The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1932
Page 3
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> SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1932 NEWS Earned Million, Then Vanished Dr. Charles Bvaucati Never Seen Since Disappear-! anc e in 1928. ! Cc'cnrl Ilayinond Hobins, frtf-nilj <f I'ictlilcnt Iloorrr, lus joinril thc-i i? nlc; of (he 50,001 jiersom wlici; uTish annually In lhe 1'iiikil Till'- 1? (he third nf a sir- ieu cf si\ sturU-s on Amt-'rirrt's | incit r.-nuH!s imstery disapiK-ar-1 UY ItOIILItT TAI.U'.Y ' XE.V Sm-lrt Writer Kcjviijlu. IK", NKA -ii'rvJCT, lnc.1 \Vl:cr? is Dr. Charles Brancaliv lie came u America from Italy as a kirbsrr. worked his way ^J'-ruush incdica! college in New (Vork. turned lo business and made a million dolhrs in seme way that is r.o\ i.t all clear nn'.l then vanish(•d as though the earth had swal- I lowed him, leaving his present] I'.en a deeper mystery than hii; past. j It \VES on Nov. 18. 1923. Ihat Dr. j Lrancali left the stately old Gouv- irncur Morris mansion in New, York 1 .-; Bronx, for which he had' refused an offer of $400,000 only a Uiort time before. He said he -was goin^ downtown to hisi dfice. That ivas the last ever seen of him. 'lh e aulhcrilips incline to lhe belief that D,-. Brancali engineered his own disappearance "for per-1 .•onnl reasons." His brothers now! ray they are convinced thai he- was kidnaped ar.d murdered. | Each theory seems to IH the; l:nov. n facls equally well. The «ub- '. Lcquenl linking ct Dr. Brnncati's;] name with various sinister nctivi-| lies mighl easily explain why lv:, should cliorse to disappear; could j jLEl as well explain a motive for a i murder. Various rumors have linked his name with a huge counterfeiting riiig, with the Arnuld Roihstein murder (which occunvd just 16 days before Brancati's disappearance) and with the smuggling ol narcotics on a tremend- cus scale. PACK TIIIIEB •Crew Which Saved "Flying Family" DID HE WRITE TiiOSF. UETTEU5 IHAT DRIFTED 8ACK SO MYSTERIOUSLY ? §225,003 OF IIIS MONEY 'DISAPPEARED Wilson Mun Rcclcclocl to I !•.•:'(! Mississippi County School Group. \V11PON ,Aik., S.>p!. 24.—]'••;.(. 1 Carl Mini. siiih-rlnti-iulPiil u( i:io | pfi'.-sd.-n: ol the supvrmtnid.-ji:. and ;i'.inciplls c!lvHi:n A til. 1 Mls- • >lssip;'i Comity T'-.ic'-i'i. i'..'....K'i:i:i.::i ! it I :i im-otllli; In Tlll.;--:!.!V '. (.'V.'mu;. j : Mi-. Winnie Turner of !i!y!i-,> j vlllc, i-iv.miy suiirni^r <;f im-il. j rcliai'K. was rc-t'b.-|:-:i j:"-i'.-i!i:v | Ircns'iu'r and I.. 11. Aulu'v, pnu- j i' I :li.> Himl.'ll'' M'hi.'ui. \\.i-, | rc-cl •. f.'il Vll-i' pl^U!;'!!!. Od.CHflRLE '\'\\: sits -t' prim Jill l.r.irlivills. Milllllii. t)^!l. Ann"-I 1 rel, V:!rlir.i. Ulyllii'c:!!' () • j! -, ; | Burd'iii-. I.ns;::-a. K.'i-.-r. WiNmi. I i Sliav.n.'c and Whltnm. .i'ic»'';i ; t!'l> Ir.-.-lini;. M-llK'll l.-'.:i;Wt'l! a lllll- j nev .• rvcd by ilu' \Vi!:o:i iv.i.-nl- Tlll- lU'Xt Illl^'tlllu Jl ill ' '!!•!.!>:> 11 !:•.' ill [Jell, tt-.-vn- I'rof Noljl- •r,i!l : . ot tiie hl^ii sclicol. | and v.i!! b? h«!:l on Hie )'. Cttc!::r 13. [lie rircl'c M-II Tin: V..1', W.nls' !n lr- L-uul Ford Given Italy's Iron Cross Thcush tlic millionaJre pliysi- cinn vanished on Nov. 19, Dr. TinealVs fcrochers did not reppit i disappearance ta ths police un- 'i- the follov iui; April. And in the meantime these strange things were happening:—|. From Passjkr. >). ,J.. Albany, Bosten, ottawV* and London came a series of leftrrs. telegrams and cablegrams, all signed with Dr. Brancati's name and ostensibly written by him. The letters were tynev.-nnen, bul the stenatur? leaked very raucli like Ihat of the ! missing physicians.- - i The first communication—a tele-1 gram—came froai Passaic the day | Henry Ford now may wear the medal of the Iron Cross o! afler his disappearance. Addressed I he' chooses. Counl Uyo Berni-Canani. Ilaiian coniul at, lo Ercale Brancati, one of the is'• shown pinnin? the medal en the brothers, it read: "AM HUNTING I WITH FTilEXDS STOP IP ANY- i IIODy CALLS FOR .ME WILL BE i be r:.d in doubtful stales sure Di'iiiociallc victory In November. Thi 1 fwleral reserve board Is de- llti'r.Mi'lv attemiilini; lo eslabllih thn lalse Impressicn ol a sudden r.nd ,'iuick iciiirn lo prosperity as (he l.M.-ls for mi ajipwil lor con- llnui'd Hi'pi.blican leadership, Cun- Cic:.;M!an Driver cluir^ed. Hr palr'-.-d oiii Iliat when l.M'.er llrm-s do ccint' (hey will relur:i F.i.u!i::illy and any "return" tefjr;> ' lhe I'li-cliou will be- of purely p.i- llliciil [cuiida'.ion. r ii.-viiai HI? nu(c!ilr.-:on "Fly- 3. ..!i-.v;'i!.j (ic.i-jl.ite naluro ) Mil:; iji.-tuic that Ciitjtim i 1 -':! the i-])l]nvix'ttc:l family. Courier News Want Ads. Town Is Happy at , R.cJurn of Pump Handle DESFOHD. L^lcoilei slilre Ea land IU1')—D:slor[[ Is liniijiy o'jalii. K hn.s n.s iiiiiup handle U.ick. Usurpers [roiu a nci^libntliiR tov.n Jifld liiki'ii I;. Tr.ullllon, Isaiw;'. civic | pride, and tin- Ma^na Ci'.iirta were ! at slake. Ha matter tlial Hie Mui- j hct Boswurlh lllstrlci Council. In : | Us iiifijutlc itiilliorliy. liud cc:i- I lieinnod (lie puui]i us unlit lo sup- j I ply drinklniT iva!ci'. Wny <lid it Invc | ' lo lake Hie Lanile. too? : flc «?/?•<? and he hi (own Munday and TncKdai^ Sept. 26ih and 27th, ' famde, Free AH-Talkittg i'ivture W. T. BARNETT 'Continued from l'-dge One) i Ibing possible to obtain n Dem2-| cratlc nalional administration. i 'Never has there been so iibuscd j a citizenship on (he faer of ilie earth as the [;rod people of Ar- I k->iisas who sat supinely by and, I !M hish binders at Liule Rock I ] help themselves to (he wealth ot! 'Ui» slntc." he declared. ••Hcsults I I of the recent rjrimary insure n I tioiiseeleanint'. We are to have t;o::c:(3' and economy in state gov-! ernment. But to reap the mr.x-: iiiuiin benefits from that change! ] we must also have n new deal j | In national alfafrs." j I He. ap]»al«l, as did Mr. Hays,' for the Democratic voters ol <\r-! I kai:sas lo conlribiite • funds to! pinning was bestowed bv motcr magnate. Italian government. Italv if Detroit. I The older I I YOU GET YOU COURj WAN' u Italian, addressed Dr. Brancati ns "You Bis Villain" and threatened him f:ecaus3. of an aflair .with a -uoman. BACK IN ABOUT WEEK STOP WILIi WRITE LATER CHARLES." Ten days lafer came ?_ telegram from Albany, saying he v:as there en business. Then a letter "post-! In November. 1929, Captain marked at Boston, which assured | Thomas Urancati. for 30 years a "Olicc detective in Haiy. came to --nierica and conducted-, an unsuc- vessful search for his bro'her. He :aid he was convinced his brother i'.ad been kidnaped and later kil- v d when the money was removed i'rom his account. Later. Bran- cnli's brotlicri petitioned the courts '.o declare the doctor dead so dis- -esition could lx- of his stale. But before this, District Attor- ;icw McUcchan annoiinced that he v. as m loagcr intcfesled in the -•ate. teiii;; cdivinced that Br. been interested in narcotics on a wholesale scale. I But. dead cr alive. Dr. Brancati | is still a mystery. '. iiis brothers that he was "daing «eir and.wcuW return soon. There v.-erc more of such letters and telegrams, loliov.ed by a cablegram fio.-n Londcn ivln'ch announced thai lirancali had arrived Ihere. Then came a lellor from Londcn, poEtmnrked Dec. 76, which snitl he would be there several weeks. That was tbc last thai (he bro- Uier^ ever hti'.rd. so far as is f Ti.-.owii. NEXT: The strange dtalp-; rcrranrc of Hinsh! I'lijiniura.j 3R, niiHicn.iirc Japanese siik im-, rort:r of New Vork, who van-, illicit Ircm ;ui OLCJII liner ncur' Xt-iv Vcik irJiilc rcturuir.ij frmn', a £ay "whoopee cruise' 1 tti Hali-i f.TV with a krautifiil blonil shuw- r.: r i i New tVe triansular rmes'.iori arises: U:d Dr. Brnncali disappear votaiiarlly and write thsse Police Guard Home and j Person of Chicago Judge j i 2i;i!]ca(i cilitccd was he k:Sraix:d and forced wrils them by bis captors? Or wa- ] U'dj he murdered by men who slew him. ihen Jorjfd Iiis naree to this chain of missives? Tlure is r ; o satisfactory answer. U"l a full sirx'.ecr thing happened: A rtav CHICAGO. Sept. 24, (UP)— Police' guards wese placed in the hon:c delibcr- ; c f Jtidje Jolin McGoarty and r.c I :0 ni- i was given a personal escort today ( bml rarlncr in r. hug; l-'ng. Others expressed Ihe rii, n ,,- n - " £0 afll - r Dr ' Brancat ' s ! -=n that Brancati's Q' sn Ppcaraiicc rn Nov. 19. ID28.hisi -r brokers rcLclved Iror.i Dr. Kr.itieati n note which directed them to turn ever to Hie bearer—one Lulgi Uo- niano—his S234.0M ncccunl, which the L-rcktrs did. It | s said lhal Dr. prnnco'l had Introduced Rmnano 10 them ll;c previous aulmmi. crime had been Seehan added, it had ' a[ ter several Ihreaienitiij letters foi- ccmmittcd in Bronx 'owed the bombing of his horn; in 'ounty. i which two p;opb were injured. Xfcanwliile. Assistant U. s. At- ! .orney Alvin Sylvester diij deeper j nijgcsl Air Maneuvers ilcW .nlo reports Ihat Dr. Brancali hod '• MALMO. Sweden tUP)—The bi;n Roniane_«):o r.ew has boccn-,e a - druj opin- Ight had a :cnnection with the murder of Arnold Rothstein. lhe big-time iSmbler. «lio v/s s said to have Brst air nnneuvers ;ver witnessed in Sweden were hc!d arounj Mjlrr.D eiidinj ivit-h nn official visit to Copenhagen, I>?nmark. More than 50 pbn?t. 30 land machines, and M hydroplane participated. niystery--dreu': # and dcDosiied!] rust-class , nan of " S90fl!) time, t:nlil only $202.82 Tr.en Hcir.ano vanished, nddi'n'e'an- i ether baftllui; chapler lo llemys-; tnlc;.s el,F.iu of events. N 0 ™«c of Romano enr^ was fomui. I In April, when Dr. Brancali i brothers finally reported hi " #*.\ nppcarancc. detectives searcl-ed the c.a mansicn where (he mlssinc millionaire had lived i In Brancati-s fccaroom they found I tlnce bulle; holes in the celling and another in the mantelpiece From ,vood«crk ne.-ir the mantel lli.-v dug a .38 caliber ballet .'n tlic rcom were a number ol \Jihcr Ihlngs: three dozen bottles o, ginger alo, a pa i r O f W0!nan . s siippjrs. some medical books and turgicnl lastrumcnts, a lot of torn letters. One of these, written hi NOTICE To more (|iiickly introduce my sweeper ovevhmil- ing service to BlyllicviiU; and to obtain n mimlicr of customers for reference, 1 will give Absolutely Free: 1 dust proof hag or one lirusli for (ho vacuum of each customer, Beginninir Monday, Sept. 26 and ending Saturday, October 1. A iihonr. call will bring ps lo your liome for free iiis|)«f(ion niul estimate without obligation on your part. You will like our service. We must satisfy else we cannot reach your friends throuirli you. HEFFNER ELECTRIC SERVICE Shop located at Gillen I'tuniture Co. 100 Kast Main Phone G10 CnEATEU power, spcoil, economy niul rciiiibiiiij- arc offered by ilicso new coin- nicreinl iniila. They eel entirely new st.indards i:> performance and value. No mailer wlml yon Ti;mT, H can lie hundred faster ami nuirn ccononiically. Conic in and J5CI coniplclc iJelnils of ;lio Nciv Ford commercial line, and Ic» 113 fhoN you what can be done to Improve your Irucfc een-jcc, PHILLIPS MOTOR Plinnc Sll - 810 - 777 8 o f olhc A ire mendovis nojiulai- market t'i>i• iioih ituy( r ami seltei And both huver and srlli'i- jiroi'it loo. hecai-sc lhe of inscrliiiji a want-ad in lli.'Cio;!] Nev,^ Phoiu; 306 and our ad-lakcr will liclp you,

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