The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 23, 1965 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1965
Page 6
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NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX To The Creditors, Heirs, Devisees and Legatees of George H. Dillon, Deceased, And All Others Concerned! You and each of you will take notice that on the 7th day of April, 1965, Lola S. Dillon was appointed executrix of the will of George H. Dillon, deceased, and duly qualified as such executrix and letters testamentary were Issued to her on April 7, 1965, by the Probate Court of Frank, lln County, Kansas. All parties interest in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the said estate within nine months from the date of the first publication of this notice as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. Lola S. Dillon Executrix of the will of George H. Dillon, Deceased. Gleason, Doty and Logan Attorneys lor Executrix FUND Airport Bond and Interest Cem. - Highland Cent.- Highld Perm. Res. . ., Cem.- Highld, Walsh lot. . . . Cem.- Hope Perp. Care. General Operation Parking Meter Special Lighting (Whiteway). . Water and Light Department. Construction. ........... Flood Control FireEquipment Social Security Retirement. Community & Utility Prom. . Band. Library Electric Sinking. Electric Reserve Parking Meter Reserve, Parking Meter Repr. fcDepr. Park and Sinking Ottawa Herald, Friday, April 23, 1965 Page 6 (Published April 23, 1965) FINANCIAL REPORT For the period from January 1, 1965 To March 31, 1965 City Clerk of Ottawa, Kansas Old Balance 4,296.59 3,898.16 3,713.06 497.71 400.07 260.07 30,727.71 1,466.83 1,198.82 226.523.24 20,830.03 1,031.51 9,349.12 242.81 2,118.23 11,683.37 83.18 619.39 69,649.03 TOTALS. Balance in Banks. KAYETTE OFFICERS - New officers for the Williamsburg Kayettes who will be installed after a supper, May 11, are, from left, president, Jeanette Collins; vice president, Lois Stinson; secretary, Joyce Stinson, and treasurer, Joyce Peed. Blind Fan Sends In Hint Dear Heloise: Thank you for helping house. wives share their secrets. I happen to be a blind house. wife, but have someone to read your column to me. I decided to send in a hint of my own. We bought lightweight, twin. size foam rubber mattresses. I asked my husband how I would ever keep the sheets tucked in. He said "You figure it out." So I bought fitted, twln-size bottom,, sheets t (the _ ones witti. elastic, in the corners). AJter putting the bottom sheets on, when I raised the corner to tuck the top sheet in, I found the bottom contour corner made a nice little pocket to tuck the top sheet in! I never have any trouble with the top sheets now as they stay tucked in until I want them to come off. Evelyn Bracken Dear Heloise: When my telephone rings I do not even answer it until I run into the kitchen and set my timer for five minutes! When the bell goes off, I have a wonderful excuse by saying "I'm sorry someone is at the door, the bell is ringing" . . . This may be sneaky, but it really works. Anybody on the other end of the line can hear it] Your devotee Dear Heloise: White Shrine Has Meeting Mrs. Steve Needham presided at the meeting Thursday evening of the Order of the White Shrine, in Masonic temple. She announced that four menu bers, she and Mr. Needham, Mrs. Myrtle Rogers and Mrs. Leia Comstock will attend the su. prerne White Shrine convention in Miami Beach May 2.6. The birthdays and anniver. sarles of Mr. and Mrs. Blliie McCreary and Mrs. Glenda Med. lin were celebrated. Following the meeting, there was a social hour with refresh. ments served by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dale and Mr. and Mrs. Blliie McCreary. Here is a hint which I think might help others. You suggested placing a soap, filled scouring pad in a small jar of warm water, covering the pad with water, and using this, goop to clean our aluminum pots and pans! Well . .since you mentioned the fact that this was a form of jeweler's rouge, which worked like a charm on my pots and pans, I decided to try it for another purpose. I dropped my diamond ring in a little, tiny jar of it, which I had set aside, while I washed the dishes. I put all of my jewelry, which had become dull from oxidation, soap, etc., in tills, let soak a few minutes, and then washed them with a brush. rt . Jt worked wonders on some type£ ..of jewelry ; I thought, I would never be able to wear again. Mrs. F. Knackers. Now aren't you a honey child? Listen, doll, you'd better spot test this stuff before you try. I do not suggest dropping in any dime store jewelry that has the stones glued in. The water which is mixed with this jeweler's rouge just might make that little ol' glue come loose. Of course, if your jewerly is real, it is quite safe and does a wonder. ful job. Heloise Dear Heloise: When 1 want to grate a small Pomona Area News Now Polaroid has one for h the price Now Only OK PHOTO SERVICE 814 S. Main CH 2-1541 amount of cheese I use my vegetable peeler. It's much handler to reach for and easier to wash than a grater. Mrs. Carter Cain , Dear Heloise: For those people who wear spectacles and have trouble keep* ing them in place, try Just a little deodorant across the bridge of the nose under the noseplece of the spectacles. The deodorant, of course, keeps the skin drier, thereby helping to prevent constant slid. ing of the spectacles. Sallie Dunn New Officers Council Elects t Beta Sigma Phi City Council elected new officers Thursday evening at a meeting with there, tiring president, Mrs. Jim Dyk. stra. They are: president, Mrs. Francis Wilson; vice president, Miss Beverly Hjorth; secretary, Mrs. Tom Chappell; and treas. urer, Mrs. Richard Bethell. Representatives were present from the three chapters, Omega, O micron and Exemplar. Plans were discussed for a three-chap, ter bake sale and for the Founder's Day party, April 30, at the Country Club. Present at the Founder's Day party will be Deanna McCracken, the Council candidate for Miss Ottawa. Plans were made to erect a •welcome sign with the sorority emblem at the entrance to Ottawa. Mrs. Jim McCrea and Mrs. Gerald Garrett served refresh. m ents. Fountain Service A Better Service for Fountain Drinks- Try Our Fountain Service Every Day John Kaiser Drug Store By CAROL BAKER The Grade School Band Con. cert will be presented in the multi-purpose room at 8 p.m., Friday, April 23., under the dl» rection of Mrs. Louise Welborn, music director. Miss Delphia Conder, Topeka, has been employed to teach fourth grade and girls' physical education at Pomona Grade School for the 1965-1966 school year. Miss Conder will be a 1965 graduate of Washburn University. All of the Pomona High School teach, ers have been re-employed for the coming year. Pomona's annual Spring Clean. Up Days will be Friday and Sat. urday, April 23 -24. Vivian Eich. inger, city clerk, has stressed that it is to be a community clean-up. WESTERN AUTO HAS THEM NOW) STING-RAY BIKES The only genuine Sring-Ray ... by Schwinn; and it's not a real Sting-Ray without the Schwinn nameplate. SCHWINN SLIK TIRES I Now Only On Schwinn! "THE ONE THE KIDS All WANT!" Eo.xT.rm. Ridtt to *a>ily, turni to quickly, with th« "Sporti car" gttaway. Com* in and try it out! WESTERN AUTO 109 S. Main CH 2-3969 Lori Buhner Lori Lynette is the nine-month. old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rus* sell Bulmer, Pomona. She has one brother, Kevin, aged two. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Crawford, Pomona; and Mr. and Mrs. Drexel Bulmer, Mich, igan Valley.; udmothers are Mrs. O. P. Crane, Ottawa; Mrs. Ned Shull, Missouri; and Mrs. Myrtle Myers and Mrs. Mamie Bulmer, Michigan Valley. L«gals (First Published, April 9, 1965) (Last Published, April 23, 1965) In the Probate Court of Franklin County, Kansas In the Matter of the Estate of George H. Dillon, Deceased. Case No. 11.373 (First Published, April 9, 1965) (Last Published, April 23, 1965) State of Kansas, Franklin County, ss: In the Probate Court of said County and State In the Matter of the Estate of Arthur Henry Mannen, Deceased. No. 11.186 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FINAL SETTLEMENT The State of Kansas to all Per. sons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by The Miami County Na. tional Bank of Paola, Kansas, ad. ministrator of the estate of Arthur Henry Mannen, deceased, praying for final settlement of said estate, approval of its ac. counts as administrator, allow, a nee for its services, attor. neys' fees and expenses, also that the court determine the heirs of said decedent and assign to them the real estate and personal pro. perty remaining in said estate, and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 4th day of May, 1965, at 10 o'clock a.m., of said day, in said court, in the City of Ottawa, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. , The Miami County National Bank of Paola, Kansas By: Ruth A. Strain, Assistant Trust Officer Administrator of the Estate of Arthur Henry Mannen, Deceased, Pe. titioner. Rinehart & Bright 116 South Pearl Paola, Kansas Attorneys for Administrator SERVICES Rendered By ALBRIGHT'S Buttonholeing Install Zippers Button and Belts Covered 130 N. Main CH 2-4340 (ft-! WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE WELL RUNS DRY? Bills stacked up ... bank account way down . . . then see us about a Personal Loan. We surely want to help if we can. THE NORTH SIDE BANK Tecumseh ana wiam DialCH 2-2052 R.S. HILL, President ED HOSLER, Exec. Vice Pres. HOWARD DEPUTY, Vice Pres. GLEN HAYWARD, Asst. Vice Pres MAMIE SANDS, Cashier ROBERT PLAYER, Asst. Cashier Currently Paying 4 per cent Guaranteed Interest on Savings Accounts Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation TRUST AND RESERVE FUNDS: Cem.- Highld, Perm. Res Cem.- Highld. Walsh Lot Cem.- Hope Pep. Care Water and Light Reserve Parking Meter Reserve TOTAL- Trust and Reserve Funds BONDS PAYABLE BY CITY-AT-LARGE Flood Control Revenue Bonds Parking Meter Special Fire Equipment Sewage Plant Construction BONDS PAYABLE BY SPECIAL ASSESSMENT: Paving ti Sewer Improvements BONDS PAYABLE BY EARNINGS OF: Water fc Light Utility 7,700.00 3,050.00 1,275.00 400,613.93 400,613.93 20,000.00 2,000.00 8,500.00 400,000.00 8,500.00 439,000.00 Receipts 150.00 99,507.00 2,010.65 157,528,28 5,075.45 6,767.20 309,487.20 7,936.87 54,054.99 5,681.14 7,017.85 2,263.37 2,339.30 18,964.94 18,375.00 100,000.00 275.00 797,434.24 Disbursements 318.89 55.110.08 4,754.94 159,788.66 4,031.99 2,423.58 395,726.59 4,143.35 97.63 59,499.38 2,265.33 1,988.23 549.60 2,339.30 18,964.94 67,887.47 99,014.17 3,325.00 882,229.13 New Balance 4,127.70 48,295.08 968.77 497.71 400.07 260.07 28,467.33 2,510.29 5,542.44 140,283.85 16.686.68 8,870.75 3,904.73 3,658.62 7,147.85 13,397.14 83.18 619.39 20.136.56 985.83 7,700.00 1,275.00 315,819.04 319,819.04 20,000.00 2,000.00 8,500.00 400,000.00 8,500.00 439,000.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES 560,000.00 33,000.00 50,000.00 18,000.00 419,000.00 420,000.00 1,500.000.00 I, Ann Jensen, Treasurer of the City of Ottawa, Kansas do hereby certify that the foregoing statement is correct. Signed: Ann Jensen Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of April, 1965. Donald C appe r City Clerk YOU MEASURE THE BENEFITS... YOU WILL LEAVE THE GAS PILOT BURNING IN YOUR FURNACE DURING THE SUMMER < Prolong life of your furnace . . . The small amount of heat from the gas pilot keeps heating equipment dry during the summer. This reduces rusting to a minimum, and prolongs the life of your heating equipment. Diminish basement humidity . . . Your basement will be a better place for work and play. Even the slight amount of heat generated by the gas pilot increases the draft up the chimney. This draft helps diminish basement dampness and mustiness. Heat available when needed . . . Late spring and early fall have some exceptionally damp or cold days. In such weather, you have instant command of your heating system to warm or dry up the house. Avoid inconvenience and delay . . . the increased popularity of gas for heating, gas pilot lights in furnaces can't be lighted for you immediately when the first cold days arrive in the fall. Leave your pilot light on all summer, and you can have instant operation and comfort when you want it. Efiminate the expense of light-ups in the fall and turn-offs in the spring. Here is how to leave your pilot burning . . . Just set the room thermostat at its lowest position. This will cut off the heat yet leave the gas pilot on to serve you all summer. When fall comes, reset the thermostat to desired temperature* THE SERVICE CO. Mttuffl 0M for Horn*. Sutlnttt intt Induttry The many advantages more than offset the small cost.

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