Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 6, 1964 · Page 27
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 27

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1964
Page 27
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m>> $&: ftAWHtofi ir fitotateK- Whltney^M, Young Jf,,.e*eewtfoe- director of roxriiuuj VD "IflfiMffll'tf flii . (RefuWAftef Sfeftek sfatt, Ms ' evit'abte flNttotfts at the finish* Oil FaVof Ifid Rewdy Yates (Me Metnlfig and Clint East* wood) take, at face value an "undertake?!* .(King Donovan) they pick up ^fter his wagon breaki dowfi< also'.piek tip 'a nessman" (Richard Devon) and a "schoolteacher", (Constance ForoVOuf Heroes loara the three' have something in common" counterfeiting money, . 6i^s3fl P,M« NBC, TEMPLE Houston. "Ten ftou'nds for Baby," (Rerun). Don't Wiss the teaser on this one — it's a humdinger; ,'AX"^"' ' ~< After the opening* credits the show settles down into" a placid story about a phoney prize fight. Good performances by Ann Francis as a conniving ' fight manager and Van Williams as a local sucker help make this one highly, tolerable. • ' r 8:30-9 P,M. NBC. THE NEW Christy Minstrels. (Color). Premiere program of a brief summer series by the multi-talented folk singing group. ,This one was taped at the New York World's Fair and offers a selection of a material from several countries. One of the languages .entrusted to comedians Tony Hendra and Nic Ullett is English. High spot of the program is the New Christy's popular, multi-lingual interpretation of "Ev- erybody.Loves Saturday Night," 8:30-9:30 P.M. ABC. THE JIM- my Dean Show. (Rerun). 'Another cheerful show, light on this show. I, * 1 ?• 'C , fti ' ,• ' itfflnty sing-r 5'Littfe fiX^ek fiiMfe w iMld"Stf«eHflIlAato,J' ' -Juek Owens' ddei ."Act Nat* urally",<,afid -"Jasl-as -idfig, to You Love Me" and joins Jimmy on "Heart," * 7 , >, ' Molly Be'6 "contributes "Paper Roses" and duets "I'll Never Be Free" with"Jimmy, >'• , * • Rowlf'ieomedy spot is on the World's Pair and he raises his voice in song to "Cool .Water" in the country, & western 'seg' ment,,* ( ' , f , <! The bulk of the comedy is entrusted to the capable 1 hands of Don'Adams. * , , . '9-NTP.TVT. NBC, SUSPENSE Theater,. "The-Sweet Taste of Vengeance " (Color). (Rerun), This one may appeal to the ladies. It's more of a .romance than a hard-hitting adventure yarn. ~ ' ,, There's enough suspense to permit it to be included In this series, but by the narrowest margin. John Forsythe and Diana Hyland are the principals and the exotic'Brazilian atmosphere helps. 9:30-10 P.M. ABC. ABC NEWS Reports. "You Can't. Get There 'From Here." If this one has a familiar look, it's no surprise. CBS reports did a comparable study of the traffic! problems of major cities around the world a few months ago. -, ... Nevertheless it's an interesting situation and a seemingly unsoluble problem, } despite the several solutions suggested on TV TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented as a public service by the Lake Charles American Press which is not responsible ^or unannounced changes by stations or similar program inaccuracies.) Channels — WBRZ-TV Baton Rouge 2, KATC-TV Lafayette 3, KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB- TV'Alexandria 5, KPDM - TV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Charles 7,;KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. , THURSDAY EVENING NeWS, 4, 6, 7. 10, 12, 3 6:l.O-Weather 2, 6. 7, 10 i .3—Esso News,. 2 . Weather, 6 Sports, 10, 7 News, 12. 5 6:20—Recap, 7, 8 6:25-Weather, 5, 12, 4 6:3<HPassword, 10, 6 ••..-<• Temple Houston, 7 Flintstones,; 3, 12 L/wamie, 4 r Maverick, 2 7:00—Rawhide, 6, 10 Donna Reed, 12, 3 7:30-My Three Sons, 12, 3 •' Dr, Kildare 2, 4, 5,7 8;<XM?erry Mason, 10, 9 Ensign P'Toole, 3, 12 8;30-Jimmy Dean Show, 3, '-• 12 • New Christy Minstrels, 7, 8,4 9:00-The Nurses, 6, 10 Maverick, 7 Suspense Theater, 2 9:3Q-Star Route, 3 10;00-Ni|bt Pesk, 2 News, 4, 6,10,12. 3 •.---.-y 3, W, «, 4, » Sportf,7 ^Tonight, 7 New?, * BEETLE BAILEY *»v> ON STAGE , „ j i, "Bowery to Broadway " Fink Night- of Broadway" W j ,1 4, 5, 7 "Ojjte^, 10 Sunrise Semester, 6 7:«W«5SJ WenftSfj 7 7;a&-U«Oe WUUe's Club, 6 1 L 10 . Search £or Tomorrow, 6, li Ernie Ford, 3, 12 ll:45-Guiding Light, 6, 10 il:55-News, 2, 4, 7 12:00-Midday in La., 2 , . TV Bingo, 4 Famous Playhouse, 6 "Plunder Road," 12 Romper Room, 7 Meet Your Neighbor, 10 Midday Report,'3 12:30-Let's Make a Deal, 2, 4 7 . -s, The World Turns, 6,10 Ann LeJeune Show, 3 l:00-Loretta Young, 2, 4, 7 Password, 6, 10 , Bingo, 3 l:25-News, 2, 4, 5, 7 l-.SO-Housa Party 6, 10 The Doctors, 2, 4, 5, 7 Day in Court, 3, 12 l:55-News, 4, 7, 12 2;00-To Tell the Truth, 6,10 General Hospital, 3,12 Another World, 2, 4, 7 2:25-CBS News, 6, 10 2:30-Edge of Night, 6, 10 You Don't Say, 2,5,7,4 Queen For a Day, 3, 12 3:00—Match Game, 2, 4, 5- 7 Secret Storm, e,10 Trail Master, 3, 12 3;25-NBC News, 2, 4, 7 3;30—Bayou Fair, 7 TV Bingo, 4 Trallmaster, 3,12 Amos and Andy, 10 4:00—Movie, 2 Circle 4 Cuib, 4 Big Show, 3 Col, Cane, 12 Kartoon Kapers, 7 .Funtime Playhouse, JO 4:30~Mlckey Mouse, 2 Mr, Physical.Fitness, 7 SiOO-muokleberry Hound, 4 Adventure Theater, 12 Super Car. 7 [I DIPN'T NOTICE ANV OF TME ; GREETINGS, . DETECTIVBS, VOU'REvJUST IN TIME FOR' CORNED B WITH CRE6N ONIONS CARTOONISTS 3MOKIN6 A dARBACE CHUTE. POWN THROUGH •<e WALL! PUUUN'A BAIUER HfWVEBrriN'A WHOPRN, HEAVY CROP o' ALPALFA! ALLTHOS5 STEERS; 'AU ASH PLACE, At '19 ; NEATl WHITE ORPHAN ANNIE KuyVl VP4, « 5:45~ABC Evening Report, 3 THAT'S THE HAIR STYLE FOR TUNE/ DON'T YOU AGREE, PHIL? MOMENT I CAN NOT SAY WHAT IT IS/ REX MORGAN, M.D, I LIKED IT TH6 WAY IT WAS, I AM CREATING WHAT HflLUCAaTHI TERRY FRIEND THIS 19 AN MOKf INTERE^TIN© THAN (385gRyjH& THg 093f& WHICH i 9. ?;0(M4alis Room for gLWf> 12 (AP) — Fresh j dent Johnson's 17 . year < old daughter. Luci, will teunch a stop in New Orleans on Sept. 5, the White House announced Wednesday, She'll spend the day in New Orleans for the ceremony. £bj) will ride with, shipyard officials, wives and fajnilifrs of shipyard worker; on i boat trip up the yard *w the launching.of the sel- tie While, Howe said is oae tpj w$ son feripe4 toy « fee W altbou-b cargo ves- m KERRY DRAKE White fcalled the ?sit«aWvlntdrefablfe and said iffhUsMofga onv ,. .The league report contended the aid is 'of doubtful > legally " Title, VI > of-the, Civ , , _..„ Rights Act, which prohibits dis- bursemenls of tax dollars to in- situations 'which baf'Aome tax payers because of their eolor* Federal funds are going to hospitals, schools, publics housing projects and other, program* in which Negroes * aw barrecf _... report cited d: tion in more than 80d pu' housing projects? In more X..,., 60, hospitals receiving' federal ttllt'Burton, aids - fn fetffcfsiiyh aided retraining'-, programs! school- lunch i programs '.and. funds for general educilfonal purposes, It also cited segregated National, Guard'unitSxin 10 Southern stat&t'< :* , ' X Motion Denied by Judge , \ NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Civil Dist. Judge David Gortler says Miami, Fla., police don't have to disclose,-the.,questions they want to ask the pretty stepdaughter Of slain Texas financier Jacques Mossier, Acting Dlst,,AUy. Frank J. Klein told'Judgo.Gertler, at B hearing ,Wednosday,, that the plot to murder Mosslor may nave been cooked up In New Or- le"ans, ' •' ''"f'"''-* ' • •"" '-•, • Mosslor,' a '69-yearH)ld'-multi- mlllionaire was murdered in his plush Miami 'Beach apartment June 30,. ,_ , f \'^-> Rita .Mojjsleri '20,1 sYepfdaugh- ter of the slam man, - disappeared from Houston before a grand jury there could question her. Sne turned up in Now Orleans under an assumed 'name, but left town just before a'grand jury subpoena for her was issued, He also denied another petition, filed by Mi'ss Mossler's lawyers, seeking an Injunction forbidding the grand jury or district attorney to try to question her. / /"J ,'/ "_ In refusing'to call "Klein as witness, Judge Gertler said; "If I permit you lo do that every defendant * In Crlmina Court can come into civil cour and find out'what's going on in the grand Jury, That's not go In arguing against the Mossier motions, Klein told the court: Ing to happen injmy qqu^f, .,,i v prt|esu,i/ w »i . « -^^-^- 1 ' 1 "" " VI-am Informed by Miami flu- ' horltles that they have faforma^ Ion that U Is very possible ,a f onsplracy to commit murder may have taken place here, In Now 1 , Orleans," " ^^ % ,In regard'to tho quesUdnS^, Klein'said there was no llst'-orr hem, "This is a subpoeha-'dosigned ^ solely to'find out what the Ml- ' ami" authorities know about' thfiT case," he said, "Such Information is privileged between law enforcement agencies," -,. 5A,fter\ leaving ,New, Orleans, Miss Mossier>';was temporarily? detained in Mobile, where pV lice erroneously thought she was wanted in New "Orleans. i There charges against i tier. Subpoenas issued for her, in ' Houston, Miami and New Or- • leans have no power outside the respective states, Miss Mossier continued on to Rochester, '"-Minn,, where her mother w$s under hospital treatment. She and her mother found. MosslerVbody fa the apartment, ' • ; In Miami, Mossler'a nephew by marriage, Melvin L,' Powers, is charged with murder, At the time of his death, Mossier owned Controlling Interest In banks in Miami, Chicago and South Bend,' Ind., plus.ou prop- Mine Producing Record 1$ Claimed for Mobile MOBILE, Ala. '(AP) -' As a footnote to the famous cry "Damn' the torpedoes — Full speed ahead I" a Southern historian says It Is doubtful If any city turned out as many mines or torpedoes as Mobile, Dr, A, B, Moore pointed out the paradox here Wednesday during the 100th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay during which Adm, David Farragut la credited with making the famous cry, Moore, executive, director of the Alabama Civil War Centennial Commission, torrow'dean of the University of Alabama history department and former president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, said the Confederate factory In Mobile manufactured deadly underwater mines which wreaked unmerciful havoc on Union ships during the Civil War, More skilled mine personnel and equipment, Moore said, could have shortened Farragut's cry to "damn those torpedoes!" "He would most likely have been saying that to his dying day," the historian said.. Moore said the mines met by Farragut and his fleet of u wooden warships were no doubt built in tho port city of Mobile. But many o! tha mines tolled to explode and the Battle p.f Mo, bile Bay became a kty victory for the Union over the Confed' erate forces of the Ironclad Tennessee and three gunboat* lee by Adm, Franklin Buchanan. MobUlaos paid tribute to the battle Wednesday an4 dedicated a large bronze plaque honoring engthy siege'and the fall of Molie, The ceremony Wednesday be;an when the destroyer escort JS8 Hlssem was.met in upper Mobile Bay by .Alabama state docks patrol boats and the Moille power squadron, an organi- ation of sports boats owners; The vessels docked and a pa- ade began through the down 1 town district, . . - , Final Grants '[ Given Away By Foundation NEW YORK (AP) W> The James Foundation announced it las given away ita last $99 mil. Ion and will go out of existence Dec. 31, . The fund was founded in the will of Arthur Charles James, who once owned one-seventh of all the railroad the United States, He died In 1941, leaving $26 million to the fund, which wan (o operate for 25 years unless Us trustee:) ended U sooner. Some of U such stocks Business Machines and American Natural Gas. It grew and grew. Over toe years the fund has given away f42 million, in addition (a the fS6,350,oeg in UM fbui grants- The last gifts went to % institutions in amounts ranging from was invested in as International plaque wes {n ma | W« W« dovrotowQ of UU Mo* *•> TO» WSJf district Farragut ot the 260-pouAd pl*que. Oa LOANS

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