Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 31, 1964 · Page 16
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 16

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1964
Page 16
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16 FRIDAY ' JULY 31 1964, Lake Charles American Press I—REAL ESTATE __ L-6 Colored Property NOlvfONEY DOWN ~ (to Qualified Veterans^ This nice modern five room horn* consists of two large bedrooms, o lorac living room, den-dinlna combination, a*inched carport, iarao utility room. On Mob. Nice quiet slrpft. Monthly payments $44.94. Let us show you this home now! (WE FINANCE WHAT WE Parole Board Is Completed McKeilhen MORRIS-RAMSEY REALTY INC. 43f)-9306 433-5523 ! frnonn mecling with the State ' - ' bedroom,, Panlp Boartl »°day '" «he Wake BATON ROUGE (AP) - Gov. ,lolm J, McKpithen had an aft- «!9 flvlnq room, dininq room, klfchrn, fwOifjf porches. Corner lo). Owner will fmonce 477-4563. ISSUatlCG of all L-7 Miscellaneous i order banning quickie paroles. Records in Ibn secretary of I slate's office, show McKeithen '• FLORIDA GIRL GETS IN QUIP NEW YORK (AP)-A hostess at the Tampa-St. Petersburg exhibit in the Florida Pavilion at. the New York World's Fair proved to be quick with an answer. A gruff - looking visitor growled at her, "I wouldn't be caught, dead in Florida." xShe replied, "You should, sir. We have some beautiful cemeteries." D A I CD NA/O l lias completed appointments r ALCK/VlW !<he five-man body. does have it Named to t'ip board wore LOTS - Noihino down, sis monthly j Charles Jones, West Lake; Johnson Robinson, Oak Grove; Mrs. | Sybil Fullerton, ACREAGE — I0-"r down HOMES — On Assumption _ .. , Georgetown; NEW HOMES - win consider vour' William 0. Basr,, Lafayette, and home as trade-In ant) finance balance. ' . — . . PALERMO HEAL. ESTATE , Local School Heads, LBJ Hold Talk WASHINGTON (AP) - The Fourteent islV of SHERIFF'S »*I-E ^ •oJtasieu, Stnte C ot °Lou'lslnna. | mie H. DflVJS resigned ill May. l!fp rn B 0 r fn n«o c r c d icu ' lnc ' Vs ' No '! Tllp y ' Me former Chairman War- able court aforesaid, I have seized and will offer for sale ot public auction to tii« lost ond highest bidder with the bene- fit'of'appraisement, at the court house door of this parish In the cllv of Lake Charles, parish ot Calcasleu, on Wednesday, August S, 1964 between (eqal hours and starting at 10.00 a.m. Ihe "following described property, t0 L W o'( : »S, Pine Hill Acres No 5, a sub- well and well equipment located thereon. Selred under said writ. Terms: Cash on da^ o^ wte.^ JR Sheriff, Calcasleu Porish, La. Sheriff* Office, Lake Charles, La., PUUJCHE 8,'STOCKWELL, Attorneys for Plaintiff. June_26-July_31 ___ __ _____ _ — '< BIDS WANTED FOR FURNISHING ft "INSTALLING LOOKERS AND LAUN. ?5ARLE! QU aTY ENT scHooLs LK Lionel Babineaux, The appointments automat leal-. „.,„.„„„„.„ ,„, , _ 111C ly remove from the board two, White House list, of state and lo- members who did not resign ca | education officials who at- wlien the McKeithen administra- fended a presidential reception t on took office. They arc Elberl ! Thursday included: Buckner, Athens, and William! i „„;,.;'_ A. Foreman Jr , Monlcrey. , , .lames Atkins of Shreveport, Three other board members president ijf the Cacldo Parish appointed by former Gov. .Jim- i Board of Education. J/lnyd Kunchess of Baton Rouge, supcrinterdent of East Baton Rouge Parish schools. N. B. HackeM of Baton Roupe, executive secretary of fhe Louisiana Teachers Association. .J. K. Hayncs of Baton Rouge, executive secretary of the Louisiana Education Association. Leon Knight of Franklinton, president of the Louisiana School Board Association. Lloyd Lindsey of Baton Rouge, superintendent of East Baton Rouge Parish schools. C. L. Perry of .Shreveport, superintendent of Caddo Parish Oak Grove, and J. B. Broussard, Estherwood. Of the new board, Jones is in the building supply business and Robinson is a cotton buyer. Mrs. Fullerlnn is a former of coT secretary to Speedy 0. Long, the former state senator who Saturday won the Democratic nomination to Congress from the 8th | Congressional District. She is now legal secretary to Winnfield lawyer Martin'Sanders. Babineaux is a former Rayne mayor and is noted as distribu- « * c tor ^ frofi ' ej ' s - He a ' so is m LAKE 1 the lumber and real estate busi- , Board wll, I receive bids until 3:00 p.m., Tuer.dny. j August 11, 1W4, for furnishing cmd Installing Lockers and Laundry Equipment ! In Lake Charles City Schools, Lake; Charles, I oulslana, accordinq to sper.ifl- ] cations prepared by Dunn & Qulnn, Ar. i chitects & Engineers, Lokc Charles, Lou- Copies of specifications may be oh- • talned from the office of Dunn & Omnn, 17.15 Ryan Streel, Lake Charles, Loui- j Each bid must be accompanied by hid security In the amount of 5 per cent of the bid, payable to the Lake Charles • City School Board. The right Is reserved fo refect nny and j &K°e! CARLES C.TY D SCHOO B L BOARD' President. JjjIyJHsM-Aua. 7 _________________ Noti«° sT h" e b T y 0 gh7e^ina U M U ho C «srss. schools. James Rouge, I treasurer of the Louisiana School Prescott of Baton executive secretary- r-t ' i- t <••. ] i i '-v.kji.ii v.4 \JL VIH- J-MJU Bass is a redred army officer, j Boards Association. GSU So/efy Record May Be Passed Gulf Slates Utilities Co. has — jbeen without a disabling injury es the parish of Calcasleu by the 5 Ted T wiii C be m ^ S n 0n .or T pubiic al Tn 5 ' ' in 3,000,000 man hours "of work l 3 ^ is J 10 P in S to reach 4,000,000 ! man nours w thfl'lt disabling ill- i jury to equal the company's ' record, according to Glenn Ria I oulslana Tax Commission Is hereby no- accident-free time SpailS December 20. 1963 to July 8, only including working Matthew Sutherland of New Orleans, president of the Orleans Parish School Board. Ben Peabody of Baton Rouge, president of the Baton Rouge School Board. A. D. Walker of Baton Rouge, state Director of Vocational Education. 0. P. Walker of Now Orleans, superintendent of Orleans Parish Schools. William Dodd of Baton Rouge, State Education Superintendent. Camera And Semifinalists In Pageant Selected MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP)Beauty queens from 15 nations— semifinalists in the Miss Uni- Barnett Blasts Rights Act In Opelousas Talk OPELOUSAS, La. (AP) Former governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi told an outdoor audience of about 2,000 persons the civil rights act was "vicious" and predicted President Lyndon Johnson had little support in his state. Barnett, speaking from the bed of a flat-back truck at city park stadium Thursday night, said "it was difficult to find anyone in Mississippi to vote for President Lyndon Johnson." He quipped Johnson supporters in his state were as "scarce as hen's teeth." Hours earlier, a group of Negroes unsuccessfully tried to use the all-white park swimming pool. The pool was shutdown for two hours and the Negro youths left, without incident. Barnett renewed his attack of the civil rights bill saying it took away more rights than it provided. He also leveled harsh words at the northern press for coverage of the South. Barnett told his audience "if Southern states work together, there is no question but that we can be the balance of power in the nation." Barnett urged Southerners to organize to fight for "our way of life." He said his state was able to cope with "agitators because it was organized and the state was able to maintain our way of life and preserve law and order." . meeting of Ihc police |ury to be called days, Richard Said for that purpose. A c K1RKPATRIC K | should the j 0 .y 74-3i-A 5 uT r 7 *" ^ ----------------- ADVER f| 5 eMENT • 7' tie ^ rpo one Aut S° rll ^rcasi A eu po par?sh: i saf Pty nwnrds from the National inmslana,' will receive sealed bids until , Safety Council and IllC Edison company reach man hours without dis- (ablinR injury it would receive I Electric Institute-. building at the Lake Charles / irnort Lok? Chorlcs» ' Opens in LC A new camera shop featuring all major photographic lines lc y°r The record was made by Gulf '• opened at the corner of Ryan "cnanel°~(Sun^ employes in 287 1 Street and Prien Lake Road on bid I communities anH cities served | this morninc. from. Mr. ... ,•,, . . . . I • t> Charles Municipal Airport, second floor of the control tower bulldlnn, L ok e Charles Municipal Airport, Lake rCharles, | L0 0«lc a ial'action thereon will be taken at and Texas. Louisiana new store, Photo and \ Copy, is owned by Bill Me- New Posf Of/ice Set In Crowley WASHINGTON (AP) - The General Services Administration announced Thursday selection of a new site in Crowley, La., for a post office and federal office building. Instead of land on the northwest corner of 3rd Street and Avenue G, which was announced as the proposed site last Dec. 19, the government now expects to acquire property on the north portion of a block bounded by 6th Street, Avenue F, Hutchinson Avenue and Avenue E. The new tract has frontages of 300 feet on 6th Street and 200 feet along Avenues E and F, and contains about 60,000 square feet. verse pageant—rehearsed and gathered their hopes today for Saturday night's finals, when one wilt be named the most beautiful girl in the world. The semifinalists were chosen Thursday night in a ceremony marred by the hysterical collapse backstage of Edna Park, Miss Nigeria, who cried uncontrollably for nearly 30 minutes after failing to make the cut. Miss Park, 20, with flashing black eyes, walked from the stage seconds after the semifinalists were announced and collapsed in tears behind the curtains, unseen by a convention hall audience of thousands. "No. no," she sobbed, pounding her fists on the rough wood floor. Heartbroken, she resisted efforts of a newsman and pageant hostess to prop her into a sitting position. And afte several agonizing minutes, was carried kicking and screaming to a dressing room by a policeman and contest official. The semifinalists were: Miss Argentina, Maria Amelia Ramirez; Miss Bolivia, Olga del Carpio Oropeza; Miss Brazil, Angela Vasconcellos; Miss England, Brenda Blackler; Miss Finland, Sirpa Wallenius. Miss France, Edith Noel; Miss Greece, Kiriaki Tsopei; Miss Israel, Ronit Rinat; Miss Italy, Emanuela Stramana. Miss Norway, Jorunn Nystedt; Miss Paraguay, Miriam R. Brugada; Miss Republic of China, Lana Yi Yu; Miss Sweden, Ziv Marta Aberg; Miss USA, Bobbi Johnson; and Miss Venezuela, Mercedes Revenga. "I felt a crack in my heart," exclaimed Miss Greece, expressing her joy. Miss Brazil, a hazel eyed brunette who packs 132 pounds into a frame that measures 35V2-25%-35%, was "very, very happy," but not a bit nervous. Miss Holland, blue eyed Henny Deul, won the trophy for best native costume. Her outfit included wooden shoes, which she wore here for the first time in her 18 years. She said she doesn't wear them at home "because they hurt my feet." Besides being a finalist, Miss Republic of China was named best in style in apparel for her presentation in an evening gown, swimming suit and native costume. TOWN FACES TAKEOVER—li requires 1,602 steps lo go from the bollom lo the top of the Chilean copper mining town of Sewell that is perched on Ihe 45-degree slope of a 9,000-foot mountain. Miners and their families make up the town's population of 13,000. The men work in the El Tenient'e mine, the world's largest underground mine in a nearby mountain. Tike mines of Chile are operated by U. S. companies, but face a government takeover if Salvador Allende, a Commiinist supported candidate, la elected to the presidency. (AP Wira- photo). Chile's Copper Firms May Be Nationalized SANTIAGO, Chile (AP)-Copper dug under the supervision of U.S. companies supplies the backbone of Chile's economy. : a two smaller Anaconda mines. EL-MS* J;T*S- *%£ Senator Raps Crime Stories By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON (AP)-Sen. after the Sept. 4 presidential election, a Communist supported candidate who is running a strong race, Salvador Allende, says flatly he will nationalize the mines if elected. are 400 Chilean executives and technicians being paid in dol- c i lars. Of the 8,000 persons at An°"» C0 ^ ne n,i e H Ve i9 y J aconda - 80 are Americans and stopped 123 320 Chileans earn high salaries paid in dollars. since ""opt- and $11)8 million in lost production. The two U.S. companies pay the government $80 million a year in faxes. Chile draws Not all the workers are dis- i around 70 per cent of its foreign gruntled, but one at Sewell, the. | exchange earnings from copper. fen^Se, w«s w ir rnn £ Bsr" or a Santiago, told s reporter the 7 t ,,,'" olher '^.So »» it c ' tt IM u sti IKS, ino government shows " octopus, suffocating us dcflfh '* i j -. . .. ,„„' , ... j ., S troops come out, the strikers We need Allende or another j are fired and the movements leftist to wm the election so we are can have better salaries and lower prices of consumer goods "But come a copper strike, here," he added. He spoke with and the story changes. _The gov- the understanding he would not' be identified. The 'man's grumblings were S cr tlle S° ose !a y ir >g th o essandri doesn't want to endan- e Orders istrars To Remain Open BATON ROUGE (AP) - A federal judge has ordered voter registrars of East and West Feliciana Parish to remain open ' in compliance with state laws. The Congress of Racial Equali- & S0me ^ a f-° be ? an P ush , ing Negro re g is '™ m the two other — . . „ , • Thomas J. Dodd said Thursday I echoed by half a dozen other e Sgs. So, they come to us and _„ * i_i •: i* • __ *-»ivt)ir>n TU«... ... n .. A Ui.. !_„_:.-_; SflV '. CifUTH"* fin ffM m\v<; (TlUfi HIP right to relect ony ond oil bids and AIRPORT DISTRICT NO. ONE OP CALCASIEU PARISH, LOUISIANA By: E. R. KAUFMAN, President. SHERIFF'S SALE Fourteenth Judicial District Court. Par- Ish of Calcasleu, Slate of Louisiana. First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Lake Charles Vs. No. «!,9*1 R B. Strolher. By virtue of o writ of Seliure and Sole Issued ond 1o me directed by tne Honorable Court aforesaid, I have seUed and will OHer tor sale at public auction to the last and highest bidder with the benefit of appraisement, at the court In early days, silver coins of' Clan <! na n. and will offer Facili- all denominations were made' '! es ! or tne display and demon from household silver and for- i stratlon °f photographic equip complete i cameras and accessories also be offered. will LEGAL NOTICES I McClanahan, formerly ot -"cuV MARSHAL'S 'SALE ! " ac ' s Camera Shop, has had city court of the city of Loke chorips,. -o years experience in photoe- Pni" I'.h nf r nlrn«. l^ii ^tntAAllnniimnn, i . , . ," " both as a merchandiser Parish of Calcasleu, Stale of Louisiana. Southern Furniture Co, Inc. Plalnhtf, i*»)/~ -• - . . No. Guidry, Jr., find Ruby Guidry, defendants. By virtue a' a writ of Fieri Facias Issued and to me directed by the honoraole court nlorcsolri, I have seized and will oiler lor sale at public auction to the last and highest bidder win Ihe benefit o* appraisement, at the Front Door ol Five Children Claimed In House Blaze BALTIMORE (AP)-A mother tried in vain to save five of and as an exhibitor. Retailiher children, all under 8 years sales will be under the manage-1 old, who perished in a fire that ; ment of Bill Tolin. i A copy cen'.or will be fea- ! lured which will provide display " "', facilities for several d i f f e rent d(! . types of o f f i r e copying ma- ot Louisiana, to-wit-. Lot On* (1) oi Block Nineteen (1<» nl the Flei»chman and Rowe Subdivision ot Touchy Addition to Lake Charles, Lou mono. OS per plot recorded, loacther with oil buildings and Improvements sit- uulcd fhert-on. Seirjd under said writ. Te ( «ns: Cash an day^ ^ sal|. |a JR Sheriff, Calcasieu Purlth, La. Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles, Lo., July ' 1 \ 564 JONES.' KIMBALL, HARPER, TETE 4 WSTHERILL, odio, (I) E&4 Fan, U> 26J 2 pc Ln'lrie living room suite, (2) 311 Mhri. slop tables, (I) 311 ckl labk, (2) I U2 lamps. Seized under said writ. Terms: iCash on day of sale. LUCAS C. CALLAHAN, Marshal, Third Ward, Calcasieu Parish, Lo. Marshal's Oflice, Lake Charles, Lo July y>. 156,1. ROBERT J. BOUDREAU, Attorney for Plaintiff. Juiy 31 Chines. \VhilL-vou-wait co py swept their home Thurday. Found dead huddled in a corner of their third-floor apartment were Casandra Jane Clark, 7; Beverly, 6; Duane, 5; Reginald, service to consumers needing 4 ; and Fannie ' T3 ' a! U ch li dr , e , n miners. They were idly leaning j sav slope of a 9,000-foot mountain. prime television time is per mealed with programs "featuring In a statement prepared for Sewell, a town of 13,000^precar the Senate Juvenile Delinquency ' subcommittee on the reopening of its hearings on television programming, the Connecticut Democrat said developments since its original inquiry in 196162 failed to demonstrate "the increased concern and cooperation we were led to expect." Dodd, the subcommittee chairman, said that early this year he had ordered a study of current programs to assess whether the reduction of violence predicted by network officials in 1961 and 1962 had actually occurred. on - fellows, give the j The appeals court mandate or. . against the rails that keep peo- \ workei 's the raises they want so j dered the district court to en- pie from falling down along the ' ] ve , can settle tins thing quick- j 0 j n defendants or others from stairs that replace streets at lv - j discouraging Negroes from reg- The government feels the i isteri "g- ^'ctor&gfttote. I u. s . Dist . Judge E . Gordon "We try to do what is best for ' > Vest issued the °f d ers this week These men are the best-paid; •> — -» • ,. ... workers in Chile. Against an av- Ol »' country, but always keeping ! In compliance with a mandate erage per capita income of $325 wcl! in m 'n (1 the rights and in- ! trom tne 5t " U.S. Circuit Court a year, copper workers make ' Crests of both the companies, of Appeals, around $2.000 a year plus such j and the workers," a high offi- Under stflte fe th irf benefits as free medical care cial said - !,. , . . . t> i tion books must remain open _, . J , , Not all copper workers com-1 eight hours a day until 30 days The Anaconda and Kennecott plain. i before the Nov. 3 general elec- live all right," said Jose i £"• ^ f"f t £f* ™*™°! and cheap rent. copper companies handle nearly ; 90 per cent of copper production • SUM iu u^ u-fi j ,, • Sanhuera 27 -The fond U PV "-eariesaay „ t m Chile, through a billion-dollar : MnauL '- a> r'- , u IOQa ls ^ nrimarv race etlslre b « w hve yrce Wednesday if there is a second. investment in four mines. , P etlslre b « we have . , The mines include Kenne- ; compensations, incudipg good cott's El Teniente, the world's *f' anes ' " e largest underground mine, oper-;* 1 -™ a montn - time after last makes"°around P rimar y- Another state law says the ; duplicate copies of birth certifi fates, marriage licenses, of one network, CBS, very little of Mrs. Norma Jean Clark, 31. j improvement is evident," he "I find that with the exception 1 ate< ^ ^y a subsidiary, the Bra-! Both Kennecott and Anaconda ' registrars' office need be open '. den Copper Co.; Anaconda's keep their non-Chilean staffs at only two days a week — when it The mother, who was on the i "Not only did we fail to Chtiquicamata, in northern: a minimum. Out of 7,000 per- is open — provided it has per- , Chile and one of the biggest i sons working for Kennecott, mission of the Parish Police ' Attorneys for Plaintiff. July 3), September 4 —21, CITY MARSHAL'S SALE City Court of the City of Lake- Charles, Parish of Calcasleu, State ol Louisiana, Fred' C Brown, dba Fred tt "««"^ Piom'tltf, Vs. No. 7395, Ray Defendant. vs. A NO. SHERIFF'S SALE un ite imuiunc «.i2i. scymour company, tors 'or other documents will first floor ' said flame s from the | see an appreciable reduction of also be offered second floor repulsed her at-! violence in new shows, but we | tempts to climb the stairs to i also found that the most violent Roy Brignar, will head the! her trapped children. shows of the 1961-62 season have _„ office copying division. M r s. j A 10-year-old daughter, Ver- been syndicated and are now .Mabel Babin will be in charge ionica, escaped from the house J being reshown on independent por- of the bookkeeping, accounting ! and another child, Floyd Jr., 12, ; networks and stations. and records department, ac- • was not at home when the fire i "We discovered that unjusti- i started. j fiable violence and brutality i permeate new shows which cen Rosenberg. cordjng {Q McC)ananan _ c , Some plants, like chrysanthe- . ter around college campuses, ot ColcGsieu, on Wednesday, August 12, between leyal Hours, Ihe toilo-vina described property, to-wl): (I) Zenith Sti-ri-o, Model ML 2605. Sato! No. 54636W, v»iih AM antenna Installed, una FAA Inilallcd Sti:td under sold writ. Termi: Cash on day of sale. LUCAi C CALLAHAN. Marshal Third Word, Calcasieu Ponsn, La. Mm shot's Oitlcc, LOKC Churles, Lo., July 2E, 19W. OAViD PAINTER. Attorney <or Plaintiff. July 31 __ -'t. " SHERIFF'S SALE Fourteenth Judicial District Court, Par- 31, 1964. ish of Calcasieu, Stule of Louisiana. : Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, i V». No. 62.234, Clyde 0. Ingalis, El Ux, i By virtue ol a writ of Seizure and Saic Issued and to me directed by the Hon. i ^ ng described prop- eily, tovvil: Lot Two c2j ot Block R ot Greinlwlch Village Pial No. 3, o [^subdivision ot Blocks K, T ond X In Grclnwlch Vlllooe Pioi No. '.' a subaivisioi. in t'',e Nortn-'Ci! Ouorler (NE'<I of Section Suteen (161, . Towru-nip Ten (10) South, Range Eiyiit i£) Mt 1 '^. LL-J'Siu.'la Mc-i fU'-jn. us Per piat iecord(-d. tocjethcr with all buildings and ct.'iLr tmpro .•emenH'.-U turLOn, C'ia Hi,. loiloAiny d-:scnbea property situated within said premises, to-,vit: Vuietian Bhnas. Seized undvr said writ 1 Terms: Cosh on day ot sale H. A REID, JR. Sheriff, Calcasleu Pariso, Lo. Sheriffs Ottlce, Lake Charles, Lo., July PLAUCHE & S.TOCKVVELL. Attorneys tor Plaintiff. July 31, Stpt 4 -:t CITY MARSHALS SALE ouit ol the CM, ot Lake Charles, AD UBS by Larry Hurb to the last and highest bidder without the benedt ol appraisement, at the court houst door of this parish in the city of bait Charles, Parish of Calcsleu, on WMtM*day> September 5, \ltA, between IftSOl hours and starting at 10:00 a.m., fhe following described property, tWQ'Wlt* Lot Twenty-seven (27) ot Block Six (6) ol Golden Meadows No. 2, a subdivision In the Southeast Quarter ol the Northeast Quarter (SE'4 of NE'4> of Section Seventeen (17), Township Ten (10) SouTh Rany. Eight (8) West, Louisiana Meridian, as per plat recorded in Plat Book 1 ol pasi *2, together w»h all buildings and other Improvements located thereon. Seized under solji writ.' Terms: Cash on day oi sole. H. A. REID. JR., Sheriff Calcasieu Purish, Lo Sheriff* OHIce, Lake Charles, La, JU ' y 3I< ' PLAUCHE & STOCKWELL. Attorneys lor Ptomtiff. __ CLASSIFIED ADS "CLICK". Crc-dil Corp. of Lake Choi .cv l_a. ln( . Plalntitt Vs No. 7344, Gienda Del Smilh, Defendant. By virtue ol o writ ot Vieri Facias Issued ond lo me directed by the honorable court aforesaid, I have seized and will offer tor saie ot nubile auction to the last and highest bidder with the benefit of appraisement, al the Front Door ot the City Hall of Lake Charles, Parish of Calcavtu on Wednesday, August 12, 1964 between loyo; hourt the toliowmg dc:,- criocd properly. Jo-wit. (D Tfii-v.i.cii. Or.inpic conicilc (t) Window tan ('! CIIUILOOI bed III Clmrcoal chtsl ot drawers <|! Oiorcoal flrc'.ser Seiicd under said v«nl. Ttrms: Cash en aaj ot ial<? LUCAS C. CALLAHAN. Marshal, Third Ward. Calcasleu Honsh, Lo Marsnai s Office, Lake Charles, La. Jul/ 28. IW-t. WILLIAA\ L. McLEOD, JR.. Attorney (or Plaintiff. JuW 31 -I' adventure, Western and detective programs." In calling officials of the three networks to testify, Dodd said that there now is available much more evidence than there was two years ago of "a significant relationship" between violence shown on films and the behavior of viewers, particularly juveniles. Here's the summer GCOO far mf «•» TV « every book." Two Named To State Cosmetic Control Board BATON ROUGE (AP)-Gov. John McKelthen's office has announced his appointment of two members of the Board of Control of Cosmetic Therapy. The announcement Wednesday said they are: Mrs. Marie Myrick, Oak Grove, wife of Sen. Spencer Myrick, and Mrs. Bernice Bogan Traylor, from the governors hometown, in Columbia. Board members were given a pay raise in legislation approved during the recent session. . . _, RICE VARIETIES SHOWN-N. E. Jodou of the Crowley Rice Experiment Station/ show* several varieties of rice under study in i»si plots at the Jodon's talk was one of sev- on a tour during Thursday's at the station.

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