Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 3, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 3, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties! eckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER LE6ISLATITE SOTES. ew HUM luir.iduc'd—Auoihrr Con- ur*w»li«nul Appu. tint mi-uc mil. Indhmapoll.s, Feb. 2. Representative Mcbobon author of tbs much discussed ttrnparance msas- ura ha* also prepared aci apportionment bill which he introduced Friday Under it th-r several cistrUts are made up as follows: First—Posey, G'biOn, Vanderburt, WurricK:. Pike and Spencer. Second—li'jox, Sullivan, Greene. Davle=s, Mnr:in. D-b:>U. Monroe uuJ Lawrence "' Toird—Perry, Crawford, O'-ange. Harrison, Washington. Jackson Floyd. SJDH and Jlarkt:. Fourth—Jeffarson. Jennings, S-vilz erland Uolo, ctiplcy, Ddirnorn, i-'runK- lln. Fdyolte. Union and Wayne, fifth—-'Hfenry, Hnncui-k, Shelby AN OLD RESIDENT. MRS. SARiH CONKAI), WH » LIVED IN CASS COD>T¥ HALF A CEMCRC. AXVliy Mil. Of II. r t'linr-nd, In Th« Y*i.r Of H,r .\K — Ai.d .11 iij (;r«iul deuly At Tne f>vn Win. T. Iii;:hiy-Sevrntli -S-v«ii Ci.iMren * hi- ll' «*u A lid <;>«.L Oi-niul Ci.tulrrn Su.vivo Her —A l.,*.ii:x And L'wrfal L,i(V IVuet'.tbiy F.nti.il. The Indications Are Ttiat Walker & Raucli have the kind of Rubbsrs and Overshoes you want- Try it on. WflLKER & 4 >O Broadway. Mrs. Sarah Coarad. widow of tbs 1st:) Daniel Conrad, died atone o'cloo-k this tnorainj^ ai tbe rt-stdenci; of her too, Wen I.'. Cournd no Mictiig-va avenue, Nonh Side. Mrs Cocrnd was 'HE KATIE g I flM GOING I Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. When J get a GOOD TAILOE I stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E. PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER & YOUNG, PEftRL STRBET 7YULORS. DAILY JOURNAL. : AN ATTEMPTED MURDEK. •SUNDAY MORNING. FEK 3 FOUND WE A I) IN BED. A'ford, H At Nliori- In Tim Xijihr. James Alford, tha agad and dependant mun who had Ken sick and help, lees ai A Shortrldgo's boarding boure, No. G 10 North street, und who was to bo taken to the county iab.rma.ry, died some time 1 Friday night. Wuen ho was called for breakfast yesterday morning his death was discovered. The old m to. had bdon treated for cancer of the liver by Dr. BradQeld. Coroner Downey viewed the remains at the boarding house and they were afterwards taken to K co, r er & Strah they will no held until relatives arrive. Mrs. John Kapron of Galveston, la a niece of tbo dead man A 1 ford claimed to hiive {I 500 in notes which a Kokomo attorney held in truat for him. FtKE DAJUUES A IlO.MK. lt>--l(l«iii'« or MI-*. It, II ji llijrli jHu-rt i. .1'avil.v Uiiriicil Y«v trulny. Tho ti"O dopurtnr ont vvfis oiillod to No. 15U-1 (iliito Htroet, tho rusldooco of Mrs. D. B. Sriarp a widow, about '2 p. m., yeatorday. 7'ne ll-ntnes were sub- ducd, but not until tho tiousa bad been gutted an(? inijst of the contents, including- iho cloihlnc; ot the occupants, had been destroyed. Ii Is claimed th. >t ti will take $SOO to make good Mrs, Sharp's lo.-s. Tno building was iusurud for $800 and there was a, policy for $300 on tho household t.-tTucis. TVnclll>ri> T Jli'Ctill^. Tho tenctuirx uf Clinton. K^l ana Noblo townehi-ps held K joiotmonlhly Institute yesterday at the north court room. Tbo moeilnp was ivell attended Aid full of interest and pron't, The Ross brothors of this city lire prepuHn? to put la i dtock of drugs Bl Pulatkl CENTER THE SCENE OF A COWAHIHY AND UNPROVOKED ASSAULT YESTEttDlI. IIIII..H Taylor. H laborer, While i D'linlt. Striken With u Hi- vy IIHIIIill r, And Sei'I'iHS'y Injure l»i. J, J. Uurtnii—Thii Victim It - criveM Mo Warniui;—Taylor 1* Ileld Under S50O Uuiid. Jamea Taylor, while intaxicatod, entered tho office of J. J. Burton at Royal Center yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock stepped behind the chair where Dr. Burton was seated, and wittout giving auy warning, struck the physician a blow on the bead with a machinist's hammer, in- Johnson und Moig-.-in. Slx'i.h— Viiio, Clay, Overt. Putnam Heiidriuks Prt.rku and V^rmillion, .Sovom.h—Mirlon a.nii Hamilton Ki°;bih—MidifOo. Delaware, dolpb, Jny, Black ford. Aoains and Woli,. Xin'.h—H ja-,ui^!oa, V\ T aba-,h. Miami. Grunt, riiwurdaad Tipiun. Tenth—''Varrea Fountain, cnnoo, Monljjonjsry, li.iou?. ;mJ Ben ion. Eleventh — While, Nowloa.. CiUri, Lake, i'urtor, Pula:ki, Ciir-oll und Siarke. lfLb—Laporto. S;. Joseph, Mar • sbull, Ehihart, and Kot-clus-ko. rtf'emh—Alien, LHfrrange, Steu ben, D,.Kilb, Noble and Whliley. -^D Tna bill Is Sused on lha vote of L892. Upon the bisis of that vote, it gives tha Democrats sev.-a congress. { [jlooe-r resident of Oa?* county having moved ioi.nU county wnb her. huffbxnd frooj P.-ODSJ] vnuin sbout half <i century Mgo. Tuey i-tHlli-d IL Adams townsiiip where Mr Cut.ra.a engtu-ea inf-irmir.g- UBl'.l twwnty- ^eur? ago, j when ibey reruovea to Li'gy.oopijri, 10 Run- j fpend ibo rtmnicijer of i.ouir oays, Mr. Conrwd diidaonut !hv. yuirs a^o lo his 87th jeiir. Bis wldu-v b»d made i;Gr boiuo i-laco wiuii her sou, Win T. OunriiU, Siie has enj >yod fuirly pond botiHh recently and was a'jle lo be out of i.h<j huuse day before yesterday. Saturday afternoon t-he complained Of bring- ill and (.' riiau «"l' #'<i* worse during me uigbt unUI 1 o'clock ibis morning, wbuo she pacted peacefully a* ay. The aUenclr.g ptiyslclaos said her death wiis caused by siom-tcb auti hjai t trouble. Mrs. Conrad wa 3 buioved by all wbo knew her on account of her many good Iralts of unaruoier. Sno was a For Fine inting. You will find the Journal Job* Rooms unsurpassed. Tippe- Clirlon Jasper, Fulton, LETTER HBf\D-S i.NVl NOTE M1:-«DS, STflT&MENTS, S R set 01. You the work. r ti; Oo the JOURNAL fi riONS PROGRAMS. CARD'S, ures and we'll do '•lot-fail to call on- for Jot Printing. men and the Republicans six leist one additional congressional j apportionment bill will be introduced in the House. Repreeenta-ivo Siutes man, chairman of tbo committee on Congressional T-pporUonmeut, will in troduce I:. j eevoieti cliristian r,;d a jneca.oerof tto Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream i. r Tartar Powder. Free . jrom Ammonia, Alup o. ^nv other adulterant 40 YSARS THE STANDARD. fhotlnga serious hurt and rendering- tho doctor Insensible for some lime. Tno man who made tbo villainous ari- stiult was ut once captured, and the prosecuting attorney was telegraphed for. l\iylor's prclimloary bxamina tloo was held at on/'a before 'Squire M W. IClstler, and he was held to answer a cbarg-e ot attempting to com. mil murder, bis bond being tixod tit $ 0!). Taylor was uaunlc lo furnish bond and was brouirnt to Logansport ! «i night and lodged in jail. j It WHS developed at tho examination j that, James Taylor, who is a married rn-tn, employed on tbo Sbarts ditch, it. is siid, has a grudge ag.unst Dr. Burton, tbo man whom ho attacked jio viciously yosiorday. He Is said to have stated In his preliminary examina- tlon that bo struck wiih tho intention of killing Iho unconscious victim, who. U seems, published Iu the Royal Cen tor Uecord several yeurs iigo, wheu he conducted ihtit (jnper, somttblnj: last angered l'^ylor A who has b-en waking to sett.lo tbci score Tno Docior has been prrparin;: to romove from Royal CV.nli.-i' to UnlXin j Guy, and .\osterday wa= tbe time for his public sale, which was in progress when Taylor made tbo assault. The u.-ual crowd was dbout tne place that is found a: suoh sales and It was about 2 o'clock p ra. James Taylor, who Is said to have been drunk, eeems to have deter, mined thai hU tlma for jjetlio;: revenge WHS short, as his intended victim was preparing to leave the n iyh -orhood. He secured a tnachln- Jsi's bummer of tbe ordinary kind, ;fweli:bioi: about twelve ounce; 1 , acid wiih this tte blow was struck The physician on wbnte h?ad de- s^oadcrl tnti co>vardly b'ow. woro a high sutT bat «.rjd it is though! ~oiue of the force > f the bio-v «'H> hr.> | THn bv the he-id piece. Ai il WHS ht- >vx^ reported a? able 10 bn -ibout ni a hours afier the occ Senator. Wlshard's IcjrislaUve ap portlonmont bill which g'tves C*ss and Pulaski a Sanutor. Cass a reoressn tativo and Cass Miami and Wabash a joint representative will probably bo adopted by the caucus and becom tho par'.y measure. The idea of giving the Republicans of CUBS and Miami a represeo'ative always by attaching them to Wabash Is not a had one and if ic could be Carrie! out all over tho State so as to give the minority in every couaty representation it would be highly commendable. Representative) Lous well Is a quiet member but ho has a great deal more Influence than aotne-af tho noi^y members He got oae of the few favorable rnpprts from tbe ju'Uciary committee, over one hundred bills being reponed on adversely to tho dozen favorably. Tho legislature has adopted a new method of procedure, that of weigh* off a measure before instead of after ts pa^ago. Tie innovation is ^a "ood one, und though a great number f bi Ii may not bd ptissed no bad bills vill creep ibrnujjb. Represooist-ive Gregg • of Porier county has invoduced a Sill to amend the law governing trial by jury. It provides that nine may reader a verdict when the jury is composed of twelve mea and live when tbu jury is composed of six men. ' MelhodUt Episcopal cburoh Mrs. Cunnd was in the S7ih year of her age having been bo>n on June 9th ISl.'S. Sbe leaves seven children, and many grandchildren and great- grandchildren. The children sur vivlng arc: John P , of Peru, lad ; John Q., of Hartford City, !nd ; David, of Eiwood, li,d . John T., of Logansport; Mrs. El'Zibeth Skinner of Denver, Irid.: Mrs. Sur°an Smith of Kinsas and Mrs. Margaret Wood of LogHDSpori. The ftnoouDcemeat of tbe funeral will be made lator. VERDICT REVERSED See The Specialists For Clironic and Private Diseases and Deformities Tne AVrdlel Of The Cu»- Clrr.nit Conn Allowing Itr-Urjliun My«r» SS.5UO Set A»iil^. The verdict in the Cans CircuitCourt allowing C. A. ftljers, a bmkeman, *3,500 damages from iho P C. C & S . L railroad fur the loss of an arm. WU.B reversed on F. Iday by the Appellate tourt. Tho case goes lu the lower court with directions to sustain the motion to make tbo complaint more 'pectfic Justice and Lalry aopeared or Myers and Judge N O Rots for he P. C. C. & St. L roilroiid company. s of Women treated by the new elect givei) wonderful i-esulr.s. D 'u't fortte' thiir, r.lieir vapor trpatiuent Trou^iii^H t.-et^ tin- remedies to the diseased evryrhinp; else fails. Call apd invest i^Htc for consultation. rical uiyUioU Mint hac for nil Chronic I-unc; spots and curoe \vhem auy*'uy. It co^tF yoit. Drs. Christoplier & Longenecker, At The Medical andSu. p flicai;insiltuie. 417 Markets* Logan sport. Incf. too the Senator Collou'* ulil 10- make L ing ClltT lire department work Clinton township rottdr comes too to catcO tuaf. veteran Sruman Charles Duak tberg who had just resigued a faithful sie..vardabip at the hospital. * * m A b : ll iotroduced by Representative Kobii.soo provides that if a couaiy snerifT fails to co his duly, the Gov. eraor shall have power to suspend him from oRije aad shall appoint a temporary .-htritT Senator Johuson has introducrd a bill ihe subject of which is iha bust- ness relations of husband atd wife. It provides that a wife who has property iu heroA-n name may enaorse for her hu.sb.ind. Tha -'fted and celery" commlltrO ha? noi .ATI dl>-ciuvrcd a way to please ever>r,ody. U i> nfetiiy ibat acumbl- '.ion nf frenr.d s«.l«ry will be ng^ed on. ".Tli>n and t Rather tban toioi even a part of the excellent performance uf iJcmllle and BoJa.-co'e p!ay, "Men and V\ 7 omen," by Frobman's playtrs, a, Itfgs audience braved the inclemeocy uf the weather furnished by Mucag-er Patterson at the opera, huuse last oljjct. Iu spite uf ice brave tifjris of two stoves ihe nit- was nov percept.ib.y warmer in uii; bouse than tb.it on the street. Tue ac:or= surt'dred ^retitly from ibd coid, aud u U smd that ibe watur h-n'/.a i in the ve:c<e!s In i.h>j drc'Snlat; roumr-. Belwean «cif the tudiujrr, men und womea alike) « L>h nuiub leui and ch.ii - leria^ leetb ^atheruJ »h.>ul the. uvi-r WOrken Sluvea, or Wiilknd u II utlfi ilnwi: for eXrircird Tne about as tuuun riaii M,S I'De swam s..-ieai wm evioi'utiy not In coodltinn ,'ur =i-rvice. '5aleD and'U'omen' 1 .»as ul'i-c ny nimo.-.t the Same cast us in 11. «bii;h aupcartd here In • TOB C'j>tnu BAH. T. I'. ,%. XqliK Tbe celebrated Conioiereinl Travel, ers'bill for Im-r.-h ingeab'e cnl:(-»ge. e c., which was prepared by iheT P. A of A. and whi^b nasieci tho lower house of Congro-s c.n June 10. 189-i, was reported on favorably by the •Senate Cnmmitl^n rm fnu-rstato Com mere* on fan . IU IJiOo. National who WH.^ reo«mly e'ect.i'd chiirman of the Niiional L°glslatli'« cornmittco, hive been working carnr-sUv for its* nRS!in«n by the Sennit! -v t.e!egrnm received from U F Frlck. ditpd in, ,/j.n , 20 'bowr.. that AMAZING SKILL. A Cltjvor . I 4 >oach Jucj^lcrV ^VundcrrnJ} •rc»i wit.li ColiiH. A writer on the etrcct.8 o! wld Pnris. gives in IJlackwood's Maff.ix.iHC the <J&- BCription of a wonderful juggler, wln>^ must, however, have performed tbe- following; trick by .skill rather than by deception. Ue atikc<! the i-ro\v,l for pi>iuii(.'hi, tliar. is, pieces worth two sous; IK- put five or them into l>is right hand. P"iy ocl with, them, tossed them a few t.inio.s in tho- nir, :md ll:en suddenly Hisriy ubcin. straight up to a lioight wli'n-h f.eci:ied. above '\:<; housetops. lie watched thc::i intently, .-us tlicy- j rose, and ;is tliey Uirnoii 3711'' " , to their elT-irts- «.-.-,re succf^ful. Tno j fall, ho <?pcnod.\vit!i Itis It-ft hnud, tftc- k-ft. pocket of his wrjihlnixit. :.i«I Iiekl it. whii'h permits Sarr\t,, ; pR.->eiJ Hie bill ihe.s-iieo' i n i erch HO L'C^i ^'e m'l^KEro ; o norn mcrcia.1 l.r.nvelo'S. T'hn rl:'at.h c'.i.lm of ihn iv'nt-fici.-'ries nf Alfre.i A Monirer. kiil'j'1 r.e^r Lincoln, X^h . i-i H rHllwnv Ji'-o'd'-ni, h'.s been p.ild in full I All member"if Pii-i. '•" «i-^ (-Hrn".i,i v j rcq lf-i-t.fi.) !O rpijorr »ll r.--*'S !.n t|;y i writer open, perhaps two ir.olie.v l)o\vn cume tin: pennk or separated fro::i r:;c-!i what looked like :i i:omnr :-.. !.!•: luoseiy )tl'n:r. ln:t irv c. n:ass. Ihj- at them ii."eiily, n!iii;.ijij.' hi:, body- lor !in'i!!--.T4. S(."!n.'el.v h:id to move hi,-, fcol.: ' unclc sli^-litly, so :is to S(."!n.'el.v h:id t. uinl crash! wnne the pi.lo iniu !i tin: iij.-.'r,::i,- At our ! a^-, rn m iiDp'iln'i-":! lo r ini ruerr-h •-- mit^f fur f P. i-i K i h.- jjnv-j Lti ruin I,-Mcti Toe aouutvi lueeiiuij u^ LD« Tcdiana Lincoln Leujjue will b,- b^.id in Ma- fOuic h*li, lfidinntipoli.-, on Tuesday, FeO. 12,b,.lS9.5, allBrnuon aufl evening, TDB tflcrnoiui region will be oevoted to me eler-.ilo:i uf offijerd. the selection ol district or^duUir.^, ana delegates to the Ndtiunu.1 L-».i!u-i cun- Veniion. After t be burine-S h«= b^^a disposed uf t,ua mie'.ln^- *iil hr; turned into n RdpuoliC'i'i iov'i; 'e«.-i Tne cxecci-e- H.I in^. •'VotJiini; V-iitnro, .\othlnr Have" Rev. Jjon R=id Jr . of Great Falls. Mont .recommended Ely's Cream B.im to~me. I can emobasiza his Btatement: "Ii is a oorittvecure forcaturrh if used as directed —R c v Francis W. Poole, Pastor "C^ot-al Presbyterian Ch-.rch. Helena, Mi nv It is tbe medicine above all others for catarrh, and Is worth iis weight in gold. I can use Eiy'd Cream Balm with safe-.y and it does all that Is claimed for it.—B. W Sherry, Hdrc- 'ord, Conn. Vi-s. poi.iii l look u:;i'' .Hi.-a;:rr. Tl-.o.y stiu h ;<; become soldered in air. nv:,;i :i;;;!i-tOr '•;;. ii i.;;ier by ;.s il they ha'ct There was cvi^ oC Draws tho Line at Stroel Cars. EOCKFORD. 111., Feb. 2.—The police committee of the town council, after a thorough investifration. suspended Officer Hubbanl for t'nirtv da vs. He re' dentlj something- in t?/e manner flinging that made them hold toge After wondering each time at th» astonishing skill of the operation, I aK 1 •n'ays- went on lo wonder what that •waistcoat poclcet could be tnade of, t> sopport such blou-b. The force, tho 1 dexterity and the pi-ecision of thoj throwing—some si.Yty feet high, as weljj aa J could gness—and the unfailing es- ; aptness of the catch were- quite ainaa-] iig. The penn ics \vcnt up a ad"down IB a-n absolutely vertienl line. The Jlo^Pru Iur«n.) Has lasts-; mediciutiliy. in kee with other luxuries. A reoiedy must be pleasantly acceptn^le ir. form, { purely wholes-ou o in composition, truly beneficial in vffecc and entirtJv free from every onjectiouubSe qualitv. If reaily ill he oonsu'ts a physician; if constipated fee uses lie gentle! family laxative Syrup of Figs. ! Send'.or O'Brien iatroduced a bill t-o make a.c enumeration of all men iu jlntr.sna, Hges twenty one or more in every sixth thereafcer. Of iDt- Glee U- : ub •viMiiij^ ges- I iihir^-s on ) - ; ,.et,,:s byj '-li.J n,' each , f use d to stop a street ea"r for Alderman •• o...^rc?s- [ Derwenl. who l\:ul made two nnsuc- LOM Dji^epsia ssldc.m causes death, but permits vtcvtans to llvt- on in m'eery. Hooo's SarsaparUla cures dyspepsia »cd all stomach troubles 3'Hl ihft OO :« Ail R-ioun-n: Glenn Fo'j j Hoi Suriosi •<y the raeet- in cesslnl attempts himself. ' rc.i.urne.; v ?s r. 1 from xodut oi ic»li:inK ISesrlus. OP.LEA>'S, Feb. 2.—Xo>v that the grinding 1 season is over at the mills, the Italians are leaving- Louisiana in larjje numbers and returning- to their homes in Sicily and Italy. Muxt Pay a Homlred Thoaicinil. SA>- FIIJLXCISCO. Feb. 2.—George E. White, the cattle king- of Mendocino county, tvas ordered by the superior court to pay his divorced wife 3100,000 •for her separate estate. :.t:il;ln^ l-p £oM. Tiir.i-- ic regard lo the difficulty of making- up lost time on railways, a writer in Ik. foreign paner says: Thu.s. to take fc case, ten miles to be run ;it .sixty mile*. an hour, avurajre line. supp(..sc the engineer is :; couple of min^fi^ ta.tc he t'oir.es ;o tliis length </f ten which lie gom-rrJly runs i;; ten min- utei. if he rt.-iis it .it sixty-flve an hour. In: i> t.bcn only 'rsahiog I rainuto ic every thirteen miles; acd If [ he runs it at seventy miles =.n hour. li^ i makes up one miuuto in every sevc»- miles. lie is probably' timed to mak> it necessary lo do the ten rafles about, as fast as he ean every day, so .thai trying to gain even a couple of minute* in this length is out of the qnestioo. I Again, if he reiasosi lie speed ten milcv say to fifty, he is iosinfr time at the mn> of one miuutc in every Sve roiJes. Thn^ from a speed of sixty an increase of tcta. miles only griins one minute in evcrj- tevcii miles: but u ik-c-reasc of ten mijli .loses one miauti? In" of cry five mile

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