The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on June 22, 1933 · Page 6
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 6

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 6
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art THE NORTH ADAMS EVENING TRANSCRIPT. THURSDAY, JUNE KB, 1SJJ HALF CENTURY SCHOOL TEACHER JMiss Dora A. Radio 30 Years in High School ENVIABLE RECORD Belpved by Hundreds of Drury Graduates She Will Return as Teacher Next Year. When the local public school* close tomorrow for the term, Miss Dora f>. JSafllp, .dean of the teaching prp/es- ,«l&n In thfoj city, will have completed i» half century of consecutive, uninterrupted service to the public schoo' lystem of North Adams. . Appointed a teacher here In 1883 ,« few weeks after she had graduated from Drury high school, Miss Kadlo served for 20 years In grade school positions and then was appointed to the high school faculty of which she has continued to be * member for 30 OCfUS. The class of '33 at Drury which was graduated last evening on the SOU) anniversary, of her owi graduation from the same school, ha» dedicate! its class, book to her wit] this Inscription: "To Dora A. Radio who for 30 years has been the ever •helpful adviser, confidante and friend of Drury students, we whfl$e sojourn has been but a short span of tha period gratefully dedicate U>lj? vpl- ume." ^er friends and associates in teaching who realize that her 30 years of service aj, the high seljpo began upon Ihe conclusion of two decades of grammar school tcaqhinf ,nnd that she 1$. consequently, pbserv.- •ing her golden anniversary as : teacher jn North Adams, have Join ed In extending cordial congi alula .lions and best wishes to her. Upon her appointment as a teacher In Ihe local school system In the fall of 1?83, shortly after she had .heraelf graduated from Drury, Miss Radio was assigned to the old Union street grammar school. She served 'there for three years and was then transferred U4 Ui? grammar school P'asw? then hj!)d MI U)e ojd prgry • building. -Hie remaining 17 years of her grade school teaching career W« spent there. In 1903 she was named teacher of biology and physical geography at Drury and continued to teach,those subjects to high school students as long as both remained In My Beauty Hint Drury High Graduates Largest Single Class DOROTHY TREE (Screen Actress) The secret pf co;npl#t$ relaxation Is .Important, in malntalqlng one's health and attractiveness. Whenever I have a leisure moment, I try to relax completely. If at liome, I dip wads of cotton la witch hazel and place them over my eyes. This Is the finest rest cure for weary orbs that I have yet found. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WTH0UT And you'll J»ni|i Q»f of B«4 ia die M«nan« Rarin' to Go the curriculum. A few years ago physical geography was dropped from the high school course and 5!nee that time Miss Radio has conducted classes in biology exclusively. At the time slie entered the teaching profession here, the Institution now known as the Stale Teachers' college and formerly called the North Adams Training school and North Adams Normal school, was not In existence and preparation beyond a ti|g)> school Education was not required of those who aspired to be teachers. In tha succeeding years, however, Ml.ftS Radio has attended summer schools and pursued private studies, which have given her far more than the equivalent of a college course. A natural aptitude (or teaching replaced In her case the normal scliopj training that Is now required of candidates for teaching positions and she has long been known as one of the most effecHve, successful and popular4rJ£tru,cU>rE in the-local school system. She has for many years been chosen annually as the faculty adviser of the senior class at Drury, In whjqh capacity sh$ has guided and directed the activities of the class, While thpusands of Drury student* In trie past 30 years have turned in- s|4ncUye|y |4> her for personal conn scl and encouragement, and have foun.d her ft sympathetic, paUcnt ancj kindly adviser. Miss Radio was extraordinarily young when she entered the leaching profession here and she Is still in the prime of life after completing a half century pf service. Men and women Whorn sjie taugljt 15, 20 or 25 years ago have often remarked, on returning to the school In recent months, upon the fact that the Miss Radty teaching there now Is the same Miss Radio, unchanged in appearance, iu mental alertness, In ready friendship, and In teaching ability, that tjwy (new. S.UU below the compulsory retirement age, she will return to her <jq- ,l£s when another term opens In September, beginning her 51st year of leaching here. (Continued from Page Five) I cteariy In our social and dealinge wiO) .our feUowmeo. "Undsr UUe >oci»J sciences, 'The four years of English I have had in Drury have equipped me with the necoisary finish t • my speech. It has given me a vision of the beauty of American and English literature. "In my freslunan year I had a group pf social sciences from which LQ waXe a choice—Economics, Geography, History, and Civics. I selected a four years' course of history and one year of CJvlps. "PWring my freshman year J. studied Ancient History; during my sophomore year, Medieval; during »ny Junior year, Modem European; and I completed Uie course in my senior year with Uuijed States history. By studying Uie four histories in sequence. I obtained an exceiignt general outline pf the best known histories today. The Mathematics cpurse npw consists of pne year of Algebra, but durjog the past year General i*»the- njatlcs WW5 fhe required subject. The si MaUneinstJcs .coarse covers some Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. "Tlie language course which I studied gave me enough knowledge to read, to translate, .aud to cpnyerse, to a certain extent, In French. "The last group of subjects which I have studied centers around the large term, Science. Studying In se- oucnce the subjects .untjer this h*ad- tpg, we haw General Science, JBIol- osy, Physios, and pijeniistry °r Hygiene. . "Not only is the Normal Cowse an excellent one JW prospe.ctjyi student teachers but it is also an cj course in that thf subjsels 'We basic—that Is ttwy suited for everyday life. ' is as ye}l th# of oofnmerciAl law. aud nreuch. TJieu In civic*, oco- pby«lc»l we Ji»v« jewersi ecleocc and biology physta wid To conclude, Uw Practical Arts course dow not turn out a •worker; buf by the tenchjiig co*Wjgc{«d »ubJ«cUi and then f urttier- Ing it by practical work, our comae does turn out fajrjy Intelligent In- dlyJdualc who tre handy men able to put Ul«Jr Jcupwledge to use." science Jtltf CHECKINQ UP ON CAT OWNERS HEBE JEf. B. Mo«4y, pgent fpr the Society for HMJ prsventidb p{ Qrueity to A«T .m a Is \ya? here yesterday fpr the pur- jpse pr checking up on flwners pf cat?, which, aucprdlHg to cppiplolpts 16 has received, have been kllll.qg birds. He is racptrunendlng that tlueee cal« be cpnfjrjed as th«y 4o )nc6tlmr able damage to fledglings, • Some cat owners have agreed to fasten bejls to their anlm'als and tlkpsg w|); jnake ){ Ipjpp^sible for a oat to stalk a bird without being heard. prsctlcal, tlije JUstpry , cultirrsl, »n4 Mie niatfie niaftcs aftd jplvic/ i|seju). "i?o, b,p(,h.Iprjpreparatior( to fpjjoi ft. vocation npd for tiie actual bus! ness of living the NormaJ Course is The Practical Arts cgurse was reD resenled by Howard Baynw>i)4 fair, *poke, in part, us Miller Bros Tit- 8790 TEL. to BUTTER ib25e ALL KINDS Crackers ... 29c LB. BOXES GOLDEN CUP . COFFEE GOOI}I,UUK Jar Rubber* 4 for 25c lie ' PEARS ...... can 19c SMH RASPBERRIES can 19c No. I Koral Ann CHERRIES . . . CHILI SAUCE can Ife 18c COFFEE ib31« CHEESE 53c FLOUR -• 87c PINTS , « c QUARTS 8Sc No. 2 BANTAM CORN .116 LIMA BEANS,, can 15s No. |t ASPARAGUS TIPS &f« TOMATOES .. can l?e No, 2« Tomatoes .... can 14c "Four years ago wh«n I is front grammar school and enterw Orvry, I had to select a course o studies out of the seven curriculum; which were offered to me. I did no Intend to go to college end after aouie consideration I came <to the conclusion that Uu Practical Artj course was what I wanted and wtul I was beat fitted for. In the fall 1 entered this course and since ilier have spent four very happy a IK profitable years. "Any group of subjects, to enjoy a place in education n6wadays, mu&l fiuictlon Jn the growth of clyjc in- tejligence. character building, anq inidjyidual sociaj qjevelppjrient. Q«r Practical Arts course fills all pf these requlrei)ioi}ls and more. "During the school day abput half the t lp\e Is taken up by work- tn tha shop; this includes Manual Training and Mj)pha»tcal Drawing. M#nua] Training has a program of definite alms and objectives which is carried as far as possible in the four years work. "The alma are as follows: "1. To develop habits of industry and skill which may be used la the earning of a livelihopd. "3. To cultivate appreciation for beauty In cieslgn and for articles of artistic value. "3. TP discover concealed energy and direct it In worthwhile channels. "4. -To develop control 6f muscles and the cooperation pf mind and hand. "5. To create an interest in hur nipn activities •"The objectives of Die subject are assigned to, dlHerent year?, and, starling with the easier objectives up to thg more dlffleijjf. The include in fhejr pr4er: fkJpB, f^athe wqrk, Pattern W3k)ng, Mpuldlng, Cpncrete work, Rouse " constructfbn, ftnd Cabinet "f4e<jl)aii|cal prawing la djfpctly ap4JnHmate|y connecte'd with ifan- ^1 Tr»)n|ng. In Wi|s sgbjso|, we Jearn freehand slcetchlpg, bliieprint read- iilg, gfi(} njalflnp, Jipu^c planning and construction, carpentry arid sheet mcW. 1 WO* "Qur roath.emftHc? during fhp fogr yaars Is applied and Is tl^d yp wit)i ojjr ofhpr subjects; prftCt(cal)j? all qf |.l)e 8>ion work requires It In some fqrn) w.mle it l^'afep tsugfit ej(te^- s|yejy in science, chemistry and • ics. study Pf fnglisfc train-i us to and write intelligently. Jt us a, kriowledge pf goo4 b°°ks taaphfts us to express om'selves Tbe subject* lakeo and Uw work accpmpUsbed to the boufiehold arts course were explained by Doris Elaloe HasweU in part as follows: "Wheji, on entering high school, it was necessary for ine to 6eject a CO.WBC of study, J iouaedljLlfjy wa4e my decision aud sejepted the household arts course. I had always liked to cook Bjud £ew and the iwusehotd arts curriculum included theft subjects. "There ar,e fow ma)n subJec,U In the household arts curriculum, namely foods, clothing, household manage. nient, and hygiene, each of which I shall explain briefly. "In the subject, foods, th« food lncjpte were studied, so that the Student would be able to plan & well- balanced ujeny. "In the preparation of meals, we worked both frojn tb,e actual and JJie tliwreMca) signdpolnt. At the fjeglnnlng of the wurBB, very slwpje dishes were prepared; bgtftt the end worth ii proved: l»t, by the recognl lion af service rendered to school and city departments and to local firms and. by the awards which have been woo 'our succouive years in the Berkshire county shorthand an< t^pewiiUng contest. 3rd, by Uie fac Jjiai W% of the graduates of Uicia&t four years have, in spite of tbe busl- uesi deprewlon, obtaloed and held «fflo» posiilons. "Af * graoUiaUug oieuxber of Drur; oouuuwciaj deparunent, I feel wel nep*id for tbe effort and time spent of the secojSd y s ah girl h»d njanned a well balanced, appetizing and coJMluctfid the MOP and serving of the ineal wlth- Wt ajcl frpuj the teacher. "Marketing, the care of foods, invalid cookery, and the preparation of Ow Junch bpx were other divisions of the SAjbiect, foods. "B> cjothjng, we learned to choose apparel that would be suitable u> the occasion and the individual. "We made a study of textiles. This Included the manufacture of fibre; and thp Jnteiygept buying of al. "In the construction of garments, jye learned to use a commercial pair km and » sewing machine. A.t t-l'e twinning 9; y>» eo»rfe, very «li?ipl» garment; U'er* m»de but In tilt £* Cr ond year .more complicated patterns were uaed. "Lastly, but not the least import^ ant, ve we« igggijt J.w to caw for our gannents. "Iri houjehpld management we dlsr citsse.d P9|nla on t)>5 selection of tjie house and the house furnishings, in the choice of which the art prfncir p)es were applied. "hygiene, besides being Interesting, . very valuaWe. This sgbjept also Includes anatomy, physjolpgy end a 1^-weeks' cpurSe of fipme nursing and fti>( aid, which WAS taugnt by a registered nurse. "Beside? the four nialn subjects of the household arts currJcuiyni, there are Other subject requirement*. "English, history, mathematics &J)d foreign languages are essential •ir entrance Ji)tp eJJher a college pr school pf nursing and are equally necessary fo r the best cviturgi development pf the student. Thf art pr|n- pIpJW taken up In dfislgnffig are 4'- rec(ly related to the hoUSfnpJp: arts and apply specfflcsljy tp .,; Bnd home fyrnlshings. The sciences—biology, physics and chemistry contribute the background UP- gn wjjjch pur knowJedge of foods and nutrition )s based, A gradvatu of the hpu^eliold arts lurrlculum has a large field pf vQPa- tens from which, to chDOBe, s«c|i at dietitian, dressmaker, designer, m|l- tner, nur?s, pr inUrlpr decorator." Commercial Couire TJie Interesting work being done In he fismmerclal cpurse •was cjearly nitijned In an address by Bertha 'iKnceg Roqte,« brief report Of which q meet ttie demand gf local Industries, a pommerclgl currlcgium, ffering stenography gnd typewrit- ng pnly, WIW IptrgdyceaMn Rrury, In , by tfe late Miss M»r!a Qood- . fVprq thte hw been developed Me carefully planned curricujum p( flSBy, \iw points, which ot only prepares Its graduates to meet the present fiJJJce requirements fl PW own cpmmurijty, but also gives broad pultural background l|i tha 'Ldy 9* the sscial ant) najural sc|- npce, mns|c, art, l|ter», and a ern language. |H strictly commercial Wlljch Dryry student* are trained i»re: cqmmercial law, coqimercial eography, bookkeeping, stenography nd typewriting, and office practice. "The Drury' cqmmercial department functions successfully and it« Young Matron of Adams Finds "Vendol" Splendid Has Gained Fonr Founds, EnJQy Good App^lfl*, 8Jfep« Sjiini', l of Constipation and Never Fee) someone living here, or nearby, telU t)is Vendql Min «t Awtttspary how this really amazing new rne cine lias helped them. Many hnvf trlBft ether remB^ipi ttwt fljil no g only to find that Vendpl just fits the|r case. TOMATO JUICE . SPINACH -can .5c WHERE tOW HUGH Afcfc A HABIT' W« Carry a Full MM tf Frwl. Fn<lu «nfi V«»«t«ble» A Few BotUti W«rk«^ Wonder* Mrs. Randal), whO'l husband is »p expert Electrician *t the Qencr|l Electric plant In PUtfflcld, resides at No. ll Francis Strpet, Ad(ms, Ma«,, gave her «xn<irl»n?«l Witt! permission to publisrrft.fis follows: "I felt «s of gy, just didn't wsnt t« dp » thing bnt s|t dpwn and I'esf all the time. "'I h»fl nq sewMt?, couldn't sleep much on account pf my nerves pe'n8 on edge,' and I Qjten lejt dlpy wltfi little black spot^ dancing before my eyes. My stprnacli'frequently became upset «nd 'tlien I'd suiter from ness, gas, acid r(sings In my and a Burning sensaUtin wlW feeling right In the pit of my ach. "I pftsn hsS splitting and there wu never a day that I Wit free of constipation. ('The advertising of .Venflfll attractr ed me as it sounded honest and true .so I got some and also a box of ftie IIUlP )RX«tivp UbleU W go wl(h H and I'm Tr*nV v? »»y i'vf never iwd ftpytWiiK tp .change my feeling* <a completely or do as much good a; this Vendol treatment. "First thing I noticed was free, ensy bowel jcHgp, th«p my nerves cajm» ed down so that my «Jeep became sound and restful. I noticed my ap» petite pick up and the dizzy feeling wed away. "Now, I eat anything and never have gas, sourness or heartburn. 1 digest my food which h« Increased my Strength and started me to gain, ng wtlgfct «nd lnJt<rt<S pf feeling t|red. out I'm full of pep like I used to b*. Vdndoi ii « good m«dipin« *n d t'w llfd I OwldeS to try It," VendP! ^ (pid by ill ie»d)ng drug. glsu «n8 (It* Y«ndQl M«n frpm tTll 0 bora tor ics in Baltimore, Md., Is now «} ABOtfwarv Ha]l, KJmbeH BKwk, Mjn Street, d«"y nieetlng local RM- ple and explaining the merits pf tllll pldndid nwllaln* mad« (ram nfl- (ire's rootf »nd.Jl»rte See him MI ay, leani h«W VHlivl can a the knowledge aad skills uccessary for my chosen vocation'." Gtatnl Coune Jwnes Connell Nlcol, representing tbe General Course, spoke in part as follows -. "Tlie General Course was originally formed to give a general education for those who lacked funds for higher education. Contrary to general beU«{, it ia not a course for those who Uok intelligence to follow other course*. Even though n it termed as fcielng generaj it i* not as genera) ' a£ might think, as at least three of lour subject* are prescribed— tost is, ea«h year Jn the course the ust take Kngllsh, a Social and » Physical Science. Al (P iitf Social Sciences the I>u- Dj] may take the four Histories— Ancient, General, Mpdern, arid United States or he may choose Civics, Commercial Geography, Economics and law. Those who select Uie Histories acquire a knowledge of world affairs frojn the most ancient times down to the present. "Qn (he other hand, should the pi}p)l choose the other social Sciences— Civics teaches him the modes and function? pf government and trains e pvpll for good citizenship. "Commercial geography teaches the ways In which business is carried on in the world, where our products come f/om, how they are transported and how one nation Is dependent upon anpther. Economics teaches the ul application pf wealth and material resources in our country. "Some form of science or mathematics 13 required each of the four years. This phase of the course covers the stijdy of the human body and plant life along with scientific investigation. As tp mathematics the pupil may study general mathematics pr algebra. "The choice of elective subjects offers n wide varjety. The pupil may elect drawing, both mechanical and free hand, and manual training. "These subjects are of particular Interest to Uie £tudents in Uie course as they train them in a particular vocation or at least help them to make the right use of their leisure Ume. Sonic pupils elect music which leaches an appreciation fpr music through the study of musicians' .lives and works. For the Rlrts there is au tpportunity to eject the household arts. "One can readily see that this course is both general and yet clearly defined at the same Ume. It contributes Uie fundamental subject* necessary to equip one for any vocation he may choose and It teaches one to apply them to everyday life. It demonstrates hpw to find out things for oneself rather than to have to depend on oUiers. Tlie curriculum provides a cultural course for those who may not have an opportunity to go to college and satisfies that great it-mand of the majority of pupils of ilgh school age for a well-rounded and balanced course of study whlc: creates an appreciation ami desire for Uie better tilings iu life." Blackinton Plonfe Tomorrow A plonlo for member* of the Black In Urn Union Sunday school and thcli futilities will IK held tomorrow alter noou at 2.30 o'clock on Die grounds of Mrs. Daniel Barton's residence Eftcja person aUeudicg is rcquestec to bring it picnic Junch. Peanuts candy and popcorn wlU be on sale ID case of rnln, the picnic will be hclc In'the Blackiaton (in ton church annex. Children's Day Sunday The annual Children's Day excr- cjses of Oie Blackinton Union Sunday school will be held Sunday af ter- uoojj at 130 o'clock. There will be a program ol songs and recitations by the children. 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