The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on June 30, 1933 · Page 16
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 16

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1933
Page 16
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warrant THE NORTH ADAMB EVENING TRANSCBIPT, FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 193X The Bedtime Story by Thornton W. Burgess Fun in a Tree Tht greater heights you can attain The more from life you will attain. —Old Mother Nature. Like all other little folk starting out In the Great World Betty Bear had so much to learn that It It not to be wondered at that sometimes she forgot things she should have remembered. It was well that she had Mother Bear to remind her ot these things and to do It In a way to make forgetting a second time wholly unlikely. It seemed to Betty Bear that there was something new to see and learn about every time she turned her head Gradually she made the acquaintance of other little people In the Green Forest and it didn't take her long to discover that all held Mother Bear in great respect. But lor her own small self some of them had no respect at all. One of these was Chatterer the Red Squirrel. He »'as Impudent to Mother Bear, but he took care to be at a safe distance when he was. *The first time Betty Boar saw him he dashed almost under her very nose and of course she dashed after him. Up a tree scampered Chatterer and then turned to look down at Betty Bear and scold her and make fun of her and'do everything he could to tease and anger her. Now up to the Instant Chatterer had taken to that tree Betty hadn't known that trees could be climbed. : Had Chatterer spread wings and flew away she wouldn't have been more .surprised. She sat up and stared at him ID wonder and admiration. Chatterer, came down the trunk until he Was just out of her reach and barked and scolded and snickered almost in her very face. Then when he saw Mother Bear coming to find out what all the fuss was about he scampered up well toward the top. "Why don't you climb up and drive that impudent scamp out of that tree?" growled Mother Bear. "What?" exclaimed Betty Bear In sheer astonishment. ~ "Why don't you climb up there?" repeated Mother Betty just stared at her In astonishment. Mother Bear grinned. She said nothing but walked over to the tree, stood up, hooked her great claws Into the trunk and up she went. Chatterer .gave a shriek of fright and away he went, jumping to the next tree and from that to the next. Mother Bear slid and scrambled down. "Now that you have seen how it is done you try It," said she, "but try a smaller tree." She led the way to a smaller tree with branches near the ground. Betty "Now you stay In that tree and, no matter what happens, don't come down," ordered Mother Bear Bear stood up, hesitated, then dug her claws Into the bark Just as she had seen Mother Bear do, and In a Jilfy she was up to the first branch. "Now you stay in that tree and no matter what happens, don't come down," ordered Mother Bear In the tone of voice that Betty Bear had learned meant obedience. Then Mother Bear shuffled off out of sight.: Betty Bear had rather a funny ; feeling as she watched her disappear. She felt alone, very much alone, and In a strange place, for it was a very strange feeling, indeed, to be up in a | tree. At first she wanted to get down ; and hurry after Mother Bear. But •• that would be disobedience and Betty j Bear knew just what would happen if she did that. Then she began to '. look around. It was queer to be look- Ing down. Never in her short life had she looked down before. She began to wonder how it would look from a little | higher up. The branches grew near enough together for her to reach' them. She climbed a little, and felt j the thrill of adventure. She felt she ! was doing something brave and dar- [ ing. I Then she saw Chatterer the Red Squirrel again. He was peering at her ; from high up In a neighboring tree, | and she began to wonder if she were I doing such a daring thing, after all j for he whisked about and seemed as ; much at home as she was on the i ground. She wanted to be as high as' iie was, and she began climbing | again. Every minute she gained confl- j dence. She found those sharp little claws of hers were to be trusted, ft was the most fun that ever she had had. Copt/right, /JIM. Tho next story: "Betty Bear Has a Pall." Ask The Transcript A Free Service for all Transcript Readers. Send Your Questions Direct to the Washington Bureau, North Adams Transcript, 1322 New York Ave., Washington, D. C., Enclosing 3c Postage for Reply. Q. When was the President, of Mexico elected and when will his (erm end? A. Fascual Ortiz Buhio resigned es President of Mexico September 3, 1833 and Congress elected General Abelardo Rodriguez to succeed htm. JUs term ends November 30, 1934. —00— • Q. How many Jews and Roman Catholics served with the American forces In the World War? A. The best available Information Indicates that there were from 200,000 to 260,000 Jews, constituting 4 to 5 per cent of the total. There are records of 802,413 Catholic men-arid women who served In the military and naval forces In the Bureau ol Historical Records of the National Catholic Welfare Conference. Q. Why are some words in the Bible printed in Italics? A. In the English translations they Indicate words that are not In the original text, but, ate supplied to make the meaning clearer. —OO— Q. When was the name of St. Petersburg, Russia, changed to Pct- rograd and Leningrad? A. The name Petrograd was substituted September 1, 19M, and the name was changed to Leningrad, January 24, 1024. —OO— Q. What is the source of the quotation, "In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love?" A. "Locksley Hall," by Tennyson. Vacation Days Here's a helpful handful of bulletins prepared by our Washington Information Bureau—a packet of 10 publications of interest and value to the vacationist, The titles tell their own story. 1. Travel Etiquette 2. Cera of the Skin 3. Fint Aid 4. Learning to Swim E. Alto Camping 6. Fishing Laws 7. Game Laws 8. Motor Laws 9. Vacation Fun 10. Rules of Tennii // vou want this packet of ten bulletins, fill out the coupon below.and mail as directed: I want the packet of ten bulletins for THE VACATIONIST, and enclose herewith thirty cent* in coin, or loose, uncancelled, II. S. postage stamps, to cover relnrn postage and handling costi: NAME CITY ..„.,-«.„.«.«..».STATE. TO THE WASHINGTON BUREAU North Adams Transcript 1822 New York Ave., Washington, D. C. GUM SWEETENS THE BREATH Fascinating Facts and Familiar Friends POPEYE- All Good But the Chirp By E. C.SEGAR DOES A BWHG P*1ER THE SaeNm$Tj GET THROUGH THE MEW BRINGS *»i DOLLAR f\ CAN-THE FEKTHERS MAKE EXPENSIVE PILLOWS-TOE HAIR UNDER THE FefSTUERS 16 USED TOR MOTTRES-afh- DRIED SHOOS MftOE INTO MECKLACES 8WH& PRICES THE LEGS FROM THE (\RE SOLO TOR 8oNe TOOTHPICKS- THE ClAUJS / MftOE IHTO BftCK- SCR&TCHERS—UK. CKT-GOT FIDDLE STRINGSFROrt HENRti PICKUP Al-AO &EUL TOR*5S? PER vie VW-UPsBLG EXTRACTS •FROM -me GLWNDS ORGNAS- FROM THE, G6T COD L\V£R OIL I'D SW EftCH BRINGS O800T POOR DOLLARS FOR PROSP6PUTV AND GOOO,OU KINO DEfSft, PEOPLE, VTHNW& VA FOR "rfER KINO RE-bPeCK.- \F YA STICKS TO GOOD, ou KING popeve AUOAVS Hf\ve MEAT ON THE TrXQLE. AH' MONEY HIGHLIGHTS OF HISTORY- A Desperate Race By J. CARROLL MANSFIELD TH& FLIGHT OF 6ECOWIMO AKIOj HIS APACHES I/JAS QUICKLY FRIENPLV CWURICAMUA -—.f~, SCOUTS PICkEP> >*,,"' UP THE TRAIL."?? "^ SOUTH ACROSS THE- THAT THE CHIEF- W&I7 FLEP' PESERT tOWARp THESOCJPEa 34 BUCkS 8 BOYS 91 AU. WELL BUGLES "doors ANP, AW PA Foezce OF UwiTepSTATES CAVALRY DASHEt? OFF- 1W PUP.SUIT. MEXICO, 120 MILES THE FLEE1W6 IH1>IAW5 PISPLAVEP- THEIR RE-MAQKA6LE ENPUR&MCE, RIDING MIGHT AKJfPAV, WITH ,»< OWUV BRIEF MALTS, UMTlLTWE-y ,,^f GOT ACROSS THE MEXICAW '•"•'-*" FRONTIER. " '"3? BRINGING UP FATHER- GEORGE McMANUS WELL, IT'S SETTLED AT UftST- I'VE COHJVIMCED MAC3GIE THAT THE PLACE TO GO FEt^ THE &UIWMEI? is "THE IVXOUIMT/MMS AM' -SHE | PRONM5ED KICfT TO OH / MI? JK3<3S, r OUST HEARD VOU FOLKS ARE <SOJMC3 TO WELL, I Vc GOT TO CHAK1C3E ISAACK3IES NA1S1D . ~VO HIT HEis WITH SOME.THINIC3 / I WANT AN ICE COME I\/\OUNT.AI>-IS- ISN'T THAT LOVEL-V ? VOU HAVE ROOM'S WEXT TO HOTEL.- VOU REG'LAR FELLERS— Not a Crack Shpt By GENE BYRNES IS sA/Ur-4KlAT=C'L_ WOW -TH.E.V SMOT "IM BR.E.AK.IKV That's Life By RUBE GOLDBERG PUBLIC INEMY NO 58 \A)J-\0

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