The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH W, WAI (AUK.) COUU1KK NIOWS Osceoia i.ictv—-1'crsonn! looking be;. 1 . Cliarlic Kniii/: mov, papuhr l>oy. Leonard Jo'msan; cmeat boy, Lcmr.rl Willis; wililos 1 . \ boy, Vif'.oi 1 Ivy; siiv.U'tv-; bov. Fr/ ; Etdiisui; blgji'st pi-'.t. J. L>. Kmiil-.; , AilHit £^]l'.!l't- | ai'.racllvc, 1'lulip Eas!y. Mrs. diaries Ross Has eh:>.r:>ii:r' | .j-| lp uj^, .,. 1(1 j, i:<[1| ,,,.,;;., hostess when she enU'iluinei .V-.L'- j\Vhu" etn'.c^ results \vere: (licnfe at a buffet supp?r fo!!ov:;-tl : M . ;ft handsome toy, Junior- by an Pvenins at contr.-.'-'t bridge al j jj.,,,^,. ciitiVi b::y. Junior H:III.-LI; her home lierc. i wittiest bay; J. W. Wiriii.-r; ir'.-rit- H3«ls of Joi«iui!s uivJ gas bfiko'"; • e:l | jgVi HJIJ.-.J; in !..: M.:of sprini! ulc--s-:nB were .lypropvi-; ,j,,_ u ,. lj;ly Hj| _, r( ,j dun:.-:!: ate ducorallciiii for the |uny vUi.;.! jiopului carried out the Easier sn:rit. M.iiu- vviu , ture rnbbils ivlilth cseli ociireal::! j L3y Wl , :i ,,^.....1,. a Oainlv luiiiil m.Kie linnd.Stsrrldi-! j Eumli; tcv «r,, •ic-rc awuriVd tlis eu«l al <-'"' '"'"i J. w . Widncr; We who cnl lii«)i cavil a', the lK:;;n- i w W iui:er: buy. Junior Bj-ndi: bj/ .jf^ !l . iU| . | .)„;.>.; m in ,,|. m: «:-;un«; u-o.::. ' i-i!«l s,u\k. J. , \'ji.\ I.:-.- iiina of the sasne, anil were eutliy i, i( . k( ,. t . ,. ulf:>l .^ £,.„., Ki!l ,« Mis. Herbert iiiiipptn airJ M:b. '.V j ijrar.lli'} 1 : luattv. girl. Mi,;; j.-'k'!H K. Johnson. Hii^ii v.':'VC P'.'i: • v:i- • KCSS; most st'.rarua.s girl. .MunruK-'KJ iwaulcd Mvf. 11. L. Quiim iiivl Mi i HCoS; mcsl ])3|)ll!LU , irjt Mu .J 0; -j, iffi. Neely liowon won l='.v scr.-r.-' f:iv ::• i Hcsv gu .| vvilll |,.,, l( (. sl ],..„- vc- . Mrs. Hose's wests were :.!•--:- LEL , Pk . keu . gi] . : wi!11 preU i,, it cyc .^ dames H. L. Qimni. Heibjit Shm-! Louife W idner; girl \vi*!i pri'illc-bi lien, C. B. Driver, James D.-ivr:-. M ;ec ,), H C I CI , Aynv b:,n:K 11.i: W. Ehtdilan. all cf Osi-tola. rm-' Treva Mrs. Jackson's hcii'c t;'j".-i. Mr • Neely BOWEII fi-ouV Cliir:i<ii>. -.:u: j -mi; o] ,]> ,i>|;si:n'l):i> PLACE Mrs. W. E. Jjlmssn c: Litlli- n ).l: ; lllc vM Ls ,., nn ,. .,„.-, „ ,. lh ,. who Ls vbslilr.S re'.utiv.- lir.e. j hoiifili : And [Lci'o i:i:Vl nny Is.iy up in ;':: iolt e Like Tom or Like Joe? Mrs. H. I'- nriver ciUeaninc:! l h .r four table biidp Mir!) A; lirr n:m- ' The „., Ic5 ,,,.„ ,.,„ ,,,,,, „,„ , 0 ... try licsup north cf Ojcec:la Ihiu-.^-• j s (i-y-'n —^n^^^ri-D-^rTi^' 1 : 1118 !aira " :b ' :ono lcow " ;; a:3un " !n V ^. . '7-' . ' I "Hie liiiiiSM :"-e c!I i!:i- :iocr . Hock, who is visit!,;;? re-r.vei A d , , ,. , , -und fi-icnos here OIL, week. An(] (1|c f , s rot , Guesls besides the cliu) ineinbjrs ! T| , d , h Included Mesdamcs Artliur Bo'.vi-n. • i-ouse Ti:c- laticllcrtl eainn visitinij To sec hew everything Ls .sitih And he finds the'place dcs-'i'lcd. lie says "111 rent it on', tn H"inc' mail cjf the. l .e p.ii'Is Wh;n I i;et i 1 Hxetl. h"e puts en the door .And boards on the floor ' Anc! builds up tlie fence that rctten. WHY 13 IT l on T^" ^ nT P , ARE PROSPERING AMD JAM NOT. ,-^TPLANT MORE COTVON, KEEP ™Y _ /CHlLDRtM OUT OP SCHOOL AND IN THE 'FALL WORK HARDER THAN YOU DO. YET i ,DONT SEEM TO GET AHEAD, B. Driver, all of Osrooli, the ir.n- oree, Mrs. Charles Driver an:i ih^ hc.stess' cau^h'.cr, Mrs. \V. E. Johnson, both of LiiUe Hock. Mv.s.!: Palter of Parii'jaijd. v.-j:.j is visit- Ing relatives ii?!?, Mrj. GoDr^ia Williamson cf M?r:;n'niF; \',l!o Ls il:? fiuesi of her sister. Mrs. F. P. Jftc- ol's. and Mrs. Ncblc Hunt cf Luxora. High score club prize wa; award- High score club prize wa; aware!- j Nm . t £ U p£ ro is m .w cni crt Mrs. E;l L. Q:nnn, the honor." • P;olvcri ' - ow v . 1)nr ., v .,,. pvesente-.l ?. favor anfl Mrs. '.V. ^ro'T Driver sr.. cut consolation riK?. following the game. Mr. and Mv.i. l!u<;!i C:-ii! e:il--r- i tamed informally pt l)ri(h?"at :h:-:' I'.orne here 'ihnr.=."Iny ev?i'.:n=; ::r;i!- plimentui^ thoU' siy'e-r. Mr?. K. E. Craij of C-rccnvH'e. Miss., who is their guest, curl who is n!so visiting her aunt. Mrs. N. G. CMtv:ri»'.n in O?cec]a. Delicious ref:oilit:inil ; ivero served following ihc game. lira. F. F. Jn:obs, who is f. member of the Wiliinni Elrjns cha;:i:-v o! the D. A. R. coniprisiv!!; members in Crittendcn cincl Mi: : .i~ro*v cciiiitles. Ls in Lilt'.e Rock this v.crk att3:i[!iii2 ihc slute D. A. R. con- ver.ilcn. £1:? in ticconpanicd by >5i'i. Albert Hunter and hor lanj!!- ^s.~ Mary Ei:^a!)eth Hunter, or And it Inr-ks like i —Viola Jclrnson i Seventh grade ! Yarbro school. Bonnie Jean, small daughter o'|| Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey AcikiMon. '. is ill with pnci'tnonia. Mr?. !'::rker Kicliols. Mr=. H.nohi > Pompiiam av.d dauslil:;' of !Ia Mrs." M. E. '.Vilccri nnrt chih! o' rr.r:i,!n-r;\ '>\\--. 'vcro dinner j girfsis rf Mrn II. NtcKay. Monrlay. jU V.r. 3".d Mr-V. J. w. Ma-an spent Hi:n^ay v ith their danghicr. Mr'i. i TiKKts Haslctt. Miss Aer.CG McKay cf Osceoia spent the weti-'-end \vllh her sister. Manic McKay. ROUBLE IS JOE, YOU PUT ALL •YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. YOU WORK YOUR FARM ONLY IbO DAYS OF THE. VEAR AND BUY EVERYTHING- YOU EAT AND FEED. I WORK MY FARM STEADY ABOUT EVERY DAY.RAI5E AND PUT UP VEGETABLES, KEEP A GOOD COW, RAISC MY FEED AND NEAT,- IMPACT PRODUCE ABOUT EVERYTHING CONSUMED ON MY PLRCf. COTVOSJ OKCOUR5E 15 MY CASH CROP BUT THEN 1 tlONT LET IT MAKE A FOO1. OF ME, ACRES COTTON. -\oncKAnn ~-rjr^\cnicr,EN < 3 QftUOEM DARN HOU-iE •!O ACRE. FARM TOMS 40 ACRE FARM m . . :•" i 1WJ5B gffiffl •^X M^ Mary EirzaScth Hunter, or I ; Imr , Colcm , n of slcele cnt RS m $ IS ft m Si R "«T KIT J ^^thavie, Oriver a,, Mr, V, \ ^ " ™ «'" ^ ^ | W if | P | 1^ E.Jcln^^wm^aU.r^ to their: Mrs . R . L . Adkfeon speu . Sun _ | ^ |j llfll'l S |^ [| homes iu T.Ittl^ Rock today Mt?r f ng a week with relatives wllh'Strs. Georjc Pe.-rv. Mrs. R. St. Dswrs'of Chennl La . left Monoay for lier homo after :i inor.lhs stay v.-ith her parents, ^r. nn.1 i 1 ,:^. Tl. XeKay. Miss Mcirptrelte Perry spent the Blyihtvilis ni(h The above picture was brnmlciistrd over Mississippi Cowily, in IH-WH- sipers, placnrtls anil poster.-;. K \v;is (lie Hjtuinnins of the much lalki'il T "[,ive-iit-Home friends in Osceola. They v.iH b^ Smith, w^o spent Friday v;ith Mr. Smith's parents. Mr. nnd Mr:;. F | R. Ernilh. here, aiter ?. week's v:si' '. w'cek-end with relatives in Memphlf. fri:-nds. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Mitcnel! !:•!: Ro y 'McKay and Go'di- Sparks! Thursday fcr Sr. L:uis '.vlicrc they o[ Blylhsville were dinner gii-sts 1 will visit (heir son and other reh-1 O r ^ r nn ,j j|.. s _ {; McKay. ' lives. tiny. Mcsdaines R. U. Jener. M. t. Siimncrs r-.nci S. M. Hedges ol Os- cecl.i were luncheon iiuesis r[ Mrs. Roland Gi-ceae in Elyiheville. Friday. | ilr.-. John White .".nS ![=•=. F ^ | Smith returnwl vcstertiy Irr>:.-. L!> i BFRLIN* lie Hock where Mrs. Wr.iie lus b=jn | ! ilcl , ; h " it ' v ,. c . withdrawn from ... visiting her daughter. Mrs. C-e?:- ; p ,, Wie a , ;: ;i 0n following a conlro-i&Si Gcyer Adnrr.,. ar.rt Mr. A:l:im<;. and | vr . rsy th!;l r -, s nited indirectly in one Mrs. Smith been the ~;:=;t .-f jj-.-iih. The fnraous llute o! Fre-J- Jier daughter. M:=. Ely Foiiville. and ; crx ^ ( ! lc Great :::ay vet be <o!d Mr. Fonville. | privatclv. aecordir.- "to" r;-poi;s Mr. and Mrs. Charlr-, Carman l i] w M C !roj»!itan O;:eia cf New anrl Mr. an:l Mrs. stnnlry Car- • y w .j : . acrordina to rjprrts. olfrvcrt.-. penler spent Friday alto-neon and j S20.C50 for Ih^ Infinimcnt :rnil it I fe< evening in Memphis. , is mrr.oml Henry l^ord and Wi!-' S' J I li/!u iJancJolph Hearst also madei-^-- ? n^e c? Frederick th* Great May Be SoltljH Cicrmai'.y, 'UPi—Al- •Za^ijrz^aSigggZgGgaaiEjgAJMtfXi.lV'jrv.giiai We. Have A Guaranteed Market For k ,i Mammoth Brown or Virginias. , Yarbro Sc'tool News\ Ora Lou Hilbnrn. n lenlh sjrj-lr student at Yr.iSn j-.;r.iir '-!••.'! schcnl. has a perfect a;:ei"' !•::•record for fottr y r -trs. ic Junior Hrii scl'.DOl >ic:;l :; ho's Who" contest an,-] thj foi- Iswing -ivere elects,-]; Prettiest qirl. Tlrelma rickrt;: cutest girl. Bonnie V.'hecbr; '.vitii- est girl. Victoria Thompson; smartest girl. Ora 1,01; llilb-jrn; biiscs. pest. Effle Chapman: qiiiet"i! p.:l Miidrcd Birnch; best athlete. Ethr'. Gee; most ntlraclive. Iivn- Sadlov: n-.Oft popular. Onic Miirdangh: bes; The uccisicn of Princr Frijclrich. i>-i Leopold, run of former Crown [y> I'l'lne.^ T:Cop:i!i;. 10 rilsiK^c- of tiie 1 ^ fiiitj r-.t. pn^lic anctios bronsn'. pro-1^:..>,-; fror.i -.he Kohftnzo'.lem 'faniily''J rnd na'.rone.list circies Cous-ac' \ : - Menciei. E4. adininistrutor of Prince i !.* Frieclrieli Leopold's estates. di?d of't a iieart n'.tai-'r: hrlicvrd mural by, S ;!>.o txoil.mcn: of tilt controversy.!^ If you are intcveated i-i ..^ soiu-2 Crop to take the place \>* o£ some of your cot ton acre- j| age, just take ihis ail to any js|j of the jjeojjlc whose names t^S appear below. n fj You can sell every Soy Bean you raise and get the Cash Money on Delivery to the oil mill at Blylheville. Jn the siR'CccrSinj; four years, 11 constant inlcnsive efTnr! has lieen carried (in, M-hich hart for it's ntir[)ose the adoption of a safe and sane farm program for Mississippi County. Thousands of dollars nnd years of effort have IIIHMI sprnl in trying fo tnipress on our farmers the folly of a one crop system, and (he absolute necessity of growing Food, Feed and Livestock on the farms as insurance against the calamity that comes sooner or later fo the section that depends entirely on one crop for it's entire livelihood. Canning factories were IniiH to give an assured marltet for truck crops. Livestock finance corporations were organized to help worlhy fanners buy bogs and cows. County agents and extension workers labored valiantly. County fairs were organized and many thousands of dollars given away in prizes for the bfsf farm produce and livestock. The" danger of growing cotton exclusively was talked until it gol monotonous to many of our people. "Live at Home" became a phrase (bat lots of folks haled to hear uttered. lint some listened, believed and were saved. To others it Was like a voice crying in the wilderness. Suppose We Have Aeoth^i- Drouth Will you be one of those farmers who go to the Red Cross for food for your family? You won't if yon follow the "Live at Home" i)ro- Raise Food — Feed — Chickens — Keep a Sow and Cow and no drouth can put you on the Cross. Came Summer of 1930 Tests made by scientists prove' f color effects r.rr us fcllov::;: i i Red and orange s'imtsb'e. cic 1 -:) |~- jTllov.- c-'reeif. grr ; >n, a . IrT-ir. ;' cilcct and -.vhite ir.' irrilaii::-.. '.}. • — - - i. The events of the past year have proven the soundness of this preaching, and the campaign for a better farm program goes steadily onward. and Kentucky anrl Alabama Rcrl Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Kar Corn, Oats, Mixed Teed. Special Prices on Car Lots. C y . L. iiett I'honc C'l Chicai ' Lumber Corporation FROM THE : i::j.- 1923 IS CHOP OF 10 MILLION BALES ^TT: o F MILLION BALES r CROP OF IB MILLION BALES N 1931 BALES BROUGHT BALES BROUGHT #300 #300 s«S2 4% BALES BROUGHT #300 WILL BRING #300 "You Can't Break a Farmer Who Grows Food and Feed and ' Keeps a Cow, a Sow, 50 Hens" This Ad I'aid for Bv- First National Bank Three States Lumber Co. Chicago Mill & Lbr. Corp. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Joe Isaacs J. C. Penney Co. Farm Equipment Co. Ark-Mo Power Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. Courier News Blylheville Cotton Oil Co. For AKriculfural (lommitlee, Klythcville Chamber of Cnrnmcrfc

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