Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 3, 1964 · Page 4
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 4

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1964
Page 4
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sT EDITORIALS What Others Say An attempt to the unmercifully beat an u^««>»f OW^jS*^ 15 ^ffi*&&SS3SBB& lllldAiAJJ •« — t-JT lenger Speedy 0. Long sentiment against the cratic administration* The "issue" of civil fight! tional support for him. But tlon - PIi a significant part -..i*.! Itih vtftf-JtrfAl*!*? won emo* if re_al is* n a siuniiiuaiix £«*»• v in nis viu must be categorizsd as Rep. Long's pwadniinistratiott votes. . • , . Meanwhile, it is not pomattire to remind Speedy Long that If he wins on Nov. 3 he will be th| cfegressman o? all the people Of the Eigfth District -not only of the state administration people who campaigned fob him, not only of his supporters, bit likewise of those who voted for Hep. ««"--*—£ and those who will Vote for fab Repub lican opponentiitt'the general election.- Alexandrla Town talk* The precocious P oliUc ** £ la "! °* some Massachusetts teen-agers appear to have been nipped in the pucu \,\j no. v w. wv-v»»» , c c « ^.1J,*.*! 4-js *MI#* TrtT* *riii!i vntmtfsters declaeo. to run ior the ^H^'^ffiyffll S the hwwfiU negfected, to put age limits on indepeadent candidates* , i&i-sw-* 8 *'* Senator Goldwater's ings with Republican nv _ House and Senate . . . brr the high likelihood that fewer GOP mavericks candidacy than there will governors and lawmakers^ otherwise, refusing aid and Lyndon Johnson this fall . Democratic lawmaker! pose the President orwb> . „ inity meet- members of the rings to mind trere will be opposing his 1 e Democrat silently or comfort to VSHllOIl \UAAUO &w****»-o — _, .„ *»->4. if an imbroglio develops) iind will not campaigner him'between now and G eC Their 1 problem is to m lintain party regularity without offending the President, while giving the impression they like Goldwater,_ too. Ellend°e V r have^oth decided not to at tend the convention, and it is not Sfnown right now^whethe Sen.^usse Long will go or not. • Times. ir little corner kes the mem- our neighbor- ill-humorea about the ««««. -"v-j--- afsfton^ 8 "dp u ste«7.. sing bit pi Tee f\?& c " *; _ 4Uese davS over teen-age morality, vcui ""rr""'f.j" of purpose !nd so.on it seems Oaft kids ought to be praised rather than .c.n. sured for taking such an in politics.-Lafayelie Daily To say that "racial tension should avoided" in the coming political avui ~----j~4. Johnson and ' -i\ - v >; ,'«??»• %'.< - ' r ? <&* , ! >p*>,-" l J ~T' u'r£'3 >'%• 1 ^ •^ Js i^ii-fef'^giM t 4. i ?l^: tlonat safety may not have " 5ftg ; Ifld °a8«a5We"!&nS» excessive slowness Is feSW- ble for wort acfcWaite on fflfl fiatlott's highways today thatt ex cessive speed, . , , • Aftd a surfifisitig ftumbef oE them are working at both state and-aatidtial level t&.estabUsb minimum as well as maflmiim speed liffllts on all Major high* ways and' freeways, -Iti 'SOtte cases, they've already succeed ed — but it's the exception rather than the rule when .you see a minimum speed limit sign along the road. - In addition, some insurance ,men in particular are lobbying in their State legislatures to get a change in the law when it automatically places,the blame m\3\ty SdlU. -• IU6ted by name*- >'«•?•$£ ••• nei question but,thai "•-,highway-fiedl* . ness than we '"'lilts ooiGijr COUnCll e' will-get on my neck for, that, but >the'only feasou statistics 'dfttft- sh&vrttVjl ».-most state-laws automatically place the^btame en the drive* atstiroaching f torn-the fear, •" H %ell, as long as;*e. have 60, eS.artd^O-mue speed.Urn s, and as long as we have hills and curves, the rtaUcattM-« the accident is r 'thefguy ; who is v»w •*- _.••_<_ .. «**H J— f^^Mt- e accn r; practically standing still ta.tamt of you just a*. you 1 top .the, hill the curve who op- fear their »TJ3!5s d "Jra; < *^3S; should of avoided, as Johnson and HVUlucu, «*» v At,-. 4 said, but the i 'And I Hereby Swear the Answers I Am About to Give behind The other night, just south of Fort Smith here, there was a perfect example. ' •' '• 'I'm not going-to give either ! of you a ticket," the state PEARSON SAYS in tact uie moot."••«-•••sue facing this country today. York Times. New Food Price Probe Stalled lUUilf aUU* jjui-iaua •*"* ^ j away. "You say he had stopped on the highway in front of you and had no tail light, stop light or signal light. "He says he had just slowed down to turn off and that he ils tail light was burn- in a two-lane high,.-,,., A visiting Oklahoma trooper added another thought! "And the-slowpokes indirectly cause a lot more accidents than the records will show. "If traffic is heavy, on. a two- lane road, a slowpoke will back up a line of cars behind him for miles almost, and finally somebody who has somewhere on the job right away will take a chance and; start cutting in and out. Boom . there's a crash-but Mr. Slow- many confusing aspects ou dovn All of a sudden, in of the world, a tragedy str bers of a congregation in hood. A church burns <*" We refer to the j Church in Baldwin that i"Special Providence Bap According to the be available, this was an a an unfortunate accident one individual or group :cidental fire, for which no an be blamed This is a time of tria 1 and the congregation . . help but feel that,this is ing'for us ^in this area. • «,,.><. Let's joijj jb,a$d^ money to rebuild thi_ this different kind of cr backyards. And let's do it becau i any special kind of pra doing something that y hearts is proper and in spirit.—Franklin Banned Allen J. Ol hiiv> & ..—^ thing is crystal uicai., «..-., — _... Svir sas--^ Shreveport where in that suffering city. By DREW PEARSON (Copyright, 1964, by Bell- McClure Syndicate) _ A BACK- ^Lfrr^eWa^icnE,.. ning Star. Whenever there^iotmg^and tj« hSUUUA^* W* Q» —— . , cvciy housewife, is taking r -over who shall dkect the investigation of chain stores and the high price of meat, milk, and | vegetables. m store representatives .nave been huddling to try to pick, or at least influence, the for the pastor And we can't a time of test- sis in our own ie it is the right want to we seek se or favor for Police do not respond to a riot call saap^S'SSS SeTStnfe S'tgESh. until -'^rpu'wn?demand thrt police refrain fr< ^ lcm ' Prs demand! engage i Unsolved racial murders, unmis- ji ia Awn*** t *•••«-• i ... the grocery, store is just as | high as ever. One meeting was held behind the closed doors of the U.S. should get the job. However, it would take an outsider an entire year to learn the background of the food and marketing industry. Meanwhile McGee is anxious to get immediate results for both the farmer and the housewife. * * * MEHREN HAD PROPOSED that Jesse Tapp of the Giant Bank of America be a member of the investigating committee. He also leans toward George E. Brandow, agricultural economist of the University of Pennsylvania, as director. Meanwhile good Old Marvin Jones, former Congressman from Amarillo, Texas, recently retired from the U.S. Court of Claims, is chairman of the Food Marketing Committee but seems don't know who is right or who is wrong, and since this is what •,.,,- ,, , we call a minor accident, we'll "I'll have 2,000 bushels of ap- let .it go at that.'? said the senator with The old model farm pickup • ' truck had been struck from the Dies " wide "but I'll have to wide "bu ave them away. We also have a big rear by the 1964 mode au omo- pSTear and so many plums bile. The impact, while sligh , T can't eive them away." had crushed the pickup's tail Senator about seven i.»iti.ijr „.-— --— _ scattered peach and plum trees. But he said he had planted one row o£ potatoes which, however _ • _].._«<«*. «c Trainer oarpn n\ i "But I'll tell you one thing." the trooper said, turning to the driver of the pickup. "Even If ..nii'^n t-tnVif and vnll WfirP. TT10V- s,t«s?ja3=s M»if j?,r bugs into a kerosene can out we »«- f •w'.^v' oing to turn of f t haven't got the labor to do U | ^ ^y^ gyj 0 ui d er.; : Don't creep five" miles an hour is no to drive on a 60-mile-an- turn off, now. "Did you ever try heavy ma- nuring and not spraying? I the closed doors of the U.S. t h to get going . Chamber of Commerce building ™J fa a fa £ minde d, dedt- last Wednesday, attended by pub ii c servant, but in- Henry Bison of the National As- *«*« ^ ^ & i acte dalslcal. He " Retail G . . . tural fertilizers, not chemicals. gdf WIJ. W*v w**vf%*•*•—•••.— —•-- - — . » along on" the highway, especially at night. I handle more, ae cidents caused by that than I do ones caused by speeding." U VS l«*»Wfc v **» —•' hour and doesn'1 caused." ,, , •' Clyde Rogers, bodyshpp foreman in a Fort Smith garage, was another one who diclnt mind being quoted. . "There's no doubt in my mlna that we get more wrecks hvhere that are caused by slow drivers than by fast drivers," he said. "You can look at the cars themselves, check the reports or talk to wrecker truck drivers. You'll get the same answer. , "And whenever I go on vacation, I see it for myself everywhere. There should be, minimum speed limits as well as maximum ones on every major highway." t , « ' Well, maybe someday there will be. (Copyright, 1904, by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.') LUlcu ici w-ii«*^*«» ••**- V «, I —i • • • —' ———• 7S£tt£3&** HARRIS SURVEY *._- •« _ • J i.t». MMMnfm* I the big mains. ., Their aim is to maneuver the • " • -friend- •Tribune. LONDON - It is stated on liable authority that F has notified Germany of if a German soldier sets foo broaden clear constit at ^e^areZt'^e fo^Trf'violence in I^Tew York City. New York has plenty l ° Tu? nTlo our knowledge has a -. McKeithen carload of voter registration workers * disappeared permanent^ into the New York night, or a New York NAAW 01 i OIK l »f_'^^ f j nvjn on Ws doorstep assistant secretary of i ture for marketing. Mehren, a marketing expert how a pair of felons LOOKING BACKWARD , from the University of Califor ia> has ^ da distinguished career as adviser to various foreign countries, but also has been an adviser to some of the food chains. * * * Ago Today (Frois the American Press of August 3, 1914) Belgian soil. In spite of this, Belgian refusal to enter m« entente with Germany, Ger nan soldiers nave penetrated th Ilf - tle buffer state. So grave is ths situation considered in England, tt»t It »' regarded that a coalition wm b« formed of all British Isle!par, ties - - • -;cm- The managers of the western Eng & I railroads have accepted arbitra- - - r tion of the wage dispute between tlieir engineers and firemen, thus averting a strike called for August 7. in shipments, local road contractors have been devoting HIS PROPOSED APPOINT- ment has been vigorously op- i by Sen. Gale McGee, >uw Wyoming Democrat who sparked the investigation of food prices and who is a member of 1 the "Committee on Food Marketing" which will undertake the probe, McGee and other consumer I protectors favor the appoint' 1 ment of Willard F. Mueller, the food economist of has gone to Texas for a physical check-up, told follow commissioners he didn't want to begin work until after the November election. ., He said no money was available, and besides he didn't want the probe to be political. But Sen. McGee, author of the investigation, has been politely, persistently; prodding Jones for action. When no money was available, McGee arranged with the Agriculture Department to get some. McGee also proposes David Scoll, who did a masterful job under another Wyoming Democrat, the late Sen, Joe O'Ma- "Yes " said the senator, "I know that, but it takes some time. Most people aren't willing to wait that long. 1 ' r The senator from Vermont said he hated to leave the relatively simple problems of trees, plants, and sunshine for the politics of Washington. Humphrey leads * * THERE'S A DIFFERENCE between the late speaker Sam Rayburn and Ray Roberts, the Texas congressman who's tak- ei Dur!ng Debate on H. R. 3846 for a land and water conservation fund to assist states in outdoor recreational needs, Roberts offered an amendment denying the fund any proceeds from sales of surplus government By LOUIS HARRIS When President Johnson eliminated Attorney General Robert Kennedy and other key members of his administration from consideration as vice presidential candidates, he catapulted Senator Hubert Humphrey into a commanding lead as the preferred choica of rank-and- file Democrats for second place on the ticket. candidates now line up among rank-and-fHe Democrats, Democrats' Current Choice for Vice President; Total Democrats Pet. Senator Humphrey 54 Governor Brown 10 Mayor Wagner 1° Senator Ribicoff W Senator Symington 1" But in ruling out Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson, Robert McNa ^tCTI,. V**V ***»^f *-— »t» — — -^ - M K«. . —• .— T honey, as attorney for the property. TNEC as counsel for the food- ««My amendment is very Sim- r* 1 :•*.." * I ..^ .1 •M^I j.- <*A11 if HnOC Senator McCarthy ..-.,. Most of the new Humphrey maioritv, however, is made up numi vn><»».i<uw.., »-- *-•• . *u«*4v»*v»-- ,•""•' "•'•' t._ -„ mara and Sargent Shriver, Mr, of second-choice votes he re- Johnson also removed the first ceived when President Johnson .... , -''knocked out four of. his prw- + !(;!*•*** I **!!• ^ • marketing probe. 'Because of the tug-of-war between consumers and representatives of the big chain stores; the White House will probably pick the staff. It "will be interesting to see whether Ralph Dugan, President Johnson's adviser on personnel, sides with the housewives or chain stores and meat- packers, ^ Alex Grou« »j,- manaeer f manager work, and many ^ „,„ ,,, r <f ^ F ^ road are now ready for the top f arm pr i ce g and the prices dressing. charged to the housewife, 1 Mueller knows where, all the * * * se! of the *.*•«»•- »-* •>—•-? --\ Rouge, issued an order today, to all loyal Frenchmen in this vicinity to report to him for instruction and expense money lor peace in Europe. and the gap between iiarm prices and the pr' charged to the housewife, i .. .. , where J buried. Per he food indus „» _.,. _ ?s to block bis 1 appointment, 1 Not long agQ, Assistant Secre. tary Mebren di?cribed Mueller as %.ablest wan taJtofloW bodies are why. GNARLED GEORGE AlpN of Vermont, the only borticu> turist in the Senate, went up to Vermont the other day to survey bis orchard. The moderate _'* * •• .. f lt._ A*-»nn -ftf\f\lf— Vvj ***» w+v»*****»" T*"- -r---^,-- , ,.• . Republican from the once rocf ribbed Granite State, ped tp sell fruit trees. But just as Vermont has lost some of its rock-ribbed Republicanism, so Aiken has tapered off Ills nursery business. His own personal orchard i year, however, is ""•"""" Stance and Germany a "e at (Tom an attfcU of laryngitis; is thf weej, war, England is roobifeini! her regretted by hid mends. ^° 9 ? 5 ' , Neal Bryan went to Besumont WASHINGTON - The ,; 3 rgsi- yesterday to join Mrs. Bryan dent stated the UnM ! States and JiUIe dawgbter Yirswa. had not dirfcUy or indirectly —7-- inads an offer of its goad- <««*$ With resumptioii ." • i_^ m.. HM —A 1 nt m*9tral fr*MTl IT I of gravel from the pits of ft«8^Eenrw3swriiis asked Alexandria Gravel Po. and ^ *----- for a quarter of a mil- Tioga Gravel Co, roa4 wurk wiU ITS to help Americans be taken up this week with a F'Srope. I rush. On acoaint of toe *•* l^JBJ^T' ^J^-- - • " •IHIMHII m. " !, 196i Amerkin Press Hot weather saps the vi •••••••-•"-- hardest Hwm . Uebert"WM a gufst of Sak'M'SiJrtey.J'yflM at Sui- ibi past weekend, and jCU,)S| V*JLC^v>* f*«M# T> 9~r*, ^T day Mjhjen is opposed to njs.ap* potatromt, §ay§ r tbat an outsider -,——- Id Bft/PJl 8llUjftr?> tfl fOIJP «r4lBwy wtfai Almost spy pwri^a mm yevp« bi$ or her bjve (fee best time of they get togetlier. a beauty spot 4oJ| iWs your- are enoimowsl 5.0-yew class reuwofl, the templaUw to mm mm m$iy<w$m®tp lliV tt*i*V* *>**•» **•" ^^" • V pie," said Roberts. "All it does is cut the bill," Colleagues blinked incredulously as he explained that H.R. 3846 would be meaningless '» we take that much money out, i,e,, the $75 million to $150 million a year received from the sale of military bases, hospitals and other government facilities declared surplus, . "I am not up here trying to deceive you about what I am trying to do, 1 * declared plain' talking Roberts, "I am opposed to the bill and am trying to kill it by gutting it." . The House vigorously voted him down, MUUUPUii a+>JV *w*»4v< v** -•'— T"-' choices of fully 57 per cent of the Democrats. While U is speculative as to just what factors influenced the President in this decision af* fecting his choice of a running mate, he undoubtedly weighed carefully the political advantag', es and liabmties of a long list of potential eligibles. . Many of these no doubt involved Attorney General K?n*. nedy, who,.at Uie time of Mr, Johnson's decision to eto' nate lum, was the leading choice of rank-and-file Deiipcrats, In a poll of a cr—-" of DemocraUe VQter§ ^^,., , before Mr. Johnson's announce' ment, 35 per cent mad? Ken- cipal competitors last Thursday. The comparative standings in a nation-wide survey taken on the eve of Mr. Johnson's decision. ' • ; Deraoerats' Earlier Choice for Vice Presidenj;; Late Early Apr!! July July Pet, ?ct, ?ct, Before LBJ DecMon Robert Kennedy 35 Hubert Humphrey 16 Adlai Stevenson H 6 6 4 40 13 16 7 TODAY... IN lllClll, tJJ l"5f VSH* »j«»»»y ••-— nedy their first ehoice. However, he also led in the number of party voters who said they would bolt the Johnson ticket -•'-- ' ifthelatePresi- I I I 44 U 16 7 4 1 9 I \ 4 10 jr THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Monday, Aug. 3, the 316th day of 1961 There are *5Q days left in the year. Today's bigblight in history: On this date in 1923, C^lyin Coolidge succeeded to the presidency following the deaOi of President Warren G. .Hajdjng. Coolidge was swm «i by &» father, a justice of the. peace, at the family home >n Ply' Southern Pemgcjits repoited they would take a walk if nedy were earned- This contrasts with only 4 per cent w the Soutb who said they would vote against Mr. Johnson, with Senator Hjjmpbrey as bis nine mate. Anothjp fcey factor weighing in Humphrey's favor• ta the emerging pattern of tne •Joon-' spn-fioldwater race In November. Regionally, Senator Coldwater has now fl»vesl lead in fee Sotttb, w|tt? !>» T -,.-„Sargent.,™,, TI Stuart Symington Robert Wagner 3 A, Ribicoff Pat Brown E, McCarthy None or not sure „ , ,*, It }s apparent from these results that support for Senator Humphrey wis rjapg as. w President made bi§ decision. Attorney aeneral Kepedy sWJ held 9 substantial lead, but his backing appeared to fee ebbing. The negatives, poW yp the problems Robert Kennedy posed for Mr, Jsbnsop. Democrats wgre wbM On UWs date: the East and wore than \ to . from, supporting the tick- Vote % m » Were: last West Protestants led bis three tiny ships , was to W to *® 4toMWy on France aw} Belgium. 34 1844, law (SeM tisi race, here is

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