The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on September 20, 1969 · Page 24
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 24

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1969
Page 24
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« Jffc^ A V I Ogden Standard-Examiner, Saturday, September 20, 1969 Smash Hit Ballad Evolves Into Film NEW YORK ('UPI)-It all started one Thanksgiving when folk singer Arlo Guthrie decided to dump Alice's garbage over a cliff and got arrested by officer "Obie" for littering. Guthrie turned it into an 18- minute blues ballad called "Alice's Restaurant" which chronicled his arrest and trial in Stockbridge, Mass., and subsequent rejection by the Army on moral grounds. The record was a smash hit, and now there's a movie of the story using most of the original characters. Only now Alice Brock and Stockbridge Police Chief Obanhein are good friends. And here they both were in New York for interviews- Alice, attractive, 28, wearing mod pants and ropes of pearls trailing down her shirt, and officer Obanheinn staid, taciturn pillar of New England law. VERY SHY Alice confided: "He's very shy and it's hard for him to handle, coming down to New- York and meeting the press." Just than Obanhein walked in, wearing a conservative blue suit and shirt. He said he'd lost 30 pounds playing himself in the film. He glanced at Alice's herring in cream sauce with a plate of raw oysters on the side. "For a girl who wrote a cookbook, Alice, you sure do eat strange things." "I had hesitations about doing the role," he explained. "Most people in town didn't care one way or the other, but the staunch Yankees didn't like it. "My life is the same, but my attitudes have changed. I realize that kids with long hair and weird looking clothes can be basically nice people." The story began when Alice and her former husband, Ray Brock, bought a dilapidated church in Stockbridge which became a home away from home for Alice's young hippie friends, many of whom she had taught previously in a local private school. WEEKEND CROSSWORD PUZZLE By H. L. Ristcen ACROSS I Terra , . 6 High notes. 10 Deteriorate. 14 Bundter. 19 Enliven. 21 Forestall. 23 Popular song: 2 words. Zi Dividers. 25 Chemical suffixes. 26 Wfcebibbers. 28 Pastures. 29 Cookie: 30 Mean males. 81 Illinois Indian. 33 White 35 Certain eons. 39 Appearance. 41 Surfaoer. 46 Titaiua's hubby. 47 College course. 50 Churchman. 51 Induced to proceed: 2 words. 52 Parlor game. 53 Musical works. 54 Global area. 53 Diacritical mark. 56 Obstruct. 57 Instruct: Slang. 58 -- rooms. 59 Winter needs. 61 Napoleonic marehaL 62 French dynaety. 63 Any movi« star. 65 Stores fodder. 67 Weight allowance. 68 Whipped. 70 Skill. 71 System. 73 Pack . 76 Soviet city. 77 Royal Majesty. 78 French revolutionist. 79 Wall decoration. SOIWiiw lungs. 82 Weakened. 85 Iron peg. 86 More spare. 87 Literary forms. 88 Poe poem. 89 Attack: 2 words. 90 Harvest goddess. 91 Men of Morcloa. 92 Stupefy. 9-1 Enolosiirc. 96 Triangle sides. 97 Torment. 101 Street '' , 103 African area. 105 Check. 109 Absolved. 112 Restore to allegiance. 114 Type of window. 115 Pillagers. 116 "Show Boat". 117 Sea. eagle. 118 Graf . . 119 Tree parts. DOWN 1 Hand over. 2 Beasts of burden. 3 Biblical pronoun. 4 Careens. 5 High mountain. 6 Diamond goofs. 7 Northern natives. 8 Tamarisk salt-tree. 9 Prophets. 10 Be critical. 11 Single. 12 Variable. 13 Mighty men. 14 Small tool. 15 Honeybee genus. 16 French ci-ty. 17 Heating vessel. 18 Respectively; Abbr. 20 Season. 22 Box. 27 Frigate hands. 30 Furry animal: CoMoq. 32 Eccentric chap. 34 Motor trip. 35 -- , circle. 36 Frightfully fat. 37 City of W Canada: 2 words. 38 Malay boat. 40 Old English coin. 42 Incarnation. 43 Abusive guy. 44 Growing forth. 45 Adjust anew. 47 Harness parts. 48 Notch. 49 Composer Saint- . 50 Portuguese title. 52 Townsman. 53 Authority. 55 Sesame. 56 Has a yen. . 59 Advanced style. 60 Title. 61 Nullify. 62 Container. 64 Name in the - Roosevelt family. 66 Madagascar monkey. 67 Saigon holiday. 68 What a krait doea. 69 Water buffalo. 70 Succor. 72 Wildly gay. 74 Idolize. 75 Harmonizes. 77 Pronoun. 79 Mr. Martin. 81 Telescope part. 82 Patriotic group. 83 Inhabitants of. 84- Registers. 85 Enclosures. 87 Law roaketr. 88 Smoothly: Music. 90 Churchman. 91 Tampico attire. 93 Military music. 95 Railroad property. 96 Slip. 97 . . ami call 98 Spindle. 99 Refrigerator. 100 Hinge. 102 European capital. . 104 Dickens character. 105 Farm structure. 106 Oriental ·weight. 107 Raison d'. . 108 Military meal. 110 Man's nickname. Ill Color. 113 Umbrella- part. Alice explained the citizens of Stockbridge "always thought we were having weird things going on. "When the kids followed us to the church, it was a natural thing. I didn't run a commune, nor did I plan to be a missionary.. Ray and I felt the kids were our equals. Later we realized that because of our marital status, we had a di f f e r e n t responsibility to them." The film, expanding on America's narcotics' problems, deals frankly and at length with the current drug phenomenon and Obanhein commented seriously, 'Sure, I know kids smoke pot. They start off on marijuana and then the kick gets to be nothing--they want something that does a little more. And that's when they get in trouble." SOMEWHAT A CELEBRITY The talk turned back to acting and Obie confessed, "I'm somewhat of a celebrity in Stockbridge. When I'm directing traffic, kids now yell, "Hi Obie, when's the movie coming out?". Has he been bitten by the acting bug? The police chief grinned. "If someone asked me, I might give it a try. But if some director started yelling at me, maybe I'd belt him one." And what about Alice ?"I'm alive and well in Stockbridge and not doing anything very creative," she said. She may, however, profit from her fame with a cookbook soon to be published and a chain of Alice's Restaurants being franchised. "There are a lot of good things about Stockbridge," she said. "Ray taught the whole bunch of kids to be carpenters. Most of the group still live there and they're productive, working, and that's not too bad." RONNIE SCHELL, who played Cpl. Duke Slater on the "Corner Pyle-USMC" series, will be a featured regular on "The Jim Nabors Hour" w h i c h premieres Thursday night on Channel 5, at 7 p.m. Directs 'Mandarins' HOLLYWOOD (UPI)--Robert Mulligan will direct "The Mandarins" at 20th Century- Fox. REUPHOLSTER NOW SAVE 1/2 THE COST of Comparable New Furniture $ O A 8 * ^.4 labor $ Jl**50 ROCKERS or RECLINERS. SECTIONAL HIDE-A-BEDS . SOFAS Custom quilted 49 '^or $ 24 88 labor labor FREE HOME SAMPLE SHOWING PHONE 399-4466 CROSSWORD ANSWER ON PAGE 5TV 2235 WASHINGTON BLVD.

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