Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 3, 1964 · Page 5
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 5

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1964
Page 5
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011, Ham < work at 7 a.m. and he We, botti back ftbout 4:30 p.m. d tiw Iblrit, tiflaWe td ,;'AIl oft I Sudden ray wants a say M§;etaty^ Who • again, mm print this so other patents won't be jtottt/t h s fttifevi i me, way we wj&fe\ By ABIGAIL VAtf fiiffiEtf llel "—"' AHBYj 1 affi sick ftfld llted behaving my ideals 6«r myibaek all the ,li like .td.feiew mm ' >t, -DEAk HAD tt your parents have probably had It,*' too. If you ate able, to pa tot you? own " lodging; :-foo transportation, doctor attd tal Mis. insiirancft and ent«s talnmcnt, and bail yourself out at trouble "otaay ktod 4-' then yda*may.le>ve H home; (Bttt tafce a key to the bac"k dod«*Vhca you ., \ *"»•* * * T I *i t »^ * -, ^ DEAR AfeBY:"My prpbtetf is be"tween"my" husband and me over a dog we d(in!t even' have yet - , xv V „.• vH' We've been married for two years and we have no .children. We both worK five days a .week, , • ' »<i'« • • . am ifot going-' our fittiulure i&fcf aftdutw' and I've seen what.a ,ptippf « can do to thlftg^BssJdes, ft will tie away for . weekends occasional- isaaage, 1 ' ly/Ho caft you help we? .- - •#.* ' MRS. • DEAR MRS. K, A.: Yoti seem to have -tM -the,. aiiswerS, and they sounTserislble to nie"» Per* sonally, 1/plty, the; poofTpoach where he is unwanted by half the household and left alone all day. (Who >ifl feedjilni and walk him?) DON'T? glvfr*»an Inch. K your hnstrand wins this one, it shouldn't happtit to- a dog. • »•>".'•' f defendfiig ,"" the „ <. j'.Who thoughtlessly told their chfldtcn hat" ybtifl w'crje adopted.';Bnt adopted (Mdrttt sh6uld'bel(ow that;they are adopted.s» soon as they arc 'able to umlcrstand what the word means.' {Ten is tdo lafe.) ;•" -••*•'•- >•• -" STARS ABOVE US By CARROLL RIOHTER iiiimiiiiimiimiiMiiiiitiuiii FOR TUESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A day and evening when you have a very oood chance to englneeryogr Idea*, or your merchandise, so that others s«e> the advantages they would hove for them. You can also oat sorns new .support for vour personal alms for les» tensions-exist. ARIES (March 21 to April 1«) BY tallc- Ing ov«r vital concerns with family ties, you are now able to qet affairs In better order. Being emotional could trouble. Show that YOU have OBAft- think of parents who tell their children that ours are adopted! We had not intended -to tel our son that he was adoptee until he was ten years old, and to .understand. , but the , , - ' •* - ti :%wybefia;;irid--Mfr an'd DteW- A id f amity of New Of leans, ''* DfiAE'-ABBYs ^Vhat '.Is j the proper way to -address 1 .a* wed Jlng-htvltaUcin td.' woman who^arOv but, are not .marr together ,Eadi, 13 ' , . , using his own last name. A* » '* ,,,., :QESTTINC3,, MARRIED . DEAR GETTlNGi ;Any6n« 'so disdainful .of holy watrtmony could hardly, be a wcddlnjt Ian. But If you Tnusflnvitfi'thetn, send each an Invitation "at his only known address. • ' ' Troubled? Write to-Abby.-Box 69700, Lbs Angeles, Calif.', 90069, For :a',personal- reply, .'enclose* a s.<jlf-addressed , enve- I JefwaUrf Lafayette^annbunce-th^birtH.ef *; Iphn Martin, H»ft.th0"'fiME grandchild of Mr? 'Irs, AlfiMHariift of-Sulphur and tt'Mr. ai ' * *—- ^efcbat'Of Maplewood, H Mw-rtJefcoat jf,Hope Martin,*; *r'r r .r,:^> n m TAURUS (April » to May-JO) Stains «lotlons or friends you wont to deal vlthi InTths future, is .fine now. Finn day relations for matting Mi«f~ttiat''ari> onirBe ' SWIJAf ER SET—As practical "as ; they are handsome are these sweaters . in a blend of wool and polyester which look like new after repeated onacnine r .launderings. The V-neck -cardigans- have handsome meial buttons and suede piping accents the front and pockets and is used as elbow patches on the sleeves. perservlng and you cet. right results. GEMINI (May 21 to June J1) Do whatever brings you more success today and then you Inspire others to emulate you. Expert business person gives right Idea to follow. Show vision, tenacity of PU MOON CHILDREN (June H to July 21) You now know What Is most helpful to you and should take the quick steps to jet It that are now possible. State alms clearly. Be clever In all that you do, soy —' MONDAY, AUGUST 3 Friendship Club of Ruth Chapter 16, OES, meets Monday, Aug. 3, 7:30 p.m., with Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Thompson, 1804 Eighth Ave. Women iri C o n s-'t r uctin board of ' diriec'to^njjeethig Mtinj day, Aug. -3| 5 p'.m;-; at'-AGC of-, fice. Optimist Club ot Lake Charles meets every. Monday noon. Senior Citizens Club meets every Monday, 7-10 p.m.,-;High School Park Recreation Center. i Ceramic: Class meets every Monday, 9-11 a.m., and 1-4 p.m., and aovancevrlassr:'iri -.stains; 6:30-9 p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. Lioness Club board meets Monday, Aug. 3, 7:30 p.m., with Mrs. Tinel Mancuso, 310 Wilson. ; Lioness^ Club executive board " meets £ 3, •. 7:30 pirn, with Mrs;- J, E; Pace, 1423 Watkins. McNeese Faculty Wives Bridge Club meets Monday, Aug. 3, 7:30 p.m., with Mrs. Kenneth Sweeny, McNeese Farm. ; TUESDAYFAUG; 4 "i^nchor :: Lpdge; ! NQ, r: 69 (Inde- peii4ent". ( 0i^er ^ O^d'd ^Fellows) Town- Travel Dress with Dash For brisk fall days — it's the town-.dress wjth the .dash of a ^ "* suit! Alice stitchlhgtQ- longer waistline; The 1 -. Ice has a large collar, double row of but* tons—it suggests the'elegant look of tailored dash that's so important,for .Fall, •-,;-, For thfc'fransitloji season, sew the short.sleeyecl "version ~ for later §p,;"j^e""'-H subtle bell shape, "••."• Printed Pattern A8Q6 is avail' able In Misses' 12, 14, . , 18, Size 15 requires ?Vi yards §4-iiich, fabric. ,:, . .. ,"' Send one dollar for Printed Pattern A806 to Lake Charles American Press, Pattern De- paVtment, P. ':0,- Box 59, Old Chelsea Station,. New: York H, N. Y: (Add 15 cents for each pattern for first class mailing and special handling.) Please print plainly your name, address with zone, style number and : ' '' ''••'"•• f the "premier edition of our couture» -pattern col lecjion « 57 of the world's most beiiutiful designer originals plus 50 cents free coupon to apply to any One Dollar pattern. Send 50 cents right" now for Couture Collection 10. —don't waste time, LEO (July 72 to August 21) Any re- .jntment on tha port ot others can b« dispelled If you maKo your.Inquiries In,a only Be kind way. feet naw outlets going < ift«r you have llnljhed present ones. Ihorouah. VIRGO (August M to J September 2J) Be loyal to proven friends who comprehend your Ideas, ambitions. They will help you with them. Get Into social affairs In PM and meet th» right, influential persons.. .,.:., ,; .... .LIBRA-(September JJ to October 21) Go directly to that powerful person., who can alv«. .you -the bacKIng you need at this time. Be sensible, pract cal.'and meets every Tuesday, 7 p.m. 04% Hyan St. National Office Management Association, Lake Charles Chaper, meets every Tuesday, 6; 30 .m., Pioneer Club. Fifty Club meets-f every iTues- day Noon, Sammy's Restaurant, Moose, Loyal Order of La k e Charles Lodge No. 1378, meets very Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., 420 Ryan St. SPEBSQSA meets every Tuesday; 7:30, p.m., Broadmoor Building,, Highway 11 Duplicate- and contract, bridge ilayed every Tu e's d a yV .7-10 ).m., High School Park Recrea- iqn Center. (To play duplicate bring partner). Both bridge ;ames open-to the public. Ceramic classes held every Tuesday, 9-12 N, and 1-4 p.m., much gain Is yours. Do your civic duty wisely SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Getting Into new activities that are profitable can also Improve ego, character, You have to be more broad-minded/ however, Forget stubbornness, SAGITTARIUS (Novem cember 21) Don't disappoint thos» who too. (November 22 to De expect you to duties. Schedule ligh School Ce.ntejv Park Recreation SAGITTARIUS 511 Dari'T aisanoc..,. , ..,._ your share of —,.... and accuratelv Then all goes Ilka clockwork. Be efficient ^CAPRICORN? (December M to Jgnoor SO) If you ara uncertain • of what-Is ex- pscted of you, confer .with assodatej onfl clarification comes quickly. Pay, attention to regulations,' ShoW the right spirit. AQOARIUS (January 21, to februory 19). You havs some very Interesting work ahead of you and should get rlolu at It now. Peak efficiency will help you make big strides forward, —"--- — you back, Go after the entertainment" that WjJI givf you surcease from sorrow and lift lag'•It. .Bo with compatible friends, devotion Is only right, and lust. UR CHILD IS BtfRM TODAY. g is bound fo be most successful 19 because there "Is ths ability r.SOClETY M i..%on*pro''educati(inaian ulttiraT'corporatlon, announces the Inauguration i'Danc>. Appreciation Series for- the 1964-1968 sea- ott, American 'Ballet;Theatie, .leading" professional oibnpahy,for a. :ftuattert- century, ^Wfllnbe presente4,rti in, November tl8, s ,at;McNeese Auditorium. Christ-:; ;nas Season, t&ke "Charles" Ballet Soeiety for Ballot •- ,'oyeux will presentlts Slscond'arthual-production'of <' '^h6, Nutcracker" to' delight and- enchant all a^es.- 5ecembet 29-31; Arcade Theatre. Atlanta Civic 'Bak , let Company, pioneer and -model lor American regibnal" ballet, will be guest in 'the spring o£ 1965. In.acTdluqn the'.societywilt'contlnue the social-educational -meetings which will' include/.programs re-. lated, t to (s the wide-'world of dance. • -•• K:*.. ,*.:; ,». . ** - .' ./' LIC3HTING DISPLAY • AT -LSU: A special, feature" during Home and--Garden Week at Louisi-" ' University August 1749 will be an actual* - 7:30 "to 1030 p..m.- daily -during Homeland Garden,, Week.«Pat Ban-as Jr., Barras Electrical Company, . Lake Charles, and -.Gulf-, States Utilities Company especially, designed, the display -for Home .and Gar-/ den .We6k,yisltors. The garden lighting -displa ' . r ., ., Ms|i([;fdK'tTbe Homeland -Garden. 1 ! whjch,b sponsored, and conducted by Louisiana's investor-owned elec-- tric utility companies. For additional information on Home and Garden week activities, see or call the;. Calcasieu Home DemonstrationrAgeht, located 1m the Association of Commerce building. Nothing can hold 20 to March 20) Sandwich Newl IP YOUR he or she I In lifetime to looK'gtwery onol lion, ana there Is til manshlp here. Give .... .. and ethical trailing possible college, If possible, "The Stor* Impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life Is largely up to YOUI f • Carroll Rlghter's Individual Forecast for your sign for Sept. Is now —•*• ' orecast ready, . . , for your blrthdote 1 .ond $1.00 er Forecast (Lake Charles Box 1921, Hollywood wr copy send to Carroll Rlght American Preft) 78, California. Distributed by McNaught Syndicate. Inc. School Board Member Addresses HD Council Mrs/w. A. K. Scale, Ward 4 member of the Parish School Joard, was guest speaker at he Calcasleu Home Demonstration Council quarterly luncheon- meeting held recently at the Federal Housing Office building on Dixy Drive, _ 'on "Child Development," she stated the subject was a very broad one, since we, as adults, are still 'developing'." Condensing her topic to elementary grade students, she used charts frpm th? School Bo^rd, showing results, of standard achievement tests given : the sa»e chjidjen, grades I through 5, It was shown throughout the years, that achievements to spelling was consistently the class, her active participation in 4'H Club work, and her extra curricular activities, merited he award. She plans to enroll in McNeese in the fall. Officers from the newly & iliated club in Bell City, were introduced and welcomed by residing Council president! ^Jrs. Ella G, Freeman, Ingleside Club. Home and Garden Week will be held at the LSU Campus, n Rouge, .August 17-20, it announced. Calcasieu Council contestant, Mrs. W, $, Buntyn, Eiistown, modeled the dVess she 'wW 'wejr .in Although the Individual results of these achievement tests are confidential, they are used as comparative achievements and tQ campare schools pa ish «8<J itate levels. JHQWSVf r, she said, you cannot test deteraynaUon, individual^ bUlfy o> defire. In cojielu* she toy the homematers trMg rweiv«d at borne is still more iffportiftt thin school achievements. iiP Agent Mrs. ftitij de? tajxodjicwi H. P. . Dairy Month committee. tion Award" to tl» Pa*town Club for doing the most propiotc QliUf 9Ij4 WWS Pf^ 1 ucts durlpg the BQ.OAtb'9 obsery* ance. T^ie Sulpbjjf pjyjj^ j?as recognized as placing second in '"" Council gp^HSOf™' Sdwlafahip chairoww, Mr?. The Baked 5 GpTned T ^,e^fwlch is^ summertime eating. '-• l ^^,.-^^ *A ..,.„-. •;,. Satisfying yet light, packed* with a world of good flavor, it's easy to make and provides a welcome change from the usual sliced-bread-plus-filling sandwich. In appearance it is unusual and tempting. And it has the added advantage of being made from ingredients the Brenda Guillory, daughter o{ [r. and Mrs.,Pearlie F. Guillory o£ Iowa, became the brldo oE Robert ,I<arton l«e in a double rlrig,' ceremony ?, splen^nlsicd Aug. ,f Jij^tr'IlaphaeVs Cgitholtc phurchiofilQ' bread and mciist, hearty-filling are baked together. The bread is made with ^biscuit'mix; the filling combines canned corned beef lyith cheese spread, juicy *imato and a bit of onion. Sesame seeds in baked-on. glaze add the glamour' touch. It may be served hot or "cold, cut in squares for) luncheon or supper or in slices for snack time. Good indoor? or pu,JJ it's.a dis|x to keep in mind especially : Mrs. Archie D. Lee ot this city, chose Julius Lee of Iowa as sest man. Following, the wedding, a r re- iptfori-wa^h'eld to the^parish hall. -Mf8? ElfaVGranger^Mrs\ D6ris ? AVWtfrfd 'dnd MrsinJcsse , elated at'the' io a.rh.'.'rifes.'." The bride was given in marriage by her father and attended by Ginger Thomas of Iowa. The bridal ensemble was fashioned of white peau da sole with a fitted bodice, and street length skirt, 'She .wore a circular crown of pearls-with a shoulder length veil. ",*..:..' .:. The bridesmaid wore a blue and white twp-piece dress with a veiled pillbox hat'and carried a nosegay of blue flowers. . •"The .groom, son of Mr. and tition there. The nominating oommittee chairman reported that Mrs. A. G. Schwar?^ and MM. A. E. Latbrop were nominated for second vice president and treasurer, respectively. They were-i selected, and win assume office in November ugoa expiration of the two yfigr term5 QQW held by Mrs. Neely and Mrs. £Jun- tyn. " Mrs. Vaughn Managajo, Achievement- Day Chairman, ouUifie4 the tentative aro to be fip^jj NovejJiber §, S 3 pjn/jn %Qulpy, p^to Club ait Homton Blver Club wU| share hostess dutfes, wim &U clubs participating in tha W*f m^^w'f p<^* --* jVWs5"W M *^7 mmm preparation o/ to food to be served at wo. I? conjujactlon with the annual event, ag Educational Poster contest will be held, she stated. ^T'r-/m;zK&9 ^" ^*9 »<wr fQftfQf-^ WBf!*' Wl«p^»nfl». WS. SajB Lsfazrtina., picnics arid casiiaTl : dihJr}g" on the patio. The clever cook mentioned above keeps canned corned beef on hand in twp places for summer enjoy' ment: on the pantry shelf and in the refrigerator, un< chilled, the meat is readily flaked into the small chunT that mix so nicely with other ingredient^ foi^ casseroles, and specialties such as the Beefwich. .When chilled, the meat comes out of the can-in «i firm loaf that can be cut into perfect sliqes, cubes p:: slivers that add goodness and altrection to cold platet salads, sandwiches and a wide variety of plain and fane; dishes. BAKED CQBNEP BBEFWICK 1 can (12 oz.) corned 2 .tablespoons minced , ., .;...,-.,«., onion : 2 cups biscuit .mix % cup milk Sesame seeds * : • • Milk, art slightly beaten. egg whites, -.•. ••; x-. . corned beef with fork, Add cheese spread J, tomato and onipnj-mix well, .:'.:.•,?. Combine! biscuit mm with % cup milk; mi?c iye',1, Spread half, in bottom of greased 8 x 8 x 2-ri^ch'pas, (Use back pf speen dipped in water or m|lk for easisr spreading.) Spread corned beef mixture- over dfiiigh. Sprei remaining do«gh ovw cprned beef filling. Bru§a pf dough with additional milk or slightly beaten white for glosiy tPpJ sprinkle generously with seeds. Bake in 375* oven about 30 minuted, pr until is browned. Let stan,4 about 10 minutes befpre cuttijjtg, Crqbmeof For an elegant ,ladiesi.Juoch, serve Frin6h*!aAcaW8* yfltK a* filling of creamed crabmeat lightly flavored with curry der, The ,|tt|ff(|d %epes may b single layer in a •• shallow bak dish, then all there is to do before :s*rvtag fa to -lieat; ' with .foil, be§f, 1 8-PZ, jar process sharp cheese spread 1 medium tomato, diced A delcious dough for overs is made by combining a cup of flour with half a cup of butter and from three to four ounces of cream cheese. After a wedding trip through Texas and North Louisiana, the couple will be at home at 717 Murry St., Lake Charles. Both attended Iowa High School.. Thrift/Nitty wJSw+« .., town Club, was named contest Each clyb is to prepare one lostep ofiDicdng fSSjS^^ 1 ^ &" ijsed <jMftg ti» wwoers. i-JS*Mm ««^. w«re hostess dubs for the Iprly meeting will ho • Tt.. - ^, „„«,. '<¥'"* "W* 1 hpt, cut into squftc 68 ! or *wv« <w»W - 1 - -"-T, Makes 9 squares, abput 24 slices. TARDY DOLLARS LOSS EARNINGS ' r Huri&hujr six months' Savings ja fey '

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