The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1948
Page 10
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TEW (ARKJ COURIER 'NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION L ^ tin. :;:....;..;;i::i »£ AT* a««ra«* wort* w kb» Mm. Ad brdvrad for ihrM or all time* and •tuppid before Mpir&tiOD will b« cfeArg- •4 for ib* jauiubcr ol lim** tb« ad ap- Alt CUmlitod AtirertUluc copy aub- •UtMd by pvnotta r Midi ox ouulde of •tM rfty rnuct be *ccomp*nl*d by cash BatM m*y b* «aalljr computed Irooi the •Mr* l*bl«. . Adv*rti*lnc o<4*r for Irregular lna«r- MOB* tak«c th« on* tlm* fc»l€, Kfl rMpoaalblUtjr will b* l*k«.. for •or* th*n on* lucocr*ct laaectlom of . ; All *d* ar* r**lrtc(«d to Ihalr proper. •UMlflcattotv »\jl« and t7P*. T*»* QourUt r«MiTM ih« right to *dH or M]*et aay ad. Notre* W« wtah. to Mpres* onr appreciation ta our; many frlendi for their kind *it*ntl<Mi and Iloral offering* during •\ir r*oeet b*msTDient. Your ihougtu- fUlBMB wit! Blway» b« r«tn*mb««d— (tod blMa 7011 all, Mr*. P. M. £«iuieit and Jamil/. Apartments Wanted Furnished or unfurnished npnrtmeni want*d /or mm and wife. Both working. W« can furnish nil linens. No clitl- ar*n, no peu. m D n« 4107, B;ythevllli», Art. 3J18-CK Apartment For. Rer/ Two room furnlxh#<l ap*rrm^nt rhoni MM. Mri. Crtn*r, 447 R. Rone For ft«nt On« wren room houw wllti bath. three room* furnlslied. Suitable for two lamllle*. Prefer renting to on lndlYldu»t who will he permanent for je*r. ClOAe. lo high school. Phone 2011 Business Service Directory Food* Reach for Hart'* Bread': /nsurdftc* Protection against nil INSURABLE HA/.ARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance • OLUiCOr HO'J'EI, BLDO. 124 W ASH ST IJlT-Ck-ll On FARM AND SUBURBAN Property Special low rut* prenilltniK. Plre, wind- filorin, tocDRdo. AD co^eiRKc by Arkansas l;gal reserve coimxmles. Bale-, und pay loueji quick, wrllo Blyllie- >!• Agtlicy. or PHONE FIELD 7:104 2i26-pk.-3.26 Laundry KOffT. LAUNDRY. See Mlimllli Hur&H. HlKhwar «L N. Behind Buchanan's Grocery. »;l9-pk-3!lo Loom Real Estate Loans F.ll.A. (,% Home Loans Farm I, onus Commerciiil l.omis TERRY ABS'I'RACT S AND REALTY COMPANY 13 W. WALNUT PHONK 2381 3,311-rk-ll PERSONAL LOANS Automoblle-Mc- er-tiimlture. Quick:, ptl- E'er&ocuU./ed attention Auto Supplies and S«rrice< CHAPMAN B«HVKJ«' STATION Ilaln * DlTlilon Phone »C3 tlon't •udanver 7Otlt U llf with hultr tin— BUI LIE TIRXS Je«p parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W«i CAB fill all your need* • Oat B«nuln« part* from our oom- •let* line. »LLI8 POOL!, OWNRR fc OPERATOR South HlRhwAjr 81 »t Sleeje. Mo Phon« fltMl* 4» Illia-clc-tf TAte nerrtce Com* In or telephone. 2928. GENERAL, CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION I2Z W Ash St. BI^theTlllA Ark . Money to Loan Do you need n torm to rcpRlr ar remodel? No down payment, no mor- tftRe. nn red Inpe. FHA APPROVKD RATK !,<!/, ASK FOR DeTAItiS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2«H • Lynch Bnllddn BlfUioTllle. Ark. '-13-ct-ll Money To Loan On Turin Innri or city 'prop-* erly. \Ve also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS . Glencoa Hotel Building- RECAPPING WITH HA'WKINSON TREADS Let your next tires b« GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modiagcr Tire Co. «H •. MAIN Beauty Services Pr« Easier Special AU permanent waTM are «t their ««t «ft»r atreral weekly shampooa. To took your beat during the spring •nd KUmmer montha.' get your now permanent Now «< Sue's Beauty Shoppe 110 DOUKSR Phone 2910 Building Material .SPECIAL Do your own work and save Rent a concrete mixer wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you ma> »eed., Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phon« 4489 Box 659 Blytheville, Ark. < ~ 3-3-ck-tl Mattresses IN VEST. IN RRST Why rum your health bv. »licniii K orl «n old knotty mattress? The SMITH WATTHKaS CO. of Blythevllle. H oTI«r& to malce yotir old felt iimt. !ltc« new at the low cost of only jb.50 or lr you prelur i\ti litiicrsprln^ made out o[ your olti umllrL'SS. we will . tliu low prlcu of f'24.50 Nothing est ot mntprlals IB nse<l in of your old iimUrcRRes wUh lite IflUest rnrichliiery. All worK Bimr- ItQtccit. PHONE 4319 Oil DKOP A OART> TO SMITH MATTKESS COMPANI,. OENERAL DELIVERY. KREE PICKUP AND DEL1VKRY WITHIN M "'"ONE DAY SERVICE" WINTIR AND SUMMIR THI ENGINE OP YOUR CAR IS WORKING OVERTIME Bt> sure to fok* care of if! HIRE'S WHAT WE DO 'FRIDAY,. MARCH 19- 194S ompany 5th at Walnut Phone 445.'! For So/t—City Property Oood aix room houae luid Kruall f-ro- L i ry on corner Ulark and Clear l.aKu land. Hw owutr ht 816 Clark. 3,U-p<c-^3 'I'l>r«* roojn iirusc, partly furnished On 2m Carolyn Street. J|12-pk-26 Dell barber slttip for Bale. See H A Hub hurt! ML Oelt, Ark, 3jl5-pk.-22 Orocer/sipre itid meat umrket with ouae and lot. J. W. Goforih, Oell. >lre rcrouia and halh, two full lots Hee OSCAR Af.HXANDEfl, pliojie h ^y« Norlh Scro;irl Si. Cooper BuLld- Modern lour room lio-.i^e half block ol Mw1n St, Prli-c 52800. *1 ,700 <lOwti " itntire ilk*; rim. Four room iviuie on -Clnrk SI. Trie* »it(50, Term*. Kive room Jiouse on DavlB. l.nrg* corner loi, 'wo cfiflir Mroor shop on W. Main Hi, Walk-out, Four room modem homo . connection Term*. Jl Interested lii city properly or farm LUTHFIl GRAY, Realtor 120 K Sycamore or Phone 513 for Salt, Misct/Jontous One A And K fliJKC, phone 2& purlment t\7.c. electric 4. , 3|17-pk.-2i CiJtil)m«n Kcoo'ler, Broad way Bftr- Hlna, 400 W. Ash, nlyhl call 2855, 31 Two used bicycles, in fair condition, at $J2.5Q each'. Montgomery Wai'd. HIX ROOMR aiifl hath, I ! lot, nice Hlack enamel lnnlr«<)eM $1.99 gallon. W. A. Pickard Oi'OCftiy-Oenerftl Mer- clmntllfle. J20 K, Main, 3 !6-ck-2^ Uclnve model Noryo wlertrlc atove ,n excellent condition. Priced rcasoiiabie. 101 Wnlnut. 3!l7-i>lc-20 "~B u iTouiTh'.r'c } A S"ir~REGIS- 'J'KR. Practically new, call 801. 2-27-ck-tf AJma house trailer, three rooniR, Excel tent cu/idltlon. Bntniin ranRe, In- lernnLloiiftl heftier. Simmons uecl. RUi- dlo couch mid rc/rlKcralor. Warner electric brakes, JIPW tlre.s. A real home Kvereil MaihlsJ Highway 61 S. ' 3i7-X- FOUR ROOM IIOIISG with baih. bum iieimnBlon typci cftblnt-is, (imofimclc water heuicr. I ." K or<J <- r . Jusl r Corner lot, dose to bttsincM district, t f-anippecl wHh Ifl ifipsilon wittiiti 15 days, IX HOOMtj And haift: owner could occupy one-Ai'te and rent the other THRKE I)\VKLUNG3 on two lurgt HR; alt ri-nttd nl present time. Teti- nt s will he v'lnd to continue present r I'fiCt return ^5. J. itpr In good work- ently over-hauled carr.nge with elec- nrt unit tntiiilntloik Keys P. I.nNTf .t CO. Phone 272*.! , A TWO iJKPRoONf modern home In one of the pi-itttest locutions In niy- thevllle. If you arc looking ior A niue nonic u'llli K UoiLMtiral ynrd U will itn R pleasure to snow yon Ibis pro,u-riy MOUKftN ItOMK hi one ol thy very nest locjUloii.s In Blythevllle.Automa- tic henilni! mid cool h in syKiein, nil copuer pllimblilt;. A home you will he proud to own. Rorncthlny'renlly tlcslr- Hhle. Terms 1 HAVE FOUR duplex apHrtuieiH huUdlti^i;, llnrdwnod floors and inocEcrn. Nlroiy tocRtcrf and f-oo<l Income i>rop- crty. can he financed. T. F. -DOC" DEAN rhoni* 4(05 OR ^tj2fl 11 J» WEtiT ASK 3,l«-ck-21 I One baby bnnBy. one bahy swing ouiboftrd motor. 5 H. P. Robert Weld- niflii. ptiono «B8, 3|17-iik-20 For Sale OLD NKXVSIMI'EKS K NEWS OFFICE io;iu ti Private Rooms Bedroom with hot writer 24 liourn n clay, Call 4624 after 6 p.m. 3|lG-pk-20 vllle Hotel Phono Atr Base Ht-amy \jnrt. See or cftH Jo iJarncs Plnson nt 48P8 or 3S)80, Apt 3;lfi-pk-21 bedroom. Walnut. In Msn only COTTON PLANTING SEED O. 1'. I,.-11 State Certified, nine Tag, Delinled and Treated. 100 11). new biiRS . BRYAN FARMS OHUEOI.A. AUK. PHONE 700 3]l3-ck-1 13 Swop Column Wnnlert: House 111 Blytticvlltp wlikTti .ti be pxchnnuctl for llvn room nmf tinusi: In Joncsboro. Comuct J I/ Hitnlli Co After 3ilO-Jilc-56 llradlcy. Jr. »t llli 6 call 2JJ5. bill ttie Notice Why ap«iid money- KLbert Hnf fnian'.-; awfc Main. Phon» 8.%9 awnc with u Shop 4Q^ I0'22 ck \ NOTICE Hivve cmply trsick BOlliK to Florltln nexi wceV. Anyour having frelKhi or moving 10 Tennessee, Mississippi, Ali\- bamn. tteorpld, or Florida call me for Inimediate special ratea, Buck •M«hnn? plione 4617, or 2938. S^B-ck-fs Sporting Goods BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Ejurlinll \miforms in stock. Wholesale prices to Reboots ftnrt t«nins. Wll- M>n and SpniildlnK baseballs. Coihnlctc HTM of Wilson Merchnnillsc. TcrnporAr- llly LoCKleil 122 N. Second St m .Norru PrmiltiK CoinpHiiy, Plionc 2M3, Heal- rteiict 120J. IT'S WILSON TODAY Se« our complete iine of p»ints *t the JIM BROWN STORE before you buy. We can fill all your needs. 3-18-ck-21 •hop tlmlxr ior «.l~Two~«na~hnit mll« JT.W. or Go,nell. o. O. Floi" r" Florists AZALBAS-Klnist rarlcllc. ana coi- ~ p - *? ch; * lso l»m«r sizes Sena "U' prlc «- ""• *ZA^KA 7 S. Barksdale. McmpMs. IN KQUIPMKN'I' Personal SELL WHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds. lace perfectly. D«»l paint and w'nll- 1"P« Ston. 109 E. Main Stiera. rhone Typewriter "TYPEWRITERS" Ryyai, SniltU, Corona and UouUiw- .on Porialilt, DON EDWARDS Typewriter mui et. ne 3^82 Id rk tl Typist TYP1NO. Plione 4222 or 2S7B. Dogs, Cats, and Pets REASONABLY prlecil rcglstcrcil cock- r S[ini]lel pu|]])tcs. Ten clmmplons Jn c<llgrt;e '1 wo left. Apt. 5. AlrUase nonu 3057. 3.13-r>k-20 Lost Rcwnrtl ro:r bloiulo lomnte cocker spuiilcl nnswrrs lo nnmc of -Tnliy. Cnll Dr. a. S. Atkinson's of- Farmer's Column *'or enlc: Two flnt bottou Uie.Tkl Itlow. ^toHlle. Ci\n be seen M blm «nniti shoj>. Ynrbro. Chcnp. a. 6-pK FARMS WANTED ~ ^Jinus any S 1/e in Nortli KasL Ar- kunsns mul Sovith Knst Missouri Cnsh buynr* Quote price lo sell. Write HlyLlievllle Agoncy. plione 2^<)-i. 2 26-plc-3.26 Farmers Column Bnle or irftfje: New CJasc hny halnr, Wonlil consider Tour, row InLcrimtlona] pLniuer as trride-in. Clyde Mltlillbluii atcelc. AIO. I'hone 9F22. ytl3-Dk-20 Kor Sale —Krone niotintctt two nnrt three hotlotn blisters for John DC tractors. James \V. Pery. 1 mile East ol Steele. Phone 67. 3|l7-pk-24 , Air With kitchen privileges, 817 Clilcka- NICE DUSIKESS ON HIGHWAY 81 / wuh flcrr-nge. Worth Investlgnllnt'- At- 1 tractive lerjns. KIR , l.U'l'IIElt GHAY I2ij t. Sycamore I'lione 513 i 3 !8-iik-?5 ! 11 h <>"sr>kceplni{ Heuroom coni'pnUMit heat, i'honu SJ25. ell room. Phone 3|15-pk-22 o rmlh. Sleam W. Mnln. 3 l 16-pk-4|lfi . M!.|ji~atrFet locution. Two ' , " lc . e r ". r . nl . 5 " c<) I'Oflrooin ror men or bullrilnBs. -1101* a[«l flvlurcs $16.500 %>R. KUch ™ prlvlleKCa optlon>!. lia Wrlio Box »s co C'ourlre News. • ^ Rvls - ajl 3[19-ck-26 ' Services for Crash Four room frame painted Victim to Be Sunday house in Hester Addition near! Highway 01. A bargain at CARUTHERSVILLE ?2500. " ' • -. Mo 1 ., Mar 19 —Military funeral services will be lieltl here Sunday nfteiiioon at ARE YOU A Walking Man? "Why walk when Sullivan- Nelson has so many good used cars? Thousands of miles of service still left in these cars, fasy GMAC Payment Plan 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan, radio and healer. Maroon finish. Special—$8:19.00. 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan, new seat cnvern, S good tires, beautiful green finish. J911 DeSolct .1 Door Sedan with healer and radio. H's a real honey! ' 1941 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan. Complete with, heater. Runs like new. A beauty. 1940 Dodge 2 Door vSedan. 5 good tires, new paint— real clean. See it today 1940 Chevrolet Coupe. Radio, heater, spotlight, new gray finish. Runs like new x in good communily. Can l)e largoU' j son of Mr. nnd Mrs. "Jesse Johnson rinanecd iliroilgh FHA. Shown ' o' tills city, nnrt husbnnd of Mrs. \i\' appointment. For furtlier, Helcn J °l»won of Jefferson city. iiifni-nvllinn i=n» ni- p-ill Tlle scrviccs wil1 b e Conducted by infoinwtion .see 01 call thc Rev . p]oj , d v Browcr UeuL Johnson was killed in a plane crash In China during World Wnr 2. The body was returned to Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Gompany Successor to Loy Tcxarn Products 578 3« Hr. Strvlc« Selbtrlln* Ttr« lliis city Wertnesdny from the Army Depot at Memphis, and wi!l lie iti state at the Smith Funeral Home until, time Ior the services. A robot painter, a completely automatic painting machine, has been rievoloped which can clean, rustproof, paint and dry * variety of parts in record time. Gates Worlhington Co., 115 S. Third St., Blytlieville, Ark. Office phone 2751. Call 2843!,, , ,. . , , or 2;i67 after 5 p. m. Here s How to 9 et Eor 'x 3-H)-ck-23 :i-^-iH ,t c-a-12 IIM D E' ,t L, K CerllHecl Cotton St'Ctl. PLANTERS COOP. Plione 7iO. 3118-ck-!,! Mil PARMRR: DON'T MISS THESE! FARM TRAILER J169.50. CONCRETE MIXER 559,83. BAKU WIRE J-'otir pt. heavy. 80 rod, $7.79. Two pt. ItEllt, 30 rod roll, 5450. Jim Brown Stores 3.I8-CK-21 For Sale, Cars & Trucks Help Wanted, Female Waitress for Sundays 11 a.m. lo U p m Call 4951) after II a.m. 3]l8-pk-2l Spring Delivery on a New EVIHRUDE '35 Do<lge tmck nml '37 Clii:vro!et tractor and trailer, rlu;ap. ace at Fair-' grounds, ask for "Doc." 3.13-pk-21 1U-17 Chevrolet pickup. Photic U73. FOU SALE: — One A-niodcl Ford ' In perfect shape p.m. MOTHERS Do you need to earn? If unemployed why not Investigate Avon Products Inc. Opportunity lo earn fl or more per hour. Worlc during scnool hours. Openings at Air Base. Ltuora. O^ceola. and Kelser. Write Mrs. Irene M. Fowler. Bo* 627. Joncsboro. Ark. 3;i7-pk-2l -— [Get in ahead of the spring rush Help Wanted Kamlly for ahnrecrop. Write Box DR, Courier Wews. For So/c, Misc. One W£«Hnehcuse electric strive, good os new and one kitchen cnbiiiet.. PMOtiD -JIBU. " 3;l5-pk-2l SPBNCCB Corsets. Henllli itnrt Style garments. Phone 4302 hcforn B A.m., \ niter 4:30 p.n\, Mrs. John I-on^. 1700 I W Vine. Spencer dealer. 3 lH-pk-25 ' when ihere are never enough Evin- iiick'S to go tironiid! Call !\nd choose your motor now. A 20% deposit will give you priority delivery on a sparkling new '48 Evininde. We will accept a few used motors of approved makes at fair trade-in allowance. We have in .stock for im- tnedinte delivery, a limited' quantity of ft 4-10 H.P. and 9 7-10 H.P. Evin- rudes! McKINNON'S Manila, Ark. Call 793 alLCI 4:00 1 1 I93S Chrysler Royal. Clean, new Ure.i, 5<uo. Cnll in person M 407 E. sycn- more, nfter 5 p.m. 3|18-pk-25 For Sale, Cars, Trucks NO MORE WAITING! PIIO^K OR WHITE Poole Motor Company. We'll come by for a demonstration today of the Willys Jeep, the real Little Man's Car. pair. Montgomery Ward. | Wis Poolc, Owner and 3-l!)-ck-23'Opei-jilor. South Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. I'hone Steele '10. 3-13-ck-20 Kor Siile: l:i-2-l Super 1'ow- • grip., tractor tires. .Aisod only one season. $15 each or SKK1) KOK SAf.K Oklahonm U. S. Verified Alfalfa seed svpnrvlll, 2H. <u (A mDa.«Morl mid fcrnjilre Cotton aced-srcond vcnr Ironi lirrptter. atoncvlllc J» and Ktniilre Pedigreed or Fouiulntlon Seed. Also .SOYBEANS for R.'nd Will M . change for sovhfRnK'or cotloti seen. For Sale, Farm __ Household Goods bl J?''i now In !10<;k Ready- »f »]lnds. D«LI Palm store mH St chou. «99. Have 'a wide selection of '; . , first quality WALLPAPER that has been reduced as much as 40% Montgomery Ward Now's the time to install I l-SSPS. W*1*R_S«TEM TACB OH ATTKT'jrVlN * Nothing down—up to 36 | v month* to p»y. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO 213 W. Main Oourtcr Hrm Wtnt Ad»T yott nave lomelnlni; VOM tton t and_ can t Ret rid of. try fil'jert man n ^wnp Shop, nhone 859 <o^ Plumber If yoti nr.ed a licenced plumlier etpert stove repair work nonp 'c. at Hubbard Hardwa Harry Meren Service* R. L. KKKKMAN Palnl and Paperhnit|;lnK. phone 3 «-pk-3 55 HOUSR MOVING. Tlih-tccn years experience. Plenty of equipnicnl. References. Leveling;, foundation repairing. Virgi] Foley, plione 2105. Sewing - Critrry. Phone. , BUCKI '*S. Corrred butlon. 'i' """'• "> ""*<•' M " Mll- B *Sl JF 1 m * OTOwdcr. Phone . tUOi St. 3\X- pit-3 M 2.10 ACRKS xootl land. .. Four houses, three barns on MATTIIKWS GIN CO., good gravel road. Five miles from Blytheville. Price $210 Yarlirn. Ark. acre. Johnny Ma IT Real Estate H2 S. Second Plione .1111 727 For KMe: John Deer W. power milt ApnroMnmny 35 hp. Prurtlc-allv i,"'v <vlll take ri.<lnctlon. Jam-* Tlilwrll prioneJ-73. D,.,,. , uv 3'19-,,x-26 For Salc : Thirty tons of Sloneville Cotton Seed first year removed. These seed wore saved for iny own use. Have beeii de- tinted and trejiled. Cermina- tion 82^. Then I was fortunate enough to get foundation soeit for entire \Vrile throug)i Tunica, one three shurls. !])!. Lake Phonp Mv,> acro.i and unfinished four room ou.sp on Highway (51. |tj tnllc-i South r town. Alttncllvc terms with pos- r^sion. nve. lo. or IS ncrp trarl of land on lntiwJiy 61 South. Nice building site 'rLrrd to iJcll. Wlt!t Rtlrftcllvo terms 1C Intrie.nrd in city property or tarm Hnd .^cr or rail MITHKB URAY. llfallor 120 E. Syramora or I'lionc 513 7SI ACRKS HIGHLY productive loam Mississippi County farm. All in culliva- (ion. Good iniprovemenlK. 1 ixl coninuin- iirandi^ 0 " '" C!llp<1 <)n (travel roar ,^^.,-lanil electric line. Near j{f"x ; school and in good Ihc healthiest chicks on ', ty -. ' *;V 11S can lie arrft "Kcd if the market: AAAA Grade Pulloi-iuui-Tcsled . BABY,CHICKS $ I'1.0.5 per 100 at ' Jim Brown Store—Plicjiie S8-I 3-18-ck-tf . desirable. Catcs Worthinalon Co. 115 S. Third St.. Blytheville, Ark. Office phone 275 L Call 28<I3 or 2367 after 5 p. m. 3-10-ck-23 ATTENTION MR. C L. I'KRRY, .formerly nt the Rl.vtheville Sales Company, is now with us us , General Radio and Appliance Repairman For (he hest in Radio Repair and Appliance Maintenance call us at 3450. HUBBARD& HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHEVILLE IT'S rr Motor Company (Home of "111" Implement Company) North 6th Street Phone 2142 ^ COTTON FARMERS Chrmicallj nrlintrd collnn x^erl trrtniiute n.iilrk<>r. pUnt »nd plow l>ie *;tm* «sffh. Kfrinc* fhnppiTij: rxprns* frow nmrf rotlon. STATK CKKTIVIKI) -VARIBTIKS AVAII.ABI.K n. * r. I,. No. U. pir Mi Ih. ha* Sl<vnevlll» 2-B. per SO Ih. hag Rnwricn -U-K. per A* Ih. h*c Olhrr varirlle. ' Half A- Hilt Illihrnll per 50 Ih. h.lf 10.S* Slonevillr t-r. ppr 5H Ih. IWE ID.tO •is 100 Will Re.sisUnl,. per -6 Ih. hit I"-- 5 », per .SO Ih. halt 10.50 _j»^ Kmplrr, per sn 1b. bar )0 : ' n W Com« h* mid phc« your orrlrr nr gel ynttr Knpplj ItxIaT. ^^^ RI.VTIIKV11.1.K SOVBKAN COK1'. Fk»n« »i« Bl.rthevtlir. Ark. Phoix Rr»achei: l.rj;Iivlllr, Ark. CanlnrH, Mo llornfrsvMle, »n4 Scnxtli, Mo. Wt DON'T MAGNIFY YOUR TROUBLES- WE FIND THEM AND FIX THEM/ ' . . and w« put your car in perfect shape for spring driving! Our mechanics will go over . your car with an eagle eye and you may be sure that your auto will get service "plus" when anyone of our experts check it! Drive in today! GET OUR REAL BUICK SERVICE IT COSTS NO MORE! ____ 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY *D,AL..5S5 FOR SERVICE

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