Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 6, 1964 · Page 30
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 30

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1964
Page 30
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$11 t rluBSL AU& 1 t§frfi Late £fidrf& AfK6rt£8tt Press 't0\J <»—-.J»J,.J,» -V»».«J>... -- . *,... 'j.J,J^M-~J«^. ^-....^^ , ..l» CT^I-r» ^ ^. j-. -.« Je ,«^. J -<» a l^ J .»-..^,» $9.3 Million Galeasieu IMicH spfeftding-bilt based bfi ft cash balaflce oi nearly $ taiHion-is the picture 6f the budget for the Cal6dsieu Parish school system tor the 1964* 65 year. The budget prepared by Supt. H. A, Norton's office shows the spending of $9,35?,229.S?. Estl- ttiated revenue for the year is $8,975^8.00. The deficit, thus, would be $381,951.57, In Ndftort's.bitdget lion, the sttp6ffnteftderit ( ifidi- caled that the greatest increase !rt expendittife would be for teachers' salaries with the amount of Increase at $523,* 929.18. The hiring of 54.4 additional teachers was indicated. The budget also showed that the parish provides $469,138.40 towards teachers' salaries above the stafe minimum salary scale* This figure will be actually , Wghtf the;b6ard !ft its final Weftodty V6t6d the Majority of U&ta, tee with mote than im years experience, a $m a yeaf increase father than a 1108 Iflcfease as th6 budget had, bflgteally established. Thg eost of itistrtictietial serv* ice Is 80.01 per cent of the total budget expenditures. Salary schedules indicated in the budget report showed: " "'' ' i ' v V * '?"' u>1 * •< *~-'" ""'",* '' ,"''",'$, ''j'*/^ •; * v> /" / '1, '• *"'v|"^--w'f,!' J | : ' i *'" s< - • '"-., pv^al^fe^'f^ '^^J^ifsaiMil^' tttea tthge frettt' $8,244. to $io> 848 a ye&f f Visiiifig leading salafies range from $8,244 to. $9,744 an* Lunchroom supervisors sala* fies ffifige.froftl $?,884 to, $8,844, Clas§ro6fft teaehefs salaries-for those ^ith a bachelor degree, .which a majority of the teachers hdltMiave a range 6f $3,972 for the beginning teach 8f , IS Mwiiil »w .Jls-lllC, Lcavi.»-» ,.-•— ^tfigtiif, A't6fifcfti!| p^; awali^ - ing , , . .pfttdpab &liaflis,6tt the fiift- I6f and'seito hi^h ; sch66l level shew ft'Wde range f from the salary flf the- principal at- the Vifttdft Neffd High Sctedl get* tiftg $840 a year above the basie teacher* fcalary schedule td the principals at Sulphur High and Satanei greattf, 8§>ift<fl6lted * radget fepfk ; "Aft athletic: e&Seft which' d6esn ( t, $450 anntially teachers' salary sehelulev, , The head ,d68Cher at la- Grange Sefliof afld Sulphtif high schools get an anntial salary of »48l fof a*.ffl&§tef degfge fot the first Jen yt&fsy afld jig limes the bSsfe ftffdtert* saiart sched'ule theJeiftit, •.; Bandinstrmetoisafe, giVSR I3S9 t yiaf 'above thr basic teleliefs' salary ift'tte imailef schsols, thft flgBM B.WM'ftr instriJctofa in the Utfftf setioafs, MajOf budget iteffis afe, wth last year's 'expenditures Ift- renthesesj , flB e frUfit, $508,900:00 ($4§3,m9151,, -' Mattfefiatseg of plant/ Wt 820.00 (fUOMg)) ^ a g e ft e i e S, $5g8,§oS.66 ($528,» S36.80)! and fixed tihftgtf, $8§,* 600.09 ($72,6S6.S4). : Division of Kr6ger'— Gulf way, University and McNeeaa DENTURE CLEANSER POLIDENT 10 OZ. 98< SIZE BOX OF 48 EXLAX HENKE'S l*t. QUALITY 1 LB. PKG. SWIFT'S CANNED LB. WHITE OR DARK MEAT LIVtR PERCH KROGER MAYONNAISE HAIR SPRAY SPECIALS GOOD AUO. 6.8. 18B4. RIGHT TO LIMIT RESERVED. PRICES PLUS TAX WHERE APPLICABLE. 11 OZ. PKG. HAMBURGER GROUND PKG. OF 12 BANQUET ARMOUR'S BONELESS LB. BATH'S SHORT SUMMER HORMEL'S KOLBASE SAUSAGE Pushbutton Iktmtptna** 1 HOME PERMANENT PUSH 1 11 T BUTTON L i L I ONLY ECONOMY SIZE PARD 'SF DOG FOOD 6 DELICIOUS ^ WONDER RICE 2 75 FT. ROLL 1 LB. CANS HORMEL'S COOKED SAUSAGE BEEF BONELESS STEW U.S. CHOICE GROUND CHUCK LB BUBBLE BATH' j^iw JOY SUDS '"• 27( TEA TENDER LEAF INSTANT LB. iOZ. PKG. LB. 20Z. SIZE CHURNGOLD CORN OIL 1 LB. PKGS. ALL FLAVORS SNOWBOY ai-ON DEODORANT SECRET Hl-C DRINKS • KOBEY'S SHOESTRJNG m -^ POTATOES 10 MARSHALL m ^ PORK&BEANSlO 12 OZ. CAN 300 CANS 1LB. CANS MELLORINE HGAL, CTN, CLOVER VALLEY PEANUT 29$ BUTTER KIDDIE MAT $1.69 LUNCH KITS IJTH $1.88 BACK TO SCHOOlt. GIRL'S DRESSES EMY CARE PLAID*, PRINTf,, »OLID». YOU'LL 8K AM*ZEO AT THESK C3I*P NfW FALl, DRES*E». WAIT TILL YOy SEE THE STYLES. BEAUTI-r rovuv M*PE WITH EXTB4 FULL SKIRTS. OEeP HEMS. COITLY P»TAIL«. CHOQIIB *EVS8«V '« ALL THE TIN? rALU 5Pfc9«»- » LITTLE, SMJL'f |IZE» DBKUMPS $1.82 $2.00 KROGER BLACK- PEPPER - NORTHERN "WHITE * COLORS" .,„„„..„ ,„ . TISSUE 12 $1. BAGS KRONER BAR&iCUg KROGER AA 5VI^ SAUCE 39( BUTTER PISH PETERQENT KROGER SHARP »,.„.>» TiXY -t29t CHKSE MS 43^ Coffee Filters j^ li|RYfe.39t HONEYDEW MELONS - 39^ H4W4U4M -^% 6QLDP PAPAYAS i^3?$ CORK SIM BARTl^ETT _^ _ _ FRFSM rpiKQ • r i A H m WB5H KROGER ICE TEA 49 CT BOX KROGER AA5WEIT CREAM UB, PKG, KROGER SHARP "STICKS" CAKE r INSH UYERS 2 7 INCH AOA uTi« 5 <jy^ vm CORN FSfSHgilp ' ROMAIKE KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS 2 29 ( MEXICAN ^ j^ PATIO DINNERS»« 396 K88TWIP8MH DRINKS BOSTWi SV46IEIIES . .. . CAKES " 49| POT PIES PtTlSCHifS *, DINNERS 3 "« $1. Gnu TW VMUE sunn iBMTOttfl INSTANT MIU WTHA TOP VUUi 5TAWS WTHA |$| VAIUE STAMPS PA JW» VITAMINS ' INSTANT

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