Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 4, 1964 · Page 11
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 11

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1964
Page 11
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146 Wfo.JJBC. A en CSmtfidnbm (Remit), ihe dm of ih§ esar to dfigtas ef the movement «N thoroughly deeded, ftieltid- ing films dating back to 1505, OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Hew Vorfc previews h? today}* - , , - ,, ' ; •; | 4 ; i , , , Each stage of aittifrtuhisffi ti drifted by a study of the ftaifl * personality" Mvolved*, ItM tt&tt to Khnjsehev, and a fine example of ho^ tele vision can be a responsible mass B6TTEEPAS3 medium, Kebert Abernathy fiat- He pretends to be a general while the real officer Is winning the., waf with a, sneak invasion. BEETLE BAILEY AJWWSfcf A* jgit rayi of them nlfet or change ou^iiiu Th««'*ftyi and lie jtut beyond llie v They u« wrr$f I)M po . m them, Mutibafeeb tiewultoitiolrt wy$ »6a; Wfteeit mmuies of exposing ait uniamtedsyitteMtf'ht iunllftlit will SHE'LL MP. PIPHOU.Y-TELLVOU WE RULES? i —. RULES?: . 1E'S1O.8BH6IWB Bf AMPNI6HT? UH...AM i TOO EARLY, Mf?.KA<5LE? H5 LONG MSSfff?// FOU.QWM&-BUT veny took at ihe diagram. In th? ouietmoil of ejttftV IWo'kycti, fte eptdctmfjj'Bre ntv'orltit ofspWal cdUttlItd'Atl»iiBeyt«.< thae «i prolecUoar-vp to id^idwhich fij3fl-tj30 Ml, NBC, MR* NO* vak. "Hello, Miss Phipcst" (to run). An faterestlfll though not always successful drama chock lull of synthetic heart as Lil< Han Glsh plays a controversial teacher who numbers sex education among her subjects, Abounding in .earnestness,' the script falls to ignite dramatically despite -its incursions into such worthy' 'areas as sex and academia freedom. .There's a lot of Dean'Japer-in; this one and that'S'.a .big-help:, «:3<Wj8d P.M. ABC, COMBAT. "Command."' (Rertm)Y'A rather familiar theme for war stories, the 'responsibilities of command. Joseph Campanella guests as a replacement lieutenant, a professional soldier concerned with getting the job'done, right and devil take his personal popularity. Also; -he's got problems. Campanella handles the role nicely: '' . " 7:30-8 P.M. ABC.<.MORALE'S Nayy. 1 "The Great Impersonation." (Rerun). If it; .weren't'for the fact thatv this is funny and entertaining,' it might well have served as a plot for "Espionage" -or did it? It's Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn)'vs.-Ensign Parker (Tira Conway), but for a change'Park- er is being victimized for performing a heroic service. Conway.gets a/chance to fulfill every ^ actor's-apparently fulfill- able dream — he plays a dual role. 8-8J30 P.M. CBS. PETTICOAT Junction. .(Renin), Not ,many laughs here, •Uncle Joe (Edgar Buchanan), finally "hit's on a scheme that has possibilities: Hu gets an appointment as justice of the peace and the coupled he marries will use the hotel for, their honeymoon." But there's trouble after his first marriage when it's learned his appointment hasn't yet been legally recorded. The distressed young riewlywe'ds are Judce Morton and, Jonathan Beeman. 8-9 P.M. ABC. Show on Earth, Sawdust and a Bucket of (Tears." (Rerun),.;' ,' .;-V '/ • Arthur .O'Conriell, who In real life looks, like the son of almost every character he plays TV, does his usual fine job in his role of'an'old man on the verge'of being overwhelmed by life • - In this one, he plays Johnny Slate's (Jack Palance's) father who comes.between Johnny and his big romance. Who would you take •— Old Arthur O'Connell or young, luscious Julie New- mar? GREATEST "Of Blood, !••»••••>••*•*••»»»*»•••••••••••••****••»•••• TONIGHT AND TOMORROW «••••••*••*«« ••••••••••••(••••••••••MMHMKHMR Ml (Presented as a public service by the Lake Charles American Press which is not responsible for unannounced changes by stations or similar program inaccuracies.) Channels — \VBRZ-TV Baton Rouge 2, KATC-TV Lafayette 3 ( KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB- TV. Alexandria V KFDM j '-TV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Charles 7, KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. TUESDAY EVENING 6;00—Sports, 2, 3 News, 4, 5, 7, 10. 12, 3 6:10~Weather, 2, 7,10 6;15-Sports, 7 Weather, 6 Sports, 10 News, 12, 5, a 6:20—Report, 7 News, 6 6;?5-.Weatber, 5, W Weather, 4 6:3<WMr, Novak, 4, 7,.J Corobet, s, n The Rifleman, JO Deputy, 6 7:<XMiigb Adventure, 5, 10 7;3(MiJoment of Few, 4, 7 Naked City, 2 McHale'8 Navy, 3,12 8:00-Richard Poone, 4, 7 Petticoat Junction, 8,10 Greatest Show on Earth, 3,12,-2 9:'oo-~Meredith Wilson, 10 Enco Report, 4, 2, 7 The Fugitive, 3,12 10:00-Night Desk, J News, 4, 0,10,12, 3 Weather, 7 7 i 6, 12, 3 5 Alfred Hitchcock, 6 Sports, 10 Tonight, 7 News, 4,3 10:2CUGandi4 Camera, 10 "Operation Pacific," Face," 10 WEPNESDAV DAYTIME 10 10 6:55-Farm Report. 7 7-QO-T<ri«y, ?, i ? 4 7 Outlook, }Q f J8yho«se t i i«tor, 7 7;?(WUnclaWiJiie 1 5Club 1 6 12 w Search for Tomorrow, 6, io Truth or Consequences, 2,4,7 1-,55-NBC News, 2. 4, 7 12:00-Mldday in La., 2 Romper Room, 7 Midday Report, 3. Famous-Play House, 6 "Dillinger," 12 Meet \our Neighbor, 10 TV Bingo, 4 12:30-Life Uue, S The World Turns, 6, 10 Let's Make A Deal, 2,4,7 Ann LeJeune Show, 3 12:55-NeW3, 12 1:00—Password, 6, 10 ,. Bingoes •Lpretta Young, 2, 4, 7 l;2§-News, 2, 4, 5, 7 1:30—The Doctors, 2, 4, 5, 7 Houseparty, 6, 10 Day in Court, 3, 12 1:55—News, 12 2:00-To Tell the Truth, 6,10 Another World, 2, 4, 7 General Hospital, 3,12 2:2&-News, 6,10 2:SO~Edge of Night, 6,10 You Don't Say, 2, 5, 7, 4 Queen for a Day, 3,12 3:QOVThe Match Game, 2, 4,5, 7 Secret Storm, 6, 10 Trailmaster, 3, 12 S;2fr-News, a, 4,7 3:30—Amos & Andy, 10 TV BJngo, 4 Bayou Fair, 7 4; OQ—Movie, 2 Circle 4 Club, 4 Family Theatre, 10 Happy How, 13 The Big Show, 3 Kartoon papers, 7 5;(XW5uper Car, 7 Uave It to Bgaver, 6 Yogi Bear, 4 §:30~HuuUey Brtakley, 2,4, 5, News. 6, 10 5:45-ABC Report, 3 lady Bird To Dedicafe Dam/nWesf WASHINGTON (AP) - Mrs. aden 8, Johago4 hjeads west ne*| week $>» a ftiree-state tour to dedicate the billion-dollar Flaming Gprge Dam along the UtsfcWyiwJBl %<fer m te look it Jack ?y.* . _ . , Make Room for Dados fl^w *' "H" " T^W^WS" ipv™ TP ""flPTy IF if W:aM3ooceotraticw 2, 4, 7 Get tLe Message. 3. •!*"_•'' ^B^f iHBSBSHPWBB ^ *V Tbe Wbite House said Mrs. Johnson would stay at Ja SfsretoR? «l fte fe> , I, i, 7 Gladys, 6, 10 3, 12 ^* "*^s F^t^er Knows Best, ?, 12 The came idiho cwnee from the ww . IIS fat JUST CANT IMAGINE THE CREATOR OF A HUMOR CARTOON LIKE 'SAWDUST' BEING MIXEP UP IN 'A ' MURDER/ SAyS LIZZ. WHATOETSME ._ .._ FOUR MEN DOING : POTS. JUST ALL, WE GO OUT AND VISIT THE 'SAWDUST' PACTORV AGAIN?" ASKS TRACX ™-WV ,Wr>-r-P"c:A\/ l c «=A • SOMEBODY AT THE SAWDUST* STUDIO IS LYING ANP I THINK LOOK «r'EMI TH' LITTLE ONES START OUT WITH FUR COATS! MO WQNQEI? THSV'Rg 60 PROUD AN' SASSY WHERE Y'S'POSE THEYVB BEEN ALLTHI9 TIME* OUST MIOIN'OUT TIU.THEV WERE SURE TH' DUST HAD SETTLED 'ROUND HERE"? APPftREHTLY ' TH6V HAD A LOTTO TAKE CARE OF! c«re SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS! IF PEOPLE WERE AS INDEPENDENT WOULDN'T IT BE NICE 1 ? GEE! WHEM THOSE MEAN CITY KIDS GAVE JACK AN'JILL SUCH A. BAD TIME QN FOURTH Q', JULY. I WAS SURE THEY;D LEFT HSRE FOR KEEPSh WE CX3ULDNT HAVE BLAMED THEM MUCH. IF THEY HAD I SHE AND MELISSA SAW THE WEDPING ANNOUNCEMENT YOUR FATHER PLACEP AND BELIEVED IT/ THEY BECAME t FURIOUS BECAUSE I HAP NOT MENTIONED ANYTHING TO THEM...AND THEY HAP TO READ ABOUT IT/ EVERY SO OFTEN SHE GETS UPSET WITH ME ANDDECIPE5TQQUIT/ DIDITEVeROCCURTOYOU •THAT THIS TIMETUNE MftV BE SERIOUS. •THAT SHE DOES INTEND TO LEAVE YOUR OFFICE? EXACTLY WHY HAS JUNE GALE GIVEN YOU TWO WEEKS'NOTICE? REX MORGAN, M,D, WHIUE &m i?i§wNce AWAY.,, VIOAS&WITH LAMPING PAWN,ANP A THAI UNIT ORDERS TO FINP BRASS HAT IN ^g?M9 TO THINK 1$ IN (JSSfe KERRY DRAKE 5MI4IN* JACK the tillra.'violet *ayi.'and so,*..._ point'Stay la jflie^w Joo long ka4_*« "A ^fe J? 1 ***^* ** •**• f ncbmfoilMA'lightsunlbum •will do ttfle dtgtig^ tut too much may catuc great dlicottfortAnd even icilous Illness. , > 'fi-4 ' - ' - » • • , - ,' , ,, FOR YOtT TO DOt The tttxt Umejou start mnntag with i'wn- ; tan.i«l skin, remember these JUntss Tan mow than.Is mlnuie, In the ma at ttrit. Useasuntau JoUon. And wear .unglasiM.' 4 i - — — -.— "•-*» <^ ( -w»(| (I uuc t\S\lfX T C !l!S P ^ - ,| 1UllWt * tiI ?*?« P^««»0r »ltti4 WWB ».,or u... qnesUoa. M«U youn oa^jiojicttid (oJunlor Muuxtn eaVe.of this """""•- ' may viria^e weekly grand prize of Compton'i Pictured !•*•••••»•• ••••••••((•MRWBMIItlHIl f »••«•••••«• III GOREN ON BRIDGE BY, CHARLES W, fiOBUN; t TO IfUi tl Th* Chltojo Ttlbun.I '• • East-West vulnerable, West deals. NORTft 410432-' V None • 0 5.3 -,. 4.KQJ9764 WEST 'OA8842 0KQ7 •fi None * 10 3 2 SOUTH- 4AQ878 0 J109 + A85 ; The biding ;;,.,,,,„ West North -•" E»?t' ' 44 '".4;s> 5* 59 Pass """Tiss^B* Pass Pass 6^ Double Pass J'BUS PBM South was presented with a golden opportunity to bo a hero in today's .hand; however, he twice muffed his chance and tlowtatjng the result ,_ ,,. swing against him. West opened the bidding with one heart and North'prwiopt* 1 ed (9 four clubs since Jila band contained considerable playing strength, and very little de/> fenjlve merit. East possessed an opening bid In heart* hinr self'but bad to be content with offering a competitive rsiw to four bearta, gotith's decision to, inter the proceedings was sound; but his choice of calls revealed a lack of foresight, It should have been obvious mat the opponents would c»rry OD the coyest. If they eventually outbid North and South on the deal, it becomes vital to alert jyrtner to the best do* lease, South should bid four spade*, since this is the lead he most desires North to make. If South geta doubled, he hajs the option of beating a hasty retreat io five dubs; and his <>rtfei» r %** - . -T „ , - - ' 6 fo *S| "When' South «hose to raise-, ~|?« clubs 'directly/ West'competed to five hearts. At this point, it became imperative for South to get in bis "lead director".in spfldos, inasmuch as the potential swing on' the deal was about to assume epic propqr- 'tlons. Instead;, he-persisted I S" , passed ..the, next dec]' , sion back" t6' his "partner 'arid*'* when East bid six hearts South' doubled. This was a'doubtful choice; since he had failed to show his spades, it would have been more discreet" on South'* ' port to pass, permitting North to sacrlfic«>^«^6e ; yen club's,".,; Such: a c o m m I tnj."e n t wpuWp; bave'incurred a jrfere' two trick penalty provided, that East opens a diamond. ' ' Against six, hearts, North was'aware, that his partner desired an unusual lead, for the , double of a slam bid is a conventional device employed" to , call off, the normal opening' , ••A. 1.1.1. I— il.i.i*' ^-._- t. r A t j .whlclj ,&) thMcase would be club,' ^UntolUjuiMitely . for k sidej North "decided:, (o lead c; diamond, and Wfst'ih«lked tw', an ov*rtrick»-eventuaUy dis-" carding East's* spades* on his long diamonds after trumps were drawn. The total loss to North and was an astronomic*! 1,860 points. There is no telling Jjow-g have bten bid 'four Souttf ., . have raised theVutt and the final contract might well havt" been a sacrifice of six spades. V West guesses to lead a dia* : mofld., South will pay a paltry penalty of one hundred points, .. If West, leads a heart, bow. ever, South will taka aU th« tricks lor after taking the- spade finesst be vw discard bis tosers on North's clubs. The potential Awiog. on the deal was IQ excess of 3,000 points. To Plage Your "WANT AD 1 ' Dial Hi 9.2781 SIM rrlmi ?HQTQ COPY MAP ." « vas a greet- TOMORROW! '^1 SEAFOOD IMPt fihHmn BdmQIlt 'WIHr^iflSpR IPffllHWSWW i^i Quality

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