Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 3, 1964 · Page 3
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 3

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1964
Page 3
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ier Lust, Mon<r.vl& ' Wtt«§l|'*»«tttty» afid Mrs. 0, W ftrd, J Mr& Ethel , eolof .biatefsr and Mft, Richard Sunn -was 'awarded, a <3<iV6fno? ! 3 '.trophy wWeh;,sllfl tfoti in Baton Retige at Pelican Modra f serviee , . • Mrs, Roberts reported {hat the ' ' e§ J. DU Clyde 8 ' the 4 state, ladies stallation of officers at the figffifi 36ffliys Sihge, laki Reining dlvlsibns fay ^Jeft «J6nes, on . won fa Linda Richard, filly, M.jpttfid -&t aftof-H&atf. wa§ :,?• -^ ^ •*(,<"' -,<? "••>,< «.!. Mwj. fl WS"^ St., tiftW,,tM:fiMlr&fJ Bran's; PhW pMue ^A^tfe/klLlI gad!, apefa^sd;ii Jewelfy Stofe'lft "•*•' eaHen..- , .,,,, ,,,,, , Packman, son of the laillttfS* r^> Packman who operatfaj" VHfttfi -Iff Madd some progresg in d mixed Stock market law thirl aft Hooft, Trading wfll mfldafate. the day B.GMJQNES EdvWifdi iltarf' meetings .OfafiK*. tet dm'', wi§ shown b? 'eppy Pocd Ropef/' SWiifid k £ "-ettcnts of'Lake Pleasure classes-^junior, won by Joe.Saift IfVin^l of DeRid- d^ on "Bildkaroo.Joy."! dealer, won by Linda Richflrd, Ragley", on "Chufabyi" P6U D6d|iflg" J- ^fii6ri Wbri by Peppy o I. B. .Cl ChiMeS, Was re&rW .... fhm "Mr. Boo Rbrreii." byB6o* """ ?i $ahd fchart^ion stal- . . ifa otter Befits , arterhofSe'JillleS foaled in "tlttfe Miss Stafld'Pat" Nfedl; fdaled In , sh»wn IMl 6r before, . "Diamond Jubal" §h6wil bj/ Eld Hebei-t, Io»a. Warterhorsd stallloris foaled In 1964, "Little Stand Pat" shwn by Dav'e Ne v al; foaled In 1953, "Flash" shown by Etigehd Millet. Sfilphuf. Geldings, all ages, Mm by 5uck" shown by Joe Sam Irne, DeRidder. Walking horse class, won by ffioifilt thialfif tfelnlty for*«!% yeafS, wlU'dflfltlhUfi " policy la'rfd^fvlc'e 1 16 year* ago,- he -said, '>'• "• " "*i Al.Surles ..__. between'in-stdfd . flfld covering Loulfil' §6fltheas1 Texas'; dl all outdoor f epreSentfltlve for" Pflclf* mart's. ' "> . \' ~' t 'Eight person^ Will-"Be* employed, Packman said, -adding "wfi'Sf§ gdtefi t6 have the up* per ff6m 6f,',Ui§ 'bliildifig H- modeled to' fit into the growing improvement 6f 'Ryfirf, Stfe'St, and are planning on a formal establishment of tha flew firm tiame, Packman's Photo Products at an early date," he concluded. ' mated at U rrtlllion ' shares With alfl§ flnd fdssei 6f fractiOOS . ffla list of 'key by talk Otis Miller, Lacassine; junior, wori by Chtita? RfigerS, Lak6 CfiarldSj Pee W6e ( won by Buteh Fdrernari, Lad^Ssine. Pickup Ra&s ^ juftlof, won by Margaret Corbello, Lake ChMfeS; SenlOi 4 , WOn by Dan Ctielette,. Ma. Jackpot cutting — toon by E'd Richard Ragbley. , Barrel Racing — pee wee, ,woh by Billy Jean Darpbih, Sulpktj junior won by Chester Rogers, Lake CKarles; S§riidr,' -Won by Patsy Walian, Utffi CHafles.. Flag RScIhg — iMoF, wbtt by Perdle Carfie'r, Lake Charlesj jdniof, wfiri by David' Thibd- deaUx, Lake Charles. .Jackpot Roping—won by .Robert, Moss, Lake Charlesi 13.6 onds. Chairman Is Named by New pfice incr-easa, tha makers gained if (Kind but 'advances wfte MWdrtJ,8* Steal was up about more than a and Jones a"fld LaUgMft fractions. v ' .'-.,.' Top auto issues showed scant change. i • -i ' - -" Xerox agalft wai'tne if&SSm pacemaker,- recouping a couple of points now that the news was out about its price revisions, Calgon raced up nearly .,3 points In a continued response to its proposed 2%-for-l stock Split. Smith-Bougies «flWHed ftA*flthatt,i M;; , ., ' 'M6t6r61a «fid i s ittsfeui'gh Mate Glass rose more than a point but there were plenty of losers. Down more than S p&lfit Wet 6 DU pehtt cHidaga a Noftfi wast- De !o?#fa, fifist Paflsh, became chairman today of a new Louisiana legislative cotfitrilttee to investigate stdte institutions. * -^* i«f••*«**•ti*rt****»*«*f ft.Cflt, *<''i»'"«f«ti iiirt AlrefBfr, .iii.u.mi.....<u« ii.i,.H(,». . . ii.iixdi.i.t.tKi 73W emoi on iiiu».i>ui.i.i.-(ii 73.. e«rtfl/uti<i....».».....»«*. jtt rn-jAfflMfe" u,«i.r*.,.•.<»»(. Jfw lirt*V' • ( . i i«««»«.,*.m rti 41 ^ -^ii . , 4 ,| l<4 ^ l ,. it ui it 52 rl»ti...i.iM.i 31 }4 meetings, oTrp-oTMfgea zening* ^S^kri* fJu v «£»T3 f Wb a-cWdfn^r M^SMlnf fffiv^'W §™R*t dhAlffittff of the Ward * Man-rl 6 !'^.,.,, ,,.. ,*-jl-;i tiiflf GfiMHiiftfoRt Mafir, ^ , ^» ,K.lWt otfnei"of the ttarle^ulft rtd* tfc ftJlfflifttffe'i^Slfi Eujd- SI* ^ H ' Q * t6:tn-r:TOl^:Sufidiy the'ftisaK^! 1 of to. found eptfl. n«fy Ward , i Alrllntt r > Illn Malhlcsort 'an^ Amarlcait /ri<ui<ti««<i<<T<i | . c, ptnniy tii*.i.ii..4,.«i,.,j(., 51 ?<*>.! i C6ldJi.....l.,»,i.,»(.,.i.. ll « p«nsi aw 1 -!.»...".Vim,.".,.;..;.aj4 Airperfi«h§ in this mvm Ew n ^u;.*:::;:;;::!:::::;:::;iSs «rge« w attend the tri^uhg, in* RCA" '..{u.»»*ii!«ut«« «te cludlnc those ownlntf land fnohitf Sears Roebuck ......oil Soccmy iMobil' ,.,»,, '' J '- J I,,,.<>..4... 1 Tixds Co. i. U.S. Steel Ztnllft »i./iuJi..i Chicago & Bsstcrn Illinois, C6fttrol Data aRd Plftan* Three Firms Bid rt Ferry Bridge • i ^& vice chalrmah of" the committee was Sen. B. H. (Johnny) Rogers, Grand Cane, . The committee was named by the Legislature and given authority to probe state institutions other thaii Angola State Prison. A separate committee was named to. keep an eye on the state penitentiary, Other members of the Insli- - . Aer6§ P flce issues made gains. United Aircraft gained about a point. Boeing) Gsnertl Dynamics and Douglas Aifcraft added fractions. Pan American WoHd Airways fell more than a point. Other airlines wefe fr&tH!6hal losers. Prides oh the Amerlcah' Stock Wtions committee ..for coristfuction of the uiiii Ferry bridge which will dopnect Wards 1 and 6 were re- ceiVijd today by the claims committee of the Gajcasieu Parish Police Jury, I ^tabulation of the bids,wag 3 Be made with the total of all ids to be made public at Tue& •,"•." « •,*-.'- ,. •,», <_•- . Schools and footage to be blacktbpped are: „.„ Prien „ LaKe Elemen t ary School,: 465 ( feetiLMarlQh High School, 520 feet;" Riverside Ele- mejitary School,, 465 fe§t; Car* v*ef,Etementafy Sciopl, 376 are Sen. Garland Bonin, Lafayette, arid Reps. Steven tiupuis, St. Landry,' and Ernest Single- tori, St. Helena Parish. Greek, "fufkish Cypr/ofs Clash MM.YMifgafei- CfMl> and - Mfl. Chfifl«tteithnt r^ifc' ,c n; , . The first Rieitteg ef the feSmf Wedtiesday at the LaWCharks' Cotiftiry club, At > that i tlni& the Heed for 2dhiftg one! tho lortiflg fifdlnahce In flits greA fill be explained, Bolinff laid, < ' , bounded, by Prle« laki Oh 'fhe west slid floTthY>ftit6fsfa"te"'Sifl by-fiflsS dfl ths tidrtfij Prletf Lsk6 floftd JfloHll-SCiuth'leg df .PHett Lake Rofldcsrttlntiing.lfittf Ihles Hoad) bfl the eM, and * " ClubftdadBlHfiffsath. --'Art ft¥lst!atibft — {heril*wk:,na tefeei Mtf the Cstflbllflhment. :, ehlif 6f'i Id displa ftft.wfil a .* fftjBr said that ms tf headlights at all times on Greyhound -bufte* had II|>er cent decrease jft...... accidents In the U.S. and 24' aeflt.fftCafiftdai' •-• t :f,- ' r - 1 -. -JT" t' 1 ^ li Rectit ait, an ihfi pit fH this ...... In Stienco Find* New Halltig SubttAnca That ., ,, Promptly Stopi Itching and Pain df P!l«a Kw .Vbrk, *N« ¥. '(Special) - tneut" -ftis ^ttkd 1 ^, Q.A6 6f the most common affllc- fled by & doctor's observations. i.idttdlttofl'kiKWii t& Thfc jtnpwtfintent wM'Miln- 1 1)1168," It is ftojit taiitdd In easts whate & doctor's, eluding those owning land facing ._ 6n the east side of Prien Lftka lalif: 11 ;:,";;::;;.',';.';:*','^ and,IhlfiS Road, and also on the * South side of Motteeae BAad ad' Jacent to this area, B6llng said, Damage Suit Filed After ' r ' *- » '"' i '3 tf ' June Wreck A damage suit seeing $30,000 DRY, SCALY SKIN? RelUrs pilnlul Itching. Has beeli led pJi the Cdl sieu PaHsh cleik of 66tlft as a result of an accident on June 28j 1063, aUhe.iriterha'dtlon of Prater and. See Streets. - • Alton J. Winter's arid Austin* Vlllz, each ftsklng $15,000 in damfigesi filed the suit against Lewis J. Dyer and hiS Insurer Marquette Casualty Co,, , w ... NICOSIA, .Cyprus (AP) ~ Fighting erupted again today in the Kyrenia Mountains north of Nicosia, a UiN ( spokesman said. Fighting between Greek ,and Turkish Cyp'rlots, echoed along Acdofdihg to the suit, Winters, driving his! car south oh Prater Street with Vlltz as & passeti- get 1 , Was struck by" the Dyer' automobile traveling AOrth. 'The accident d6(fUrre"d'When Winters attempted a left turn onto See Street; the slilt alleged. ' for the . duHng the day and dSpScIdliy flggrayntitig at nignt « * »' No mdttef wftttt yau'vd n»6d without results-Here's g6dd «ewf!« F6r tho first time, idUtice hfii fotifid & new healiflg.iUb-' «tance With, tho to '- s atop tha --'- both sides 6f the strategic, Turkish' controlled' f K y F §*n 1 s Pass. Hemorrhoids often lead to CONSTIPATION cause hemorrhoids. Avoid Irritating, habitf forming Uxiti vet., Rely on NU JOU Not a merfc lubricant, Nujol emulsifies in inteattaet to increaie moisture retention, thu» add bulk for eatier elimination. Get gentle Nujol. TUESDAY ONLY A & P OFFERS YOU Jay's regular jury meeting, there was no indication as to vWcH of three firms gubhiitted he lowest bid. Bids were received from •Hey, Inc., Southern Bridge i. of Baton Rouge and F. Miller and Sons. The same situation was true of a bid submitted to renovate the Gum Qove ferry wWch crosses the Intracdastal Canal south Qf Vinton. G. B, Zlgler Co. of Jennings' Was the only bidder. An estimated cost will be made Tuesday since, the exact cost will not be known until the f er* ry,is dry-docked. General Equipment, Inc. of Baton Rouge was the only bid? der on a motor grader for Ward 8. The bid was $15,694 which included a trade-in, W. B f McPonald of. Glenmora bi4 $14,204 for hard surfacing various streets in Iowa. The firm also bW $345 per cubic, y^-d for 3400 yards of sand-c&y gravel to fap wsed on the project. McDonald was the only bidder on both liems. R. g. {J^t qohstructiqq Co, was the opjy bidder at ??.««fo? blacktopplpg fte parish roi4 leading into the Ward 1 recreation center. Tbi| wjll be § stete aid project. The rnad and bridge committee yote4 to flfrerfise for r"* wpping streets in front of p schools. Only mat portion of ro^d is *f nn£ of the schools will Melrosi Elementary School^ 332 feet; St. John Element, iify School, 530 feet; and S, J. Wejsh Junior High School, 790 feet parish school board and , Ward 3 will share the cost of the blacktoppin'g. A pedestrian crosswalk at Sulphur over Interstate' 10 has been approved by the Federal Bureau of Public Roadsj Rodney Vin- qent^ parish engineer, said. The crosswalk wfU be cpnstructed at the W, Ti Hennjng Elementary SeHool, Tuesday the jury wjll receive bids for the sale of $200,000 in bonds for the Ward 3 fire protection' district; Tjie claims committee authorized for two fire trucks shoiild the bonds be sold. Ed Taiissig Ford, Inc. was low bidder for a 1965 dump truck for Warfl 7; The bid was $3,337. Cagle Chevrolet was low bidder on a 1864 pickup for Ward S, The bid was « 4 732. No bids were received for relocation of two camps on the west bank of the West Fork of the Galcasieu River at the site of the t?unn br%e. The gingering department will negotiate WITH A PURCHASE OF $2,50 OR MORE^i ; PLUS STOREWIDE VAlUES! "SUPER-RIGHT" U.S.D.A, GRADE "A" WHOIsE FRY E R S IB. IB, •HfflBP ^BP ^f^p ^HP _^^P ^•r VwAp iPflp W Step .it right ?*«y with f U4«f •oteoid tibJets. -~ • • *»"8I JM?. Ruptured Men To Mike f Mi Test 9»s City, BOW at *m cofii. 1^15 «^^ f Tfi? \ no leg straps, BACON KTCHI)P tB . 45o PAGE JAR INSTANT MILK ® rEaoH6E SULTANA 12-02, QLASS NECTARINES CALIF. FULL PIPE JUMBO HONiYBIWS u, PKOS VINEHUPE CANTALOUPES 3 POTATOES 1015. IACH &m fchflftKi hemorrhoids- without (tirgery. Medtdfti 8ol- ence has ptoved this fctibdUmt* roducM a rcinarkttbly eff«v ' r&W6f heallnsr. Jta^garm- ing JWpftftiea alto help pJa- i'n onlhiiAotrhold iaie if t«if anoth«r"voty Sttildflg improve- tftirlety of hemorfhfild condi? ,tldfl8. «om« of 10 to 20 —•""•' duration. Ttiaaeei _ s .^__..^_._. SUbStftftde (Btb-Dyfls*) *•( reaefttoh ImUtu^'n, ThU BpV rtaftcs li nw obtalftftbla lip Alk 1MT, Preparatioh H Stippo«itflrlo« (wimalent to carry If atr frtm hbme) -6? PMbWatifiti Olhtment with ispecfal a ton AtailabU at all counters. 'n r \ i 3i NEW ASSOCIATES FAMILY GR( FINANCING PLAN provides money for 3 of the most important expenditures of young Amertoin families Medical . . , home fumiiMAp , , , i»p» lw|*0v«swetii * , , so* meet ail your family need»^8li at w«e-»iiath #u> Aj»oci»tog Orowth fmeavAiif Plan. Well cowbioe all ym «*t« fete PW> Jet yw pew .Mtjaevst <^ cat y o^ paywat*, w v«5 you wtereet, we over 600 Aanociat^ offlcee wa*t-tiH»ast. Oae is new you. Yba^l ^ inuaedi4te, co.afidential swvice wife low i»oiit|ily ^^m W *ltf ^tf ^tr m flWk P HRIi ^|pP PlNAHCE,JNa **» •'%^i4l}K-.

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