The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE-EIGHT JHEIB'BELTS FI These Striking Pickets Aren't. Striken Miller Warns His People of a Difficull Period Mieni of Them Ky imONNKH Born'-After Hei Mother Dies SEA Servt.-c Stair Correspondent LONDON.-rGcimany faces a bleak winter anil the German people will have lo tighten their belts. "Aiish.iltoii," the cry during so many winters In World War years, once , more will bo the German sloaiin "Aushaltm"—hold fust. This ts not "the lyinj; propagiui- dn of foreign correspondents," us Ihe Nazi Ministry of Propnumula EO prettily puts it. It is the warning of no less a person than Chancellor Hitler himself. |] C hns struck the pessimistic unto, sevcrnl llinr-s In recent speeches niitl has attributed the troubles of the nation to the bankruptcy In which it was loft by the governments of tin.- preceding fourteen years.. Under ihe Nazi r^ime dmimny's troubles are manifold. Declining herself fintinclnlly embarrassed, sho hns stopped jj.-iyliij; her foreign commciclal debts. Tills has hindered her getting ihe riw materials neceswiry if ;ilie w tints her Iiir- tdrles to go on working. Tills im:; r in turn, hindered her export JK>--,-;|- bilitlts. Seharlil Controls l<ii|int'l.>,- Dr. Schacht, head of the rtolchs- bnnk and economic chieftain has im-uHni: i,m omu.i established a rigid control of nil "" ""' -** 0 " 1 imports He and other povi>rnin»ii- exhlhllion." !nl leader* have proelaln'ieil that if the woild does not let them have what they need, fimnans will Inrn to "ersnt?."—substitute:;—and ,.U-->» the change-over will bu ix.i-.'i'inent. To cut dosn tile Import'--'"' A'norl- can. cotton, arlificl^'' ^'^ '- s beiny 1 used wheicvciv-f' 0i '' i 'ble, Exjurl- "•ents iiiQ ."-o belli" made with coli...,i/.fng hciii|). • At iccent meetings of technician!, the question was ralsM.ns lo how Germany could net nlonij wllli.-jiit the Importation of n'in-fciToiis metals, particularly , : a\m',r fr ;m i the United slates mid tin from the British industries; empire, u wns nsseit?:! thai in some i>iclalliiri>i- cal Indi.strKs Ocrimn nine uiid aluminum could be substituted. Kut it was iUlmillrl that In el-t- tncal apparatus, various iiuchineiy nnd automobile* these would not do.' Price Fivliif a Itoon jc> i>,. ;1 . In Ihe food line Minister of riciillnro Darn: hns hail n thi-cr- fold ohjecl to siwteti the peasants by keeping prices : h igh for their products, to get them lo r»K» Increased crops nnd. n't 111- fnir time, (o tiy to keep the ivlnll pru- rs for the city consumers down as much ns possible,- >Thc prices nt which thr- poasHnls sell tliei,-- crops nre fixed by the slate, if any food Is imported, the dealers must sell it at the high price tluj hmne-ijrown rtiiff fetches. The result (s thai while the peai-anls have nnuiwed the-cosj, or living tins gone ii,v for wales n: ' fnstor thn » V loil Not long ngo in a brpa' lid- dress. Darre boaslpd iir,' follows «ye sold^Hotterdam market *t 50 marks per Ion, while In Germany. i],<. , wnwnu got |M . w])(i , it ± '"K^T, P001 ' lt •» nmrtapfr cJ.s" jiB'--''Mi' li'wisloii Mnnhnltan's "Ujilllo of UK. MmtcJ.s" jiB'--''Mi' li'wisloii of the Held by .sxicii-ty Ijeantlra hu.s at, last com Inio tlic open. The nii-lii who -"""'Is dollies licfori- tile imblle lo eurii a living Immchcd Uiclr nickel caniiwliiu who,; swlcty w, r «'» KWVH! 11$ imxlcls ivltlxmt pay nt u chnrltj- fashion show eon,h,ctc<l section; thence North along'Hie "inlf, section.line 13 1-3 rha.lns- thence West parallel with «ald North line, 40 elinlns (o HIP IK>K in nine, containing M I-a iicrr-s. The above de- M'l'ihcii ]nr:(i Is .^ubject tr> easement for public road now or hereafter, constructed on nny flection or half .section line hounding siilii tract. . fiiiW Sale will be |,aii ( 0 satis siild decree In the sum of $2,682.7 will) It) per ceiit Interest fro June 28, 1934. THE purchaser at said sale wi :• required to execute 'tond wit upibvcd security, to Bccure tl payii.enl of the purchase mone and a lien will be retained upo iaid property us additional seem ity for the payment of such pur chase money. WITNESS my linnd and the sen ol .si:ld Court, on this, the 20t c.'j' of Oclolicr, 1934. ft. L, GAINES, Commissioner in cliiinceri Crr. N. Grmilmw, Atty., .fonrslxiro, Ark. 20-27-3-1 WARNING OltDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA Dl STRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR KANSAS. Mfixlnc Stewart, IMalnlllf No. 5802 vs. nill Stewart, Defendant. The defendant, Hill 'Stewart i warned to nppcjir within thlrt days In the conn named in th •-'"•••"•'•im-por and answer,thi) w'-rt ilaint of -uie inlalnUff Maxin Stewart. ,: this 27th day „; octnbci R. L. GAINES. Clerk 27-3-10-17 Virgil Greene, Ally. iw , "?• l 1 ^' 8 E ° l(i in Chicago nt mar)^ J);r hiiiKli-cthvetght -us ainst 47 In Germany; butler sold " Copenhagen at 78 marks for 200 pounds whereas 254 . egg Germany l<| Pay Less Than French Notwithstanding these hMi vjric- « enforced for the crops" O f the ocrman peasants, he quoted 'figures to show that the German city consumer paid slightly less for wheat Hour, butter, pork, potatoes milk and eggs than did the Frenchman,- »ut he was careful not to make comparisons with other coiintrics- ™!f?*!" /° r fnstnn «. where the • t , ° f b " U " nnd c «ss Is half what t is in Germany. Mc i mklca ,„.,, the cost of food to the consumer had only increased 7 1-2 per cent over last year The German? ow fi tlH the city workc'Is ' ? hnvc tacn hard hit, not only~by this rise in (hi- cost or food, but ulso b»cau- fall-n ge " ernl ' CW1 ° f wnws ha: The -official -bureau' on crops show;, that.Germany has teen haixl lilt in some respects uy the drouth despite efforts to" farniinp »cre.age. Tills year's crop'of wheat Horn iivo iiiinutca nftcr her mother died, Kllcn siarto Lewis slioivn liore with her mirae, livea by n medical niul surgical miracle. The mother died on iliu o|icrnlln K ublo In Oakland, O.illf. Dociors oimrntccl at once delivered ll.o child, unnlicil nnt- nclnl rorpiratioil. an,l uroii'-lit life to tlic baby in 20 miniiiea decreasing \vo. s ts cannot sufficiently cope witn rising prices. To aid Hie poor find the unemployed Hil- jcr is once more .starting Ills collection for n-ljiic,. relief. fasl , T ., r mllions were collected bv the storm 1 roopers. Vermont U. Co-Eds Try Co-Op. Housekeeping ... vt. (UP)—A co•d expcrimunt in co-o|^rntivo en- ise i-nivisc of house mniuiicnirnt i^; ins.iii iirugrrss at Unlvevsitv of Vermont. A hoii'c has been sot aside for Ihr- use of the p.irls. 23 in number :n"l ,1 (lircetoi- has bom lo lake chm-rjc of fhc »v- n t 2-WO 000 nnd rye is .. rS n i It 55 thn " bst 5 ' crir; fc>r stock iced the decrease is 2,000,000 | 0 ;is- lor potatoes the decrease i s 11100 000 tons. Tlie vegetable crop shows a decrease, while fruits show a i"n percent Increase as do? s llie b«"t sugar crop. Fodder Creates I'mWciu Cattle raised for toad show an Increase In numbers. It Is insisted that with tbe carry-over from last jear there will be enough dour for oread and enough potatoes Tlie meat market ts m dnngci of n chit because farmers will want to kill their animals for flant of iieces- Enry ninler fodder. This, in turn however, will endanger the milk and cheese supply. On account of the drouth, there will be fewer esss. There is also some decrease in fats. While the government claims there will be enough home-grown food for all, the fact remains that ful in wise buvinn nnd care- .ViniiiB rooms and two romulclr kiirh-ns have IXTII provided Kiu-h t'ltl will contribute the sam .. remcunt of money and Ihr entire •'•»'n wilt te pooled and budcclcd. A schedule ot work has been planned in whlfh each girl will .v-Mimc i), D vniloiis duties of man. .iBi'iiu-nt in rtitalion — cooktn« •Jril'Tn 0 '^! 1 ^ 10 '. washh< S llisl "'' K ' tOJIMISSIONKH'S SMF NOTICE is hereby Riven'that V." 5l8ll0(i cominlssiruicr, in ccmpiiancc 'he t:-rm.s of a decree rendered by the ^nancoiv Court f«r the Chickasawba Dh- kii M!ss 's»i>Pi County. Aral y. 1934, wherein Taylor Roberts Receiver of Travelers Building ' loan Assoclntiou, No. 5134 and Henry Jordan, et at wer« DB- fcncliini.i, will sell at public auction lo Ihe mid IK-S! btd- di-r. for ciiBh, nn n credit of :i iimnlhi. nt Ihe front door of the Ciiiirt MoiiFo, iK'ttt-ci'ii ihe hours UrcMTibed liy law. In tin: Clly or /H.i'lhf'wlli'. Arkansas, on the a-l ilny of Hovi-mtin-, I!)M, the fol- Wliii; mil tstnte, tu-wil: Lot Pom (Ji, Block Seven <7). Duns Addition lo lllyltii!- tillc, Mkslfslppi County, Ark., nnd Ci'i-lllk'nle Nn. li:if>2. .Series No. fill, Class a, bclnp, 'IB ."-hares of the Truv. H. fc' L. Asj'n, il'cipetiiiil). Said Suit will be htul 10 satisfy said (Ii'ci'ci! In the sum of Si.lums with ID per rent Interest n-o,-i Febninry. IBM. Thr ii.irchnser nt sail! side wi;i W! icnidicd to execute bond with " l^nvi'ti security, in secure th.' I'mi'iit «1 the pnrclmc motu-y, mid u lien will be retained upon il -liropeity us mldlllonnl «. C i)i-- 'ly lor I hi! Diiymenl. of such 111,.- inoney. •'/:(jitss niy hand nnd |),e sco'l or H,lrt Court, nn this, the •> dny • n. L. CiAINk'S Commissioner in Chancery. . :i-i«.i7 COMMIKSIONIllt's SALE NOTICK Is hen-by given thnl Uui undersigned commlssiomT in tompliiinrc with the | ( . r im of u •dpcri-c rimini-ed hy (lie Clmncei-y Court for the (Jhlckasawba Uls- Irlct of Mississippi county, Arkansas on the 24tli day of fc'ep- lombcr, 1934, wherein The I>ni- (ientlnl liism-ancc Company of America, nnd cnmraiity Bank ,V Trust Company. Trustee, wns . No. 574t, and Charles f Morris, and wife, Kva Morris, Clyde T. Denton, 'I'mslei! for Gunramv liiink * Trust Company, P. c Houglns, ns Trustee for E; M T(-n-y mid E. iVf. Terry, • were Do-" feiuliiiiLs, will sell ut public auction to the highest nml best bidder, for cash, on a credit,of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between ihe hours prescribed by law, In the City of Blyllioville, Arkansas, on the 12lii dny'ol November, 1934, : the' •• fol- lo-.vint' real cstnte, totwit:^ Tlie South One-third 'ot the Northwest, Quarter of Section Tiv'eiity-xcvcn (27), Township Sixteen (lli) Nojrth, Itange rasht (8) unsi or: the Fifth Principal Merldlaii, WARMNC] ORDKR [/N '1'FIE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, All KANSAS. Rosle McClure, Plaintiff No. 6815 vs, H. D. McClm-fi, Defendant. Tlic defendant, R. D, McCliirc, l.< warned to nppenr within thirty days iu the court named in the caption hereof nnd answer the coriiiilalnt of the plaintiff, Rosie ^Duted this 27th day of October, R. L. GAINES, Virgil Greene Atty. 27-3-10-17 the West line of said Section 2(1. 2-:i chains Soiith of : th'c Northwest corner of said sec-, tion running thence South along the West, line Ki l-:i chains to the Southwest corner of said Northwest Quar- ler of said section; thence* 15-isl nlono the hall section line, •111 chains to the center nf said. WARNING ORDER IN THE CffANCEKV COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ed Clayton, Plaintiff.' No. 5814 vs. Ethel Clayton, Defendant. • The defendant, Ethel Clavton.'"is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In' the | caption hereof and answer M-" complaint of the plaintiff Ed Clayton, Doled this 27th day of- October, R. L. Vii'fiil Greene Atty. IN TIIK rjtlANOERY COURT Foil TUP PIUCKA ' niy)l«'vlllc llond Mnlniennuce District No. f, Mississippi County, Arkunsas, Plalntilf, W. H, ami wnlter Aiirtcrso'n, ami nellnmienl Lands et ill., Defendants. WARMING OltllKIt "''. ! mvin e 0'' claiming nn interest in All o , Cluckajau-ba District thereof, to enforce the collec ,;;',,™,""' 1 f""" 110 " 1 '«*< °" 'he fnlS'ig of liiml. each supposed owner's name lmvh<« n set opjiosiic i,ls, He,- or its l,,,,d toqcther w 111 amom.Ls severally due from each to-\ v U: S. T. H. A. T'al Tax Name p(. of Scc W J! A Waller Ander- Mln SB NE M II Robinson NW SE Hankers Mortgage Co. NE s\V Bankers MortBfirje c< > N\V SW Bankers Mortgage Co SE SW naukers Mortgage Co SW SW Henry Perdue 2 A In SW corner E'i E so ,\ NE Uiinki'rs Mortgage Co NE SE Hankers Mortgage Co NW SE linkers Mortgage Co SE SE Bankers Mortgnj;c Co SW SE !x?e Wilson & Cc NF NE Ix-o Wilson & Co NW NF. Lee' Wilson ,t Co SE NE 4-14-12 4-14-12 •1-14-12 •1-14-12 4-14-12 40 •10 40 •10 40 -in S-1-1-15 W ft-H-12 5-H-13 13-15-11 I3-1S-11 13-lS-ll •in .39 8.71 14.44 8.27 17.00 lfl.60 14. -14 AI.LKY 001' 'eirT GAINES. • Clerk. 27-3-l(l-n Name pi. of Sec. I^ce Wilson & co SW NE S E Vail Frl NE NW S E Vail Frl SE NW 3 E Vail Pr) SW NE J B Walker Lot i NE .1 B Walker Ex Ix>t lOOx 300 SW Lot 2 NE Lee C0|ipc<lge Gin Lot 100 N 30(1 SW cor Lot 2 NE Cottrcll Lane Lot c NE P A Robinson J B Walker .1 B Walker •f B Walker •J li Walker S. T. R. 13-15-11 14-15-11 14-15-11 14-15-11 ln-15-11 A. T'al Tax 40 17 31 11 20 18.38 Name PI. Of 8. T, un , nn n-is-n l*e WIlEOi, & CO NE SW 17-5 2 Ue Wilson & Co NW Iw 7-52 * e Wilson * CO SE SW \lltu l*c Witon & CO'SW SW 7-5-2 Ue Wilson & C o NE NE 20-5-2 Jtf wn S °" ? C ° NW N ^ "-*-" Lee Wilson ft co ae NE 20-15-12 «e wikon & Co SW. NE 20- I „. Wilson & Co NE NW 20-15-2 I^c Wilson & Co NW NW 20-15-12 j-ce Wlhw & CO SE N$., ttllll Lee Wilson & Co SW NW 20-15-12 Leo Wilson & Co NE. SB'' 20-15.12 Lee Wilson & Co NSV SE" 20-15-12 Uc Wilson & Co SE SE ' 20: 5- 2 Lee Wilson & Co SW SE ' 20-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co NE SW ->0-lf-12 Leo WlLsoji & Co' NW SW 20-15-12 Leo Wilson & co SE SW 20-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co SW SW 20-15-12 C- E Crlg 6 er NE SW 21-15-12 C E Crigger NW SW H Ball ME fj w H Ball NW NW Joe Cai-r Leroy ME SE J<w Carr Leroy SE SE 29-15-12 fclma E Crowdcr SW SE 29-15-12 Blum E Crowder 3E SW ^O- 15-12 MM M A Cllless N 36.40 A NW NE 21-15-12 20-15-12 29-15-12 29-15-12 40 10 40 40 4(1 40 40 40 40 40 '•io '40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 T'al Tax •-• 5,25 10.50 , 7.88 10.50 7.88 10.50 3.94 6.SG 6.56 S.lfl 9.10 11.81 11.81 14.44 ; : 3.10 11.81 .. 14.44 14.44 17.00 17.OC 19.C8 3.94 G.5G 18.38 21.00 13.12 13.12 15.75 18,38 . J B Ollless Esi 30-15-12 3D.40 19.11 30-15-12 30-15-12 30-15-12 31-15 31-15-12 31-15-12 31-15-12 S 3.CO A NW NIC J B Gllless Esl SB NE B Cilllcss Est . ' SW NE ou-ia-,!- Mr.s W M Taylor NE NW 31-15-12 Mrs W M Taylor NW NW-.-ar-'lS-n Mrs W MTaylor SE.NW 31-15-12 Mrs W, M TaylprT^W Nw 31-15-12 Thos E Tljr^iitison Est SB rhos E Thoiupson Est Lot 4 SW SE Thos E Thompson Est All Orig Sur SW hos E Thompson Est Lot 1 NW SW Thos E Thnmjieon ESt Lot 3 EI/J SW Thos E Thompson Lot 2 SW SW Mlth Hale How ton NE NE 33- Edlth Hale Howton E 35 A NW NK With Hale Howton SENE 33-15-19 Edith Hale How- 'on E 35 A SW NE 33-15-12 '-null Hale Howton NE SE 33-15-12 Ldith Hale Howton NSV SE 33-15-1? Orlena Hires irlena Hires 3.BO 40 • 40 ' 40 40 4» 40 MS 21'00 18.38 15.70 13.12 IS.75 13.12 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 193. J E Victors •.-•••—. Burgeson B Walker , HOI.1.IPETER J M Ferguson Lula Thomas Will Slstrunk Wll SUtruuk Johnnie Soward Millard Soward Millafd Howard BJiinia" Mullens Ella Jackson Cicero Ogle Est Cicero pgle Est Liza Warren ^f Rsrguson J W Floyd Lula White Joe Find Lot ;--5 ' 6 7 SHONYO ADIVN rilocfc P P ' T'all 9 13 2 1ft 6 1 ' 2 3 7 16 2.03 1.25 23.09 7.33 •11.29 M.SO 31-16-12 27.01 8.24 31-15-13 45.80 H.03 31-15-12 '-12 33-15-12 )rlena Hires irlena Hires irlena Hires rlena Hires SE SE 33-15-12 SW SE 33-15-12 NE SW NW SW SE SW sw sw 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 5.51 9.84 15-15-11 5.55 2.12 15-15-11 15-15-11 1.5-15-11 15-15-11 15-15-11 15-15-11 15-15-11 22-15-11 20 Lot 7 NE Lot S NE Lot 9 NE Lot 10 NE Lot 11 NE Joe Porsythe Lot 12 NE 15-15-11 R A Smtdi Lot 13 NE 15-15-11 R A Smith Lot 14 NE 15-15-11 While fc Williams S 20 A N!4 SE White & Williams SE SE 22-15-11 While & Williams SW SE. 22-15-u Harry Taylor N 1 /. N 32 1 NW NW Mrs Ernest Taylor S!-'. N 32 A NW NW Missouri suite Life fn s Co Lo's 1. 2, 3. 4 & 5 Myrtle liourland NE NE Lee Wilson & Co NE SE Lee Wilson & Co NW SE Lee Wilson & Co SE SE Lec> Wilson & Co SW SE Lee Wilson & co NE SW Ui> Wilson & Co SE SW I^-e Wilson .& Co Pr! an W'-; sw Lee Wilson & Co NE SW U~e Wilson & CO NW SW Lee Wilson & Co SE SW Let' Wilson & Co SW SW W Leonard Smith NW Lot 1 Lot 19. n 5 20 5 Lot 1 .50 23-15-11 23-15-11 23-15-11 24-15-11 7-15-12 7-15-13 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 •10 10 16 113.71•10 •10 40 40 40 40 40 1.06 .11 D.44 2.46 0.84 - 2.4G .11 .53 .27 11.81 0.19 8.40 41.04 21.00 9.19 14.44 28.51 aine Irs F G Seaman ' T Ingram atherlne Royal Est atherlne Royal Est label Robinson E Morris B Morris T Peterson larence Morgan N Chcneyworth S Burton f M Goodman Mil Van Winkle D Fairfleld 4 B Fatrfleld B Falrfleld • B Frtlrfleld B fall-field iM Crawford rthur Butler ohri .Anderson pi in Anderson ohri Anderson J Baker lary • Branson tary. Branson ~V Snider. gie' Masters aggte Masters ""ggte Masters Maggie -Masters Maggie Masters Maggie, Masters T H Lee- R B Pepper Mollie Wright B J Dawson Frank McGregor -TOWN OF HLYTHEVILLF B.AKRON & LILLY ADDW' Lot Block 42.41 40 35 40 35 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 3.02 "3.Q4 5.75 8.50 7.88 10.SO 7.88 10.50 13.12 15.75 13.12 15.75 G E Cross Henrietta Goad Henrietta Goad •J A Bass L E McFull I- E MeFall •I A Hargett •} T AI ford Chas Alford Chas Alford A n & Clyde -loo Oille B Freeman G .W'G&hell . - • C W Gos'nell Harry Bailey Mrs W M Phillips S C Cra!» 1 C Craig Rrs j H Stewart G H Green G H Green J , H Honey J H' Honey Snm Grimes J T Alford J T Alford J T Alford Flora Williams Cross Gro Co r- 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 6 1 il (J - 1 6 15 C OltlCilNAL SURVEY 20 21 22 27 28 2Q 33 44 ' 47 48 49 51 53 ' 54 HO 84 05 68 70 71 72 73 85 87 SB 89 90 91 3 4 5 10 12 12 e i B 11 14 17 18 3 4 6 4 5 9 10 11 6 10--1I H'.'j tl D 9 10 11 • 12 13 14 R 7 8 1 7 j , Frank McGregor N 20 it 8 E D McGregor S 30 It Mrs B D Wold Edna Comiers T'tnl Tax .1) .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .II .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .08 • • • ' .11 - • .11 • . .11 .11 .05 .11 .11 Rebecca Patterson JJebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Hebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson tebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca. Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson That! Phillips Thad Phillips Ribecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson REBKCCA PATTERSON SUB-DIV 3 4 fi 6 ,7 8 a 10 n 12 13 N 15 17 18 2 3 5 0 BAKRO.V & LILY SDB-DIV Hattle Gille.'ipie J B WaTker J B Walker J B Walker Mrs Hilda Beard Airs Hilda Beard J B Walker J B Walker J B Walker J B Walker Fen-Is Simon Pen-is slmon Mrs Mart Williams Mrs Mart Williams Mrs Mart Williams Afndrie M Robinson John B Walker „ Continental Mortgnoc Co 8 Continental Mortgage Co E!*c H M Curtner n John B Walker 14 GUS Hardest}- i l 2 3 7 8 10 11 12 13 2 3 4 5 11 14 A A A A A A A A A B B B B B B B C C C C D D D F F F F .53 .11 .J] .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .1) .11 .OR .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 A Robinson F A Robinson J J Williamson Unknown Lizzie P Crigger Daisy R Hill Lizzie p Crigger Daisy R Hill Unknown P Aj Robinson F A Robinson* J *J Williamson J J Williamson J E Bratohcr J E Bratcher J E Bratcher ' Dan G Stout Mrs Lizzie p Crigger Airs C W Gosnell A G Wheat Geo T. Webb P A Robtnson. P A Robinson E E Prewitt F A Robinson • F A 'no'biiisoii Lizzie Crigger . I J Williamson Harry Weedmnn . Fred Burgeson F A Robinson I D Clmrcli A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G wheat A G wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Wheat E F Wilson E F Wilson E F Wilson Name RUDDLE HEIGHTS ADU'N. 1 2 3 4 5 G 7 8 0 10 11 12 13 4 1 3 5 2 G 8 II 12 6 9 10 12 1 2 3 6 3 7 8 n 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 U 2 2 2 2 •2 2 2 2 2, .-2 2'' 2 2 3 3 5 5 f, B n B B 6 7 7 7 7 . 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 12 2 12 3 12 I.0t Block SUNRISE ADDITION H Lclghton l i Eula Robinson E 10 ft C 2 VAJL'S 1ST ADD'N O B Peerj- E',4 4 VAII/S SRI) AOirN G B Peery EJ/, 9 All persons and corporations Interested in sate anils are hereby notified that they nre rcquircc by law to appear within four weeks nnd make defense to said suit or the same shall be taken foi confessed, and final judgment will on entered directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes, togelher with the payment Interest, penalty and costs as allowed by law. , Given under my hand and seal this the 25th daj of October, 1B34. •, R. L. GAINES, Clerk, j T'alTa.t W H Cox W II Cox W H Cox W H Cos OOLA TAKES NOBODY WILL CARE MUCH IF I'M MISSIN& _ANP My' ' FATHER HAS NOTHING WITH WHICH TO RANSOM ME - _- .'/IF YOU'RE LOOK1N& R>RReyeN&e, i CAN TEU.YOO HOW TO GET EV£N WITH GU; ATONE SEE WHAT EXPECT TO. BYHOLOlNG- PRISONER

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