The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1932
Page 6
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PACK' SIX SATyRDAV, SEPTEM.fiErV 2-i, GRIDIRON HILL RE LIE Wildcats Dash Into Big 10|Piclurc (BRUSHING UP SPORTS f WntRF. 1 F'W. I I sjA^T .''•>' \ OM5/ BY Laufer men: i.:v 1: !i:s'. tvldlivri I:.;".:- .: i-'- i:; >.!'••:• -i >-i ! . r--i v!'! h? s-?.??1 n! i' ! ii?\- !?:•:!. 30. TT n:.-': • i.;.-.-vi •••.:. :-...,, ,*',-. .;-i-> -IA .' - •-'••>*-'' ^•jti'.ufc-vky • . h&$ : -/:,i , m$$&mmjgm i i<^ •,•- -.;-•'• -^;e^$3ilM I.-H, :^i. ! fi ••?::;.<?•.•;>,••'; '••:•,/- ^J^^?$^Mtf ,- /---'• ;:;• -J'tr^ |-:=--':::^f^>^¥: : ^p^ th , hl ..... r ..., ; ..,.:..... - r - •••--•-•• .•-.••-.••^i>j:-'-..-.>,rAV;^;;-.vr;£ . '.•ill c.ntc-'. V"r?. >:-.: nov»ltv *t I!T :'.'.;:!( m"i:us of Jn: .S»a:!iii)i5 r,i)!o Ihe |)J;iyl»x KM <if JJyclu- stadium 111.. N T i:rih\'.r..Uin L'n;wi:;il\'.-, fcutbail "\vil'ic.i;s" E'.iir'.cd their mi),-:„„ him- ''' Of f vr h"*'"* f-"y'1 • ...i.. .= .. in uii>,, I..ILV ., it.uiiu.i,i v. ii-tL.Ji.-i ;..(!!..!..] UJfrlr 1111- Cfhcr n?!iits"l!;I'i P'Alt-'rv:!!!-f-oti; : .-il ' lulr '- 1 l!l1 " 1 ^ v a "'- T "i "ite. Coach Dick Huiilty is sliwii Jn fn:h«siJ5ts v-'hJ hiv I!!'!- ir n" j I'll .ui'chln;: the (c-.itn. C:ijr..iin Pus lU'iiluer is in fruiit of (hu cn:i:ti:n!'.v n <ee dnylimr- =aui?-1 siiijittl, carrviii" (hi- hall. cn::rti:n'.'.v 'o see dayl'me- c.rune , will turn out for the !u>n; b-iC!->. | - TTe. llrli'.lr.!; c'tubii'en;. i fl-O-ili'lllts IUOI!1V.'(1 ll : .-il -.I'l.v.-? (!)•! ll'lyhlr; fl"'d. Ti'.c I:.'; limits -.v: 1 .! siil-.s of «•.•> field. A wr-M" inlh-j" ! -Jk , •••:',1 b? li'oj in nrr>r !ha- :li? In!! i nt nnv to to'.lo-vcd aii'n w- ' (Jj Mcjit. fo-i Still Ills ).'.-";! iii.-iy.™:'.: for two or three !n 5-111? *':?-| t!cv,s ef !!i; co;m'rv n:icl h:is h?rn , the n'.c-ni!'; by \v'-icri a iv.:m!vr o; , ]la , tl , c . cnciiph (o (urn (heir n:h'.?Hc con- ' tests li!O revenue prcciuccrs instead i cf l!\wrs. , • ! The re<po:i<:'' of TVvlhcville bml- the nir??. he New Football Rules . Irtl Is Ilir liny u-bo will teal lliosr ,. „. If ni:s!i oppow niifTlni; In Hie jnia^jn. r.oaci cf lh; coinmi'.tec • CIS-IK r nt New York, Sept. 28, fe 6r.:n?Drin-! the movem:nl. rieclir-j °"'':s c;u;ht to b? even on Ihe oul- fd. Moro than £'50 iv.n .'iiiksrrlbed ' eoine. |K-:-SUSC bu'h Mlow.s Iwar frr t!:? r-,m:l almr*! ov;r-niii:t.-dean like landlords when llv.- ,:»- Mo=t of t!'.r the firm of $10 Imns. fro-ly n- v -n. wore !n in; 1 is Irnporiant. If tlir Cnbs had General Alvin ,.^ ... „. , , - j, *. , — _. L ., i,,,. v^iiu.i Jinu \.II;UL i ill J\l\ 1(1 i uui-iiu L u H il I.IK ill iia VC Lj" rliich th? re:i>mil!fp houe^ to par Cr-.wilP!- they would win the 1 irarld ly laboa. Not tunny yrars back as lncr-?at;d a'.kiidjnco at : nhht EJ!«?S allov.'s. Ho',rev;r. mMt of the parties nu':lns th? loan told Ire rnsimltlce ttal Ihc sni) £cripl!ons io Ihe fund couid be cc-, Cnrrn lion! Esrlcs rall-?r easily, biit that's no tip. after all, b?c-iuse Croivrler hi.-. |)in inonc-y Irom the Scnatovs. fctllj.ill rules-. r.v CUKSTI:H i,. S. NKA Service S|ii'Clal Writer t!:ey will Imv^ on ?lf"ct on the mechanics of football, the in the rules pcrtiilntn^ to (he <'(inipine:it lo t; worn by players fire inilmporhnn from the poliit of view of tli!; spectator. They are. however, extreinrly benedelal in ' p!;iyer. Ihe yninc' .safer for trc h? niies :iliray< have prohibited was .stopped and a player compei:i il to Iak2 oif a steel brace ha ».r. v.'carini; as pro'.ectlan for a wobt'.y knee. The rules ccinmittee hns gc.:ie fnrllier Ibis year in barring sr.rii things. 11 is now noccssary to Ihe nulslde .sii! 1 Iac3s and ovcrlaii nil edges' nf thigh i:uards. s'rin guards and braces wilh fell, loam rubtor or oilier soft substance at leasl (hrct'-ciuhliis of an inch thick. Knee and ellxw pads marls cf any unyielding siitstancc are litr- wise on (lie tau» lis'.. nnd as :i:s rafeEiinrd. all plnyevs tthlrli. in tlu> opinion arc required to wear soft fcn"«'t>ir5 "f- Ilic omclals. i-ntlangers otVi?rj In u 5impl?mental nn!« "on l! i:.ay?rs. Siicli Ihli'.js as too sharply i rule aninsi t^\t\ag of bands cnatl •' ;!. r. a cl i n u Colloges Meet Lesser Foes; Heuclrix Plays Razorbacks. Collegiate football nets lindsnvav in the south today with a numbs:! of Ihc more pionilnenl. team'; sr'.t'J- u!ed (o lake en bsser oprion;nl5 in the usual easy reason opinors. Probably Hie oiits'.an-Jin 1 ,' Br!dir:n eonlllci in thc south is (he m-»t- I«B of L. S. U. and TIXH, Christian (Jnlverslly. LDiiisiana 3tal3, nninber of the Southern confer-' once, is coached ihis year by "Dlfr" •/cues, former Army" niciuor an^ many 1,. s. U. followers oxujci I'im lo pull (he Tigeis oul of thr «eon:l rai; divUion. However, ihc rigors are taking on iwwerful "ir- lv season foes in Ihe T C " U Frogs. Thc game will be played ai Baton Koiigc tonight. ! Olher came, nnd South Caro- ina ineeling Scwance ami Kentucky (akin.; on Virginia Mllitary Instiluk at Lexington. In t«-o con- frrence Raines. Tennessee, one of the so-ealbd "is Pour." plays Chaltanooga University Vanderbilt meets Mercer and Alabama will rnfcrlain Southwestern. The fourth member of f-- week FS> " r '" Tl " nno ' is M1 ° lh 's Oiike takes on Davidson and North Carolina piny., wake Forest In this state, Ihe HenJrlx Bull- IORS boastlnc an ajgresslvc but "gin leant. «-ill journey to Fay- cttcvllle where they meat the University 0 J Arkansas Razorbacks. Riley Is Still Great Name at Nortliwestern COACH C ViO C\f&3, KA C J IN 9 vtfRvo SEWES/ / - S&Mt KUMRER- // . A& BABE IN 19015, 1908 AMD 1903 V SH&RED SERES GO FROM l9?-lT&i916HE 'foe YANKEES . PENNANTS ft? PECLf^EDTfiE W.MMER tUHEM " " 1 r . "•iyr.-J ^ Vi " flfti$' %v^ , <? |X):n;pcl c!ca!s. niclal lirares and otlii-r ['.ear which inK'hi inCllrt in- jiiry t" nn o;ip=:ienl If he came In wilh Ihcm have b?ou slrict- , * .-,->. cue of the major games of thc country are requested lo report any hair' or wrist banda-jes worn by a player who lias been Injured. These, of caur.~e. are p?niiiUed. NKXT: Tlic "cleatl ball" rule. Yarkees have rnly on- a -biise on bnlls. ^t'^of «nU a dl"-«™rl",'ton Ai ' - °? ft *»' "">' B "™ lton l ° MlC '"'" *'»" »'»lVbl,v J,,,,rs i™ Uj|.^ 1O1 b.LIALl i.llCl. t J.lll ILUllOlll . t*ll-'l.>: ir-.i.m n,.^ 1 .1.-. n drivj for small diver', caiiiritii.. cl from o:;; (o five c'olbn alii .5 Ths fust nijlit came here next j! ( '| M] | t] week is to b3 advertised through- j ir,.;/!, -,, ( on: northeast Arkansas an:! soul!> I .,,(•', „"_! ccminiflce sponsorln- tiiijhl fcasasl!' mid high school at''.?:. ' ! If you ivanl lo lie up some nion?y 1 fnr :\ nic,. I ( ,IHT haul, brl lhal the (ilann rtn iint win ihc ; ^.nmni ! nr%( year rr Hie upvt. Illy (nilfll is a very l;irFc ami . e i , Tt ( ..... n rlic'r of baloiifv. Bnhliv in- •n''i il hrln-rltw I ^ lr " 1 ' 1 "** --hot a fifl at Five Farms. '(jyfinJ I,, th ' illsrvtin ff nv e lilrdles over IS hnles. Hrn^ t !i™ ! nHyj b( ^ C ' !or '!"**" G ) IS s ™™- s™:;'vllb hap- ..^ ,„' 0 , n " or '.^ fi;.;^ 11 ,;^ l?s nnd IMI'I c?niin7 b.T-.k-. 'ri;r? irn-'iiprs have found n ni-w n-iv M e^rnliat. th" flv!n<T tackle, which is lo !piy> |-inh. with less wide nrirt. to:, your [lyinc IneV.'i'r siil on ![ Oilli^D jip'n | r " s " nri - EnapB ir p IJIili'ir si Is r '1 • ''"'"^ v -' ): ° m:f |!i; 5ii ° ri KIC! ° r Jl IJUEHiliLli Ul U -a \xi do no! Vavc :o be old the «,,.„_ ... . . ^. . _ ..' Ciihf HIT likclv wlnnrrs. L-ernus? C , .ibij to r! . t bi-.cic In time !:r i scries nt nil. S i r-l- l I Speakirii; in rc:tb?ll. tl'.c Navv nnrJors and Lunch!i s -,he hcs: ..hon-mri \y. or ih'- Second Place in Amcvi-;^"™ lnl ^^ ^i^Lu" S can League Race. Tre A:!ihtte made certain o! Eecord p'.ace money in fn Aiv.-ri-i rrr cm leariK-" rare bv fceaHiM: the 1 tfc , .;'r si on throisi'h 1 .' /,si:-o:' Tim idm 'ni~i)ib!v '" In- W. L. Pel. Chicago c? K .58-' nrnoklyn '. 80 71 .530 -EVANSTON. Ill—Mr—Printff. =ei) the name niley handy lo fill tackle position i» [\ K Ncrihw-st- rn University football lineup Jack niley, All-America tackle in 1931, played three years on the Purple forward line and graduated last Jims. In trat time, he was the regular tackle. _ Bill Rilcy. Jack's 226-pound brother. 15 on hand this fall Evry'"-" frcm Coach Dick Hnnley ^> (he smallest sororliy n!ed"e s Bill to nn Jack's shoes, ' ~ -ill. Is starring in the line of WUineTfc™" h '? h Sd " >0t team at Kill grathtates. Philadelphia Uoston St. Louis ... New York . Cincinnati 17 K .513 7<i 7C .500 71 en Alt) 00 81 .-150 59 93 .383 Tay Jir> attention In nirm-for-man • nf (lie Cub'! and Yaii-!,.f { \ v [, nm? •.'r ivrltrrs r.rr l:vi! j>:-l :_._.. Kieh of Ms'mphis, 13-12 • JONFSBOT70. Ark.—Thr. fortball '"'am of .lor'slnro liiuli c:H-n-'il '!••• s'e.ison hiu- vesicrday In- d,-.- feaiinr Himc.s hi»h of Mc-nphis. lo (O 12. Hr.iclili' Pmiti.i. rriifntlcin! .!oncs- Lr:o^ tack. rac.-il 40 yards fur oiv i:i the Thr; Athle'.ics 'Acn rv:r t'i'.e 5:-"- af,rs 8 to 4 with Mihaff'y !n thr vdnnir.7 »;!•> .".nfl Mw.e H'j.ivor r!:e lcr?r. Jiir.un 1 FONV filler In Vit r hcne.?r and !- r':!l fv ;r b-'.i'.:-.'! niS Buth's rrrori ;•:' pn ,-•.-.;- .;., -.TIT Kaas. E:r,iir.c:i5 .?nd Kui::^ did hi: (3r the circuit. , T.h" Ynnkecs. ' American :e.i<:ir S.ix. Thr ,?rorc v,->.s 3 n 0. w.iV-.- blo?:;. Klins was ir.? !r.Fln^r pitcl'.e" Detroit's Tijer; del??:—| ti-? S' Louis Bro'.vi'.'; tv.i:,- ji re'.roit' Thr rcorcs wor" 0 to 5 and ]•? ti n. nin» hnrbrs. Dr.!'- al!r-,-r:l the BroTrns nu! four h"s in th» firs' game a:>d \Vhiteh!n ;-. t thorn"do-.M- wi'h thr-? i :! t'i-> f>- r ,:l. The Cljvcljnfi li-,3i->r.-, c'e.'ei:.-': :'ne Cricsfjo \Vhll? Sex 13 ts B r.: Oievelar.d. Bo;h teams u>:d a number or ror.kir-f. Ferr:;- v. i .i<' th? viu- nir.r pitcher. Vcsmik hit for t!r clreuit. The St. Laii:s Cr.rdinak b-et t'v Pittsburgh Pirates a;, si. Ixv.;i-.. Tlv seorc was 8 to 4. Derringer u- as t!i- irinnlng fcurbr and Chamnn v..-\! the lo-er. Paul \v,iner of I'itislr.irir: fet a nc\v le-a'jue rrcorrl'fs- tTo bav; hiis. driving out h:s fil^' double cf thc r=j5:m. bc::c- ; -Chuck Khin'.s 1930 nisrk of 53. They are .'.iyin~ a your.',- nnn j rasi'd Cbr!-: all! do bi-: (i)i:i :s In i tile 13art!iioiiiii kjrkflX^ "-rs y-.-\r. i O'-;.> KtrT. M : ."!.i'lil !!'•(: Nrvr:V>.-i es mos; iikeiv l!i-;'T.-n -.vlnn-r?.. nut li-.c si'.ort-ri::! boys -,v:i:i like j;: nr.d Iniliana ai\".j'[ ^i' New Vcrk .. Philadelphia . Cleveland ... Detroit St. Louis Chicago n.i.ston W. [, I'ct. . 10G •!•; .007 .. !H 51 .S18 . . 01 Gl .553 .. «> M 573 ..74 74 .550 -. OS 83 .111 .. -18 101 322 .. 42 110 .:!'/G N'aliollal Lc:lj;tie Pilisburpli ;ii St. Louis. Cincinnati a: Chicago. Ussion a: iiro:klyn. Philadelphia at New York. ..„! toiiiS nmr>, fv,n\c. Hoys There is not a grcai deal of news cr color in Ihe^lin?. "CnenrE Onl.-r S:irr Workrit." nnrl this ti:i .s ofTere:l lo spirt.' copv deMis the rH cf SD:I:,- r! his :ii7h-p,-:red s;i" Thr re.i-cn i= irn:. lo nnke iR.v.:«y in ?!:llly. it i-ikts oilier a yon- '' ' ' TODAY'S GAMES American [.caguc St. Louis at Detroit (two). Chicago at Cleveland. New York at Boston. TVushineton At Philnrt«lphla, Kijtcs Slcrlirirnn is one of tlir few baltrrs in baseball n*? have ro "numbrr" borjii-v lie c.m hit i-iirvc^. hunl ones, sinkers r.r s|ii(Iff!-'- He is a late hillrr <m somi n'lcliKr. and an early hitlrr 01 cllitr>. rlriw-iiiliiir imon ihr ti.ilun r f Ihc deliveries. Watch him bj- ?i»nin- Scpl. 2S. • I * T'T f r ' T f teen fin-ally exag.-reraier 1 . ai-.^ is a ciilward shew. H: has a bi o! ro:i: my cioar p.^Qp^c 1 . Uhat to pitcii to Kulb? 1"nc Cubs have a creat fiKhling ma.j in Mark Kociilg." former Van- kee, who will give thc Cub pitchers lo!s of pood advice on tho^ Yankee hatters. AsWni Samo fit <h? NKA Service Writer About thc only time n nmtoiist vos any at'.eniion lo (!:c muf- "••'!' of his is when he is dis- urUrd no:n his peaceful driving iv a combined hiss nnd r'alter Then he is apt lo ullrr a few choice exnletivcs nnt! remeii him- "rif to buvlni: a n^vv A failins muffler isn't o:iiy ;rc.;i- • f hi itself, bill it can" cause unite a few Ills in other j-.irls of thc car. - • * The Job of the muffler :s to rrirli-n til" rc'md rrontcr- 1-v (, v . n'osioiis in the cvlinders To do 'his It Is constructed of n v.i^tal Inside of which are bafflrs rcn- rrallv made cf asbestos tr> wlth- ''an^ U..P f-^nt of exhale: i:a<;es After a few j^ars o[ i;;r Hie muffler narls become covered with crime .dirt and corrosion, and from this condition comes "back pressure." which is lh.? ciuife of several evils. As back jjrcwiirc Ihe cvhaust i;ascs. beiive for.od frci tlic cvlindcrs by pressm . of tl explosions and work of thc pis- Ions, meet tli(- rcsi*tanrr> of Ihe ,: , m ,| f | lcr n ,, rt m . lkc , (h(i J)ls _ irk liard'r. is bound to cm thc effl- of the cncine. The positions, already laxorl to a decree of their powr. arc sub>:clert lo nnother load never Intended f or es Ic.^ of rm'^er and Inenaslni Knsollnc consuiiiullon. Lookouts Take Lead in Dixie Ball Series . CKATANOOCA. Tcnn. _ The Chaltanooga Lcokouts defeated Ins Expom-rs 3 to 2 in Ihc third game of the Dixie scries and took the iesrt uvo' games to one. Alex McColl finished the game after relieving Pettit, nnd was credited with his second victory of the series. Schoolboy Rowe was the losing hurler. . oo=y. BOSTON (UP) _ Charles E S one 87. has been utnylmj the fife for 17 years and boasts that he can play 260 limes looking at the nittsic. without COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Adm.—MniiTiec and Night—, 10 and 35c Sec Maurice Chevalier in love Me Tonight' with Jeunette McDonald With Chevalier Sonj; Hits—"Isn't It Romantic?", "Tin An Apache", "Mimi". Another result of back pressure ^' lc ^!>st also Includes Char- Mam" Crra - C<1 tlc "" i '" > tcm i'" r! "'ire-[ lcs RiiRgles, Charles lUittcr- •erh;ntcd engines in summer have only the mnftler to b'.ame The heavier thr put on tile engine, the higher Us operailnij '-iiilioratiirc becomes. Tliis cor.dl- lion Is often a?gravaled by back pressure. wJiich DU| S an adrjilfrranl :nad on (he cncine. T^Vo:i»h Ihis influence of n, faulty in'.iffler valves n::i holler too, resulting In warp.:gc .i.-id tcak- aro lone before Ihcsc cor.diticns would ordinarily occur. This makes for rapid accumulation of carbon In thc cylinders which, in lurn. adds to Ihc dcnnsil of rarbo-i and other dirt in the muffler. M - vni:l Comedy—"Too Many Women" with The Boy Friends. Latest Paramount Xows HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Aclm, Mntiuee and 10 nnd 25c Irns w rim A faulty muffler makes ibelf known by the noise and i.illl • it ren?r:ilcs Uself. or an Inrrenwl cnsir.e noise which it foils io cut i down, if ihi,; condition ts piTscat (he n-.o(cri«t would do well to I clean o'K lh c muffler or H i replaced. 1 ! AUhoiifh it Is iiecowarv to re-1 move the iniilflcr to clc.m u satisfactorily, Ihc ]ob can be done temporarily by lapji-n.. t], c si^s ., . TT ... lightly wilh a Inuurer or nnllpt ' ^ olnc( '- v IIllVIT Cull ^Ylll This lapjiing will foicr the nrcn-1 ('hie Side. ninlatrd dirl down into the ptvs-. ape of thc muffler, where it will And CnvtoOll. bo forced oal by (he cscapim- ris- . See States Attorney' with John Rarryinore . iJ ftMEPje.Mvl LE6iO> L 1EM \UCM {\ (JfrfrttR OSfc-SiDEP FROM IliE FlPCMEli'S TEftM AT- • LitT, N&iJ YoRK-TiE SCcRE -,. BELIEVED T& BE A USELESSJNFOfcAWioS " .. .. RECEIVED 6«i Ort BALLO fti ONE SEASoti, ; A. te ~ Shawnee in Tie Game With Crawfordsville BASSETT, Ark.—The Shawiue high school Indians and the Crmv- lordsville high school foolliall team played to a scoreless tie h?re Friday afternoon in the season's flrst giime for the local eleven. Handicapped by the absence frorh the lineup of the regular fullback and tsuarlerliack. out because .of j the ball both limes on j Shawnee plays at Paragould next Friday, where another hard game Is expected. ARCADIA, Pla. (UP)-of baby alligators to send over thc country to boys, desiring them has teen delayed by recent heavy rains. George End, who undertook to fill an order for 500 for a hoys' magazine, has been able to secure a little more than 350. Semhv Indians are helping him. The HAPPYaEfNDING ... By Jimmy I DONT SEE HOW THEY 00 it, MARGARET, JIM GETS THE SAME SALARY I DO-YET THEY SAVE MORE MONEY AND LIVE BETTEU TOO WE'VE HAD A LOVELY V TIME, SALLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING MARGARET? OH.'IASKEDSftUy HOW SHE AND JIM MADE OUT SO WELL SHE TOLD ME IT WAS ORGANIZED BUYING ANBTOLD ME . I'M TRYING WELL, HARRY, WE'VE SAVED TWO HUNDRED EXTRA DOLLARS IN THE LAST YEAR AND BOUGHT LOTS OF THINGS WE DID NT THINK WE COULD AFFORD BEHRE BET, MARGARET THAT ORGANIZED BUYING IS FINF. BUSINESS ¥ I'S simple. First, of cninsc. comes (he planning of ;i -•• sini|ilc. hvKiffet. Then take this copy of (his paper iind look carefully through thc ads to fmil Ihe items (hat you nccrl at (he prices that fit your budget. Fill your wants every day by rending thc advertisements in this paper (o lialunce your" budget before you go out to buy instead of l,nyin K thc things you want and then seeing if your budget balances . . . this is organized buying and will give you more things for less money; less effort. The COURIER NEWS THE HOME NEWSPAPER -,.?

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