The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on December 8, 1960 · Page 6
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 6

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1960
Page 6
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Plains Look at Health Picture Thursday, December 8, 1960 Amarillo Globe-Timcj *+++*++****+**+*++*++*++*+ By MARY TOM RASCO Glotw-Tlmes Stoff Writer Disturbed over the fact that no appreciable improvement had been noted in the last 20 years in the infant mortality and morbidity rate in the United States, the American Medical Association's Committee on Maternal and Child Care recently recommended that a pilot program be set up to study the problem. To gather* previously unknown date, which might bring: about a reduction in infant mortality and morbidity, the American Medical Research Foundation has agreed to sponsor a $25,000 program in JOO hospitals in the country to provide information on the births of 100,000 babies. (A five-year program involving 1 one million births a year is planned to follow this pilot study.) Such information will be gathered, without cost to the hospitals participating in (he study and will be processed fay Sperry Band Corp, The statistical summations will be returned to the hospitals and to state and county medical committees for analysis and study. Hospitals chosen to participate in the study represent a variety of types and geographical locations. All must meet five basic requirements. They must be accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, have 500 or more deliveries a year, have an active perinatal committee, maintain a delivery room log book and have a record room librarian. Northwest Texas has been selected as one of the 100 hospitals in the nation to participate in the study. Interest on the part of the staff may have been one of the deciding factors in the selection of Northwest Texas. Four Amarillo physicians, two from the city itself and two from the, Amarillo Air Force Base Hospital, attended the meeting of the AMA's Maternal and Child Care Committee at which the study was recommended. Only one other Texas physician went to Denver for the committee session. «· » « One set of infant mortality figures which will be unavailable to Northwest Texas Hospital, or any of' the other 100 participating hospitals for that matter, and one which is of grave concern to ethical physicians, is the number of infants who die each year as a result of criminal abortions. Only occasionally is the public aware of such infant deaths--and that is when a mother dies as a result of self-induced abortion or when a criminal abortionist is caught because of a death or severe illness which is a direct result of his, or her, activities. No one .knows the actual number of criminal abortions which are performed in the United States each year. Estimates run into the hundreds of thousands. They are much more common in Amarillo than we realize, Although physicians serioasly are concerced with the moral aspect of illegal operations to abort a baby--which many say is actually murder as life begins tae moment conception occurs--it is'the. health hazard of their women patients with which they are more vitally eoacernecL They say that most women do not realize the tremendous dangers of criminal abortions. For every patient who dies, thousands may be left permanently unable to reproduce children or otherwise physically disabled as a result of infection. It is a rare abortion, indeed, which is conducted under sterile conditions. Physicians also are" concerned with emtional problems women I have as a result of an abortion. They say most women develop terrific.guilt complexes as a result of their actions. Strangely enough, physicians. believe more married than single women have criminal abortions. curs continually, annual immunization has been recommended. Most who seem to be willing to take the risk -- without fully ^on realizing the hazards married women who either want! no children at all or who they "The American Heart Associa- the National Heart In- tberefore, to facts to the attention of all _ _ n addiion, it is ready have all of the children!urged that persons with cardio- want I vascular disease consult their disturbing to somej p . : Amarillo physicians who have! 01 . . . been confronted with the prob-| vaccmatlon % . , lern is the idea that has arisen j t ., . ,^ . that criminal abortion is a sim-j Heart *auure Is a tn^jienin,, pie matter and that it is even!term when it is misunderstood. a "do-it-yourself" job. ! Actually it does not necessarily About the only recourse phys-'raean that the heart stops beat- icians have in cases such "as i ing- A failing heart may continue this is to warn women about j to work but less emaently than the terrible dangers of abortion, j ^ should. ^ ^ i Mecucal Science nas round ways A joint s t a t e m e n t urging! to strengthen the heart .and to routine vaccination against in-j^P patients control tfteir heart fluenza for persons with heart | ia ^ ure - SMSU* ,SUssSi ^ a *. Heart disclosed by Dr. Leroy E. Burney, surgeon general of the Public Health Service, "to intensify efforts to encourage influenza vaccination of selected population groups" where haz- * . -_ » I_ £ -- --4- .»·»/·· STOREWIDE jiiase- «d** rt " s GIRLS' CORDUROY SLIM JIM SETS USUALLY 4.99-5.99 Reg. 4.99 3.to6X · 5.99 - 7-14 3.97 For school, for sports oc- fj ccsions . * . She'!! love these attractive Slim Jim f sets in washable corduroy pants, with cotton | knit T shirt . . . gaily appliqued. 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Carlton Ernstene, president oij o u t fhe lxdy _ ArnonjJ lf ; ese condj _! the American Heart Association.i tions can ^ coun t e ci a .narrowed! and James Watt, director of the | conci j t j on of the arteries due io National Heart Institute, said, j Deposits of cholesterol, a severe "Evidence of the past _tnree; heart at |. ac ^_ severe high blood years has abundantly confirmed!pressure, rheumatic fever or heart that the dangers of influenza 'defects present at birth. are much greater _for patients · Tlie leaflet goes on to say thai with heart or lung disease than m ild or moderate cases and for others. The risk is particu- many severe ones respond well larly .high for those with lung! to treatment. Hospitalization is congestion due to heart disease, the exception rather than the Also, it is clear that the threat rule. of influenza is continually re-j Treating the underlying causes curring We recommend that j is important. For example, if high i heart patients seek the advice!blood pressure is placing a strain; of their physicians with regard!on the heart, it can otten be low-! to obtainin* the protection of-jered or controlled by drugs or: ere? by routine vaccination." diet. When defective: heart valves ?he statement was -made in are the cause ot heart lailure. · surgery maybe aole to correct! them, "if there is edema (sweil-j ing), a sodium-restricted diet may; be recommended or a diuretic i drug prescribed to help She kid-j neys eliminate excess sodium and! water. just made for boys, American eagle emblem, embroidered for keeps on ecsy-to-wash al! cotton. knit. Colors: gold, grey, olive, 5 long or short sleeves. Sizes 3-20.1 Idea! Christmas gift! I * Fed^ey Second Fioor jarttfjfaryqT: GIRLS 1 COTTON Wid* range of styles and colors. Short end 34 length s l e e v e s . Soiids and patterns. Washable toe: 7- 1 4 I. $8 §%%%^^ ' ' GIRLS' VELVITIEN CAPRI PANTS Perfect for holiday giving! Luxurious; velvets , . . with tapered J| 0A % legs, and adj. waist. jf wif ffi Colors: Black or r«d, a^m 3-6X, 7-14, 8-14. | j sns» i---- JfJfe'K STS£! Th 8p c ula of a r; tat **» %£ ^ srto'r ment follows: kind ^ t rea tment. To avoid strain "The epidemics of influenza which occurred in the fall of 1957 the spring of 1958, and the'first quarter of I960 have again emphasized the fact that individuals with cardiovascular -' kzrrf ^B : on ^ e heart, some patients may i toe rau 01 ^ t d - to a s i ower pace of 1958, and | Qf jiving ' or pulmonary disease are more The new heart association susceptible to the hazards of influenza than is the general population. The increased risk is shown both by more severe illness and by higher fatality rates among patients with these diseases. "Evaluation studies with influ- medical supervision, heart failure need not make an invalid of the patient. leaflet emphasizes that only a physician can recognize and treat heart failure. "The sooner he is consulted, the sooner the condition can be relieved or controlled." it says. 'Difficulty in breathing a n d edema are the most common ins vvlLI* J mill" enza vims vaccine have shown ^^15 S S that its use is of defimte value J M ^ in preventing influenza. In adults, ^; hvsidall is re commended if any side reactions have been c x - :o Y ( ; n * e following conditions is pres- trcmcly few and use of the vac *: CT j_. cine is contra-indicated only in. ]_'Labored breathing during or- those patients who nra allergic j ,jj nary activity. to components of the vaccine.: 2 . Frequent waking at night with The Public Health Service Ad-; s h o r t n o s s O f breath. visory Committee on Influenza j ' 3j Swelling of ankles, legs and Research has strongly rccom- j sometimes the abdomen, nnd in- monde-d that those persons nt I crC asing weight, caused by an ac- Only ^f Orion, (acrylic) and wool, full zipper front, makes a very versatile sweater jacket. 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