Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on September 19, 1964 · 14
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · 14

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1964
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It 81., Sept. M. 1964 KITS WH M T mervrf. fro 7 . to M m. KT r 41 ftxvftrx-w front t M i .to It tvirro.n r rnwrtil ft, tn rtwttc. MatuiM .h mm KCBX I KWTO I KICK KTTS 1240 NBC 560 ABC 1340 . 1400 CBS SATURDAY 6 Nrwg Bible Standi Monti or Moutuir Newscast Turn Harmoci Si Sound of Mukto World Tomorrow World 1N.mrrow Sound of Music Sound of Mute C itits-H Hi Cant Hfrt Cartls-Re-d Carrtti-RMli . Cards Rwi CardRrdB CsrtliiRwl Card It Ms Carte-Rnti Carda-Reda Danes Tiro Hnc Time Smnid of M title Sound f Mitotic StirtUht Scra.-SKrlicht (tor. Starlight Sere). Starlight Serej. 10 New Wrap l! rW'hilly Heaven Hillb-llv Heaven HtilbiUy Heaven Mnmior 'Monitor Mwulor 11 Newt $if off Sura off 12 rsj Program rlatingt am fvratanofl by the tv ttatloM - Tbia ttewapaper aaaomoa M rtspotuibiiiuet tor iDuorren istnaa. CH. I C4-I. 5 170 MTTRDAT EVENING 6-00 Si mi wuson . B;i0 Flipper 7:00 Burke'i Law 7:30 Burkc't La4w '" 8:00 Mating Came B :i0 Mating Game SOU Muting Game 10:00 NlJElH )hk 0:2V Nlfdlt l4 .. Ii:30 Wrestling j 10:45 Wrestling J1:00 Wrestling 11:30 Bowling Sportsman Friend i.ucy-Desi Liicy-leti Adams Family 7 Wonderful Night Summer lyhouae Gum-moke Newa; Weather The Lnaeen The I'naeen The Vnaeen The Unseen 1 The Unseen CJ-J. I CH. 7 I 12 PATUBDAT EVENING 6 00 t W 7:30 I 00 30 8:09 930 1:00 1015 10:30 30:45 11:00 11:15 Sportsman's F. Entertainment Kentucky Jonea Mating Game Mating Game Mating Game Mating Gam Newt Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Jimmy Deaa Jimmy Dea V resiling Flint one Lucy-Iesi Defend ra Defefidert Summer Playhouse Gummoke Gunsmoke News; Weather Farmers Daughter Farmers Daughter Movie Movie Movie Father of 11 Demo Victor . Party-Backed Slate Rhode Island Choice ritOVIDENCE. RL (AP) -U. Gov. Edward P. GalloRly won" the Democratic nomination for governor in Thursday's primary and will ace Republican -Gov. John Cnafee in the November election. GaUogly, who had the party's endorsement, virtually ignored his two Democratic opponents and concentrated on Chafee, who seeks a second term. The lieutenant governor, atber of 11 children, defeated State Rep. Alexander R. Walsh of Newport 53,864 to 25,103. John -1 Rego -finished lhirL with 15, 928. The entire endorsed Democratic slate won nomination. All Republicans ninninz for nomination to statewide offices. Congress and the U.S. Senate were unopposed. Gallogly has made it clear he will attempt to identify Chafee with the GOP presidential nominee. Sen. Barry Goldwatcr. "There is a grave issue ,for the people of this state and the nation to decide Nov; 3. Our incumbent governor wants Uoldwater to be elected president. This is the gravest issue that has confronted the nation in 100 years," Gallogly said. .Chafee ' has said the will vote "for Goldwatcr but that he will not campaign for him because of his own campaign. DEVELOPED DECORATIONS Forbidden to reproduce hu man or animal forms, Moslem craftsmen developed handwrit ing into decorative art and their elegant script, often inter- woven with floral an? geometric designs, wreathes spires of mos ques throughout the world. J i,T s '- V " i ti l i Wlf.;-tX"f' "There will be a short delay as we just discovered that gay-nineties dresses go IN at the waist and none of us does." SPRIKCFIEIO Mo.) LEADER-PRESS EVENLNG 49 Star Survey -Sport. Lec 40 si ir. Survey 40 Mar. New Newt Woa Weekend DimennioA Won. Weekend Newx Won. Weekend Omienaton Wonderful WV'nd S'.fS Kmporia , SMS-Kmpwta SMS-Emporia SMS-Kmporia SVfi'Kmporfa SMS-Kro porta Pan m. Show Pan m. Show Jay Bvrd Jay Byrd Jay Byrd -Byrd. Newt Jay Ryrd , Jay Bvrd . Jay Bvrd Byid; Newt John Walker John Walker John WasXer Walker, Newt John Walker Jnhn Walker John Walker Walker, Newt 'nnderful WTr'nd WfndeHut Wk'nd Wonderful Wk'nd Battle of Fun Battle of fun Walker. Newt John Walker Newt 1 Wonderful Wk'nd Wonderful Wk'nd Wonderful WVnd John W after John Walker ... John Waiker Walker. News sum off G1LI.I0Z "A Shot in the Dark" at 1:30, 3:30, 5:35, 7:35, 9:30. TOWER "Lady in a Cage" at 7:40, 9:40. "Crashing Las Vegas" at 2:00. FOX "McHale'a Navy" at 1:59, 5:26, 8:53. 'Bullet for a Badman" at 3:42, 7:09, 10:38. SPRINGFIELD "Beach Party" at 7:00 "Operation Bikini" at ft,;05.".six Black Horses" at 10.40. SUNSET- Twice Told Tales" at 7:00. 'Paranoic" at 9:27. "Mind Benders" at 10:55. "Maniac" at 12:41. HI M "Three Nuts in Search of a Bolt" at 7:00, 10:15. "Promises, Promises" at 9:00. Use News and Leader want ads. Smart 'it' Swift ved Pattern PUT YOUBSELF Id (tnhlon'i mmrt tn-tilul thai, and (1a it wifuy s?e tlia-trram! Luthtly fitted Irom cuff collar to A-flared hrm with decorative atltrhing. Printed- Pattern 35: Miasea' Sizea 18, 12. 14, It, It. Size It take, 2V yda. 54-Inch FIFTY CENTS in CO! Ill tor thU pal-lem add 15 cettta for each paltem tor neiiing and ape rial hand) tng: Send to Marian Martin, 3t Pattern lept.. tn Wert nth St.. New York II. N Y. Print plainly NAMK. AI1DBF.SS with tONK. SIZE and STY1.F. NttMBKD. KRKE PATTKRN DIHKCT TO YOll fXX)R choiwe it from 1"I0 deaian tdea In new Fall-Winler pattern (atalosl School, raxual, career, dreaay llylea all xtn Send 50c. ( J u-aU, ( A " 1 Vie. 11- V- iff j I- 0m- 1 .11: .. - i WW W 1 ' 11 . ,.L U,L,.,J pflp , . M, - .. v V , '-Ki " H I " ? .V' ; ' " ) V ; Assoeialrd Presi ftirepneU fl FT A W V T Yinit Kirstin Johnson, at left, and Ingrid Bjorklund display two creations from the Jer-Sea of Sweden swim and beachwear collection in a preview in London. Kirstin, Miss Sweden of 1963, wears a one-piece Vyrene spandex turquoise swim suit with cut-out sides; Ingrid, one of Sweden's top photographic models, wears a black suit of the same material, but with the front cut low to the midriff. Two buttons keep the suit closed. Given a Lift By Lady Bird Ohio Demos Close Convention Today Bv REED SMITH COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Democrats wrap up their state convention today on a high note of optimism generated largely by the rousing start Mrs.. Lyndon B. Johnson gave it Friday. In her first formal campaign speech, the nation's First Lady issued a call for women of Ohio and the nation to help build what her President-husband calls "the great society," I Denying claims that her hus band's "great society" was i merely a campaign promise, she stressed that ''People like you must give it life." She said "Women particularly are cleaning up the cities of our country." Mrs. Johnson braved a pelting rain to participate in a City Hall reception and address an overflow luncheon of the Federated Democratic Women of Ohio. She recalled a White limine meeting last spring of 100 tcp'-ts-sentative women who urged formation of a Job Corps for girls. "It was just talk then," she said, "hut by next January this talk will be dormitories in the big cities where the' girl dropouts can find homes and a training progra m that will Jca'd to paychecks and a chance to belong." Youlir.s Rocket Kills Nciglihor BALTIMORE. Md. (AP A i lb year-old bov s hompmado rocket became a bomb whpn ignited near here and took the life of a young neighbor. William B. Suess Jr.. 11 of suburban Glen Burnie. was pronounced dead at a Baltimore hospital late Friday night. Thomas Nadolskl, a neighbor received a total of 21 stitches in his face, both arms and hoih legs, and was. released,, " - Police said the Nadolski boy was - experimenting with the rocket - a carbon dioxide cvlin- der at his home. He had drilled a hole in the cylinder, filled it with match heads and had pealed the hole with air-plane cement. After several attempts he managed to ignite it and it exploded, throwing fragments of the cylinder. ZooManCaichrs Fscapcd'Pet lion MISSION HILLS. Kan. Him A 6'-i foot pet boa constrictor, which escaped from a Mission Hills home last week, was ran. tured yesterday in a tree in the oacK yard of the home. William T, "A, Cully, director of the Swone Park Zoo at ivar. by Kansas City, Mo., and two assistants forced the snake out of the tree and returned it to its owner, Joseph W, Gilbert. Authorities had asked Cully to join in the search Thursday. He set up various feeding traps in the area and assured residents the snake would be captured "within 24 hours." BONES OF WARRIORS ROME, Italy (AP) Skele-tons of two upper paleolithic-age hunters, whom archaeologists believe were killed in fighting between rival tribes, have been found in a cave near Papasi-dero in Calabria. Both skeletons were well preserved. One had a stone arrowhead lodged In the chest cavity near the heart and another lri"hii wrist. The second had been buried with his spear beside him. French Fanners Withhold Milk PARIS (AP) Milk supplies dropped to about a quarter of normal in Paris today as a strike of milk producers began to have repercussions. Deliveries decreased from the usual 1.2 million quarts to 300,-000. Hospitals received their normal supply. The strike also" was having some effect in the provinces. The National Federation of Farm Operators called for the milk delivery halt Friday as a protest against what it termed abnormal farm income. Among farmers' demands are an increase of 10 per cent in the price of beef animals, an in crease in the price of milk, measures to prevent a collapse of pork prices, reduced imports of fruit and wine and an .in crease in corn prices. SCARED BY PRETTY BOY AMAR1LLO. Tex. (AP) B. G. Sain doubts if he cquld find a better watchdog any where than his parakeet Pretty Boy, When a nighttime prowler entered the house and stealthily tiptoed past the parakeet's cage, Pretty Boy greeted him with his customary "Hello Boy." The would-be burglar's flight was not noiseless. In his haste he knocked over the parakeet's cage, roused the Sains and banged the door. Amidst ruffled feathers, spilled water dish and bird seed, Pretty Boy-was still able to say "Hello Boy" when the folks got the light on. Be alert today, alive tomorrow. f THE SCREEN COMMITS FPETER SELLERS I ELKE SOIHMER HEtaOVf.il : 2nd WEEK GILLIOZ ti Olfict TI " Amalf . '""1. i. ' - I Iwn-af rDllCCT VAaJf ERNEST BORGNINE JOEFLYNN f TIM CONWAY! PLUS OdariMon frtei :J V 47 NOW PV -"lei i MOVIE ClOCK 'for- 4 l Today Peatura Timai '-'J lral Kil in J (111 ! Barrv in Talk Plugs Wfsconsin Senate Hopeful GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) Former President Dwight D, Eisenhower Friday made' his first appearance before a political group in the 1964 campaign but gave only scant attention to contests outside of Wisconsin. ' He gave a solid endorsement to n old friend, Wilbur Benk, the state's Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. He also asked the Wisconsin GOP to return the state "to our kind of principles." But he did not mention the Republican national ticket of presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and vice presidential nominee William E. Miller. His only comments on national politics were an obvious reference to the entry of former Atty. Gen. Robert F, Kennedy into the U.S. Senate race in New York State. Eisenhower recalled . that during fishing trips and campaign stops of the past he probably had spent 60 days in Wisconsin. . "Those 60 days, under modern Democratic philosophy, would qualify me to be in his place," Eisenhower said, tapping Renk on the shoulder. - "Are you in Wisconsin ready to support me, not knowing any more than I do about your problems?" Eisenhower asked. "How silly can you be?" Eisenhower was the guest of Renk, who 12 years ago was one of the state's first mainr Rennh. licans to declare his support for Liscnhower for president, and headed Eisenhower's Wisconsin campaign, I Renk is opposing Democratic i incumbent Sen. William Prox- mire. Negro Leader in Spain After Visiting Pope MADRID, Spain (AP) Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr., U,S. Negro civil rights leader, toured Madrid todav after from Rome, where he had a 25- minute audience Friday with Poie Paul VI. King said the Potje had nrnm. ised to make a personal and public denunciation of racial segregation. "He did not say when it would be," King added. King and his companion. Dr. Ralph Abcrnathy of Atlanta, Ga., plan to leave Madrid Sunday for London and New York. SOCIAL SECURITY President Franklin TV T? velt signed the original U. S. retierai social Security Act on Aug. 14. 1935 and navrol! dpd.ir.. tions of the social security tax oegan on Jan. 1, 1937. CHARCOAL GRILL 3132 L Sunshine TUI-S944 Welcome In Charcoal ('rill, AVu-, l,argrr Sealing Area Corral Room Ante Open for your Dining Pleasure SREAKFAST.LUNCH-DINNER Rib Sreolt ....... .$1.35 Fried Shrimp Piatt . . 88c Chopped Steak T. . . 88c With Suiia Qua Potaloai, Onion Rings no' Satad THE PERFECT COMEDY! UNION NATIONAL bOWMTOWM auto attd f: Opt 1:11 CtnliaiMt Iim 1:M J IT'C MeUAl C APJrt V-nw inn rmev PICTURE COLOR! THIS 2nd CHAT HIT' IY' We twebUUiH LlUllEffsra NATIONAL BANK Ike Ignores s : . i it I - " S -a r - 15 I'ntcramblt these four Jumbles one letter to each square, la form four ordinary words. ORMED . in ill -I: n I I I RYTHOF . l" IV N ' ' 1 1 J - SCEBIT IDE PraSn SURPRISE INSmitri IjmUmTWlNI OWINO JACKAL Yaicriqr's Aamrt What m toot b A-'OWL Fire Destroys Two Businesses at Vinita VINITA, Okla. (AP) The Carter Wholesale Grocery and Drygoods Store building burned to the ground here early today. The building, which occupied one-half block in the downtown section, was destroyed by the fire and a nearby clothing store and a-feed store had smoke damage. Firemen from Pryor and Mi-j ami, Okla., helped local firemen j fight the blaze for several hours i before they brought it under ! control. IMne In Cool t Comfort At The All Air Conditioned Sc Js ana Enjoy Sunday Irsakfast Ham, tacoa, Sauiaqt or Steak and Eqqt, with Hot litctiilt and Gravy for '1.00 Ordir Your SUNDAY DINNER From Our Complete Msnu At Reasonable Prices. Wa.t Hijhway l( at Miliar Boat" UN -27 for ReMTVotioflt IBEACH PARKS! OORDW FR3MKJ6 - "ANN8II8" "I mrnumrm.i a ls waiPNe-waiDN-fumceuo . f.., ...r,Tut fjLJ rV'.w THE CO-GO AM; hAfsZJa f jf AUDIE MURPHY t 5 4 DAN DURYEA JOAN O'BRIEN m AO W S 11 "Mamie's beer bath lives up to advance publicity!" KEVIN THOMAS'. 1 i TIMS or a xj, BOH k Kna fJ "'" ' 11111 ie4i aT-.'JW. NAPOLITANO'S TW O I.OC.4TIOSS TO SERt'E YOU 2404 S. 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L Anwrr Mood) lAYOff pkto Of THI LAW MOTHER AT 15 PALMANOVA, Italy (UPI) Mrs. Tosca Pecorari, 15, gave birth to an 8'A-pound boy Fri day. Doctors said mother and baby were doing fine. TONIGHT VINCENT PRICE PLUS wm. IONUS HITS "MIND BENDERS" Plus "MANIAC" PLUS COLOR CARTOON BOYS CO ALL THE WAY! 'AY! I mm HUNTER - ftmjrWALON - K.il BRADY Bonus Hit W I YOU READ. AIOUT HER IN PLAYIOY MAGAZINE. NOW SEE ALL OF MM JAYHE MANSFIELD Jv ' MTNt MAnorltLO ' " j MARIE McDONALB 323 E. Watnv The Beat In a. ANCHOR TO AID TRAFFIC VARAZZE. Italy (AP) - A 2,000-year-old Roman anchor, fished out of the sea recently near Sardinia, has been given 10 hie -ci,i nn thi Italian Riviera. It will be set up s traffic marker near the watertront. T1IHKK MOKE HE.T TODAY and TOMORROW Oxark Empire Fxiir Arena! ! - HIJ.-Plt . - ' i AVI JOHN RtNGUNU NORTH Shews Today at 2:38 and I: IS P ". . , , Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. lona inow only) . TWO SOX OFFICES OPEN ALL DAY TODAYI Cat Tickati Pownlowo sa Batr't j..,,. Mazianina ot tt faitgrotudt Xitnil Pricai (all Jncluda fail " UNSESERVEO: Children df 111 $1.00: odalri, S2.00 RESERVED! Children "der 12: S3. 50 ood 12.00 Adalei: S3.S0 and S3 00 Limited number bat Hah ' child or adult, S4 00 each Hurry! Choice Soats Still Available TONITE! Open 7:15 1 i SUN. Cont's. 1:30 Due to Hat frank nature " of "LADY IN A CASE- NO children pleaie 1 I I t ItH PffTtirWI V i Prom HOTICI Advanct Richard Burton'l "Hamlet" Tickatt now on tela at bon-otfica 9oino fait 4 ihowinqi only Sept. 23, 24. 2:00 l;0D. ir p t; mrzirn-trvz sir On the Plozo TU 1-3273 Sol 2 5 10 Steaks to Choose From 85 e up St(kturpr 2.1c DILLON'S STEAK HOUSE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY Mr. ( Mr. Kmttt Oilloaa Ownert 1321 Sooavillc Dial UN 4-P40S Closed Sundays FLAMINGO CLUB Located on Wott Hwy. H4 J o ie Music of HAM V I.I IU II and Hit 8 Piece Orchestra Fmturing The Three Saxes Moka Tour Retorvatlont Now PboiM UN4-31S4 or UNV3S0S CASUALS o FOHMAFaS WEDDING (X)WNS BARCLAY WOMEN'S WKAR lust Oil the Sqv ire South ... DANCE TONIGHT KA.I.i:S IIAI.L Featuring Till JIAX III I F S(jiinr'( Dance Fiddler ' 6IT UP eoNoiriONiB a pry DAflCE TONIGHT Lively, Solid, Rookie' Western and Country Muile TaoloM a trery Wed. NigM f t 1J Sforrlno tPIEOf and Tke Toll Timber Soy'l leaa II Al.l.A.IIIIJ. Stags Wtlcome TU I-ST6I Sm Joeare DomIoo at rh leet Dance Toniqht RITZ(CLUB Pound-Circlt-SquoTO-Shoddiih Ptm UN't'tm t atv-abnr Feeturini ROY JENNINGS For Squire Dinelnj Air Conditioned OPEN SUNDAYI 1- I,

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