The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1956
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTnmnm (AM.)• oouitmt.Mnn TUESDAY, JANUARY 10.19M Surpluses Top Farm Problem, Benson Claims NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Secretary of Agriculture Benson said today "Mountainous surpluses" constitute the No. 1 problem facing American farmers. In a speech prepared for the American National Cattlemen's Assn., Benson said economists estimate farm prices would now be 10 per cent higher and net iarm income might have been 20 per cent higher in 1955 if the government- owned surplus o? Iarm goods was not", on hand. Benson, as did President Eisenhower in his special farm message to Congress yesterday, said wartime production incentives were continued too long. - - i Benson said the soil bank pro- 3356! posal recommended to Congress as 32361 a major feature of the new .ad'"ministration program Is a "bold plan that strikes directly at the problem," but he added: "We can give no hard and fast Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:34 quotations) May "".'.'.'.'• 3351 3356 3343 July . .... 3235 3240 3223 '•Oct. 3100 3102 3085 New Orleans Cotton Mar 3402 3409 3391 -- eaiunaic UL uuw UAUUU me av« May. 3351 3360 3348 S3a8| b k .,„ improve prices , nd jn. - : • -,rtnc VIAfl TiOS 393Q t .. 3406 •39SC 3408 Mrs. E. M. Peters Dies in Little Rock Mrs I. M. Peters of McCrory, M, died at a Little Rock hospital Saturday morning after a -lengthy 111- M*. Surmint are three daughters. Mrs. M. D. Oreen of Memphis, Mrs. Roland Squirei, -Memphis, Mrs. Art Cooper of Montgomery, 1U».; and n ton. Edward H: Peteri of Searcy. Mr. .pet«n, a former minister, is a brothar of Un. A. C. Haley and Mi* Alma Peten, both ot Blythe•Ule. , „, "••',. . Service* were conducted at McCroy Methodist Church Monday morning with burial in Memorial Park Cemetery in Mempliii. SOUTHLAND CROWNED AT ARMOilEL — Barbara Russell last night was crowned Queen of Armorel Junior High School. Team Captain Joe Ashmore did the honors. (Photo by CullUon) I estimate of how much the soil . ........ Julv ........ 3225 3242 Oct - 3099 3102 3225 3089 3239 3092 Chicago Wheat Mar.... noyi tii\\ May .... 207!4 208 209% 207 207% Chicago Corn Mar .... 13014 131 129*i May .... 133% 131% 13314 Chicago Soybeans Jan ... 240ft 241H 240Vi Mar .... 245 245 3 i 244"/ 2 May .... 248=4 248?' 4 247>V July .... 24BVV 2« 2«Vi New York Stocks A T and T. .• 180 1-2. Anaconda Copper 70 Beth Steel 156 3-4 241% 244Ti 247^2 "Will Remove Burden" The soil bank proposal is designed to reimburse farmers for taking land out of the production cf crops already in surplus and divert \( to grass and trees. "It will remove the crushing bur- . dent of surpluses that is our most ln * tne KIRKINDALL (Continued from Page 1) this area." Since, that Sunday two yeui igo tie Puff has been closed. Kirkindall isn't proud of hi» past, but readily owns up to it. "Brother I spent 30 years butcher- serious farm problem," Benson said. "It will prevent a diversion nf acres out of surplus crops and into other products." He stressed, however, that it is regarded as a temporary measure, adding that in the not too distant future "we will need much greater output of farrn products than we have today." "These are troubled times for families on our farms and ranch- Chrysler 81 1-8 crs," Benson said. "Our nation has Gen Electric 55 3-4 Gen Motors ' 4 * Montgomery Ward ..' 92 N Y Central 43 3-4 Int Harvester 36 1-2 Republic Steel 465-8 Radio 45 1-4 Standard of N J 151 Texas Corp 120 Sears • 35 U S Steel 55 1-8 Livestock NATIONA .LSTOCKYARDS, 111., UR—USD A—Hogs 15.500; weak to lower; bulk mixed 180-230 Ib 11.2585; largely 11.75 down; several hundred head mostly Is and 2s 190225 Ib and some mixed grade uniform under 220 Ib 12.00; about 110 head No. i and 2, largely Is, around 200-220 Ib 12.25; 230-270 Ib 102 5;il.50; 310-310 Ib mostly 2 and '3 grade 9.75-10.25: 140-170 Ib 10.5011.25; sows 450 Ib down 8.75-9.25; heavier sows. 8.00-50 ;boars over 250 Ib 5.50-6.50; lighter weights to 7.50. «k Cattle 5,000; calves 1.000; few lots choice steers about steady at 20.75-21.50; best not sold; little done on lower; grades or weighty kinds; early undertone -weak on cows but not enough done to fully establish trend; scattered sales utility and commercial 11.00-12.50; canners and cutters 8.50-10.50; bulls and vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 13.50-15.50; good heavy beef-type bulls 11.00-50 light canners down to 10.50: good and choice vealers 23.00-29.00; few • prime 30.00-33.00; commercial good kind 16.00-23.00. with unprecedented prosperity. But it is a prosperity in which families on the land have not adequately shared. "Must Free Economy" "We must tree the farm economy from the distortion that had roots in wartime needs. The fact is that wartime production incentives were continued too long. We must provide means for cutting Afgh Envoy anistan to Leave Asks KARACHI, Pakistan Wi—Afghanistan's government has declared the Pakistani military attache in Kabul persona non grata and asked his withdrawal. The Afghan action, announced by Kabul radio,-was believed in retaliation for the Pakistan government's expulsion last week of the Afghan been blessed down surpluses. "We must widen markets. We must help farmers and ranchers cut costs, balance production and increase their Incomes.. "Farm people deserve their fair share of this nation's prosperity." Benson said the system of flexible' farm price supports per- years ago is essential but inade- qute to cope with the problem. "First," he said, "it only began to take hold with the harvests of 1955. Still more important, its operation is smothered by the pressure of surplus stocks amassed under the old program." which the administration snuded Congress to adopt GOP (Continued from Page 1) at a 43rd birthday party lajt night, was represented in some quarters as putting out feelers to determine what support he might assemble If Eisenhower doesn't run. Nixon has been reported in conversations on this score with some governors, including Gov. William O. Stratton of Illinois. Eisenhower was unable to make Nixon's birthday party, but he sent a message saying he wished to "salute Dick on this happy occasion and to wish him all the best in the years to come." consul at Quetta. The two countries have been disputing bitterly for months over the demands of Pathan tribesmen jn Pakistan's Northwest Ftontler area ior independence. n n ever, foul word that's used. .You don't realize it, but this was a tremendous obstacle to overcome. Now, I not only didn't want to use these old words and phrases, but I needed to use even better English than I'd known in my better moment*." To help in this phase, Kirdindall spent six weeks in Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, to which he plans to return. "And I prayed that I could overcome these bad habits of speech God helped." Now, he feels Ood wants him in the mission field. • * • "These people feel like they've been kicked around and they start using whiskey u a crutch. But whiskey can't jdo the Job. They may turn to dope; or they may just drink more... But still they're despondent, because they know they aren't .fulfilling their purpose in lile. "In the rescue mission, we'll be trying to tell these people that there is ft God Who loves them . . . Who cares what they do and what becomes of them! "We'll have a 3fl-minute devotion al every night and those that come and hear It will get a hot meal anc lodging for the night if they need it.' "I don't expect big crowds and 1 know IJ11 be dealing with some of the mo* unsavory people in the city But I feel it's > work that should be done." Kirkindall will ask various pastors to deliver messages at the mission "Most have aid they will speak there whenever their schedules will permit." He expects to operate out of The Puff for about 90 days and then hopes to move to a..larger building To get things started, he's putting $500 of his own money into it Where's the rest of the money coming from? "I don't know. I just feel that do ing God's work, He surely will pro Cold Waves Starting At S fOO J up Moderne Beauty Salon 111 N. 2nd St. — Phone 1-J13Z NEW URASOTA TERRACE U-«.l IMN LUXURIOUS HOTEL... JADE SWIMMING POOL FOff LOW PACKAGf KATES.... AND GO NOW - PAY LATH PLAN - SEE YOUR LOCAL TIAVEL AGENT! 5 HMMOIM to Vacation at THt SARASOTA TERRACE: • rRH MLF ON V NOLI COURSI • PRII CRUrM IN CULF • MM COCKTAIL PARTY MACH tAfAHAl Nf W SARASOTA TERRACE HotH f J r.u< i .'/O jAKAiOIA HOr-'lUA ObHuaiy • (Continued hum Page 1) action taken up today. After Smith had ruled on these proposals, attorneys began argument on a demurrer filed by Atty. Gen. Tom Gentry seeking dismissal of Southland's appeal. Future course of the litigation will depend on whether Smith sustains or rejects Gentry's demurrer. . - ':,; If the chancellor sustains the demurrer, Southland will have lost in the chancery court and its only recourse will be ah appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court. vide somehow." The mission opens Jan. 17. Thursday night at 7:30 in American Legion Auditorium, the religious film on Martin Luther's life will be shown and Jimmy Stroud, director of Memphis Union Mission, will oe on hand. There will be no admission charged to this meeting. Then, on Jan. 16, Kirkindall has invited interested persons to meet with him in The Puff for an organizational conference -on operation of the mission. All pastors and businessmen are invited to thi* session. The- Rev. O. M: Sanford, pastor ot Lake Street'Methodist Church, will preach the opening service at the mission on Jan. 11. Police Probe Bank Robbery At Monticello MONTICELLO, Ark. HI — Police today combed through the getaway car used In a bank holdup here yesterday, and Included another person in their search for a suspect. , The getaway car, found abandoned on a lonely road about three miles east of Monticello after a lone bandit looted Commercial Loan * Trust Co., of $11,111, was checked today for fingerprints. . Deputy Sheriff Grace Castleberry said she was "very sure" that the bandit had an accomplice who waited on the road outside Monticello for the car switch. The getaway car, -which carried Alabama license-plates: was identified as an auto stolen last week to Memphis. Tennessee license plates were found under the back seat, Deputy Castleberry said. .State Police at Little. Rock said they hadn't verified the car's ownership, but that school books bear- 'iug Hie name David P-ajne-ot Memphis were found in the car.' Mrs. Mabel Sherry, assistant cashier of the bank, set the bank's loss last night. Earlier it was esti-' mated that the bandit's haul was between »8,000 and »10,000. !KE (Continued from Page 1) five's office. Eisenhower worked a fairly short day yesterday, his first in Washington after 12 days of sun and exercise at Key West, Fla., recuperating from his Sept. 24 heart attack. He checked into his office at 8 a.m. and out at 4 p.m., but broke the day with a luncheon and rest period lasting 2 hours and 20 minutes as his doctors have recommended. . At quitting time he took some work with him to the White House living quarters — the rough proofs of the economic message. While on the job he had: sent to the Senate 155 nominations, mostly; military promotions; sent Congress! his special farm .message; talked! for on hour with Dr. Arthur F. | Burns, his chief economic adviser:; conferred with at least six White' House officials; and dictated. jeHers. . i FARM (Continued from Page 1) which holds out any hope of in creased farm income for 1>M when farmers need it so badly." Rep. Gross (R-Iowa) said, "I am astonished that the message gives almost no recognition to the emergency situation that' exists in the Midwest." However. Rep. Richard , M. Simpson (R-Pa), chairman of the House GOP Campaign Committee, called It "a forward-looking, dynamic, economically sound and fair program," and predicted "It will receive overwhelming farm support." Both Senators George (D;Ga) and Morse (D-Ore) disagreed with what they said was the emphasis in Eisenhower's message on surpluses as the cause of all farm troubles. • Survluut Needed •' Without surpluses, said George, "the housewife would lose a final safeguard against exorbitant prices on nearly everything used in the home.". Morse said, "We need an ener- Atom Ship till WASHINGTON Wl — Rep. Vtn Zandt (R-Pa) has Introduced a bill for an atomic-driven exhibit ship to carry out Uie project Prealdent Eisenhower revived last Thursday. The ship wplud tour the world to show the peaceful possibilities ot the atom. getlc and larsighted. program which will put these surpluses to work "gaining friends overseas and ci eating business opportunities tor American businessmen." But .Sen.'Capehart (R-Ind)- reiterated, his vieW'th&t disposal ot surpluses would' solve the farmers' problem. He said Eisenhower's message was "excellent" except that measures recommended-to get rid of the surpluses were Inadequate. Many GOP "lawmakers centered their praise on aspects of the message calling for increased farm credit, refunds to farmers for gasoline tax OB fuel used for nonhlgh- way purposes, increased federal funds for research, and such conservation proposals as tree Planting. c ; Phone For Frit Estimates R. C. FARR & SONS Owners Phone 3-4662 — 400 Railroad — Phone 3-4567 N«y Is Elected Soar Prtmier SAARBRUECKEN, The »«ir (A — Hubert Ney, chairman ot the Star ChriatUc Democratic ptrty was elected premier today. The 63-year-old lawyer waa approved by the new Saar Parlla- meat by an overwhelming vote.; He had beeit designated for the- post last week by leaders • of tb» three pro-German parties. He will head a coalition government of the three parties which is pledged to early union of the Saar with Weat Germany. Quor/M Acciatd TOKYO If)— The Communirt radio in Peiping today accused U.I. Air Force Secretary Oonild- A. Quarlet of "sabre rattling'' during hl« current visit in the T*i But.- American Legion Arena Jan. 12th 7:30 p.m. Fr« — Admission — Free Thto Film-to SpoMond bf JlmmT Strond of Memphis. Rnpt. of Memphis Vnton Mtoton will be here in conjunction with picture. COMES THE FUTURE ONCB AGAIN, OLDS SITS THB TMBND WITH A NKW DRKAM-CAR-INSPIRBD "INTAGKILLK BUMPER"! If* a Doublet-Duty • umpcrl I8'» • Hand*om«, Modorn Grill*! RIGHT lor you... you're face to face with Oldsmobile's "ready-to-go" look of tomorrow! Here in this flashing new Super 88 you'll find a feature line-up that's straight out of the cars of tomorrow! From Oldemobile's Delta dream car comes the functional "Intagrille"—it's a bumper and a grille! From the Starfire "idea car" comes the sleek, modem glamor of projectile taillights —stretching-that Oldsmobile silhouette to seventeen feet of dazzling beauty! And there'* an engine that never i«yi "No" .. . an engine that always saj's "Go" . . . emphatically! It's Oldsmobile's new Rocket T-350! Add Jetaway Hydra-Matic*... add every major power feature knownlf Add the clean, distinctive beauty of Hair-away fenders and Body by Fisher! Add ab ultra-modern instrument panel and rich, toft, comfortable seats! It's some car ... the buy of the year, and it's here today for you! T0P VALUB TODAY... TOP' •••«!.• TOM«imawl . 10»itoiil ii «n >Wi Wtoy Mw hMfkf tuttnt m M I L .VISIT THl "ROCKIT ROOM"... AT YOUR OLDSMOBILI DIALIR'SI HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO, 317 E MAIN . ..., ,. Dan Dailty start in a gay n«w 90 minute musical comedy far Oldimcbili • Sat., Jan, 21 • NEC-TV

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