisdom to our leaders in this frit ical hour." Dr. Leonard R. Cooke, district superintendent of the Methodist Churches of the Lake Charles district: "Our Methodist church- for the i in this time of international crisis and j conflict. A special service will' be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday." The Rev. Robert L. Crandal) of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Episcopal, stated that at the 9:30 Eucharist Service Wednesday morning special prayers had been said for the Navy and other armed forces, the national leaders and for peace. The same shall be repeated | Ann Page Blackberry today at 9:30 a.m. at the' Feast of Transfiguration and also at a service Friday at 7 a.m. The Rev. Richard R. Cope-1 land, pastor of First Presby-jAnn Page Chili terian Church staled: "This cris- i is will be discussed at a meeting of the session Wednesday and appropriate steps will be taken such as recommendations i Ann p age of prayer, worship and medita Hon." BREAD Jane Parker ROLLS Cinnamon Breakfast Mb. Loaves 12-oz, Pkg. 25c 33c 29c NO COUPON NKEUEl)—GET 50 EXTRA I'hAID STAMPS WITH JANE PARKER LARGE RING FOOD Mb. 1-oz. Each PRESERVES SAUCE PAROCHIAL. SCHOOL • UNIFORMS & SHOES For Boyi and Girls STAMPERS YOUNG FASHIONS 93» 3rd AV». — Edit Town Center SYRUP 2-lb. Jar 12-oz. Btl. Btl. Sultana Strawberry 59c PRESERVES Ann Page 25c GRAPE JAM 49c Ann Page Corn Oil MARGARINE 12-oz. Jar Mb, ..Jar Mb. .Cin. 27c 55c 25c ANN PAGE TOMATO i 7-PIECE GROUP BIG 2 !!»,, CAPACITY FOR DELICATE LOAD SI MiNi-BASKeT BY KETCHUP 3 WHITE BEAUTY 14 Oz. Bottles 3 Ib. RANCH STYLE CROUP Lb. $178 WATIt imH « §9*1* i^ViH * TIM* SHORTENING ANN PAGE CREAMY OR KRUNCHY eanut Butter BEFORE YOU BUY ANOTHER RQWD VACUUM-PACKED COFFEE,- MakeThis Comparison Jar 49 59 ior twite. E&4 »»4 £a|ift n 50 0«y UNITED FURNITURE enr DIST., INC. LAK5 CHAPi-SS Check your blend with A&P wMe-bem Coffee! You can't buy finer, fresher coffee... yet it costs you much less than^others of comparable quality! It's never factory-ground! ft YOU see it ground • . • in just fifteen SQCQnsis ,' v x .' give'you COFFER UlU* FLAVOR, '^\, favor, you writ get in 3 cm- *?\ KBAUSE & MANAGAN, INC, m MiLP AND EIGHT O'CLOCK 1-LB- *fO A BAG IOC 8ICM A*0 GOROUS ANO RED CIRCLE 1-LB. BAG 3 JUS. HAG BOKAR M.B. 77* BAG fflf 3 ^ $2,25 _,.-;,,;. _ _._ .,,'-.. ., '• /•."•: S : :' : '::.->:;p^:M PI AID SI

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