The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1937
Page 3
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•TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2,. 1937 BLYTHEVTLLB. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Robes Reveal Rank oronalicm Plans Changed Since Edward 1 Passed Out of Piclure BY MII.TON BROXNKH . Service Klafr Corresiiondenl .OKDON—Can the loyal Lonn press sell Kini; George VI us his wife, plus his two girls, the empire and to the world successfully as former Kin-; Ed- rd VIII largely sold himself? It's n financial oucstlon onx- usly debated by business men. ley may talk about "dollar- aslng Americans," hut on all big occasions such as coro- tlons, jubilees, etc., they are ither nimble and nifty thcm- ives at pursuing the pounds, llllngs and pence. And that is ml is worrying Ihem at present. ' Just a few short months ago— "ore that explosion known as ie Simpson crisis— when things ere going ahead for the eorona- on of King Edward, the situa- 011 seemed roseate. The hotels nd boarding houses of London sported they were having book- igs from all over the world for fay 12 — coronation Day — and ie period just before and after, ot so much has been heard lale- of people clamoring for rooms. I.AMOR IS GONE 'ITH EDWARD Then there. was the matter of ?ats in grandstands and houses ong the route of the corona- on parade. Tall stories about uitastic prices being- paid—espec- illy by rich Americans — were uite common. The papers were ill of It. Americans were pant» to lay down 25 iron men. 50, and some even as high as ,250—the latter price being for room which would accommo- ate quite a number of guests, ut just the other day the same apers printed tlie news that uite good seats could be obtnin- d for as low as $15 and that the verage price now was not above 25. Now this does not mean that ext May London Is going to be deserted village nor that tlie oronation is going to be boycot- ed. London itself on any and II occasions can turn out terrific rpwds for any public show, be • la. coronation, a royal wedding •i royal funeral, a royal jubilee •S a Lord Mayor's parade. • But there are some slight in- (.ications that the. festivities wil ot prove as big a drawing card i Americans and other foreigners s would have been the case had dward been the center 'figure; All pumped-up adulation aside lere was a certain amount lamor around the Peter-Pannisr gure of the king who nevei rew up, despite his 42 years Moreover,' more people in all parts f . the globe had personally seen im than any man now living :aving seen him and heard him hey were interested in him ant Is doings. VILLWG VICTIM OF tOYAL PRESS-AGENCY King .George VI has none of hese advantages. But he is as- iduously lending himself to the 'Uild-up as much as possible. The platform seems to be twoold: 1—To accentuate that he Is dif;rent in every way from his rother, the Duke of Windsor. 2—To give the impression that e Is very like his father, the late IHE-TIU What Privileges These Senators Have fckes Commitlee Will Favor Series of Large Scale Development KV KODNKY Courier \'ews Vou'll be able to spot tlic noblest Englishmen at the coronation by ,he spots on their robes. Four: rows of-spots Indicate a Duke, two rows a mere baron, - iniTCHlJIt W;Klilnj;lnn — The president's nbrunt termination of n'.'goliatlons toward pooling TVA |»wer with Ihe electricity of the private power crmiwrfes xhoi'ld Hive vou tmns idea of tlie type of programs which will be recommended bv his new, hanii-plckcd National Power. I'd- icy Committee. ,' If scmethln»: doesn't h»'ii)en-to threw It olf the track, this coiii-| mittee and the administration may be exnecled to work toward t-V day when the country will be "almost blanl olcd by public power projects modeled, after the one In Ihe Tennessee valley, with little if any compromise with prlvalc power companies evccnt si'cli n>' might Iw forced by decisions of the .supreme court. If the power; policy committee didn't decide for Roosevelt that Ihe TVA VMol negotiations should be called off, it' \vas at least In complete' agreement with him when (lie president acted, citing the persistency with which the Industry had pressed its courl suit's against .TVA. Mere "Authorities" The committee, under chairmanship of Secretary Harold Ickes, will concentrate for the time being on a policy for Ihe bisr Boon'e'vi'lle project in the northwest. Eventually, according lo those Refugees Jam Road to Memphis r FXGE THRCT Service's division of engineering, were off. Ulleirflinl fell • off localise of-fits' blttei row with TVA Clmifjnan Arthur Morgan, despite the 'fact thnt Morgan Is siild to .be.'slated to BO because he took a iwsltton fil"iully to Ihe power .Industry. Markhtim won taken olf because Koosevelt felt he didn't need the Iwilp of army engineers In 'deciding power policies. The five men remaining are In accord with one another and with tile president on what ought to be done about power. (Copyright, 1937. NBAServlce,r,no.) who know its : members most intimately, there probably will be "authorities" handling Tennessee Valley, Boulder Dam, Booncvllle, Missouri River, St. Lawrence, Ohio Valley, and perhaps other l)ig federal power developments more or less covering the 1 country. 'An Ohio Valley .Authority becomes daily a more fixed Idea with Roosevelt nnd Ills power advisers, who realize .something must be done toward flood control in that area and, of course, prefer to tie it in with power development. Such a program faces a hot fight, not only with the power companies but also with- railroads, which will see n menace in any improved navigation -- facilities. The same Interests may. be expected to try to 'beat the proposed. St. Lawrence navigalion- power project when the presidcm begins- to' push it. this year. • FDIfs Hif Trtpa . Booncvllle. will-be sellinit "owe by October, it; is now predicted [and the NPPQ will -work ou rites and distribution policies probably recommending 'that th Federal Power Conimissiou' be temporarily empowered tb .fix 111 rates, The committee's scope is huge, | as it also can make 'decisions as i to what ought to be • Bone about • I rates and other equally .Import.. •. : ant problems, by TVA. and any never-ending stream of refugees across the Harahan bridge 'into " - • ' --•••• Memphis. It was tlie only open route into the city and from tile Competition for congressional Jobs l.rcbably would Increase If sen- atorlnl prerogatives regularly Included kissing (jhimorous Jean Knrlcw. Technique for tills duly Is Illustrated' by the gentleman from North Carolina, Senator Hubert Reynolds, to welcome Miss Iturlow lo Washington.. As he lends with his chin . (upper tell), Miss Hai'low's veil Interfere;! wllli Ills best elfort.i. By unanimous vote this Is swept aside. All, success at last! Miss llarlow lie.ts soundly kissed mid without the. handicap of a- censor's slop- walcli. Duiigcr of ii lllibuslci from Robert Tnylor (left), who iiccom|innlcd Miss iinrlow to tin. capital, failed to develop. He smilingly yields to the opposition Realty Transfers Warranty needs ;< t, Wilson-Ward company io ]J. 11, Craln, lot :i, • irregular lots ii'i section 10, township 15 north, range 11 east. O, G. Hubbnrd, I.cah Hubbard, Mildred jr. Stevens, J. I". Holland nmi Allcen Holland to Joe Bom- bpla.skl, iiorthcnst quarter of northwest quarter of section 10, owivihip U north, range 12 east. Faye T. Scbtuigh and c, V. Setaugh to J. T. Phillips, lot 18, block two. Chicago Mill and Lum)IT cor]x>rnl!o» second addition lo Ulylheville. Mollle L. Dradley to J. Nick I limiias, south 29 feet, lot II, all of lot 12 and north at feet ot .ot 13, all In Block C, Morris addition to Blylhevilie. nglneers are i steem by Ihe tllcred, Not New- ot held in high New' Deal power w • isldcrs noticed it, but when the president- np ed his new National Power icy Commlllre. he ncgteclc mention the fuel that lie a had a National Power Pol- Poltcy Committee, 'and tliht this bodj was merely being reconstituted. After Ihe slelght-of-haiicl operation, the difference was. llmt Krcitcrlc. A. Delano, Ihe president's uncle, wns on the committee'; and " " Llllenthal Markham chief of army engineers, and T W. Norcross, chlei of tile TVA Direcior Duvid MaJ.-Oen. Edward M. Head Courier News- Want Ads (JET UP NIGHTS DUK TO HLADDBR :IRRITATION? It's not normal. It's nature's "Danger Signnl." Make this 25o lest. Us'e buclui leaves, juniper oil, and 0 other drugs, mrfde Into little, green, lablfls, called Bukels. Pl((sh out excess acids'and impiir- itle.s. Excess ncUh,^can cnuse Irritation ic.sulllng i liv gelling up' nights, scanty flow,' frequent de- she, burning, backaclie, and leg pains. say Bukcfs to jour riruggLsl. In foiir drtys-lf not pleas- id your, 25c will bo/refunded. city Drug Store. •; .• — Adv. B113 "IIKRNAT." KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring niut summer yarns ,Lnlcst' Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MRS.- HOOl'ER )1D9 Clilekasattba Phone TO2 Claudette Colbert says: ) throat is safest with S a light smoike'/ Out of the lowlands of eastern Arkansas and Missouri came. "Jng George V. As to the first: King Edward nnounced he was going to make xtensive cuts hi the personnel f Sandringham, the Norfolk res- ience of the royal family. King feorge has announced that no ills will be made. King Edward did not favor a pronatfon review of the -fleet. It s .no\v been announced that on n)' 20 next King George will relies- a great gathering of the lomc fleet at Spithead. This I leans a further show for foreign Ind empire visitors and an in- Ireased amount of business for lie railways and for the sea coast lOMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE IflN APPROVAL I Then there is the matter of the lloyal address and homage" of lie City of London to the sov- Ireign on his coronation - Where , d *, S " W " No '" Seorgc liid Yes. The ceremonies of lie City—London's oldest section Ind today largely its wall street I-are among the most picturesque lien. They date back to medieval mes. A great meal, either lunch- n or dinner, is served In the IrUlldhal], a baron of beef being lirved in the stone pulpit. The lord Mayor proceeds up (he hall It the head of the city fathers. I here is carried before him net Inly the Silver Mace (spelled ilh capital letters), but also the •real Pearl Sword (more capitals) Ihlch was carried before Queen Ilizabeth when she visited the Ity after the destruction of the Ipanlsh -Armada. King Edward hail asked that liese ceremonies be replaced by limelhlng simpler. lie wanted I 1 / l' ate driv « north and soutl the Thames through streets VM by troops, to be omitted l«\did not want a lot of gorgeous l:remonlal with the Lord Mayor flood districts came the stricken residents—in'autos, trucks, carts, on muleback. and In wagons. All carried supplies aiid movable-belongings. Some drove livestock before them: Memphis, already .car- Ing for 10,000 among which were 500 coses of Influenza and uncounted other ailments, prepared to receive 50,000. Aldermen and Councilmen all togged out in their red robes ami furs. What he wanted would have cost only about $2,500. What King George has given his approval lo will cost about six times that amount.' Incidenlally it will give visilors another show. Housewife on Wash Day Lifts 6,465 Pounds LONDON (UP) — Every housewife lifts 6,456 pounds during her weekly "wash day' and her arm travels B'.i miles in the Ironing process, a survey conducted by a British washing machine manufacturing company revealed. Tlie ironing of seven shirls alone means the lifting of a 3',i pound iron 140 miles, a total lift of 490 pounds, the survey showed. Tiie ironing of 40 handkerchiefs is responsible for an exertion of 560 pounds of energy by the housewife. |, < The company conducted the survey in the hope that the revelations wound make the local councils and all those interested in housing realize the importance of providing all modern houses with labor-saving washing and ironing machines, thereby saving the great waste of energy expended by women during the course of a weekly wash, done In the old-fashioned manner. Pennsylvania Collects Sod From Old Shrines QUTNCY. Mass. (UP)—Soil from the grounds of the Adams mansion, home of the second and flfth presidents of the United States, has been sent, to Malcolm Thompson of Aliqulppa, Pa. He is collecting earth from each of the 48 states, principally from the surroundings of historic shrines. Quebec Province Urged To Purchase Labrador QUEBEC (UP)—Sam DeCham- plain, of Quebec, is trying to sell the Quebec government the idea of buying Labrador. DeChamptnin believes Quebec should buy Labrador for $150,000.- CCO as an unemployment relief project. Fifty thousand Jobless,; he said, could be put to work building a highway connecting province to Labrador. the Read Couner Ntws Want WE HAVE SECURED T1IK SERVICES OF AN EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee lo repali your radio to first class condition. A Complete Line of Tubes and Tarts - - Best Prices Hubbarrf Tire & Bat. Co. Phone 476 French Chemist Honored PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Tribute was paid to the late Antolne Laurent Lavoiser, one of tlie greatest French chemists of all time; here when a model of his laboratory was unveiled at the Franklin Institute. other future developments.' . If the administration does push on with the'program for .a series of far-flung regional -federal power authorities "it will "only be. reverting to the. original big Idea Roosevelt- had in creating PWA. That, idea primarily was one of developing the river valleys. Lew Douglas, then director of the budget, -persuaded Ttoosevelt to let that ride and concentrate on NRA as a recovery weapon. By the time the president got his mind back on PWA, there was too much pressure -for ' specific local projects to be resisted. And money poured out. through CWA and PWA and Into schools, sewers, bridges, and courthouses instead of into the original grand scheme. No Army Operation Public power enthusiasts now, are whispering that decisions as! to cheap ixra-er are so import-: ant in determining the location of industries that the NPPC may soon in effect be working out the Industrial future of the nation. Legislation (o be Introduced to cover operation of Booneville will almost certainly not call for operation by the army engineers, as was proposed in a bill pushed last year by the four senators from Washington and Oregon. After years of taking orders from conservative administrations which never desired to offend the private power Industry, the army TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. Rf. Terry, Pres. and Myr. Phone 617 BljthtVltle, Ark. "Boy! I can breathe now! Just a few drops of Vicka Va-tro-nol up each nostril reduces swollen membranes, clears stuffiness, brings prompt relief. Used in time, helps provenf many colds. VICKS VATRO NO! MOUU> SIZE 30c . . . 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