The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1938
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f) __ THZ DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOIOWIACT Ar,KAN«»« .KTT, or*™,..- - ^^^ *^ VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 274. DlythevUl* Courier BlyUievllle Herald Warships Ordered To Kwp Closer Walcli For Submarines, Airplanes LONDON, Feb. 4. (UP) _ Great Britain decided today to take energetic measures lo sink "pirate submarines" in the Mediterranean on sight and to shoot down airplanes Hint attack British ships. The government was thoroughly aroused by the latest incident,' tlic sinking today of the British freighter AJelra. by two airplanes from HP'»Hc islands. 'Hie incident was regarded us certain lo .strengthen the determination of Foreign Secretary An- Iliony Eden to enforce vigorously the defense measures within the British patrol area off the Spanish coast, regardless of whether the powers: including Italy, which have subscribed to the Nyon anti-piracy pact, agree. Prance, however,. was in agreement with Britain and adopted the same policy. Andre Charles Corbln, French ambassador, conferred with Eden today and communicated his government's views. Since the latest attack occurred from the air it was considered likely that the government would expedite its decision to order naval air units, which recently were withdrawn from the Mediterranean, to rejoin Hie -10 British warships now patrolling the arcn and about to )» reenforced. Blytheville only N«WS Mississippi Valley ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Lealfy Is Silent On War Policy WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 (UP) — Admiral William D. Leahy, elite of naval operations, today rel'usci. to answer n specific question us to possible agreement for navo cooperation belween the Unitcc Slates and Great Britain on the ground that "It is absolutely secret and vital to (lie intereste mm defense of this country." l.eahy made ' his refusal In lt - spousc to a question by Hep. Rnlph E. Church (Re,j.. j||j wilo nskc . (| if mere were any plnns regarding naval policy between Lhe United .Stales and Great Britain. "I will make no statement In this comit'cllon ij, 1H ii,|| C lmr . Ings," Leahy replied, "However 1 will make frank statements in j,rl- viue sessions, of course, on the basts that it is absolutely secret anil vital lo the- interests and defense uf this country." Rear Armiral Byrd Announces Plans For Third Antarctic Expedition 4 (UP) — Rear E. Dvrcl an' "Memphis Red," negro, who has ):?cn sought by police for four months, came back to town last nisht long enough to shoot an- ""mid Little, America other negro. Ed Brough, and then fled, according to officers. Brough critical condition today. A,I n iLinuui cuiiuuiun lotiay. tuviuv; Ju&uumems Police said that a women told valuable recordings. Hrough someone wanted to him and that he walked from Many members of his previous his trips are expected to go on the hnmo in n»V»r» . • CAKCUWU to go on me ™ "an registered at lie holel »E«• a~=~ =.-srwr."-"• **?**-* .•*• -«• "Memphis Red" is said to accosted"; him and then shot . The negro has been sought since -. k t,». 1L .> HIIU I'lUUUHS US WGJ1 OS Ufl °»- J-WU1S, A have more modern equipment, developed hi s room read: film, cillfii -f }>[» l-net ir.iii + iii-n ...111 U_ . i 'T\r\¥ wn nA !;:,n!nf--irarf r a,Sio nVlmH e " ™* «" mid October. .-,,,« Traveling conditions in the Ant- fled immediately after the assault i>nd did rot return until lost in'shl, police were told, f'is name is Clyde Moore, but lie ernmlly name. , is known by the nick- Disputes Occupy Bailey And State Welfare Board LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 4. (UP) — niTieiililex between the stale and national welfare organization will hf the principal item of interest ns Hie Arkansas welfare commls- fion mr-els with Gov. Cnrl E Bni- Ifv late loday. Gov. Bailey arrived here after f. tii-o weeks visit in Hot springs extended, due to his indisposition .'•licrlly after noon for Ihe conference, Property Suit Is Won By Deceased Plaintiff TAMPA. Pla. (UP)-Final order has been entered in the circuit court suit of waiter Wood a»ainst the Tampa Waterworks Co termi- natmg nearly ]n years of litigation during which n persons connected with the case have died. The death list includes the man who brought the suit, the judges v.ho heard the original proceedings on each side and nve interested parties. ine suit involved about $400,000 worth of property held by Stuart Wood, who with his brother. Waller, operated the Tampa waterworks system, later sold to the city. The suit finally was decided in favor of Walter Wood, but the decision came a year after his death. -WELLv ill T€LL - BOB BURNS Yon hardly pick up a paper nowadays without readin' some solution on how U> keep this country out of war. My Idea would be to put war on strictly a- business basis. If we see It ain't a good deal, jest don't go Into It. Up to now, every war has cost us more lives and money than we stnrled out to save In the first place. It's klnda like my Uncle Pud's pants. He said the only way he could keep 'em from frayln' at the l:otlom was to cut 'em off at the knees. BOSTON, Feb. Admiral Richard . - nounced today he would' make a third Antarctic expedition in 1939. The explorer did not reveal plans America again Fugitive Negro Returns T- CL • i » I »r '"e announcement came exactly lo Mioot Another Negro " ve ycavs ntta ' "« Virginia bom explorer on his second Antarctic BLTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, FKimUAIW 'I 1938 ME PIITIEN1S Seventy Year Old Man Goe-s Berserk; Cri I it-ally Wounds Two TEWKSDUKY, Muss.. Poll 4 'Ul't—A 70-year-o!d limmlc of'tlie 'lovksbiiry slate Infirmary went "•rsork lodav and killed (hree fellow Inmates. Two others we o>-i- 'I" womvJH. Tho old man fled but was captured in ijw,,)] folll . miles away. The old man, .John Mack crept out of Ills bed in u, c darkened men's ward ill 4 11.111. Some vvn v he had oblalned n pistol, without warning and apparenlly wllhoul discrimination he pumped bullets h)lo sleeping bodies. Mlchnel O'Keefc, 70. was killed oiilrMil Edward Mercler, 10. n m ] J BIUCS Mc . Oee. 78, died soon afterwards of their wounds. Jolm Lewis. 70, anrt John O'DoimelJ, 55. were » gmvelv wounded that physicians feared they would die. Tlie pistol fire aroused the hospital, and doctors, nurses and orderlies ran into the ward. They found old men groaning | n asjony on blood soaked cols but Ihe slaver had fled. A police alarm was broadcast statewide. Three hours later police- uen In a patrol car saw an old man slinking aion<j a Lowell street They leveled their pistols at him >ut he gave up wllh no trace of •esislance. He wns walking in the direction of Boston. 'Little Business' in SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO except that Little would be his base. The announcement came exactly Suicide Leaves Note expedition established himself In a lonely one-room shack, 123 miles south of the winter base in ice , . It was in this sback that Byrd nearly died and where, with scientific instrument he made in- , since (lie last venture, will be usqd. On both previous occasions he arctic are best then. Simone Simon Improving \U D • i.. i LITTLE ROCK, FY*. 4 —Tt Alter rneumoma Attack residents of Mississippi county a HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 4. (UP) — Simone Simon, the little French film star, who was stricken yesterday with bronchial pneumonia, was considerably improved today, hospital attendants reported. Physicians described her condition as "fair." They said she spent a comfortable night and that her temperature had dropped considerably. Pollre Wliiff Own Tear Gas NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. (UP) —Accidents will happen—even' in police headquarters. Police got a taste of their own medicine and were forced to flee from the build- Ing when someone accidentally smashed a bottle of tear gas on the tile floor. Captured His Bride Jerry Whitfield would never forget that night he found Polfy Chelsey locked in a smuggler's cabin. Holding the ship's captain at gun point he rescued her, covered her flight in the darkness, He had captured his own bride! Don't miss this great, stirring story of the War of 1812, a serial, Starts Today On Page. Four Here Is the advance guard of n (thousand small business men arriving In Washington for the -two-day! conference wllh President Hoosevelt The conferees traveled to Ihc capital from 45 slates 10 discuss llieli problems with the chief executive mid recommend a ledcral til- program. The above group Is from New York. To Sell His Body MEMPHIS, Feb. 4. (tJP) -Leaving a note 10 "sell my body to the doctors' a man believed to be R E Brown, about 65, of St. Louis hanged himself today in his room nt a hotel. His body was found hanging from a transom at the end of a. rope. He had registered at the hotel as St. Louis. A note on Ihc lable in m ^^^^^\^^^^^^^ y y w tire aoaois^ A f( , -discussed at a meeting of yow&t Williams and Gladish „„„„„ „„,„„ UJ JUU(:i00ro presi . Named On Jenancy Board ™ a °[ ^Knfn\1S^ LITTf,E ROCK, Kb 4--Two esldents of Mississippi county are among the nftcen rncmbers from emlit eastern Arkansas counties added lo Ihe state farm tenancy commission yesterday by Governor Carl E. Bailey as he expanded the group to 54. They are J. Lan Williams nnd County Judge S. L. Giadish. both of Mississippi county. Charges Against Craig Withdrawn By City joe Two charges filed against Craig. local dairyman, were dismissed by the city in municipal yesterday. He had been mislabeling of milk charged _ 1 j- i, -••"I'l.iJjig u.i IHHK and failure to place the proper permit number on his .trucks Cases ngnlnst Mrs. Iverson Morris, Tigrett Robinson and J w Faught. also charged with violations of the milk ordinance were continued until Tuesday. county yesterday and today in tlie interest of forming; new clubs. Mr. James Informally discussed the possibility of such" a club In Blytheville with a number of persons today, and said a meeting would probably be called soon to outline the advantages of such an organization here. The Eastern Arkansas group has groiviL. rapidly in the past two years and now boasts a total membership of more than 1100, representing 25 clubs located in various towns In this section of the .slale. The object of the clubs Is tlie promotion of worthwhile community projects and the general development and advancement of this section. Mr. James pointed out that the efforts of these groups are usually coordinated with those ol other civic bodies such as the chamber of commerce and Rotary and Lions clubs. "There is a wonderful field In Mississippi county for the actlvl- 131 7-8 29 3-8 Stock Prices NEW YORK, Feb. 4. (UP1-A statement br a White House secretary that President- Roosevelt believed a majority of recommendations made by small business men were possible of fulfillment sent the stock market higher today after a decline to new lows since 1935 A. T. & T Anaconda Cop. Assoc. D. G. Beth. Steel .... ' Boeing Air .' Chrysler Cities Serv. ..... Coca Cola Gen. Eiec Gen. Afot Int. Harvest \ Montgomery Warci N. V. Central ... Packard Phillips Pet. . Radio . ....'.-....! Schenley Dist. Simmons Socony Vac. Std. Oil N. J. ..'.; Texas Corp. U. S. Smelt. ."" U. 8. Steel ...." .... 51 3-4 .... 273-4 .... 511-8 ... .13-4 .... 113 .... 37 3-4 .... 32 7-8 .... 60 • •.. 31 3-8 •... 1G 1-2 .... 45-8 .... 35 i-4 .... e .... 22 1-2 .... 193-4 ... 141-8 .... 473-8 ••.. 39 •... C8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS III ' 50 5-8 j u l. Oct. Dec. Jan. Tteavy weights, 8 85-1 tight v-elghk, 7 .^. 89 Bulk sows, 6.95-715 Caltle: receipts, {C Steers, 6.15-710 ^ Mixed yearlings, Slaughter heifers utters and low p nll heifers, c.OO- 125 . Head of Eastern Arkansas Young Men's Clubs Is Visitor Here The organization of a local unit of the Young Men's civic Clubs <k Mr. James least 100 ties of such a group, 1 said, "There are at young business and professional nen in BlylhevillD between the ages of 20 and 40 years 'who need such an afliliatlon and whom I believe will be interested in be- jomtng members." Mr. James also propose.! the organization of similar groups at Osceola and Luxora. flew York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 4. (UPl-Col- . . . ton closet! very steady. Mar. . May Jul. Oct. Jan. open . 843 857 869 874 831 884 high 853 8C3 872 883 885 low 843 853 869 872 871 832 close 850 858 869 881 885 88811 Spots closed steady at 860, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 4. (UP>— Cotton futures closed steady today -.,.,. ... |a , rs Qf four (o nlne with, net points. Mar May .... open . 860 . 870 . 877 , 888 . 892 891 high 865 S15 882 893 896 891 close 862b 872 880 891 893 897 Spots closed steady at 873. up 5. Chicago Wheat high May July Mas- July open 94 1-8 89 3-4 95 5-8 91 1-4 low close 93 5-8 89 5-8 05 1-8 90 7-8 Chicago Corn high open 58 7-8 59 7-8 69.7-8 fit) 7-8 low close 58 3-4 59 3-4 59 1-2 GO 3-8 Ideas For "Must" Legislation Abound Arounc Little Rock Hotels Ily IIRICE WOKTIIINGTON Jr Unltrcl Press Corrcspondeiil LITTLE ROCK, (UP)—To al Indications Arkansas'-.. prospc 6tlv< special assembly will be un • imagi of the current Congress. "Must I egiKlatlmi l.s Bringing from c:v ery corner and the principal iten of need Is being threatened wit! possible shelving. Early this week n short. snnp|>j session for enactment or lilghwaj legislation wns heralded. The session «us made more Ilfecly whei a "logical" bond refunding plai was approved by the governor ant Ills nuance committee at Hot Springs Monday night. A clay aller Ihe approval o the highway pio]K>sllloi), before, executives definitely had mapped out a schedule, another "must' matter came up. Incidentally, this later item Was "talked" in corridors outside the meeting room of the finance com mitlcc shortly before Governor Carl B. Uallcy was authorised If 'continue" with his bonding plan TSiillding of the two new slntc tubercular sanatorium.-!, following announcement of the possible session for the liljdnvay bill, wns Hie *ccoml matter acutely needing attention. Then Gov. Bailey's "pet" clvi service was drawn to the carpel Described as a "political subterfuge" a representative announced Intentions of seeking repeal of the civil service law. which was pass ed by n i-nsl majority. 'Another likely "Indian given 1937 act now being discussed I the auto testing law. Barely put, Into effect. Hie "okey Ing" required of every motor car already is victim of vociferous opposition. Although several "new lows" are supposed to be the principal ob Jcctlves of Ihe rumored special session, .many of the ntfwly mndi lave under the Bailey admlnis Irc.tion seem destined lo meet their "unmaking"—or serious con siderallon with the latter In view Should the special session convene in Jate February, i» close friends of Ihc governor predict.. It appears il will be rather lengthy unless a cieftnilc move Is made to snuelch current embryonic Icglsl.v II -o plans. It aiso appears that - "Arkansas legislative limited" will carry through a heavy carpo o. lessor imporlfliit bills In Ihc administration's rush to have Us must" list 'Political considered. row" along West aong es Markham street here already Is buzzing with rumors of the pros- ES . scsslon of ll »e legislature senators and representatives al- i uuP " lkcn ! '™d<J"«rters in and for benefit of lobbyists. Shoe Workers To Own Bay State Plant Soon WEBSTER, Mass. (UP)-lt w e long before members of Webster Shoe Workers' indepen on't the —^,, unw wuinets inaepcn- dent union will be their own bosses A report shows the workers have Paid two-thirds of a more than ,000 loan borrowed three years The trust was fanned by the workers to purchase . tlie closed ^orbln Shoe company plant. \\\- Raids, Rumors of Uprising Throw Metropolis Into Panic <.'<Wrtj[lit by United Press CANTON, Olilim, l-vb. 4. illy i.lelihone to llonn KoiiK)--Mi\r- lul law WHS proclaimed lodny iis Ms ijii'iil mo(io]x)lis of south il'leii «as snbjrcli'd 10 muss H n-aids by no ,;r more .Jumimw ilriiliimis. Tin 1 city «ns In u inuilo nvcr ve- xn'lii Hull u pru-JnpaiHw ii|>i| S . ns wiw iiliiiiiu'd. Tumps exi'rrh- '<! control over Ihc Ihousands of -'un!niu>.M> who ventured forth Ino thi 1 Mrei'ls between raids. TJic Titlor of iinll-nlrenift lire coln- :ltl«l wllh tin- spimidtc uonmliiK >f bombs dropped h, tin- out- 'Hll'l'i. The nil- raids won; iiccimipun- ed by mi iillnck uf Jnpnnew \vnr- ihips on Ihe nocc-ii Tigris forts ilefc'mlhii! Onnlon at ih<- tnoiilh the river. ol mrcian shipping w «s nrclcrccl :o It-live Hie river nnd seek surety in the lower buy lowiirds lions '-•:om;. beyond tho pi-ok'cllvo boom Ji-ccted by (lie Chinese. The sleamer siting ChcoiiB, J-hlch tried lo K ct out, wns loo nte nnd was turned tack by iho t)oom. When (lie ship returned neve jinssengcrs described bomli- IIIR cm lioth sides of the river • ml Mild Ihuy snw n formnlloii ol <0 JniKiiU'Kci plniios flying inland. Ihcy reporled Hint „ .Japanese ilnne had been shot down by nil- tl-alicinfl (jinis .south of Ihe city. Jonesboro Man Wounded In Gun Duel Thursday JONESDOno, Ark., Pcb 4 — Maurice "son" Taliim, DO', wns .erloiisly wounded In a shoaling affray here late ycslerday nllcr- noon nt the home of Joe I3uch- nnan, 3'J. Oinccrs snld llml Talnm sui-prls- ed Duchaimn In bed and opened Ire wllh a .10 gauge shotgun. Tho Jed clothing partially protected Bncliannn. nnd probably saved his life, It .was believed. Buchanan returned tlie (he wllh a pistol'nnd Five Killed In Canadian MineJBlast HUUHUHY, Onlurlo, Mil). 4 (UP)—Five men werfl killed loday mid ten Injured when Ihe t'k'vii- loi- In which they \vc-ro bcluu low- cm! down Number Five shaft of Ihc l.i'vwl; tilefccl nilties, sev.-n m!Us -Hi i>l Hiulbmy, hll louse rock tirm fret underground. liliisthm opiTiUioiis In the r,h.._ shoilly Iji-forc tlji! men dorccnded •ripiimul)- jsmum'cl llio slmd wllh iff TfWT IB S|If BILL lut Filibusters Si ill Confident of Laying Anti- Lynch Measure Aside WASHINGTON, Tob, 4 (UP) — 'In- sennit; locluy defeated the first Hlempl by ulibusli-rs (o slu'lvo the A mollon 1)111, by Seiuilor Curler Olnss mom,, Va.) to lay asldo thu )HI after a moiiUi of dctale, In order to (nko vip the Independent mices appropriation bill WHS dc- i'atcd after Mnjorlly lender Aloe n W. Unrklcy mem,, Ky.) spoke Biilnsl It. The vote on Glass' mollon was J'l to Iny<lu nnd sa nifnlnst the Glass.' prO]Hisal was iroposnl. Alllimiiili -limed down tiic nllbiistcis they would make another cllorl iexl_week lo Iny nsldo the i.ntl- yncli bill and thnt Ihcy wore con- ndent It would bo one bullet struck Tiitiim clicsl. lu (he Pemiscot County's 1937 Sales Tax Is $80,100 CARUTHEHSVIUJB. Mo.. Pel) 4. —Ccmlscot County paid $80,100 n sales Uix collections during 1937, • report released hero yesterday Hsclosed. Cape Cllrardeau County «'ii.s Ihe highest contributor of Hoiitticnsl Missouri counties with lotiil of »13l,:iis, Diinklln coim- y, with $84,497, was .second, nnd 'cmlscot County third. Other Southeast Missouri coun- IW pnymcnls Inclutlcd: Butler iSI.WO; Mississippi, $.18,28(1,- New ladrld, $58,07D; Scott, $00,710- nnd Sloddard, $41,551. Furtive Recaptured After Year's Freedom „„„, "•• Mo., Feb. .-William Berry Barren, escaped rlsoner from the county Jail since ucc. t,, 103G, recaptured near Ken- ctt, Mo., wns returned lo the oimly Jail here Wednesday. Baron, imdei- live-year sentence at he time of his escape after being cntenced for burglary and larceny harges, made his escape during he term of S. R Judcn as sheriff vhcn six fled Jail, and only three ntll Darron's arresl, were rcrap- ured. ' successful. , . Even llnrklcy described tho continued debnic « s -"futile" and said no hoped rc,r .u Ilnal decision next, week on shelving tlic measure. Urges Motorists To Get State Licenses Early A warning Unit mnlorlsls, who wait until tlio last wcc k of this month to 1 purchase liiclr »tnt« licenses, limy Imvo to stand In line for hours, wra • xoundi'd today by n. n. .stout, of Hi. state- revenue department. \ -. ' .The buying of licenses lias been unusually slow and because thorc will be no extension of tlmo, there is certain to be plenty of willing in hue, Mr. stout said. Tho dntc of February 28 Is set by statute and the time can not be oxtcndcd^ It, is not planned to have extra, office force anywhere In Iho slale to take care of the rush of motorists purchasing tags at Ilmt time. Footloose Coed Minnesota Town Proud Of New Deluxe School REDWOOD FALLS. Minn. (UP) -Hie most modern lilgli school In Minnesota and one of the most lodern in the nation has been etlicatcd here. Tlie lights, controlled by pholo- lectrlc cells, flash on and off with hanges In lighting conditions. Tlie •chool principal can speak to any lassroom. set of classrooms, or all f them from his office. The gymnasium-auditorium seals .017 and Its stage accommodates full-sized basketball court. Advanced architectural designs nve been employed for the purpose f Inducing students lo learn. The ulldlng cost $300.000. Nickel Payment Eases Long Troubled Mind TORONTO. Ont. (UP)—Ten years Tier he hart stolen a Toronto lieivs- apcr from a corner newsstand nil nldentlficd man forwarded a 5- ml piece by mall to the Globe and fall offices In payment. An enclosed letter said the writer was mean enough to take a paper om the box without paying for " and the thought of the petty left had troubled him ever since. 'LIIILE FELLflf "Little Business" Urges Many Changes In Pres- fini New Deal Policies WASHINGTON, reb 4 (up;— President Uooscvelt today met In wlial was described ns constructive. dl.scii.Blon wllh small business leaders. He was reported lo believe some o[ their recommendations could bo arried Inlo effect. Tim "little business" fiiigccslions proposed: That iho American banking system Ixi placet! on n basis to enable It to nmke Insured loans for ncces- business purposes aiicj cstab- ' of a goi-crmncut londltig when llnaiicltil Ulstltulloiis no umibto or unwilling to provide uch service. Modulation or repeal of a wldo neld of New Deal ncUi, Including tlic capital fains tax. undivided, pront-s (ax security nnd exchange regulation!) taxes. social security Mutual rcsiionslbility o( employer and employe In labor agreements; Investigation of tho national labor relations board; modifications or Lhe social security act nnd taxes Jiiduet balancing; reUnii of relief .0 localities, Hit Antl-lvianopolf Drive Government cooperation v/Hh bus- ness; au Immediate campaign to stimulate business; slower social reform; cessation of government competition wllh business nnd nnll- nouopoly drive. .. The. business group questioned. Ihc merit of a wage anri hour bill because of regional differentials >nd approved principles of the Rob- inson-l'a Una n, Mlllcr-Tydlngs and stale fair (rado practices not'i. In the field of general taxation tho group called for simplification of tax forms, broadening the income tax base, differentiating in ln.\- treatment botwcen holding companies used for monopoly or tax evasion and Ihoso which actually nve operating companies and opposed a surtax on small closely liold cor|x>rallons. Their declaration said: Want Alms deafly Defined' ".Wo,:.rcafflrnv.our. lalthjn. ottvk. government aiid'oiir'president ami we petition tliat tlicse., recommendations be given careful considera- :lon and, If judged lo bo In the best interests of the nation, they bo put into effect. "Wo most respectfully express our • belief that business will flourish when relationships between government and business are more clearly ^bartered; when capital Is svallablo to business, bringing it tho freedom -of action which only financial stability can give." : The business men submitted their view after Mr. Roosevelt, at his press conference, said it was not fair Id ridicule the "little business" conference. Wearing shoes is a terrible price to pay tor an cducalion, according to Ingrid Larsen, coed at the University of Minnesota and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. At home in Hawaii sh& never wore shoes, so Miss Larsen doffs hers as soon as she gets home from classes. Above, barefooted, she is garbed in a nolokoL formal Hawaiian party dress. To Discuss Railroad Problems WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. <UP)~ flic White House announced to- lay that President Roosevelt has nvitcd 12 business, railroad and. cderal officials lo come to Wash- ngton lo discuss problems of the mtion"s railroads. The Invitation, ssucd through Walter M. Splawn. of Ihc Interstate Commerce Com-, mission, set no date for the con- tcrcncc. but It wns understood it would be held In the near future, Goering To Become v German War Minister BERLIN, Feb. 4. (UP(—Herman Wllhelm Gocring, director of der- ; economics and a right hand man of Fuehrer Adolf Hitler, has been appointed war minister • in succession to Field Marshal Werner Von Blomberg, usually well Informed sources reporled tonight. .Find Body of Woman Wrapped In Gunny Sack INGLEWOOD, Calif., Feb. t, (UP)—A woman's -body* wrapped in a gunny sack was found near Centhiella today.. Police said the body apparently had been tossjd from an automobile. Still Betrays Owner Who Goes For Walk ST. JOHN, N. B. (UPl^Alfred Cyr is In jail because hls'.still betrayed him so he will sojourn be- liinrt . the bars until the flowers bloom. Cyr manufactured n .little highland dew with his home-made apparatus and then went for a walk. During his absence the still blew up and on returning home he was net by a squad of firemen and of police. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight) and Saturday;.warmer in'east portion tonight. Memphis and vicinity—MosUyf cloudy tonight snd Saturday- warmer tonight with lowest temperature 54 to 58. -

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