The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on June 29, 1933 · Page 16
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 16

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1933
Page 16
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Bon-ran Franklin County THE NORTH ADAMS EVENING TRANSCRIPT, THURSDAY. JUNE », 1033 SHELBURNE FALLS Deerfield Valley E8DELL OFFICIALS ftCE PRISON TERM ollowinj? Decision of Su- prema Court PETITION ELY ong Dispute Draws to an 'End — Ousted Voter Likely to Regain Status, On the »me day, yesterday, that «'supreme court overruled excep- Greenfield Superior Court Session Soou The July sitting of superior court will open'at 10 A. m. July 10 with Judge Thomas 'J. Hammond o! Northampton presiding. The list ol traverse jurors who have been drawn for the session Include tin following Western Franklin men: Fred A. Brown of Conway, Pliny B Gould of Shelburne, Ernest P. Kinsman of Heath, Frank Sears of Hawley, George Smith of Buckland and Herman W. Severance of Leyden. Heath .Fair Committees Named The executive committee of the Heath Agriculture! Fair association met at Community hall recently anc tha'following committees were appointed: entertainment for evening Franklin Davenport, Jr., Miss Helei &« fli.rt a veor Rao by counsel for Franklin Davenport, jr., MISS iielei Mis filed a year ago oy counsw i Malone anU Newland Smith. Jr., com- hsrlos M. Ballou, Charles H. Jeiml- m[Ute to secure speakers. Rev. Hown and Lewis B. Bowen, Wendell convicted ol fraud and jrrupt conduct in office for removal r members of the Baker lainlly Ironi e voting list, Ozro D. Baker of MU- rt Falls and Wendell received an sessment for poll and old age as- stance tax from the Wendell tax Mlectofs office. It was the flrsl „ _ since 1930 that Mr. Baker had scelved such a tax bill and was con- jued by him today as preliminary ^replacement of his name on Hie it of legal voters. 'Baker, leader of the so-called "Ba- erlte" faction In Wendell, as opposed S the "Balloultes" as represented by friaries M. Ballot), said today that p to 1931 he had paid a poll tax In Vendcll for 36 consecutive years. Thu decision of tha supreme-court, 'hereby sentences of six months aoh to tha home of correction for he three registrars will lie reim- osed In a special session of superior part In August, stated lu regard to heir trial here In March, 1932, "There fas much other evidence which rould warrant a. jury In finding that I'oUou and Boweii as members of the oard of assessor* In bad faith saw > it that Baker was not assessed h April 1, 193), and that the de- gndants then used the fact of Baer's non-assessment as a cloak to over the removal of the Baker ames from the voting list." The three members of tlie Baker imlly who have tried, unsucoessful- '{, to vote In Wendell during the past lirco years, are Ozro D. Baker, his 'Me, Gertrude F, Baker, and daugh- ;r, Dorothy M. Baker.. A son, Anrew J. Baker, came of age hi 1930, ut had never been aWssed for poll >x in Wendell and had never voted, esterday received his first tax as- issment In the same mall with his ither's. It Is now assumed that the ames of all the Baker family will lain be placed upon the voting list. According to section 64 of chapter 9 of the general laws, persons guilty t violation of election laws may not old public office within a period of iree years from date of final dls- psltlon of their case. Mr. Baker (Id today he believed immediate «ps would be taken to remove [essrs. Ballon. Jennlson and Bow- i, who are selectmen and board [•health of Wendell as well »s reg- trars, from olllce. Their only re- mrse now Is by petition to the gov- •nor, It was slated here on good Hhority today. Civil suits to the nount of many thousands of dollars •e still pending against Ballon with ;pca ard C. Robbins and Rev. Angus Dun for hall, Mrs. Will Glcason, E. E Kinsman and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Varncy; parade, Rev. and Mrs. Wor- cesler Perkins, MT. and Mrs. Leon Peters, Mi', and Mrs. Wallace Churchill, Rev. and Mrs. John U Harris; lunch. Mr. and Mrs. F. W Burrlngton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Packard, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bur- rlngton and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coates; ice cream and candy, Mr and Mrs. Henry Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Thompson, Fraukll: Davenport, Jr., and Donald Davenport; superintendent of grounds George Bolton, superintendent o' cattle, Max Churchill; cleaning grounds, Jesse Thompson; dance, Mr ami Mrs. Francis Kinsman, Me. and Mrs. A. E. Koyer: committee for refreshments for dance, Mr. and Mrs George Peon, Mr. and Mrs. Raymonc Lively, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stetson; ticket agents, Merrltt Sherman, Wilfred Pouliti, Ralph Sumner, Albert Burckard, Ernest G. Kinsman; sports for children, Rol/ert Smith; drawing horses, Earl Hamilton. The dale ol the fair Is August 30th. Local and Personal Miss'Mary Kenescy and Miss Rose Rcithoffer who have been spending a few weeks in Cleveland, Ohio, arrived Tuesday In Heath for the summer and are at Dr. and Mrs. Howard C. Bobbins' home. John Alien n of Cambridge is spending the summer III Heath at Dr. and Mis. Edward S. Brown's home. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Tanner have gone to East Chailemont to the home of their daughter, Mrs. John Ken- drlck. Miss Dorothy Bressette is entertaining her sister, Winifred, ol Greenfield for two weeks at Mrs. John Stetson's home. Walter Kinsman returned to his home in Shelburne Falls yesterday after spending a few days at Homestead f arm in East Heath. North Heath embers of the aln tiffs. Baker family as Shattuckville Local and Personal Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Judktns ot ielburne Falls were dinner gucsU Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Little Sunday, ^tr. and Mrs. Victor Tetreault and inlly called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed- rd..Miller Tuesday evening. ytlss Celia Miller and her two jthers, "Alcld and Raymond, and irence Winn have been called to ric at the Kendall Manufacturing npany. lohn Hafner of Shelbiocie Falls I ted Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schech- le Tuesday evening. Christian Hill Local and Personal "he dance at Herbert Cady's home urday night was largely attended. .Ibert Herzig, who has been quite from bronchitis, Is Improved. He mder the care of Dr. Cram, arbara and William Qllderdale nt a week with relatives in Green- 1 he Good Will club will hold Its t meeting on July 4 at the home .ts president, Mrs. Pearl Joy. Vear» Lovely Dresses >w Since Losing 49 Pounds of Fat Local and I'ertonal Eleanor Thompson spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith in Jacksonville, Vt. Frank Glen.son Is making repairs on his barn and Wllfied Poulin Is doing the carpenter work. ' Mr. and Mrs. George Newton and Donald and Helen were In Greenfield one day recently. N. F. Daby Is In Fltchburg again. Mrs. Philip Tatro and children of Springfield, are spending some time at George Brunelle's home. Mrs. Ray Stockwell and daughter. Miss Alyce of A.shlleld, were at W. Carl Smith's home on Sunday. They brought Mrs. Lucy Stockwell back to the Smith home after spending three weeks In Ashficld and Shelburne Falls. William Crowningshield has re- dently purchased a horse. Week-end guests at H. S. Stetson's home were Mr. and Mrs, S. G. Benson of Fllchburg and Miss Hazel Soule of Worcester. Mr. and Mrs. William Smith and Miss Elsie Smith of Greenfield. Callers were Mr. and Mrs. O.- J. Hnger and Verne Hager of East Charlemont and Mr. and Mrs.: H. S. Tanner- and Mr. nncl Mrs. O. R. Thompson and son, Howard, of Heath. Hnrlow Churchill is now able to be out of doors after his long Illness. Miss Ruth Cromack of Shelburne Is spending a few days at W. Carl Smith's home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith and Miss Margaret Smith spent Tuesday in Springfield. " -. Miss Pearl Gleason spent last week with her sister, Mrs. O. N. Landstrom In South Heath. CHURCH SCHOOL OPENS JULY 5TH Rev. R. Emerson Snethen in Charge of Handiwork PLANS GIVEN Assistants Named for Vacation Project — Large Enrollment pated. is Antici- Rev. K. Emerson Snethen will have charge of the handiwork in the dally vacation church school this season the same as last. He h»s announced that Mrs. Mildred O'Brien will have charge of the younger girls, assisted by Misses Viola Truesdale, Dorothy Shaw and Jenelt Bettcher. The work will be sewing. Mrs. William Morrls- scy who has previously taught hooked rug work for the older girls will have charge this year of the same group and the work will be basketry. The boys' work for all grades from the fourth through the eighth grade will be carpentry. Mr. Snetlien will be assisted "by Courtney Burnap. Lloyd Buinap, Walter T»ylor and Irving Kendrlck. A "pecking hen," "running rabbit," "snwyir" and a "Jointed horse" will be among the new features. The school begins next Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock and continues through UieJUst of July. Last year OUTING ENJOYED BY CHURCH GUILD Emmanuel Society Meets in East Buckland The Emmanuel Guild of the local Episcopal church enjoyed Its annual outing yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Nilman In East Buckland with a large number of members and guests present. A picnic supper was enjoyed on the lawn. Attend Wedding In addition to members of the 1m- TO SERVE SUPPER ON CHURCH LAWN Benefit Event by Methodist Society Tonight A public supper will be served on (he lawn of the Methodist church parsonage this evening. A flne menu will be served and the patronage of the public Is desired. Miss Karolyn Finck Wed» C. Edward Fisher INDIANS DEFEAT CHARLEMONT NINE Mohawks Defeated by 12 to 5 Score CHURCHILL STARS Visiting Outfielder Makes Circus Catches—Jangro Excels for Local Team. Local friends will be Interested In | mediate family, Mrs. Joseph Paul, I lhe announcement of the marriage Mrs. William Paul, Mi's. George | of Mtes Karolyn Finck of Hyannls, Cardwell and Mrs. Thomas Filzgib- [ formerly of this v'ace and Colrain bons of this town attended the wed- | lo c Edward Fisher o( Braintree.! ding of Kenneth A. Cnrdwell and Miss Mildred Mumbleau in Easthampton Monday. Postpone Meeting The meeting of the Methodist Woman's club scheduled for today was postponed to a week from today, July 6. The meeting .will ,be held in the church parlors that evening. Local and Personal Rev. Hugh A. Heath. D. D. r executive secretary of the Massachusetts Baptist convention, with headquarters iti Boston, in company with Rev. and Mrs. A. B. Todd of Springfield called on Rev. R. E. Snethen yesterday morning to express their sympathy at the Illness'of Mrs. Snelhcn. Paul Cardwell of Windsor, Vt., Is spending the week At the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cardwell on Ashficld street. Mrs. C. A. Clark of Medfield Is the enrollment was 168 and the aver- spendi ' ng '„ fcw davs wllh ncr datigh- age attendance was 139. It is hoped; tcral)d SO n-ln-law, the Rev .and Mrs. that there will be a like response' this year. 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I've recommended It to ' friends." ,r of Kruschen that lasts 4 costs but a trifle at any drug- the world over. Money back If tytully satisfied with results. if your health's sake — make >u get Kimchen—it's the 8APE > reduce—pfworibed by phyri- -»dv. , St. Mary'a Camp Openi Soon St. Mary's camp 0)«ns July 5. There will be two weeks for boys, followed by two weeks for girls. Registrations are being received at St. Mary's rectory, Northampton. The commissary will be in charge .of Mis. Lena Khby and Mi-s. Bridget Rlley of Northampton, both of whom have had long experience and have served the camp in other years. A diamond baseball league has been projiosed In addition to the usual baseball activities. The camp provides for all other outdoor sports. Set Date for Street Fair August 9 Is the date set for the Y. W. C. A. street fair which will be held In Ashfleld. Mrs. Cbarlcs E. Hayward has been appointed director of the affair, and Miss Minnie Cary of Colrain, treasurer. Ashfleld and Buckland arc In charge of the cafeteria supper. Local and Personal Mrs. Albert List of West Rlndge, N. H., has rented for the season the Cook homestead, formerly occupied by Mrs. C. C. Tyler. Mrs. Mary L. Williamson and Mrs. Ellen S. Pratt of'Northampton who purchased the Dr. Francis, property last fall, have opened the home for the summer. Miss Klla Handfteld Is entertaining for a (ew days her roommate at the New I on hospital, Miss Marela Orlms of Gardener. Williams-Sctmefk A wedding of local interest was solemnized at Greenfield June 25 when Miss Helen Barbara Schneck, daughter o( Mr. and Mis. Emll Sclmeck of Greenfield, was married to Harold Williams, son of Mrs. Nina Williams of this town. The wedding look place at the home of the bride's parents with only the immediate families present. Mrs. Williams has been employed in New Britain, Conn, and Mr. Wllliaii.s has been living at home with his mother. They are now on an unannounced wedding trip and after July 20 will be at home to their friends at 66'A Phillips street, Greenfield. Local and Personal George Tower and Mrs. Etta King visited Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Griswold at Grlswoldvllle Sunday. Mrs. Etta King was a visitor Monday at L. L. King's and Mrs. Sarah Green's at Shelburne Falls. H. E. Ward was In Dalton recently where he went to visit his half sister who Is III. Mrs. Minnie Burdlck visited Tuesday at George Tower's home. Mrs. Sara Greer lias returned to lier home after spending a fcw days in Aslifleld. Mrs. Cahill Tolman and daughter, Nancy, of Springfield are at the Wayside Inn. Mrs. Elsie Crocker of North Am- licrst and Miss Laura Bradley of Shelburne Falls are visiting at Mrs. Ernest Scott's home. Herman A. BurcIIck has gone to Ppwual, Vt., to work for Henry Pratt, Sr, for the summer. Edgar Jepson of Shelburne Falls s. assisting Kenneth Burdick with us farm work. Mrs. Corn Strohecker of Ashfleld Is visiting at George Powell's home. There will be n strawberry festival at the church vestry this eve- ling at 7 o'clock. Mr, and Mis. William Thackeray and son, William, with friends went on a fishing picnic at Hadley pond Sunday. Nathan Beauregard of West Swanzey, N. H., Is visiting Miss Goldie Coburn at Andrew Burdlck's home. R. Emerson Snethen. Bird Asks Human Aid Steubenville, O.—(A.P.)—A black snake crawled up a screen door and entered the nest of a wren in a hang- Ing basket on the back porch of the Frank Huston farm home. The mother wren, fluttering and screeching, alighted on Mi's. Huston's shoulder. Mrs. Huston called two sons, who killed the snake. The .mother bird returned to her to care for the one baby of her flock of five that survived the snake's attack. The Shelburne Falls Indians defeated the Chailemont Mohawks. 12 lo 5, in an interesting gnme played on The wedding took place on June 24 . the .local field last evening. The Inand Mr. and Mrs. Fisher will be at ! dlans went ahead early in the game ' their home, 108 Cedar street, Braintree, October 1. Local find Persona! Rev. J. J. Parsons of Colrain and Rev. R. Emerson Snethen of. Shelburne Falls drove to Greenfield Wednesday evening to hear Miss Weakley, the 17 years' old girl evangelist, in the Methodist church. They were accompanied by Rev. Newton S. Sweczey of the local Methodist church. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L Severance are entertaining their nieces and nephews, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nordyke of Wichita. Kansas and Ola and Phillip Embury of Westboro. but were overcome by the Mohawks in the sixth on a walk, two hits and an error. In the last part of the sixth, a triple by Jangro, with three men The Transcript Advertisements and news Items may be left at or telephoned to March's Pharmacy on Bridge street- Telephone 314-3. Tha Transcript la on «ale at March's Pharmacy and Sawyer's Newsstand. Jacksonville Local and Personal Bessie Reynolds has finished work for Mrs.'Cancdy and gone to Whlt- ingham to work for Mrs. Houghton Sawyer. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Temple spent the week-end at Lake Pleasant, Mass. The Girl Scouts met with Eleanor Williams Tuesday. Henrietta Pratt and Kenneth Carpenter left Monday for the 4-H State camp at Burlington, Vt. They will be gone one week. Mrs. Jones Rnd grandson, Edward Schule of Athol are visiting her READSBORO MAN FRACTURES LEG In Accident in Woods Near Farm ON NORTH HILL Chain on Load of Logs Breaks — One of Logs Falls and Strikes Work- on cleared the bases and gave the nl other Mrs Ethel Booth. Indians a lead which the visitors • - - - - - -- • - could not overcome. R. Churchill featured for the Mohawks with a shoestring catch and a one-handed catch in deep center which robbed Gerry of a home run. Jangro's hitting featured for the locals. L. Martin, !f Spencer, c .. Lusty, vf .... Miller, cf ... Gerry, 3 Indians ab r h po 4 1 1 2 4 Mrs. Martha Donelson entertain- <j.Martin.' cd a few friends at a supper party A. Lawless. In her home on Bridge street last H. LawlrW, L' evening in honor of Mrs. L. R, Dame | jangro. 1 Shaw, p , of Medlord Hillside. Following supper cards were played at the home of Mis. F. H. Ainsden on Maple street p.nd prizes were won by Mrs. Joseph O. Purdue and Mrs. Clinton Spicer. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Muir of Main street are spending a pavt of their vacation in Wells River, Vt. Mrs. Lucius Lee of Water street is ! L ch'urc'i ;1. If . 0 1 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 3 0 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davenport and Mrs. Lula Pierce were guests of Mrs. Elva Russell Sunday. Miss Myrtle Fox has gone lo Athol for two weeks vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reed of Lincoln, N. H., were guests of Mr. Reed's brother, Floyd Reed Sunday. Mrs. Lena Biiggs has returned to the home of her uncle, Charles Briggs. West Hawley Annual Church Meeting The annual church meeting was 38 12 14 27 Charlemont Mohauks al> r h po 8 2 Davenport. 1 A. Stetson, 3 Cetto, 2 spending the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Miller in Long- mcadott'. Mr.s. Lee's mother, Mrs. Newhall. is taking care of the family in her absence. Rev. John Shade Franklin of West Newton, a former college chum o( Rev. R. Emerson Snethen called at the parsonage yesterday afternoon. Mr. Franklin was on his way to Wll- minglon, Vt., to officiate at the wedding of one of his parishioners. Charlemont Ijegale, f,; Crocker, ss C.Churchill, i-t .. R. .. Stafford. K Hoxle, p Heist, 3 J I held here recently. C. C. Fuller called the meeting to order. Reports were read and accepted and the following officers were elected: clerk, F. D. Carter; treasurer, C. C. Fuller; deacon for two years. E. R. Scars; Sunday school superintendent. Mrs. M. H. White; assistant. C. H. Fuller, Sunday school secretary and treasurer, man. John Long of North Hill, Readsboro. Vt., fractured his left leg between the knee and ankle in an accident In the woods near his farm yesterday afternoon. He and his brother-in-law, Leo S. Carpenter, were woiklng In their log camp. Mr. Long was driving a team with a. load otf log; when the chain broke letting the logs roll off the load. One o( the logs struck his leg. He was taken home and ifmoved to Valley hospital at Rcadsboro where the fracture -was reduced. He was later removed to his home. Readsboro Invln Price; organist, Mrs. C. C. Fuller; assistant organist, Mrs. Car- -ie Gould; benevolence committee, 0 TMrs. M. H, White, Mrs. Carrie Gould; 0 ' committee in charge of community 0 table, Mrs. M. H. White; ushers, TIE BASEBALL GAME IS PLAYED Highway Engineers Meet Junior Mohawks An interesting baseball game was played on lhe* school campus last evening between the Junior ( Mohawks and the engineers who are surveying the state 1 ighway here. The score was tied, 5 to 5, after seven innings of play. Local and Personal Miss Margaret Phillips of Ashfleld is a guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allle Taintor. Attorney Homer Sherman and Shelburne Ctr. Local and Personal The grange will hold a public whist party at the vestry tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. Refreshments will be served and prizes awarded. The proceeds are for the benefit of the educational aid fund. Francis Johnson of Sharon, Penn., Is visiting friends in town. Mrs. Arthur Tinker and two children, Virginia and Lloyd of Portland. Me., are visiting Mr. and Mrs John Brown. The Shelburne Falls military band gave a concert at the center Wednesday evening which was greatly enjoyed by the townspeople. Mr. and Mrs. John Gctgev, Jr., and daughter, Gladys, spent Sunday in Buckland at Mrs. Geiger's brother's; P. G. Warfleld's home. SEND FOR YOUR COPY OF THIS NEW SUMMER PATTERN B06« Hazel Durant were business visitors In Boston yesterday. Alfred Cope is picking green peas from his garden and delivering them to the local stores. Several local young couples attended the dance held at East Hawley last night. Miss Clara Blcknell who teaches school In Brier entertained her pupils at a picnic yesterday at Mohawk Park. SWIMMING POOL IS POPULAR SPOT Youngster* "J^nd Relief From Hot Wave The' local swimming pool is a pop- 36 5 7 24 5 2 Indians 12000152 —12 Mohawks G00004010— 5 Three-base hits, Jangro, Gerry. Stolen bases, L. Martin, Spencer, Miller. Double plays, R. Churchill, Cetto. Left on bases, Indians 7. Mo- Ephrinm Spear. Philip Stiles, David Carter, David Rice; music committee, Frank Scars, Mrs. Gertrude Cor- tls, Mrs. F. D, Carter, Mrs. Carrie Gould, John Fisher. Philip Stiles; flower committee, Mrs. F. D. Carter, Mrs. Carrie Gould. Mrs. Jennie Vincent, Mrs. M. H. White, Mrs. George Rice. Mrs. Walter Turner and Epri- riam Spear. Frarlures 1 Howard Cortis sustained frac- hawks 8. Base on balls, off Shaw 3, oft Hoxie 2. Hit by pitcher. Lusty by „.,„„.„ „ __. Hoxie. Struck out, by Shaw 3, Hoxle | tllrc , d leg )i)st Friday in an accident 3. Winning pitcher, Shaw. Losing j on lhe farm of his parents, Mr. and pitcher, Hoxie. Umpire, Lawless. Time j Mrs W j|ii a m Cortis. He was helping of game, 2 hrc, r W. Cummington Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richards recently entertained Mr. and Mrs. his father draw long timbe*. The wagon In which they were riding came apart and the horses, becoming frightened, ran away, throwing the young man to the ground. The wheels of the wagon passed over him. Dr. H. B. Marble of Shelburne Falls was Band to Usher In Fourth The Readsboro band, which has been practicing two or three evenings a week for some ttaie, under the direction of Roy D. Howe, will give a concert next Monday night, from 12 to 1 o'clock. Miss Pope Hostess at Part? Miss Rita Pope entertained at bridge Wednesday afternoon at her home on Main street. There were two tables In play. Those present were Elizabeth Carrier and Dorothy Buchanan of North ' Adams, Mrs. Julia Maronl and Ida Blanchard of Waterbury. Conn., Erma Fraoices- chetti, Florence Barre and Mrs. Dorothy Clark. The first prize was won by Miss Elizabeth Carrier while Julia Maront was given the consolation award. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. Local and Personal H. F. Jewell resumed his work at the chair factory Wednesday afternoon after a few days' illness. Stamford Chester Lcpine and family of Brock-1 ca ',, e j and ne waa rc!m oved to the ton for a few days. John Donaldson Is doing some carpenter work for Raymond Blcknell. A few persons from here attend- ular place for local youngsters dur- , e( j the grammar school graduation • • — • ..... — • — - ing the present hot wave and is fre- qucnted by many. Tills Is the second season the pool has been In use. Erect New Bridge Near Whipple Hill Ernest Dickinson, superintendent of roads and his men are building a new bridge at the foot of Whipple Hill in the east part of the town. Claud Vosburgh made the plans and the bridge when completed will be one of the best small bridges in this vicinity. Local and Personal Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Manchester, Vt., called on Mrs. Mary Bowker on Tuesday. Herman Harris Is substituting on the local R. F. D. route for Mr. Ward who Is having a vacation. exercises at Windsor Hill, Friday evening, June 23. Robert Decelles of the Bush school was one of the graduates, Mrs. R. A. Burnette, teacher at the Bush school. Is enjoying a five weeks' vacation at her home here. Mrs. Robert Arnold has returned to her home in Springfield after spending a few days with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Starkweather. Geneva Roberts of Cummlngton Is staying with Miss Belle Bercaw for a time. Miss Mildred Lucas of Ptttsfleld spent the week-end at the Harris home. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland of Flush- Ing, N. Y., were at their summer home over the week-end. A party of young people were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Burnette on Sunday at one of then; camps by Windsor pond. Miss Flora Stevens of Westfleld Is visiting Mrs. Clara Allen. Frnnklin couny hospital In Greenfield. His many friends hope for his speedy recovery. Mrs. Cortin Is stay- Ing In areenfleld with relatives to be near him. Local and Personal A low cost community supper will be served at the West Hawley church tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock under the direction of Miss Gladys Slvert, home demonstration agent, assisted by a local group. The public Is Invited. Aid Convict Beatity San Quentth Prison, Calif.—(A.P.) —This penal institution has a beauty shop. It Is Just a little corner of the big room, penned off with burlap screens and fitted with gadgets. But matrons say a, finger wave and a manicure has given many of the women inmates confidence before the parole board and has helped them look their best on the day of all days when they are released. Some of the inmates have learned beauty culture In the institution. Women s Interests and Affairs Household Hints FUno Keys , When washing off the piano keys, be careful to wring the cloth out i quite dry so as not to ge' any water in between the keys. Polish the keys with a clean dry cloth after washing and you will keep the luster on the ivories. A New Binding Do not let the binding of the good blankets get so worn that it ceases to protect the edge of the blanket Itself. A quick turn of the blanket may result in a tear that would be difficult to remedy. Rebirid the blankets with a sateen edging that comes for the purpose. THE TRANSCRIPT PATTERN (Important: For quick senrtw send orden direct to the NEW YORK address of the North Adams Transcript Pattern Department, 2*3 West 17th Street, Naw York City. NOT to the Transcript Itself.) Griswoldville Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Dennlson nnd H. H. Dennlson motored to Springfield Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Saunders and daughter of Newport, R. I., were over night visitors at Mrs. Clara Dennl- non'i Tuesday. Mr. Saunders has, been transferred from the naval base i jn Newport to California .imrt. left This big, Interesting book offers helpful, money-saving suggestions for 'a smart Summer wardrobe. It you sew. you will want a copy. Pages. ot patterns for beginners, too. The pattern feature of The Transcript gives yesterday morning by-auto oh th«| instructions lor ordering thlj cross-country trip. M* Anne AiUmi book. Painted Woodwork It is better to wash painted woodwork a small amount at a time, rinse and then wipe dry. 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The clever way it is worn, we say! When you study today's model you'll cast your vote for its smartness. The colorful scarf is fashioned of contrast, and slips under the tab-like details of the frock in a very fetching way. Note particularly the chic diagonal seaming . .. slimming as can be! Both cotton and silk prints are the rage, so choose one of them! Pattern 2554 may be ordered only in sizes 14.16, 18, 20, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40. Size 16 requires 2 "7-& yards 39- Inch fabric and 1-4 yard 36-inch contrasting. Illustrated step-by-step sewing Instructions Included with pattern. When you order enclose FIFTEEN CENTS (15) \n coins or stamps (coins preferred) for each pattern wanted. Write your name, address and the style number PLAINLY, and BE SURE to state the size required. A valuable adjunct to the Transcript's dally pattern service Is the FASHION CATALOGUE featuring tl)e newest Ideas In afternoon, sports and house dresses, pajamas, lingerie, kiddles' clothes, accessories and transfer patterns. The price of the CATALOGUE Is also FIFTEEN CENTS but If you order It with a pattern, you can secure BOTH for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Address all patterricorrcspondence to the NEW YORKaadress of the department, given above, and avoid needleu delay. In the Oiling of your order. Good Things to Eat Ham, Potatoes, and Onions Place a thick slice of ham, weighing about 2 pounds, In A double roaster Cut 8 white potatoes into slices and spread over the ham. Sift Vi cup flour over this. Slice 2 onions over the top. Pour In milk to cover all, place-lid on roaster and bake In a slow oven for an hour. Rice and Giblet Casserole Mix together 2' cups boiled rice, 1V4 cups chopped chicken giblets, I tablespoon minced onion, 2 tablespoons chopped celery, I beaten egg, salt, pepper and 2 cups ot the liquov in which the giblets were cooked. Turn into a buttered baking dish, sprinkle the top with buttered crumbs and bake until nicely browned in a moderate oven. .Beet Salad Boll the small new beets until tender, skin and cut Into tiny cubes. For each cup of beets use 1 hard- boiled egg cut Into thin slices. Mix chilled beets with mayonnaise and place small mounds on crisp lettuce leaves. Arrange the slices of eggs attractively over the top. Garnish with strips of green pepper and a delicate sprinkling of paprika over the egg yolks. Serve wllli «xtra mayonnaise. Txical and Personal Mr. and Mrs. French and family have returned to Springfield. Mass., nftcr a week-end visit at the home of Edwin French. The Cheshire grange members were entertained Monday evening by the members of the Stamford grange, where an entertainment was given and luncheon was served the gueits. The Lesure brothers of West Hill arc installing a water turbine to be used at their saw mill which they are building. Shelburne Falls Claisificd SEVEN ROOM FLAT—For rent. Modern improvements. Inquire 12 Franklin St., Mrs. Beatrice BauUr. Films Developed and Printed in 24 Hour i March's Pharmacy 2 Doors from Postoftlcc Shtlburne Falls. Alas*. The Transcript In Other Cities GREENFIELD Armstrong News Stand, B & M R. R. station areenfleld News Co., Next to Mansion Hous» NEW YORK CITY Hotallng's News Stand In New York at North *nd of the Times Building Broadway and 43d Street. Schulz News Stand, 6th Av*. and 42d Si, and 42d St. Entrance to Grand CentraJ Station. HOOSICK FALLS William Hennessey Joseph Cuddlhy BOSTON Old South News Co, Cor. Washington and Ullk Streets Cocoanut I-ayer Cake One-half cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 2 cups ilour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 3-4 cup milk. Cream butter, add sugar, then eggs, milk and flour and baking powder sifted together. Turn into 3 greased layer cake pans and bake. Banana Pancake* Sift together 3 cups flo'ur, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon sugar. Add 1 pint milk, 1 beaten egg, 3 tablespoons i melted butter and \ cup thinly sliced ripe bananas. Beat together thoroughly. Fry on a grenied grlddla as you would plain pancake*. Good and good management go together Cead Specials at the Store*-* • in

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