The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1948
Page 11
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FRFDAY, MARCH 19, 10-18 BLYTHEVH.LP! (ARK.) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoop! NKWS CO OJ, DIM, GO RIGHT AHEAP WITH EGAt),TUCSON.' DM. 1 MO BRASS BAND-—I'LL &H£LVe SPEECH 1 PREPARED FOR FOR FIVE YEARS THAT GUY HAS BEEKJ OtLIN' A HOLE IW HIS MACHINE THAT AIN'T A OIL HOLE, AM' NOT A BOSS HAT, EV6K NOTICED IT--THEY'D BETTER MOW/ ) LETS "STOP OS TAB W fOR A StJftCI< I-UTUR& GOOD Mf\(J,PLEA=>& Hcneu MOW I WAM'T VOL) GENTLE- MEM TO g^==?i OBSERVE CUOSULV MA.30R/THIS 'rJlLDW£6TAlG By lone Sandbero, Shribor I" HIE Chancerv Court for Ihe Clilckasawtm District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. f. R. Hill ............. Plaintiff vs. No. 10.425 Sam Barnes, et a! . _____ Defendants Notice is hereby given that thne j has been filed in the office of the Clerk of the chancery Court of Mississippi County, Chick;i.v,uvba ! District. Arkansas, a petition to confirm ano quid in the plaintiff, j H. R. Hill, the title io the frilton-lng land in the Cliickasawha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas to i wit : i "Lot 12 of the Sam Barnes Sub- j Division to the city of BJytheville, Arkansas, being carved out of the Southwest Quarter of !he Soutl/- wcst Quarter of Section (16). Township (15) North, Range (ID Bast." All persons claiming said lands or j any interest therein, are hereby no- r tified and warned to appear in j ? - ; j -m"-i on the first adjourned day of said court, on (he adjourned nay of May 1948. at a time and not 1 more than six weeks after this date. and show cause why the title of Raid lands should not be confirmed Jk. the said H. R. Hill, the plain- Tiff in this cause. Witness my hand and sc!<l as the clerk of said court, this the 18 day of May, 1948. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Betty Peterson, D. C. G. W. Barnaul, Attorney for Plain- XXIII 'J^HE sudden and shocking death ol Tommy Bishop was accepted in the tcwn with a lethargy that was surprising i- hen yon considered how avidly most details about the Forresters were hashed and rehashed. Tommy's engagement to Laurie lil you could even c:il! it thai) nnd never been a formal one; to mosl of the townspeople he was simply "that nice young man that stays out at the Forresters." There was a general feeling of sympathy, a genuine regret that il had happened but the entire aHair was accepted quietly. Sam Blanding, the shcrifl, was ot the opinion an inquest wouldn't 3;19-26-4;2-9-16-23 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY 42» MISSOURI ST. PH. 36Z7 I be necessary Tommy Bishop died as the result ot an accident. Sam Blanding said; his tone implied that any fool could see that much so what was the use to put the county to the expense ol an inquiry? He talked at length with Rush j Thursday night and Friday morn- 1 ing drove out to Tophill to talk j with the others, the family and j the maiilc. Ann, with apprehensive eyes, watched his arrival from her bedroom window, watched Rush go | down the porch steps to meet him. I An hour ago she'd been eager to see the shcrifl, dreading his arrival yet at the same time aching to get it over witli. Now she was caught again in indecision, unable (o make up her mtnd. not knowing how to start, what words to say. for she had to talk. She couldn't keep still any longer. Two men had died because ol her—that was putting it honestly enough surely —and she coul^ no longer seek refuge in silence. 'JMIF.Y were coming up Ihe porch steps. Rush and the sheriff, when she got downstairs. "Good morning, Mrs. Bancroft," Sam Blanding said in a subdued voice. "I'm sorry to disturb you at a time like this." "That's all right. Sam," she said quickly and opened the screen door and came out onto the porch. "You understand I got to do some checking? Just formality, of course, bul chat's what the county pays me lor." Sam Blanding gave her his slow gentle smile. "And I'm real sorry to have to bother your sister. Mrs. Bancroft, bul I'm afraid I'll have to ask her a question or two." '^Of course. Surely." she said. "It won', amount to much," he assured lier. "Seems t'he pure accident, all the way through." She wondered il she heard a faint question in his voice bul she couldn't be sure and Hush said at once, and easily, "Of course it was, Sam. A doguoned shame, too. Tommy was a nice kid." Sam Blanding looked at Rush from underneath his colorless eyebrows. If he thought the epitaph casual he made no comment. He said instead, "Mr. Bancroft says you weren't home when it happened?" She wished her mouth wouldn't persist in being so dry. "No, 1 wasn't." She shook her head. "I'd gone into town. I had to see Mr. Barton on business. Enos Barton, our attorney," she explained, although she was sure the explanation wasn't necessary. "He'll be here in a few minutes," Rush said unexpectedly. He turned to Ann. "Not to verify your story, darling, but—" and Sam Blanding said, slowly, carefully, "Why would it need verifying?" Rush paused only briefly. "1 thought II wouldn't Oo a bad idea to have Knos here. We aren familiar with the technicalities oi a situation like this and—" "Sure, sure." Sam Blanding said amiably, and Ann couldn't heir) thinking that Rush was being too insistent ttiat Gnos Barton's coming was of no importance. "You want to wait for Mr. Barton?" Sam Blanding asked. "Or can we slart without him?" "Oh. there's no reason to wait for him," Hush said. "I'll get thf girls." • • • JT seemed to Ann that Rush wa Rone an exceedingly long time The minutes stretched endlessly as she sat there on the porch with Sam Bland ing. The sunshine was warm and enervating; she tell » lassitude creeping through ner ano knew skc had to fight it. She had to care about this. She fiBrl to care enough to tell the shcril! Hie whole story. Her heart kept pounding in grcal tremendous beats thai made her dizzy and she thought. 1 should tell him now. High! this minute. 1 should take advantage of the fact that we're alone. Yet when she opened her lips and tried to speak the words, they would not come. She lacked the strength—or perhaps the courage —to say the words that would catapult all of them into the tul) horror of a murder investigation. Everything would change nt once. Sam Blanding wouldn't sil there, placidly smoking his pipe with that pleasant look on his face His blue eyes woulc* narrow and fill with doubt. hlE expression would harden, the very air about them would be tilled with distrust and suspicion. Or she could hold her tongue, not breathe so much as a whisper of Jistrust. and everything would ga on Just ns before. Sherin tilanding would ask his questions and Ihen go away in his old rattletrap car and that would be the end of it. Except that it wouldn't be the end. There wouldn't ever be an end to it intil she' was dead or— \T« Be Continued) BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Fried Chicken... Croppic Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! Bianchard's Cafe Portagevjlie, Mo. Owned By Stanley Keller For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRSDGE Morris I'rinling Co, FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 55*00 Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BIYTHEVILLE ARK. • Wuvte 3646 0*42525 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has asked for that amount — it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We hare complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! HELP CONSERVE OF H OTHERS— WITH YOUR OWN! 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HE'D PROBABLY BE INTERESTED IN WHAT I KNOW ABOUT A CEOTAIM SI6NATURE, OON'T WHJ THINK, /WEKK T MARINES Ah HASTINGSON 15 A ARMY VEURAN.IOOXS LIKEA UNIFIED COA /HAND OPERATION StONF.COMVlNCfO Of »Cl WSIIMGSOH'S INNOCENCE IVEHTHOUGH WE IS LISTED AS CHIEF PROSECUTION WITNtSS. HAS RETAINED DEFEND HIM. WASH TUBBS A. WRASSLER, A SHERJFF OUT WESIT Ml 1 ^• CIRCUS STRCHOS WOMA1), BUT TWS'U K 1H' HKST TIMS I'VE DID NJV MZTIST MODELIN 1 . M ST&RS Wt 1 GULLET... ft f OUK-INCHER. 1 . BUT MM8E I ORTERGO TO A BE BUT V PMLLOK AM- HERE WE ftREl NOW IT SOD f WILL SLIP INTO THIS TI6ER. SKIUi 1UGET KEfcOf TO PWMT WU THM WON'T gE NECES5&RV. KOON1Z ISN'T LOOKING FOI GlMAOK.GlitL.!l Into the Unknown FRED HARMAJi VIS X ' RVKR ) TbTrtElR. GOLD STRIKE J-' A>SO WE R£ fO-lOvOiCx'.' &OHIK35 ,-VNO ,V3P 1E.LL.OvJ KWCH LITT'-E 60S!.' -\RE OF PURSUIT, THtV 5&T OJT FOR A WlLD£RUE5S BT wrine i'\£n isa PUSHES BACKTH^ (Jot ricnly of (Jns'i BOOTS AND HER No Compromise EDGAR MARTU DELIBERATELY TO

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