Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 3, 1964 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1964
Page 9
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The "Symphony of ;Psalms'» is today regarded as one,of. the outstanding religious • works - of the 20th century.- This-profound and illuminating work Is actually a choral 1 symphony, wherein Stravinsky has set to music the Latin. Vulgate texts' of Psalms 38, 39 and 150. The work was, in part, inspired by his own experiences Young D»c/c Zanuck / Revives Old Studio and memories. In notes, he recalls; the jacket "The word allelujah still reminds me of the Hebrew.galosh- merchant who lived in the apartment below ours in St. Petersburg, and who on High Holy Days would erect a prayer tent in his living room and dress himself in an Epho'd.' • "The hammering sounds as he built this tent and the idea of a cosmopolitan merchant in a St Petersburg apartment simulating the prayers of his forefath ers in the desert impressed by imagination almost as profound ly as any direct religious experience of my own." By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - J suppose a lot of people, looked^ me with fish eyes when I got this job," says Richard Zanuck, vice president in charge of production at 20th Century-Fox Studios. He adds: "That was only natural. But I hope they feel differently about me now." The initial reaction to the Zanuck appointment almost a year ago was indeed natural, \After all, wasn't Dick the son of the boss —boss Darryl F, Zanuck, founder of the film, company and the man who returned'as president to save it from the brink of bankruptcy? But a year of .action has proved that Dick Zanuck is not his daddy's errand boy, With Darryl Francis in New York Gene Kelly Wins Award for Acting LOCARNO, Switserland (AP) —The annual international film festival's award for best actor of the year was awarded Sunday to Gens Kelly for Ws role in "What A Way to GQ," \ jbuv • uiuuiii ' c**;\/ \tfVUfcaiiihi > HIW Symphony Irt C* another Sfravin* Sky work'of unmistakable vigor and solidity^ * i '. 1 ' '. v The Canadian -Broadcasting Company's symphony 'archestta performs to'-both 'symphonies", and the Festival Singers oMto* ronto add their voices,to the 'Symphony of Psalms." } 'STRAVINSKY! CANTATA & MASS — English Chamber Orchestra; Colin Davis, conductor (L'Olseau-Lyrc Stereo, SOL 265). Two,moire choral 'Works 'by Stravinsky have'been made available,in recordings by'Brit- ish performers. ' ' ; The "Mass", .Was completed March 15,'1948, and had its first performance at LaScala on October 27 of the same year. The "Cantata"-was written in 195152 and first, performed Nov. 11, 1952, by 'the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, to whom it was dedicated. Both works are scored for comparatively small musical forces, and they are performed here by capable personnel. • The Mass is suitable for liturgical use,' and has'four soloists: soprano Doreen Murray, contralto Jean Allister, tenor Edgar Fleet and bass Christopher Keyte, plus tho St. Anthony Singers. The "Cantata" Is based on four anonymous 15th-16th century songs.'Soloists are,mezzo Patricia Kern and tenor Alexander Young. STRAVINSKY: LE BAISER DE LA FEE — L'Orchestre de The £wl§s Afisermeiy Is " 'a distinguished Stravinsky "eipeft- In his owfi fight,- ;afld -has beeh chosen by the composer to conduct the Eu« ropean jtfemiers for, a number of hia .'' . oL"Ths Fairy's Kiss'! j's another to a series of Stravinsky recordings' made under Aosermet's direc tion 1 ; , ;.-V, , The ballet.score .Was first produced in Paris in 1928, by Ida Rubenstein. The score is based on fragments "of 'piano pieces and 'songs' by~Tchalkovsky/and the ballet is dedicated to hi memory..'; c ; , This is the first stereo record ing of the complete score, and Ansermet's orchestra plays with its accustomed, sheen, and, ele gance., V V,, , ,', SCHOENBERGJ SERENADE FOR SEPTET & BASS-Mclo Ensemble of London; Bruno Ma dcrna, conductor (L'Olseau-Ly t preacher 1ft Southwest Louisiana - and 'wfil'be —••' POPULAR MUSIC • and Richard Darryl at the Westwood studio, the Zanucks have managed one, of the neatest resurrections in film history. The record: $9 million profit for Fox in 1963 vs. an almost $40 million deficit the year before. Employment at 3,000 vs. 200 at the studio's low ebb. Eleven films finished since the studio reopened April 22, 1963, after a year's idleness. The outlook: 45 stars and $62 million committed to 22 movies in the coming year. Television production shows an amazing revival: 4% hours of'network films, for next season vs"^, zero hours'a year^agol; Young Zanuck, who is also president of the television operation, gave this explanation: "Television had always been the stepchild in the studio operation, When we faced a complete shutdown, we realized;how nice it would be, to have aftelevision setup that : would absorb'sorne of the overhead when we weren't shooting features, "So we went after television in a big way. We spent money for top talent and made- deals that were attractive to stars. We were able to get names like Fess Parker and Tony Fran* ciosa for series by offering them features as well." Broadway Tunes In /March ffme re, OL 250). This work dates from 1923, Hahed by IKS Hfiytor Co. of* Satt Aftlonto, . , Mrs. Johnson's aftnotineswefit follows closely on the heels 6f her receiving first tjlaee in the Ceep South Writefs'and Artists' , 1963, for 'a novel and short story fof a man's mag- azltie. A THe author is a member of the Lake Charles Writers' Club, Louisiana' -Teachers Association and'the School and Community Activity Club, She holds a Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) and Master of Science degree, attended Mississippi • Southern and Louisiana State University among "other institutions of higher learning; Articles, stories, and poems of Mrs. Johnson have appeared In "Delta," "Louisiana Schools," "Progressive Farmer" and various newspapers. Mrs. Johnson lives here with her husband, George Herbert Johnson. They have one son, Clm, who will graduate from LSU this month. WERNER BROADWAY MULLER ON (London) — The QFSN TQ&&Y 5?45 TODAY'AND TUESDAY WINN1R OF 3 ACADEMY'AWARDS Ml 'KU OOLD.Vlti MAlfcK ,nj ClNtfcAMA t .v it -,,i MOW THE TOST WAS WQN hlETfBOCOLOK Werner Muller band, traditionally heavy on the string, plays a dozen favorites from Broadway, shows with a march beak The rich, lush strings are still there, but the; brass and percussion play a larger role than usual in the Muller arrangements, Among the real favorites are "Oklahoma," "'Seventy - Six Trombones," "March of the Siamese Children," and "Get Me to the Church on Time," 4 The Muller strings, plus the fireworks, have been recorded in London Records' "Phase Four" method, and that means just about the brightest and most vivid sound available today. FILM SPECTACULAR, VOL. II (London) — Here's another Phase Four masterpiece, this one featuring band leader Stanley Black at the podium of the London Festival Orchestra, Black's fare consists of a doa en themes from top-flight filrjjs, played by an, orchestra of symphonic size, A suite from the forthcoming film of "My Fair Lady" starts things off. Other selections are from, "Lawrence. of Arabja," "Cleopatra," "Qone With the Wind," "A Summer Place" and others. First class entertainment, plus outstanding reproduction. AMERICA ON THE MARCH (London) — A third "Phase Four" album "is devoted ; to; ; fa vorite American m a r c h e s, played by the Bob S h a r p I e s band. f The band is put through its paces for "Stars and S t r i p e s Forever," "Semper Fidelis," "El Cap!tan," "Marine's Hymn," "Array Air Corps," "Anchors A^eigh," "Caissons Go Rolling Along" —. and winding up with "The Star Spangled Banner.", The recorded sound here is clear and clean, and the separation is dramatically wide, and there is plenty of sparkle in the brass. This album is a standout on the sound alone. MUSIC MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE (Mercury) « David Carroll puts his big band to work on a dozen pop standards, using bright, contemporary in' strumentaj efects. " Carroll's imaginative use pf percussion and rich reeds place his arrangements a step ahead of the crowd. This kind of treatment is most effective in "For You," "The Tender Trap," "Clip Clop" and "Tahoe Trails." The sound is clear and buoyant. shortly before.Scheonberg's first completely 12-tone composition. The "Serenade" is typical of the early atonal-school, filled with brisk boundness, moments of grotesque dissonance, and flights of lyric emotion. The jacket ••notes tell us the text is that of a Petrarch sonnet, but no text Is furnished, John Carol Case is a persuasive singer, and the Melos Ensemble gives us a warmly refined performance. NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS (800 Anniversary Album}—Cathedral Choirs of Notre Dame; Orchestra of the Lamoureaux Concerts; Pierre Cochereau, «r< ganist (Philips Stereo, PUS 900-039. This disc was recorded in 1963, as an 800th anniversary tribute to the Cathedral o£ Notre Dame, the construction of which has begun in 1163. It is made up of ceremonial music by four.v composers intimately connected with the Cathedral: Andre CarApra,, (16601744)^ Pierre 'Desvignes (17641827), Louis yierne (1870-1937) and Pierre Cochereau, {the pres ent organist. :"•«•-'-; .;-. The recording itself took place within the cathedra!, which,'is perhapsi^-hot the most ideal sit for modern recordings. Grace Kelly Is Reported As Expecting LONDON (AP) - Princess 3race of Monaco is expecting a >aby, says the News of the World, a Sunday newspaper. "Only her closest friends and advisers have been told so far," said the News. "An official announcement is not anticipated until next month." * There was no confirmation of he report. The princess, formerly movie star Grace Kelly, is the wife of 'rince Rainier of Monaco. They have two children, Caroline, 7, and Albert, 6. TOPS in POPS (BiiMHIIng r«t«rd» o( Ih* wick traifld jm Th« Caih Box Magailnt'i na" llonwld» turvov.) • , B«atl«* I GET WISHIN THE LI' odeno), Jon & Dean .EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY, Mortm. DANG ME, Miller : THE .O.IRL PR.OM IPANEMA, Oftz 8. WHERE DID OUR tOVE 00, Sg- Pr K?IV OH PUSHIN', ImprwslonJ. ROUND-UP Broad S HE 6-6120 NOW SHOWING ELVIS PRESLfY , ALL ROADS FOR ENTERTAINMENT LEAD TO THE ADULTS 75e CHILDREN 15o BOXOFFICE OPEN AT 7:00 "ITSTHAf"G0'CO" GUY AND THAT "BYE-BYE"CAU METfiO'OOLOWYN-MAYER PRESENTS IELX/IS PRESLEY & aANl\f-MARGRET JACK CUMMIN03-QEORQE SIDNEY PRODUCTION MeTROCOLOR THIS FEATURE AT 7)35 & Us 13 BOXOFFICE CLOSING AT 10J30 THE SHOWS YOU'RE SORRY YOU MISSED t •n«» MBTBOOOLOPI 000 SHOWING FEATURES AT 4:00—6;U~9:?3 PARAMOUNT HE 9-3021 NOW SHOWING j^^ " Hoyky's art feel w/f/i i stmkof Impf DEBORAH PR HAYLEY MILLS JOHN MILLS OfFiCE QfWS ?OP4V i=45 f.«• u gjM foagL ttjttUfl mgm I MMMOMCt m OKioiT Why are curtain, beetles called hdylugs? v! <; jANSWfijb) Many people «liink'oKd.inke^ Mea«mle« l 'irti<«it*n' ,'"<< " tealMng thai only 1/25 't>£ 1 p«r cent aie hanafiit to maaldfld. SaM'* • " seds.idp vs In many ways, especially by »pteading pollm that • < , ~* .fertilizes plants. Other insects help by eating die-more harmful kind. • : ; . "" And among these helpful insects, tie cute little ladybug holds a Ugh. . • ' J jlnsecU which stick the Juice* from plants. Once, tht orange and lemon •' < orchards of California were threatened wlthrutahy an. Inject called * * the cottony cushion scale. OnehnndrcdandfbrtyAustralian ladybugs ; •< of a. kind known, to eat this scale were Imported. Within, a few years, the ladybug* had Increased and eaten so many scales that the or*, ehards were saved. The valoeofladybugsiajiheenknowiwUnc** the f • •",. Middle Ages ¥ In fad. It Is said that they were dedicated to' tKr Virgin ""•'" Mary at that ttme and this fc why theyaxtiUll called ladybugs, of,,, • " u many people call them, ladybirds*. 0.3 * * * TORYOTJTODOi Cotoywwllbra^awlseewn&teUeypucan ' find out about Beetles. '' i - ; (Constance Walker of jEastSLLo\il«.TIl^ wins today's combined ,- prize of-CompUm'i'Ulustrated Science Dictionary plus $10 cash, for * . , this question. Mall yours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of-, •, , t this newspaper and you may win the weekly grand prfee of Comp- ; - toaVRcturcd Encyclopedia.) ' * , . / - s 1 *' PALACE Phone 439-2406 Open 6 P.M. NOW THRU WEDNESDAY Adults .... 50o — Children '.... 2So Double Feature PAUL NEWMAN LAURIE _ _ V ; GEHiJSOH'FliYSPMH- DEIVK-1N THEATRE '" ADULTS, 78e—RECOMMENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY / W/LL MAKE ANY mSOMfflf COMMOMSt. SUPER 2ND FEATURE <0;?5) "THAT NAUGHTY" GIRL" COLOR OPEN 4:45 P.M. PHONB 486-2503 Feature NOW & TUES. 5:38—7s32^-8!00 P.M, OPEN WEEK DAYS 4t45 P.M. — SAT. St SUN. 1:45 P.M. Starts WEDNESDAY

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